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(generated from captions) unveiled in Melbourne. The Opposition says Julia Gillard's position is now untenable after fresh revelations emerged about the Prime Minister's alleged role in the AWU slush fund affair. Tony Abbott says it now appears the Prime Minister brobgt law by misleading the corporate affairs Commission when helping establish a union fund. Did Julia Gillard break the law?Mr Peacock accused Bob Hawk of being a criminal and lost his leadership. Tony Abbott has accused Julia Gillard of being a criminal and will lose his leadership over it. This is an outrageous claim. The Prime Minister has done nothing wrong. There is no evidence against her. And yet Tony Abbott has greatly overstepped the mark here. It is a serious matter to accuse the Prime Minister of Australia to be a criminal.Let me play you something now that Christopher Pyne spoke this morning and had to say.The position is untenable. If the Prime Minister had any respect for the Parliament, Australian public, Labor Caucus, she would resign as Prime Minister today and allow the Labour Party to select a new leader and to move on to put this sordid mess behind us.A sordid mess is probably how most people see it. Do you think the mud will stick?The people are sick of this mud slinging from the Coalition. It seems to be their own suit after two years of fear over the carbon price we'll get a year of smearing the Prime Minister of Australia. The Coalition, the Opposition leader has accused the Prime Minister of Australia of being a criminal. This is a most serious allegation based on no evidence because the Prime Minister had done no wrong. Just as surely as and pea pea and Malcolm Turnbull before Tony Abbott have accused Prime Minister's of being a criminal and lost the leadership of it over it, then that will happen to Tony Abbott because he has overstepped the mark, the ghost haunts this Parliament with Tony Abbott accusing the Prime Minister of Australia of being a criminal. It should be Tony Abbott who resigns.