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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Crisis in Cairo - hundreds of people swarm Tahrir Square in a presidential protest. Ugly politics calls for resignation over the slush fund scandal. The Arafat postmortem. Was he poisoned and by whom? And Parliament moves closer to officially recognising the first Australians. Acknowledging the unique and special place of Aboriginal peoples as the first people's of our nation. Snupbssnupbs this is SBS World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Janice Petersen. Tonight - a shocking admission from the anti-doping boss.We are letting people ss.We are letting people through the loop and saying that you've got an immunity to cheat.And the world's sex est dictator. A Chinese newspaper fails to see the funny side. Crowds are building in Cairo's Tahrir Square furious with their President. If follows a violent night seeing 2 hundred thousand people crammed into the square, the birth place of the uprising that saw Egypt's move to democracy. There are protesters with one person dying in the confusion. It's now 9:30am and these pictures come in live, se pictures come in live, though showing the growing crowd. They are demanding that Mohammed Mursi release the democratic powers. President Mohammed Mursi has been in office for only five months, but his power grab has been met with unprecedented callwith unprecedented calls to step down. This declaration is void and has no legal basis. There has never been such a decree since the Pharaohs. The Islamic leader eliminated most of the Czechs on his power. Given that he holds not only executive but legislative powers after the lowerhouse of wers after the lowerhouse of Parliament was dissolved. He has always been immune from judicial overa sights. They are acts seen to be within the purview of the president like matters of deciding whether or not to sign an international treaty, deciding whether or not to enter reservations on a treaty, diplomatic affairs, national security. The government has been trying to convince the opposition that the changes are temporary measures, that will be revoked when the country emerges from this volatile transitional period. Many are not buying it. Protesters say he has used the election victory to monopolise power, squeeze out rivals while doing little to solve the mounting economic and security woes. I'm not with the President that he says the constitution, he will not change things. That means that he will be again a dictator, same as Hosni Mubarak.Around 100 people were injured in the clashes and one person died. There could be more to come. Protest organisers have called for another turn-out on Friday. There are fears of greater run rest with the brotherhood encouraging its own demonstrations which could be even larger. France has become the first major European country to declare its state for the non-members of the United Nations. Not long after the ambassador to the United Nations outlined the country's plan to raise its United Nations status. That would be an historic moment. France's Foreign Minister announced his country would support it. TRANSLATION:. The support is a big help to Palestine's quest to be upgraded to non-member observer status, signifying the recognition of a state. Something Palestine says is crucial to reaches peace with Israel.It should be respected by everybody and we should get ready for the day after. The day after, that we desire. It is to create a an atmosphere to go to negotiation in order to reach an agreement with Israel that will end the occupation that started in 1967.First of the territories conquered in the war, which is why Israel is opposed to the move it says violates peace accords and will make future negotiations more difficult. France seems well aware of the stakes involved.aware of the stakes
involved. TRANSLATION:

Not everybody is ready to follow trance's public lead. The UK remains undecided.d. The UK remains undecided. Germany, Switzerland and Portugal all oppose the Palestinian upgrade. But the biggest critic with the most United Nations clout is the US. The US wants the Palestinians to return to peace talks which broke down in 2010, raising the United Nations status could grant the Palestinians access to the internationally criminal court in The Hague to file complaints against Israel. It's legal, political, honourable and demctic. The United Nations bid is expected to win support from the majority of the skroun. The decision to abstain from the vote is continuing to cause headaches for the Prime Minister. Today she was quizzed of why she changed her position on the vote as brawling continued about her past. The government is demanding the Deputy Leader demanding the Deputy Leader of the Opposition resign after making what it calls unsubstantiated allegations.

unsubstantiated allegations.What will she now do to dispel the impression that this is a government in chaos with the Prime Minister no longer in charge?A long-standing Israel supporter Julia Gillard wanted Australia to face no. Facing serious Caucus opposition she had to back down. As a face-saving compromise she agreed Australia would abstain, as it has in the past. The Prime Minister is accusing the Leader of the Opposition of using that as a cheeld.One lawyer questioning another lawyer, one former law partner questioning another former law partner. Ralph Blewitt set up a slush fund from which money was misappropriated. As the leader launched a new book of speeches and pledged to create a million new jobs Julie Bishop wasn't there. Embarrassment, after a backbencher undermined the anti-sexism campaign, using twitter to call Tony Abbott a gutless douchebag. We do not condone that sort of behaviour. After a private rebuke, there was an apling replacing bim bow with fool.Well, Prime Minister, this is a clear example of what is sexist and moij behaviour, call it out, condemn it for what it is.

