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(generated from captions) cricket. Obviously for Mitchell Johnson himself but just before he was dropped he got a bit round- armed, a bit slingy and everything was going away from the right- handers. Now there's just a sense he's bringing the odd one back. Do we need all these field snrs I wonder, do we need mid--- fielders? I wonder do, we need mid-off? That man, I'm thinking maybe he could be better used over behind here and leave this whole area open. To play a big drive if Vernon Philander wants to. Mitchell Johnson. Is to bowl his fourth ball of the over. This is his 11th over. If you're going to news you'll be back in half an hour. So here owes to our NSW and Victorian viewers, you'll be off to Nine News now. You can turn to GEM if you want to keep watching the cricket. Otherwise we'll see you back here in

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Tonight, the extreme heat hits Sydney, but a warning, it's just the beginning. Guns drawn. Police made a dramatic arrest in the south-west. A naval base in lockdown after a thief steals weapons from a patrol boat. Get ready for Super Saturday, the new grab for your Christmas dollar. And Australia off to a flying start against South Africa. Good evening. Hot, muggy, and uncomfortable, we got our first real taste of summer today as the mercury got to 40 degrees. Sydney ciders did everything to escape the oppressive heat, but the worst is yet to come. The early signs pointed to a scorcher, and on the last day of spring, Sydney brought a blast of summer. They got in early at Bondi Beach.Keep cool in the water, then get them home.Our pets as well required more attention than normal.Give them a drink and a shower, keep them cool. The real heat was in the West, an ambulance called to this school in Granville after a student was overcome. A hard slog for those working outdoors, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have to.Staying indoors in the air conditioning would be good.That or the Shild oasis of Penrith pool.I've got air-conditioning at home.It didn't quite get to 30 in the city but in the West Parramatta, Bankstown and Richmond all got close to 39. Country areas suffered more. But today he is really just a preview, tomorrow temperatures in the West and along the coast will climb even higher. after a disappointing last summer, it is expected the Waterways will get a workout. Water police want everyone to play by the rules.We want you to enjoy the waterways but we want you to be safe.The Westpac chopper is also preparing packed waterways invariably mean rescues. If you thought the beaches were busy today, wait for the weekend. On die alone is expecting up to 40,000 visitors, a big responsibility for just a handful of Life Guards. -- Bondi Beach.We want people to stay between the flags, sunscreen, hats, take it easy, it's going to be a long hot weekend.Yes it is. Amber Sherlock is in Penrith, a very hot night ahead?Georgie, it's absolutely sweltering, still sitting around 37 degrees tonight. At Bankstown and Liverpool it is 30, the city is a bit more bearable sitting at 25. It is on track to be a very uncomfortable night tonight with temperatures only expected to fall to 23 in the West and 22 in the city. Tomorrow is expected to be hotter, reaching 42 in the West and 36 in the city. I'll be back later with a full weekend forecast. Thank you. Two men have been charged over the brazen shooting of a security guard at a hotel at Berala in Sydney's West. Dimity Clancey is there, Dimity, a breakthrough for police?It is. Specially trained police officers moved in on the two men early this morning, a 40 year-old was forced from his home at Ingleburn with his hands in the air, he was ordered to the ground before being handcuffed. At the same time a 35 year-old man was arrested at his home in their field. They have both been charged with offences including shook with intent to murder, a 63 year-old security guard who had just collected the weekend's takings from the Berala Hotel. He was allegedly shot seven times during the attack but miraculously survived. Investigators linked this shooting to a jury highest in July and that is what led them to this morning's arrest -- jewellery.The evidence we gathered during the course of that investigation led us to identify what we allege these two people are suspects for both offences.Both men are behind bars tonight, and will face court in the morning.Thank you for joining us. There's been a a major security breach at an Australian naval base with the thieves storming a patrol boat before attacking an officer and stealing weapons. The base is tonight in lockdown while an urgent review has been ordered into security around the country. Darwin's naval base, famous for withstanding an onslaught from Japan's air force, but last night could not defend itself against one thief.This is a very serious crime. Police are investigating how an intruder slipped through security, stormed this patrol boat, assaulted a crew member, and managed to flee with a number of guns.Clearly his life was threatened and he's quite shaken.He stole two pump-action shotguns and 12 semi-automatic pistols, the hunt is on to retrieve the dangerous Arsenal.The offender in this circumstances appeared to have good knowledge of the layout of the vessel and ADF procedures. And then there's a question, how could this happen? The chief of maybe is seeking answers.I'm very concerned, it's not something I would expect. -- Navy is. That's why I have initiated a review of our security practices.A man has been injured after an excavator rolled on top of him at a work site at Macquarie Park in the north-west. He was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition suffering cuts from his arms. There's no end in sight to the AWU scandal with the Opposition stepping up calls for a full judicial inquiry. Tony Abbott says the Prime Minister should not be concerned if she has nothing to hide. With Federal Parliament done for the year politicians are heading home. But for Tony Abbott the sparks continued to fly. He is not backing down from his AWU attack on the Prime Minister.This whole business from the beginning was a sham to facilitate a fraud. The Opposition insists Julia Gillard misled authorities when registering the union Association, that the main purpose wasn't:

They say according to Miss Gillard's exit interview with Slater & Gordon, it was:

So we know why she set this up, because she said so.Julia Gillard maintains no wrongdoing, but the opposition wants a judicial inquiry. To get to the bottom of this.It shows how in sincere Tony Abbott is. They want to talk about snaring the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott is a E disgrace.All week the opposition has accused the Prime Minister of not answering questions in Parliament, they say it was because she does not want to be caught lying in Parliament. The shadow Attorney-General said that be government had a criminal in The Lodge. But outside parliament he would not dare.Parliamentary privilege exists for a reason.The United Nations has voted to upgrade Palestine to a non-member observer state with an overwhelming majority. The result has led to wild celebrations across cars and the West Bank. Israel and the United States opposed the move, while Australia abstain. -- Gaza. Drivers can expect delays in the City this weekend as salvage crews work to remove a crane that collapsed on a building site at Ultimo earlier this week. Broadway will be released to two lanes in both directions from 4:00am tomorrow until Monday. Fire has destroyed a garage at the back of a property at Stanmore, emergency crews had to cut through a door to access the blaze. Residents from neighbouring properties were evacuated. A Blue Mountains family has had their Christmas shattered by heartless thieves, the robbers stole presents were thousands of dollars a along with some precious and irreplaceable momentos. 25 years in the force hardened Mark McNicholl, now retired, he's the victim of an appalling crime and struggling to hold it together.She just bricks into tears, my wife, all the time. The robbers must have known who they were dealing with with these reminders all over the house, Monday morning they jumped through the fence, broke into a door and stole $2,000 worth of gift vouchers and cash, Christmas presents for the children.They are doing it really tough.Before they left, one final sickening blow, snatching a purse worth nothing itself, but filled with a few precious memories of the couple's son who passed away. Including a compress flower from the funeral.20 years ago. -- compressed flower. And they Medicare card. It had his name on it.Mark and Marion are no longer worried about the money, only the purse. Those small items mean everything to the family and Mark won't rest until it is returned. His policing skills put to use, he found out the vouchers were used at a K-Mart store hours after the break in. Police have released these images.If you can identify these people, you may be able to assist police with their inquiries. And a family reliving a painful past. From tomorrow, the cost of some of Australia's biggest selling medicines will be reduced. Popular cholesterol-lowering drugs and stomach pain relievers are all part of the price revamp. The changes could see customers saves between 20 and nearly $2 on each prescription. With fewer than four weeks until Christmas, retailers are doing everything to lure shoppers and boost spending. West deal centres across Sydney are leading the charge with their first ever one-day mega sale, they have dubbed it Super Saturday. The trees are, the most important shelves are stacked, and Santa is ready. The one thing missing is Christmas shoppers, but come tomorrow three little words might kick-start the season. Super Saturday sale.As we are trying to get them out spending early and spending strong.Of the one-day sale will see many Westmead retails. -- West field.Get in early and get in heart and start Christmas.With the poor retail year behind them some stores have already started discounting.Most items are at the lowest price you will see all prisoners.They are not the only ones, right across Sydney retailers will be slashing prices. -- Christmas.Women's denim will be discounted, Tories bedding and cookware.Locked in for one of the hottest days of the year, there's no telling whether the heat will help. -- Tawnies. Or hinder. - - Tawnies. For a lot of retailers they might also say a bit of a cut and rinse would be something happy to find in their Christmas stockings this year. It is the beginning of a busy Christmas trading period, on Tuesday the 18th Westfield malls will be open until 9pm. Then on the 20th they will not close until midnight. At were still Parramatta there will be a 33 hour shopping bonanza from 9 am on the 20th until 6pm on the 21st. As for the smaller independent retailers, they are not worried about the big boys taking all the glory.It will get people thinking about Christmas, it will bring them out of their homes and get them shopping. It's fantastic. There's not normally much to smile about when you're sick, but a visit from Santa certainly cheered up these kids at the Children's Hospital at Westmead today. There were plenty of presence to go around and some festive fun for the most deserving of patients. In the news ahead, a drama filled night for ambulance crews at Parramatta. After 90 years workers their wealth a western Sydney icon. -- farewell. Andy Powell This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

