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Setting back peace. Israel's plan to expand settlements criticised by the US and Australia. We're trying not to provoke, not the Palestinians, not the others. Egypt crisis. Further protests over the hastily approved constitution.

Toxic load. A US train derailment sparks health fears. I'm about to warn my friends because they don't got cable or cell phones or nothing like that. Wild weather. A bushfire puts Hobart on high alert as Ballart residents clean up after a tornado.

Good evening. Welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Mariana Rudan will join me with all the day's sport. No fairytale score for Ricky Ponting, on a day of disaster for Australia against South Africa. Palestinian leaders have accused Israel of provocation, after it approved plans for 3,000 settler homes. That came just hours after the United Nations recognised Palestine as a non-member observer state. The US and Australia have condemned Israel's timing. As the UN celebrated Palestine becoming a non-member state, the Israeli government was making another controversial decision. Cabinet approving 3,000 more settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Our construction activity in the settlements is only according to our national interest.Israeli media reports it as a construction wave in a highly contentious corridor, known as E1. Palestinian leaders have accused Israel of being provocative. We're trying not to provoke, not the Palestinians, not the others. It's very regrettable that Israel chose to make this announcement yesterday seemingly as a retaliatory response to what we Palestinians did. This is an aggression on the new Palestinian state in the United Nations and because of that there are certain responsibilities of the international community to hold Israel accountable.Australia's Foreign Minister said the spread of settlements makes a two state solution all the more difficult. While the US Secretary of State called it counterproductive. These activities set back the cause of a negotiated peace. We all need to work together to find a path forward in negotiations that can finally deliver on a two state solution. But Hillary Clinton reiterated the US belief that yesterday's UN vote won't progress the path to peace.Palestinians and their supporters clearly disagree, remaining optimistic. 138 nations voted in favour of the move. Australia among 41 which abstained. Abstention was a good step in the right direction. We may need more steps to guarantee Australia will maintain this position.Getting the balance right, he says, will be especially important when Australia takes its seat on the Security Council next year. Mass protests have been staged in Egypt over a hastily approved and controversial new Constitution. Tens of thousands of demonstrators packed Cairo's Tahrir Square, more than a week after Egypt's president sparked a political crisis by extending his powers. Having got rid of one dictator, these Egyptians are now opposing an elected leader, turned autocrat in their eyes. Almost two years after Egypt's first uprising began, protesters again fill Cairo's Tahrir Square. This time the struggle is between secular liberals and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.

Huge crowds rallied day and night against a disputed draft constitution, rushed through an all-night sitting of an assembly dominated by Islamists. Activists fear it will enshrine Islamic law and limit the rights of women and religious minorities. What angers me is the rights of women. Women are not even stated in the constitution. And the rights for children. And the rights for peasants. And workers. There are no real rights for anybody. Rights are only made for the Islamic Brotherhood.Protesters have been camping out in Tahrir Square ever since President Mohamed Morsi gave himself sweeping new powers, placing his decisions beyond review.

He maintains his new powers are temporary and will safeguard Egypt's transition to democracy. He also claimed his country's current crisis would be resolved with the passage of a new constitution, due to be put to a referendum within a month. But Opposition parties vowed to step up pressure on the President. Key Opposition figures, including Mohamed El Baradei, joined the protests in Tahrir Square. He also posted a tweet.

But Muslim Brotherhood supporters were also on the streets. In Alexandria they clashed with anti- Morsi protesters. Reflect deep divisions that won't be easily bridged. Up to 10,000 people have again taken to the streets in the Tunisian town of Silana demanding jobs and the removal of the local governor. Violent protests there have left hundreds of people injured this week. The UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights has today accused security forces of using excessive force to stop the demonstrators. And protests too in Kuwait as national elections there get underway. They're angry about the changes to the voting system, ordered by the Emir, which they say skew the outcome in favour of pro- government candidates. The demonstrators are urging people to shun the poll. Jordanians are also demonstrating in their thousands. The country has largely avoided the violent unrest that has swept across the region. But the protests, sparked by rising fuel prices, are being seen as the most serious challenge to King Abdullah's 13- year reign.

