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(generated from captions) at ease! It looks like a rain gear. Early tomorrow morning, that was a shocker.

She may have a face only a mother could love, but a young Tasmanian devil could be at the heart of saving her endangered species. Princess Mary, yes, you heard that right, was caught in the wild to join the breeding program at the Devil Ark, where it's hoped she'll produce a dozen young over the next few years.Princess Mary is genetic royalty. She's not related to any other Tasmanian devils in the program and she's from an area where we've seen the population crash to 3%.The Tasmanian devil population is in real trouble because of the lack of genetic diversity and also because of a devastating facial tumour disease. Good luck to them. That's Ten News for now. We'll have updates throughout the evening. The Late News is at 10:35. Now here's the gang at 'The Project'. Goodnight.

This program is captioned live. Tonight, it might be the last sitting week in parliament, but they ain't leaving quietly. Two states in the US have legaliseed recreational cannabis. Will it happen here? The latest peril in the fight against global warminging. We cross to the premiere of 'The Hobbit' in New Zealand. And special guest host, Amanda Keller! This is The Project! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Good evening, welcome to The Project. Please welcome back our very good friend Amanda Keller!Oh, thank you! (CHEERING It is exciting to be here.It is great to have you here!A pleasure to have you on.You are charming! I've heard it, but I didn't believe it till now.He doesn't say it to everyone.I normally say it to everyone.Thanks!It has gotten really weird! Making news today, Wednesday 28 November. After a rough couple of days, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop's been under fire in Question Time, after admitting it is possible she spoke to AWU bagman Ralph Blewitt more than once. Bishop said that she might have spoken to him last week but cannot be sure.I'm amazed to get this question from the Deputy Leader of the Opposition who is unable to remember who she spoke to a week ago. She is asking me to deal with events 20 years ago! Rarrrr!She is funny at the moment. They are feisty.The end-of-year stuff - punching on. JoTony is quiet. He knows he will be a heckler put down.The Christmas party - it has been full on!Police are still searching for two suspects over a double shooting in Sydney's south-west yesterday. A man was shot dead and another seriously wounded in the brazen daylight attack in the suburb of Punchbowl. Police believe a bad debt may be to blame. Beside his guilty plea to drugs charge, Tony Mokbel is appealing his conviction and 30-year jail sentence. He claims the Australian Government knowingly violated international law by extraditing him from Greece. A drunken schoolie has fallen 3m from a hotel Balkany while celebrating with friends on Rottnest Island in Perth. The 16- year-old was airline lifted to Fremantle Hospital last night and discharged this morning with only minor injuries. From what I understand, he has consumed way too much alcohol. He's been leaning over the balcony whilst being sick, overbalanced and fallen.Despite a partnership of 40 years and a marketing deal worth $50 million, Qantas boss Alan Joyce has cut ties with Tourism Australia. The airline says Tourism Australia boss Geoff Dixon, who used to run Qantas, is the problem. Joe Aston is a columnist for the 'Fin Review'. Break-ups are always difficult. Who needs who more in this relationship? Ah, ha! It is a very good question. I would say if we're being honest here, quite clearly Tourism Australia needs Qantas a lot more than Qantas needs Tourism Australia. Alan Joyce - you know, Alan's a Dublin scrapper. You wouldn't want to fight with him. And, you know, for the national carrier, which is probably the biggest partner, not probably but definitely the digs partner of Tourism Australia to pull the pin, they are in dire, dire straits.A lot of people want to fight with Alan Joyce, though, don't they?They do. There is something about Alan that gets people's hair raised. Certainly, the union movement wouldn't mind a punch-on! Look, fundamentally, come out with a black eye. There is no doubt that Alan has smashed everyone in his wake. It is exactly why, from a precedent point of view, you would back him to come out on top of this one.Joe, it is fascinating stuff. If only because we are wondering if we can buy seats for the next Alan Joyce fight. A rich but lonely Sydney woman who died in 2009 has left her 12.9 million dollar estate to her if neighbour who helped her with her chores. Betty Harris's relatives kopsed the will, but the Supreme Court ruled in her favour. There is a lesson for us all - if you live in a rich suburb, help the neighbourIf this was a Hollywood movie, they would have said, "We didn't know she was rich." But everybody knew she was rich.I think we are a chance