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This program is captioned live. Record heat - Melbourne melts and Sydney set to swelter as the heatwave rolls in. Gillard versus Abbott - the Government hits back at claims the PM broke the law. A true legend - puenters pulls stumps on an incredible career. Well done, son. No romance please - a dating website for singles that just want to be parents. Rockin' it - the stars turn out for music's big trophy night. And shake your bon bon - Ricky Martin headed down under - what?

We're getting ready because when Ricky Martin hits this place - are you OK? You'll get chafing if you continue to do that for too long? Chafing? I reckon it's fantastic. Huge!Tight leather pants will be back in.They certainly will be. I'm catching up a little bit. Ricky Ponting is the new coach on 'The Voice'. And Ricky Martin has retired.Yeah. And Michael Clarke is very emotional about it.Very emotional.Alright?You'd miss Ricky Martin from the team, wouldn't you?Coming up - speaking of things cricket, Karl is speaking to Brett Lee about a bit of batting practice they went through. Look at that, right there. The tongue's out. Well, he bowled fast. Sledging?Yeah. Anyway. I'll show you the results.You look like a midget!I look like a midget?! You've already said that you've had all the kids that you're going to have.That was very painful. That's why I'm sitting like this today. Welcome, everyone.Good morning to you. It is Friday 30 November. Let's have a look at the weather around the country for you right now.

News time now with Georgie. Good morning to you both and a very good morning to you. Temperatures across NSW are set so soar today as the record heatwave which was felt across Victoria and South Australia yesterday moves north. Forecasters are predicting the mercury to hit more than 40 degrees across western Sydney with areas closer to the coast soaring into the high 30s. Authorities are warning residents to be prepared with fears there could be a repeat of last year's deadly heatwave.We found that there were about 600 hospital admissions and about 100 deaths.Yesterday, Victorians sweated through the hottest November day on record with the State's maximum hitting 46 degrees. The warm weather wreaked havoc for residents. Tens of thousands of Vodafone customers were left without service after an air conditioning meltdown at a major Melbourne switch. Bruce and Denise Morcombe say they are shell shocked after learning they will finally be able to lay their son to rest. A Queensland coroner yesterday ordered Daniel's remains be released to the family. Alison Ariotti joins us from Brisbane. Alison, this was a decision the Morcombes hadn't expected.Georgie, it certainly took Bruce and Denise Morcombe by surprise yesterday afternoon. It's been a tumultuous week for them. They began the week not even knowing if they'd be able to sit in and listen to the committal hearing in the Brisbane Magistrates' Court. They were ordered they could and heard four days of harrowing evidence. Then yesterday lunchtime the first step came in the process of being able to get Daniel's remains back when the accused signed a document saying that he no longer needed to undertake DNA testing, the defence no longer needed to undertake DNA testing and they were agreeable to the remains being released. That was the first step, as I said, but for everything else to happen, there needed to be more people to sign off on it. That happened late yesterday afternoon when the State Coroner order that today Daniel's remains be handed over to a Sunshine Coast funeral home. Bruce and Denise Morcombe were shell shocked at the news but have been waiting a very long time. As Bruce said yesterday, it was 467 days since Daniel was found, 3,280 days since he disappeared, so every day they've been waiting for this day, really, when they can actually go ahead with planning a funeral. Now, they're hoping that they will be able to bury they're son in the next 10 days, but it will certainly still be a busy time for them because they'll be listening it week two of the committal here in Brisbane and trying to organise the funeral at the same time. So certainly promising news for the family, but you wouldn't say pleasing news, Georgie.No, indeed. But hopefully finally some closure for them. Alison, thank you very much. A British judge has blasted the behaviour of the British press, describing it as outrageous, while also recommending the set-up of an independent regulator. Handing down the findings into a long-running media inquiry, Lord Justice Leveson said the press acted as if its own code of conduct didn't exist. This has damaged the public interest, caused real hardship, and, on occasion, wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent people. Prime Minister David Cameron has baulked at the idea of new legislation to regulate the press. A new romp has revealed the toll politicians, media advisers, staffers and even partners are having on the public purse. The cost of VIP flights was tabled in Parliament yesterday and it revealed taxpayers are forking out $120,000 for special flights with just one person on board. The report shows Peter Slipper's spending skyrocketed when he was elevated to the Speaker's position, splashing out $300,000 in a matter of months. Kevin Rudd's overseas trips as foreign minister told $340,000 in less than two months while Julia Gillard wracked up $500,000 for her international travel. Clubs will have an extra two years to comply with new pokie laws after the legislation was finally passed in Parliament yesterday. From 2018, poker machines will have pre- commitment technology to allow gamblers to limit their spending. ATM withdrawals will be capped at $250 at gaming venues. Anti- gambling campaigners have described the laws as a loss disguised as a win. They wanted a $1 maximum bet on pokies to curb problem gambling but clubs say that would ruin them. Adam Gilchrist has paid tribute to cricketing legend Ricky Ponting after the former Test skipper announced his retirement yesterday. His ex-team-mate said he was honoured to have played as Ponting's long-serving vice captain. It's rare when someone younger than you is a mentor for you but I found him that. To work alongside him with the captain-vice captain relationship was really enjoyable. His work ethic was inspirational. Gilchrist says Ponting's exit after the Perth Test will leave Australian selectors with a large hole to fill. A man's been arrested in Sydney after allegedly glassing another man at a hotel in the city's west. The 45-year-old is accused of pouring a schooner over the man's head before smashing it into the side of his face. Police say the alleged victim was then punched a number of times until staff and other people at the hotel came to his rescue. Both men are now in hospital and being treated for their injuries. There are growing concerns for the health of Julian Assange, who is said to be suffering from a chronic lung infection and needing constant medical attention. Ecuador's ambassador to Britain says the WikiLeaks boss is sick because of a lack of sunlight and fresh air. He's exposed to any health consequences from this lack of sunlight and lack of fresh air. He has a chronic lung infection that could get worse at any moment. Assange has been holed up in the embassy in London since June. Well, troubled actress Lindsey Lohan has once again found herself in trouble with police after a run- in at a New York nightclub. Our US correspondent Denham Hitchcock joins us now. Denham, what's happened this time?Yeah, what's happened this time? They're the on rative words in this -- operative words in that sentence. She was arrested at 4am over an assault in a bar. We have some details that would make Richard Reid proud here. I'm going to go through them. It seems that this was all over a guy by the name of Max, who is in a band, a boy band called The Wanted. They were it's opening act at a Bieber concert. She went there to see this guy, Max, tried to get back stage but was blocked. She arranged to meet them afterwards. They all met afterwards, Max was there, went to a bar, went to a club. She got so horrendously drunk that Max was turned off and started hitting on the other woman and that other woman is the woman Lindsay is accused of being in the altercation with. It all makes sense now. She's been charged. The irony is that Max went home with a third woman. Struck out there for her. I did an Internet search. She's been arrested about 16 times and she's still on probation for a jewellery theft and she will be charged today over something else in California, a car accident. Her career should have been resurrected with the 'Liz and Dick' movie but she's been savaged over that and no doubt will be savaged over this.Trouble seems to follow her. Denham Hitchcock, thank you very much for the update. Let's look at the markets now:

