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(generated from captions) man. All of the Basketball Courage, the rugby. A notice board for 10 years. 10 years of news. All of the big stories. -- Motorsport. Newly thrown into jail, that is another story. It has been a great ride, an honour, and a privilege. It has been my treat and reward from knowing you. From all of us here, you're personally passionate about music. This is for you. I will never miss a beat, I promise you. I do appreciate this, dies. I am going to miss these guys. I have loved working with him. I wish you all the best. Ended thank you are being dare. I promise you I'll do my best to keep in touch. This program is captioned live. Tonight - smokers exhale their anger over plain packaging. We meet the Aussie helping HIV suffers around the globe. The danger of leaving kids in cars - is it time Sydney Airport dropped its 11pm to 6am curfew? Soon it will be Wiggles, but not as you know them. In is The Project.

Good evening. Welcome to The Propblt. You've met us for the weekend. Well done. Please welcome Magdalena Roze, Waleed Aly and Lemo. That was very good. Our last 6 o'clock show.It is. This is history.Oh yeah. Glad you made a lot of that, great. People will remember where they were when they saw the last episode of The Project at 6pm and it will be in front of their TV. I was here on the last Sunday show. I was there this morning for the last Breakfast. I'm here for the last 6pm. You're the Angela Lannsbury of television.Oh dear. Mags, before you curse it any further, how about headlines. In the news, Friday 30th November - an armed intruder has stormed a navy patrol boat in Darwin stealing several weapons and assaulting a crew member. The base was locked down after the attack which happened after midnight. The offender in these circumstances appeared to have good knowledge of the lay-out of the vessel and ADF procedures.Ellie Southwood has been following this and has the late ef. Well, guys by the navy's own admission, this is a very worrying security breach. Late today police confirmed the off fepblder was wearing a balaclava and military- style clothing when he boarded HMAS Bathurst and restrained a leading seaman with cable ties. The intruder made his way to the armory where he stole two pump-action shotguns and 12 semi--automatic pistols. We don't know how he got on board the ship but it prompted the navy to announce a review of security.How concerned are the police? You could be forgiven for thinking that something who stole the weapons could be a threat to the community.Yes, perhaps Charlie. I would say it's a worry. Police have confirmed that while the intruder got away with the weapons he didn't steal any ammunition in order to use them. One thing that is clear to police, though, is that the offender had a very good knowledge of the ship's lay-out and ADF procedures. Thank you. NSW is bracing for another scorcher tomorrow after parts of the state swepltered through 40-plus degrees. Melbourne had one of its hottest nights on record with the Mercury not dipping below 24. It was half a degree off the record set in 1901. Mourners are invited to wear red and join the more Cam family to farewell their son Danielle at a funeral service next week. The parents of the murdered teenager have just announced he will be buried next Friday, nine years to the day since he disappeared. And the long-awaited Leveson Inquiry Report into British press standards found the media wreaked havoc with the lives of innocent people for decades. Lord Justice Leveson is calling for an independent watchdoing. British PM, David Cameron says, it could damage free speech. We have the latest from London. What were the major findings of the Leveson Inquiry Report?The Leveson Inquiry Report - there were 88 hearing days. It's three times the length of 'War and Peace'. Its main recommendation was that we create a new regulatory body, one with teeth, that could fine newspapers up to £1 million. An hour-and-a-half after Leveson Inquiry made the statement, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, whole heartedly rejected that part of the report. He said it would be crossing a rubicon and disagreed with the statutory underpinning of the regulation of the press, not just in terms of principle but in terms of practicalty. He said he had grave concerns. He is coming up against the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, and the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Milliband, who both agree with Leveson Inquiry's recommendations and feel they need to be implemented more. That leaves open the question who guards the guardians. In the papers, the Broadsheets are covering it, the tabloids are ignoring it.We spoke to former 'News of the World' editor, Paul McMullen on Skype.We were the heroes and now the villains.

