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(generated from captions) We will see you from a baking whom Bush tomorrow night. If he hasn't brightened you up enough, let's put a little bit of Christmas cheer in your stocking. This is the scene at Bankstown where Christmas is taking off quicker than the reindeers. It is the start of the unofficial battle of the light bulbs, where homeowners fight for the most festive roof and house. Displays its hour early bird, but there are still plenty of time fathers. -- this place gets hour early vote. That is the news for tonight, goodbye.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the States that sweltered this spring day. Aussie and Romanian cops bust the credit card game. Ever downloaded something you shouldn't have? Should Australian primary school kids be able to sport any hairstyle they like? And Justin Timberlake.

Good evening. Welcome. Please welcome back Jo Stanley.Thank you. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Glad to have you back. Someone on the panel is wearing shorts.No. It's not me.It's not me either. Charlie?No. Oh, no.You have lost all credibility.You thought I had credibility.You love your suit.I do.I love my suit more than he loves his.I was talking about Charlie.How about crack on? Yeah. Let's see what's making news. Ricky pawning is retiring from international cricket. He's confirmed the third test against South Africa starting in Perth tomorrow will be his last. The entire Australian squad and Ponting's family were on hand for his announcement.There's been a few sleepless nights over the last couple of days to reach a decision. I'm comfortable with the decision I've made. Timingwise, it's the right time.We'll chat to Stuart MacGill about that later. Ponting's decision isn't the only big one from Perth with Siddle and Hilfenhaus both controversialy rested. That vision will match this story more. Storms have swept across south-west Western Australia. Unfortunately, a man has been killed by a falling tree. Four people rescued from massive seas. Extreme weather hit Victoria with fire crews battling several glassfires. -- grassfires. Parliament's fine sitting day for 2012 has again been dominated by questions about Julia Gillard's involvement in the AWU scandal. Tony Abbott has called for a judicial inquiry.This morning it was all about the supposed smoking gun that had been found. Bill Shorten wanted to dispute it.This isn't a smoking gun. It's the end of week whoopee cushion from the Liberal Party.He's gone with whoopee cushion. But Christopher Pyne had another thing to go with. This is the smoking gun in the ongoing saga?I don't want to use a phrase like smoking gun because it almost trivialises the issue. I don't think this is a trivial revelation. This is the second shooter dropped to use a different phrase.-- second shoe to drop to youse a different phrase.Even though we're a day off from summer officially starting, the south of the country got a blistering reminder of what's to come. Weather - we've been having some, hu? Melbourne, the hipster capital of the country. People got creative in efforts to keep cool.Better than being in school?Even Melbourne elephants are artsy. Sydneysiders renowned sun lovers hit 28. They're looking ahead to a stinker of a weekend. Adelaide wilted for a scorching 38 degrees. These brickies worked through till at least 8:15am.It sort of helped. Just keep sweating. We'll go for a dip later.Taking one for the team, guys. Brisbane - nothing to complain about - it's always hot in Brisbane. But Western Australia, the State of excitement, has conversely been hit with unseasonal storms. Perth crawled to 20 degrees. Today, Thursday, November 29, 2012, the average temperature across the country was 31 degrees. As I said, Australia, weather - we've been having some. No-one gets more excited about weather than Magdalena Roze. Last time we spoke to you we were talking about storm cells across Queensland and NSW and your brain was about to explode. What's more exciting to you - hurricanes or heat waves?This is like asking a parent who is their favourite child. I'll have to be a bad mother and say it's thunderstorms hands down. I'm sorry for saying this. Everybody loves thunder and lightning. A heat wave done even turn up on a radar. I've had an absolute ball checking out temperature records. I can reveal that Victorians have now broken the record for the hottest November temperature. 