Well, a host of international pop stars rocked the stage at last night's ARIA Awards but it was Australia's King of Pop, Gotye, who truly starred, matching the likes of John Farnham and Alex Lloyd after collecting his tenth ARIA. (Sings) # Let's go, let's go, let's go... # Hip-hop tunes from the Hilltop Hoods. That's how the 26th ARIA Awards kicked off. The group from South Australia took out the Best Urban Album. Guy Sebastian pumped up the crowds with his number-one hit. An artist who certainly hasn't faded is Gotye, who took out four awards, including Best Male Artist and Album of the Year.Gosh, I've been standing up here a lot. What's going on back there?In a symbolic move, Yothu Yindi inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame performed alongside Peter Garrett. The act bringing the crowd to its feet. The highlight, though, was undoubtedly pop superstar Taylor Swift. Indie rock band the Temper Trap was also a stand-out, winning Best Group and Best Rock Album. Matt Corby won Song of the Year for 'Brother' and sent this message from Europe, where he's touring. Thank you for everyone who voted for the song. It means a lot. Shortly after her performance, New Zealander Kimbra scored the gong for Best Female Artistness a night that belonged to Gotye. Impressive line-up, quite a night. Best on ground was Richard Wilkins I thought last night. He hasn't showed up at work yet and - because traditionally, you know, rock star -That is the empty seat. The Rich Wilkins seat.Dickie will be there at some point. Apparently there was some amazing stuff that went on. Excellent. He'll give us all that. Lovely dress too, Georgie.Oh, thank you.Beautiful frocks.She always looks beautiful.Not always. Oh, no. Always.I reckon 99% of the time. Sometimes she gets it wrong. No, 11 out of 10, Karl.Let's go to the national flyaround this morning.

Still no sighting of Richard Wilkins but Ben is here and you've got all the sport, Ben. Dickie is in the building and will be here shortly, Lisa. Up next - rugby league players push for a rise in the salary cap and a big farewell that will happen today - Ricky Ponting prepares to say goodbye in WA and to the rest of Australia. We'll have that after the break.

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We're looking for Richard Wilkins this morning. That's the bowels of the company. That's Dickie's dressing room. Still no sign of the big fella. That's Wednesday's papers right there. That's his chair but still nothing from him. Hopefully he'll show up soon. He always shows up for work so hopefully Richard Wilkins is coming up soon with all the gossip from the ARIAs.Normally he'd be preparing for that segment right about now. But no sign.No sign of Dickie. Look at Wide World of Sports. 'Footy Show'. I didn't even know those things were there. Oh, there we are.Down the end. We did get a spot.Is that the only photo of us?That's it. Time now for a look at the front pages around the country. The 'Daily Telegraph' says that after 168 Tests, 285 innings and more than 13,000 runs, cricketing legend Ricky Ponting has decided to call it a day, announcing his retirement from Test cricket.The Hobart 'Mercury' goes on to say tears and tributes greeted Ricky Ponting's decision it end his 17-year career with the third Test against South Africa in Perth to be his last wearing the baggy green.The 'Australian' says Tony Abbott has declared he will not back off his allegation that Julia Gillard broke the law and will pursue an inquiry into the slush fund affair.In the 'Sydney Morning Herald', Julia Gillard says Tony Abbott is too negative, sexist and lightweight to run the country, as she seeks to turn the Coalition's handling of the Slater and Gordon allegations to her advantage.More will walk away - the 'Courier-Mail' reports the rebel MP who sparked the Queensland Government's painful week says more MPs are preparing to walk away from Campbell Newman's team.The 'Herald Sun' reports AFL players are turning to private rehab clinics to deal with serious drug problems with at least two Melbourne-based footballers seeking help for ice addiction.The 'Age' says Melbourne identity Mick Gatto has been hit with a massive $10 million tax bill after a marathon investigation into his business and private life.In the Adelaide 'Advertiser', experts say house- holders have been paying up to $300 more each year than they should for electricity because generation companies have been manipulating the market to force up profits.The West 'Australian' reports China's biggest agricultural conglomerate is buying big parcels of land in WA's south as part of a plan to create a supply chain direct from WA farms to the Chinese food bowl. And finally in the 'Northern Territory News' - "Fruing struck down by lightning".Oh, dear. You're just seeing a French meal there.I am. And a few humans were nearly hit too during wild electrical storms in the State but sad news for that frog and his family.The frog family are doing it tough right now.I'm not sure that we should be showing that, should we?Yeah.Poor little thing. Yeah. We'll know better next time. They need to get rid of the toads up there but not the frogs.We can adjust that as the morning goes on. Good morning, everyone. The curtain is due to come down an another gentleman when the third Test gets under way. We will be showing there. After 17 long years at the crease, our greatest-ever run-scorer has decided this Test will be his last. Punter felt the time was right and says he's glad he got the opportunity to finish on his own terms.It was based on my results and my output, really, in this series so far. It hasn't been what I expect of myself and it certainly hasn't been to the level that I feel is required for batsmen and players in the Australian team.The shock decision stunned his fellow team-mates and brought captain Michael Clarke to tears.He's been an amazing player for a long time... And that'll do me for today. Sorry. I can't answer that. He's a class act, Clarkey. No doubt hoping to give his former skipper the send-off he deserves in Perth and all of the action right here on Channel Nine. It takes on extra significance after that announcement yesterday. Don't miss a ball today. To the NRL right now and there's plenty of fireworks expected today as a handful of players meet with the Australian Rugby League Commission arguing for a rise to the salary cap. The Players Association is demanding the cap be increased by $1.5 million so that would mean $6.5 million for each club. Interim league boss Shane Mattiske hasn't ruled out a possible increase but maintains he want an agreed figure locked in for 2013 and beyond.It's possible that it could change. It's certainly something that they've raised.How would you feel if you saw Israel Folau playing rugby? Look, we want to say Israel come to the game.A cap increase would allow clubs to secure players like Israel Folau. Also Manly would be able to register Brett Stewart whose contract is in negotiations with the league's auditor at the moment. It's D-Day for the Adelaide Crows this morning facing an AFL Commission hearing into the club's salary cap allegations involving Kurt Tippett. Steven Trigg, the CEO, has arrived in Melbourne and he is a little bit diplomatic at this stage.It's been a really, really long six weeks for everybody. It's been demanding on the footy club and we're looking forward to tomorrow to be able to start to put it behind us. That's all I can say. The Crows are expected to plead guilty to the charges with the officials involved facing lengthy bans. The Socceroos depart for Hong Kong later this morning ahead of their East Asian Cup qualifiers next week. Melbourne duo Archie Thompson and Mark Milligan have been named in the 20-man squad but their absence from tonight's clash with Perth Glory doesn't concern the Victory coach.We're confident that we can restructure and cover the absences of those two. They've been really good for us.And check this out - described as one of the most embarrassing own goals of all time, Tottenham's Gareth Bale simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's unfortunate.Yes, I think that is a Falcon. Can't do anything about that.It's fine in the backyard or out on the street but not when everyone's watching. Have you seen Dickie? We've got a cam are in the corridor. Everyone's looking for him. No-one knows where he is.Is that Dickie's man servant?It is, yeah.He's not often seen. That's a sneak peek right there. We'll forge ahead. Because Richard Reid at least has turned up for work and he's got some Hollywood gossip for us.He thought he was the man servant. Where he is he? Where is he?! What's going on?I can tell you this, if Richard's not in trouble, Lindsey Lohan is! Is the troubled star headed for the slammer? I think she is. The scoop, the scandal of all things Lindsey coming up!

