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This program is captioned live. Australia swelters as a heat wave sweeps across the country. We will look at what is ahead in the summer forecast. Lessons from London - Australian sports officials overhaul our Olympic training program to return Australia to the top of the medal table. Battle of the boy bands - find out why One Direction is engaged in a nasty feud with a music rival. Australia out in front - a new wave of bowlers rattle South Africa. And how Brad Pitt became Hollywood's biggest star. He opens up about everything, even that Chanel ad. The world turns so we turn with it. The Chanel ad, I was going to ask you, what is it? Explain it to me, can you?I kind of liked it.It is Saturday the 1st of December 2012 - I was still reacting to Brad Pitt saying he liked that Chanel ad.The first day of summer, everyone. Can you still do that? You give me the punch, I will give you the punch. It's going to be a sweltering day. Stop it! You enjoyed that.You know what? It's Polish Christmas today. So for all of our Polish viewers I wanted to say (Speaks Polish)What does that mean?I have no idea. I think it means merry Christmas. Apologys to Polish viewersment I love a bit of pole dancing! To the

OK, after that very fun start to the show, better get some news with Deb Knight.Good morning. Searing heat will today hit much of New South Wales, with temperatures expected to skyrocket. Fire crews are on high alert with police urging families to be vigilant in protecting children and pets.1, 2, 3, wee!Summer has officialy begun and it's going to be a scorcher. The potentially deadly heat wave has authorities in New South Wales worried.Play safe, stay safe. We know it's gonna be a cracker of a weekend and it will be really hot. Temperatures across the state are expected to into the 40s today. Stay close to the pool. Indoors or in the water.Being my age, staying indoors in the airconditioning would be a good thick.Drink plenty of water.The blistering heat has already scorched Victoria and is also expected to affect southern parts of Queensland. Health officials are urging those living in heat affected areas to stay indoors if possible and keep in touch with elderly relatives who live by themselves. A warning too for the thousands of people planning to enjoy the waterways this weekend in a bid to escape the heat.For people going out in boats, we want to remind the Masters of the advice very wells you are responsible for the safety of the people on your boat.Worker - work started in Sydney this morning to remove a crane that caught fire causing a boom to collapse this the CBD. Crews will be on site at Broadway all weekend, with motorists warned to expect delays all around the area. Unions want all cranes to be checked after complaints about leaking fuel allegedly fell on deaf ears. Rescue crews have been placed for quickly bringing a blaze at a school under control.We ended up with six or seven weeks - vehicles here. The crews went into action and a speed yie end was brought to this fire. It was an excellent save from the fire crews.The fire was contained to one classroom but authorities say there was no serious structural damage. It's not clear just how the blaze started. Police say a man has been shot in Sydney's south-west with what appears to be a BBG. Neighbours reported hearing gunshots at Airds. A 22-year-old man was taken to hospital with an injured foot. The Navy has ordered a review of security across its entire fleet after an armed intruder broke into the naval base at Darwin yesterday. He slipped past security, assaulted crew and escaped with guns.The offenders appeared to have good knowledge of the layout of the vessel and ADF procedures.The search continues for the dangerous Arsenal. The cost of some of our biggest selling medicines will be cut today. Popular cholesterol lowering drugs such as Lipitor and stomach pain relevers are part of the price revamp. The changes could see customers save between 20c and nearly $2 on every prescription. Bargain hunters are expected to its had the shops early for the super Saturday sales. Many Westfield stores will cut prices by 50%. Retailers are hoping to lure shoppers off line with less than four weeks to go now to buy Christmas presents.I think the biggest issue forgetting consumers back in store is to have a wonderful shopping experience.It's expected to attract $2 million people across the country. Lawyers for former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn deny reports he has agreed to pay almost $6 million to settle a sexual assault lawsuit against him. A French newspaper claims he agreed to pay the hotel made a at the centre of the allegations in a bid to end the 18 month legal saggia. The Duchess of Cambridge has stolen the hearts of adoring students during a trip back to her old school. She put aside her airs and graces for a hockey game in her heels.Never mind the high heels, Kate was back at her old school and on familiar turf. It had been said Kate set eyes on Prince William right here when she cheered him on to play hockey as a nine-year-old. Saint James's palace says the Duchess has no recollection of that moment. What she does remember are the great times she had at Saint Andrews. Jai absolutely loved my time here. They were some of my happiest years, which makes it so incredibly exciting to be back here today. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that when I had to leave I told my mother that I was going to come back as a teacher.Dressed head to toe in tartan for St Andrews dayment she let these little ones in on a secret. She and her sister shared names of the guinea pigs. Pippa was Pip.Kate hasn't been back to school since her brother James and Pippa were here. She rose to the rank of high jump captain and leapt to the high jump record which still stands.She was hard- working and would do her very best at everything snooplt Kate may have done her best hoping to one day return as a teacher her. She would never have dreamt of returning as Queen.She is looking more and more comfortable as she settles into her role.When she speaks publicly she has confidence now. Can do no wrong :.A great high jumper.Like her had new bangs.What does that mean? She has a new fringe happening.I like Tim's bangs. Do you know what they are ;There is some sort of hair expression with bangs. We used to have another term for that. That's a long time ago.When we had hair.The sports news is next.The stage is set for Ricky Ponting after ourers tore through south Africa Timmy Gilbert up This program is not captioned. (LIVELY MUSIC)

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Good morning. A foggy start for Sydney. A chance of a late storm later today with a top of 36. What a scorcher.Time for sports headlines.Plenty of them. Good morning. The retiring Ricky Ponting is the next man in in the third test. Australia is two down after an opening day that saw 12 wickets fall. South Africa was bowled out thank a stunning effort from the Australian pace attack. The Proteas were 6 for 75 at one stage, having picked up 5 wickets for just 14 runs.This will be out. Well bowled had Mitchell Johnson.Back, big Mitch. South Africa hung on into the final session. Plusplus once again proving too tough to budge. Australia struggled in reply with two late wickets lost. The crowd miss took him for importanting.He uses a cook Burr rafplt maybe that was his mistake.Check local guides. Top of the table clash in the A- League tonight with Central Coast and Adelaide facing off in Gosford. The Melbourne Victory sit just behind them on the ladder following their 1-0 win over Perth last night. Rohasa is on fire in the A-League. The result extends the victory's unbeaten run to five games. Parramatta boss Ken Edwards has blasted Israel full allow's decision to move to Rugby Union. The former giants star yesterday turned his back on a 3 million contract with the NRL. Jamie Whincup continues to dominate. Other drivers found is a little more challenging around the street circuit. Basketball - the Sydney Kings' winning streak has been snapped, hammered 75 to 56 by the Wildcats in Perth. Co-captain Shaun Redich top storing with 24 points and nine rebounds. There you go, morning sport.Alright. Let's check had in with Emma Friedman who has all the weekend weather. Where are you this morning?We are at Kaan sea Life Sydney Aquarium. It was relaunched a couple of months ago here in Sydney. They have some amazing new displays and are taking part in great programs including sap shark Week. They teamed up with the discovery channel to learn all about these majestic creatures which are often misunderstood. Now for the national fly-around.