year reign. Ayr seat has across the Middle East, the Friday call to prayer here is a spiritual summons that becomes a political protest. - - as it has. Here a chair at against the King of Jordan, unthinkable before the Arab spring. Freedom comes from God, not from you, Pablo, they chant. The NT- Royal rhetoric is limited to a minority, but there is a wide desire for full democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood is highly influential.We want freedom for the people of Jordan and reforms which will enable the people to rule themselves.Anger over the endemic corruption has grown because of an economic crisis. With a huge budget deficit, fuel subsidies have been cut, resulting in a rise in prices hurting many. TRANSLATION: Everyt hurting many. TRANSLATION: Everything is very expensive. What shall we do?But some perspective it is important. Jordanians have seen the trauma of Iraq and Syria and don't want that chaos here.We just want peace and to be settled. Not to make a crisis or problems with the Government. Because it ernment. Because it is - we cannot afford problems endured him.The state has called elections for January, but is there must promise to boycott it. TRANSLATION: Whoever wants to distance himself from this political process will not be included. We believe there is political reform. If everybody participates, leadership will be broadened.Face with powerful security, today's werful security, today's protest was pragmatically peaceful. These people know they are reinforced a long struggle. The months ahead are rape big challenge. Serious reform must be implemented or the Royal Family itself will become a target. Those that won't boycott Jordan's ballot will go to the polls on January 23. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has warned, violence in Syria is reaching new and appalling heights of brutality. He's predicted Syrian refugee numbers will surge to more than 700,000 by January. The Assad regime is being blamed tonight for a cut in the country's communication services. In this 20-month long conflict the internet has been the key propaganda tool of Syrian Opposition forces. Most of the country's main groups appear to now be back on line. But the internet tracking company, which produced this graph showing the sudden halt in traffic, believes it was a well planned, saying that a 10-minute nationwide outage six days ago now appears to have been a trial run. The regime does appear to resort to cutting off all kinds of communication, cellular networks, land lines as well as internet service across the country. It again speaks to the desperation of the regime as it tries to cling to power. The Syrian regime says rebels are behind the internet failure. Morale among the ranks of Assad loyalists is said to be low. Opposition fighters are getting their hands on better weapons. But experts say it's a mistake to think the regime's days are numbered. Contrary to the perceived wisdom in western capitals, the Assad regime, even though it's weakened, it has adequate internal and regional support to fight for many months, if not a year or two. So, no, we are not at a tipping point yet in Syria.Many believe that tipping point will only come with direct foreign interpenetration, such as the imposition of a no-fly zone or mobilising armed peace keepers. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, the special envoy for Syria says that's not likely. I have visited the capitals of all the neighbours and near neighbours of Syria and from the discussions I have had with the leaders of these countries, I don't think it is possible for them to put together a workable peace plan in the foreseeable future.These fighters are with an Islamist group called Jabhat al-Nusra. They say their aim is to topple the Assad regime and implement strict Sharia law. To some of Syria's neighbours that's viewed as an even bigger concern than dealing with the current regime.

regime. Rolando will not receive a planned 35p in dollar a donation from Britain, because of credible and compelling reports of backing for rebel fighters in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Democratic Republic of Congo.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame denies the allegations.

denies the allegations. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. At least 30 people have been killed when a plane crashed into a residential area in the Congo. The crew on board the domestic cargo flight were amongst those who died when the plane slid from the runway in the capital, Brazzaville. Aviation officials say the plane was trying to land in heavy rain. Police have clashed with protesters in Slovenia at the latest rally against budget cuts and alleged corruption. Two days before a presidential election, multiple demonstrations saw 15 people injured, in some of the worst political violence since independence from Yugoslavia.

independence from Yugoslavia.
Almost 15 years after he was jailed for attempted murder and money laundering, Macau gangster Wan 'Broken Tooth' Kuok-Koi has been freed from prison. Journalists jostled for space to photograph the Triad boss, convicted in the final days of Portuguese rule. Unemployment in the Eurozone has hit another record high. Official data for October, has the jobless figure at 11.7%, or more than 18 million people out of work. Spain and Greece have the region's highest unemployment rates. Both are over 25%. The economy was also on the mind of the US President today. Barack Obama went on a campaign-style trip to argue his case for tax cuts for the wealthy by January the 1. America's Republicans now admit they're again deadlocked in negotiations, while denying they're trying to impose their will on the White House. Santa delivers everywhere. I have been keeping where. I have been keeping my own naughty and nice least for Washington for.The President chose a seasonal setting, a toy factory, and holiday imagery to press day imagery to press again for extending tax cuts for the middle class him.If Congress does not, every family will see every family will see their tax go up.In Washington, Republicans portrayed the road trip as humbug, at a time when negotiations are going nowhere. It is are going nowhere. It is a stalemate.The House Speaker said Republicans remain willing to raise revenues, but not by raising tax rates. He said the White House is not negotiating in good faith.