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You can win $1,000 this morning just by telling us where Dickie S but also the Muffin Man. Check him out! He's been at the ARIAs!It looks like the Muffin Man has been making a few confessions. Which Aussie city could be famous for its churches,

Karl?It's confession time.Indeed. It is time now for some gossip. He's turned up. I did have a big night. I've got all the highlights coming up. Did you sleep?I had a good night's sleep, thank you, Karl. Let's go to Hollywood. Richard Reid is on board about all the -- with all the goings-on in Tinseltown. Come on, come on, come on, Richard! What did he say? Another day, another drama for Lindsey Lohan, Richard.When she's good, she's very, very good. But when she's bad, you know we're talking about it. A bar fight, an arrest, a probation violation - oh! It's just another night in Lindsey Lohan's life. Of course, last night in New York, arrested after a barroom brawl with another woman over a man! Of course! She was arrested and let out on bail. But get this - here in Los Angeles it is a guaranteed slam dunk that today she will be charged over that car crash last August - lying to police, reckless driving, obstruction of justice. It is almost for certain that Lindsey will spend time behind bars.Oh! She's her own worst enemy, isn't she? Richard, thank you for that. We're going to leave it there for now, mate. We'll check in with you a little bit later on.OK, buy Lindsey - I mean Richard! Oh! Oh!Anyone else?Oh!Richard's also got a big moment coming up on the show. Last day of Movember. Thank goodness for that.We're getting rid of the mo live on air. It's time for the news. There he is. Thank you very much, Karl. Good morning. NSW is set to swelter today with a record heatwave expected to hit most of the State. We have a full heatwave update for you this morning with reporters in Sydney and Melbourne. Let's go first to Today reporter Sylvia Jeffreys, who joins us from Penrith in western Sydney. Sylvia, just how hot is it expected to get there today?Well, we're expecting extreme heat, Georgie, over the next 48 hours, in places like Penrith, where we are this morning. Also Richmond in Sydney's west are expecting about 40 degrees today, 41 tomorrow. The lower Blue Mountains will also be very hot and Parramatta - they're aiming for about 37 degrees today, 38 tomorrow. Of course, places like Bondi Beach, all those eastern beaches and bays will be very popular over the next 48 hours, although they will be slightly cooler thanks to the sea breezes. So Bondi today is expecting more around 28, 29 degrees and 31 tomorrow. Now, authorities, health officials, are warning us, urging us, to take this heatwave very seriously. Our last heatwave in Sydney in February last year caused 96 deaths, according to health officials. So they want us to play it very safe today and tomorrow, to take precautions, in particular look out for the young, the elderly and those with chronic diseases, to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.Very good advice. Thank you. Let's go now to Christine Ahern who joins us from Melbourne. Chris, how are conditions there today?Well, Georgie, it was a warm minimum of 24.6 in Melbourne overnight. You have to go back to 1997 to get a minimum in Melbourne like that. And it was extremely hot in Melbourne yesterday. In the city, it was 39.6. The hottest temperature was actually recorded in the State's north-west, which was 45.8. Now, this heat caused a myriad of problems in Melbourne. For one, there was an outbreak similar to what we saw in Sydney in Melbourne of red algae from Lorne to Torquay. That caused some beaches to close. That was because of the warm temperatures immediately after the heavy storms we saw earlier in the week. It was also a big problem if you have a phone run by Vodafone, because a major switch malfunctioned in Tullamarine after the air conditioning broke down. Technicians working through the night to try and get that back up and running. Georgie, it's a little cooler today. It's going to be a maximum of 28 degrees, but still very warm and humid in Melbourne. As you say, after a very hot night. Christine Ahern, thank you for that. Daniel Morcombe's parents are preparing to bury their son within 10 days after a Queensland coroner yesterday ordered the release of his remains. After sitting through four gruelling days at the committal hearing of Daniel's accused murderer, the Morcombes say receiving the long-awaited news was like being told of their son's death all over again. 43-year-old Brett Peter Cowan has been charged with abducting and killing the Sunshine Coast schoolboy in December 2003. Yesterday, he signed a 3-page document stating that he didn't require the remains for his defence. A British judge has slammed the British press for going against its own code of conduct with its outrageous behaviour. Lord Justice Leveson has handed down the findings into the long-running inquiry into widespread phone hacking. He's called for the British Government to set up an independent body to regulate the media. The ball moves back into the politicians' court. They must now decide who -- politicians' court. They must now decide who guards the guardians.But Prime Minister David Cameron has told Parliament he doesn't think new legislation is necessary. Updating finance for you now:

I reckon we should get some sport so it's over to Ben. Ricky Ponting's retirement is sure to inspire Australia when the third Test gets under way today. The Aussies will have an all-new pace attack at the WACA after skipper Michael Clarke confirmed Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus will both be rested.As I've said the whole time it's about selecting the best 11 players to win this Test match in these conditions against the opposition you're playing and we feel we've got a good stock with the other four fast bowlers in the squad of 12. Josh Hazelwood and John Hastings will make their Test debuts with spinner Nathan Lyon expected to play 12th man. Chris Judd is set to stand down as Carlton captain next season after leading the Blues for four years. Judd enters the final year of his contract next year, 2013. A formal decision is yesterday to be -- yet to be made but it's expected he will hand the reins over to Marc Murphy or Andrew Carrazzo. In the V8s, the heat is on for the finale in Sydney this weekend. The drivers expect a carnage-filled final round as it always seems to be in Homebush. Hopefully there's not too much damage to Jamie Whincup's Commodore, the champion saying he's hoping to buy the car. He says he'd sell his house or even steal it to have that vehicle. What's going on, Jamie? All of the action from the WACA today - we'll preview that later. What about the chrome Commodore there?Wouldn't you love to be at the WACA today to farewell Punter?In a chrome Commodore.On the hill.Imagine going to the cricket in your car like the drive-in.Back in the day, that's what you used to do.15 people in the boot.Yeah.We had a few in the back at drive-ins. They didn't pay the 50 cents for the kids.Thank you, Ben. Let's get a check of the weather now on this Friday morning. Good morning, Emma. Good morning, Lisa and Karl. Well, despite the very warm temperatures many areas of the country have been experiencing over the last couple of days, tomorrow is actually the first day of summer so we thought we'd come down to La Perouse in Sydney to check out the amazing work that the Westpac lifesaver helicopter does. They're coming into their busiest time of the year with more people heading to the beaches and there's no doubt that all 15 choppers across the country will be in use at some point over the coming months. We'll tell you a little bit more but we'll look at the weather first.

Storms over the Top End produce heavy showers. To the south, showers are associated with a broad surface trough. Showers are also associated with a westerly air stream passing just south of WA. For all those aviation enthusiasts out there, this is a Kawasaki BK117 and this is the chopper her use for all rescues. The boys are doing checks at the moment because they have to be ready to go at any given moment, once they receive a call, if they do, on any given day. It only takes four minutes to get airborne and head to their required location. The Westpac helicopter service has been in operation since 1973. They do an incredible job and we're going to highlight it throughout the morning, Karl and Lisa.Fantastic job they do. Thank you for that, Emma. Up next - will Julia Gillard take legal action over the AWU scandal? And later - all the highlights from the ARIA Awards.