Ironically he was talking to us from the basement of a pub. You are a journalist. What do you make of his comments and of the findings?Well, Leveson Inquiry said that we must not let the serious failings of a few overshadow the good done by many. I think you can't overlook the good that journalism has done. If you look back to 1970s, exposing the Thalidamyde skapbdzle; 2010, match fix and phone hacking was exposed by a 'Guardian' journalist. I think people see journalists as villains partly because of the desperate quest for celebrity stories. I think it stems back to the time of Diana. I've been shouted at out of pubs, literally, "You killed Diana "", meaning me as a person. I've been physically attacked three times on stories. I think that there is a lot of possibility toward -- hostility towards the press. Will this change anything? Well t victims, people like Millie Dowle's family, are upset and don't think much of David Cameron's comments.And there's been another investigation of the Jimmy Saville case. What more can you tell us? Police have questioned a man in his 80s and on suspicion of sexual offences, part of Operation -- the operation which has seen four other arrests, including Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter and Dave Lee Travis. We heard police have searched the man in his house. He was release but held for questioning. The police are being very hesitant about the story. There was a high profile Tory outed wrongly a couple of weeks ago here on Twitter and in the press as being a paedophile. He's now suing everybody who made the allegations because they were entirely false. Everyone has been nervous about naming anyone. We will see where it goes. (APPLAUSE) Despite being around for two weeks, Melbourne's train safety video - 'Dumb Ways to die' has taken on a life of its own. The clip has inspired more than 65 cover versions and 85 parodys.

# Dumbest ways to die Wow, I like it. They are getting Keyboard Cat to do the next one.So random.It is about time something else came along on the Internet. I was getting sick of over weight guys doing Beyonce. Pf As a safety campaign that is huge.The coverage is enormous.It's not lame, wonderful.Do people get the message?Yes f you're a small animated character, there's an infinite number of ways you can die. I learned that from The Road Runner. Now, quickly, I want to tell you this - look at this paparazzi heroes - they're taking a photo of Kylie... Anne Hathaway... There's loads of them, it must be... Oh, the Leveson Inquiry Inquiry Report. Is it single? Let me know.Is it true you're dating the Gonsky Report? Lots more to come after the break. Coming up - Lindsay Lohan's latest arrest. Is the Australian citizenship test too hard? And Murray Cook joins us.

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This is The Project. Melbourne underworld figure, MittGatto is being slugged with a $10 million tax bill. The Tax Office rejected claims that much of his earnings were winings and loans that couldn't be taxed. He is vowing to fight the order. Smokers are taking to social media claiming plain packageed cigarettes not only look bad, but lack flavour. Tobacco companies say ingredients have not changed while pundits say it highlights the power of branding. Plain packaging becomes mandatory tomorrow. Steve Price is a reformed smoker but remains hopelessly addicted to sharing his opinion. Steve, you had a lot of calls on the radio last night. Listeners were complaining that the cigarettes tasted different in the plain pack apbling. What were they saying?I know this sounds weird, but it took one bloke to ring up and say, "I don't get as much satisfaction out of my cigarette any more" out of the boxes. I thought the guy was a nutcase. I am doing night-time radio as you know. Then I got email after email from people saying that the branding changed, there's different letters on the side. It led me to maybe think that these plain package cigarettes may have been held back somewhere else, manufactured someare else and brought into the country quickly before they can change the others over. It's probably a funny idea that someone dreamt up.Steve, the company are saying that there's no difference. So doesn't it prove that the branding works and this plain packaging ljshraigs might have something going for snitWe hope that people stop smoking. No-one wants nifpb to get cancer. I have been of the view for a long time that the eyes, the toes the lungs full of fluid, that stuff was over the top in my view. I just don't understand what the plain packaging will add to that. If you are going to go to the supermarket and buy a packet or box with something like that cancer eye on it and stick it in your mouth on it, you are an idiot. Why would putting plain packaging have a difference to your habits of smoking.Why would the cigarette companies spend millions trying to fight the introduction of the packaging? It's clearly going to have an effect. What happens from here?I hope it has an effect. The best effect would be the Government f they were serious, to ban smoking. They won't do it because they continue to take the taxes from it. We want people to stop smoking but it seems an additional measure that - I bet it won't have a big impact on smoking levels. You've got to watch your bets. You bet me that Barack Obama wouldn't win the election and the whole world won that one. (LAUGHTER) Have a great weekend. Cheers. (APPLAUSE) If you want to join the conversation:

We are trying to get more contact points on Monday. And now what's making news around the world. The French court has cleared Continental Airlines over the July 2001 crash of the Concorde. The court ruled that airline's mistakes did not make it legally responsible for the deaths. The engineer blamed for a strip of metal falling off was also cleared. It upheld the ruling Continental bears civil responsibility for the crash. An historic vote in the UN General Assembly has Palestine recognised as a non-member state. After impassioned speeches from the Palestinian President, members voted in favour of the UN upgrade, despite warning disruptions to peace talks from Israel and the Western Allies. Lindsay Lohan has been charged over an LA car crash hours after being arrested over a fight in the Big Apple. She allegedly punched a blonde psychic in a face in a rue over a boy. And children found a surprise pet in Russia. A lion club spent the night in a local police station before being taken to the zoo. Now, to be fair, that's not out of the ordinary. My mum is Russian and grew up in Russia. She used to tell me stories of walking to school and she had massive dogs with her because there were wolves and all sorts of animals around. Did your mum drink a lot of Vodka? A lion.And a wolf, same thing. I might not understand that much about the animal kingdom, but doesn't wolf beat dog?Yes. (LAUGHTER) She should have walked to school with a lion. We will take a break. Coming up - best to leave early on Christmas Eve. We look at a US sporting


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Welcome back. Bit of feedback coming in. We have a bet on something - cigarettes not tasting the same.

We do not condone smokeing the plain packets no matter how boreing the weekend gets. The branded ones, smoke them. Tonight mok the plain ones. Aussie pop king Gautier was a big winner at the Arias taking out four of the big gongs including Best Album. Matt Corby's brother was Song of the Year. And humanitarian arrivals found the national it is -- failed the national citizenship test last year. The test was introduced by the Howard Government and has a pass park of 75%. Passing the tests is one of the final stages of Australian citizenship. I reckon if you were really Australian, you would take a sick can I and not do the test. -- sickie and not do the test. (LAUGHTER) I have some genuine questions. I am entitled to be as dumb and uninformed as I want.We will test you anyway. A question from the citizenship test: "Which arm of Government has the power to interpret and apply laws: judicial, executive and legislative"?The judiciary, A. The question is wrong. No wonder people are failing. Which of these is the role of the Governor-General - the signing of bills, the apoim of Premiers or the apoim of a Head of State. Appointment of a Head of State. Signing of bills. I think Charlie would like to have the powers. And finally, Charlie, how many beers can you take into Bathurst?I know this one. It's a two-pronged answer. You can take a slab of heavy beer or as much light beer as you like, but that aes's a trick, because if you try and do that, you're not Australian.Well answered. We put it to a web poll:

December 1st is Ve World AIDS Day. In Australia HIV is no longer a death sentence. But one Australian dedicated his life to helping those in other countries who are not so lucky. There are more than 34 million people living with HIV. SubSaharan Africa is home to more thand two- thirds, including 91% of the world's HIV-positive children.

It's here where a doctor and his team have chosen to do their work. Possible Dreams International visits families in the most remote areas of the mountains. They see countless men women and babies with AIDS. Preteen children are running households and grandmothers caring for up to 20 orphans at a time. They offer life-saving transport, Med kags and nutrition; they build new houses for the destitute and provide bedding for the terminally ill. The few belongings these people have are dirty and unhygienic. The difference new items can make is stunning.We have a chance for a new life. The philosophy is simple but effective: by empowering the people to help themselves t cycle of poverty can eventually be broken. In the meantime village by village, Possible Dreams International is spreading a bit of sunshine in a dark corner of the world.