condemn it for what it is. The Deputy Leader of the Opposition is an embarrassment to the Leader of the Opposition. the Leader of the Opposition.She persisted. Yes or no?Get up and ask it yourself and then I'll answer it. Parliament rises tomorrow night. There have long been questions over the death of Yasser Arafat. Now forensic samples have been recovered from his body, to determine whether he was poisoned. His family and supporters say the exhumation was necessary to get to the truth. But it could unearth more questions than reigns.For many Palestinians Yasser Arafat remains the asser Arafat remains the potent symbol of their nation, it's widely believed he was poisoned. The decision to remove his remains from the grave is controversial. Many believe the investigation will lead nowhere and the past is best left buried. Tanks shell Yasser Arafat's compound towards the end of his life. He had become a vertule prisoner in his headquarters. As he defiantly took on Israel. In 2004 he fell ill. Evacuated to France it was the last time to set foot on Palestinian soil. He was dead within a month. The speed of his death at 75 and burial after a short illness immediately fed suspicions of foul play. It took eight years for further tests to be carried out and his clothing and hair. Swiss scientists claim to have founded chemical traces but they were inconclusive. The Swiss report said more work is needed to prove what killed him. to prove what killed him. It's believed it would have had to have been inhaled or injected, something that's difficult without getting close to I can't remember Arafat. Israel is accused of the main suspect, there is speculation that any poisoning would have been difficult without the collaboration of Palestinians. This wouldn't have been possible without collaboration with Palestinians, are you going to investigate that part, that possibility?A delicate subject, it's one that the chief investigator would not discuss. I went to talk to a close friend of Yasser Arafat who believes that any number of people who had access to the Palestinian leader to could be responsible.Israeli delicate, Palestinian groups, any could have slipped this, since we understand it takes very little to cause death. And so I don't believe it had to be somebody who had daily access to him, anybody who reached him could have done it. Ultimately, this investigation may prove that Yasser Arafat was killed through poisoning. But proving who was behind it may be a much more challenging task. And Yasser Arafat's widow maintains she was never offered an autopsy for her husband's corpse at the time of his death. The chances of Susan Rice confirmed as the next Secretary of State has taken a dive. She has failed to win over her Republican critics who accuse her of misleading the public over a deadly attack in Libya. A test of diplomatic skills, Susan Rice meeting with Republicans to stop her from becoming secretary of State. She herself asked for the meetings for the effort to smooth things over didn't work. Senaters demanded reigns on why she tied the attack in Libya to an anti-Muslim video. They didn't like what they heard.We are significantly troubled by many of the reigns that we got and some that we didn't get. Very disappointed in our intelligence community. I think they failed in many ways. The President hasn't decided who he will nominate to replace Hillary Clinton. But Susan Rice is the leading candidate.If I think that she would be the best person to serve America, in the capacity of the State Department, then I will nominate her. nt, then I will nominate her.Susan Rice acknowledged some of what she said about the Libya attack was wrong but that the information came directly from the CIA.

directly from the CIA. Susan Rice is closer to the President than anybody in his cabinet and has been an overachief for most of her life. But she also has a reputation for blunt talk.By all accounts, she is talented, capable and extremely abrasive.In the 2008 campaign she rid called Hillary Clinton's foreign policy and called John Cain reckless and confused.

