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(generated from captions) something fresh to talk about. Thanks a lot, guys. Thank you for having me.Well, a view from the other side of the house, we're joined by Anthony Albanese. What have you made of the PM's performance?I think she had a cracker. She's been interesting in big issues. We have done lots. And we've had to put up with a pretty relentlessly negative attack. There's been so much debate about whether this AWU scandal is even a story but it won't go away. Surely it can't go on in to next year as well?Well, one would have thought that the mud bucket is completely empty now. Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne this morning were out there saying that the PM had engaged in criminal activity. But didn't even bother to move a no- confidence motion or a motion against the PM. Where do move a motion to get Tony Abbott to his feet, to speak.You mentioned Christopher Pyne and we know he's a Liberal attack dog but he's a very sensitive soul. I have some vision to show you from the ABC last night. The Australian people are thoroughly sick of it.Happy Christmas to you, Craig.We'll have to leave it there. A merry Christmas to both of you.I wish him a merry Christmas and he didn't reciprocate.You have to wish him a Merry Christmas.Poodles are pretty sensitive.Thank you very much, mate. Enjoy the break. Come back with something fresh next year,