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This program is not captioned. unco
Tonight ... A second grow house es
uncovered in a new suburb. How you ex
escaped the heat - and what we can causi
expect this weekend. And: men -
causing the majority of accidents i the Kings Highway. Good evening, I uncover
m Danielle Post. Police have bu
uncovered a grow house in a barely publ
built suburb. A tip off from the F
public led officers to the house in foi
Forde - the second illegal set-up hous
foiled this month. A brand new "Ins
house in a brand new suburb... sophistic
"Inside we' ve discovered a se
sophisticated cannabis cultivation with
set up." Around ninety plants, thr
with an estimated street value of
three hundred thousand dollars, wer the
growing in numerous rooms inside "W
the home - including the garage. "We believe the plants are about tw th
months into their growth cycle in probably
this sort of set up and will
probably be ready for cultivation i the
four to six weeks." "This is discovere
the second grow house to be th
discovered in Canberra' s north in stumbl
the past month. Police didn' t an
stumble across this one though. An resu
anonymous tip off, just days ago search
resulted in the execution of a search warrant early this morning." or
Police are investigating whether linked.
or not the two operations are
linked. The location of the house i immed
ideal - most properties in the constr
immediate area are still under as
construction. "Here there' s not as many people residing here at thi coming
point in time which makes the su
coming and going a little bit less c
suspicion." Police are urging the susp
community to keep an eye out for tell
suspicious behaviour - there are used
tell tale signs a house is being wi
used to grow drugs. "Blacked out m
windows, irregular visits, built up th
mail or chemical containers around the premises."

Canberra could have recorded its
hottest day in nearly two years. Th me
heatwave is slowly driving up the solac
mercury, causing people to seek -
solace at Manuka pool. Jumping in sc
- to find a little relief from the kid
scorching sun. I' ve brought my splas
kids down here so we can have a splash around and then we' ll have picnic in the gardens later on. t
Manuka pool' s our favourite place to come because it' s beautiful wit the gardens over there and I recko else
it' s cooler here than anywhere l
else in Canberra. +w Since February exper
last year, the Capital has only fi
experienced three days over thirty lea
five degrees. There' s usually at
least a dozen. Canberra could hav today
climbed to 36 degrees or above h
today, which would have made it the missing
hottest day in 18 months. But missing data from the weather burea w
for the 2 hour period after lunch, o
which is generally the hottest part know
of the day, means we just don' t W
know if got there. Many New South Some
Wales centres hit forty degrees, de
Some - crept to 41. The coast - 31
degrees Along the Murray River ye fo
we saw temperatures getting up to forty-five degrees which in fact wa m
a 100 year record actually for the volunteers
month of November. RSPCA hel
volunteers did what they could to came
help keep the animals cool. we wh
came up with some innovative ideas c
where we' re freezing beef stock or
chicken stock or frozen tuna for th ice-bl
cats so we just make a little r
ice-block out of it in little cups, really cheap really easy to do.

Two motorists, have been caught o
driving excessive speeds on day one cra
of a Kings Highway blitz. It' s a addressing
crackdown on risk taking - are
addressing figures which show men
are causing most serious accidents. targ
This p-plater became the first target - Clocked at one-hundred-and thirteen kilometres an hour. Then caught
sixty-four-year-old Banks man caught at one- hundred-and-fifty-si motorists
ks. It' s a warning to all l
motorists, who can expect to see at t
least one police car on their drive two
to the coast. They may see one, Sou
two they may even see more. New joi
South Wales and ACT officers will the
join forces to combat speeding on I
the Kings Highway until February.
It' s a busy road through summer, w ke
all know that and patience is the key. Just say yep we may be 5 1 expected.
minutes later than what we expected. Over half of the crashe
on the stretch last summer occurre killed,
on a weekend. One person was injure
killed, thirty-six people were usu
injured. Police data shows it was man
usually men who were driving, and b
many were overtaking. It' s not a it
bad road, I want to reiterate that d
it' s a good road but people don' t drive to the conditions. For th to
sake of getting two cars in front manoeuvr
to do a dangerous overtaking drivers
manoeuvre is senseless. ACT overrepresente
drivers continue to be th
overrepresented for those flouting Dec
the law. Last year alone in the
December to January period there wa and
348 notices issued for speeding, and 39% of those were Canberrans.