46 degrees was the top. Isn't it exciting?You're saying heat waves. Carrie is saying heat waves. It's one day. Surely it needs more than one day to be a wave?Exactly. I love you for making that distinction because one hot day certainly doesn't constitute a heat wave. A heat wave according to the World Meteorological Organisation is five consecutive days where the maximum temperature reaches five degrees or more observe the average. We got 39, that's two days. But a cool change at midnight tonight and back to 26 with rain and storms tomorrow. It's not a heat wave.I love weather. I love it. One of the things I love about it is just when you think you can predict it, it surprises you. Like Perth, it's supposed to be hot this time of year and it's not even reaching 20. What's going on there? Exactly. This is what gets me so excited and keeps me on my toes. With Perth, it's supposed to be halt and dry. But we've -- hot and dry. We've had a cold front. Don't worry, Perth, you're back to the 30s next week.Is it chymeulous or sirs clouds on your top there?-- cumulous or cirrus clouds on your top there? Cumulous.Federal Police have busted a Romanian sind cutcused of the largest credit card data theft in Australian history. Seven people in Romania have been charged allegedly using 30,000 cards in fraudulent transactions worth more than $30 million. NASA says we can relax, the world isn't going to end next month despite what some people claim. It's hosted a cyber conference featuring some of its best and brightest to dispel the rumours.Is this really what our greatest math metitians are doing?-- mathematicians are doing? How can we be certain? It may end. They know more than we do.Are you going to go toe-to-toe with NASA? I'm going to wait and see.I really hope it doesn't en, the world. But I'd like to know if it is going to end on December 21 before I do my Christmas shopping.We're going to take a break. Back with plenty more after this. Did the US Government really plan to blow up the Moon? 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You're watching The Project. Please in Queensland say they've smashed a drugs supply network, charging 37 people with more than 100 offences. Drugs, guns and about 100,000 dollars in cash has been seized with bikie gang club houses specifically targeted. Boys are twice as likely than girls to end up in hospital with playtime injuries. Falls are the number one cause. American researchers have also found children are more likely to end up in hospital while dad's in charge.That's unfair.You guys play so rough.We don't. We just ignore them.I am not happy to hear that. My kids are currently at home with their dad.They could be anywhere.It should be OK.Guys are more accident prone.More rough and tumble.My third, fourth, fifth and sixth birthday I ended up getting stitches at the doctor.Your 21st, what did you go to hospital for then?It was around my 21st. I fell off a podium at a nightclub. It's a long story. Went to the hospital. Got stitches, went back to the nightclub.If you were dancing on a podium in a nightclub, there was a chance you were pushed, man. At least 54 people have been killed by two car bombs in a pro-regime township near Damascus. Some reports put the death toll much higher. More than 100 people were injured by the simultaneous explosions near the central square. It's been reported a suicide bomber was responsible for one of the blasts. One man is missing and at least 20 others are injured after a freak tornado slammed in to an Italian town. A crane was swept out to sea with a worker on it. To the White House now. Michelle Obama has opted for a theme for joy to all this festive season. There are 54 Christmas trees and a 136 kilogram gingerbread house, complete with a candy replica of the first family dog. Before the US put a man on the moon, it reportedly had a secret plan to blow it up with an atom bomb. The project was allegedly designed during the Cold War as a show of strength against the Soviets. It's believed the plan was scrapped because scientists were afraid it would endanger earth if the mission failed.If the mission failed? They were blaning to blow up the moon. What would happen to the moon bits? They would come back to earth?Do you want a factual answer? I rang someone about it and he said we have never had a weapon big enough to damage the moon. It would make a big dust cloud which I can't imagine would really have intimidated the Russians at all. It's like saying you don't like your neighbour, so you rough up someone's house in another suburb. So the Americans are talking rubbish?Brad Pitt doesn't talk that much rubbish, does he? Angelina and him apparently are thinking about moving their whole family to live in France permanently They already have a chateau.That's not permanent.Why would they want to move there permanently?We're trying to set up a European base camp for the kids. France especially. They have rules about shooting kids. Photographing kids.And they have rules about shooting kids as well. I done think that's allowed in France.Don't go anywhere.

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Welcome back. Some Facebook feedback coming in.Yes.

