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(generated from captions) the dangers of heatstroke as Sydney swelters through
a scorcher on the first day of summer. Police re-enact a stabbing as they hunt a gang
who attacked a man at Punchbowl. On public view - the Victoria Cross
awarded to our latest hero. Revhead heaven
at Sydney Olympic Park for the V8 Supercars. And Ricky Ponting fails in the first innings
of his final test.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson.

Good evening. At least eight people
have needed medical treatment across Sydney today As well as the extreme humidity, the mercury nudged 40 degrees
in many suburbs which meant beaches
and air-conditioned shopping centres

Our first day of summer
looked like winter and felt like February. The early starters worked through
the wet and the sweat. But then the clouds
started burning off and the suburbs started burning up and Sydney hit the water. From riverside at Penrith to poolside at Parramatta. Beaches filling fast
at Botany Bay... It's alright. It's a bit hot. Go in, have a dip,
you'll be alright. ..while Bondi
was picture postcard packed. It's nice. We've been waiting all year. Couldn't get any better than this. At the annual Mud Run, no-one seemed to mind
if the water was a bit dirty... Beautiful, beautiful. ..or that things
were a little slippery. Make that a lot. At Olympic Park, the mercury moved faster
than the V8s. Inside the cars,
it was getting past 60 degrees. First, the boots couldn't cope... COMMENTATOR: Busted, burned,
melted, gone! ..then, the drivers. The Frenchman is suffering,
big time. State-wide, ambulances were called to 13 people
suffering from the heat. Many headed
for the nearest retail retreat. Got the fans going,
that's the main thing. The cloud cover
that kept temperatures below 30 didn't last long. Homebush hit 37, so did Penrith. Bankstown and Campbelltown, 38. The heat was one thing,
the humidity was something else - so high, in some places
it felt 5 degrees hotter than it actually was.

And with boaties out today, a new campaign to get people
wearing life jackets. Of the 167 deaths
in the last decade, 93% of them
didn't have life jackets. Instead of enforcement,
they're trying encouragement - handing out tickets to the cricket
for those with them on. Paul Kadak joins me now
from Observatory Hill. Paul Kadak joins me now
from Observatory Hill. Paul, when can we expect some relief
from this searing heat? Mark, it will be another
fairly warm evening across Sydney but a cool change is forecast
to move in early tomorrow morning, dropping temperatures significantly. Unfortunately, it will stay fairly humid
until the middle of next week before a south-westerly change
sweeps through. We'll have a more detailed
weather forecast later in the bulletin, Mark. In breaking news, police have made an arrest
over the theft of weapons from an Australian Navy ship
in Darwin. Police have just announced
that a man is in custody and that all weapons
have been recovered. Heavily armed police
raided a Darwin unit this afternoon and arrested the man. On Thursday night, an armed bandit went onboard
HMAS 'Bathurst', tying up a sailor and 12 semiautomatic pistols. Police are hoping the public can help them
crack a troubling case in Sydney's south-west. A 26-year-old man was stabbed
twice in the back at Punchbowl in a random attack two months ago. It was 11:30pm
on The Boulevarde at Punchbowl. Three men walk
from the black Toyota Yaris. They argue with the victim,
who then drops to the ground. A friend helps him up
and walks him from the road. Stabbed twice in the back, he was taken to hospital
and survived. and he could have died
as a result of it. That's why police are so desperate
to find the attackers. Last night,
they re-enacted the scene. The victim was standing
in the middle of the road wearing a Bulldogs jersey when a man, described as
Middle Eastern appearance with a long rat's tail, approached him. Just prior to that, we believe an egg was thrown
at the victim. The car's turned around
and come back and the altercation's occurred. Police say the three men are aged
in their 30s. They believe the attack was random. The Boulevarde was a busy place
that night. Locals were celebrating the Bulldogs
getting into the grand final. Police are asking anyone
who was around here to come forward. Anyone with information
should contact Crime Stoppers. Police have seized handguns
and steroids in a series of raids
across Sydney's west. Police swooped on four homes at
Hinchinbrook and Bonnyrigg Heights Police swooped on four homes at
Hinchinbrook and Bonnyrigg Heights arresting two men. Among the haul,
two semi-automatic guns as well as a stun gun,
cash and steroids. On the floor, on the floor,
on the floor! A 26-year-old man
and a 19-year-old man The guns will be examined
by ballistic experts to see if they're linked
to any crimes. All eyes will be on the Reserve Bank
in the coming week as homebuyers look for
a December interest rate cut. Economists say such a move
will boost the housing industry just as the mining sector
comes off the boil. Christmas shoppers
looking for a present that's too big
to put under the tree. Not only are you buying a great home but you're also buying
in such a brilliant position. Around 30 interested buyers
were bidding for this 3-bedroom Paddington pad but shopping at this time
of year isn't cheap. Is there any better offer
than $1,810,000? Quickly. Done!