Very got our divers in the largest Great Barrier Reef display in the world. Many sharks in here include the white tip, black tip and grey reef shark. Also the saw fish,which are closely related to sharks. And the beautiful leopard sharks as well. Over 360 species of shark in the world, many native to Australia. This morning we will teach you more about them and also about the great work that the aquarium are doing. And also what is happening with Sydney's weather. Because a lot of people will be planning their Saturdays and there is some crazy stuff going on.Yeah, right around the country it will be a very hot start to summer. Victoria, and Sydney. More later.Would you know what to do if fire strikes? Tips on staying safe in a This program is not captioned. (EXCITING MUSIC) SONG: # And do the sneak # And do the slurp

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If the heat wave sets in across much of the country fire danger will increase. It's a good time to look at ways you can get your home and family prepared in case fire strikes. Joining us in the studio is commissioner Shane Fitsimmons from the New South Wales fire service.Good morning.We know fires are burning in Tasmania. What sort of fire season are we looking at this year?Across Australia we're looking at above normal fire conditions. That's largely because for the last two seasons the two - last two seasons have had a La Nina weather pattern with high fuel growth. We are now expecting some busy conditions.We should be starting our preparations to protect our homes and families now then?That's right. If you haven't already done an so, do it today. Download and have a conversation with your family, figure out your bushfire survival plan. It is a simple exercise, is something that can be done in the comfort of your home, in the cool light of day. Not when anxiety is there and the fire is at the back door. Know what it is you need to do now to prepare yourself and your property and most importantly what is it you are going to do if threatened by fire this season.Let's go through some of the tips now. Protecting your home. What are some of the tips? It's about removing those things that are likely to catch fire had in the event that fire comes up to the back door. The combustables, making sure you have good roof conditions, make sure any broken tiles are replaced. Clean out gutters and make sure you have a good gutter guard system. Get good screens around the windows. Make sure all of the hoses can get into the corners of the property, extinguishing em bers is important. Make sure the LPG venting pipes are pointing away from the home. Get wood fires and combustables away from the property. Trim overhanging branches and keep lawns well mowed. Avoid the things that can catch fire by em bers floating into the backyard. The hessian door matt is another common ignition source around properties.There is actually a special type of clothing that the fire service suggests we invest in?Correct. One of the most frustrating things you see on TV every fire season is people wandering around in thongs and shorts and no shirt. Firefighters wear sturdy protective clothing. Everyone should do the same thing, work boots, long trousers and long shorts. Covering for the head and eyes. It's a difficult and arduous environment to work in. Yes, you will be hot. Have plenty of water to maintain hydration. But you need protect your skin from the radiant heat.Some people at home might be thinking this is a bit extreme. But only a few years back we saw Black Saturday in Victoria which caught so many people by surprise. It was just a really hot day.It was an extraordinary set of circumstances back in February of 09. Not only do we have - did we have the heat wave leading up to that but we saw extraordinary weather on that Black Saturday. Already in New South Wales this year just under 4,000 bush and grass fires have seen people lose their homes with stock loss, sheep, cattle and fences. The losses are there, we're well and truly into the fire season. Now is the time to take action to prepare your home and your family.Do you also have to decide whether to stay and fight or flee?That's part of the bushfire survival plan. Everyone's circumstances will be different. Whether you are able bodyed or able minded - is your house well prepared and maintained? They are all the things you will need to weigh up about what you and your family will do had in the event of fire. In the most extreme days, leaving early is clearly the safest option but a well prepared and actively defended home can provide a good refuge.As a news reporter I have covered my fair share of bushfires. You don't want to make those decisions with a wall of flames roaring down upon you. That's right. History and statistics will show so many deaths are the result of people leaving decisions till the last minute and being caught out because they didn't really know what to do if confronted by fire. Preparation is the key.Thank you for joining us. More on the hot weather that's on its way shortly too. But news, sport and weather are next. The perks of being a wall flower. This program is not captioned.

