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This program is captioned live. Power price break - the government takes action to cut electricity bills. Find out how you can save money dreads. Australia playing catch-up despite two sharp grabs,our cricketers in dire Straits against south Africa a 10 year manhunt, new details emerge about the raid that killed Osama bin ladden and how a female CIA officer orchestrated the ol operation. And we go inside Tinseltown's biggest auction. It is Sunday the 2 and of December 2012. Great to have your company.It's good to be here. I have some exciting news for kids today. I have a story coming up on why kids shouldn't do homework.It would have never happened in our day.If you don't do your homework you can always work in television!The Australian cricket team have a lot of work to do.Carnage. Even Warnie was tweeting he was getting frustrated, he just wanted to pick up the ball and have a go himself. It will be Ricky Ponting's last stand.It would be good to see Warnie come back.Nice to see you back.Looking pretty in pink. Matched, that's important.And Peter Harvey looks at what makes the best Aussie summer. We would love to hear your best memories of summer so get in touch with us.It has been incredibly hot. Lots of people out there getting photos at the moment. Hot and sunny in Brisbane, cooler with rain in Sydney, showers...Alright. Time to get our news with Wendy Kingston. Good morning to you at home. A teenage boy has died in a Brisbane hospital after a hit and run in the city's south overnight. Witnesses say the 17-year-old was involved in a street fight just before he was struck.A violent brawl spills on a street in Woodridge and a teenage boy is run down by a car.Went up the road,came flying down the road,hit our mate and he went flying. Just fell on the ground. That's when everything stopped. Everyone ran over and tried helping him.We all tried helping him. Knocked unconscious, the 17-year- old was rushed to a nearby hospital but died just hours later.It's pretty devastating. There was a lot of blood. A lot of cuts. Yeah,he didn't look the same.Up to 80 people were involved in the fight. Everything got smashed. Letterboxs got thrown everywhere. People got knocked out. It was crazy. Everyone tried to have a good time for someone's birth stay but it just got messed up.The car sped away from the scene of the accident.He didn't deserve this at all. Everyone there was having a good time partying but I guess it was his bad luck.The vehicle has since been found by policementIt seems that the vehicle possibly, at this early stage in the investigation, may have intentionaly run into this person. But as I said, the investigation is still continuing. Several people are this morning being questioned by officers.A new galaxy poll shows Prime Ministerle Gill's political fight back is faultering. The poll conducted for news limited says just one in five voters believes the PM was completely open and honest over her role in the AWU scandal. But the majority say they won't change the way they vote at the next election. 1,000 people were surveyed. The results show the coalition is ahead on a two party preferred basis, 54 to 46%. A 12-year-old boy is feared dead after a crocodile attack in the Northern Territory. Police say the child was swimming with frepblds when he was dragged away by the animal yesterday afternoon. It's the second such attack in recent weeks. A 7-year-old girl was taken by a ck dial at an out station nearby last month. Police are questioning a 40-year-old man over a brazen will bery the a Darwin naval base on Friday. Officers raided a home in the CBD yesterday, recovering all of the missing weapons.It would Ray - appear there are a number of people who have conspired in the commission of this offence and to engage in the breach of security at the base.The federal opposition is blaming the security breach on defence budget cuts. Parts of the country's south-east are still in the grip of extreme weather conditions with firefighters battling at least two fierce bushfires in Tasmania. A third blaze near the state's capital is under control. At least a hoof dozen people have been heated for heat stress. A cool change is expected to keep Sydney in the mid to high 20s but parts of the state are tipped to hit 41. A man has been killed and a woman remains in a serious but stable condition after the car they were travelling in plunged off a cliff on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It's understood the car crashed through a guard rail landing on rocks below. Locals say the road isn't dangerous but people are often distracted by the scenery. A female kind tpwar ten teacher in the US is being slammed for locking a 5-year-old boy in a small darkroom for misbehaving and forgetting he was there. The boy's furious parents want the teacher punished.If somebody called the police and said there a dad that locked a kid in a small room with no lights and he was in there so long and he was crying and he urinated his pants I would be going to jail.Officials do acknowledge the punishment was inappropriate and are investigating. How to quite an unusual audience with the Pope. The circus has come to the Vatican with thousands of performers putting on a show for Pope Benedict. The pontiff clearly engaged the colourful performance, even getting the chance to meet a lion cub. Circus performers and folk groups and street artists took part in the festivities. Pop sensation PSY has spoken about his phenomenal success, calling it a miracle. The 34-year-old made the comments after taking out Hong Kong's covetted song of the year award.I'm travelling over and over again right now. I'm happy. I was happy yesterday, happy today, I know I will be happy tomorrow. I'm living a dream right now.PSY's Gangnam style video is the most watched YouTube video of all time wracking up 860 million views. That song came on the radio this morning when I got in the car. I'm in a good mood.We haven't heard that song for a couple of weeks!Couple of hours!Do you think we have had enough of PSY now?No.Do you reckon he will have a follow-up song?I reckon he might be one of the greatest one hit wonders of all timementIt may not reach our shores.The B-sidings, or the C- side. The news, sports and weather is nextAnd can our cricketers stage a miracle come back against South Africa? We certainly need one. Tim Gilbert has it This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It's L'Exhibition - Lexus' premier retail event.

