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(generated from captions) True.
False. Captain?
True. False. Dibbler - insect,
marsupial or reptile?

Marsupial. Is correct. Just inside the buzzer as well. Well done.
Checking scores for today. Rydalmere East -
William, Liam, Angela - third, 190 points. Very competitive. Christopher, Hailey, Isabella -
Hornsby North - second, 230. Big winning margin. Freedom - very good on the maths -
Ilona, Joanna. 330 points. William Carey
Christian School - Prestons. Winners today
but winners for the week... Checking the score. William Carey
came home strong - 1180. Rydalmere East - 1230. That leaves our winners
as the red school. Hornsby North - 1290 points. They are smiling because they are
going through to the semifinals for series 15 of It's Academic. You are the ninth school and
the last school to make it through. Well done, kids.
Well done, everyone. See you for the semis
next time we meet. Bye for now. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia

This program is captioned live. Sydney's turn to swelter as the country's
blistering heatwave moves north. Daniel Morcombe's parents
plan his funeral after finally
being given his remains. An Australian naval base in lockdown
following a security breach. And the Crows await their punishment
over AFL salary cap breaches. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Sally Bowrey. Good afternoon. Parts of New South Wales
are sweltering through near record-breaking
temperatures today, as a blistering heatwave that has plagued southern parts
of the country moves north. Authorities are bracing
for a busy weekend when even hotter conditions
are forecast. Georgina McKerrow is in Sydney
with more. Good afternoon, Sally. It certainly looks and feels
a lot like summer here in Penrith in Sydney's west. Temperatures reached the high 30s
by lunchtime but it's going to be even hotter
again tomorrow with maximums of 41 degrees. Penrith pool filled up early with plenty of families
taking some time out to cool down. I hate summer. It's not fun but the kids love it. You just have to cope with it,
don't you? You just do what you can
to keep cool and keep in the shade. We got ripped off last summer
as far as the weather goes

South-east Queensland is experiencing its hottest November since 2009. 1 Melbourne is slightly cooler today, firefighters in Victoria have battled 200 and 50 blazes in the past 24 hours and now paramedics are warning people to take it easy this weekend, particularly the elderly. Police are also urging people to take care in and around the water. We got ripped off last summer
as far as the weather goes and I think this is going to be
a cracker of a weekend and we are expecting
that because of that, plenty of people are going to
go down the beach. We want you to enjoy the waterways
but we want you to come home safe. Now, Sal, the good news is, a cool change has moved through
the southern parts of South Australia, Victoria
and Tasmania but it's not expected to reach
New South Wales until Sunday so I think we should be out there
in the water with everyone else. Sal.

David Brown will have a full wrap
of the national forecasts a little later in the bulletin. The parents of murdered
Brisbane boy Daniel Morcombe hope to bury their son on the 9th anniversary
of his disappearance. Daniel's remains were finally
returned to the family today after an agonising wait. Kim Skubris has the details. Sally, as you can imagine, it's been an incredibly emotional
24 hours for the Morcombe family. The state coroner's order
to release Daniel's remains came as a shock to them and they say they're just
so relieved. This family doesn't count
Daniel's disappearance in years or even months,
but in days. It's been more than 3,000 days since the teenager disappeared
on the Sunshine Coast back in 2003. It's been 467 days