(SINGS) # Beat it # Beat it # Beat # Just beat it. Michael Jackson kept a lot of secrets. But now more is emerging on his life behind the scenes. (SINGS) # This is thriller...There hasn't been anyone that famous in the single moment as he was during Thriller time. That was probably the peak of celebrity for a human being.Ran dal Sullivan the highly acclaimed journalist has spent three years getting behind the mask of the most celebrated entertainer our world has ever known. It's a tale of family, fame, lost childhood and startling accusations thank you won't have heard before. It is fascinating stuff. He has uncovered a lot about Jackson's life. We're going to be talking to him later on Weekend Today. A lot, about his life. It is not an easy read. But interesting stuff out of this book.I think I had one of those red jackets in the 80s as well.I bet you did.Did you have one of thoseNo!Time for news now, Deb Knight, always fashionable. Good morning. The mercury in New South Wales is expected to soar above 40 today with large parts of the state in the grips of a potentially deadly heat wave. Health officials are urging people to drink plenty of water and check up on elderly rel hifs to live by themselves. The highest temperatures are expected in western New South Wales and Sydney's west.Across much of Australia we're looking at above normal fire conditions. That's largely because for New South Wales for example the last two seasons have been dominated by the La Nina pattern which has resulted in widespread rainfall across the country which resulted in grassland and fuel growth.Police are reminding families of the dangers of leaving children or pets unattended in cars. Surf authorities are warning this weekend could be dangerous for Sydney beachgoers with a number of shark sightings over the past week - reports of great white sharks up to 2m off northern and southern beaches ing, a 3m tiger shark off Long Reef and mako sharks. Police are investigating a suspicious blaze at a Melbourne school overnight. 30 fire fighters were called out to Williams Ruthven primary school. A number of people were seen leaving the building just before the blaze took hold.The guys did a great job in the way they attacked the fire, and they prevented it spreading through the school complex.Four classrooms were destroyed, causing more than $200,000 in damage. Police have swooped on four homes in Sydney's west in raids that saw the seize our of drugs, steroids and cash. Officers pushed a man to the ground after bursts through the front door. Police say they discovered 40viles of steroids an a baton. Two men will appear in court today. Sydney's iconic Opera House has been turned red to commemorate world AIDS day. Fireworks were turned into love hearts and they exploded overnight in a dazzling display. Sydney is the first of a dozen cities around the world to observe world AIDS day. The Duchess of Cambridge has returned for a trip down memory lane to open a new playing field at her old school. It has been almost two decades since the accomplished hockey player was a student there, digging in her heels for the visit quite literally. When I had to leave I told my mother I was going to come back as a teacher.While that didn't happen I was thrilled to come back to join you today.Kate also revealed she was nicknamed Squeak after the school's guinea pig. She also joined teachers for lunch where she dined on her favourites, Scottish beef and rice crispy coch lat cake. I don't think I have ever tried that. It sounds good. Certainly does when you're on a diet. Australia is at the crease - two down for 33 at stumps yesterday. They bowled the Proteas out and an inexperienced pace attack took five for 14 at one stage.It definitely is a boyhood dream. In thain gets one would be liing to say it wasn't. It was a special moment.The winner will claim the number 1 ranking in the world. Greater western have hinted they will pass on star forward Kurt Tippett after he was slapped with an 11 game suspension for his part in a salary rorting scandal during his time at Adelaide. The club's coach was banned from the sport for six months.It's unprecedented and it's impossible to sit here without thinking it's extraordinarily tough. The club will lose its first two draft picks next year and will be hit with a $300,000 fine. The Melbourne Victory continued its red hot form in the A-League with a 1-0 win over Perth Glory last night - their fourth in five matches. Marcus Rohas put a neat lob over the head of a player to score this goal. IfrpblgtsI'm not one for getting caught in the moment. It was a hard session today.This match will launch the end of the Wallabies spring tour. Formula One officials have officially - if that's not too many officials - green lighted Sebastian Vettel's title. There was some doubts but any penalty would have seen Fernando Alonso,not Vettel, crowned world champion. Later in the show I have a story about an amputee who will have his first worksing bout next weekend. He is a remarkable individual who lost his leg at age 15.Looking forward to that. Let's find out what is happening with the weather around the country. Plenty of it. Here is Emma Freedman.Da-na, da- nuh... We're checking out Shark Week this morning, a collaboration between Sea Life Aquarium and the Discovery Channel. They have some magnificent sharks in here including the lemon shark and the grey nurse, considered the Labrador of the sea - a gentle shark if ever there was one. They swim around, you can walk underneath them and watch them in action. Quite a bit of weather happening around the country. To the weather :

Yesterday was Hobart's hottest November day in 24 years with the mercury reaching 34. But you would have noticed if you're in New South Wales the weather has been crazy in the past couple of days. It reached 35 in Bankstown and Parramatta yesterday. A couple of showers at the moment which will clear up by midafternoon. Going to get to mid 40s in the west of Sydney, mid 30s on the coast with storms and showers returning later in the day to cool things down. We will still get to the hot tech tours despite the rain this morning.Scorching weather but perfect weather for Em to slip a wet suit and swim with the shacks. We are gonna put it out to you.What do you say?Our communication has gone down. Emma, are you there? She can't hear us. She is gone!One Direction is feuding with rival band. Find out what that is all about in the next half hour.Up next, Richard Wilkins movie of the week, This program is not captioned. (LIVELY MUSIC)

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The perks of being a wall flower is an American movie that follows the story of Charlie who struggles to fit in until he meets two seniors who unveil the wild world of adolescence.Dear friend, I haven't really talked to anyone outside of my family all summer, but tomorrow is my first day and I really want to turn things around this year. Meet Charlie, the socialy awkward high school student struggling to fit in.They say if you make one friend on your first day you're doing OK.If my English teacher is the only friend I made today that would be depressing .SThat until he was introduced to Sam and stepbrother Patrick who reveal a world where misfits congregate. Welcome to the island.Sam and Patrick expose Charlie do the intriguing world of adolescence, the partying, drugs, dating and relationships which only feeds his desire to become a writer. I really want to be a writer but I don't know what I would write about. Write about us.Call it slut and the falcon.This is a film that looks at the emotional challenges of being a teenager and the struggle to overcome the obstacle of being different.Why I do and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing.We accept the love we think we deserve. It's based on a novel by the director of the film.Do you think if people knew how crazy you really were no-one would ever talk to you? Come on, let's go be psychos together.If you're after a heartfelt coming of age film this is not to be dised.I didn't think anyone noticed me.It's called the perks of being a wall flower.Right now we are alive. In this moment I swear we are infinite.Looks like a good summer movie. Still to come - your long range summer weather forecast.Hope its hot. The most clicked items up next. Plus Richard's wild interview with Russell Brand.I'm looking for an Australian night wife.Oh, OK. As opposed to a day wife. This program is not captioned.

Good morning, Melbourne. A top of 26 today. A few showers and storms clearing later.Time to take a look at the most clicked items on the net. First up,check out this amazing Superman ski stunt.

Oh, got idiot written all over it. Hang on.Oh, the jump...Oh-oh. Oh! That's gonna go wrong.Oh, had they pulled it off.What a comeback!Oh! Yep, pretty amazing.Wow!I wouldn't try that at home. Don't try that at home.You would eat a lot of snow at home.Coming up next, a cat who just wants a little bit of attention. Take a look.Oh!Is that Taylor Swift's little pussy cat? What is its name?Kitty cat.. Margie or something.I think that's right.Meow! They are so tut tell, bash, bash.It wouldn't be a most clicked without a cat! Here is what happens when - you never, ever listen to me.Oh, come on.I'm listening.There is a lovely little bit of most clicked coming up. We need your attention.Own it!We... Own it!What was that? Pro-golf coming up.You're the visiting team. We will set a marker for you here.