We've been looking
for almost two years and we thought this was the one,
so it was very nerve-racking. A jump in apartment sales boosted
the housing market last month. Traditionally, buyers and sellers
tend to be a little nervous Traditionally, buyers and sellers
tend to be a little nervous at this time of year. If a property doesn't sell
before Christmas, it could stay on the market
until February or March. And with that new stock
coming on the market, we could see
an oversupply of property. Last December, the Reserve Bank played Santa
to homebuyers by cutting rates. Most economists think on Tuesday,
it will happen again - by 0.25% The Reserve Bank
wants housing to pick up, it wants more building,
it wants more activity. The pressure will then be
on the banks to continue the Christmas cheer
and pass on the full cut. Construction company Lend Lease
has begun the delicate operation of dismantling a crane which caught fire and collapsed
at Ultimo. Workers started cutting the first
small pieces of the damaged crane this afternoon. The crane at the UTS building site
burst into flames on Tuesday. Investigations are continuing
into the cause of the blaze. Traffic around the site remains slow with two lanes still closed
on Broadway.

Australia's latest
Victoria Cross recipient, Corporal Daniel Keighran, will be honoured again tonight
by the Governor-General with a Queen's Jubilee Medal. The soldier is in Canberra where today, he loaned his VC medal
to the war memorial. He's only had
his precious Victoria Cross for less than a month. Today's the second time
I have touched it Because it was locked away safely
somewhere. And today, Corporal Daniel Keighran
passed it on to a very grateful war memorial. It is part of history now,
although I don't like saying that. There's history and there's heroism. Heavily outnumbered
during this battle in August 2010, the 29-year-old repeatedly
exposed himself to enemy fire...

(GUNFIRE) ..helping to identify
the enemy's location and allow a wounded mate
to get treatment. Now, the Queenslander has started
the next chapter of his life - working as a miner
in the West Australian goldfields. Corporal Keighran's Victoria Cross
will remain here on loan next to those belonging to Mark Donaldson
and Ben Roberts-Smith - three heroes
from the war in Afghanistan recognised with
our highest military honour. Corporal Roberts-Smith
returned this week from another tour of duty but there's another battle
he wants to fight and that's to help those
with depression. There is that stigma and the whole point is that
we can break that stigma down. And I'm hoping that
by my support of this charity, I can show all Australians that
there's nothing to be ashamed of. He's a patron
of the White Cloud Foundation - a charity hoping to establish
niche treatment centres around the country.

There was no shortage of action at
the Sydney 500 V8 Supercars today. Sean Berry
is at Sydney Olympic Park. Sean,
there's plenty of panel work needed after today's racing?

What's of car damaged and one driver hurt - Alex Premat had to be physically dragged some is car after succumbing to the heat. His team says it is dehydration and exhaustion but he has been taken away for observation but will be OK. The V8 train rolls on tomorrow.

Olympic Park turned into a showcase
of everything on wheels. From cars fit for celebrities
to American classics, remote control cars, even scooters
for the racing elderly.

Come on, Ford! The stunt bikes were popular. So were the video games
fit for a V8 driver. Come on, Ford! Jamie Whincup called me up earlier today to

me up earlier today to ask me to race for him because I have already beaten It seems like it's always about
Whincup or Lowndes. Sometimes it just feels
like they're everywhere. beaten everyone.. I like Jamie Whincup, Julie likes Craig Lowndes. As the sun began to bake, fans took up positions wherever they could get a glimpse
of the roaring V8s. (ENGINES ROAR) But you can't get closer
to the action than here in the pits. It can be the best
or the worst of views, depending how your driver goes. Will Davison
qualified second fastest but was still unhappy.

Whincup, Julie likes Craig Lowndes.
A gutted headed on a silver platter, the truck was slippery, I locked my rear wheels and I threw it away. A delighted Tim Slade took pole. The support class showed him
how not to start a V8 race but the Supercars nearly
followed them into the wall anyway.

COMMENTATOR: To close on the inside! As V8s fell to the notorious track
and mechanics ran for fresh parts, drivers escaped the heat
how they could. After 250km, Craig Lowndes
took the chequered flag. He could now steal second
on the championship tomorrow.

Still to come tonight - the big retailers try their hand
at home delivery. High heels and hockey
for the Duchess of Cambridge. And the multi-millionaire winners
of America's Powerball jackpot. That's next.