She can move.Moving on to something elseism imagine on living on $35 a -- else. Imagine on living for $35 a day. The unemployed were hoping for much-needed relief today, the Senate decided they'll just have to make do with what they've gaufpltIt used to be called the dole, but it's called Newstart. This man has been in and out of work for the past 3.5 years.I've struggled to have enough food to feed myself and take care of the essentials and to pay rent. If I done get my budget right, living on the street is a definite threat.A single person on Newstart gets $35 a day, which is 40% of the minimum wage. While it's meant to be shor term, two-thirds of the people on Newstart have been there for more than a year.$35 a day doesn't take you anywhere. You simply cannot live on this amount of money. We must ensurethality people have a basic level of -- ensure that people have a basic level of adequate income.In June, the Federal Government launched an inquiry into whether Newstart is enough to get by on. The response was almost unanimous. Charities, unions and even Business Council of Australia all called for a boors to the payment. One group that didn't is the Centre for Independent Studies.There is board support for increasing Newsstart. I'm not sure it's in the taxpayers' interests to do so. It will be massive expenditure for little or no economic benefit.Andrew Baker says life on Newstart might not be easy but it is possible.It does cover the basic necessities of life, shelter, food, clothing, public transport and health care.This doctor wants the Government to boost the payment by $50 a week so job seekers can afford things like good clothes when they get an interview.This payment is so low, it operates as a disincentive and a real barrier for people being able to get out there to be able to look for those jobs and get back into paid work.Opponents say the payment is low for a reason. If welfare is too generous, then there's no incentive to look for work.The long-term unemployed face muttple disadvantages. Some of them have low skills and a poor education. Others have gambling, drug and alcohol addictions. Providing this group with more money doesn't necessarily address the fundamental issues they face. The inquiry says it's too low. But the price tag to boost the payment is too expensive. It called for job-seekers to be able to earn more before their payment gets cut down. More efforts should be put in to disadvantaged groups.The Government has said, Minister Shorten has been waiting - this committee report now shows Newstart is inadequate.We need to be able to survive and get by from day to day, week to week. At the moment on the kern Newstart allowance amount, it's too difficult.Unemployment can happen to anybody and we should want to make sure if it happens to you, you will be looked after whilst you're out there doing your bit to get back into a job.A lot of feedback on this today.

We're going to take a break.

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Welcome back. The Federal Government's accepted a series of last-minute amendments from Tony Windsor to push problem gambling measures through the lower house. Gamblers will be allowed to restrict their losses and the technology will need to be in place in bigger clubs by 2018. A new survey has found 1 in 10 Australians have said I love you for the first time via SMS. The same number have been dumped by text message. Relationship counsellors warn electronic break- ups can take longer to get over.If it says, "I love you," check it's not a group message.It's good if you're not sure what the response will be coming from the other person. If they just go, "Yeah, cool." You know maybe it's time not to say it in person.It's horrible if they say LOL. That's no good. The dumping via text message. I couldn't believe how high the stats are on that. I had to hit the streets and find out. Have you ever dumped someone via text message? Yeah. A few times via text message. It doesn't go down well.No. I done believe in it.Done believe in text messages or being dumped by text messages? Are you dumping someone by text message.I'm always dumped via terbs message.Guys who dump via text or email have no balls.No balls.No balls. I'm getting a bit of that. Have you ever dumped someone via terbgs message?Yes. But hundreds of them.What's the message you get back?(Bleep).Has anyone here been dumped via text message.She has.You did the dumping? You were the winner. Are you proud of the fact you dumped the dude via text message?It wasn't a dude!Well, it was a girl? Were you proud?

Hi, Mum.