with our neighbour.Do you think that saying it is on national T have the way to go?I won't name you, but we are a chance.Think she knows you! (LAUGHTER)She is on her own, loves our kids, we see her every day.You have no part to play in that. I bet it is not you who takes around the cup of tea and cake.I open the back roller door for her to come in. You let her come in through the roller door?!It doesn't sound friendly. Is she elderly?No, a long time in front of her.Let's move on. Coming up - while scientists are concerned about the effects climate change is having on the planet, others are convinced it is all going to end in a few weeks time. New Zealand's captain has been renamed Middle of Middle-earth, and Michele Lawrie is on the hunt for The great thing about dogs is
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Welcome back to The Project. Download Zeebox and join the conversation.The union wants a safety check on cranes around the CBD. The national tertiary union says it is concerned safety is jeopardised. And the joke is on a Communist newspaper in China which believed reports North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had been named 2012's Sexiest Man Alive. The satirical magazine 'The Onion' described him as every woman's dream.That is what an overweight 11-year-old looks.North Korea, heating in winter? I would say everything about it!Every woman's dream in North Korea is food!He has a lot of it.I think he will eat it all on you! Mark Webber, sexy? Do you find him sexy, CharlieFrom an academic point of view, sure?From a driving point of view, sure.I would say hugely sexy.I love the way he speaks. Check him out, talking about the drivers or constructors Championship.The driver's Championship is clearly the most prestigious. The constructors Championship is better for everyone here.Most "presig- uous"That is a pot calling the kettle black!I never said that - and how is my jaw, Amanda.Maybe it is jack-o'-lanterny! A demonstrator has been killed as tens of thousands of Egyptians again take to the streets of Cairo, continuing their protest against new President Mohamed Mursi. Upset about granting himself near absolute authority, opponents are accusing the Islamist leader of trying to impose a new era of autocracy. Wreaths were laid as the body of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was reburied. Scientists took forensic examples from his exhumed remains to find out if he was poisoned. Scientists say they if they found evidence of foul play they will take to the matter to The Hague. CCTV captured a 16-month-old boy running through a jewellery store moments before a car ploughed into the shop. The 84- year-old driver was fined, saying that she hit the accelerator instead of the break. Wellington has been renamed Middle of Middle- earth for the world premiere of Sir Peter Jackson's new epic 'The Hobbit'. Peter confesses he was a little nervous, the first time he had watched the film with an audience. Sam MacIs in Wellington for the world premiere. You are about to be moved on by security. What is it like there on the red carpet?Yeah, you guys have got me some great access here! If I want to be kicked out of Wellington! There is a security - I will keep it short. I'm having a great day, thanks! It is pretty amazing here. People from all over the world. There is almost 100,000 people in Wellington for the premiere. The stars have walked the red carpet, 600m long - outrageous! The movie is about to start in half an hour. It is a Peter Jackson movie, probably it will finish 2pm Friday!You are one of the few people in the world who have seen it. You have seen a sneak preview. You are not allowed to talk about it. What will they do the if you tell us anything and and is there a ring involved - just cough.Yeah, this is serious! I had to sign a document which means if I review - like, if I reviewed it for you guys now on Twitter or something, Warner Brothers would possess my soul for eternity. They have trained me up. If you want to ask me how the movie was, they have told me how to train for it.How is the movie?Warner Brothers is a great corporation! (LAUGHTER)Enjoy it. We will see you back here soon.Great! I'm now a security threat - thanks a lot! We will take a behind-the-scenes look at 'The Hobbit' next week on The Project.I want to show you the two biggest 'The Hobbit' fans in New Zealand.I've been waiting so long for this. We have wanted to attend a world premiere.You don't get a sense there, but here you get a sense of just how excited they are. Watch this! Oh, yeah!(LAUGHTER) That is where their girlfriends are! They might be together! You cannot assume these things, Amanda! Right now, we will take a break and be back after this.Coming up - the same day Americans put President Barack Obama back in the White House, two states voted to legalise recreational cannabis. So is this a path we could follow back here at home?We should legalise cannabis in Australia. The sooner we do it, the better.