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With many more Australians expected to go Christmas shopping
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are doing all they can to keep hold of their customers. Westfield has announced
a new initiative to tap into the cyber market with its own rapid-response
parcel delivery scheme. They're the latest weapons
in the battle for your dollar. From next week, mopeds will take to our streets
to deliver online purchases. It's really about making sure that we've got bricks and mortar
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convenience for the CBD worker that's often only got time
to come in and have lunch. 64% of Australians now shop online
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spends 81 hours per week online. That expected to rise during
the Christmas shopping period. That's expected to rise during
the Christmas shopping period. It's not just parents
who are using the internet to buy presents this year - more and more children
are going online to shop but experts are warning
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the Christmas shopping experience is a pleasant one.

Kate met students at
her old primary school, St Andrew's. Despite wearing heels, the Duchess took to the hockey field
to show off her skills. She also revealed
her childhood nickname. Because my sister was called Pippa,
Pippa was 'Pip' and I was 'Squeak', for some... (LAUGHTER) As well as being handy
with a hockey stick, Kate also holds
the school's high jump record. Family members who won half say they're still in shock
after pocketing nearly $300 million. But there's still some mystery
surrounding the owner of the second winning ticket. ANNOUNCER: The new million-dollar
winners in Missouri - the Hill family! Come on up! Mark and Cindy Hill went from
lengthy stints of unemployment to holding a $293 million cheque. It's just surreal. I mean, it's like you're in a dream
and it's not really happening. This is the moment
Cindy bought her $2 ticket returning the next day
to check whether she had won. And I got back in my car, I didn't have my glasses, "Is that the right numbers?
Is that the right numbers?" and I was shaking. I called my husband and said,
"I think I'm having a heart attack." In a town of just 496 people, there was no probably no hiding
for the Hills, who have grown-up children
and an adopted daughter from China. After tax,
the Hills will receive $190 million. The owner of
a second winning ticket, purchased in Arizona, remains a mystery, but he may have
accidentally identified himself. A security video
at a petrol station captured the moment
this man checked a ticket he claimed was the winner. The Hills insist
despite their new wealth, life won't change -
except for one addition. What did you want for Christmas?
A pony. They'll call it 'Lotto'.

Sport now with Matt Carmichael, and another tough day
for Ricky Ponting? He wasn't alone, Mark. The South African pacemen
were on fire. Coming up - Matthew Wade and the tail fight
to keep Australia in the third test. Plus, a Supercars scorcher
with Lowndes running hot in Sydney. And wipe-outs galore
at the world cup of surfing.

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Ricky Ponting failed and Australia is battling Despite a fighting 68
by Matthew Wade, the Aussies fell 62 runs short
of the Proteas' first innings. South Africa now lead by 86. The Aussie bowlers
opened the possibility of Ricky Ponting batting last night. COMMENTATOR: It's gonna bring rain,
this one, and taken! They removed the Proteas for 225 -
a job well done - but the WACA wicket had plenty to offer
the South African attack as well. Ricky's wife was up,
gonna cheer her hubby out there. She started to cheer.
"That's not my man!" It was the nightwatchman. It's Nathan Lyon! He can't believe
the cheer he's getting. He made it to stumps but soon after resuming today,
Warner went. He's gone! Dave Warner. It was Ponting's cue. And here he comes -
the man of the moment. I'm nervous today.
I feel like it's his first game. I'm not sure why.
Whatever happens, happens. He was off the mark
with a nervous single. That exposed Lyon to Dale Steyn. Edge. Gone! Ponting followed for four. There's no doubt. He's been given. The fans cheered anyway as Steyn removed the Aussie captain
for 5, Australia 6/45. Steyn at his best!
Magnificent outswinger. Mike Hussey fought back... Great shot! ..but Matthew Wade fought harder. Shot! Four more.

7/100 when Hussey chased Morkel
and slipped up. It had no impact on Wade,
who powered past 50. Goes downtown again. And once again, he goes all the way.
Good batting. On 68,
Wade fell to the spin of Peterson, bringing Johnson
into the firing line. Australia all out for 163,
a deficit of 62.