since his remains were discovered and since then, his parents have been quietly
lobbying behind the scenes to have those remains
returned to them. Now they can finally plan
his funeral and in Bruce Morecombe's words, "give the poor boy some peace." They certainly know the spirit of the day is going to be
a happy one. This is what they had in mind. We do not want us
to be a sad affair. We don't want any anger out there. It's to be reflective of Daniel's
short life, of course. They want to remind people
of Daniel's legacy, that his death wasn't in vain - that the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, his memory will live on. Because of Daniel's very short life
and the incidents that happened, Daniel's legacy is
the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and lots of good work has come
out of that and will be on going
well into the future and that is a positive that has
come out of a very untidy situation. The Morcombe family will release
details of the funeral later this afternoon. They're encouraging people
not to bring flowers but to instead make donations
to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and to wear a splash of red
on the day. Daniel was wearing a red T-shirt
on the day he disappeared and as they've said, they want it to be a celebration
of his wonderful life and to make it a day to remember. A teenage girl
who fell to her death from a balcony during schoolies celebrations has been farewelled at a funeral
in Brisbane. Isabelle Colman died after falling from the 26th floor of a Surfers Paradise
apartment complex. Devastated family and friends
attended the service at Red Hill to pay tribute to the 17-year-old. Her father described her as
a loving and much loved daughter. A naval base in Darwin
has been placed in lockdown after more than a dozen weapons
were stolen from a Navy patrol boat. A defence member at HMAS Coonawarra was assaulted and tied up by an intruder
early this morning who made off with 2 shotguns
and 12 pistols. The incident is being described
as a national security breach. Police and the defence department
are investigating. and the AWU slush fund affair. After failing to produce
any evidence that a crime had been committed, Tony Abbott says he now wants an
immediate inquiry into the matter. The Prime Minister told Tony Abbott
to put up or shut up over allegations
she acted illegally as a lawyer but the Opposition Leader
isn't listening, instead calling for an inquiry
into the AWU slush fund affair. Let's have the inquiry,
let's have it now. Let's get to the bottom
of these things and if the Prime Minister
has nothing to hide she won't run scared
from this inquiry. The Opposition Leader alleges
Ms Gillard gave false information to the West Australian
Corporate Affairs Commissioner nearly 20 years ago Ms Gillard says
she did nothing wrong and the Opposition failed to provide
the evidence in parliament. When the crunch came and they were given every
opportunity to prove their claim there was nothing. Tony Abbott is a disgrace. Really, we should just move on
and get on with issues that matter to Australians. Parliament will resume
next February ending one of the nastiest years
in Australian political history. Both leaders have ordered their
staff to rest over the summer and be re-energised for what's shaping up
to be a brutal election year. Joe Hockey already has
some holiday reading on offer. I'm going to send you a book, which is our manifesto
for the future. I'll watch the bestseller list
for that one, Joe. The Government says
there are already signs its plain packaging laws are working
to reduce smoking. A number of smokers have complained
about the quality of cigarettes that come in plain brown packs, saying they "taste bad". The tobacco companies say they've made no changes
to what's inside the cigarettes. What that tells us
is that the change to packaging laws is already having an effect
on smokers. But new research
from the Cancer Council in Victoria has found
a quarter of smokers there still think the health effects
from smoking are exaggerated. Plain packaging of cigarettes
becomes mandatory across Australia from tomorrow. The AFL Commission has been locked
in a day-long hearing, deciding how to punish
one of the code's biggest clubs over a salary cap scandal. Seven's Tom Browne is outside
AFL headquarters, in Melbourne. Tom, do we know why
it's taking so long?

To put today's hearing into context, it started at and 80 yen this morning and now as well into its eight hour with no end in sight. The AFL is indicating no time when it will hand out a decision. We expected a decision early this afternoon and that Adelaide would plead guilty and that Kurt Tippett would have done a deal and there would be just sanctions but it is now looking that they will be charges as Laura's are involved and the alternative is that the commissioner could push for a big penalty and they could be some hefty debase around that. There has been some speculation that Kurt Tippett had done a deal with the AFL that he could receive a 12 weeks' suspension next year. I spoke to his lawyer David Galbally shortly earlier but the Giants are still keen to recruit term. We will have any Updates as they come to hand. Solo pop powerhouse Gotye
has reigned supreme at the 26th ARIA music awards. The night included
standout performances by Guy Sebastian, Missy Higgins, and special guest
American songstress Taylor Swift. Gotye took out four gongs including Album of the Year
and best Male Artist. I'm very honoured
to receive an award but just to be here
amongst some fantastic artists. His friend and collaborator Kimbra
won Best Female Artist while Matt Corby
won Song of the Year for his single 'Brother'. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the long-awaited report into
the behaviour of the British media. Also,
celebrations in the Middle East as the UN
makes an historic decision. And New York lights up
for Christmas.

