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(generated from captions) Great work. Nice work. $19,000 for briefcase 9. 20K.
Wow. 20K. There aren't that many people
who go travelling for 10 years and come home with 19 grand
in their pocket, are there? No.
Not bad. Now, the only case other than Mum
was 17. Mel, you thought you had...? I think I've got $50,000. Alright.
Let's see some green, Mel. Is she on the money? Oh! I'm...
Ro, what's in 11? I think I've got the green. You've got the green?
$50,000. 50K. 50K.
Let's see. It's... Oh! There it was!
(LAUGHS) Making it $19,500 all up - a significant improvement
on the $10,000 in your case. Nicely done, Chels.
Mum's always right. Let's see the money.

(LAUGHS) Good on you, Rosemary. Great to have you centrestage
at last, those flowing locks
and beautiful tresses of yours. Oh, and Miss Katie Mac too. Well done. Congratulations. I can see why you're so glad
to have her home. She's a barrel of fun. Thanks for being with us, everyone. See you next time in the Drome.
Bye now.

This program is captioned live. Tonight, a mother and sons
terrorised as shots are fired
into their Sydney home. The firefighting hero
who risked his life to save others during the Ultimo crane collapse. A new promise
to drive down household power bills. The Sydney suburbs copping the worst
of our extreme weather. Plus, 100,000 people
line the red carpet for 'The Hobbit' world premiere. VOICEOVER:
This is Seven News with Chris Bath.

Good evening. South-west Sydney's been hit
by its second shooting in 24 hours, attacks that have left
one man dead, another wounded and a house peppered
with shotgun pellets. Live to Hugh Whitfeld
at Liverpool Police Station. Hugh, what do we know
about the latest one? Police here at Liverpool
are investigating a drive-by just down the road at Lurnea. Three shotgun blasts were fired
at a home on Hunter Avenue around midday.

Witnesses say the gunman escaped
in a gold-coloured car.

Police at the scene of Sydney's fifth shooting in a week
and the third drive-by. Inside, 24-year-old Zac Al-Dhaibi,
his brother and mother - they're shocked but unhurt. This area's normally quiet, but, other than that,
these thugs need to go down.

It's the second attack
in less than 24 hours. Always worried. One shooting is one too many,
as we've said for so many times now. Two men were gunned down at
this half-built house in Punchbowl yesterday afternoon. Gunshots, quite a lot of them,
sounded like an automatic. 38-year-old father of four Ali Eid
was killed. He was building a new home
for his wife and four children. Just a normal family man -
does his work - but, these days, you don't know. Four tradies weren't hurt, but electrician and Ali's mate
Mohammed Hanouf was shot five times in the back. He's in St George Hospital, where his wife, brothers
and detectives visited him today. Police are still searching
for a motive. They'll be looking at
Ali and Mohammeds' connections here and in their native Lebanon, plus Ali's business dealings
at his nearby fruit shop. We believe that this was a planned
and targeted attack, but, at this stage,
we do not know why. The gunmen escaped in a waiting car.

A senior firefighter who risked his life trying
to extinguish the UTS crane fire has told about
the frightening moment when the crane collapsed around him. Live now to Chris Maher. Chris, the inspector's still feeling
a bit shaken. He certainly is, Chris. Nick Ferrante was climbing
the crane tower and it's only then he realised his heroics were not going to
put out the flames. Inspector Nick Ferrante was driving
by the UTS building site when he saw smoke pouring
from the crane. He tried to climb the tower and can be seen in these pictures
racing to the bottom. The jib had just collapsed. It started to shake, and I said, "Right, we got
to get out of here." Unions claim workers on the site
recently reported the crane dripped oil
onto their clothing. Three have been
some emotive comments, and there have been
some inaccurate comments, but we will ascertain all the facts. But, after yesterday's disaster, the union is demanding heads roll
at Lend Lease. When you got cranes going up
in flames in the CBD, lives put at risk,
enough is enough. WorkCover inspectors
were at the site again today, still no closer
to finding the cause of the fire as planning begins
on how to clear the wreckage. It's in the middle
of a very busy area of the city, and so removal will be done
out of hours. And if Broadway and other roads
need to be closed, they will. Officially, the crane's been seized
by WorkCover. As it's dismantled,
they'll take it away for testing to make sure
there isn't a problem with others. It's hoped the damaged crane
will be cleared away by the end of next week.

Train and ferry fares
are going up from January 1. The independent price regulator
wanted bigger hikes, instead, they'll rise
by an average 2.4%. The Government says
fares will only increase by inflation until services improve.

in Blacktown has widened with
the suspension of a senior teacher. Earlier this month, a Patrician brother and a former
teacher were arrested and charged over allegations
of sexually abusing students. Seven News can now reveal
a third teacher has been placed on suspension
while police investigate further. Any victims of sexual abuse
at the school are being urged to come forward.