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Welcome back to the show. As Parliament drew to a close for the year yesterday, there were dramatic scenes and the Prime Minister suspended Question Time in order to challenge the Opposition Leader to back up his claims that he made on our show yesterday over her conduct in the AWU's slush fund scandal. Take a look. Well, it demonstrates that she misled the West Australian corporate affairs commission -- Corporate Affairs Commission and that is obviously a very serious matter. That would certainly appear too be in breach of the law. This is a Prime Minister who made false representations, who gave false information to the Corporate Affairs Commission of Western Australia, which allowed a fraudulent vehicle, allowed a vehicle to be established which was then used for fraud.The Leader of the Opposition went on to national television and accused me of committing a crime. The Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader yesterday in Parliament. Joining us now is Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. Good morning to you, Mr Conroy.Good morning, Lisa.Well, Tony Abbott accused Julia Gillard of breaking the law. She says she hasn't. Is she going to sue?Well, she gave Tony Abbott yesterday every opportunity to back up his claim that he made to you yesterday. And it is no surprise that he was not able to. The Prime Minister has said from day one she has done nothing wrong. She suspended all of Question Time yesterday and said, "OK, you claim I've committed a criminal act. Here's your chance. Put your evidence on the table." I mean, in the last few days, we've passed legislation to improve safety around gambling for significant gambling reform. Tony Abbott said no. He opposed it. We've got the National Disability Insurance Scheme, something that we've championed for the last few years since the Productivity Commission report. Tony Abbott won't commit to supporting it. The families of disabled Australians need this help. Tony Abbott says no. And we've got the goneski -- Gonski reforms as they're called, which are all about education and making schools better for our children and the Opposition are saying no. They want to talk about smearing the Prime Minister over something that happened 17, 18 years ago and when the crunch came and they were given every opportunity to prove their claim, there was nothing. I mean Tony Abbott is a disgrace.Well, he said all of that yesterday during Parliament, under parliamentary privilege, but what he said here on the show yesterday is obviously something that has not pleased the Prime Minister at all. Is she going to sue?Well, look, I haven't spoken to the Prime Minister about that.Do you think she should?Look, obviously at the end of the day, that's up to the Prime Minister and her legal advice. But what it showed was that has just got zero substance -Well, Tony Abbott has - John Howard, whether you liked him or not -Tony Abbott has said he's not going to back off on this. A lot of people looked at that yesterday and thought, "That's now done and dusted, hopefully," but he's said he's not going to back off and it's hard to imagine that the slush fund affair hasn't damaged the Prime Minister's reputation. As we know, mud can stick. Is the Prime Minister too much like damaged goods now for Labor to win this next election? Look, I reject that absolutely. That is no question that a number of papers in this country have been attempting to produce this smear. They have produced nothing. The Prime Minister has now done two marathon press conferences. She's faced a whole week this week and previous weeks about the substance of this issue. This is a smear campaign. Tony Abbott is opposing our national disability insurance campaign. He's got no policy credentials when it comes to improving education for our kids. And this week, our 30,000th customer started using the National Broadband Network and Tony Abbott says no to that -You're right that all of that has been swept under the carpet. The slush fund affair has dominated everything, but the trouble is it's been so complicated that it's been very difficult for people to follow. But something that a lot of people are left wondering from all of this is if the Prime Minister's boyfriend at the time, Bruce Wilson's actions back in the '90s were so questionable, and, as the Prime Minister has put it were not honest, but she chose to end their 4-year relationship, why didn't she go to the police back then?Well, as she said repeatedly, when she ended her relationship, when she realised what was going on - and she's not the first person in history to be deceived by someone they cared about, she's not the first person - but when she realised that, she ended the relationship. She had no evidence whatsoever about illegal activities in a whole variety of areas that her former boyfriend or alleged illegal activities her former boyfriend was involved in. There was evidence before the union that was already under investigation. There was calls for police investigations at the time when all of this happened. So Julia Gillard has repeatedly said, "How can I report something I didn't know about?" she was deceived. She's not the first person in a relationship to be deceived. She won't be the last.Moving on, news this morning that disgraced former speaker of the House, Peter Slipper, has spent almost $300,000 on international travel in a matter of just months and at one point was spending almost $700 a day on hotels and restaurants - what sort of message do you think that sends to voters?Well, the speaker - despite not being a formal member of the Government, the speaker has quite significant international roles. He hosts many international delegations and he goes to many countries because there's discussions about the way parliaments are run all over the country -But he set a record with that sort of spending.Well, I hadn't seen that figure until I got up this morning and it is - it looks on the surface like a large figure but international travel is expensive and it has to be justified. Ministers have to justify our travel and we have strict guidelines about what we can do. But, um, I hadn't seen that figure until I got up this morning. Alright. OK. Finally, the topic of diabetes funding. Tony Abbott made this announcement yesterday on our show. I'm renewing the Coalition's commitment to spent $35 million on research into type 1 diabetes. This was money that I was first able to make available as health minister. I think the research must continue because the research is promising and if we spend the money, there's every chance that one day we will get the cure.So will you match the Coalition's pledge of $35 million? Well, we already put $100 million into medical research into these areas. So we welcome Tony Abbott, who has finally found a policy he'd like to talk about and like to champion. That's a good sign. Maybe hopefully next year instead of just opposing and having no policies - I mean, can I say that like or dislike John Howard, I gree or disagree with John Howard, he had a policy of substance. Tony Abbott spends all his time saying no and just engaged in smear. So we've already committed $100 million for research -How much of that is for diabetes specifically?Diabetes can apply for that from the medical research centre. So we've already provided significant funding and we would welcome an application from the diabetes groups.OK. Alright. I'm sure that they're watching, listening and that application will be in the mail very shortly. Senator Conroy, thank you very much for your time. This is the last we'll speak to you this year so I hope you'll have a lovely Christmas. You too. Merry Christmas to all of your viewers and hope to catch you all this year.It's always good to have him with us. Most clicked is next including the final instalment of Killer Karaoke, folks.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back. Good to have your company this morning. A whole heap of cash to give away. We're shaving off Richard Wilkins's mo. It's all happening. Now it's time to have a look at the most clicked items on the net. At number one, Kate Middleton debuted a controversial new hair cut this week. Not everyone liked it and so she's been given some suggestions for another do. Now, here's the iconic Jennifer Aniston but that's Kate's head. Or perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow -She looks like Sharon Stone there.She looks good with Gwyneth's stuff. Maybe Kylie is more her style. No. Dannii Minogue's cropped hairstyle, maybe? No.Not really happy with Catherine just being Catherine.Let her be her.A bit of Friday fun. Another hit - a great new show, 'Killer Karaoke'. Have a look at this. (Sings) # I'm the man at the scene # I can give you what you want but you got to come home with me # I've got some good old loving and I got some more in store # And when I get to throwing it on you, you got to come back for me # Boys that come a dime by the dozen # That ain't nothing but 10 cent loving # Hey, little thing, let me light

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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company today.It is news time now. Here's Georgie.Thank you, Lisa. Good morning to you. It's NSW's furn to sizzle today as the record heatwave which was felt across Victoria and South Australia yesterday moves east. Forecasters are expecting parts of western Sydney to soar to more than 40 degrees. The predictions have prompted warnings from health authorities and police of the dangers of heat exposure. Yesterday, Victorians sweltered through the hottest November day on record with the State's maximum hitting 46 degrees. The heatwave is being blamed for a massive glitch within the Vodafone network. 15% of customers nationwide lost service after an air conditioning meltdown at a major Melbourne switch. Labor is continuing to attack Tony Abbott for comments made on the Today show yesterday where he accused the Prime Minister of breaking the law over the AWU scandal. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says it's up to Julia Gillard whether to take legal action against the Opposition Leader.Well, look, I haven't spoken to the Prime Minister about that.Do you think she should?Look, obviously at the end of the day, that's up to the Prime Minister and her legal advice.Ms Gillard yesterday insisted Mr Abbott put up or shut up over the allegations. A woman has been taken to hospital with facial burns after fire ripped through a 2-storey home in Melbourne's east overnight. Flames leapt 6m into the air as fire gutted the Upper fern free gully house trapping the woman inside.We were able to rescue a female that was unconscious at the time and everything and that proved very successful.The woman is in a serious but stable condition. Investigators are working to determine what caused the fire. The burnt-out and mangled remains of a crane which collapsed at an inner-city Sydney building site will be salvaged this weekend. Work will take place between 4am Saturday and 4am Monday as workers remove the damaged parts and work to stabilise the building affected by the accident. Part of the crane erupted into flames at Ultimo on Tuesday, causing the boom to come crashing down. Broadcaster Derryn Hinch will sign off for the last time today as he wraps up his last drive show after 10 years with Melbourne radio station 3AW. Bosses decided not to renew the radio personality's contract in August but Hinch hit out saying he had, in fact, been sacked, the 15th time in his controversial career. The Government's controversial plane packaging -- plain packaging for cigarettes seems to be working in turning off some smokers. Quitline says smokers are reporting cigarettes taste worse. Tobacco companies say they haven't changed ingredients which anti-smoking groups say proves how powerful branding is. Now to finance:

Well, let's get all the sport now and, Ben, it's over to you. You can do it.No, no, no. This is your turn.You sure?Definitely. Michael Clarke says he's not confirmed about playing two debutants today. Quicks Josh Hazelwood and John Hastings will receive their baggy green with Clarkey opting for a 4-man pace attack. Meanwhile, Ricky Ponting will equal Steve Waugh on 168 Tests after announcing Perth will be his last. The rugby league Players Association will meet with the Rugby League Commission today to argue for a raise in the salary cap. Players are pushing for an increase of $1.5 million per club which would see players like Israel Folau return to the game. The Adelaide Crows will front an AFL Commission hearing this morning over the Kurt Tippett salary cap scandal. The embattled club faces several charges for alleged thirbd- party deals worth $300,000 that were made to Tippett in 2009. And the Melbourne Victory will be chasing five straight wins when they host Perth at AAMI Park tonight. However, they'll be without key players Archie Thompson and Mark Milligan, who are away with the Socceroos in Hong Kong. Let's have a look at a few Today show Ts. This one sent in by 15- year-old Alison from Grafton who has made a tea bag T sign.That's cool.Very clever. And this is from Ross. He sent in this one.Oh! That's magnificent.Look at that. It's almost like the parting of the ocean.The seas.Like in the Bible. Do you know about that, Lisa? Probably not?I know about that. In the Bible.We're going to announce our Little Legend this morning. Out of all of the Little Legends videos from the year -Can you clarify something? The four that we've seen this week -I'm not going to clarify anything.Probably very wise. Very wise. Because we don't... Yeah.What they do is they take the decision-making process out of our hands and there's a committee and the committee's made the decision and it will be announced at 7:30. Just so you all know at home, that's where the time talks? Lisa instigates it to get away from Bible talk. She doesn't know anything about it. She's going to hell.You know what I'm like, Lisa. You can win $1,000 just by telling us where the Muffin Man is today. It looks like he's a fan of Holden. Could he be in the city where the first Holden was built? And now it wasn't an HSV500.

Time now for your best local forecast. Here's Emma.

We are checking out the amazing work of the west back lifesaver helicopter service this morning coming into their busiest time of year. And yes, in another harness. This is their practice winch. It's obviously expensive for them to train in an actual helicopter winching someone out of the ocean, about $4,000 an hour. So they built this simulator and every crewman here has a go once a week to perfect their skills and technique. We'll show you how it's done straight after we take a look at the national flyaround and see what's happening with your weather.

There will be raised dust in Broken Hill.

Well, John is going to release the winch and we're going to simulate what it would be like to go down in a harness and possibly rescue someone out of the option. They're hooked up all in their harness and then they have another harness and a robe that they can attach to someone who might need some help getting out of the water. A lot of people donate a lot of money to charities over the Christmas period and a great one would be to donate some funds for the Westpac helicopter service. Go to They need to buy a new winch which costs about $200,000 for their chopper stationed at La Perouse. That might be a nice idea in the coming months. Emma, you've seen a lot of harness action.Someone does not want me to have children. I'll tell you that much. I am not meant to bear children. You'll be right.You do it brilliantly every time, Emma.Oh, that's funny.She's the daughter of a horse trainer.Exactly. Word is out.Yeah, harnesses, right. Yeah. You're hard to keep up with.She's on the ball, that Georgie. What's going on, Dickie?A big night last night, Karl. The ARIA Awards last night. Top performances from our local acts and visitor Taylor Swift. Highlights coming up.

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Good morning again. Well, last night in Sydney, the 26th annual ARIA Awards were held showcasing and celebrating the class of 2012 in Australian music. It was all go on the red carpet. Guy Sebastian and Jules there. Jess Malboy was terrific. The big winners on the night were Gotye, winning album of the year and Best Male Artist. Kimbra won Best Female Artist. Matt Corby won Single of the Year for 'Brother'. Let's go to the opening act on the show. Here are Hilltop Hoods. It's all about the performances on the night.

the night.
Hilltop Hoods there. Then it was over to Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco performing their number one smash 'Battle Scars'.

smash 'Battle Scars'.
(Sings) # They never are gonna change # Battle scars don't look like they're fading # They ain't never going to change # These battle scars # I hope you never come back # Shouldn't have happened, but you let it # Now you're down on the ground screaming medic... # Love that song. It was red hot in the room. Terrific. We love that? Yeah, a big thumbs-up. Guy can sing. Another of the highlights - a fabulous performance from Missy Higgins. Check this out. (Sings) # And it's getting harder # And my heart is shamed # Because everyone's waiting... # Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful performance. Missy Higgins. Wonderful voice, yeah. Picking up the awards for Best Group and best rock album were Temper Trap and they performed 'Trembling Hands'.

'Trembling Hands'.
It's a wonderful album, that one. It just gets better every time you play it. You're a big fan, Karl? Yeah, I love T and he's got serious charisma, doesn't he?Charisma, yeah. Great voice, great sound. Undoubtedly, the most emotional point of the evening were when Yothu Yindi were inducted into the Hall of Fame. They were joined by Jess Mauboy, Paul Kelly and Peter Garrett, who co-wrote the song.

A beautiful speech followed from a clearly unwell lead singer. Congratulations to Yothu Yindi. There were plenty of international names in the room - Joel and Benji madden, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, who sang up some trouble.

(Sings) # Oh! Oh! Trouble, trouble, trouble... # Taylor winning a lot of fans in the process. She's already got plenty to start with. But she was terrific there. Good production there. There you go. Congratulations to all the winners, the nominees and the performers. The ARIA Awards done and dusted for another year. What did we think? Did we watch it on the telly last night?Yeah.I saw you. And well done with Taylor too and I know that she's a lovely woman and was lovely to see you two together.It was a great pleasure to get out there.Any gossip behind the scenes? Anyone hook up?I don't know anything about that.He's got stuff, people and will tell us at 7:45.What am I going to tell? Stuff. Coming up -Hook-ups.Thank you, Dickie. Coming up after 7:00 - we've got plenty on, let me tell you, today. A record-breaking heatwave sweeping the eastern states of Australia.Then Brett Lee puts Karl through his paces ahead of the third Test. Let me tell you it gets painful.That's enough of that. Ricky Martin - new coach of the 'Voice' people!