Really good chick. A good moment. Good on her for letting me put that on air.Do you feel like you're helping when you do things like that?Laughing gets us over all our issues.Moving on. According to reports, about 30% of Aussies are illegally downloading cop tent like TV shows and movies. -- content like TV shows and movies.We want it now and we want it free. Online piracy is all the rage. 27% of Aussies illegally downloading movies and TV shows on a regular basis. 'Homeland' which first airs in the US before airing in Australia 12 days later is one of the most illegally downloaded TV shows in the world.It's frustrating because it's a brilliant show. Thousands of Australians are downloading it each week after the airs in the US.$6.1 billion is lost to online movie piracy every year. In 2011, Hollywood still made a whopping $qaefrb billion. The most pirated movie last year, that would be 'Fast & Furious 5', downloaded 9.2 million times. While music piracy has decreased by 25%, three billion songs and albums were still downloaded via the BitTorrent network. 'I Love It' was the most downloaded. Gotier was the most downloaded in Poland.Stealing music isn't something I'm comfortable with. Stealing candy from a baby on the other hand, much easier and delicious.It doesn't stop at music, TV shows and movies. Someone has put Charlie's comedy DVD on 'The Pirate Bay. Currently no-one has downloaded it.I don't know whether to be relieved or offended by that?I'd be offended. Why are so many Australians happy to illegally download content from the Internet and what can happen to you if you're caught in the act? The managing director now is Neil. Why are Australians doing this? Australians traditionally love a good drama and a good film. But unfortunately there is a percentage of Australians who are loving something to death rather than loving something to live.Is it something to do with the wanting it now, it's not just we're tight arses. If they can see it in the States now, why wait weeks and months?Availability of content is something the industry is addressing. Channel Ten are fast- tracking a number of top TV shows. This may have been a problem 12 months ago but today we are seeing a lot of TV shows which are days behind, sometimes only hours behind the US. In terms of movies, we're getting more movies ahead of the US and Europe more than before.Have you watched an illegally downloaded movie?I have. That is work related. We have to review the evidence.Of course. What was the movie - 'Hot Tub Time Machine'? What would be my punishment?Downloading is not a criminal officer. It's a civil infringement. Those criminal organisations that monitor other people's creative content by running websites and whether it is through subscription or wrapping advertising around it, the criminal penalties for those is $60,500 or five years imprisonment.Why is it that so many people are not downloading my DVD from Pirate Bay? Is that because things are of such high quality that people insist on paying for?Maybe it's a niche market, Charlie. Actually, in terms of Dave's, it's disappointing his stand-up acts are available on Torrent sites as well as streaming sites. I was reviewing it this morning and I did note the first part of your live act is streamed 50,000 times but parts twos to 10 only 25,000 times. I wonder if you can look in to that.I think people just laughed themselves out, I believe. Possibly died from laughter and they're dead at the computer and that's all. Alright. Good.It's safe to say you rapidly became my favourite guest we've ever had on the show. Thank you for joining us tonight.You're welcome. Very informative segment.You hur. Here is what is making news today. Ricky Ponting has called time on his illustrious international cricket career, announcing he will retire after the third test in South Africa starting in Perth tomorrow. He will continue to play domestic cricket for Tasmania. He's the second-highest run scorer in test history. Stuart MacGill, welcome back. I remember Ricky Ponting's first test, he went out for 96, he went out lb and I think it was very unlucky on the day. We've been massive fans of this guy for years. It's a sad day for cricket tragics isn't it?It's a tragic day for all sad cricket supporters, yes. I remember that day too. I didn't pick you as old as I am. This is something that I think pressure builds up and up and up on players and I look, I don't know what Rick is thinking himself but I'd hate to think he's been pushed. I think he's probably made a mistake. That game at the WACA, all those years ago, still seems like yesterday to me. I've watched him playing Shield cricket this year and he's batting well.I've been following Ponting closely this series and I think he's hitting the ball well but there's talk he hasn't been in form. Heres been talk they've held on to him too long. Do you disagree?I do. The reason for that is I say well he's been batting this summer because of his form in Shield cricket. In terms of him being retained for too long, I'd suggest that the options available weren't even close to his quality. Rick might not have made the runs that we expected of him or hoped that he would make, but he's still a lot better than most of the other batsmen in Australia.And he averaged 100 only last summer.Mate. We're only two tests in to this summer, I think you're right, Stuart and the selectors have got it wrong. It makes this test massive. This is going to really inspire Australia starting tomorrow, isn't it?I would hope Australia's inspired already, to be honest. This test match is a big, big, big test match for Australia. In a number of ways. We've got an opportunity to pick what I consider to be the best bowling attack we've had in recent times. And I think Australia will be pumped for this match anyway. I do think it's a shame that they're not getting up for a big test match in Hobart which is only a couple of weeks away.If he gets 100, is there a chance he will change his mine?I would love that. That would be serious quality. Another press conference after day one. 150 not out. "You know what? I knew I was right and you were wrong. I don't care what you say."Rest assured, if that happens, you'll be the first person we chat to. Great to have you back.Lovely. Thank you. And the Queensland Coroner has ordered the release of Daniel Morcombe's remains. The decision comes after Brett Peter Cowan instructed his loyers not to test the remains any further. They'll be returned to his parents tomorrow. A heat wave across Victoria and South Australia has fire authorities battling multiple scrub fires. Melburnians were hit hardest by the heat with the mercury reaching 39 degrees. In Western Australia, severe storms claimed the life of a man killed by a falling tree. Melbourne is trialling a new share scheme for Maxi taxis. They'll pay between $20 and $30 each, and the flat fares will only apply on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It will be filled with randoms. You have to fine people that live in your area and you'll go home together.