reckless and confused.Now, a brief look at other stories making news around the world. - passengers and crew onboard an airliner are lucky to be alive. The jet crashed into the Indian Ocean off Comoro Islands minutes after take-off. Mexican authorities have found the body of a former mayor who was kidnapped this month in the drug ravage state of Michoacan. Initial reports suggest Maria Santos Gorros Sala died from severe head trauma, she had been tortured and stabbed. Maria Santos Gorros Sala had survived two previous attempts on her life had taken a hard stance against drug cartels in her district. A United Nations climate report warns that permafrost could significantly amplify global warning. It comes as the world is struggling to reign in rising greenhouse gases. The E OCD has downgraded its outlook for Australia's economic growth next year. As the Paris- based group slashed global forecasts warning the eurozone debt crisis remains the biggest threat to the world economy. On balance, it's an optimistic picture for Australia. Six months ago the OECD saw the economy growing at 3.7% next year, now that's down to 3%. In the latest warning about an earlier peak in mining investment. That part of the economy is cooling down, now we need to see other parts of the economy take up that slack. That's not showing up just here and now.Enter the Reserve Bank. The OECD forecast assumes two more official trait cuts to bolster non-mining sectors. On the upside - this country will grow faster than most developed economies, this year and next. A glass half full view born out by OECD forecasts on other similarly downgraded regions. The eurozone still at or near recession next year and the US growing by 2%. In contrast, China's growth should pick up to beyond 8% in a boost for Australian minors. Linkering eurozone remains a serious threat to the world economy. Delivering overall one of its most serious calls to action since late 2008, the dents of the global financial crisis. As these Portuguese rallied against massive tax hikes aimed at meeting bail-out conditions, the OECD echoed the fundamental problem, saying budget cuts are damp ening growth more than expected and Central Banks should add more stimulus.

Coming up next - no longer flying in tandem - Qantas ends its 40 year partnership with Tourism Australia. Shortly how the rise of K pop can help Australia' music industry. And later - lost in translation. A Chinese newspaper fails to see the funny side over a nomination.

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Qantas has severed its relationship with the peak tourism body because of an alleged conflict of interest. Alan Joyce says the chairman is part of a syndicate plotting a takover of the airline. The move has set the scene for a show downover the future direction of the landmark Australian company. Alan Joyce says he didn't pick the fight. It's got him worried. He says Tourism Australia chairman is reportedly leading a group of wealthy investors who want to unravel the airline's future plans. There's clearly conflict of interest taken place and we have to address that and do something appropriate to protect the position, that's why the suspension is happening today.Today's move by Alan Joyce could be seen as a pre- emptive strike seen as a pre- emptive strike against what he says is a takover bid in its early stages. By ending a 40-year long deal which is worth more than $40 million over the next three years, he hopes to kill that off in birth. The syndicate is believed to be concerned of the airline's tumbling share price and critical of recent battles with unions. A deal with Middle East carrier Emirates and disappointing earnings. For 40 years Tourism Australia and Qantas have worked hand in hand. While the tourism body urges tourists to fly to Australia in Qantas, it contributes significantly to marketing campaigns. It's been a happy partnership, seeing the two organisations on the Oprah show. But Alan Joyce says the suspension doesn't mean Qantas will stop supporting tourism in general.We are not pulling back on tourism support, we are happy working with states.Now, the states are licking their lips at the thought of taking a chunk of the pie.It would be fantastic to deal direct with the national carrier. Alan Joyce' decision puts pressure on the consortium to declare its hand and let shareholders make their decision. The first Australians are a step closer to being recognised by Federal Parliament. A Bill was introduced showing the intention to acknowledge Aborigines and Torres Strait islanders in the constitution. There is a long way to go - the government says it's taken a significant step for building momentum for change.This bill will establish an act of recognition, acknowledging the unique and special place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people's as the first people's of our nation.In September Labor shelfed plans for a referendum. If successful it would have recognised the history and removed references to race. This is a symbolic gesture that doesn't bind the Parliament. This bill is not a substitute for constitutional recognition. The social justice Commissioner says it's important.It sends a signal that both the government and opposition and Greens and other players in Parliament are serious about this.The Coalition will support the Bill despite calling for leaders to make parliamentary statements.We are big supporters of this. You have to do it the right way. It should be a healing moment for Australia.The referendum's being postponed for several years because of a lack of community awareness.What needs to happen is active engagement with the community and ongoing conversations.The Act will expire in two years so the next Parliament has to decide when a referendum is held.Supporters know the referendum needs the support of the majority of voters and support in majority of states. A recent poll found only 40% of voters are aware of the proposal.We need time to engage with the faith-based groups, the churches, sporting bodies, people from the ethnic community. To start the process, Labor hopes the recognition will be passed early next year. To other stories in the news around the country - the New South Wales court of appeal made history today - by squashing fed McDermott's murderer conviction dating back to 1936. He died in 1977 and his family has been fighting since then to clear his name. It's the first successful appeal. Federal Police joined forces with FBI to create a smartphone app to help authorities find missing children faster. It allows information of children to be stored on mobiles and offers safety tips to keep them out of harm's way. About 130,000 smartphone users have downloaded a similar app in the US. A British couple who had three foster children removed because of their political affiliation have a demanded an apology. Speaking publicly for the first time - telling of the trauma experienced. Wrong - words to describe what social workers did here. Today, the foster parents who had three European my grant children taken away because of political beliefs. We can't show their faces and have disguised voices to protect the identity of children they looked after for nearly eight weeks.You are only human. And you do love these children. I went from having a baby in my arms to nothing.When the children were removed, what did social workers say?We were shocked. They told us the policys were racist and that caused a safeguarding issue.Did you give social workers concern with views on racism or immigration? Absolutely not. We have no strong opinions on immigration. We don't know very much about politics. We agree about getting out of the European Union.The Labor leader wouldn't speak on camera yesterday. In a statement said the council would be open and transparent. There will be an internal report to the Education Minister. He said being a member of a party should not prevent anybody from fostering. Two days before a by-election and some are worried this is becoming a political issue, an issue that's overshadowing the welfare of these children.