(Sings) # Talk to me # Tell me your name # I'm just a link in your Daisy chain... #

This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

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Welcome back to the show. Mortgage Monday is back. Every Monday you can win $10,000 thanks to Westpac. If no-one wins, it jackpots. All you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words "I wake up with Today.". To register call or SMS:Time now for Ross.Good morning to you all. Listen, while the government and Coalition were belting the hell out of each other in Question Time, at the same time something positive happened. The government should be xended more it. It's about -- commended for it. It's about credit reporting, it's not as sexy as arguing about union slush funds, but affects more of us. Last year, 31,488 people and businesss became insolvened. That's to say nothing to say about the hundreds of thousands who had to do a deal with utilities to pay the bill. Part of that is because information credit users had. We have had a negative system. If you mispaid bills, it went bad on your credit history. In many cases, information was not shared. People have been able to rack up 10-12 cards and shuffled. A new legislation sees credit utilities be able to see a credit history. Could be people that have been refused for loans will now get them. It's to stop those getting in strife getting in deeper. And that is process.Thank UThe Muffinman is out and about today. We are -- thank you. The MuffinMan is out and about today.Excellent segue.Which city could be home to a Don Bradman statue? If you know the answer to that tricky question call:

that tricky question call: Just a quick word before we move on - on behalf of everyone at the Today show and behind the scenes, we want to pay whomage to Ricky Ponting, who had a brilliant glittering career, given us so much enjoyment. Ricky waking up in Perth. Get yourself 00 and see yourself out beautifully because -- 100, and see yourself out beautifully, because you have given us so much over the years. On ward and upward. Over to Dickie.He'll be the new coach on 'The Voice'. Sorry. Richard Reid joins us for a hit-out.That was funny.Sorry, not really. Halle Berry...Could have had it four hours ago.Her at the centre of a child custody stoush. She looks like she's had enough.She has had enough. She says "I am leaving Hollywood for good." OK. Overnight Halle Berry secretly put her Hollywood Hills mansion on the market for a cool $15 million. Of course, this is the house, the location, where her current lover alivier pummelled the face of her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. She wants to go to France, the courts won't let her. She says "I don't care where I go, Hollywood, I'm done with you."Kim Kardashian - let's move on to her. She may have called off the marriage, the wedding, but is keeping the souvenirs.Yes, she thinks it's only fair. That was a big engagement ring. Here is the deal. Kris Humphries says "Give back that cajillian wedding ring else I'm not giving you your divorce." That's right, they are still married. Kris wants her to admit in a court of law that the marriage was a sham and publicity stunt". Kim says "No, I'm not, and I'm keeping the ring, you are not getting back the ring." That's why they are still married and why she can't get married to Kanye. Complicated, we'll have to get the whiteboard out for that one sooner or later. Sorry, I thought Karl was going to interject. I was wrong. Richard, you had a smackdown from Gwen Stefani. She says "No, Richard Reid, my marriage is fine, thank you very much indeed.".OK. When I'm wrong I'm wrong. I admit it. At least I'm the first to be wrong. The other day I intimated that Gwen Stefani's marriage was was in trouble because of the nanny. The nanny is really her husband, Gavin Rossdale's sister. If he was touching her back a little bit - it was the sister. OK. Gwen Stefani I apologise. Call me maybe.Yes. Finally - Brad Pitt hits out at probably the most popular bloke around.Yes, especially this time of year. Brad Pitt said Santa Claus I hate you.Come on.I know. He is still scarred and feels betrayed by the fact that everyone lied to him about Santa Claus, that, well, you know, he delivers gifts and all that stuff. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. When Brad found out that may not be the case, he's been betrayed. He gave his kids the option.Santa Claus is alive and well.They can or not write letters. Heading our way soon. Love Santa Claus.I think I hear sleigh bells. Very soon you will. We have to go. See you soon.What a silly thing to say.He's gone off the rails.He's not even a good actor any more. What about the perfume commercial. What was it called.Chanel number 5. The perfume a fabulous.The perfume is good.Brad Pitt is a bit on the nose at the moment.It's a carve-up today. Here are the top stories on Today. Record heat - Melbourne melts and Sydney set to swelter as the heatwave rolls in. Julia Gillard versus Tony Abbott. The government hits back at claims that the PM broke the law. A true edgened - Punter, an incredible career. No romance pleas - a dating website for singles that just want to be parents. Rocket it - the stars turn out for music's big trophy night. And shake your bon- bon - Ricky Martin heading down under. # I want to be your lover...Yes, things hotting up at Channel Nine, Ricky on the way. It's Friday, 30 November. Summer has definitely arrived with Melbourne sweltering through a hot and sticky night, and the mercury tippeded to hit 40 in Sydney's west. 'Today' reporters Christine Ahern and Sylvia Jeffreys join us. Chris, it was one of the Melbourne's hottest November days on record. How did it get that way, and how was it?Well, the Weather Bureau says you have to go back to 1901 to get these kinds of temperatures we had last night. Not surprisingly not a lot of people had a good night's sleep. It stayed in the mid 20s, dipping to the minimum of 24.6 at 1:00 this morning. Now it was also a record- breaking November day yesterday for Melbourne. It was 39.6 degrees, and - but out in Ouyen it was the hottest day on record - 46 in the state's north-west. It is a little better now. It is 25 degrees. The Weather Bureau says it will be a top of 28, but will be humid and also the chance of thunderstorms. Yes, some of the relies said it was a cool 44 degrees in Mildura yesterday. That's always nice out there. We understand the heat caused meltdown for thousands of Vodafone customers as well.Not very good if you use Vodafone last night, because after 7:30 one of Vodafone's major switches in Tullamarine went into meltdown because one of their airconditioning systems Mal functioned. Vodafone says it focted 50% of customers in -- affected 50% of customers in Victoria and around the country. They worked through the night and all Vodafone customers should be able to use their phones this morning. The hot weather caused a grass fire to break out in Loxley, causing problems in the Hume high way. There was a red algay outbreak - similar to what you had in Sydney - affecting beaches from Lorne to Torquay, because of warm temperatures after heavy storms. Thankfully it's a bit cooler today. Thank you for that. Let's go to Sylvia Jeffreys in Penrith. What is the outlook there today?Well, Sydney's west is in for an absolute scomper today. Penrith, where we are today -- scorcher today. Penrigh, where we are is expecting 38 degrees, 40 tomorrow. It's the same at Richmond. To put it into perspective, the average temperature for Penrigh at this time of year is 27 degrees. Brith, at this time of year is 27 -- Penrith at this time of the year is 27. Coastal suburbs cooler. Bondi, 31. It's still very warm. Places where we are, the Nepean River, will be drawing a big crowd.Still problems with the algae off the beaches of Sydney. People do need to take care. That's the warning from authorities.Absolutely. Health officials take the heatwave seriously. They want us all to take it seriously as health officials said. The last heatwave in Sydney, in February 2011 caused 96 deaths, and