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Welcome back to The Project.Jake tweeted us on Twitter about Kim Jong Un, saying, "I believe him not being the sexiest man is only a matter of opinion." What does he mean by that?That is Kim Jong Un tweeting under the name of Jay. Carrie likes Kim Jong Un nice.Some people might. Just because you don't...WeLaughed at the headlines. Wild weather has caused havoc in Perth. About 16,000 people remain without power in the metropolitan area. Falling trees have caused traffic chaos in the city's centre. The Melbourne baby-sitter accused of killing 10-month-old murpmurp in your opinion in 2010 has been ordered to stand trial. The - the parents picked her up from Ketapat Jenkins's home and she has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Who would have thought that doggy facials would be a howling success. One grooming service has been offering the service as a way to enhance the dogs' looks. Pet owners have spent $8 million on animals in the past year.These are animals that would drink out of the toilet and we give them a facial.You have a puppy.I could easily give it a facial! They like the bellies.Oh, they love it!And the paws! It is an aroma therapy facial? Dogs like weird smells - dead birds or other dog butts?!It would be a waste of money on my dog. Nothing is going to help my ugly mutt!Oh! He doesn't watch the show - back off!Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia. The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have admitted to using in it the past. Is it time we legalise weed. On November 6, as well as returning US President Barack Obama to the White House, residents of Colorado and Washington State voted to legalise cannabis. The the decision, which will create the world's first legal market for recreational cannabis, has been heavily criticised by the US government. Marijuana is not a benign substance. It causes significant harms.But supporters of legaliseation here want the Australian Government to take note.We should legalise cannabis in Australia, and the sooner we do it, the better. Cannabis prohibition doesn't work. It is expensive. It also is very damaging to the people who get caught.Dr Alex Wodak says that the taxation and regulation of cannabis is the only way for the Government to take control of the significant black market for the drug. Regulating cannabis could mean that cannabis could be provided in plain packages, have a licensing system which would give the Australian governments for the first time some control over the actual supply of cannabis.Approximately 2 million Australians use cannabis every year. While illegal across the country, the drug is decriminalised in some states and territories, meaning that users caught with small quantitys have no permanent criminal record. Despite this, cannabis puts more people before the court than any other illicit drugs.The current laws dissuade some people, but only about 3% of cannabis consumers come to the attention of law enforcement.While acknowledging that the current system is not doing enough to prevent cannabis use, Professor Steve Allsop does not support full legaliseation.There is a risk that if you legalise drugs, some people who might be disinclined might be more inclined to try it.Cannabis researchers say that evidence of the drug's negative effects is stronger than ever, particularly when used by young people.Around one in 10 people who use it will go on to develop a dependedence. By starting young or smoking regularly and heavily, it increases the risk of schizophrenia by six times. Perth Mother Teresa was addicted to cannabis for 14 years.I would dictate my day around cannabis-use. I would get my daughter to day care and spend the rest of the day using. Her heavy use took its the toll on her mental health.I experience psychosis. I had about 10 different voices going through my head at one time. With the support of her family, Theresa is clean for nine years. She strongly opposes any moves towards legaliseing cannabis.The thought of people being able to use it legally horrifies me. I mean, the mental health implications would be phenomenal.For supporters of legaliseation, those harms are happening even though cannabis is illegal. And a new approach is long overdue. Cannabis has been in Australia for over half a century. And it is time we woke up to that reality and accepted that it is not going to disappear. It is interesting. The criminalisation of it has not prevented the use of it. We could be making a lot of money from tax revenue if it was a legal, regulated product, paying for schools and hospitals and be useful. I think it is dangerous.Drug dealers are making the money.Yeah, well, that is true.A lot of people on Facebook have spoken about it. Glen says, "Medicinal use of it is worth a conversation, but legaliseation is not."This is the web poll:

Let us know what you think. You can hop on to any of the sites on our screen. Time for another break, and we are back in a tick. (ANGELIC MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Discover irresistibly
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Hey, welcome back to The Project. Was it 2012 or 1950, and can someone let David Campese know. You have to wonder what Wallabies legend David Campese was thinking. This morning, in a Tweet about 'Sydney Morning Herald''s sports journalist Georgina Robinson he wrote, "Why did the SMH get a girl to write about rugby. Now there is someone who has no idea about the game." Twitter reacted angrily to the Tweet, which Campese later deleted. The best response came from Michael Lucas saying, "Why is Gordon Ramsey allowed to cook in a kitchen?" Besides being funny, this Tweet is particularly impressive because on closer inspection, the writer is a dog! How does he type with his little paws! I mean, it is incredible! In response to Campese's comments, Fairfax's managing editor of sport said:

Fairfax's managing editor of sport

Of course, she should not be judged on her gender but how she writes the articles on rugby. She goes alright, and beat Peter Fitzsimons. Why in 2012 these sorts of comments being made? And isn't the real story here that there's a dog on Twitter?!