The Gillard Government
has returned fire against Deputy Opposition Leader
Julie Bishop over her dealings with union bagman Ralph Blewitt. The Prime Minister seized
on her admission she actually
spoke to Mr Blewitt twice, when only yesterday she specifically
said it was just once. Liberals embraced
Tony Abbott's new book... ..but not these headlines - "Attack dog
Tony" quickly shuffled from sight. As was Julie Bishop
a notable no-show - she'd been emphatic yesterday when asked if she'd spoken
with AWU bagman Ralph Blewitt... Once. It was in person. REPORTER: When? Last Friday.

Wrong, admitting today
it was twice. She'd also spoken to him
by phone last Wednesday. Julie Bishop has lied. Julie Bishop must now resign
or be sacked. Taking to radio, Mrs Bishop claimed she didn't know
it was Mr Blewitt on the phone. Former broadcaster Mike Smith
had called her and passed the phone
to someone else. The person didn't
identify themselves. I mean, it could've been anyone. Who was she expecting,
Humphrey B Bear? Oh, no! He can't talk! As Liberals called for Government MP
Steve Gibbons's sacking for calling Mrs Bishop
a "narcissistic bimbo", later apologising. As Julia Gillard was humiliated
in cabinet, her Middle East policy
defeated 19-3. Not just rolled in cabinet - dropped, bounced and rolled. This is a government in chaos with the Prime Minister
no longer in charge. But Mr Abbott again
let Ms Bishop take charge of all questions
on the AWU slush fund, though denies he was reading along. Read along to every word. Get up and ask yourself
and then I'll answer it. VARIOUS: Hear, hear!

In a move to stop electricity bills
spiralling even higher, power companies are being told
to change their cash flow. The O'Farrell Government
has ordered company directors to sign a pledge
that dividends they pay shareholders will not push up prices. Veda Polouri dreads
opening her power bill. Quarterly we used to get
about $200, now it's about $600. Despite trying
to use less electricity, the bills keep rising. We get really angry
about what's happening. One factor driving up prices
is dividends. They're the return on investment
given from power companies to their shareholders - in this case, the state government. But the treasurer's promising
to stop taking too much. Any dividends that come out, they can't have an impact
on prices going forward. The treasurer says the former
Labor Government collected more than $15 billion in dividends from the state-owned power companies
during its time in power. That's more than $5,300
from every household, just in dividends. Now Mike Baird's
not only telling power chiefs, including Networks NSW chief
Vince Graham to drive down prices, he's also making them
sign declarations that dividends place no additional
pressure on prices, service, quality or future reliability. It's an important safeguard,
an important measure The opposition wants more. Signing a pledge
is not going to change the fact that dividends are going up and families are paying
through the nose for electricity.

It may not feel like it
with today's cooler conditions, but a heatwave is set
to hit Sydney's west this weekend, marking the start to summer
that firefighters had feared. And weather experts say hot spells are becoming more extreme
and more frequent as our suburbs become more built up. Sydney's west is getting hotter
every year. Figures show it's four times more
likely to be hit by a heatwave than Sydney's east. With rising temps,
we do expect to see more heatwaves whether it's a result

of urban heat island effect
or global warming. "Heat island" -

that means all that brick, asphalt
and concrete acting like a radiator. Penrith has seen 48 days above
40 degrees in the past decade, up 60% since the 1970s. We've also seen a doubling of nights
at 20 degrees Celsius or above. The west is Sydney's hot spot, but Turramurra, on the North Shore,
is our wettest - it rains 143 days of the year. Camden is one of the driest suburbs,
the coldest too - -6 the all-time low. The airport is the windiest. That's because
it's exposed to Botany Bay. But Penrith has
the hottest temperature year round - 46 degrees, the record. It will come close to that again
on Saturday, with the mercury tipped
to hit 41 degrees. Heatwaves will become commoner. They have already become
more extreme, that we will see
continue into the future.

100,000 people have turned out
in Wellington, New Zealand, for the world movie premiere
of 'The Hobbit'. Live to Talitha Cummins. Chris, the big names, including
Cate Blanchett and Elijah Wood, were amazed by the reception
from the thousands of fans. Wellington has renamed itself
"the middle of Middle Earth", with the local theatre now just over an hour into
the world premiere screening. A red carpet 600m long
in a city gripped by Hobbit fever. It is so exciting, and I just can't
believe that we are here! Featuring some of
the world's biggest stars, Elijah Wood, Martin Freeman,
Cate Blanchett and Barry Humphries, back to film. I always thought a motion capture
was something you did when you were taking a specimen
to the doctor. (LAUGHTER)

60 years before
'The Lord of the Rings'. 'The Hobbit' is the heart
that drives 'The Lord of the Rings', so there's been incredible
good humour and buoyancy and masterful storytelling.