This contest, people, is over. He just broke our simulator.That's a big swing.It is.. Finally when the Christmas season goes wrong, enjoy. Oh!

There is nothing better.Yeah.Ooh! Oh!That's got to hurt.

Oh, wow! It's like extreme funniest home videos.Is that why you shouldn't ski?A warm climate for Christmas...There were no real Santas hurt in the making of those videos.Comedian Russell Brand has a new tour. Richard Wilkins caught some of his trademark banter. Let's take a look.How are you?Very well, thanks, how are you?Very good. Nice to see you again. Did you enjoy our little party?The ARIAs? I had a wonderful time. One of the highlights was you walk about uncle tight rope with Taylor Swift.I was security.One of them was pushing his...They seemed very pleasant. Congratulations to the winners. I liked Kimbra. Get toy. Had they are the ones I presented to.You brought your mum along was that a precautionary measure?Say when you're a kid and you're watching the ARIAs or in my country the Brisbane you think it's so glamorous but when you get there you're standing in a car park waiting to go on for ages. I thought I'm nervous waiting. I saw my mum. I thought I would drag her out there. As soon as I did all of my nerves evaporated. If it's someone like your mum, who you have known from a single cell being. That's the mum from your park, from the kitchen feeding you food, getting phone calls from the police, now she is with you at the ARIAs. You get nervous before you go on?I get agitated.Why?If somebody says something rude to me I might freak out or what if something weird happens. It's just energy coming into your body. For me it builds up so much it has to get out somehow. Can't have that build-up of energy, Richard. It's got to get out.Your life has been incredibly colourful from the early days when you were battling your demons and to your well documented marriage. Do you like living life in the spotlight? Do you like fame and glory?I liked it when I was little. I thought fame would be good. Although it's good for me and women. I think you can get a table at a restaurant and talk to strangers very easily. That's one of the nice things. (SINGS) # Let me entertain you.He is a million miles an hour. More of that interview with Russell Brand later.I think he might have been wearing his mum's clothe as well. Coming up also - the new study that says Australia is the second best country in the world. What!Second best?It's got to be wrong.Plus Michelle Mahone has all of the gossip from Hollywood. What is happening?Halle Barry has decided to play nice. I've got my egg timer ready. This program is not captioned.

We have the perfect gift idea for all those One Direction fans out there. The ultimate Directioners collecter boxes are now available to purchase online, exclusive to Australia. Valued at over $120 and selling for just $49.95.What a bargain. Head to the website to order yours today just in time for Christmas.A calendar, tote and more. Plus a two-track download. Floating pen.How you can live without a floating pen?I don't know. But we have to have them. And to Hollywood now. What are the detailsHalle's attorney has said that an amicable agreement has been reached. Are they taking questions from the peanut gallery? I have several. They didn't say what the agreement was. No more fights over thanksgiving. But this comes right as her emergency protective order was about to expire. Not to worry. Christmas is coming and somebody will wind up getting liquored. Lindsay Lohan is in the news again? She attacked a psychic. She was at Avenue Nightclub in New York City. Tiffany Mitchell came up to her at 4 am and said she a - had a prem mission in about Lindsay and offered her a free reading. Lindsay told her to give her some space and Tiffany's friend over heard her call her a given see. Her husband got all offended and said we're not gypsies, that's racist.She didn't see that coming. We will check back with you later on the show. For now the top stories on Weekend Today. Australia swelters as a heat wave sweeps across the country. We look ahead at the summer forecast. Lessons from London - Australian sports officials overhaul our sports program to return us to the top of the medal table. Battle of the boy bands - find out why One Direction is engaged in a nasty feud with a music rival. Australia out in front - a new wave of bowlers rattle south Africa how Brad Pitt became Hollywood's biggest star and he opens up about everything, including that Chanel ad.The world turns and we turn with it.The Chanel ad...Come on! Smoo explain it to me. What is it? I kind of liked it.It is Saturday the 1st of December 2012. Good to have your company. I love to here him laugh off the ad there.It was a little bit ridiculous.I know. My minute!We are 21 seconds over time. Eating into my news time! First up, residents in New South Wales are being urged to take care this weekend with with a blistering heat wave baking much of the state. Health owe firms say the soaring temperatures could potentially put lives at risk.1, 2, 3, wee.Summer has officialy begun and it's going to be a scorcher. The potentially deadly heat wave has authorities in New South Wales worried.Play safe,stay safe. We know it will be a cracker of a weekend and it will be really hot.Temperatures across the state are expected to soar into the 40s today.Hoping to stay close to the pool, indoors or in the water.Staying indoors in the airconditioning would be a good thing.The blistering heat has already scorched Victoria and is expected to affect southern parts of Queensland. Health officials are urging those in heat affected areas to stay in doors and keep in touch with elderly relatives who live by themselves. With higher than average temperatures expected this summer emergency crews are bracing for a dangerous bushfire season. The last two seasons have been dominated by the La Nina pattern which resulted in rainfall across the country and that resulted in grassland growth.Four classrooms at a school this Melbourne have been badly damaged after a fire overnight. Crews raced to Williams Ruthven primary after several 000 calls from made. The damage bill is expected to be more than $2 00,000. Meanwhile, part of a school in South Brisbane went up in flames overnight. The principal of the Macgregor school praised firefighters for their work.They were able to contain it very quickly.Crews this morning will try to work out what started the blaze. Work has started in Sydney this morning to remove a complain that caught fire causing a boom to collapse in the CBD on Tuesday. Crews will be on site at Broadway all weekend, with motorists warned to expect delays around the area. Police say a man has been shot in the groin in Melbourne's north. A brawl spilt out onto the street just after 7.I'm sure he was shot in the street next to my house. Scary.A man in his 30s was taken to hospital in a serious but stable continue. The Duchess of Cambridge has put aside her airs and graces for a hockey game, in her heels, during a trip back to her old primary school in England's south. It's been almost two decades since she was a student there. She addressed the students after revealing she was nicknamed Squeak after the school's guinea pig.Day 2 of the third test today. It will be a very interesting day. Ricky Ponting is the next man in. 12 wickets fell on day 1. If you can believe it. The winner of the test match will take the number 1 ranking. There is the situation as it stands. Australia lost two late wickets - Watson and Cowan. The Proteas dismissed for 225. The Aussies 2 for 33. The Proteas 6 for 75 at one stage having picked up five wickets for just 14 runs, Australia.This will be out. Well bowleded.South Africa hung on into the final session. Plusplus once again proving hard to budge, unbeaten on 78. Australia struggled in reply with two wickets lost. Nathan Lyon brought to the crease as nightwatchman. Given a standing ovation, they thought he was punter. He uses a Kookaburra bat, doesn't he.Check guides. It will be an absolute beauty. We could have a new A-League leader.Rohas is on fire in the A-League.The result extends the victory's unbeaten run to five games. The sag yaf Israel full allow has added another bizarre chapter with the former GWS giant turning his back on a $3 million deal with the NRL to play Rugby Union overseas. He was expected to join the Eels, telling the club he just wanted to play with his mates. Jamie Whincup continues to dominate the V8 Supercars, fastest ahead of the final event today in Sydney. Other drivers found is a little more challenging around the street circuit. The Sydney Kings win ising streak has been snapped beaten by the Wildcats in Perth last night. Cats co-captain Shaun Reddae top scored with 29 points and nine rebounds. The test match today - very interesting. When Ricky Ponting comes to the crease they will be on their feet. It will be sensational to watch it on tele.He will smash a century.Two would be good. Finish off on a high note. Speaking of high notes, let's take a look at the weather. Emma is down below with the fishys this morning. We have a 360 degree tunnel here at the Great Barrier Reef exhibit which is at sea life Sydney Aquarium. We are talking about sharks this morning. Here are a few facts to bust a few myths. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than to have a similar unfortunate counter with a shark. There are only 20 of the 350 species of shark that are interested in taking on humans. The great white is one of the tenacious predators in the sea. They can eat up to 11 tonnes of food a year - a lot of little Nemos. Let's look at the weather.