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Good morning, Melbourne. A a beautiful start to the day. Might be a bit of light rain but nice and cool, 21.What a pretty shot. Time to get your first sports bulletin now with Tim Gilbert and all the cricket news.They will need a monster effort today Australia in the field if they are to save the third test against South Africa. The Proteas top order turned the match on its head. Look at that, 2 for 230. They are almost 300 runs ahead. The only highlight for Australia, Nathan Lyon's effort to dismiss Smith.Is he out? Yes, he is! Catch of the century. That's a ripper.Hashim Amla returns to the crease today on 99 with Australia desperate - desperate - for quick wickets jooft if it goes well today we will be batting at some stage and then chasing a total on day 4. The Wallabies have capped off their tour with a win over Wales in Cardiff. Kurtley Beale left this conversion to retiring skipper Nathan Sharpe.His final act in a wonderful career. It's coming round. Oh, just falls short.Lovely bloke. The All Blacks' unbeaten run has come to an end at twikhapbl, with I think hand winning. Frank Farina gets his first look at Sydney FC today, taking on Melbourne heart. He has plenty of work ahead if he is to take on the Mariners. They are top of the table after beating Adelaide 2-1. TeamVodafone is out to finish the V8 supercar season on a high. The tight street circuit claimed plenty of victims with Shane Van Gisbergen even wiping out a support car. A horserace in the states gained a couple of extra competitors when three deer hit the track. To the commentator's credit,had they didn't miss a beat. Bambi has the lead, here comes Rudolph on the outside.Very good, just in time for Christmas.Doh down a deer. (SINGS) # A drop of golden sun. # Far a long, long way to run.I like it. Shall we move on is this Yeah.Quickly!Emma Freedman is at Bondi Beach this morning. A balmy day down there we hear?It's an absolute dream down here this morning. Yesterday much of the state recorded some of the hottest temperatures they had experienced all year. This morning - a completely different scenario. We have really strong winds down here, a bit of rain at the moment as well. We woke up to temperatures at about 25 degrees at 5 am this morning. They have plummeted. We're at 19 and they might drop further. We're down here for a great summer event. Let's see what - what is happening at your place today.

Had this year marks the 13th banana boat Bondi to Bronte ocean swim. A great event that attracts thousands of participants. We are figuring out where they will leave from at about 9.30. Obviously the conditions will play a part. We will also give you some great SunSmart tips throughout the morning. We're playing a little bit offri stkphrrbgs bee in these very windy conditions.Turn it around the other direction and you will beat them over to Bronte. You're about to fly.Mary Poppins style. That is windy. Oh, little Emmie!Oh, Em.Somebody give her some help. Where are the lifesavers when you need them.There she is. Emma Freedman, bringing a bit of sunshine to a very grey Bondi Beach this morning. David Beckham is playing his final match in the US today. We will have a live report from the pitch in the next half hour.And here a great story for the kids tuning in - homework may not be the best way to kick start your child's learning. We find out why one school is getting rid of it altogether. That's coming up on This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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Weekend Today,kids. Ma Maroubra Junction public school in New South Wales will be giving parents the chance to opt out on homework. Is this the future? Justin, aside from the Wiggles you have to be the most popular guy in the country right now. You don't believe in homework at all for kids, do you?I wouldn't go to that extreme but certainly research indicates that - and a book has been book has been in Australia confirming this - research shows that probably up until the age of 14 or thereabouts homework has a negative affect on children's learning outcomes. We shouldn't be giving homework as a general rule.In what way?If you have mastered something at school and you get sent home to do more of it, it's boring and demotivating. Will is the textbook, I already know how to do this, I just have to do all of the same stuff. If you don't know what you're talking about, if you have no idea what the teacher was talking about and mum and dad don't either, you go home and you're asked to do stuff you don't know how to do. It seems to zap the joy of learning. Play is what kids should be doing, not sitting down doing more homework. Is this an easy way for parents to opt out of their busy and stressful lifestyles?Possibly. It could be. What matters here is not just lifestyle generally. If we're saying we're busy and can't do stuff that's not healthyment but internationalaly and in Australia there is evidence that kids doing homework and even up to the first year of high school, kids' learning is suffering, their scars - scores on standardised tests are not improving. As kids we thought it was that because repetition assisted learning that homework should be good. But generally research is showing this is not the case.So if kids are not going home and doing homework, what else do you suggest?All kids should be reading. I don't had think it's healthy to say you should read for 10 or 15 minutes. The kids had look at the clock and as soon as the time is up, they will put down the book. But kids, just find a good book, read it and then read another one. They should also do self- directed learning. Tell them to jump on the internet and learn about something they are doing at school. The teacher might like to give them three or four choices to do with what they are learning, space or ants or whatever. Number 1 is play. Play is the work of childhood. Number 2, enrichment activities, music, sport, dance, art. Those are the kinds of things kids should be involved in, not more school work.This is great news for the kids saying this is brilliant. But what about teachers? When you throw this out to teachers what sort of reaction do you get back?Teachers generally smile and say homework is a pain. Teachers in a general sense prefer motto have to do with it. It's more administration, marking, more following up, more lame excuses like the dog ate it they have to put up with. Teachers see this as positive. Interestingly, when I sit in those parent-teacher nights and homework comes up as a topic, if I put up my hand and say I would prefer that my children aren't doing homework the other parents in the room are the ones that are most offended. They are saying what are you doing, you're handicapping our children and crippling their opportunities for academic success. But the research suggests otherwise. That's fantastic news for all of the kids out there. Listen to Justin, don't do your homework - it's Sunday. Take the day off.Big relief for parents too. News, sport and weather are next. It's been nearly 40 years since man walked on the moon. So why haven't we gone back? That story ahead on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned. (MODEM NOISES)

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Welcome back. It is bang on 7.30. Good morning. A hit and run in Brisbane has claimed the life of a teenage boy overnight. The 17-year- old was struck by a car in Woodridge in the city's south around 10.30 pm. It's believed he had been involved in a brawl involving up to 80 people just 80 people just before he was rushed to hospital but died soon afterwards.. The people involved in tonight's incident were teenagers. The vehicle possibly at this early stage in the investigation, may have intentionaly run into this person. Police have found the car they believe was involved. Several people are now assisting officers in their inquiries. Households could soon save up to 250 a year on electricity bills with the Prime Minister to announce plans today to make power companies more accountable. News Limited reports the plan will give consumers greater choice and the power to question price hikes. A new consumer panel will be set up to review network pricing decisions and monitor investment in infrastructure. The federal opposition has blamed Friday's bold attack on a Darwin naval base on the government's Defence Force budget cuts. Northern Territory police are not ruling out more arrests as they continue to question a 40-year-old man over the robbery.Police are still trying to establish at this point in time whether or not this person has received the weapons shortly after the commission of the offence or has in fact - is in fact the or one of the principal offenders.All of the missing weapons were recovered from an inner city unit. Work continues at a Sydney construction site today to clear the wreckage of a crane that burst into flames in Ultimo on Tuesday. Mangled bits of metal have been removed in large sections. The salvage operation has forced road closures and detours around Broadway with drivers expected to encounter delays throughout the day. A cricket player has been assaulted by a teammate in a match in Sydney's west. Witnesses say the fight broke out during a team meeting at Bossley Park.This has been brewing for weeks now. The one that hit him got the stump and at point-blank range swung it like that. Careflight paramedics treated the man, who was taken to hospital by ambulance. A baby panda in the US has shown off his belly during a medical check-up at a stkpwhrrbgs oo in San Diego. He is growing up well, weighing just over 5 kilograms. The adorable baby received his final vaccination during the check-up before going back on public display with his mum. They knew I was coming back today. They got a Panda story. Sport now. Quite a bit about. Matthew Wade denies the team has been disstraighted with talk of Ricky Ponting's retirement. Only Wade manage nid real contribution at the crease, bouncing back from a poor second test in Adelaide.I was disappointed with my performance in Adelaide and wanted to come here and Mick a difference in the first couple of days.Very watchable. Suspended Adelaide Crows boss Stephen Trigg has kept his job despite being unable to work for the next six months as punishment for his part in the Kurt Tippett salary cap scandal. The club will also keep football manager Phil Harper on staff. Nathan's sharp final game as skipper ended in dramatic fashion, claiming a 2 point win over Wales. Kurtley Beale lit it up at Cardiff.