Maybe it's just because I'm afraid. The Kiwi backdrop is breathtaking,
the world's response even more so. 100 international media
have flown in. And The local reaction
is incredible too - tens of thousands of people
have turned up here today - almost a quarter
of Wellington's population. We got here at 10pm and have
been here ever since... ..with no sleep.

With a budget of $600 million,
it comes with big expectations. So many people
have worked for so long on the film that I think it will take
a little bit more than that to spoil the event. And high hopes -

it's released in Australia
on Boxing Day.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - the south-western suburbs
fighting back over a minister's mining joke. A Sydney widow's tears of pride - how her romantic husband's
cancer battle is saving lives. And is she channelling Diana? That's next.

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Liverpool Council has joined
the fight against coal seam gas near and under
homes in Sydney's south-west. The local mayor spoke up after energy giant AGL refused
to rule out drilling under Liverpool suburbs. Planning Minister Brad Hazzard
seems to think coal seam gas mining is a laugh... ..but his Liberal colleagues
on Liverpool Council don't. With this particular proposal, it's too close to our area,
too close to residential land and we are against it. The mayor's joined the fight against AGL's expansion
under thousands of homes. Wells will be in Campbelltown
but close to Liverpool, possibly drawing gas
from under neighbouring suburbs. Seven News asked AGL if it would
rule out drilling under Liverpool. It wouldn't.

Coal seam gas does have
its benefits but in the right areas. Being so close to home is not the
right area, in our point of view.

That side of the road
is Liverpool Council, and there are plans
to build six wells in those hills The wells are only about
the diameter of this cardboard disc, taped onto a saucer
by the Planning Minister. But opponents say they could lead
to water, noise and air pollution. Why aren't they pushing
a toxic coal seam gas field in the suburbs of North Sydney,
Lane Cove, Woollahra and their electorates? Details of the gas expansion
are on our website.

The widow of cancer campaigner
Kristian Anderson has shed tears of pride for the man
who touched so many lives. You might remember
his romantic video to his wife and how he captured
Oprah Winfrey's attention. Now, how his legacy
is really making a difference. No-one knows

how much the memory of cancer
campaigner Kristian Anderson endures quite as well as his widow. It feels like he was just here - yet, it's 11 months
since I actually heard his voice, so every day is hard

But the 36-year-old, who shot to worldwide fame
with his YouTube love video, not only inspired Oprah Winfrey... (CHEERING) ..but the nation too. A Newspoll survey found an extraordinary 1 in 4 Australians
remembers Kristian unprompted and 40% of them say

his campaign made them check
for bowel cancer symptoms. It's a legacy that lives on. I don't want people
to forget my husband. He was an amazing guy. His own doctor says no-one raised
awareness like Kristian did. I was impressed, on the one hand. I wasn't surprised because Kristian
was a very powerful individual. It's almost 12 months since Kristian was farewelled from
his church here at Oxford Falls, Rachel says it's
a difficult anniversary, one which she and the boys
will spend revisiting a place of
their happiest memories together. Before he died, Kristian said he wanted them
to return to Disneyland. It was just such a happy family time
for us. A chance to remember
a father's legacy too.

An American study of breast cancer
patients has found "chemo brain" is a real condition. Women undergoing treatment
often complain of feeling like they're in a fog. Now brain scans back them up. It is helpful, I think,
for patients to understand that they're not alone
in this experience. This does happen
to a segment of the population. It's hoped a way can be found
to offset the condition.

Americans are expected to spend more
than one billion dollars on tickets
for tomorrow's Powerball draw. The jackpot has risen
to half a billion dollars. That was in 2006 when eight abattoir
workers had the only winning ticket. The chances
of winning are 1 in 175 million. The Duchess of Cambridge has caught the eye
of royal style watchers, with her new hairdo and dress
being compared to Princess Diana. Kate wore an almost identical dress
to William's mother at a function in London,
reviving memories of Diana in 1983. Hair salons are expecting
an influx of women who'll also want the new look, which features layers
around the face and a heavy fringe.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and David Campese has been rucked
and mauled over sexist remarks. We'll hear from him next. Plus, Dennis Lillee's
encouraging words to Shane Watson ahead of the series decider. Also, where will Folau end up if
league bosses can't find the cash? And if V8 drivers thought driving
at 250km/h was dangerous,