It also would permanently give the President authority to raise the debt limit without congressional approval.The proposal that was delivered by the Secretary to the Speaker and three was not serious for all stun a White House spokesman replied Republicans should not be surprised the President is sticking to his guns. Actions have consequences. The President campaigned. He made it very clear that he was supporting tax cuts for the middle class for Ulster of class for Ulster of there was no word on when negotiations will resume.If congress fails to reach an agreement, taxes will rise on January 1. A freight train carrying toxic chemicals has derailed while crossing a New Jersey bridge, prompting the evacuation of hundreds of people. US Officials are now trying to figure out what caused the incident. Clouds cover the scene louds cover the scene of retrained to raiment. But it is the invisible Fay percipient out that saw authorities affect trade everybody within 800 metres.I am warning my friends because they ng my friends because they don't have cellphones or cable TV.Seven cars were derailed. The bridge has sparkled. For takers fell into the water. One was carrying a carcinogenic compound, final chloride. Scores of people were hospitalised. -- and vinyl. Booms were laid in the water to contain the now solidified chemical. Eyes turned to the companies involved. The bridge buckled three bridge buckled three years ago, causing the realm.They rebuilt the bridge in 2009. We are looking at those records prior to that event in 2009 and the work there was to UN. Recently residents had reportedly told the company of loud noises coming from noises coming from the bridge as trains crossed. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next: Under threat. Fire crews battle more than 20 bushfires in Tasmania. Shortly, rapid decline. The technology showing the world how quickly the Great Barrier Reef is deteriorating. Struggle, solidarity and even, celebration. Speaking out on World AIDS Day Weather extremes have caused extensive damage in southern Australia.


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Weather extremes have caused extensive damage in southern Australia. Tasmanian bushfire crews are battling strong winds as they attempt to contain more than 20 blazes around the state. Causing the most concern, blazes within sight of Hobart's northern suburbs. While thousands of regional residents remain without power after massive storms hit Ballarat, west of Melbourne. The Ballarat region bore the brunt of the tornado which followed days of heatwave conditions. The State Emergency Service received hundreds of calls as rain, hail, lightning and winds gusting up to 125k/h hit the area. Residents of this house lucky to escape when their roof was blown off and landed in the front yard. Very unusual for this area. We get high winds up to 150k's. But for a tornado to go through and you can see a definite channel where its gone through.190 properties were damaged. The winds uprooting trees and bringing down powerlines, leaving a clean up bill in the millions of dollars. It was a constant bombardment. Thousands of residents have been left without power in the State's south-west. The freak storm and flash flooding caused by a warm air super cell which moved through Victoria. The power is out. The phones were out so a pretty scary night.Rain would have been welcome in Tasmania. 100 homes in the State's south were evacuated after more than 20 bushfires broke out across the Apple Isle. With the warm more so windy gusty conditions that are giving us quicker run in grass fires and vegetation fires earlier in the season that what we're normally used to.More than 1,000 hectares of bush and farmland have been destroyed and fire crews are now battling a blaze near Hobart which earlier broke containment lines. With the strong winds, the fire is just spotting ahead of itself all the time. We're trying to back burn around some of the houses with the use of a helicopter.Hobart residents are being advised to activate their bushfire plans until the fire is under control. Now to other stories in the news around Australia. A man has been arrested, after two shotguns and 12 handguns were stolen from a navy patrol boat in Darwin. Northern Territory police raided a Darwin city unit this afternoon, where they recovered all of the weapons. Commander Richard Bryson of the Northern Territory Police says he is please the weapons are now off the streets.Amen is Curly in custody assisting us with our inquiries. Investigations are ongoing.The Federal Government's plain-packaging tobacco laws came into effect today. All cigarettes will now have to be sold in identical, dark-olive packets bearing the same typeface and largely covered with graphic health warnings. The new laws are the first of their type in the world. SBS's interactive online documentary 'The Block' has received a Walkley Award for Coverage of Indigenous Affairs. The Block describes the Redfern aboriginal community through the stories of the people themselves. The Gold Walkley for outstanding journalism went to Steve Pennells of the West Australian' newspaper. A senior member of the Nauruan government has reportedly claimed detainees at the detention centre tried to stop health workers from helping a man who was attempting suicide. The accusation follows the transportation of an Iranian man to an Australian hospital after a 50- day hunger strike. Meanwhile, two boats carrying 147 people have been intercepted off Christmas Island. They've been transferred to the island for security, health and identity checks. SBS Go Back to Where You Came' from participant Imogen Bailey has launched a campaign to end the detention of asylum-seeker children. Her video message posted on YouTube encourages the public to call their local MP to protest against the policy.No child belongs into tension. There are some that have already been there for use. Right now our government is punishing and permanently damaging it these children. They add to many it on your behalf and in your name. -- they are doing it.British politicians have begun to draft laws aimed at regulating the press, despite the Prime Minister's objection. Legislation was recommended by the Leveson inquiry into press ethics. The junior partners in the ruling coalition, the Liberal Democrats, say they will join forces with the Opposition to support the law. Those who gave evidence to the inquiry, the victims of media intrusion and phone hacking, are pushing on with a campaign to pressure the government into action. Victims of newspaper abuse assembled opposite Parliament today, are urging MPs to implement the report in full. A petition is keeping deep pressure on as ministers argue with the press regulation needsth the press regulation needs legal teeth for. They missed an opportunity to redeem themselves. Clearly the public wanted. There has been a public inquiry. A judicial review. The recommendations should be implemented.Leveson wants independent