dark corner of the world.
We have the founder of can possible Dreams. Does it get overwhelming? It is, but I learned early on that if we were to just hand out food or medicines or just build houses, we were opblt really addressing a portion of the problems. So what we try to do is to try to create a strategy of empowerment. We will grow gardens and talk about income generation. In that way we can sustain any change. Now, in most cases the problem is obvious - hungry people need food, but what are some of the other services you provide that most wouldn't think of?A great question. It is difficult to sometimes put what we do in a bok. One of the easiest ways is to share a story. There was a young woman who lives in a rural community outside where we work. She has six little children all under the age 10. A couple of years ago her husband die ed of HIV. She essentially fell apart. She didn't know what to do. So a well respected member of our team, who is an older Swazi woman, sat with her for several months. She cried with her and she talked to her about mothering and about HIV AIDS and about how she was going to get up and live again. So we came in, built a house, but then the lady grew a garden for herself. She started a small business for herself. Now she's helping others in her community who have been through very similar things.So we haven't spoken about one other thing, and that is the Possible Dreams Choir, which sounds like it has to win an Aria at some point. What is it? What's the story?Well, it's an extraordinary story. We have 26 young Swazi people affected by HIV, affected by extreme poverty, who are essentially using music as a form of empowerment. Local people here in Victoria - so school kids, community organisations, the soccer team, Melbourne Heart is one of our sponsors - they are bringing the choir out in March next year and they will share their stories and sing for the people of Victoria. I look forward to hearing it. Congratulations. (APPLAUSE) One of those people that can make you feel really bad about yourself. The Possible Dreams International Choir is touring next year. Details on the website. Still around.

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Welcome back. Thank you. There was a fire at the Department of Justice in Melbourne this morning. We can see that. Not good news for anyone there. No-one was injured. Let's get the official word from the Fire Department.The fire is under control. We know where it is. It's just that we haven't found it. (LAUGHTER) I don't know what to say. Good luck with the search. We feel safe. Here is what is making news today Friday 30th November. A brazen overnight robbery on a navy patrol boat in Darwin has seen guns stolen and left an officer injured. Police say the armed intruder overwhelmed the crew member before stealing the weapons in the early hours. The Adelaide Crows have been fined $300,000 and been banned from the first rounds of next year's draft. Kurt Tippett was susspened for 11 matches over a salary cap breach. He has been fined $50,000 and three other officials have been suspended for two to six months after a marathon nine-hour hearing in Melbourne. Nsm SW Police have seized more than 1400 firearms and four tonnes of ammunition from the licensed dealer near Bathurst. Authorities focussed on unregistered products in the sting which took 72 hours. Family and friends of Isabelle Colman shed tears as they were told of a young woman just starting out in life. The 17-year-old died after she fell from a balcony in Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast. And the Great Australian Barbecue may be an Aussie tradition but almost one of the most expensive ways to cook. Researchs found using it every night costs $180 a year, while using a mike wave just $30. Who is using the barbecue every night? I think cholesterol is your problem. Who is cooking in a mike wave? -- microwave.What you talking about? Two-minute noodles. Classy. Has anyone cooked a sausage in a microwave? That's the suggestion. Really?I dare you to think of something I haven't cooked in a microwave. (LAUGHTER) I'm quite the chef. We don't know at this stage, going back to the Darwin story, if there is a link between the raid on the ship or the theft on the ship and there is this crazy roaming the streets with guns, so locals must be terrified of this plom roaming the streets, yeah? A maniac with guns on the loose is always scary, but it depends, you know, you've got to put it in context, I reckon. (LAUGHTER) Unless everyone else has a bazooka, all contexts are bad. That's the Northern Territory. Have you read the 'NT News' t context is "crocodile". Nofrpblgts it wasn't a crocodile, but a frog --It wasn't a crocodile, but a frog struck by lightning.More on that at 11. Moving on. It's cooking today in Sydney. Authorities are stunned that in 2012 parents continue to leave their children in cars on hot days. Yesterday much of Australia stank it up, sweating our way through temperatures that in many parts of the country exceeded 40 degrees. Despite the heat, Victorian authorities were called to seven cases of children being locked in cars. Doesn't take long for a car closed up to heat up very quickly. For anyone who still doesn't get it, when a 25 degree outside temperature is on, the temp inside a car can soar to 50.