The discovery channel has been hosts shark week for the last 17 years. If you have Foxtel at home you can watch all of the action starting from 7.30 tomorrow night. Alternatively pop down to Sydney sea life and take part in some of the great activities starting from tomorrow all the way through to December 9 like shark feeding, seminars, learning more about these predators. Amazing down here. They have done a great job in revaching the aquarium. - revamping the aquarium.Shortly, how to cut down on your mobile phone bill but right now more on the weather. With a look at the season's forecast I'm joined by Josh Fisher from Whether Zone. It's a very strange season. A few months ago forecasters were predicting an he will anyone know. Now they are saying it's the biggest turnaround since weather patterns began. Now we're expecting warmer wetter conditions.We did see clear indications of an he will anyone know pattern. Now we're looking at neutral conditions for the summer. In terms of temperatures and rainfall - this is close to normal conditions.With summer rainfall coming up are we expecting above average conditions and where? JohFor much of Australia we can expect near to above average rainfall. Unlike the past two years which were very wet years, this year will be just closer to normal. So for Queensland we can see over south-east Queensland closer to around 400mm for Brisbane unlike the past two years which saw widespread flooding across the state. For south eastern Australia closer to normal there as well. The good news with this summer is unlike the past two years where we saw very wet summers, this year we will see longer dry breaks. Better beach weather if you're looking for that.We're already seeing some warm temperatures N Victoria, nearly 46, the hottest November temperatures ever in Victoria. Western Sydney today will be up near the 40s. So what can we expect in terms of hot weather and particularly looking at heat waves for summer?We're looking at very warm conditions across the country. Part of the he will anyone know pattern that was developing during winter and early spring led to dry conditions. The tech tours are heating up rapidly. We had a large build-up of heat that will be pushing south and east across the country like the past few days - a trend we will see during summer. So very warm temperatures expected. How far above average?For capital cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, those temperatures are generally determined by sea surface temperatures. It will be possibly a degree above average in summer. In the interior of the nation, temperatures could go up as to far as two degrees above average.What does this mean for the storm season? We have already seen severe storms in Brisbane and other areas. Can we expect to see more storms? This summer it will be an active storm season. Two of the main ingredients for storms to develop are heat and moisture. We have high moisture levels and warm temperatures which will fuel a lot of energy in the atmosphere.What about further up north and cyclones?For the tropical cyclones we're looking at below average tropical cyclones this season. We have warm waters surrounding the country, because of the early development towards he will anyone know, still staying neutral, we're expecting cyclone numbers to be below average. For Queensland we typically see four over the Coral Sea, this year slightly below that. Usually you only see one coastal crossing along the Queensland coast. Very good news.One Direction is feuding with a rival band. That story in three minutes. But now, if you ever thought you were being ripped off on your phone plan, you're probably right. There is a good chance you're paying for data you aren't even using. It's part of the reason many Australians are facing mobile phone bill shock. Anthony Slater from Cyber Shack joins us now. Almost half of Australian smart phone users are going over their data plan every month. Why?People are using them more and more - obviously email, video, Skype. They are using their phones in ways they didn't before and they didn't realise how much data is being consumed. A lot of carriers have started reducing the amount of data included. They keep the price the same but you get less for the same amount of money. The telecommunications Ombudsman is getting almost double the complaints around bill shock and data usage. It's a real problem.So we're not just talking about a mobile phone bill arriving and being a couple of hundred dollars over. It can be extreme.In extreme cases there are bills up to 32,000. That happened to your dad?My dad downloaded an album but didn't have a data plan on his phone. He got charged the highest data rate he could get charged. It was months of going back and forth before we finally got it refunded. You do hear of these cases. People might give an iPhone to a child and they start pressing download, download, download and before you know it a hooj bill has arrived in the mail. 32,000 - is that what it's costing the telco?It's really not, no. They are tricky with the way they work out data plans. If my dad had had a 49 dollar plan it would have been covered but because he didn't have a plan they charge at a really high rate. One of the important things is to check your usage throughout the month. The carriers now have ways to do that. They don't always make it obvious. But check with your carrier and you can see how you are going throughout the month. You don't have to wait the full 30 days.Another big tip to reduce data usage? Swroo turning off data when you're overseas is important. That's a big one.Things such as Skype and internet radio - people don't necessarily realise that's pulling a fair bit of data. Some apps rely on the internet to pull the music down and audio stream - her using a fair bit of data. So only use them when you want to use them and when it's important. Don't leave them on in the kitchen and go out for the day. Skype - if you keep it running in the background on your phone it is using up data to make sure you're still connected to the network. Those things can tally up quickly. You have to be careful.With closing the apps - on the iPhone if you see the app it means it's open. That's right. It doesn't necessarily close the app because you press the home button and the screen disappears. Sometimes it's still running in the background. Check your phone and the instructions for closing it. With things like Skype you can sign out as well before you leave the app which makes sure it's not connected to the network and isn't sending information back and forth.If you do end up with a nightmare bill do you suggest going to the Ombudsman? Go to the carrier first and speak to them. If they are not able to rectify that to your satisfaction go to the Ombudsman. Often if you chat to them and speak to them most of the time they will help you off or work out a way to get you through it but it can be pretty shocking.32,000 phone bill. Oh! Even with the high phone bills Australia is a better place in which to be born than the US, the UK and just about every other country on earth that. Story in two minutes. But now to a very scary story, One Direction the boy band is engaged in a nasty feud with a rival UK band - a feud that started on Twitter but is now moving off line and into the real world.Here are the combattents - One Direction known for running on the beach with complicated haircuts in the video What makes you beautiful. And the Wanted - known for swaning around on bumper cars in the Lose My Mind video. (SINGS) # I'm gonna lose had my mind...These two mega British boy bands are new in a beef.It's hard to tell right know how serious it really is.It started when.Ane from One Direction accused Matt from the Wanted of being a geek on Twitter.He is known to be the bad boy of One Direction.Max wrote back, "That's not very nice." from there the witty reparte degenerated into emoticons and name calling. Then there was a dare to sort out the problems in New York where both bands are currently doing gigs and promotion.He said see you in New York big man.Max went public with his frustrations in this interview. I said alright, listenfyou've got a problem, come and see me in New York.So both bands are staying just blocks away from each other at seedy New York hotels, with their respective plans staked out. All this trash talking conjures images of a sharks versus jets Westside story style showdown.Alright. Continuing with the music, Britney spears went through some rough times but she has her life back in order. That story coming up in three minutes B uwe always say Australia is the greatest country to live in but a new study reveals the best place to be born in 2013. To find out how Australia fares we're joined by Mark. Australia has come in second behind Switzerland? Can you believe that?Switzerland - they have 500 years of peace as Orsen Wells recalled and all they came up with was cuckoo clocks. The Economist's economic unit reckons they are number 1 but I doubt that. Switzerland is number 1. Australia number 2. Have a look at Norway, Sweden,Denmark, theyfared very well as have small economies. Explain that.The European countries have done well. Smaller countries - there is an economy of scale you can get too big and 2002 unwieldly to manage. The US has suffered in that regard. All of those countries bar one is outside the eurozone. So there is a benefit in being independent as well.The US is down at number 16. They were top of the list in 88. They can't take a trick. Why the big slide?This is a measure of the standard of living - economic factors - and quality of life. They take 11 different factors and manage that with a forward forecast. In terms of lifestyle n terms of the economy, the US has been sliding. This is about the place where you would want to be born. A forward forecast says the momentum is slipping away from the US.So this is looking ahead for kids born in 2013 and what life will look like in 2030. It looks like a positive future for Australia.We were at number 16. We have been ridesing up the ranks. The US and UK falling. It does show momentum. Australia is closer to the new centre of world power, the Asian Century approaching. We have a lot in our favour. That's why we have moved up to number 2.It still isn't number 1. How do we rank against Switzerland? Why have they pipped us at the post?We need a few more climate and lifestyle factors in there. We have the beaches and the lifestyle and location. Closer to the new centre of world power.Is it important being able to make chocolate? Chocolate and watchs is pretty much all they have got.They do the cafe culture a bit better. Momentum is with us. Switzerland has been rising a bit the u but I reckon we will be number 1 in a few years's time.How important is it in these rankings to be a wealthy country. It's important. You have to be self-sustaining. We have got ours from mining and resources. You can't rely on that forever. Switzerland has a very strong higher education base. We're growing that as well. We have a lot going for us.When this first came out in 1988 when the US was on top there was an index for countries no matter how good their virtues they were just boring. Is that still taken into account?Way it is. They also talked about the fill stien factor and whether you have culture or are old school. Many European countries have moved forward with innovation and fresh ideas. Some of the previous power blocs have faded down the list.What are some of the key ratings they use to decide where a country sits?Safety is important. Education is important. It's about employment. Switzerland has lower unemployment than us but ours is low as well. It's the sort of place you want to be when you're finishing school in 2030, where are kids today likely to be born? We go pretty well.I'm sure Australia will be number 1 on the next scale in 2030.Britney spears was ridiculed by Hollywood and the music industry a couple of years ago but now she is back with a Newman, a new album and a new body.