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The UN General Assembly
has voted overwhelmingly in favour of recognising Palestine
as a non-member state. Celebrations are continuing
in the West Bank after 139 countries backed
the 2-state solution to the ongoing Middle East conflict. The Palestinian Authority will now
be able to join UN Agencies. We will no longer be
an unprotected, vulnerable people. Israel and the US
have condemned the decision. Australia was 1 of 41 countries
to abstain from casting a vote. A year-long inquiry
into the phone hacking scandal has slammed the British press for
decades of "outrageous behaviour". Lord Justice Leveson has called
for an independent media watchdog with the ability
to issue hefty fines. Seven's Nick Marshall McCormack
is in London. Lord Justice Leveson's report
has heard from hundreds of witnesses over the period of a year and its main conclusion
slams sections of the British press, accusing them of wreaking havoc
with innocent people's lives. Leveson is, in part, referring
to the victims of phone hacking by reporters from the shut down
'News of the World'. That was the key reason why
the Leveson inquiry was commissioned and with so much public outrage
surrounding the detail of how far some press went
to get their story, Leveson has suggested a new, self-regulatory body
be introduced, one which is also backed by law. It would enshrine,
for the first time, a legal duty on the government
to protect the freedom of the press. Leveson has handed over
to the politicians, saying now it's their turn to decide
who guards the guardians. Prime Minister David Cameron
gave his response in the Houses of Parliament
just behind me, and he wants a new regulatory body
but without the legislation. While no-one wants to see
full statutory regulation, let me stress
the status quo is not an option. Be in no doubt we shall be determined to see Lord Justice Leveson's principles
implemented. Interestingly,
the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and the Opposition leader,
Ed Miliband, both want the new body
but with the law imposed on it to govern the ethical principles
of this new press body. Free press is the big issue here and if a new law is introduced
to control the press, expect it to have repercussions
worldwide because the British media's reach
has a greater influence beyond the shores
of the United Kingdom. Lord Justice Leveson
is preparing to fly to Australia in the next few days where he's on
an all-expenses-paid trip to give lectures to universities
in Sydney and Melbourne. It's back to you. It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas in New York, with the lighting of the famous
Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree. Thousands turned out to watch Cee Lo Green and Rod Stewart
perform some Christmas classics. The city's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was giving the important task
of pushing the button. # Three, two, one

# joy to the world
the Lord is come! #

The display is made up of
45,000 individual lights. Next in Seven's 4.30 News - we'll get the latest
from the financial markets. Also, alarming new evidence
into the effects of climate change. And in sport, we'll hear from Aussie Sam Stosur
ahead of our summer of tennis.

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It's believed an unemployed mum
from the US state of Missouri is one of two winners in America's largest ever
Powerball jackpot. The first division prize
hit a near record-breaking total of US$580 million. Lottery officials
will officially reveal the winners during a news conference
later tonight. It's exciting, very exciting. We didn't ever think that
we would sell the winning ticket and here it is - we did! The second lucky ticket was sold
at a petrol station in Arizona. Time to check the financial markets. The ASX has finished the week
28 points higher.

A definitive study of polar ice caps
in Antarctica and Greenland has found they're melting at a much
faster rate than in previous years. Scientists believe
the rising sea levels worsened the effects
of superstorm Sandy and are putting coastal cities
around the world at risk. The numbers are staggering. 344 billion metric tons of ice
melting in Antarctica and Greenland
a year - the weight of more than 1 million
Empire State buildings. The alarming findings published
today in the journal 'Science' from a team
of international researchers who looked at the data
gathered over the last 20 years, creating what they say is the most
accurate picture of melting. In Antarctica,
the east region is gaining ice but it is not enough to make up for the loss
on the rest of the continent. In Greenland, a record 97% of the ice sheet thawed
this July as shown here in red. Today it is losing ice five times
faster than in the early 1990s. The faster speeds
that we are seeing in Greenland are not going to slow down. That's not the way
ice sheets behave. The melting accounts for
20% of sea-level rise in the past two decades,
according to the study, adding 11mm. It doesn't sound like much Antarctica and Greenland are the vastest reservoirs of ice
on the planet. All told, they hold hundreds of feet
of sea level ice. And that's the worry. Many of the world's cities
are in the crosshairs. Most of the people around the world
live in coastal areas. It's where most of your major cities
are because that's where ports are and they are at sea level, and even small changes
in sea level rise can displace millions of people. Look at what could happen
to cities on the east coast. This could be the impact
of five feet of sea-level rise. In Greenland, photographer Jim Balog used
time-lapse cameras to record the melting
five years ago. The net effect is that more ice
is going into the ocean and it is speeding up, Confirmed by the results
of today's study. Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00