Only yesterday a Melbourne Mother - - mother pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her infant daughter after leaving the child in a car for several hours this time last year.The children don't deal with the heat very well. Time can pass quickly and before you know it you can have a very sick child. So, given how much is at stake, why isn't the message getting through to parents? Kids can die when left in hot cars. Rob Caulfield is the Victorian President of Kid Safe. He joins us. What are parents thinking?Last year Australia-wide there were 7,500 children freed from cars or where it was reported to the police that children were left in cars. There were 1500 in Victoria and yesterday was a hot day - kids were left in cars by their parents. I think sometimes parents think that they are droping in the shop, I'll be a few minutes, no-one will notice and they do things without thinking. Now, is there ever a safe enough time to leave kids in cars?Not really. There are problem areas with this, like when you go to fill up with petrol at a service station, what should you do? The message is you shoul never really leaf kids unattended in cars for any time at all. At petrol stations we suggest plan it ahead so you fill your car up before you have the kids. If you need to stop at shops, try to do that before or after you've goat the children in the car, but there's never a safe time to leave kids by themselve in a car.You must know that what you're saying is impractical. There will be people listening with three kids that they're juggling, barely ever in the car without the kids there, to take them out of the car is like a three-hour operation. If they need to pick up the other kid from the bifrt day par sniIt's about planning. We see majority of cases where kids are in car, it's usually mum in the shops to get something. With a bit of better planning they could have done that before they picked up the kids.I don't have kids but I have seen a lot of parents leave their kids in the car and run into the supermarket. My first instipgtrstipbgt is to smash the window with a hammer ---instinct is to smash the window with a hammer and retrieve the children. Should I follow that?You would probably be guilty of damage.Do you think it's caring too much? What you do in a situation like that f you see a child alone in a car, ring the police. If there's a situation where you came akprosz a child that was absolutely distressed and looked like they were in trouble, then perhaps you could smash the window and let the child out. But in almost every case, if you see a child in a car unattended, ring the police. All I heard was "smash the window", thank you. Great advice, thank you. Have a great weekend.Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Time for a break. We will be back after this.


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Welcome back. Australia is dominating the first day of the final test against South Africa in Perth. The Aussies took three wickets before lunch with tark stark stark removing Petersen and Jacques Kallis within minutes. -- Mitchell Starc removing Petersen and Jacques Kallis within No-one on the planet has been more devastated by Popbtding's retirement. HG Nelson has dragged himself away from the bottle and make it here. How are you holding up?I'm not holding up at all well. I'm not holding up at all well. It's the end of a golden era, we will never see his like again. This kid has been playing for Australia since he was four. He's now 54. Irdon't know how we will go on. I don't know what we will do. I stood this morning for that magnificent first session of the WACA, saluteing in memory of 'Punter' Ponting, our greatest skipper and greatest run-scorer almost ever. Having said that... He's been a dud for years. He's not seeing the ball very well. He's seeing it fairly late. Sometimes he doesn't see it until the ball is back in the bowler's hands. The bowler says, "I already have it". I think it's time that the selectors did the right thing and how many laughs have we had at his expense - he's got 0 and 4 and 16. It's been an old fashioned death kaker for Ponting and time for him to go.How are the boys going over in Perth, HG? Is the emotion of it has spurring them on?I think it has. I think the team selection is wrong. I would have gone with Punter obviously, Michael Clarke, to get him out for sentimental reasons, and Michael Clarke and eight fast bowlers. I would have messed with the South Africans' head. Make no mistake, they are doing all this for Punter. Everybody in Australia is doing everything - peeling potatoes, if they're cracking a beer, if they're standing around in a bus queue - they're all doing it for Punter Ponting. A tremendous tribute to the bloke.Now, HG, the game of golf - talking about banning anchoring - that sounds vaguely rude. It is part of the problem?I don't think that. You can wedge anything you like in golf. Look, having said that, I like golf because of the rules. A lot of people don't. I love rules. I'm glad to see that the rule -- the people at St Andrews have banned the broomy from being wedged up here or between the buttocks, to encourage people people to get a firmer grip on the putter. Where will we end? Ask for people with a driver, you know, say, 13 metres long, they will be standing on a step ladder getting that mechanical advantage to hit the ball further off the tee? They've got to stamp it out. HG, it's a spectacular grab bag of sports wisdom. See you next week. (APPLAUSE) I'm a massive ice hockey fan and I just love it. I think in Russia they may start them too young. These kids are ten. This goes on for the whole game. I can't imagine what's happening with the parents while this is going on. The referee hardly seems bother. They're picking up the basics of the game.Should The Project sponsor a team in that league? Sydney Airport's curfew cost the city nearly $600 million a year. Is preventing noise pollution worth that much? NEWS REEL: it's the 1950s, Sydney Airport is closed for business between 11pm and 6am. That's so the noisy aeroplanes don't keep the children away. Now it's 2012. Gillard is Prime Minister, Australia's discovered 'Gangnam Style' and Australia's Sydney Airport is still closed for business between 11 and 6. It's estimated the curfew costs the state nearly $600 million a year, revenue that goes to Melbourne, which is open 24 hours a day. The rules surrounding the curfew probably are out-dated and need to be reviewed.Worldwide few airports bar passenger flights at night.