story here that there's a dog on
Twitter?! Fairfax sports columnist Richard Hinds joins us now. Does this mean that you can never write about netball?If you had seen me play, maybe! But, yeah, I'm not sure what David was thinking when he Tweeted that, really. I mean, we are so far past the point where it is even an issue about women covering sport in any way. It caught me by surprise. I thought it was - yeah, very out of the blue.So what is it about? Did Georgina say something to irritate him or is he just being a bit of a knob?Well, I think you are right - the second time, for a start. Certainly being a bit of a knob. What we found out subsequently was that Georgina's been covering the Australian tour of Europe, the summer tour, done a terrific job. But David apparently is a little upset that she has not been going hard enough at the coach, which is a speciality of David's since his retirement. He Tweeted later in the day that he thinks that maybe men go a little bit harder on a coach than a woman would. I would like to introduce him to a few of my colleagues, like Caroline Wilson, or Jacqueline Mager in, he might change his mind. Mate, he was definitely being serious?I think so, yeah. There was not a lot of irony in it. I had a go at irony later in the day. I wrote a column where I purportedly agreed with him - I wasn't, please, readers! I got hammered by people who had read the headline, and didn't read the article. It seemed out of the blue. One of the observations I made is that he seems like one of the Japanese World War II fighters who has not come out of the jungle yet, he is still on the 1984 Grand Slam tour. Is he Robinson Crusoe. Is there still that level of sexism, be it from journalists or from fans?Yeah, it is clearly still out there. I would have thought someone like David Campese, afterall, he was coached by Alan Jones - he should know how to treat a woman! (LAUGHTER) Well, it has been great to chat to you tonight. Good to get your thoughts. Thanks for your time. This thing has been going on throughout the day. This afternoon, Sports Minister Kate Lundy had a crack about his comments. He responded he was sorry but he reTweeted this. Whether or not he is sorry remains to be seen. He is letting someone else fight his battles there.Exactly.Berrick Barnes is a sensitive man. He originally - his wife and him had their first baby. He had to play in a test match straight afterwards. Check him out for counting.There is nothing better than being there for the birth of my first child but to race back for the game, and for it to go down to the wire, and for mikey Harris to kick it off the siren. I was kissing my lucky egg, or whatever else.Shouldn't you be kissing your baby?!It is great that it was this time of year. Do you think it is Movember. II said to a guy, "Lovin' the mo." And he didn't laugh. I thought, that is permanent!Check! Always check! This is what is making news today, Wednesday 28 November. Police investigating the double shooting in Sydney's south-west believe it was planned and targeted. They also believe a bad debt may have prompted the daylight ambush in Punchbowl, which left one man dead and another seriously injured yesterday afternoon. Yet another shooting in Sydney, this time a drive-by with three shots fired into a lun ya home just after midday. Two men and their mother escaped the house unharmed. Police say a fake bomb discovered at an Australia Post delivery centre in Brisbane this morning was an elaborate hoax. Experts confirm there were no explosives. A Victorian coroner who today ruled a 16-year-old died from a single punch to the head has warned parents about the dangers of boozey teenage parties. She found a volatile mix of drunken teenagers, gate-crashers and inadequate supervision led to Justin Gallagan's death at a Halloween party in 2008. One Direction fans are devastated the boy band's Australian tour next October will clash with end-of-year exams. The tour dates have been pushed back because of the band's tight schedule.If they were real fans, they would do year 12 again the year after!I love the Tweets. Fantastic! "Did you even think how many lives you have ruined ?"I can't believe they have turned on them.They have turned hard. Teenage girls turn head. Otqp two whole years, coming down to five exams. If One Direction comes in, it is distracting."See the way she wrote "your".The band is not coming for another year!These tickets went on sale in March. The fact that the band - will they still be together?Oh, come on - One Direction. Yes, they will! Puberty might change them!I got to see my teen band. I loved Barry Manilow. At the age of 46, I went to Vegas to see him.When are you going to do your VCE?! Moving on, most people think that the level of political discourse can't get much worse - ha! Wrong! Episode No. 437 of the continuing sagas, the race to the bottom.No amount of screaming is going to fix your embarrassment. You have a bucket of mud and they tipped it over the deputy leader.Following days of the Deputy Leader of the Opposition attempting to nail the pair over the AWU skand, some of the mud she has been flinging stuck to her.The Deputy Opposition Leader wanted to spend this week as a starring character of an investigative drama she has ended up as a candidate on Red Faces".Tony Abbott took to the floor. This is a Government in chaos with the Prime Minister no longer in charge. Ms Bishop doing her level best to keep her cool.Please, stop embarrassing yourself - it is getting too painful to watch.Call it end-of-year blues, the pressure cooker of politics but it seems like Canberra has lost its collective mind. Perhaps no-one more so than Barnaby Joyce.He is an interesting young chap. He has come home burying money in the backyard. It is legit. Don't worry about that. Why put it in the bake when you have a perfectly good backyard to bury it in.Joe Hildebrand joins us now. Is somebody spiking the Kool Aid in Parliament House? Julie Bishop has really copped it today.Hey, come on, let's be fair. Barnaby Joyce has always been laughed at! Look, indeed, in terms of Julie Bishop, think we have to make a clear distinction here. As an arts student from way back, and noted feminist scholar, we have to clear about what is exorcist and not. When a woman attacks another woman - that is not sexist. That is what is called a cat fight - the P clfplt term!The Opposition are making Julie Bishop working very hard. This is the offer Christopher Pyne made.In any former dodgy union officials want to contract Julie Bishop...TheirPhones will be running hot!She will be taking more phone calls than David Campese tonight! They have should have narrowed it down a bit.What about poor old Tony Abbott. I often feel sorry for him. He is a misogynist if he attacks our Prime Minister. If he doesn't, lets Julie do it, he is weak.That is right. Tony Abbott is a misogynist if he does nothing, ehe is a misogynist if he does something, if he wheels his wife out, if he doesn't let his wife talk! Basically, Tony Abbott is a misogynist. Nothing anyone can do about it.We were wonder when we would see Tony. He appeared today before Question Time, it was interesting. Is it true - did he use the time to launch his book today?Yeah, that's right. It is a sequel to his first book 'Battle Lines' this one is called 'Peace Out Man - I Really Dig Chics'. (LAUGHTER) It is No. 1 on my Christmas present list, because obviously I've made a lot of enemies over the years and I need to give them something! Well, little-known Labor backbencher Steve Gibbons made some enemies. Gibbons made some
enemies. He said: People were offended. He retweeted and swapped the word "bimbo" for "fool" and apologised the whole thing. These guys need a holiday.This is the new political paradigm we are living in, where everything is combed through for perceived offensiveness and sexism. The take- home message that Steve Gibbons found is that "B qp douche bag" is fine but Bimbo is not.We mentioned the launch of Tony Abbott's book. Warren T, r surbgs s was the man who launched it. He wanted to emphasise that Tony is not negative but positive. Watch Tony's face. There is more to be done than just fixing Labor's mess. We have a positive plan. We're led by a positive man. (LAUGHTER) Talking about me! Talking about me! Lots more to come. We are back in a tick. At you'll find a bargain
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Welcome back to The Project. Carrie, your Scarlett Johansson news. Scarlett Johansson says she has fulfilled a life long dream of being a weather girl. She replaced the voiceless weather presenter on Today'.Look for one to three inches of snow from New England. Here is what is happening in your neck of the woods!Bravo! I believe it is unprofessional! Men would not have listened to a word she said. They would have walked out on to the snow with without any idea. She is an attractive woman. Can I say that?You can, but it depends how you feel when you get home. Tonight is National Disability Awards and actor Gerard O'Dwyer is up for the Emerging Leaders Award. Craig Wallace is the President of People With Disability. They both join us now from Canberra. Jer rad, firstly to you, congratulations on being a finalist. What does the nomination to you?It is a great honour to be nominated for this award. It gives me an opportunity and all my friends.Mate, you are a very busy man. Not only are an you an advocate for people with disabilities but an award-winning actor, winning the Best Male Actor in the 2009 Trop Fest. What do you love about it?It is my passion. It is what I do best. I always wanted to act. I make people laugh! It is not easy, buddy! So well done to that! (LAUGHTER) A question for you, Craig. These awards are fabulous. How do you think we are going as a society in the way we deal with our disabled community? Do you think we are doing OK or do we have a ways to go?I think the awards showcase hundreds of organisations and individuals and young leaders from around Australia, people like Gerard who are making a difference in their local community. Of course, there is a way to go. By promoting best practice, by showing people who are doing it well, we are making a real difference around tonight.Have a great night, guys. I hope it goes well. Congratulations again. Gerard. Thank you both for your time tonight.Thank you. (APPLAUSE) That is a great story. They are in Canberra right now. We missed something. There is a man who is working at almost every single press conference at the moment. Tony Abbott is speaking here. And who is this man - he is hanging around, in his massive hat and sun glasses. There is no reason for you to be there. Bob, help your constituents!Has he declared himself sheriff?!They are dyed this week. Larry Hagman. Maybe it is a homage! Well, more news, and as the war of words between climate change sceptics and true believers raise on, scientists looking at the permafrost have reached a point where they believe it could be the point of no change.The Arctic is a pristine environment, very much like the canary in the coal mien. If you are likely to see anything related to climate change, it will happen in the Arctic.Permafrost is soil at or below freezing temperature for a number of years. It is found neath the surface where summer heating cannot thaw it. After seven or eight of the hottest years on record, there is evidence that ark tirk permafrost is warming up and starting to release some of the vast amount of carbon stored within. Yes, carbon, the same stuff that nations have been unsuccessfully trying to come up with a solution for for the last 15 years. It is estimated that icy northern soils contain 1,700 billions of frozen carbon, four times more than the carbon emitted by humans in modern times. A new report submitted to the UN says that if it continues, permafrost could add to 30% to total emissions, derailing efforts to limit global warminging. The scale and rate of change we are talking about now is two to five degrees in just a hundred years. This is much faster than has happened in the last 50 million years. Liz Courtney has returned to Australia after spending time in Alaska with scientists studying the permafrost. You have been there. What did it look like? What did you see?It is not just what it looked like but smelt like. We headed up in helicopters up to a place called Stinky Bluff. We landed there and walked around and had a look at an enormous place, frozen soil, about 45,000 years old. It smelt. Everything around it was just decomposing right in front of us. What sorts of things did you