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(generated from captions) Hear, hear, they are an incredible family, all of the Morecombes. Thank you for the update. Talk to you again

Our politicians are starting
to fly out of Canberra, after Parliament wrapped up
for the year. We're not sure where
disgraced former speaker Peter Slipper will be heading, but it could be overseas.

Mr Slipper spent $300,000
of taxpayers' money in the first six months
of the year including almost $100,000
on international travel to destinations including
Uganda, Kazakhstan and Hungary. The figures were released
just before Parliament rose. The final question time saw
a fiery exchange between our leaders. Julia Gillard stared down
Tony Abbott after he suggested she was a criminal. The more we hear
from the Prime Minister, the more obvious it is that she has
been involved in unethical conduct and possibly unlawful behaviour. This is not about gender, this is
about character and Prime Minister, you have failed the character test. The only thing that should be coming
out of his mouth is an apology. Here he is trying to fudge
one way and fudge the other. This morning he went out
and accused me of a crime. Back it up or shut up.

Joining us now for the very last
time this year are our big guns of politics Environment Minister Tony Burke
and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Tony, should there be
a judicial inquiry to get to the bottom
of Ms Gillard's involvement with the union slush fund?

Look, there's nothing more awful, Mel than having accusations of criminal behaviour but then, when there's no actual allegation of what it is, you know, when you have a judicial inquiry or a few weeks ago, we made the announcement about a Royal Commission into something incredibly serious where the allegations are real and known. On this one, they have been arguing questions to answer and then when it came to it, Tony Abbott had no allegation to make. There are more serious issues to put to Royal Commissions and judicial inquiries. On this one, if he can't make an allegation in the 15 minute speech in parliament, then really we should just move on and get on with issues that matter to Australians. Joe, Tony has a point there. Tony Abbott, 15 minutes speech, not one skerrick of evidence to back up his allegations. Should he resign over his behaviour? At least apologise for his tirade? No. And frankly, there were allegations made. You just played the allegation that Julia Gillard may have deliberately misled the Western Australia consumer affairs commission which would be an unlawful act. The bottom is. What evidence did he bring up? Well, clearly there wan hard fact. In parliament, in parliament, he raised - he offered, he said here is the form with your writing on it. The form with your writing on it that seeks to claim that it was an AWU official fund when in fact it wasn't. The bottom line is here It was the exact opposite. The exact operates, Joe It had an AWU and went on to talk about the specific purpose of the fund, right. I saw the form. So the bottom line here, bottom line here is the government, the government refuses to properly answer the questions. We have tried all week to get answers out of the Prime Minister. She went give the answers. Therefore, clear the air, have an independent judicial inquiry and make sure it's all dealt with, the current Fair Work commissioner, Mr Cambridge has said who was an AWU official at the time, said there should be a judicial inquiry. We're supporting the call of the AWU for a judicial inquiry. We are supporting that. All right. Let me talk to you about something else then. Peter Slipper, almost $ almost $100,000 for overseas almost $100,000 for overseas travel. Do you reckon he was just milking its public purse before he left the speaker's job? It certainly Sundays ridiculous, doesn't it? I mean, I say he should never have been speak her. I am happy that he is not is not speaker any more. It's just - it's all wrong. Tony, you are a minister and you spent $ spent $25 grand less than him. What is he going to KAK stand? Is he is a Borat fan? Should he repay it to taxpayers I don't know what the official work on the trips was. The thing that matters with any of this, I remember when I was first sent oversees as a minister for a delegation and thought this would be fantastic. The meetings rooms on the other side of the world, look the world, look exactly like the meeting rooms here. Maybe he needed Skype or conference calls would have been cheaper. Guy, Merry Christmas, happy new year. Look forward to your return next year. What will it take for you guy, both sides of politics to guy, both sides of politics to clean up their act and bring a bit of decorum back? Kochie, You go first, Joe. OK. Well, Kochie, I want to wish you and Mel and all the Sunrise team a very Merry Christmas. I am going to send you a book which is our manifesto for the future which we release this week. It will be available on my website but I will send you the hard copy which illustrates we have a positive agenda for next year. It will be great Christmas reading on the beach. Great. Look forward to it. Tony. Well, I'll watch the best seller list for that one, Joe. Merry Christmas to everybody. And look, I reckon at least we for all the complaints about behaviour in parliament, at least every Friday morning we have than able to have a passionate and civil conversation. That has been the good part of some tough weeks. We are glad you do too. Have a great