lit it up at Cardiff.Biel -. He scores.The 14-12 score a fitting win. The Central Coast Mariners sit atop the A-League ladder this morning. Nick Montgomery found the late winner. Brisbane's win over Newcastle was soured by a first half scuffle that saw two players taken off for using the boot.Oh, he comes flying in. He could find himself in trouble here as well. Chelsea's woes continue in the EPL, blowing a 1-0 lead against West Ham united to go down 3-1. There is a little doses of morning sport.Do you reckon we can do it today?I don't think we can.It's gone too far.It hasn't but it would be a miracle if they wonment they need quick wickets and to bat like they have never batted before.Coming up - we meet the man destined to become Australia's first disabled rapping superstar.Now I have found music I thought this is maybe why I came into this chair. This is what I have to do.Time for the Sunday weather now with Emma Freedman. Good morning to you, Sarah and Steve. We're down at Bondi this morning for the banana Bondi to Bronte ocean swim. While it might be grey down here today it doesn't mean you don't need to be SunSmart. You still need to be protected like with a bit of Banana Boat. To the weather :

A broad surface trough has cloud extending from the Kimberley across New South Wales. A ridge of high pressure is marked by clear skies over the north east of the continent. Another ridge is clearing skies over the south-west. We have our sun police down this morning to show us exactly what to do to remain SunSmart this summer. That includes slipping on a T-shirt, slopping on some sun screen, perhaps the 50-plus that is now available in Australia. Slapping on a hat, sliding on some sunnies and seeking shade from a brollie or under a tree. Don't be fooled. There might be cloud cover today but that doesn't mean that the UV index isn't strong.There is 700 million dollars in idle super and bank accounts. Find out how easy it is to find out if you're owed missing money.Up next, MC Wheels, Australia's fist disabled rapper. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Only thing I found
is no place like home... # WOMAN: Come home to
Bulla Creamy Classics. # Like home # There's no place like... # There's no place like home with Bulla Creamy Classics.

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David Beckham's final match with the LA Galaxy. Where to next for one of the world's most fame muse athletes? Probably not public speaking but we will cross live to Hollywood to find out. But now you're p to meet Queensland's Nathan Tessman who has become Australia's first disabled rapper. Yeah, yeah, alright, come on. Can't hold me back, can't hold me back.I guess I never really wanted to live. I didn't want to hang around for too long. I thought what am I gonna do, just sit at home all the time. During his final year of high school Nathan Tessman found himself in a very dark place.Every single day I thought why do I have to be in a wheelchair.The 18-year-old has an extremely rare disease.It's a nerve disease. My nerves don't function with my muscles.But then a music lesson that inspired him to write rap lyrics changed his life. When I found music I thought maybe this is why I have to be like this. He has become Australia's first disabled rap star.What I like about music is the way you can express yourself in lyrics whether you're happy or sad. Whatever mood you want to put out to the people. (SINGS) # Can't hold me back. Nathan's vibe is a positive one. The hip hop prodigy's debut album nothing short of inspiring.I'm asking you for respect. To be treated the same. Don't you get it. It's a calming sometimes beat and groovey beat. I think he would be embarrassed if you - if he knew you described his music as groovey, though.That was probably not the right word to pick.When he is not in the recording studio Nathan enjoys swimming and skating. He is also starring in a documentary about his life. Two film makers are behind the project.I think he has something very special to offer this world. Where the world is at the moment there seems to be a lot of bad enis gee and vibes and. Nathan's energy is pure and affects everyone.This incredibly determined man is used to proving people wrong. He has been doing it his entire life.He has found a passion that has helped him feel he has a race in life. That he now sees he doesn't have a disability. He has an ability.What I want to be known for is the guy who found something that he loves and didn't really give up.What can Australia expect to see from you?.A really good album when it penaly drops. Look out Australia.Yeah, pretty much. Look out Australia.He is good.What an amazing dude. He is really laying down some good riepls there.Good beat.Nice voice. I like it. Good on you.NASA says its Curiosity rover has found something historic. It - is it proof of life on Mars? This program is not captioned.