see decomposing there?Well, to begin with, I was really curious. I was like, "Is that a woolly mammoth tusk poking out of the ice?" They said it is very ancient here, yes, and melting raply.You would not imagine that a woolly mammoth would smell bad after 45 million years! Yeah!We have heard so much bad news about global warminging and climate change that people are fatigued, they are not even going to listen when something as serious as this hits the papers.Well, look, I think it is a good comment. We have been using the words "global warminging" and "climate change" for a long time that the shutters go down. But I found that we are taking a totally new approach and climate scientists over the last few years have really started to understand that we are dealing with a climate system. The system is kind of like if you lift up your car and you see everything that makes your car drive under the bonnet, well, the climate system is like that - made up of many different parts around the world. We are starting to understand that we are dealing with a climate system that is becoming unstable. Liz, it astounds me that we have climate change deniers. It is still as if the science is being debated and it is not. I don't understand why scientists now are almost seen as conspiracy theorists. Why do you think that some people are not taking the message in?It is a good question. I think, you know, sometimes, when you have a very large situation facing you, well, it is easy to run away and pretend it doesn't exist. Now, what we are seeing is actually scientific proof and evidence, and I really hope with the theories that we are filming, we are going to the front- line of where the climate system is changing, and filming and seeing that it is changing. So I really hope that these deniers that are really hanging on to a thread will suddenly see it is really what is happening across the planet. Fascinating job that you do, Liz. It has been interesting talking to you tonight, thanks for your time. Speaking of climate deniers, look at this. Of almost 14,000 articles written by scientists in the last nine years, only 21 have rejected the science. So there is...24! That is how good at maths I am! There is no debate. Don't look away. Rejecting is a great way to stand out from the crowd.Moving on to something else. While Liz says that maybe the end of the world is not upon us yet, but might be soon, another group says it is supposed to end on December 21 this year. It is specific. With three weeks left to live, how are the 2012ers preparing. In this tiny town, a small group of people think a planet called Nebaru is is hurtling towards us, and ready to end life as we know it.The mantle will separate from the core, and that in turn will cause a holocaust like nothing else we have known, or will see again.The earth's mother Emmissary council say they have been sent visions.Now we have connected, they can tell us the whole shebang and they do. How many on the planet now?7 million. They expect at least 1.5 billion people to perish.The group have created a map of the global holocaust as they see it. Whatever you are doing, it is saying yes.If you think foretelling theent of the world is easy, think again.We have tried and tried bringing through those...ItWas not nice to see the visions. It was a terrible week for us. It was a terrible week.For years, dooms dayers have been warning of a an ancient Mayan prophesy that the world would end on December 21. IT professional Robert has been investigating it for more than a decade.The significance of the Mayan calendar reading is unique. We have never had anything like it. It was an entire culture that brought up a date thousands of years in advance and said that the world will end then. Noo the Mayans never predicted the end of the world on 21 December. In fact, the exact opposite - they left behind rock carvings that showed dates well after 21 December 2012, even,000 years into the future!Dr Karl says all the 2012 hoo-ha comes from a false translation from the Mayan calendar.It is coming to the end of our cycle. What happens in our society when the calendar comes to the end of the cycle, say on 31 December? Does the world end? No, we start up at 1 January.One idea that cannot be disproven or predicted is a giant solar storm. It could be catastrophic, especially for Western civilisation. It can knock out power grids for months or a year. Without electricity, millions could die.As crazy as it sounds, experts say it is actually possible. It might happen on 21 December, but then maybe a warm lake will spontaneously freeze. Possible but highly, highly, highly unlikely. And with even NASA theying they are bonker, being a 2012er is not easy. It is a lonely pursuit. It is rare for a 2012er to have family or friends interested in it.Believers often look far and wide for people who think like they do. Jenny and Steve left long-term marriages to be together after meeting on a 2012 forum.When you think about possibly the world ending or a major disaster, you do start to think, "Well, where should I be, who should I be with?"It was like an omen, there was a need to be together and we didn't know each other. We felt it was a calling for us to be together.Three weeks out from D-day, even the hard-core believers are not sure about December 21.I've seen too much in visions and had messages for too long to know that it is not coming. As to when? Not sure. We said March this year.March this year.Maybe March next year. It is going into 2013.It will be 2013 - it won't be 21 December 2012.When it comes, the emmissaries know they will have the last life.Until Nebaru is seen in the sky, we will considered nutters. That is a kind word for us, to be honest. I need to know. December 21 is my wife's birthday. I need to know! (LAUGHTER)A lot of Christmas shopping, change things if I have to return them all, because everyone is gone!Ah, yeah.I reckon just get your wife a present, just in case.I reckon. Think of how happy we will be when the world doesn't end. Wouldn't that be nice. Let's take a break. Because they light up our lives, here's something
to lighten up theirs. New My Dog Light has 20% less fat,
more quality, lean meat, and the same ultimate My Dog taste. And the best part is - they'll
never know My Dog Light is light.