Former England captain
Andrew Flintoff has won
his first professional boxing bout. Freddie was knocked down by 23-year-old American heavyweight
Richard Dawson. It wasn't pretty, but Flintoff recovered
to win 39-38 in four rounds, thrilling 5,000 fans in Manchester. He says it's better than beating
Australia in the Ashes. You mention the Ashes and things
on an international level - amazing - but as a personal achievement,
this is the best. Flintoff will fight again
if his wife gives him permission. Craig Lowndes charged into second
in the V8 Supercars Championship in a hectic start to the Sydney 500. An assist from team-mate
Jamie Whincup set up Lowndes' win for Holden in race one of the final
head-to-head duel with Ford. Dry ice and cool vests were
the only defence against the heat as in-car temperatures
pushed a scorching 60 degrees. With the championship in the bag, Jamie Whincup
threw caution to the wind after starting from 13th. COMMENTATOR: Whincup somehow
threads the needle over the kerb. Sydney's tight street circuit
claimed its first scalp on lap 1 as Shane van Gisbergen's
broken steering wiped out an innocent victim. Whincup's quest to stay cool
took a dangerous turn before he pulled over in pit lane
to help team-mate Craig Lowndes. TeamVodafone are clearly right there aiming for a one-two
in the championship. Frenchman Alex Premat
couldn't handle the heat as Lowndes made the most of
his helping hand to take the lead. The V8 veteran racing away to win
ahead of youngster Tim Slade. Lowndes is going to clock up Lowndes is now second
in the championship with just one race left
in the season. I gotta thank Jamie, really. To be able to not queue
in pit lane helped me, obviously, get to where I wanted to be. Frank Farina will consider making
Alessandro Del Piero captain and put all Sydney FC players before taking over as coach
of the A-League's last-placed team. Farina arrived in Sydney
from PNG last night and will be an observer for tomorrow's clash
with the Melbourne Heart. It's a tough fight. and definitely,
the players that are here, they better be prepared to fight. David Beckham has denied
he's moving to Monaco before his final game for LA Galaxy. I've got some interesting
and exciting options on the table. I'm very flattered
by some options I've got. That includes an offer
from the Central Coast Mariners. is preparing
for an emotional farewell to rugby in Cardiff. Before his 116th and final
test match tomorrow morning, Sharpe was in a reflective mood before facing Wales
at Millennium Stadium - the country that almost poached him
14 years ago. I've got no doubt I'll shed a tear
at some stage before or after, maybe both. Sharpe says leading the Wallabies this year
is his greatest achievement. Australia can end their dismal 2012
with three straight victories. The Kings have crashed
to their first loss in four games on a rough night for
the NBL's leading scorer Ben Madgen, who copped some heavy treatment
from the Wildcats in Perth. Coach Shane Heal called
his side's effort unacceptable after the 75-56 defeat.

Kelly Slater returns to the water
tomorrow to prepare
for his world title showdown with Joel Parkinson. While Parko stayed home
on the Gold Coast, Slater will warm up for Pipeline
at Hawaii's Sunset Beach. It was a dangerous start
in the early rounds of the world cup but Sydney veteran Tom Whitaker
was a standout. You're never in control at Sunset. It's the king. You've gotta understand that
and go with it. That was made clear
by a series of brutal wipe-outs.

It is

It is official - be in a World Today has put at Ali's that Israel Folau would not be playing for Parramatta.

Sydney's weather forecast
is after the break. We'll have more on when
those cooler conditions will arrive.

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The Opera House took on
a shade of red overnight for World AIDS Day. There was also a fireworks display
over the Harbour to mark the event, which aims to raise awareness
about HIV.

We were warned it was going to be
extremely hot today and the bureau wasn't wrong. The city reached a top of 31 degrees which was 6 above average
for this time of year. It was an extremely hot
and muggy night right across Sydney despite some late showers
and storms. It didn't get below 23 degrees
in most suburbs, making it the warmest December -
the first night on record. The cloudy morning meant
we didn't quite hit 40 degrees but Campbelltown made it to 38. Richmond and Penrith hit 37 degrees. Tomorrow, it'll be a fine day
in Brisbane. Melbourne
and Hobart can expect
a few showers. Perth and Adelaide
will be fine. On our waterways:

It'll be another
very humid evening across Sydney with a few showers about
and the chance of a storm. But there is relief in sight with a cooler south-easterly change
to move through around sunrise tomorrow, bringing a much cooler day. We're heading for 24 degrees
in the city. Looking further ahead - there'll be a few showers
on Monday and Tuesday clearing to a partly cloudy day
on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Next Saturday should be fine.

And just before we go - a big congratulations
to a number of our workmates who were recognised at last night's Walkley Awards
for journalism. Seven's Lee Jeloscek,
Sharri Markson, Adam Walters and Mike McKinnon picked up the award
for best television news report.


The award was for
a 5-month investigation into the State Government's policy
on ethanol fuel.

That's Seven News for this Saturday.
I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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