After three years playing under Hollywood lights David Beckham is set to farewell the states, playing his last game for the LA Galaxy. Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock joins us live from the stadium. Denham, he definitely has a championship at stake today.It is a big day today. There are crowds streaming into this stadium here. Right around the block, you can see them just over here. People are starting to come in. There are two sets of fans. The galaxy and then Hughes ston as well. This is big. One of the reasons galaxy will be sad to see Mr Beckham go is the merchandise and money they have been raking in. I will give you a quick look inside the store here. This is where all of the money is starting to roll in. You can see serving linked to Beckham. He is number 23. And these shirts are rolling off and rolling out of here. Since he has been here, merchandise has gone up 230%. So this is huge money. He needs it for his pay pact - pay pack can he tell, which is 50 d pack yet. $550 million. This is one of the reasons. The final is on today. Obviously LA Galaxy fans are cheering him on.He is erpbl is - certainly is the golden goose. It's been a good base for Bec and his wife, Victoria.It has. He came here after being England captain in 2000 to 2006. He was one of the only English men to score three goals in World Cups. Over here they have had an LA lifestyle, ahood lifestyle that. Probably suits Posh and Becs and fleet kids. Over here he gets scrutiny but not the same amount as he gets in the UK. It's been a great base. He has achieved what he wanted to achieve. The LA Galaxy has been to three of the last four finals. They won it last year. Last year they held it up. They want to hold it again today. David spoke about Poah earlier in the week.My wife has been amazing. You understand have you been part of this world for many years. The other half is always going through difficult times. We're always away. My wife is a working wife. I love that about her. She is a working mum, the most amazing mum to our children. She is a hard-working lady.There has been a lot of speculation about where to next for Becks, even talk he might end up here in Australia?That's the big question. Would we like him in Australia? Would we what. What he has done for the game over here - socker, it's not a big sport over here. They have basketball, NFL, hockey and baseball. Soccer is probably down there with 10 pin bowling or something. In the time he has been over here 10 new teams have started up with 10 new stadiums. Attendance records have been broken. Merchandise has seen a 230% increase. Would Australia want that? You bet. That's why soccer Australia has been lobbying hard. Hopefully I will ask him that after the game today, to see whether he might be coming Down Under. He has spoken a bit about his future. A little bit cryptic. But have a listen.I feel honoured at 37 years old, to still have the top clubs wanting to talk to me. It's kind of amazed me.We would absolutely love to have David Beckham here Down Under. Thank you very much for that. Wouldn't that be a huge get for us. Do we have enough money down here for him? $50 million a year. I have some DeBecks merchandise, some underpants.There is a visual for you.They are quite comfortable. That's enough of that. Still to come - there is $667 million in unclaimed super. Now it's even easier to get your share. We tell you how shortly.But up next the Hollywood headlines with Michelle. What is the latest?Halle Barry just keeps being nicer and nicer to her This program is not captioned. COMMENTATOR:
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Welcome back to Weekend Today. Hollywood headlines up next with Michelle Mahone. Michelle, good morning. Lindsay Lohan's alleged assault victim has hired a celebrity lawyer, of course. Who is it?The mystery Tiffany Mitchell has already filed criminal charges against her. But now she wants to get paid. Her lawyer represented the Tiger Woods mistresses and any other celebrity who gets into mischief. She immediately represents the other guy. But good luck with that.The olive branches just keep extending in the Halle Barry saga. What is the latest there?They are going to pay Gabeel Albury's medical and legal expenses. Gabrielle has decided to let go of the restraining order against the fiance. They are just rising to be nice. The baby's father was supposed to have her during thanksgiving. But he said, no, you can have her. But then he gets a beat down in the driveway by a guy that was a former boxer.Nice to see they are sorting things out. Madonna has revealed some secrets. What are they?She keeps ice for her knees. She says after doing 88 shows in high heels it's hurts your knees a bit. For her voice she uses a nebuliser. I don't though what it is but it sounds spacey. If that doesn't work maybe she can try a Vulcna mind bend or something. I'm a trekky.Dennis Quaid has filed for divorce from his third wife. What is going on here?Three charms is the charm. He and Kimberley have called it quits. She fired the first shot by filing for separation in March. Then she withdrew the petition and did it again in October. He said how about this, I will file for divorce. They are seeking joint custody of their twin boys. They go back and forth all the time. They will keep me in business a bit longer. I think they will get back together.Hopefully they can make it work. Here are the top stories on today. Power price break - the government takes action to cut electricity bills. Find out how you can save hundreds. Australia playing catch-up despite two sharp grabs. Our cricketers are in dire Straits against South Africa. A 10-year manhunt - new details emerge about the raid that killed Osama bin ladden and how a female CIA officer orchestrated the whole operation. And Hollywood for sale, from Jerry Maguire's baseball cap to Forest Gump's braces, we go insidehood's biggest auction. If you're a movie buff you don't want to miss that story. The stuff on auction is incredible.If you have a few bucks you can pick up some of it. Wendy?Good morning. Police in Brisbane believe a hit and run that killed a teenager overnight may have been deliberate. The 17-year- old was struck after a fight broke out at a birthday party in the city's south.Just after 10.30 and a violent brawl spills on to a street in Woodridge. A teenage boy is run down by a car.The car was doing drive-bys, went up the road, turned around, came flying down the road and hit our mate and he went flying.We all tried to help him, lifting him towards the gutter. Knocked unconscious the 17-year-old was rushed to a nearby hospital but died hours later.It was devastating. There was blood and cuts.Up to 80 people were involved in the fight which police believe was fuelled by alcohol.Everything got smashed, letterboxs got thrown everywhere. People got knocked out. It was crazy. Everyone tried to have a good final for someone's birthday and it just got messed up. The car spedz away from the scene of the accident. It's since been pound by police.It seems that the vehicle possibly add this - at this early stage of the investigation, may have intentionaly run into this person.Several people are this morning being questioned by officers.A new galaxy poll shows Prime Minister Julia Gillard's political fight back is faultering. The poll, conducted for News Limited, says just one in five voters believes the PM was completely open and honest over her role in the AWU scandal. But the majority say it won't change the way they vote at the next election. 