independent regulation backed by the law.

Members would not include any newspaper editors or politicians.

The body would be set up by an appointment panel.

Behind that comes the controversy - do you need a legal

Behind that comes the controversy -
do you need a legal backstop in the form of legislation? According to Leveson, the reason why you need to have the Parliament and caused some fault is because what happens if a newspaper size up to the regulation but refuses to sign or - may pay the fine or apologise. Or what if a newspaper refuses to take part of under regulation? Today it was their newspapers provided David Cameron with Freddie headlines. The sun backs the Prime Minister.Also shown absolute e Minister.Also shown absolute disinterest in regulation. -- polls show forced on I suspect that people are not very interested in this.The issue has exposed divisions in the Coalition. Conservatives say attempts to write a lot attempts to write a lot will reveal why it won't work. Liberal Democrats as a consensus on legislation is vital.The debate has degenerated into point-scoring. The public want to see action. All the parties must work together.The same objectives, having a tough and independent regulatory body that will provide justice for victims, can be established without that underpinning.With the Coalition arguing among some cells, and Labor is turning the spotlight on the Prime Minister.Many of the victims of the press will feel utterly depraved -- betrayed by David Cameron. The report said whether the test would be the victims thought it would make a difference. Within hours of receiving the report, Cameron has rubbished a central recommendations.Plenty of point scoring today, but even if Parliament backed the origination, he would not be enacted with bemused. By which time