Four of Australia' s five living
Victoria and George Cross recipient tomorrow
will be at the war memorial Y
tomorrow, For the inaugural ' Cross Hea
Your Heart' event, supporting the Heart Foundation and the White Clou Foundation. I think what the lin your
is essentially that you' ve got your physical health and your menta health are intrinsically linked it think
s just a fact so that' s why I Ot
think it' s a great partnership. Other high profile guests will be a can
the event. Members of the public onlin
can place bids on auction items online.

This program is not captioned. De
online. The Tax Office, the Health Vete
Department and the Department of recorded
Veterans' Affairs have again sickie
recorded the highest number of staff.
sickies amongst public service Humphries
staff. Liberal Senator Gary
Humphries believes it' s because th em
workers are pushed to the limit - sig
emotionally. "I think this is a servic
sign that people in the public a
service are under stress. That they m
are the victims of chaotic decision decisi
making that government' s make
decisions to spend money on project ther
one day and then pull back from avera
there programs the next." The that'
average unscheduled leave rate, comp
that' s sick leave, carer' s and compensation leave, was 11.1 days. There' s a warning for extreme blu and
green algae at Lake Tuggeranong, G
and Yarralumla Beach at Lake Burley lev
Griffin is closed due to elevated wil
levels of bacteria. Water samples bea
will be taken from the Yarralumla
beach area next week. Both areas ar closed to all recreation activitie contac
that involve whole-body water to
contact, exposure can cause people dollars
to become ill. Twenty million Austr
dollars will be spent to ensure Australia returns to the top five a fo
the Rio Olympics. A new blueprint Edg
for Australian sport, the Winning revi
Edge, was handed down today. The w
review comes following Australia' s deca
worst Olympic performance in two ba
decades. Funding to sports will be assesse
based on how they perform and
assessed annually. Attention will b coa
paid to developing and retaining concentrate
coaches. Training will be Instit
concentrated at the Australian we
Institute of Sport which will also at
welcome more athletes. Let' s look Ma
at today' s sport - Raiders hooker
Matt McIlwrick is on track to becom regular
the team' s first choice, as remain
regular starter Glenn Buttriss Ne
remains sidelined with injury. The line-u
New Zealander says he wants to i
line-up in round one. Three weeks is
into pre-season and Matt McIlwrick is being treated as the first choic no
hooker. I' ve had a taste of it yo
now and I know what it' s like and wil
you know I suppose all the nerves forw
will be gone now I can just push g
forward and go for it next year and
give it all I got. +w McIlwrick say pre-se
it' s sad Buttriss is missing p
pre-season. He' s been such a big he
part of my game and his experience Berr
helps me out a lot but same with training
Berro, he helps out a lot at h
training. New recruit Jake Foster rou
has put his hand up to start from there
round one next year. You know the
there' s good competition amongst player
the second rowers, and type of y
players across the board, you know, spot
you really got to fight for your t
spot. +w He' s looking to follow in Blak
the footsteps of Sandor Earl and anoth
Blake Ferguson, who' ve gone to Canberr
another level since moving to for
Canberra. I' ve made the change hopef
for a bit of an opportunity and an
hopefully I can prove myself again The
and that' s what I' m here for. tribute
The Canberra Cavalry will pay L
tribute to the troops this weekend. get
Local pitcher Steve Kent happy to ca
get behind the cause. Anytime we th
can support the troops is awesome, gre
they' re the real heros, so it' s m
great to pay tribute to them and I'
m really proud to wear the jersey. beg
Canberra' s series with Adelaide Ballpar
begins tonight at Narrabundah
Ballpark. We played a lot of clos thi
games, we score a lot of runs, I w
think with Adelaide coming to town, we have the potential to leap frog Win
number of teams. Greg Thomson, Win News.