children.All children want is to be loved, to become adults and take their place in society.The couple want to foster again. As for the children - said to be safe and well, unaware of what's happening around them. An internal report on the case will be delivered to councillors early next week. In the post Lance Armstrong era - trust in sports and athletes has never been in shorter supply. He is just the latest in a long list of drug cheats. Ben Johnson set sprint records in 1987 and 1988 and was later disqualified for doping. Now, the world Anti-Doping Agency headed by former New South Wales pearm wants penalties doubled and says sports bodies must increase the amount of blood testing. The fallout from the scandal is posing serious questions for all sports in the fight against doping. Lance Armstrong showed the lengths some athletes go to, manipulating his own blood to evade detection. Anti- doping authorities say the key is more blood tests, more effective in catching cheats using performance- boosting substances. The head of the world The head of the world Anti-Doping Agency says without tough action the battle against drugs will be lost.We will letting people through the loop, saying that you have an immunity to cheat. If they know that there's a very remote likelyhead that they have to give a blood sample and that doesn't work for any programme Last year, 35% of cycling samples sent were blood. Athletics too has made stride with 17%. Many big sports all of which feature at the Olympics are lagging behind. Blood made up little more than 3% of tests in football, tennis and boxing. Many blame the low percentages on the high costs involved.We have to keep trying with blood. Otherwise we are giving a licence to dope to certain cheats that may be using human growth hormone.The argument made is money. When you look at some of the sports, they can afford it.Yes.Is that not a failure of leadership particularly on the part of football?Yes, I can't argue. And it's not just the administrator's raising concerns - US Open champion Roger Federer warned of the levels of blood testing in tennis. Those running the sport say they are listening.We are doing what we do well. If there are areas to improve things, it would be fair to say that we would look at the number of blood samples collecting and try to increase that as a proportion in the future.Public confidence in our sporting heroes has been badly shaken by the Lance Armstrong scandal. A doping conspiracy on this scale may never be repeated but sport can't afford to take chances. The Olympic committee will consider whether to take away his Olympic medal. Australia's music industry is preparing to recognise the most popular and critically acclaimed acts of the year at tomorrow night's ARIA Awards in Sydney. The Australian artists are operating in a tough environment, emerging technologies have seen CD sales slump. While legal digital downloads are growing e overall sales are not what they used to be. The industry will have to look at other ways to strike the right chord with one major opportunity right on our doorstep.One of the highest selling singles in Australia this year. With more than 830 million views the video has become the most-watched YouTube clip in history.It's catchy and uses audio queues that get caught in your head, it's called tags. Psy is the latest sources.

It wouldn't surprise me if we see more K-Pop acts come to Australia soon.It has come to Australia in the form of TV shows. At this week's inaugural aira master class experts agreed Asia as a whole is where the opportunities lie for the Australian music business. Australians are great music consumers, sixth in the world worth $2 billion per year.