There's someone organising it. You're not walking through nightclubs.When you get out of the cab and the guy goes, "I know where she lives."I think it's an awesome idea if less people are inclined to drink drive and all it would take is for them to organise people by suburb and to breath test as well. Because they need to be on the same lefblg. -- level in a Maxi taxi. For guys, it's one more chance to pick up.You're exactly the kind of guy Carrie is talking about.You could get lucky!Sorry. No. I love you, Dave. But, yeah. The last scheduled day of Parliament for the year is usually a little more laidback. With blood in the colour of the AWU scandal clouding political waters, there was no way that was going to happen too.If the PM had any respect for the Parliament, for the Australian public, for the Labor Caucus, she would resign as PM today.For three days Christopher Pyne has been singing the same tune. Today he was spurred on by the release of a transcript from Julia Gillard's time as a lawyer in the '90s. The Opposition claims it's proof she broke the law.Her position is untenable.Tony Abbott took the Fairfax report and ran with it.She gave false information to the West Australian authorities. It's in breach of the law. I would think. And it is certainly very, very unethical.Come Question Time, the glovers were well and truly off. The PM has been at the very least a dodgy and unethical lawyer.Then, he ramped it up even more.The more we hear from the PM, the more obvious it is that she has been involved in unethical conduct and possibly unlawful behaviour.The problem is later in the day, Fairfax corrected the article Tony was working from.He has read a report in Fairfax newspapers, he has gone on television relying on that report with no other evidence or information.And then the PM went all scorched earth.We've seen this movie before. When leaders of the Opposition overreach and go out and falsely accuse a PM of committing a crime.And wound up with this knockout punch.The Leader of the Opposition is now handcuffed to an allegation against me that I committed a crime and he is handcuffed to the fact he does not have any evidence of that.A big week. Joe Hockey joins us now from the political trenches. Good evening, Joe.Good evening.Mate, you survived the day. You knew it was going to be a tough final day at the office. I want to show the vision of you entering proceedings today.I am on my feet. (LAUGHTER) That is vision of a man who is over it. Am I right, Joe?Well, it felt a lot like when I used to play rugby. I'd have a big sigh and get ready for the battles and go out on to the pitch. Each day has been a bit like that.Did Tony Abbott overreach today by relying on a report that Fairfax has since corrected?No. He didn't rely on the Fairfabs report at all. What we actually relied on was information that has now been released by a partner of Slater & Gordon. One of the people that was there with Julia Gillard at the time. And that's the point. We've been asking questions and the PM has been refusing to answer them. Now we are calling for a full judicial inquiry so the matter can be cleared after all these years.You say it's not going to go away until there's an inquiry. It won't go away until you let go of it. If there was something there, surely we'd know by now, wouldn't we?But, guys, it's not just us. If we controlled all the newspaper print, if we controlled all the commentary, I tell you what, maybe we'd be in Government. But the bottom line this is coming from a whole range of different sources. It's not just one and it is flooding in. So, to label us as the people who are in charge of this is unfair and dead wrong.Mate, if you guys are still talking about this on the first day of Parliament next year, your exhale when you enter will blow the whole room out.Yeah, well, hopefully we can get on to other things. We're all going to have a great rest over the Christmas break. Come back a little fitter, a little happier and get on with the job.It has been a big week. Julie Bishop has really been taking charge. Did you send her out to walk the plank? Come on. If we did that, we'd be accused of sexism. She is a lawyer. She was a managing partner in Western Australia. She's on top of her brief. She's an outstanding lawyer. That's her job as Deputy Leader of the Opposition.Looking at the footage today, she seemed rapt with that brief.You don't like prosecuting a brief against the PM like this but it has to be done. That's what the Parliament is for.I think you're over it but one man who is never over it is Christopher Pyne. He lives for this stuff. Check this out. Why is it you out here this morning?Julie might well be coming out to do the doors. I'm a bit of an early riser. He would be annoying first thing in the morning - be honest?I'm not going there, really. I know Christopher Pyne too well and don't want to speculate on whether he rises.Have a good holiday. Give us something fresh to talk about. Thanks a lot, guys. Thank you for having me.Well, a view from the other side of the house, we're joined by Anthony Albanese. What have you made of the PM's performance?I think she had a cracker. She's been interesting in big issues. We have done lots. And we've had to put up with a pretty relentlessly negative attack. There's been so much debate about whether this AWU scandal is even a story but it won't go away. Surely it can't go on in to next year as well?Well, one would have thought that the mud bucket is completely empty now. Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne this morning were out there saying that the PM had engaged in criminal activity. But didn't even bother to move a no- confidence motion or a motion against the PM. Where do move a motion to get Tony Abbott to his feet, to speak.You mentioned Christopher Pyne and we know he's a Liberal attack dog but he's a very sensitive soul. I have some vision to show you from the ABC last night. The Australian people are thoroughly sick of it.Happy Christmas to you, Craig.We'll have to leave it there. A merry Christmas to both of you.I wish him a merry Christmas and he didn't reciprocate.You have to wish him a Merry Christmas.Poodles are pretty sensitive.Thank you very much, mate. Enjoy the break. Come back with something fresh next year, mate.See you later.Fun times.I think it will be exactly the same. Going to take a break. Be back with more.