It is one of Australia's biggest tourist attractions. But scientists say the Great Barrier Reef is vanishing. Now, technology is being utilised to show people its beauty and its fragility. We're in the water with the researchers of the Catlin Sea view Survey. Their mission? Map the world's coral reefs, creating a comprehensive study for scientists, while giving the rest of us a chance to see their work in real time. 360-degree panoramic images which will soon be used by researchers monitoring the effects of climate change - they are already available on Google Maps. A social media campaign connects the team with more than he team with more than 2 million followers online.Normally, we can get the images that we have taken on the dive up within the hour, up on the internet.It is a new approach to scientist that project director Richard Heevers said should become a model for future research.It is radical from the perspective of science and research to be having this much of a consistent and immediate online presence.Yes, and we wanted - I mean, that is an essential part of the survey. It is really about trying to communicate the science as much as doing the science itself. You know, there's a greater purpose than just showing pretty pictures of fish to this endeavour, to try help people understand what's at risk here. Absolutely. The pretty pictures of the fish are really to start getting people engaged in the first place. We want to take people on a journey with us, so they actually get involved in the science. So we explain the science but then try to get them involved in the analysis of the data so they really understand what is going on in the oceans.Coral reefs are a source of food and income for over 500 million people. In more than 50 countries. But for most of us, they remain out of sight and out of mind. And the neglect has taken its toll. Over-fishing, pollution, warming ocean temperatures have all contributed to what scientists are discovering is the reef's rapid decline.We had a paper published at the Australian Institute of Marine Science which shows that half of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef has disappeared over the last 27 years. That is a momentous change. If we continue on that pathway, the Great Barrier Reef will largely not have coral on it. The team says waiting to share results simply is not an option. The future health of the reefs needs to be understood now. Not just by researchers.There's amazing scientific work being done, but it is being read by up to 100 people rather than the world. We wanted to bridge this gap. Well, we NEED to bridge this gap between scientific awareness and public understanding. According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, two- thirds of the Great Barrier Reef's coral loss has occurred since 1998. An Australian Olympian is among many voices speaking out on World AIDS Day. It is being riebszed around the globe, with -- recognised around the globe, with major health initiatives being taken to move towards an HIV-free generation. It was a spectacular start to a serious 24 hours. Advocates of AIDS awareness reminded us that HIV is still here.Today, I am proud to launch...InSydney the NSW Health Minister released a new policy, setting binding targets to cut new infection rates. Jillian Skinner hopes to improve early diagnosis, as well rly diagnosis, as well as establish a partnership with the Federal Government to increase access to drugs. Among those supporting the bold, new plan is Olympic silver medallist Ji Wallace.I feel like just saying to Australia, "We need to talk." You know, this is something that is serious, life-threatening. If you don't get tested, don't get the right treatment, it is still here, still a killer.At the base of the strategy is allowing people to get tested, so treatment can start immediately. Diane Nyoni is urging married women Nyoni is urging married women like her not to be complacent.There's quite a number of women that I've met that are HIV-positive, and most of their storys are similar to mine, where they've had late diagnosis, or have not even come up on the radar.One AIDS support group is calling for the Commonwealth to implement the plan around the nation.The NSW strategy is incredibly exciting. It has the targets, the political leadership as well as public health leadership, and as public health leadership, and across the community base.The White House marked its commitment to the fight by wrapping a red ribbon on the North Portico, and unveiling an ambitious blueprint, aiming to be virtually no-babies-born with-HIV by 2015.We can reach a point where virtually no children are born with the virus, and as these children become teenagers and adults, they are at a far lower risk of becoming infected than they are today. Briefly to

infected than they are today.
Briefly to finance: US stocks took a jump in the last 15 minutes of trade on Friday, to end mostly in the black. There's little hard news to direct trade as talks in Washington over a fix to the fiscal cliff continued.

trade as talks in Washington over a
fix to the fiscal cliff continued. Coming up next - we have all the day's sports news. Matthew Wade saves Australia from complete disaster on day two of the third test against South Africa in Perth. Goodbye to all that - Nathan Sharpe ready for his 116th and last test match in the Wallaby gold jersey.