$2 billion per year. The reality is - Australia is a small market, even to bring all of Australia together you have to travel so far to go and do a whole Australia tour.94 citys in China have populations greater than Sydney. It's the kind of statistic that have event organisers expanding into Asia.We focus on Singapore and Asia. We have noticed that our international line-up and the broad appeal of the line-up has drawn people from India and Indonesian.Diversity, whether intentional or not, is evident on sowna's -- Sony's books.Guy Sebastian is a great example. At the moment, t example. At the moment, they are busy with a career here. Touring partnerships are key.

are key. This 22-year-old Queenslander is enjoying an audience in Asia.I put some videos on the international net to show my Chinese friends. His music covers went viral, notching up more than 10 million hits, leading to acting roles and TV presenting gig.China is such ting gig.China is such a big country with 1 billion people. Even if you have 10 million hits it's only scratching the surface. He is hoping to turn his fame into fortune by releasing his first original track. (MUSIC PLAYS) While pop is all the rage in Japan and Korea, the Chinese prefer a slower Morrow meantic musical pace. Speaking of romantic heroes - Kim Jong Un has been called a lot of things but sexiest man alive wasn't one of them. China's communist party newspaper has re-run an American report describing him as a devastatingly handsome heart-throb. They didn't realise that the original piece was sarcastic. Glr manufacturer o

manufacturer o are The newspaper read: It goes on:

It goes on:
Who pulls it off better?Vladimir Putin.He's a bit short.He's too fat.On this photograph, he is showing muscular, you know.None of them, absolutely not.In the article, Kim Jong Un was described as a US website and didn't make mention of d didn't make mention of satire.

mention of satire.
For those of you wondering - that was probably a joke. Coming up next - all of the day's sports news, including back in the A-League. Taking charge at Sydney FC. New Zealanders 'em brace 'Hobbit'.

To finance news now - News Limited chief executive has rejected dire predictions for the print media industry, saying it has plenty of life yet. t has plenty of life yet. Cab charge has vowed to fight plans to cut taxi taifr surcharges. The company faces a challenge to its 10% fee.

Time now for all of the sports news with Rob. The wait is over for Sydney FC fans.Former Socceroos coach has been appointed for the remainder of the season. He hasn't coached since being dumped from Roar three years ago. As a player and coach, frank Foreno has always divided opinion and the reaction on social media was no different. Sydney FC finally confirming the rumours following the sudden resignation of their coach earlier this month.Currently in Papua New Guinea in his position as the country's national team boss, he will take over from interim coach who will return to his role as assistant.We've had a few tough results in the last few weeks, losing four on the trot. The focus is only four points from top six. Once you are in the finals anything can happen.However, his coaching career in the A-League came to a premature end ue came to a premature end three years ago when he was sacked following a drink- driving charge. The 48-year-old is expected to take his first training session on Saturday, Sydney FC's signing Alessandro Del Piero.When he was playing it was a time that Alessandro Del Piero started his career. He has been involved with high profile players in the Socceroos so he knows what it takes to deal with players of this calibre. The first assignment a round nine away game on Sunday. In the English Premier League Villa moved two points clear of


S and en Villa began to settle. The opportunities summing up the first half. The host came out undaunted for the second 45. Just as it looked a 0-0 draw was on the cards, Villa moved away from the bottom three with om the bottom three with a vital victory. Queens Park rangers made the bow as the side travelled to face an outfit looking for face an outfit looking for a much-needed win. With three minutes left on the clock, the homed is ended scoreless. To cricket - Australia has rested Peter Siddle as preparations at the WHACCA stepped up. He was allowed a day off to freshen up ahead of Friday's third and deciding test in Adelaide. But it was the return to the nets of Shane Watson that was the focus after bowling sixovers without problems yet. He says he will be be fit.Certainly I'm going to be up to bowling as many overs as mike Watson. Probably the normal sort of workload that I bowl in a test match. Things progressed really well in the last week. I should be ready to go. He padded up in Perth as the payman attempted to impress selectors before the test team is announced. Increasingly professional sportsmen ply their trade in foreign countries, some are making greater efforts than others to fit in. The snarling menace of the English midfield, a footballer skillful and sinful. Seeking a fresh start he moved to France and swapped his English accent for a French accent. I came here to compete for the championship. It may just remind you of something. Rather than laugh, perhaps we should applaud. An expert believes he is trying to adapt.I think he is in a completely French environment, surrounded by French jumpists, they are presumablely asking the questions in English with a French accent and he is trying to fit in.