Welcome back. Somewhere in between all the mud-shrining and name- calling in can -- mud-slinging and name-calling in Canberra, for Australia's disabled, it means the chance of a better life. One Queensland teenager is not waiting for our politicians to build himself a brighter future.I write rhymes to release my aggression. Finally got me out of my dark depression.Nathan uses music to help him through the tough times. It's good for me to get what I'm feeling out on a piece of paper. I used to think I would keep things bottled up inside.In his short life, 18-year-old Nathan has had more than his fair share of hard time. Diagnosed with an extremely rare degenerative nerve condition, even simple tasks are near impossible.I used to be able to climb in to my chair as well. I can't do it anywhere. Don't have the strength.By the time he was just four, Nathan was unable to walk.. He lost balance all the time. I cune work out why he was falling over. As he got older, things got harder.Sport was probably one of his main passions. He always used to get annoyed and upset with because he wanted to be out there playing football, not on the sideline watching.Depression was a massive struggle for me, because I didn't know what I was going to do after school. It was around about grade 10 and everyone was getting jobs.Nathan found solace in hip hop music. And after trying his hand at writing his own song, he caught the eye of his TAFE music teacher who is helping him produce his first album.I honestly think Nathan discovered himself. All I did was pass on my enthusiasm and passion for music. Once that was given to Nathan, he took that passion on himself.As I look back now, so much has happened, never forgot when I first started rapping. Never forget every word I've written, always get goosebumps when I start spitting. Recording my own songs is nuts. I still can't even get over I'm writing songs.There's no cure for Nathan's condition. As he gets older, his body is only going to get weaker. Nathan is living for now.I'm going to do show after show after show after show to promote this album and get it out there.He's really inspiring to me. What he can do, just like who he is. He's different from everybody else. He always says anyone can do anything.Nathan recently performed in Brisbane. Alongside some of the best in the business. And it was his biggest crowd

I'm a fighter # You can't knock me down... #It was really cool to see him on stage. It was mindblowing.That was sick. Thanks, mate. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, my God. That was intense.Nathan's hope now is others will get as much from his music as he has.I would like to inspire people with disabilities but I'd like to inspire people just in general. And anyone. Anyone that is going through hardship, nothing can really hold you back. The only thing that can is yourself.Wow. Absolutely.He's a winner. And rap is all about attitude and he's got attitude.He is relying on crowd funding. If you want to help him out, I'm sure there will be a lot of love to him.Nathan got in touch from his Twitter account:

It's our pleasure to do the story. Wow. An 8-year-old Gold Coast boy has had detention every lunchtime this term because he refuses to cut his rat's tail. James's mum is sticking by him and his haircut. Detention for a haircut, sounds like yet another case of political correctness gone mad. What do you think? Let's look at the evidence. Exhibit A - the school's parent information booklet clearly stating rat's tails are not permitted. And his mum signed it. The rat tail in question. His mum refuses to enforce the school rule, so James spend lunchtime inside while his mates play. He's also stayed home for two weeks to avoid detention, missing two weeks of classes. Regardless of what you think about school rules in general or rat's tails in particular, it's quite clear in this case the whole thing could go away with a simple snip. If kids are looking to buck the system, there's no shortage of arbitrary rules in Aussie schools. There's been bans on cartwheels, hand stands, high fives, ball games, Harry Potter, lollies and hugging. Part of going to school is learning to following the rules, but does that mean blindly following the rules no matter how silly? Depends on how seriously you take a rat's tail. Wecouldn't get in touch with the mum -- we couldn't get in touch with the mum today.It's only very thin.That's why it's a rat's tail. That's the style. It would bea mullet if it was wider.It won distract the person behind him sitting in class.There is a list of rules. The mum signed it and agreed to it and then is not obeying those rules. Isn't that more the issue?And he's missing out on school for two weeks. She's missing the bigger picture there. For myself, I would want my daughter to feel she can express herself however she likes. Every person has the right to be embarrassed of their childhood and what they looked like.His mates are desperate for him to cut it so he can comeback to class.He's got spirit. Someone else who has spirit is Laurie. He's keeping kids safe in the water and we love him for that. He loves the Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy. Check it out. How are you. Good to see you again. Thanks. You smell good!Weird. Better than chlorine.We're not done yet. We're sure you smell great too. We'll be back in a tick.

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Welcome back. Clint Eastwood is 82 but still going strong. He's acting alongside some very spurpbgy co- stars. Australians love -- spunky co-stars. Australians love their sport. Americans love it too and there's nothing more Yankee than baseball. The backdrop of a new film 'Trouble with the Curve'. An old-fashioned tale about an ailing baseball scouten his twiheight years, whose estranged daughter is sent along against his wishes to look after him for one more recruiting trip.When are you going to leave?Get in the car.Starring Eastwood, Timberlake and Amy Adams, who were both honoured to act alongside Clint with his steely glare and grfbly voice.Do you even like baseball?I love it. I got to do grunting of my own. I was glad to get to play a character that was just as strong as he was.Did you study him and thought how could you be his daughter?I did. And in spending time with him. I know better than to do a Clint Eastwood impersonation, so I stayed away from that as much as possible. It would have made for a strangely unfeminine female performance.You should have done it.I should have. Should have done it.You hustled for this role and went after it. How come?It's the type of movie that's not often made anymore. That's really just about people. No-one is wearing a cape.Be careful with the cape movies? There are very good cape movies.While I love them - what do you think about dinner?You mean together?Whoa, that's a little forward, don't you think? But if you're asking me out, I accept.What is it about basebull that is so American?It still feels like a gentleman's sport in a way. I wouldn't say that. I'm kidding. The scratching and spitting.That's the kind of gentleman I like.You - k chew tobacco and spit sunflower seeds out while you're running bases.There's skill, strategy, there's good-looking men in white pants.Plus, a lot of beer there. OK. It's the beer.Probably the beer.One of those for me?Nope. These characters are obsessed with baseball. What are you obsessed with in your lives right now?My daughter.Her daughter. Ifia knew us, one of my favourite things I'll take from this money is becoming friends with Amy and her family. It's a trick, her daughter. It makes you think if you had a kid, it would be that great. It's a trick.'Trouble with the Curve' is in Aussie cinemas December 6. Justin Timberlake, he's become quite the actor. Has he given music the flick?After our interview, I had a chance to kind of talk to him because back in the day, in 1998, I helped host a concert at a Walmart parking lot. It was funny to hear his reaction, talking about how that was a different lifetime ago. He almost thinks of music as something he has graduated from. Something like college. Not to say he will never go back. But right now he is so focused on acting and trying to get his craft as best it can be, I don't see any Justin music coming out any time soon. Someone will never have to do work of any sort again is the person who wins the $550 million jackpot. Are you going crazy about it over there?It's a little ridiculous. People line up for hours to try and get tickets. They speculate abnot going to work. Your bosses can hear you and read your Facebook. If I win, I'm coming back next week. There's no way you will get up at 3am to talk to us. We appreciate you saying it.I'll just buy The Project.We're just about out of time.We have to say goodbye to you, Dave. You're on holidays.Taking the kids to Queensland and staying in a motel with a waterslide attached.Was that for kids?It's for the kids. My 3-year-old insists on it.You'll never bow able to relax.We have already booked it. So relaxed.We will miss you.And we'll miss Jo Stanley. You're going on holidays.Not from here.