All eyes are on Britney spears' body of work in her new music video with Will I am. She is toned, performing her tune Scream and Shout, which premiereed this week on the 'X Factor'. How does the 30- year-old mum stay in shape? It helps that she is a fitness fanatic once known for 1,000 crunchs a day. Britney works out every day, 30 minutes of cardio and running and says she feels on top of the world after she has done it..It could be a rush not unlike chocolate which Britney admitted was one of her guilty pleasures. She says she has eliminated sugar from her diet, favouring chicken, salmon, rice and after cardio.Britney and her fiance go out, go on walks and he is busy with her two sons. But she is definitely dedicated to her fitness.Last month she told skap stylist magazine that working out can be a challenge but once you get up and do it you feel like you've conquered the world.I think Britney looks incredible in this video. She is obviously on top of her fitness game and very dedicated to it. She looks amazing.But there are always temptations. Can Britney resist birthday cake this Sunday when she turns 31News, sport and weather are next.And then Brad Pitt tells us how he took over Hollywood and why he made that awful Chane ad. That's coming up on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned. (MODEM NOISES)

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It is the fist day of summer. That explains the half naked girls behind me. One of the best things about the season in the sun is the bikini. Here is a look at how the sexy swimsuit became a fashion staple. (SINGS) # It was an itsie-teenie... The skimpy suit made headlines in 1946 when it was worn by a French showgirl. But it wasn't until the 60s that bikinis really made their mark on and off the beach in film, music and magazines. Ryan Highlands 1960 pop song polka-dot bikini became made it an icon. The 1962 Bond film Dr No features a Swiss actress stunning audiences in a white two piece which later sold for more than $60,000.What are you doing here looking for shells?No, I'm just looking.Sports illustrated started its famous swimsuit issue in 1964. It's since become a global publishing phenomenon and stars Elle and Rachel and others have graced the cover. Marlin Marilyn and others ushered in the golden era of the 60s, helped by the beach party.