Hey, babe, we gotta go over that
bush fire survival plan today. Um, I'm kind of busy. Uh, why don't we just
do it tomorrow some time? Yeah, alright, I'll pencil it in. Thank you, sweetheart.
(GLASS SMASHES) Do you want a cup of tea?

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. What have you got?We are not doing the show right, guys. If we wanted to get political, we needed someone from the Opposition and someone from the Government on, like they do on 'Lateline' and have a reasonable argument.The credibilty of the Government, in a very serious way.Keep talking like this for five minutes...being anything but...ASenior counsel conducted by an independent inquiry...WhichOne do you listen to - him or him? Thinking, surely, both speaking at the same time! That is way to do political interviews! And I mean, me speaking as well, what a great thing we learned! Moving on. Some might have seen the male stripper movie 'Magic Mike'. Things are heating up in Sydney tonight for the Magic Mike event. Michelle, Tim and marty. Tell us how the man-hunt began!Charlie, I don't know. I was minding my own business at work, next thing you know, I'm up to my neck in spunk! Yeah, what a night!The boys organised this. I will hand you over to Tim.I will send you a signed copy. This is the 12 months of spunk. It is launched at the Havana Club! I cannot talk as well! It is 12 months of spunk, and Obama coming for you, Charlie! (LAUGHTER) What are you looking for, what will happen tonight. How do you choose a winner?Well, basically, the men,s the spunks, are going to dance for their lives tonight. Eventuallyly, it will be a spunk-off, I guess! (LAUGHTER) It will be a type of spunk-off!Yeah.One of the spunks will go home with 5,000 bucks.We have tipping dollars as well for the favourite over here, so far.Oh, gosh! Gary! That is all for you! Get me involved. I want to be involved here.Hughesy! You love a bit of pilot gear! I'm ready to take off! (LAUGHTER)These are just your average listeners or have you kwhrected pilots and firemen from around the country?No, these are blokes from around the country. These blokes are not actually in taerm. No! Costumes! Nigh'm planning a hen's night in a few -- I'm planning a hen's night in a few weeks' time. The winner will be announced on Nova4 o'clock tomorrow.It can tell you what date it is on various days of the years for the next 12 months. Really?!Yes, remarkable!A Mayan calendar with more nude!If you want a full rap of what went on, listen to them on Nova tomorrow at 4 o'clock.Well, we are almost out of here. Police are on the hunt for two gunmen behind a double shooting which killed one man in Sydney's south-west. The mud-slinging and name-calling continued in Canberra today with Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop copping a fair amount from the Government. Wallabies legend David Campese has been roundly slammed for a Tweet in which he questioned why a female journalist was being sent to cover the Wallabies' European tour. New data shows the earth is on the cusp of a tipping point into dangerous climate change because of gas leaking from the Arctic permafrost. Something far scarier has happened in Middle-earth - the Wellington premiere of 'The Hobbit'. So the book has been around for 75 years. How unexpected can it really be?! In the US, a woman has been ordered to pay $105,000 in parking fines after an ex-boyfriend left a car registered in her name at Chicago car park. It collected 678 parking fines. That is a weekend at Melbourne airport!It would never happen in this building!No!What have you done?No, move on! (LAUGHTER)On that cliffhanger bombshell, would you please thank Amanda Keller for joining us tonight. Supertext Captions by