1,000 people were surveyed. The results also show the coalition is ahead on a two party preferred basis, 54 to 46%. Schools in New South Wales are planning to bun - ban one on one meetings between students and parents. It follows reports a growing number of teachers are refusing to be alone in meetings as more parents tend to side with their kids regardless of their behaviour. Figures show more than 06 teachers have been stood down over the past four years for misconduct. It's recommend at least two teachers are present at future meetings. A plan backed by the state's P and C. Northern Territory police are not ruling out more arrests as they continue to question a 40-year-old man over a brazen robbery at a Darwin naval base Friday. Officers raided a home in the city's CBD yesterday afternoon, recovering all of the missing weapons.It would appear there were a number of people who have conspired in the commission of this offence. And to engage in the breach of security at the base.The federal opposition is blaming the security breach on defence budget cuts. Overseas now - there has been an horrific plane crash in Congo in central Africa that has killed at least 32 people. The cargo plane was attempting to land in a thunderstorm when it crashed into more than a dozen homes. The local Red Cross fears the death toll could exceed 60. One protester has been killed and over a dozen others injured after a tree collapsed during a mass protest to support Egypt's new President. More than 100,000 demonstrators turned out, marching into a small area near Cairo university. Egypt was plunged into a new crisis last week after the President granted himself new powers which effectively put him above the law. One of Russia's most famous landmarks, Red Square, has been transformed into an ice skating rink. The temporary playground was crafted by the same company that looks after the country's owe limb peeians. Locals in Moscow are levelling in the winter weather, even the littlest skaters. Little munshkins, gorgeous. Sport now.Bridgette my five-year- old would love that. South Africa is out to bat Australia into oblivion today. After slumping to just 163 in their first innings the Proteas top order turned the match on its head. They are almost 300 ahead thank OS o - to a dominant stand by the brilliant Hashim Amla and Graeme Smith. The only highlight for Australia was this effort to dismiss Smith.Catch of the century. That's a ripper. Hashim Amla returns to the crease today on 99 with Australia desperate for quick wickets.We're lucky that it's day 2. If all things go well we will be batting tomorrow at some stage and chasing a total on day 4, which will be the best time to bat.Certainly talking it up there, Matthew Wade. A dramatic 14-12 victory over Wales has provided a dramatic finale. This conversion was left to retiring skipper Nathan Sharp.His final act in a wonderful career. It's coming around. Oh, just falls short.The all blacks' unbeaten run has come to an end at Twickenham, England running out 28 to 31 winners. Sydney FC players have their first chance to impress new coach Frank Farina when they tackle Melbourne heart today. The Mariners are top on the table after beating Adelaide 2-1. A cooler day today thankfully for the motor cars. Craig Lowndes has taken out race 1 of the Sydney 500 at Homebush. The tight street circuit claimed plenty of victims with Shane Van Gisbergen wiping out a support car. A horserace in the states gained a couple of extra competitors when three deer hit the track. To the commentator's credit they didn't miss a beat.Bambi has the lead. Here comes Rudolph on the outside. Darryl has been quick as a whip on the email : what did Santa Claus say to Mrs Claus when he looked out the window?What?Looks like rain, dear. That's from Darryl. Da zza. Oh, Darryl!Look at those people at home falling off couchs.Tony charmers is now dying! Inside, internaly.He had a big night, he probably didn't get it. Coming up, Robert Penfold takes us inside one of Hollywood's biggest auctions. The glove, how much?Between 50,000 and 80,000.Find out how much that stuff will sell for in 11 minutes. But first, time to get some weather now with Emma Freedman, who is down at Bondi this morning. Is it warming up?It is warming up a little bit. The rain has drifted offshore which is good news. We're here for the Banana Boat Bondi to Bronte swim which will kick off in a little while. Whilst it's cloudy here it has been sunny in New South Wales over the past couple of days. Skin cancer is on the rise. It's the most common cancer for people aged 15 to 44. So it's a great idea to get checked over by a skin specialist or GP once in a while. Let's look at the weather :

Two out of three Australians will have one form of skin cancer in their lifetime. So it's a good idea to be checked over regularly. Dr Rog is doing this with his police member run this morning?He is obviously using lots of banana boat sun screen. That's the thing to do, to be religious about putting on sun screen when you go out in the sun. If you get burnt you're at a far greater risk. The other thing is to be checked out at least every 12 months. That's what the skin Cancer Council sill recommend. If you see anything that looks like it's changing in any way, it looks different to what it normaly is or something new, get it checked out. It doesn't take long. It's a good insurance policy.Some good advice there. Time to book us all in for a skin check this summer.Great advice. Reclaiming your lost super - that story in three minutes but first to electricity bills. After constant price rises, finally some good news. Today the Gillard government is set to announce a new plan to cut costs and give consumers more choice. Joining us now is Christopher from One Big Switch. The government is out toing this as a chance for families to save around $250 a year. Where is that money coming from?It's an estimate. It's an average. We will see. But the jd our bills have gone up so much because of all of the investment in poles and wires and that means expensive switch gear and pylons. They are calling for what is called a consumer challenge panel that will put the scrutiny on those decisions before they are ticked off by the regulater. That means less investment in the real expensive infrastructure. That will be less impost on the bills we pay, hence allegedly $250 beingHow will that consumer action panel work? Experts are within that panel. They sit within the Australian energy regulater. They scrutinise those pricing issues which the distribution, the electricity companies, bring to them. That's what has really forced up.prices. It remains to be seen how it works. It's a big help. It will take time for that to flow through. Make sure you're not paying more than you need to for electricity and you're controlling your usage. That's what can bring down bills this summer and next summer.How much have bills risen over the past doum of years. It seems like ever time I open my bill it's bigger and bigger. The Auditor-General has told us 80% over the past five years. It's been significant. The government, Martin Ferguson, the relevant minister, says now those big price rises are probably over. There has been such a fuss and stink about this no-one is going to push out price rises. But in January we will get another range of price increases coming through but perhaps not as steep. It will be there. Had her coming. The future might seem scary because of the rises but the other part what have the Prime Minister will say today is to make electricity - get you to make decisions about electricity that can make savings in the future.Do you think these changes are enough to offset sky rocketing prices?Prices will go up. They won't go up as much. It's all about you as a consumer being able to make some choices that can take the edge off increases. For some people it will seem scary. For many, they will take to it like ducks to water. If a fraction of the energy consumers have for online shopping, if we can get that around electricity - the digital moment is arriving for electricity, not ancient old bills that don't tell what you say we're using. Will is a lot of change banked up. Those who can't make changes do need protection.Families are struggling. I appreciate it.We're going inside Hollywood's biggest auction in three minutes. But there are billions of dollars lying unclaimed in superannuation in bank accounts. It's now easier than ever for Australians to find it. Nine News reporter John O'Doherty has the details.Across Australia there are billions of dollars just waiting to be claimed.Shares, unclaimed super, lost bank accounts. Hundreds of thousands could give themselves an early Christmas present.There is $17 billion in lost superannuation and in other accounts a staggering $667 million. Nine News can redb can reveal where the cash is stashed.