accent and he is trying to fit in.
Meanwhile, at # Arsenal, switching languages fluently. Well, I haven't heard it but I'm not very optimistic about his performance.It's a little bit boring.There are always questions. So we wait to hear if he will answer like this. Coming up - the weather details. And 'Hobbit' hysteria hits New Zealand as a world premier transforms Wellington into middle earth.


Hey, babe, we gotta go over that
bush fire survival plan today. Um, I'm kind of busy. Uh, why don't we just
do it tomorrow some time? Yeah, alright, I'll pencil it in. Thank you, sweetheart.
(GLASS SMASHES) Do you want a cup of tea?

To Perth - where wild weather has causing havoc in the CBD. Some 16,000 were in the metro area left without power. To the forecast now - a front and low are causing showers, storms and winds in West Australia. Leading to a high fire danger with a low triggers potential storms in Queensland and scales. -- New South Wales.

The long-I waited Premier of 'Hobbit' is taking place in New Zealand tonight. Wellington has come to a halt and politicians and businesses joined in on the celebrations. The day was more like a national holiday. More than 100,000 gathered at the middle of middle earth. That's the city of Wellington in New Zealand to the rest of us. For the world premier of 'Hobbit'. Fans lining the 600m red carpet, the lucky snapping pictures of the stars and collecting a few autographs. The director the first to arrive.I wanted to get here and spend as much time as I could signing autographs and meeting the fans. The people are so fantastic to have come out on a nice, hot day, standing in the sun for hours to see us. for hours to see us.Another early arrival - the man himself.This City is so much a part of this film. It's right that it should start off here. Musician Neil Finn performed to fans waiting in the afternoon heat. (MUSIC PLAYS) Singing to a fever that's gripped the whole city.We grew up with it. I mean, it's really exciting to have a world that doesn't exist, can exist. It's so ex-cysting. When we were kids and saw it we wanted to be the dwarfs.

to be the dwarfs. A celebration of not a new culture and people thanks to the director.Peter embraced his own culture and put it up on the screen and this film is so much a part of this country.It's so obvious how much Peter means to the Peter. He is a proud Kiwi. While considered a national hero, tonight even Peter has butterflies.I haven't seen it with a group of people and I'm interested to see what the reaction is. I'm a little nervous.'Hobbit' opens in Australia on Boxing Day. Recapping the top stories - crowds are gathering in Tahrir Square as protests continue against egips President. Follows a violent night seeing thousands of people crammed into the square. The government demands the Deputy Leader of the Opposition resign after making what it calls unsubstantiated allegations regarding the slush fund scandal. And that's the world this Wednesday. Of course, you can get all of tonight's stories on line and follow us on twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

NARRATOR: The world of monster bugs

is a war zone.

There are no truces... ceasefires.

Only the fittest survive...

They literally run down their prey.

..and only the ruthless...

They can tear apart
pretty much anything. to eat another day.

I'm Paul Willis and together
with bug expert Dr Linda Rayor

and venomologist Dr Bryan Greig Fry,
we're going once again

into the vicious, violent world
of bug wars.

Like most predators,
bugs are opportunistic.

Spiders for example
will eat every day if they can.

But on the other hand some
might survive months

without a fresh meal if pickings
are slim.

However, one thing you can
practically guarantee,

is that even in a peaceful
bush setting like this,

right now there's a bug armed
and ready for a fight.

One will be a victor,
the other a victim

and if you're a bug,
you never know which one you'll be.

Or when.
Because in this monster bug world

there's nothing more unsettling
than silence,

knowing that something
unheard and unseen

is patiently waiting for
its chance to kill you.

What happens
when an ogre-faced spider

sets a trap for an assassin bug?

It's the skill of one forest ninja...

..versus the stealth of another.