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Welcome back to the Today Show. More revelations today on the AWU scandal with an interview transcript showing the Prime Minister wasn't just involved, but fought to create the union body at the centre of the AWU affair. The PM has maintained she played a limited role in the set-up of the fund which was allegedly used to siphon union money. For more we are joined by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Good morning to you. Morning Karl. Where have you been all week?Doing my job, that is where I have been. You haven't been very visible in Parliament.But I have been very visible around the part. I launched a book yesterday which is our positive plan for a stronger and more prosperous economy and a safer and more secure country. So I have been incredibly busy.I will come back to that in a second. Let's get on to this document first of all. We will give you some ammunition, I am sure. How does this document change the game for the PM?Well, it demonstrates that she misled the WA Corporate Affairs Commission and that is a very serious matter. That would certainly be in breach of the law. So this is a very serious matter and it is something that the Prime Minister has been stone wauling on for weeks, both outside the Parliament and this week inside the Parliament. Her department, if not already, will say she has no recollection of that taking place, how does this move things forward if that is her recollection?Well, clearly on the basis of the exit interview, the documentary evidence of the exit interview which was done at the time all of this information was available before the file disappeared out of the WA Corporate Affairs Commission plainly on the documented evidence of the unredacted transcript she gave false information to the WA authorities. Now, for a legal partner, for a senior lawyer to make false claims to an important statutory body like this is a very, very serious matter. It is in breach of the law, I would think, and it is certainly very, very unethical. What do you believe should happen to her, then, as a result of this? Well, I guess the question has always been what kind of a person is our Prime Minister? What is the character, what is the judgment, what is the integrity of our Prime Minister? This matter has ongoing ramifications today. It is always wrong for union members' money to be stolen and the AWU's scandal, the AWU fraud of the 1990s has echos today in the Health Services Union fraud which involves a Labor or a former Labor member of Parliament for whom the Prime Minister was running a protection racket for years. All of this has echos right down to the current day and it has immediate ramifications for the regulation of trade unions and the protection of trade union members' money.Would you go so far to say this-to-day and this morning that there is a need for a broader inquiry here?There are a lot of inquiries under way. There apparently are new police inquiries under way in Victoria into the AWU rip-off. Certainly there are ongoing police investigations into Craig Thomson. There are ongoing charges against Michael Williamson, the former national President of the Labor Party. Julia Gillard's National Party President and one of the key faceless men who put her into The Lodge. Is it any wander that the Labor Party has trouble stamping out fraud and threat in the union movement when so many of its senior members have been involved in it?Julie Bishop has been on the attack this week but she has also admitted to meeting with AWU bag man Ralph Blewitt. She said that she met up with him once but she went on to clarify that in a statement she released. She said, earlier last week -What is sinister about thisThe fact that she denied that she had actually had conversations or at least spoken to him twice.Well, Karl, look -She left it without, why did she do that??There is nothing sinister with Julie Bishop meeting very briefly with this gentlemen - let's not forget this gentlemen was one of the Prime Minister's best friends for four years. I mean, now she is dumped on him from a great height but for four years this gentleman was an intimate of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's boyfriend side kick, if you like. So really I just think this is an extraordinary double standard from the Prime Minister. You can't then say, also say or accuse Labor of having these associations that go back years at the top level and then jewel bush bush have an association of this person, -- Julie Bishop have an association with person just to get information.Please, Karl. Please, Karl.Do you condone this behaviour. What behaviour -- -This guy is dodgy. He is from dodgy brothers Inc.And Julie Bishop had a 10- minute meeting. It wasn't pre- arranged. It happened casually. The Prime Minister was the intimate society of this guy for four years. If we are talking about judgment and character, I think we have one ethical lawyer and one highly unethical lawyer here.So there is going to be no disciplinary action that you have that you will enact in terms of her role with the Opposition, that is all laid to rest?Karl, just consider what you have put to me. You have put to me -I am just asking you.You have put to me that I should discipline Julie Bishop -No, I am asking you if you are.For a 10-minute meeting with a certain person and the Prime Minister should get off Scott free for a four-year association with this bloke and helping this bloke and her boyfriend to set up an association which became the vehicle for fraud. I mean, please, Karl.I was only asking.Please, Karl.I was only asking.This is a Prime Minister who made false representations, who gave false information to the Corporate Affairs Commission of WA which allowed a fraudulent vehicle, allowed a vehicle to be established which was then used for fraud. A couple of more quick ones and important ones. Just for the record, in relation to Question Time yesterday about the Prime Minister's decision to abstain from voting giving Palestine an up graded status at the UN, first of all why didn't you pursue that issue and would you have voted against Palestine having more powers at the UN?Our view has all along been that we don't want to see any additional recognition being given to Palestine until the Palestinians clearly and unambiguously recognise the right of Israel to exist behind secure borders. Until that day, yes, we would be voting no in the United Nations to this.Regardless of how that might play out in those very important electorates in Western Sydney?Look, in the ends you have to do what is right. Do what is right and the politics will look after itself.One final one on a much lighter note and this is very important stuff as opposed to some of the things that we have been talking about this morning and also as opposed to some of the things Parliament has been debating over the last few weeks. 100 kids with type one diabetes will today meet with the federal MPs to campaign for a funding committee for research into juvenile diabetes. And you have morning have some very good news for them. Hopefully a Christmas present either for this year or next?Karl, I am renewing the coalition's commitment to spend $35 million on research into type one diabetes. This was money that I was first able to make available as Health Minister. I think the research must continue because the research is promising and if we spend the money there is every chance that one day we will get the cure. It is very, very important and I hope the coalition's commitment might be matched by the Prime Minister and wouldn't that be a nice example of bipartisan ship on an important day in the Parliament.On the final day it would be very, very good. Thank you very much for your time today. Let's hope that happens. 100 people in Canberra today will be looking out for that to transpire. Thanks for your time today, mate.Thanks very much Karl.Up next after the