New procedures, new technology, can reduce noise between 20 and 0%. When will Sydney Airport catch up to the 21st Century? Maybe once they realise that progress is not that loud after all.

that loud after all.
Henry Buck is the reporter for the Sydney Telegraph.Aviation has come a long way in the six decades. I think there are changes that have occurred with quieter jets that mean we can look at the curfew and whether there are changes to be made.This will shock you - I'm not an air traffic controller or an expert in aviation, but there are two runways that go out over the ocean, if people are worried about noise over built-up areas, couldn't we have them approach from the ocean and not over the city? Wouldn't that solve the problem? Look, we already do this to some extent. There are about a dozen freight planes that come in, four engine jets that come in and land over Botany Bay. We're asking why can't we have quieter jets equally as quiet as these come in and do the same thing.There are other issues involve and one is a second airport proposed for three or four centurys in Sydney. If you did have these flights comes in in the curfew, would that affect the prospect of that?To some extent. I think Kingsford Smith has 20 years before it's filled up. If you opened the airport 24 hours seven days a week, you would push that date back a couple of years. It won't put the second airport debate off forever.There's been some criticism that Frank Farina is leting this slide because he's -- Barry O'Farrell is more focussed on trains.Everyone has a solution to Sydney's second airport. The Federal Government wants it at Wilton, which is 80ks away; Tony Abbott - he wants to maximise Sydney and Barry O'Farrell thinks that a high-speed rail line to Canberra means that people will fly out of Canberra. I don't know anyone who wants to catch a train to Canberra of all places to fly to Singapore.I can name a few people who want a high-speed train out of Canberra. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) It's summer. And now time to meet our next guest. Look at the young people having a good time - chances are they got their groove on as kids to these guys. # Get ready to wiggle For over 20 years the Wiggles have broken records and made history, releasing 39CDs and DVDs, 17 of which have gone gold. Last night they won an incredible 11th Aria in the Best Children's Album category.God bless The Wiggles.This represents the end of an era where three are leaving to make way for a new generation of performers. Please welcome Murray Cook. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

You invented that. That's your move. Well, invented may not be the word. You can claim it. Will you take it with you or leave it?I will bequeath that to the new ones. I don't have much use for it.I was worried.You will see plenty more. You won your 11th Aria. And it's for Best Kids Music, but they are the least child safe award in the universe. Do you keep nem in a safe place?I do, my children are big now, so they leave them alone, but yes, they are pointy. I think at one stage they stopped giving them to the artists because some of them used them as weapons.Against their managers?Yes.Now, you guys worked incredibly hard. I was raedzing today 6 ,300 shows, which is more than The Rolling Stones. How did the backstage parties compare? Probably not as colourful, I would say. I find that very hard to believe. We're pretty well behaved. We're boring.You can admit it now, you're moving on. I've got a few weeks to go. We will speak then. You have a massive fan base. Everyone loves The Wiggles. Who's the most famous person you've had? I think maybe John Travolta or Robert Di Nero, the most bizarre one. You don't expect him to be at your show.That would be intimidating. ld be
intimidating. Yes. It was early on when we started in America. He was there with his kid and Gerry Seindfeld was there, we could see them both. You could see them in the crowd? Did someone say that he would in, and you better make it good?They asked us to hold the show. These people phoned up, because he was running late. We did debate it but we didn't hold it. We did know he was there.If Robert Di Nero said hold the show, and you said no? We're pretty tough guys. (LAUGHTER) I don't know if you have a perspective on this, but no offence, but really weird, that these Hollywood A-Listers turn to jelly when they meet you. They're blown away which your celebrity. Can you explain that?It's like, when they're there with their children, they're parents, they're not really thinking of that. I think that's when they're most down to earth, being paifrpbts. -- parents. They're doing something for their kids, that's what it is about.And The Wiggles have had success over many years when a lot of children's entertainers have come and gone. What's the secret to your longevity?Well, I think it's the way we started. We started as a hobby, but we had a background in early childhood education. That really held us in good stead. We were mates and I think there is a chemistry. I think people recognised it as genuine.It will be interesting to see what happens with a power vacuum. Will Captain Feathersword lead a coup apbldz take over?Likely.This must be a bittersweet moment?It is, it's hitting home, because we're on the last leg of our run and playing in Australia - we did Perth and Adelaide. You realise that's the last time we will be on stage together in those cities. It's very sad.When is the comeback tour? (LAUGHTER) I will tell you later. Thank you for coming tonight.My pleasure. (APPLAUSE) The tour continues around the country. Head to the website. I'm plugging and you guys are talking.