It works every time.Other unforgettable film bikinis include this lace number worn by Raquel Welsh. And mouths from left agape in the 1908s film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.You know how cute I always thought you were.And Halle Barry paid homage to this iconic Bond bikini in this 2003 film - two film Die Another dap day. Demi Moore wowed audiences in her big screen return in Full Throttle. Alongside Cameron Diaz. The bikyi, it's become as much a part of the beach as surf and sand.

There really isn't much that can hold the attention of our studio crew for that long. But they were in awe of that story.Never enough, Sar!Plus the boys got and the flash of flesh this morning. I wanted to bring your attention to this front page story in the Daily Telegraph. The budgie smugglers of our lifesavers are being swapped for shorts.That's OK. But how will they put it up their bums when they do the rowing.There are no winners in this. Email us.It's time for the news right now with Deb Knight. Getting to important matters. Good morning. A powerful heat wave is ushering in the start of sum administer across the country today. The mercury will skyrocket to above 40 in parts of New South Wales with the state's west expected to experience the highest temperatures. Police are warning families not to leave children or pets in cars. We are also being urge to drink plenty of water and stay in doors. Don't expect a reprieve from the heat any time soon with this summer expected to be hotter than usual.We have a large build-up of heat that will be pushing south and east. This will be a trend that we will see during summer. So very warm temperatures expected.Victoria and South Australia have already been scorched by the heat wave. The extreme weather is expected to hit southern parts of Queensland. Two truck drivers have been lucky to escape serious injury after a nasty crash at Lit had hgow west of Sydney. A about double jack knifed in wet weather on the Great Western Highway. Another semitrailer swerved to miss it but crashed down an embankment and into a creek. The B double driver suffered a gash to his lelg. - leg. A 26-year-old man has been arrested at Hinchinbrook with officers pushing him to the ground after bursting through the front door. Police say they discovered 40 vials of

Christmas trees, don't you love them? I'm an old softie when it comes to that, and the kids love it. They are already out, which is great, perfect.The first Christmas for me with a baby that understands what it is, we had our tree up three weeks ago. It is all very exciting.Do you have a little else that helps Santa to deliver the presence?I'm just playing around with you, Steve Ede.Coming up, 20 years in the spotlight for Brad Pitt.Have a look. You sir, yes, you do the honours. Take that cash and put it in that bag right there and you've got amazing stories to tell your friends.Some of his best work right there. More on that story in 15 minutes. I wanted to get you back for the bikini story. Whether now with Emma Freedman. Good morning. We are getting involved in the Discovery Channel Shark Week this morning, if you're not too keen on going for a dive you can check out the discovery Ross Paul here at sea lice in the aquarium. Stavros tall -- sea life. -- Will Rock Pool.

aquarium. Stavros tall -- sea life.
-- Will Rock Pool. -- rock pool. Let's look at the weather. If your in Cairns, a couple of showers. -- you're in.

Here are some

Here are some of the eggs you can touch when you come to the aquarium in Sydney, these are leopard shark eggs, these are bamboo shark eggs, they have some babies upstairs we are going to look at later. These are the poor Jackson eggs, which looks like a screwdriver but they are the shape of a Canary -- porch Jackson. This is something to bamboozle you, one third of Sharks will lay eggs to give birth to the young, the other two-thirds will actually give birth to their young lives, then there's another type of shark that has eggs in sight of it which will hatch and they will give birth to the babies, then there's another tide that has two and wins with eggs, one will hatch and they will eat the rest with their food. That doesn't make sense because I just counted four thirds. How does that work? Thanks, Emma. Have you ever touched one of Doeschate eggs? They are really cool, they are like a coil of seaweed. -- one of those shark eggs. Very cool. Go and check it out.You wouldn't want to do it when your mum was around. Definitely not. -- the mum. We have an incredible interview with the author of a new book about the secret life of Michael Jackson's. Would you believe he actually wanted to go into the movies -- secret life of Michael Jackson. He wanted to be Willie Wonka and the chocolate Factory. New cigarette packaging laws go into effect today, will they cut smoking or do they go This program is not captioned. (UPBEAT MUSIC)