We're joined by the CEO of CPA Australia. Alex, we're talking about a bundle of cash sitting out there. Why is it there?It's there for a whole lot of reasons. People pore get particularly if it's a small amount of money. They get married, change their name, change jobs, they move interstate or get divorced. There are a whole lot of reasons.How much money are we talking about?Billions of dollars but the $700 million we were talking about earlier is a mix of people putting money into cash accounts and dividends and other areas. There are also some ill gotten gains of the past that people don't want to be connected to in the future, I suspect.Have you accounts sitting there with close to a million in them. Why are they not being claimed?That's unlikely to be a simple reason. It's likely to be a divorce or a death and there is an estate issue that people haven't gotten to yet. Or perhaps in the days when the laws are looser than they are now there might have been some criminal activity.Does that mean people are too scared to claim the money?If they feel like they are in a position now where they don't need it and they feel like it's not worth the risk they have taken a balanced business decision.That's a nice way to put it. What happens to the money?That will go into consolidated revenue from April next year. If people want to claim their super it's easy to claim. But the government will allow people to earn interest, even if they haven't got it yet. If they do claim it, they will be paid interest from the time since April.Does that mean this money is helping the government get into surplus.It does go into consolidated revenue. If people are keen to make their mark this an election year, claim your super because that will take out some of the consolidated revenue. Fundamentaly it's Christmas-time. We're always looking for a gift. Go and look on the site for a friend's name or relative. Ring them and say there might be some super money for them. What a fantastic Christmas present. How easy is the process of getting money back.Go onto the website. P put in a surname. You will get a range of surnames obviously with initials. If you happen to find a relative or your own, imagine your popularity around Christmas time. That's really the festive season comment to make in this topic. Ffrpblgts you find some money for a relative does that mean you get a 5% spotters fee. That's when there has to be a negotiation F people were better off than before you called you might claim a family commission.Over to you.Has NASA found proof of life on Mars, that story in three minutes. But now the items from some of the biggest movies of all time are about to go under the hammer. Robert Penfold went shopping for a bit of Hollywood history.Run, run.Just about everything movie wise is checkable. Those irons on Forest Gump's legs, going, going, almost gone. The auction is next week. It's iconic. It's seen throughout the movie on a young Tom Hapbgs.If you've got the big bucks, at the annual Hollywood live auction extravagancea, here it is, Michael Jackson's crystal glove. The man showing us around is Dan from Premiere Props.This he wore in his performances on stage. It even has remnants of his make-up in the glove.The glove - how much? Between 50 and 80,000Believe it or not, the second most sought after thing here is a shirt. But if you're a Trekkie it's no ordinary shirt...We have over 1,000 props and costumes in the auction. This is probably one of the most iconic. It's cheap nylon.This is George Tucai from star trekk, the original TV series.The name.It's in the shirt. The stitch something basic. But that's what they did during production specially in the 60s. But how much would a Trekke have to pay?Between 20,000 and 40,000 for this piece.Dresses worn by Lindsay Lohan and the ice skate that washed up on cast away island - they are coming from collectors. They are selling high after buying cheap. They rise in value over the years. Sometimes they can go for 10 times the amount of the original price paid for it.No doubt neither Pearce bureaus nan or Arnie would thank me for this but I have to tell you a secret, their guns are made of rubber but still selling for $10,000. If that's too expensive there are cheaper collectables as well. I have noticed a bunch of old blankets. Surely no-one will buy that?They will. These are the blankets from Titanic that were used on the ship. There are four blankets. You can see them in the movie.How much? About $400 to $800.. It's an online auction as well as by phone or in person. So you can buy from Australia. There are more than 1,000 items up for grabs. Even this, a near toothless shrunken head to dress up the living room. This is from Alfred Hitchcock Under the Capricorn. This is definitely the first time it has before an available at auction.How much would I pay for that?About 8,000 to 10,000.There Jerry Maguire there are the air tickets had they used to go do the deal and the business card but mostly it's about that cap. But if you want it, as Gerry says in the movie...Show me the money!About $3,000.Show me the money! Congratulations, you're still my agent.That's way too much money for me. This week marks 40 years since the launch of the Apollo 17 mission, the last time man stepped foot on the moon. While the moon has been over looked we may be on the verge of a big discovery on Mars. Jonathan, I want to stress, this is not the anniversary of the first time man stepped on Mars. It's the last time. The Apollo missions were a massive success.They were a fantastic success. Apollo 13 was the mission that almost failed. From the middle of 69 to December 72 there were six successful missions to the moon. 12 men walked on the surface of the moon. They were absolutely brilliant. The last three missions had the lunar rover that enabled them to go out further and collect rocks and things. The most amazing series of exploration missions in the history of mankind.What was the main objective?The main objective of the moon things to begin with was a one-upmanship over the Soviets because the space arena was the new battlefield, a Cold War battlefield where no shots were fired. Science didn't get involved until halfway through the moon missions. Science was a secondary thought. Had this was real politics and engineering. They had test pilots, Navy pilots and Air Force pilots doing all the flying. This mission, Apollo 17, was the only one where they sent a proper scientist to the moon. Harrison Scmidt was Senate to the moon to collect rocks.What did they find? The early missions spent a day or two days. These people spent three days on the moon. Did three moon works. They researched questions like how old was the moon? 4.5 billion years. It was an easy place to work in the 1 -6th gravity of the moon there. The biggest thing about the moon missions was not so much the science or Cold War stuff but just the amazing demonstration what have we can do when we put our mind to it.Why did we stop going to the moon? Is it worth going back?There were going to be three more Apollo missions but they got cancelled for budget reasons. By the time Apollo 17 had come around everyone lost interest. The Vietnam War was going on, there was social turmoil in America. They thought why risk another three lives to do what had been done on previous missions? We can't afford to have anyone get killed up there otherwise it might kill the space program. They went ahead and did it and I'm glad they did. Why haven't we been back? Will and money and what's the reason to do so. We will go back one day but I suspect the next big explorations of the moon will be driven by private sector, not governments.Now we're doing a lot of work on Mars with the Curiosity rover. According to some tweets from NASA they believe they have found something huge on Mars? Is it animal bones, water, a Martian or a boring rock that we're not interested in.I suspect it might be the latter. There was an interview with a scientist a few weeks ago who said we have amazing results but we can't tell you yet. NASA has said we haven't found life but we are having a press conference this week.What do you think it is?Had they probably found an interesting molecule that might be an indicator of habi tab ility on Mars or decided that their test instrument was so good it will change history books. It will be something mundane.Is Mars the final frontier?That's only the next frontier. The next one is somewhere out there. We will never get to TRichard Terry is the British adventurer travelling the globe in search of the most dangerous creatures.He travels the globe to unravel the miserys behind the myths, to discover the truth about some of the most feared species in the wild.He talks about the African werewolf, the Mekong man eater. Do they exist? That is in the next hour. About plus the real story behind the Osama bin ladden raid. That's after the break.