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Good evening. There were no fairytale endings today for the retiring Ricky Ponting in the third test against South Africa in Perth. But there was an Australian hero. Matthew Wade helped his team to a reasonable total after the homeside had slumped to a disastrous 6/45. John Hastings, in his first test, also made a valuable contribution. At stumps yesterday, the South African total of 225 had looked decidely meagre. Faf du Plessis knuckled down for another long innings to get the Proteas on track. Philander lent a hand. COMMENTATOR: Oh, struck!While the resistance didn't reap lasting rewards, the bowlers gave themselves something to protect. COMMENTATOR: That'll do it.When Cowan went first ball and Shane Watson soon followed, any ascendancy quickly vanished. Nathan Lyon survived doing his job as nightwatchman. Warner looked like the tailender. COMMENTATOR: Gone!Ricky Ponting entered with a top order in tatters. The trademark pool shot was unsheathed early. But the heavy feet that blanketed his fall from the top level of world cricket, again, his undoing. COMMENTATOR: Well, it was worth a shout! The fairytale would have to wait until the second innings. Michael Clarke's removal saw the wobbles continue, and when a counterattack finally came, it was in the form of Matthew Wade. Morkel's menacing spell was rewarded with Mr Cricket's wicket. Matthew Wade passing 50, a bright spot in an otherwise grim session. John Hastings was living dangerously. Matthew Wade lost his head. COMMENTATOR: Snuck under the cross batch.The nder the cross batch.The tried tactic of hitting his way out of trouble came unstuck. Mitchell Johnson's tattooed arms were joined by six stitches on his ribs courtesy of Morkel. Johnson couldn't resist temptation. COMMENTATOR: Theresist temptation. COMMENTATOR: There he goes! Beautiful! Leaving John Hastings to hit out, or get out. He chose the latter. Australia all out for 163. COMMENTATOR: Another battle just here! Needing quick wickets, Australia were unlucky early on, but Mitchell Johnson decided to make his own luck. COMMENTATOR: Yes! The match delicately poised heading into day 3. In the A-League, heavy conditions at Gosford are making conditions tough today. - heat wave. Perth's poor away record continued when they lost to Melbourne Victory. Central Coast and Adelaide, despite the heat, delaide, despite the heat, have staged a fast-paced clash. A top of the table clash at the balmy Gosford welcomed Adelaide with both sides missing key players on international duty, an early test for the Reds keeper on debut. Tom Rogic. Michael McGlinchey was pulling the strings for the Mariners. Bruce Djite had the first catch of e had the first catch of the day. COMMENTATOR: What a goal! A spectacular strike. Kozmeen is a's gambled in venturing Jeronimo. Adelaide's keeper was a Thorn in Adelaide's side but Joshua Rose had the last laugh. 1-1, with all to play for in the second-half. Last night, two teams heading in different directions, but it was the Victory gifting early chances. COMMENTATOR: A poor decision from...AFirst winless in three were troubled by young speedster Andrew Nabbout, his through-ball releasing a red-hot Rojas. In a tense first-half, frustration was the dominant emotion, but after the break, a touch of magic dispelled the gloom. COMMENTATOR: Rock rock is on fire! -- Marco Rojas is on fire! COMMENTATOR: What a save! Substitute Kellis missing his. No way through missing his. No way through to Perth, as The Victory go five unbeaten. Frank Farina oversaw his charges for the first time, harges for the first time, grateful for a second chance. Oh, look, it wasn't a real hard decision. It is a great opportunity, you know, for myself. I was in Papua New Guinea at the time. So, you know, to get back into the A- League has been what I've been looking for.And ready to dust off the old cliches. The finals is not a word we will mention too much. It will virtually be as it is every game, as it comes. You know, I get tired of hearing that from d of hearing that from coaches all the time but it is the reality.Wary but ready for the task ahead. Meantime, FIFA President Sepp Blatter is confident Brazil will deliver the stadiums and facilities for the 2014 World Cup on time. Blatter met officials in Sao Paulo ahead of the draw for the Confederations Cup, he Confederations Cup, which Brazil will use as a test event for the World Cup. Not regarded as the most glitering star in FIFA's Pantheon, the Confederations Cup has become a vital rehearsal. FIFA's secretary- general Jerome Valcke offended Brazilians last year with the suggestion that the host's World Cup preparations needed a kick up the backside. Today, the message was more positive.This determination gives me not only the impression but the security that everything will be ready on time. We know that not everything is perfect, but perfection does not exist.FIFA's President, happy with the preparations and with 130,000 tickets already sold for next year's tournament, vowed, too, to mend fences.When we say Brazil has make-out football, it is not just image - it is true. Brazilians are looking for the Confederations Cup on show for the World Cup.One man especially eager for the tournament kick-off is the new Brazilian coach 'Big Phil' Scolari. The 2002 winner sees the Confederations Cup as a vital test, not just for the organisers but also the players.

A chance, too, for key rivals Spain to get a closer look at the team many see as the greatest threat to continuing theireatest threat to continuing their impressive run in major tournaments. Captain Nathan Sharpe has been presented with hisifiable Wallaby jersey by retired General Peter Cosgrove ahead of the test against Wales early tomorrow morning our time. He will be playing his 116th andifiable test, finishing his career as the second most capped Wallaby behind George Gregan, who played in 139 tests. Sitting in the stands is something Nathan Sharpe will have to get used to, after a decade in gold, Sharpe's 116th, and final game, looms. That emotion sits heavily with the second-rower. I'm not one for, you know, getting caught in the moment. I'd prefer to reflect on it. But I thilt was a hard session for me to go through today.This year's John Eales medallist and the capped forward is expecting no favours from the out- of-form Wales in his final game. The team is in a tough period of time, they often show good character, and we're expecting that from Wales tomorrow.The Wallabies' last 12 months have been saturated with injuries. Just three run-on players remain on the Australian side that defeated Wales at the Millennium Stadium to close the Spring Tour last year. And only one, Scott Higginbotham hiing, will start from the same position. Sharpe thinks it is a positive, as players like Michael Hooper have been able to emerge from the shadows of senior personnel like David Pocock.It is a time earlier than normally they would have had. That is great - they have experience and test exposure and put pressure on the guys coming back from injury.The match in Cardiff will be the Wallabies' 15th and final test of the season. Holden's Craig Lowndes has consolidated second spot in the V8 drivers Championship, after claiming the chequered flag at the penultimate race of the season. A heat wave across HomeBush made in- car temperatures that Ford driver's Renault shoe heated. Alex Premat prem, the Frenchman, was attended to by medical staff after collapsing lap on 61. It was a match between mark win win and Jamie Whincup. They went bumper to bumper through the closing stages. But Craig Lowndes became the first multiple winner at the Olympic Park circuit. And just a quick update on the A- League. It is still Central Coast 2, leading Adelaide 1. That is the day in sport. Thank you. The weather is coming up. SONG: # Thriller, thriller night! # Major's number one album turns 30.