Australian vice-captain Shane Watson
will bowl in the series decider
against South Africa starting in Perth on Friday. Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus
didn't train today, but Siddle says he wants to play despite
a gruelling workload in Adelaide. A warm welcome in the west
for Shane Watson from the great Dennis Lillee, as Watson confirmed
he'll bat and bowl in the decider. I bowled six overs in the nets
yesterday before we left in Adelaide so I'm certainly going to be
up to bowling as many overs as Michael wants. What Clarke wants is a big score
from Ricky Ponting. Mike Hussey's been through it
all before. I just think it's crazy
to doubt someone like Ricky Ponting. You know, he's an absolute champion. Second test workhorse Peter Siddle
was rested today. Come Friday, he'll be ready
to roll again. I'm feeling good.
I had plenty of sleep. The body's feeling alright,
which is nice. The Aussies look refreshed,
despite a gruelling Adelaide test, and Mitchell Starc can't get enough
of the red ball. A return to Perth
holds fond memories for the New South Wales quick. For me, it's obviously a nice place
to come and bowl as a bowler. You get that bit of extra pace and
bounce than you do at the SCG.

Rugby union's Waratahs could swoop
for Israel Folau if league's salary cap mess
isn't sorted out. Parramatta can't fit Folau in
under the proposed $5 million cap - however, a meeting of club bosses
was today told the Players' Association is fighting
for it to be at least $6 million next year. As far as we're concerned, that $5 million figure
has never been locked in. We still don't consider it
to be locked in, and we're negotiating with the NRL
on that basis. Folau has also been sounded out
by New Zealand rugby sides since he quit AFL.

Rugby union great David Campese
has told Seven News he put his foot in it, questioning whether a female
'Sydney Morning Herald' journalist should write about rugby. Campese tweeted:

David has always been the master
of the brain explosion, and, in this case,
Georgina does not deserve this. Current and former Wallabies
were incensed by Campese's remarks.

Normally, V8 drivers only have
a taste for speed, but ahead of this weekend's
Sydney 500, oysters were on the menu as Holden and Ford rivals
tried to outschuck one another. But fan Brock McDonald will
see them race for real after winning our tickets
in the Disney Grid competition. Watch out for the code word
during Seven News.

Checking finance now - and the share market was down
a little today, with investors moving their money
into less volatile stocks over fears
about the Greek and US economies. The ASX 200 closed down 9 points. And our dollar's down a bit too.

Sally Bowrey's next
with Sydney's weather, and the heat is coming
for the western suburbs.

Chris, temperatures are climbing ahead of Saturday's
41 degree scorcher. I'll have the details
after the break.

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We've seen the longest run of
cool days in November in a decade, but that's all about to change as the mercury rockets
into the 40s this week. It will be the hottest weather seen
in three years for some parts of New South Wales. It was cloudy but fine
in Sydney today, with the thick cloud cover stopping
the city from getting too hot. It was pretty mild in the west too. Which is still 2 below average. with 50mm-plus falls
across the Blue Mountains. From the satellite - we've got a hot air that's been
building up under clear skies across northern WA. Tomorrow, that will be pulled
across the country into South Australia, Victoria
and New South Wales. High heat and hot winds will also
increase the fire risk tomorrow, while most of the capitals
will see a pretty warm day. Hot and sunny
in Melbourne.

Adelaide will swelter
with a storm expected too. Slight conditions
on the water tomorrow, with swell sitting around 1m. The city could see a shower
overnight, then warmer weather tomorrow. North-east winds will push temps
in the west into the 30s, 9 above average
in Richmond and Penrith tomorrow with humidity set to hang around
too. The hot weather will hit on Friday, staying for Saturday

before a cooler southerly change hits on Sunday.

And that's Seven News to now.
Thanks for your company. Stay tuned for 'Today Tonight' and the $12 million gift
for being a good neighbour. That's next.

Tonight, love they neighbour - 12.5 million reasons why looking
after the old lady next door can really pay off.

Plus, two peas in a pod. Hi. I'm Lucy. And I'm Anna. BOTH: And we're the twins. Identical from surgically enhanced
top to bottom. And the biggest stars
taking the biggest falls - how TV's brightest have gone bust and why today's stars
won't fall into the same trap.

Good evening. Thanks for joining us. I'm Samantha Armytage
filling in for Matt. We start tonight with proof
where there's a will there's a way to get back at the relatives
you don't like, even after death. Betty Harris delivered
a $12.5 million slap in the face to the relatives who were
never around while she was alive but expected a fat inheritance
once she passed away. Instead, she gave the lot
to her neighbours. James Thomas reports.

Hi, ma'am.

If I'm really nice to you,
can you put me in your will? I just noticed
a very nice car there.

It's a long shot,
but apparently it can work.