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Welcome back. Hope you're having a great morning. Better get some news now with the lovely Wendy Kingston snooplt a birthday party has turned deadly in Brisbane after a teenage boy was killed in a hut and run. The incident followed a wild brawl in Woodridge. The 17-year-old victim was run down by a car after the fight spilled onto the street. I seen bricks and fences and mailboxs being thrown in the air at each other. It was, it was that bad. I was actually crying when I seen all of this starting to happen. It just wasn't on.The boy was rushed to hospital, where he died a short time later. The car involved didn't stop but has since been found by police. A 12-year-old boy is feared dead after a crocodile attack in the Northern Territory. Police say the child was swimming with friends when efforts dragged away by the animal yesterday afternoon. It's the second such attack in recent weeks. A 7-year-old girl was taken by a crocodile at an out station nearby last month. Parts of the country's south-east are still in the grip of extreme weather conditions with firefighters battling at least two fierce bushfires in Tasmania. A third threatening the state's capital is now under control. New South Wales sweltered through searing temperatures yesterday. A cool change is expected to keep Sydney in the mid to high 20s but parts of the state's north are tipped to hit 41. Households could soon save up to $250 a year on electricity bills, with the Prime Minister to announce plans today to make power companies more accountable. News Limited reports the plan will give consumers greater choice and the power to question price hikes. A new consumer panel will be set up to review network prices decisions and monitor investment in infrastructure. David Beckham, he is about to take to the pitch for the last LA Galaxy game in the grand final against Hughes ston. While there is still speculation over the superstar's next move, brand Beckham has a golden future in America.Not only is he an athlete because some are kind of gross, but he is beautiful. Everybody loves him and Victoria. All eyes will be on Beckham when the game kicks off shortly. And after starring in several US blockbusters Hugh Jackman will be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The X-Men actor has left his mark outside the Chinese theatre already, putting his hand in wet cement three years ago.Big star.Not a moment too soon.A nice bloke.Sounds like it. Quite good looking as well.What about Tim Gilbert? Come on.It's the trifecta.Yes. That jaw line. Those chin s. Australia will need some superstars if they are going to win this test match. Matthew Wade says he hasn't been feeling any extra pressure to keep his place in the Australian team. Australia had a day to forget both bat and ball yesterday. Only Wade managed any real contribution at the crease.I was disappointed with my performance in Adelaide and wanted to come here and try to make a difference in the first couple of days.Day 3 resumes at 1.30. Check the guides. We have about 17 different time zones around Australia at the moment. Steven Trigg has been handed a Lifeline with the Adelaide Crows boss following a six month suspension. He was banned from the AFL for his part in the Kurt Tippett salary cap scandal. All over for Nathan Sharpe but what a career. His final game as Wallabies skipper ended in dramatic circumstances claiming a two-point victory over the Welsh. A couple of penalties each had the Welsh in front and having their first win of the tour before Kurtley Beale lit up Cardiff.He scores! It's taken a while... Joh The 14-12 victory a fitting farewell have Nathan Sharpe chaired off the ground. You know what I mean by a couple of penalties each. Obviously the Welsh had a couple more than we did. But you can work it out. The Mariners sit atop the A-League ladder this morning. Nick Montgomery found the late winner. While Brisbane's win over Newcastle was soured by a first half scuffle that saw two players taken off the field.Josh Mitchell fronts up to Thomas Broich. He comes flying in and he could find himself in trouble.Brett Holman's stunning streak in the EPL has seen his side in a draw with the rangers. The red devils won their game 4-3. Had in just under an hour or in the next hour, Michael Slater will be here on the line to tell us how this test match is going to continue onwards. We're only a couple of days in.It will be a big onement you do a mean blue steel. Can we see it Gen Z sea green eyes. Very dodgy.Middle Eastern skin.Good combo.New details are emerging about the dramatic raid that killed Osama bin Laden.It was the greatest manhunt of all time. The stealthy night time raid by the elite Seal team 6, the secret compound of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. You think you know the story. But hold on to your seats. Now will is so much more.More on the details of the decade long operation and the Hollywood director who has uncovered the truth in the next 15yutds.Such a fascinating story. Time for the weather now with Emma Freedman, who is at balmy Bondi this morning.Top of the morning to you. We are having fun down here this morning for the Banana Boat Bondi to Bronte swim. These lifesavers are heading out for a training run. As we were told by one of the professional lifeguards, the conditions today are tricky, choppy and sloppy, all because of this strong on shore flow which will cool down temperatures right across the coast of New South Wales today. We will take a look at your weather and see what is forecast for your neck of the woods.

This is the course they must take out to the pink buoys all the way around to Bronte beach. This is usually the easy way of doing this things but today the swimmers will be battling for space as they swim had this way. They would possibly be liking to go the other way because of the strong wind. But they are all arriving at the beach at the moment. Getting into their wetys which has been approved for this morning. The swim will kick off in the next 45 minutes. It will be a cold one and a tough one. It looks like you're blowing away. We could be inviting eradicated diseases like polio into Australia if we don't vaccinate our children. More in the next half hour.The e- wind is up next including a wrap of the ARIAs.This This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It's L'Exhibition - Lexus' premier retail event.