hundreds of hospitalisations. They want us to look ute for one another, particularly the young, elderly and knows with chronic health conditions. The advice from police - they are reminding us - do not leave children, pets in cars. They can heat up so quickly in vehicles. Strong advice there. Keep cool, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol. It will be a scorcher, and summer kicking off with a vengeance. It is, indeed. Talk to you soon. Our politicians begin their Christmas break, reeling after an explosive day in parliament. Yesterday's showdown began with Tony Abbott appearing on the Today show, accusing the Prime Minister of breaking the law over the slush fund fiasco.This is a Prime Minister who made false representations, who gave false information to the corporate affairs commission in WA, which allowed a fraudulent vehicle, allowed a vehicle to be established which was then used for fraud.And Julia Gillard didn't take the claim laying down, suspending Question Time and ordering the Opposition Leader to put up or shut up.The Leader of the Opposition was on the Today show and he said "I misled the WA corporate affairs submission", and that is obviously a very serious matter.This morning Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said he couldn't rule out whether the PM would take legal action against Mr Abbott.I haven't spoken to the Prime Minister about that.Do you think she should?As I've said - obviously at the end of the day that's up to the Prime Minister and her legal advice.The Coalition, in the meantime, is vowing to stay the course over the AWU scandal. Mr Abbott has called for a judicial inquiry. Nine years after Daniel Morcombe disappeared Bruce and Denise will finally be able to lay their son to rest. The Queensland Coroner ordered Daniel's remains be given to the Morcombe family today. Alison Ariotti joins us from Brisbane. How did the family react to that news?The Morcombes, as you know, have been pushing for this news for many months. When it was delivered to them yesterday t had them shell- shocked.Bruce Morcombe said last night the family sat around, blanked faced, taking in the enormity of what they heard. How it came forth was when all the DNA experts finished testifying in the Brisbane Magistrates Court the defence said that it no longer needed to go forthwith any DNA testing of its own, and the accused, Brett Peter Cowan signed papers saying he consented to Daniel's remains being released to the family. What followed in the afternoon was the state coroner signing or releasing orders saying that the remains would be released today to a Sunshine Coast funeral home. The family said it is a relief, but not something that brings them joy as now they have to go through the harrowing task of preparing the funeral. Is there any word as to when that might be? Bruce Morcombe said last night that they have not made specific plans. They'd like to have the funeral within the next 10 days. There's no word yet as to whether it will be a private service or something more public for the community to pay their respects. Certainly, of course, we know that the thoughts of Australians will be with the family on that day, and over the next 10 days as they plan the funeral.They most certainly will. Alison Ariotti in Brisbane. Thank you.Thank you, one of the country's greatest batsmen, Ricky Ponting, announced he's retiring from the game. Nine sports reporter Roz Kelly joins us from Perth, where all the action will get under way from Nine. It will be an emotional farewell.Absolutely. Ricky Ponting - he was so emotional here yes. Yesterday. The whole WACA was: Ricky is a tough true blue Aussie and he said the retirement was the hardest thing he had to do. Basically, he came here for his usual test eve training session, which he has done for 20-odd years. Once everyone else finished training he called his team-mates and Cricket Australia officials into the dressing-room where he broke the news to them and he said he found it hard to get any words out. It was that emotional. His wife, and two young daughters came to the ground for support. All his team-mates joined the official press conference to support him, where he said after making just 20 runs in three innings this series, he came to terms with the fact that he wasn't cutting it any more.When you come to the realisation that what you can give is probably not good enough, it's a pretty easy decision. I've given cricket my all. You know, it's been life for 20 years. So - not much more I can give.Roz, I spoke to Ed Cowan who said there was lots of emotion from the players and hinted there was tears in the private gathering before the public was made aware of it. Clarkey, when he went public, he couldn't hold back the tears. This hit Michael Clarke hard. When Ricky made the official announcement in the press conference, Michael was standing up the back, broke down for a moment and choked back tears. He said when I spoke to him afterwards that cricket with Ricky Ponting - test cricket with Ricky Ponting is all he's ever known. He's played every test except for one in his career with him. His guidance and leadership during Michael's career has been so, so important to him. Now, Michael said that he will try to inspire the rest of the team to win for Ricky, and sent him out on top as the No.1 ranked team in the country by winning the test, if they can. It was very hard for him to speak about his good friend. He's been an amazing player for a long time. That will do me for today.Boy, he is all class. Michael Clarke, thank you so much Roz Kelly, we'll see your action from Perth today. Punter, we say thank you. That's all we have to say, and Channel Nine will have all the cricket action from early this morning. Make sure you tune in. Bring it on.Well, a man has been arrested in Sydney over an alleged glassing at at hotel in the city adds west. The 45-year-old is accused of powering a schooner over another man's head before smashing it into the side of his face. The alleged victim was punched a number of times before staff and others at the hotel came to his rescue. Both men are in hospital and are being treated for their injuries. WikiLeaks's boss, Julian Assange is said to be suffering from a chronic lung infection and needing medical attention. Ecuador's ambassador to Britain says there are concerns for his health due to lack of sunlight and fresh air.TRANSLATION: He's exposed to infections from lack of sunlight and fresh air.Julian Assange has been holed up in the embassy in London since June. Controversial broadcaster Derryn Hinch is set to sign off for the final time today, presenting his last drive show after 10 years with Melbourne radio station 3AW. Bosses decided not to renew Hinch's contract in August. Hinch hit-out saying he has been sacked for the 15th time in his career. He'll be back. Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the law again and has been arrested in New York over an alleged assault. Denham Hitchcock joins us now. What happened, brother?She's a brawler. She's a brawler, I say. Yes. As you said, happened in New York in Manhattan. Arrested at 4:00am. She'll be charged with assault. You know I'm a serious news guy, worried about the fiscal cliff, so Richard Reid filled me in on the juicy details.Talk to me. Apparently she was chasing a guy by the name of Max. He's the lead singer for a band called Wanted. They were at a Bieber concert. She tried to get backstage. That is him in the middle with the shaved head. That didn't work. She was blocked. She arranged to meet him at a bar. That worked. She met up at the bar with other guys, then went to a club, she got crazy drunk. Max found it a turn off. He hit on another woman - it's falling into place, because Lindsay Lohan will be charged with assaulting this other woman. The irony is that Max went home with a third woman, so neither got their man.What is the big deal. Sounds like one of your parties, brother.Well, most of my parties, thankfully don't end in arrest, but for her it has again. And we'll face this same thing. I'm not sure that I can handle it. I wil