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Tourists to New York City will miss out on seeing one of the Big Apple's icons up close. The statue of liberty has been closed because ty has been closed because of damage from Superstorm Sandy. The island's power and heating systems were flooded. It is unknown when the statue will reopen to the public. To the forecast: a trough is triggering showerstrough is triggering showers and storms over parts of the NT,

parts of the NT, SA and NSW. A large high pressure system is directing south-westerly winds over southern WA.

It may seem like yesterday, but 30 years ago today, Michael Jackson released his blockbuster 'Thriller'. The legendary singer died a few years ago. But entertainers are remembering the song and the video that forever changed the industry. The year was 1982. Ronald Reagan was in the White House. Prince William was just a baby. And 24-year-old baby. And 24-year-old Michael Jackson released a new album called 'Thriller'. Seven of the night tracks would become top 10 hits, and 30 years later 'Thriller' is still the best- selling album in the world.It didn't matter if you were Asian, black, Hispanic white, we all knew 'Thriller'. 36Although videos like 'Billy Jean', Beat It' became the gold standard for MTV, Billboard's Bill Gallo said that the network was reluctant to place Michael Jackson's music into rotation.They introduced it and the President of Epic Records says, "You don't get other videos unless you play Michael Jackson." It was a smart threat at the time. They went and played it. Of course, the response was staggering!Michael Jackson became the first African-American added to what was then an all rock line-up on MTV. 'Thriller' broke new ground with a hybrid of rock, RnB, and imitations like a surprise guest 'Eddie Van Halen. He said that it started with a phone call from Quincy Jones.He said, "How would you like to play Michael Jackson's new record." I thought to myself, OK, 'ABC, one two three' and me - how is that going to work?! Eddie said he did it as a favour, for free, and figured no-one, including his van hailen band mates, would find out.Wrong! Ended up being Record of the Year. 'Thriller' won seven Grammys. More importantly, it was a cultural touchstone that transcended age, ethnicity and musical genre. Recapping our top stories now. Palestinians have accused Israel of provocation, after it approved plans for 3,000 more settler homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. It came hours after the United Nations recognised Palestine as a non-member observer state. Mass permafrosts have been staged in Egypt over -- mass protests have been staged in Egypt over a new constitution seen as undermining basic freedoms. UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has warned violence in Syria is reaching new and appalling heights of brutality. And Hobart is on high alert after more than 20 bushfires broke out around the state. Meanwhile, thousands have been left without power after a storm hit Ballarat in Victoria. That's the world this Saturday. You can get all tonight's stories online and news around-the-clock at our website, and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media$$NEWLINE -

I'm travelling deep into the heart
of the Peruvian Amazon

to visit the Achuar people.

These hunter-gatherers
live in one of the most
untouched parts of the forest,

and one of the richest
natural environments left on Earth.

You feel something
tickle against your leg. It's like, you can't see a thing,
it's so murky.

Once proud warriors,

they are now fighting a new enemy,
the oil companies.

Every single living thing in this
particular area here will have died.

Their tribal lands sit on top
of vast oil reserves.

And they don't trust outsiders.

They actually have decided that
they don't want me in the house.

As my Amazon journey continues, I
seek a vision to guide me on my way.

It's just sitting there like an evil
menace in my stomach.

And, as I finally reach Brazil,
things get very strange.

Can you believe it? I love this.

I'm travelling through the Amazon
rainforest, following the river

from the source to the sea,
looking at the lives of the people

who live here.

As I push further north,
the mountain jungles of the Andes

give way to endless forest.

This is the largest unbroken tract
of tropical forest on Earth.

And from the air,
it takes your breath away!

But this is no empty wilderness.

This vast forest is home to some of
Peru's most remote tribal groups.