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We have the perfect gift idea for all those One Direction fans out there. The ultimate Directioner collecter boxes are available online exclusive to Australia. They are valued at over $120. Selling for just under $50. Now, to buy this you head to one D To order yours today in time for Christmas. Great idea.Wow. What a week in entertainment. Taylor Swift performed right here in the studio. She was amazing. We saw all of the action from the ARIA awards and 'The Hobbit' premiereed in New Zealand. Richard Wilkins has all that and more on E wind.It was the week Taylor Swift came to Australia. She was mobbed at the airport. She was fabulous on the Today show. She stole the show at the ARIAs. She is one red hot superstar. Other highlights of the 26th annual ARIA awards - Guy and Lupe performing their number 1 smash. Missy Higgins, subbliem and superb. Jessica how boy shining like a sapphire on the black carpet.There is nothing that I can do # Oooh.'Temper Trap', terrific. (SINGS) # I'm on my own.And Yothu Yindi and powerhouse pals being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Congratulations. And also Gotye, Kimbra and other winners - a good time had by all. Another guest in our country, one of the bravest comedians on the planet, Russell Brand.For you the climax of the evening, for us it will be in about half an hour.It's always a good week when the Madden brothers are in Australia. Joel announced as a coach on the Voice. And Ricky also, in his country in February to shoot the blind auditions for the Voice. He is a star. It will be great. One Direction had big news for fans during the week with some of the dates changing for their Australian tour next year. Extra tickets on sale in all cities, which, surprise, surprise, sold out in minutes. Aussie Reece Mastin is on tour. The Rolling Stones hit the stage at London's O2 arena to mark their 50th birthday. Bill why man and former guitarist Mick Taylor joined the band on stage. It looked amazing.Get off my cloud.On the movie front it was the week that 'The Hobbit' had its world potential air in Wellington New Zealand. The first of three prequels to the 'Lord of the Rings'. I am proud but incredibly grateful we have such great crew here.'The Hobbit' hits cinemas Boxing Day. The world premiere of blast. And Neil p fin playing for all of the gob lines, elves and wizards at the premiere. And Shirley Valentine's star was in the country. Lovely film. It's out Boxing Day. Coming soon a big screen adaption of the book the Perks of being a Wall Flower. And a romcom about a divorcing couple who remain best friends.You're get toing divorced. You spend every day together. Acting like it's no big deal. That's called Celeste and Jesse Forever. Back to 1942 is a brilliant movie that splofrs a complicated period in Chinese history. And what about that documentary that takes us back to the creation of Michael Jackson's follow-up to Thriller, the album and video for Bad. Bad 25, well worth checking out. In other news it was yet another bad week for trouble magnet Lindsay Lohan. Justin Bieber dressed down to meet the Canadian Prime Minister. The Halle Barry baby biffo saga rolled on. That's ugly. And Movember is done and dusted - that's a good thing. As we take a look back at the week that was in the wonderful world of entertainment.Hey, how is your driving?My drive something sensational.Is it really?I ran one of my cars into my other camp a couple of weeks ago. The brakes failed though so it wasn't my fault. The brakes fault?Always the brakes. This story might be for you. Should everyone be forced to take a driving test every five years and would it make the roads safer?That so story is coming up. New details about the hunt to find Osama bin Laden including how one female CIA officer orchestrated the whole operation. Stay with us, that's coming up, plus more on Weekend Today.

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Welcome back. It is time to talk What's Making News. Today, we are joined by Angela Mollard from 'Sunday Magazine'. Hi!Hi, Sarah. First up, a new Galaxy Poll for News Ltd has revealed that only one in five people believe Julia Gillard has been completely honest about the AWU scandal. I mean, what do you think?Well, she had enjoyed really a surge in ratings after her misogyny speech. This has pulled it down. What they are saying is that 31% said she had lied and a further 31% said that she was economical with the truth. Abbott has not been able to prove that there was any criminal wrong doing. We need to keep that in the forefronts. If it was a criminal court, it would be the onus on the prosecution, the Liberal Party, to prove that. She hasn't come out and spoken. There has been some argument that she needs to have made a statement to parliament. The loss has been her reputation. I think coming off the back of a very toxic year in parliament - the Rudd affair, Slipper, Thomson, - so many things, AWU scandal. Slater & Gordon. Really. This has been a year characterised by lack of character, lack of honesty and gender. Next year we need to be seeing some more policy and integrity.They need to smarten up in parliament. There is growing support for drivers to take a compulsory 5-year test to curb bad driving habits you have licence trouble at the moment?I have! I got my licence back after three months of not being able to drive. I will put my hand up and be honest about it. Why I lost it was not drink-driving or mobile phone usage - it was exactly what this was report is saying, inattentiveness, not keeping up to date, not being aware. I failed to stop at a stop sign, going 10km/h over the speed limit. I got up to 12 points, a choice whether to take - you could drive perfectly for a year or take the three months. I took the three months. In that time, I have really reassessed my driving habits. They were not dangerous but they were inattentive. The report is saying that we should do a mandatory theory test every five years. I'm for it. If we could do it online - it doesn't need to be tricky, resitting with a driving instructor. But to be attentive, we're all busy, juggling kids, a career. I realised I'm not making a priority. It is a privilege to drive on our roads.It is. New research suggests that women spend more time checking out other females than their partners. I'm guilty of this.I'm so guilty of this! I mean, women are more interesting to look at.I know! Better clothes, arguably better figures. Everybody will have been looking at us going, "Oh, haven't Harris and Mollard got their festive green on this morning."I was admiring your hair this morning!Oh, were you?! I was looking at the dress.I love the mane!If I'm at a pub or restaurant, I'm looking at the women or going, "Oh, gosh, great figure! I wish mine was like that."I'm looking at the clothes as well. I dress for other women. When I dress up, my boyfriend says, "That is looking ridiculous. Why are you wearing a jump suit."Oh, I love a silk jump suit - just a problem with the toilet!Not good. Always a pleasure to see you in here. Too much detail! WeKnow how the hunt for Osama bin Laden ended but how he was found up until now has remained a mystery. New details are coming to light, thanks to Hollywood. ABC America's Martha Raddatz has the story. It was the greatest man-hunt of all time. The stealthy night-time raid by the elite SEAL Team 6, the secret Bin Laden compound in Pakistan. You THINK you know the story. But hold on to your seats! Now, there is so much more. Zero Dark Thirty, the riveting new film by director Katherine Bigelow brings you the hunt for Osama bin Laden as it has never been seen before. Combining the meticulous detail of a first-rate investigative reporter...ItWas thrilling to discover what the peop