We will take a break. Back with more in a second. Is there anything out there? Meet the Aussies who say there definitely is. We chat with sair are Silverman, John CReilly and the cast of 'Modern Family' and Will ander son as a guest host.

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Veet High Precision Facial Wax for salon-gorgeous brows.

With Veet, you'll always be
putting your best skin forward.

Oh! Thanks, Dad. Wow. Ooh, this looks good!

Wow! No way! Who got you that? Uncle Freddy... ..from Scotland.

Samsung smartphone
for a loved one and get a tablet
for yourself - (WHISPERS)
plus a great alibi - all for
a great price. Wanna be your own secret Santa? Feel free with Vodafone.

Try Oporto's first-ever
Fresh-Grilled Strippa - two irresistible chicken strips
all wrapped up, two irresistible chicken strips so you can eat it anywhere. Available
in three tempting flavours, like Feisty BBQ, Bacon & Cheese. # Just gotta go, Oporto! #

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Let's it. The Metro Whip. What's up, Ross?Science Fiction Science Future is happening here. All right. There is a robot here that mimics your facial expressions. There is My Ball where you use your mind to move a ball. You can do it. Over here - there is a thing where you can see the inside of your skin. It's got everything. Have a good one. (LAUGHTER) To Adelaide. Hello Hayley.I'm on my way to a cigs mass Marty. -- Christmas party. Tomorrow we have a wicked line-up. It starts 12pm tomorrow. Details on the website. Sunday is Mud Run. 4ks of mud and grime and tunnels and disgusting stuff. So cool. It is 7 o'clock Sunday morning. Details on the website. Raidzing money for the MS Society. Glaet cause. -- great cause. Don't pash your boss, unless they're hot. Wow. Love the shoulder pads. Now let's go to mole bourpb. Hey, guys I'm in St Kilda for the launch of the Ben and Jerry Open Air cinema. They have live music and movies every day. Are we having a fun time? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Imagine how much fun they would have if there was something on the screen. Or if there was a band. We any the crowd would like like this. (CHEERING) Get down to St Kilda on Sunday. Very nice. Also in Melbourne, raisinging money nor the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Get down there. Now, Brisbane, Michelle.Hello. You're always caring. Adelaide have got Gaga but Brisbane we have Mi aerbgs ow Miaowment -- Miaow Miaow. A small child gave me these flowers. Gorgeous. Darling, speak about the show.I was on the way to Broadway, it seems we've ended up in Brisbane. We love you, darling. She's a big fan of yours, Charlie. Is that right?Yes, he's a fan of mine.