Hello.. Hello.. Police've seized 300 thousand
dollars of cannabis plants and hydroponic equipment
from a grow house in Forde. and hydroponic equipment
from a grow house in Forde. While police want to speak
to anyone who saw a crash in While police want to speak
to anyone who saw a crash in Phillip last night.. after a car
collided with a 42 year old Chifley cyclist. He was rushed to
hospital with serious head injuries. old Chifley cyclist. He was rushed to
hospital with serious head injuries. A 16 year old learner driver's
been killed.. after his car ploughed into a tree south of
Crookwell this morning. A 23 year old Canberra man's been
sentenced to 3 years jail.. after he was found guilty of
raping a friend last year. It's believed Daniel Lewis BOODAH-CAR
Buda-Kaa was on drugs before the attack. Moves to have only the BEST
athletes receive sports scholarships.. will see the
AIS lose some power. Sports Minister Kate Lundy's
announced individual sports are now in charge of their
own athletes.. which'll allow them to make up their own training
programs.. and decide where they'll train. And.. New South Wales
has beaten Queensland by 3 wickets in the 4 day
clash at Manuka Oval. More at 7.30.

Good afternoon, everyone. Ricky Ponting's farewell test match
has got off to a brilliant start with Australia's bowlers making some
crucial breakthroughs early on against South Africa in Perth. The Proteas won the toss and batted. Victorian John Hastings was
presented with his baggy green cap while Shane Watson's return from
injury began on a positive note, removing Graeme Smith. Mitchell Starc then unleashed
on the South Africans with two wickets before lunch. COMMENTATOR: Oh, yes!
That's ripper right through him! Oh, you ripper.

And danger man Amla was run out
by Dave Warner just after lunch. John Hastings then snared his first
wicket with a gem to de Villiers. All the cricket highlights
of day one at the WACA in Seven News at 6:00. The AFL Commission hearing
into salary cap breaches involving the Adelaide Crows
and star forward Kurt Tippett continues in Melbourne. The Crows face massive penalties
for the breaches while Tippett faces a 10-to-12
week suspension next season. The hearing began this morning with both Adelaide and Tippett
pleading guilty to the charges. More on this developing story
in Seven News at 6:00. The pay dispute between the NRL
and its players continues. Both sides called
today's negotiations positive, but no decision was made
to increase the salary cap or make a bonus payment to players. They haven't ruled out a boycott
of next year's All Stars game. That hasn't been spoken about, but in saying that,
we need to look at all our options if something isn't agreed upon. The next round of talks
is set for next week. Sam Stosur has told Seven News
she's ready for a gruelling summer and has set her sights on a
successful Australian Open campaign. Stosur will prepare for the Open
at the Apia International Sydney from January 6
at Sydney Olympic Park. Today at a promotional shoot, Stosur said she was looking forward
to the summer, including taking on the likes
of Li Na in Sydney.

You're not going to see much better tennis than this anywhere in the world. To have a great tournament like this in your own backyard, it is one you should take a look at. Sam remains in the world's top 10. It's been a scorching start to the V8 Supercars'
season-ending Sydney 500. Series champion Jamie Whincup
has set the pace in practice for his victory lap
for TeamVodafone. Jason Bright and James Courtney
pushed the limits and just avoided major damage. You'll see all the action on Seven
this weekend. Sebastian Vettel has been given
the all clear after Ferrari complained the German
executed an illegal overtaking move in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Vettel is the youngest
triple world champ in F1.

Sebastian Vettel can now let his hair down and have a party. He was anxiously awaiting the result of that complaint. After the break, We'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update as record spring heat surges
across inland New South Wales. In Melbourne, it's been humid following the city's
hottest November night in more than 100 years.

Rainfall has been light
and patchy, so far. Adelaide, mild
and partly cloudy afternoon. Sydney, humid and cloudy.

From the satellite this trough is fuelling scattered
showers and isolated thunderstorms as it tracks towards
the eastern seaboard. Ahead of it there's very hot
north-westerly winds. In its wake
a humid westerly wind regime. We should see some rain build across
Victoria and parts of Tassie tonight and tomorrow ahead of this developing front. Brisbane tomorrow,
fine and sunny. Sydney, sultry and unsettled, possible afternoon showers
and storms. Melbourne, morning rain
and local thunderstorms clearing to a fine afternoon. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sally. Thanks, David. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Sally Bowrey.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media

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