OK, your brother's lunch is packed,
you're buying your own lunch.

Luke! Alex! Let's go!

There he is.
Last chance for the summer handshake.

Come on, we're only halfway done.

I need help. I was supposed to keep
a journal. It's due today.

Wow. First day at school
and you're already behind?

(SIGHS) I'm dead!

Tell me how far you've gotten.

"June 21st. Found a stick."

"June 22nd..." That's it.

That's it?
It was a really cool stick.

He's right. It looked like a snake.

Getting everybody out of the house
in the morning can be really tough.

From the minute we get up at seven,
it is go, go, go!

I get up at six.

"I get up at five!"

Seriously. I get up at six.

That's you?
I thought we had a raccoon.

I can't believe my little boy's
going into the fifth grade.

He used to hold my finger
with his little hand

and look at me with those big eyes!


Yep, they grow up.

Come on, Manny, let's get going!

How's my hair?

Hold on. What are you wearing there?
It looks like a Christmas tree skirt.

It's a traditional Colombian poncho.

I want my new classmates to know
I'm proud of my heritage.

I think you look very handsome!

Really? Am I driving him to school
or is he riding his burro?

You are a cutie pie, yes you are!
You are a cutie pie.

Are you still baby-proofing?
Everything we own is pointy.

Why is our daughter dressed like
Donna Summer?She is not.

She's Diana Ross from the RCA years.
How is Daddy not seeing that?

I thought you were done with this.
I made no promises.

I guess I'm somewhat
of a shutterbug.

And my new favourite model,
of course, is Lily.

I completed a series of photos of
her dressed as various pop icons.

Let's see,
I've done Olivia Newton-John.

I've done Madonna, the early years.

Stevie Wonder.

There are days when Lily has
more costume changes than Cher!

Cher! How could I forget Cher?
That's embarrassing.

That's embarrassing?



Are you moving out?
Five more years.

A little help here!
This is why we suggested the violin.

A cello is more in demand
in university orchestras.

You know what's not in demand? Girls
who play in university orchestras.

I'll help you carry it out.
Phil, put on some pants!

This covers up more than
my bathing suit!Don't remind me.

Haley! Don't forget the driving
instructor is picking you up.

Can't he pick me up someplace else?
I don't want kids thinking

I'm dating a 40-year-old
who's not even cute.

Haley got her learner's permit.

We've been taking turns
driving with her.

One of the really standard rules
of the road is,

we wanna keep a safe distance
between us and the car in front,

and that is not safe! Not safe.

OK, merge.


Merge, merge, merge, merge, merge!

This navigation system's messed up.
It thinks we're on a park.

Oh, my God. It is a park!

Away from the kids!(SCREAMS)
Aim for the lake!

I think she realised
we're all just hanging by a thread.

The last thing Manny needs
is you undermelting his confidence.

Now you're doing it to me, too.

I'm sorry, but there's only two
places anyone should wear a poncho.

Niagara Falls and log rides.

You think too much about these
things.I wear daring outfits

and people admire them
because I wear them with confidence!

I'm sure it's the confidence
they're admiring! (LAUGHS)

I just think it's a little
over the top.

You need to loosen up and have fun.
I am loose! I'm fun.

Remember, breakfast for dinner
last week? My idea.

Ever since we brought Lily home
you've been tense.

All you do is put child locks
on things. Would you please stop?

Here, just hold your daughter.
Hold her.

And relax.Alright, sweetheart.
Just relax.Aww, sweetheart!

Ohh! Did you put hairspray in this?
Just a little bit, yes.

I'm gonna put some music on.
No, Cam -

I don't have time for this.
Put a little boogie on it.C'mon...

You love this song.

This is actually a really good song.

Who's the dancing queen, huh?

Put a little boogie in it.
See? Fun, right?

Oh, my... Was that her head?

I think if it was her head
she would be...(BABY CRIES)

Yeah, that was her head. OK, OK...