SONG: # Come on, everybody

# It's summer again

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Australian sport is overhauling its funding and training system. Will it fix what went wrong in London? More on that story in four minutes time. But first time for what is making news. Joining system Herald Sun columnist Susie O'Brien. First up, the great homework debate. There is a new plan in place to let children opt out of homework p if parents agree. It is designed to reduce stress on busy families but I thought homework was part of going to school?It's not about the kids. It's about the parents. Parents don't want to make their kids do homework. That's why 57% of parents at this school have otted their kids out of doing homework. It's a lot of effort to make your kids do homework particularly when they are young. My son is 3, came home at 7.30 the other night and said, "I need make a moon crater" just before bedtime.I think a lot of parents who want to ott their kids out are just thinking about themselves. We know that the discipline of doing homework is part of what school is B it's good for kids but parents are lazy. They don't want to have to make them do it. Plain packaging on cigarettes laufpbls today. They have some stark health warnings on the pack can he tell but will it work?This will absolutely work. It's an absolute game changer. It's one of the best things this government has done - mainly only one of the really good things this government has done. People around the world will be watching smoking rates in Australia drop significantly. Because we know that the brands really are a big part of why people smoke. Young people in particular are very influenced by the brand of the cigarette. People are now saying that smoking rates in Australia will drop from 15% to 10% as a result of this measure. People around the world will be watching. This is huge news. It's fantastic that the government has done this. But p if the Federal Government was really serious about it surely they would ban cigarettes altogether and not collect the taxes.That's true. Princess Kate, there is talk about her being soon to be pregnant. British book makers have even suspended on betting on a royal heir as odds tumble. Is this just more scuttlebutt?They have waited a while. It's probably about right to will happen next year. You have to feel so sorry for Kate Middleton. All of the baby watching. She has a big meal, she must be pregnant. She puts her hand on her stomach, she must be pregnant. She must be sick of this attention on her stomach. What woman wants people looking at her stomach all the time. Bring it on. Have a baby.It's hilarious, the sort of evidence they are looking at, to suggest she is looking at having a baby. One of the rumours is because she has changed to a more mature fringe cut it fuels speculation she is getting ready for the next step. Since when does a fringe mean you're getting ready for motherhood.I love it. They are such a lovely couple. Everyone is just really excited - there is so much negative news in the world at the moment - to think there might be a royal baby. We just want to enjoy it with them. Over to you, Deb.The big issues, Sarah. I love it. He first caught the attention of female fans when he who willstered a hair dryer in Thelma and Louise. In the two decades since he has added heart thereon and family man to the resume.It was more than 20 years ago that a young actor played a sexy hitchhiker in Thelma and Louise and forever stole the hearts of millions of women. But Brad Pitt wasn't just a romantic lead. His tough guy bonefides were cemented in films like fight club.The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club.This week he opens in a new film, killing them softly - a mob movie. Starring alongside of him, the man who made Tony Soprano a household name. James Gandofini. To get two of you together...Protection.Is that what it is? For each other? Yes. Well...It's actually everyone else that needs protection from them.We got two guys.Both actors play hit men hired to seek justice for the mob. I hear it took, what, 48 hours for you to sign onto the film?No. 30 minutes.Why the quick sell? Pit says he was eager to work with Andrew Dominic again.We will walk into that bank just before noon.He directed him in the Assassination of Jesse James. The film was a box office disaster and Dominic was having trouble finding another project.He was in like directors jail because Jesse James wasn't considered a success. To me it's the one I'm most proud of.When the director told him he was excited about a new story pit rad yly signed on as star and producer. Gandolfin e was a tougher sell.I didn't want to do another mob guy. Why?I had done it. For 10 years. But Dominic persisted.He tortured me. Then I started thinking I have done a bunch of these guys, this is the final nail in the coffin. This is where you are at the end.No more, no booze, no nothing.I don't take orders from (Beep) like you. So maybe if I played it that way in my mind,this is the last one. Then it got interesting.In the movie they play old friends, hired to chase down a group of wannabe tough guys stupid enough to knock over a mob protected card game. Standardfa rerbgs e but here is the twist. America is the most talented and productive workers in the world. There is...The film is set in 2008 in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the great depression. The situation is getting more precarious by the day.Actual news reports are woven into the story line to suggest that the people running the mob and the people running the country have a lot in common.You are a cynical bastard. You know that.Not even Thomas Jeff son escaped unscathed.He was sick of paying taxes to the Brisbane. American is not a country. It's just a business.Politics aside, those hoping for good old fashioned mob movie violence will not be disappointed.Action!While for Pi, t this film is a return to the tough guy role.Every journey ends but we go on.Lately we have seen a lot of his softer side.The world turns and we turn with it.Final question, I've got to ask you.Oh, no.Oh boy.With that set up you know something is coming.The Chanel ad, I have to ask you : what is it? Explain it to me. Can you?I kind of liked it.A lot people didn't. It's led to a whole series of YouTube parodys.My wheel turns and I turn in it.Culminating in this send-up on Saturday Night Live. Wake up and smile at reality. I'm sorry, is there really no script? Because I have been talking to myself for like two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane. Have you seen all of the parodys?I stay blissfuly naive to the chatter. Fair play. I take out Jeff son, right? Fair play.The whole dust-up over the add begs the question can anyone as famous as Pitt really be just another actor on the set? Does he come in all big and movie stary? He can get movie stary when the light is fading. For some reason he slows down when he is walking to set. The crews love it. They really adore it for some reason when he pulls a movie star turn. Everyone love it is. It drives me crazy.A small price to pay to work for Pitt who despite the cynicism of the character he plays on screen ultimately finds hope in the movie's message.It's a reminder for us that human nature is what it is, and unregulated many people will be damaged by it. Maybe there is a call for a higher definition of capitalism, a definition of responsible capitalism that does not feed off the backs of others. That's what - where I would like to see us head and go.That was well put.Thank you.It's getting great reviews. To Australian sports performance and athletes all important funding. They are all under the microscope after our disastrous performance in London. You can tell us what has come out of the recent review and how important it was to have it?As you would expect, after every Olympics the sports commission looks at sports and tries to map out the way forward. We have looked at Australian international performance over the last 10 years to determine what we need to do for the next 10 years to get us to the top of the table. We have set out clear targets for what we want Australia to achieve not just in the Olympics but international sport more generally. The sports commission will link its funding to those targets over the next few years.I think it's fair to say that the Australian swimmers underperformed in London. Does that mean funding for swimmers will be reviewed?I don't want to speculate about one sport in particular. They have set a very high bar for themselves so by that definition their performance in London was not where we they would have expected it to be. But having said that we will sit down with each sport including swimming to say what contribution can your sport make to Australia's international Olympic success? What fund doing you need to achieve that in the short, medium and long term, and then we will invest according to that profile. But equally,we will expect results.Melanie, do you think it's fair to say if you're not performing you won't get funded? Is that too har be a statement?I know that the funding issue has been talked about a lot lately. It's always hard when a team underperforms to justify the reasons the funding should continue. We have set a high standard in the past ass a swim team. We demand certain results of ourselves. And the Australian public rightfully demand the same standards. For us to continue to do that, we do need that funding and this over hall of the sports commission and AIS funding is one step in that direction. In the past the AIS has served its purpose really well. We set the standard for the rest of the world. They have followed and now they have caught up. For us to reassess it and try to find a new way to distributed that funding and get ahead of the rest of the world is a really positive step.You can see how our medal tally has slipped over the past few years. Will underperforming athletes be held more accountable for this in the future?From our point of view, we have set up a new system where fund something based on performance. Swimmer also have to perform to receive the maximum amount of funding. I think it's a positive thing. It's something that makes athletes raise the bar for themselves and set their standards high enough to receive the maximum amount of funding. But having said that, there is a baseline amount of funding that swimmers and athletes in general need to perform at the highest level without spreading their time amongst getting jobs and sacrificing in areas of commitment. I think it's something that is positive for sport in general and Australia you are - this move will get Australia back into com