To cricket Queanbeyan batsman Dean Ch
Solway has today been named in the Lanka
Chairman' s 11 team to play Sri to
Lanka next week. Meantime, It only
took one hour for New South Wales t targ
chase down their second innings fin
target, against Queensland on the final day, of their Sheffield Shiel pr
clash, at Manuka Oval. Queensland provided some glimpses of brillianc enough.
in the field, but it wasn' t during
enough. The Blues getting home during the first session, winning b score
three wickets. Brad Haddin top t
scored with thirty-three runs. Both the
teams now turn their attention to
the shorter format of the game, wit Manuka
a one-day clash being held at h
Manuka Oval on Sunday. Stay with us here on WIN - I' ll have more on th weather, as we head into summer. This program is not captioned. ('ANYTHING YOU CAN DO'
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SONG: # Only thing I found
is no place like home... # WOMAN: Come home to
Bulla Creamy Classics. # Like home # There's no place like... # There's no place like home with Bulla Creamy Classics.

This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. Hot
weather, as we head into summer.
Hot and humid all around the region kno
and as we said earlier we don' t because
know what the Capital topped, is
because there is no data from what the
is considered the hottest part of fi
the day. On the Tablelands, thirty th
five for Goulburn and Yass, thirty thir
three in Braidwood. A sweltering Ulla
thirty eight in Nowra, cooler in sprinkling
Ulladulla, twenty four . A Pe
sprinkling of rain on the Snowies, thi
Perisher topped twenty , Bombala, to
thirty three . Storms on the Coast Bega,
tomorrow, thirty one the top at chance
Bega, Nowra thirty seven . The
chance of a storm on the Tablelands fo
tops temperatures in the thirties Snowie
for all centres. Storms on the eight
Snowies as well, Bombala twenty i
eight thirty in Cooma. Thirty three w
in Canberra tomorrow, West to north Su
westerly wind. Showers expected on the
Sunday, clearing for the start of th
the week. And that' s WIN News for Post
this Friday night. I' m Danielle ni
Post..... Have a safe weekend.Good night.

This program is not captioned. pretty good actually. It's got a
little warmer this afternoon. It's forecast to get hotter in the weekend. It's been unusually cool, windy and wet here the last couple of days but we've had a good day today and most especially for the Australians. South Africa chose to bat first. 7 for 141. Mitchell Johnson has got things going after the tea break out in the middle. Getting things going in the comment -- comment are -- commentary box are Bill Lawry, Mark Taylor and oofplt This is going to be a 2.5 hour session. That's long. Australia are slow with hour rates. The extra half hour because of that will totally be taken up for sure. Du Plessis is the batsman, not out for 39. That's him on strike today. Six fours today. He's been allowed to be free-flowing today compared to the Adelaide rear guard magnificent century he plead. And he's enjoyed these conditions a little bit. He's got Vernon Philander to hang in with him for some time otherwise the south of Cannes will find themselves on the back foot in this test match very badly. Once again, as it was the last session, it's important Australia come out here with that aggression that they showed just after lunch. They don't want to let a side off the hook which has happened quite a bit in this series so far. 7 for 142 is a good position to be in if you're an Australian bowler. You want to make sure you come out and fire up from the word go here. That's a good start, from Johnson. Got Philander, who can bat. Dale Steyn is next in, and he showed in Adelaide - sorry, not Adelaide, Melbourne four years ago that he can bat down the order. He made 70- odd. You don't want 180 to be 250. From the Australian point of view you think it has to be under 200 to finish off what has been a very good day for them so far.

Oh s that an edge? No, it's not, but that's exactly the shot they wan him playing. Fast enough and just bouncing but on a drivible length. And here in Perth quite often brings an outside edge. That's the length. Encourage him to drive despite the fact 7 for 42 is a magnificent effort, they have been a fraction short. This is a good line, left-arm over the wicket. Across to the batsman.

Just too wide. It pitched and kept going away from the bat. And that's the shape he looks to be employing, Mitchell Johnson. Maybe he's setting him up for one that is going to come back, but I thought there was a stick. Heard something through the stump microphone, so I wonder what it was. I'm with you. I thought I heard something as well. It was well away from the bat, certainly wasn't an edge. There seems to be some noise there. I heard a noise as well.