Thank you. Now, Sammy. Hello, the V8 SuperCars are on tomorrow. Guess who is playing the concert - Barnsie. Can't believe they didn't get Andre Rieu. Surely this is his crowd. This is your last race for Holden. You going to cry?I will if the weather stays this way and it's 38. I might have to call in sick.All the best. You won an Andy Lee lookalike competition. Come along. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Do you remember the days of this week? We will check this out. Monday. The PM took on her accusers over the AWU affair.Where the conspiracy theories are getting absurd, it is truly absurd and it's a cover-up for the fact that this man has no idea for the nation's future.We cool I it down with the latest UK trepbld - milking. Idiots. We got something from pop superstar Nicki Minaj.Hughes! Tuesday. We saw the return of comarly Pickering who came back from the States with new moves.And the album... We will hold that up tonight. A national report said that mental health be considered the same as general health.We're not monsters, but beautiful people who deserve to be treated are more understanding and respect. And Aussie movie star, Rebel Wilson revealed her weirdest Hollywood encounter.Joan Collins thought I worked in the catering and asked me when she could get morsal lad. We enjoyed Wednesday like it was the last. Some believers of the Mayan Acopolypse.This will cause a Holocaust like nothing else we've ever known.If that doesn't get us, perhaps the melting perma-frost will.The rate of change is two to 5 degrees in 100 years.If all that doomy news stresses out your dog, give it an aromatherapy facial. Dogs like weird smells. Will it be dead bird or other birds? Ricky Ponting is planning to hang up his bat.A few sleepless nights. Timing wise, it's the right time. And the last day of Parliament saw Tony Abbott take one last roll of dice against the PM.She gave false information no the WA authorities. It's in breach of the law, I would think.It didn't work in his favour. He has gone on television relying on that report with no other evidence or information at his disposal. Now the news we didn't get to. A study by the University of Genada showed women are more likely to obey a man if he smiles at her. Very interesting. Hey, Mags, can you get me a coffee? No, I'm good.You can have my coffee.Thanks, you can voo mine. Thanks.What's going on?I don't know.Coffee?Thanks. That was weird. Charlie Pickering is doing stand-up at the Come can I -- Comedy Store. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -







Bravo, Manny! Bravo!

When I heard Manny wanted to fence,
I was like, "Sure."

"Uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon.
How can this go wrong?"

And what do you think now?
I'm proud of our little Zorro.

I worked with him a little,
but the kid's got skills.

It's in his blood.
His father was a master swordsman.

He was an artist with his sword!

The way he throws the sword,
he was legendary!

This nice moment I'm having
with your son, you're...

..kinda wrecking it.


Did you know that fencing
goes back to the 12th Century?

You know what's even nerdier than
fencing? Knowing when it began.

I don't think you're a nerd, Alex.
Shut up, dork!

Alright, that's my boy!

Would it be easier
if we suspended you from a crane?

Any monkey can shoot a home movie.

I pride myself on shooting
home films.

You take things a little too far.
No, I don't.

Your nephew's first birthday...
That's not fair.

You brought a wind machine.

To be fair, my vision was -
You brought a wind machine.

Who puts wheels on cribs?




Sorry! Sorry!
That's OK.

No, no, no, no! My phone died!

No biggie. Your battery probably
statically defactocated.

What?It means you can recharge it
with static electricity.

Just rub it on your hair.


I used to go to friends' houses
and I'd see their kids' trophies,

and it used to bug me cos there was
never a trophy in my house!

Not until this one! (LAUGHS)

(PHIL) That's a good grip!

Could we switch seats?

Cam, people are staring.
I know you're not supposed to care,

but it's cool to have a kid who's the
best at something. Know what I mean?


Yeah, our kids are great.
The greatest.

Gosh, we're blessed.
We are. But, erm...

Are they the best at something?
I'd have to think about that.

Alex is great at everything
she tries,

so she'll find her specialty.
She will.

And Haley is...

Haley is so pretty.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous girl.
Oh, gosh, I mean...

She can meet someone who's the best
at something.That's right.

And then, I guess that leaves Luke.

We dropped the ball a little bit
on that one.A little bit.



How about a nice round of applause
for our winner,Manny Delgado!

Manny moves onto the championship

where he'll compete against
Caroline Markham.(CHEERING)

We'll see you all back here at 4.30.


What she said!

This means more to Dad
than it does to Manny.

It's his chance to be father
of a champion. Well, second chance.

We all know how the first time went.

Did I say something wrong?

I-I'm very happy for Manny.
(Everything's always about Claire!)

I wanna thank you guys for coming by
and supporting the kid.