Let's go, buddies, school time!

Oh, and, Gloria, if you want to get
together with the girls later,

I could watch a football game...

He wants to watch a football game.
I'm not talking to you.

What are you drinking coffee for?
It's my culture. I'm Colombian.

Oh, yeah? What part of Colombia are
those French toaster sticks from?

I'm not sure about the game. The
family is coming for the barbecue.

It's today?Si.

It's the Ohio State game.
So? Everybody can watch.

I don't like watching with people
who don't know the game. They talk.

You talk at my football games.
For one thing, it's called soccer.

Your team scored two goals all
season. I'm not taking a big risk.

How much did you drink?Give me a
break. I have to climb a rope today.

Hey, Mom.Yeah.

Can I have $40 for lunch?

$40?I also need a book for school.
What book?

I want a dress.

Do you have any idea
what a bad liar you are?

I'd be worried that she couldn't
come up with a single book title.

Luke, come on, we're late.

Hm. There's a first.
Inside out and backwards.

At least it isn't zipped into his...
Oh! There it is.

There's book smart and there's
street smart.And there's Luke.

Oh. He's just curious, that's all.

He's got this almost scientific mind
with a thirst for knowledge.

He's like this little Einstein.

Some people ask why.
Luke asks why not.

I ask why a lot.

We're at the ten. We're at the five.

We're at the one.
Daddy, we scored a touchdown!

Please don't spike our baby.

Why is she dressed like
the Hamburglar?She's a referee.

Do we have to go to my dad's

Are you kidding me?
We're playing Ohio State.

I collect antique fountain pens,

I'm adept at Japanese
flower arrangement - ikebana -

and I was starting offensive lineman
at the University of Illinois.


I don't like football.I thought
part of being in a relationship

was pretending to enjoy
your partner's interest.

Do you think I really loved home
pickle making?Yeah, cos you did.

For a week. Until we became the
weirdoes who gave everybody pickles.

"Thank you for inviting us
into your lovely home."

"Here, would you care
for a sack of pickles?"Charming.

We were picklers, Mitchell.

Stay home with your jagged scissors,
maybe catch up on your scrapbooking.

You loved scrapbooking.
Did I, Mitchell? Did I?

Don't do the "double question to
prove a point" thing. I hate that.

Do you, Mitchell? Do you?

Stop! Lily!

No problem. We'll be right down.


"Hey, honey, what's up?"
School called. Luke got in a fight.

"Oh, Jeez. Is he OK?"

Yeah, he's fine. But they want us
to come down there.

Where are you?
"I'm showing a house."What house?

"I'm golfing."(HANGS UP CALL)

I bet it was that Darcus kid.
I hate that kid.

He probably jumped on Luke and Luke
fought back. The kid's a menace.

He made fun of my hair once.Shh.
The parents are probably in there.

I slept on it funny.
Like that never happened to him.

What are you doing here?
These knuckleheads were fighting.

What?Could have been worse.
I was not ready to face Darcus.

So what happened?

There was name calling and shoving
on the playground.

When a teacher separated them,
Luke was sitting on Manny's chest.

Luke, that's not like you.
You're Luke's father?Grandfather.

So Manny's father?

Javier. Crazy guy.
That's where he gets his fire.

OK. You're...He's our son.
And my grandson.I'm his daughter.

So you're...His uncle.Stop saying
that or I'll sit on your chest!

Wait. Is that what this was all
about?He calls me his nephew.

You are my nephew.Shut up!OK, OK.

I'm getting the sense
that you're all related somehow.

It's best if you work this out at
home so the boys can go to class.

But we're not happy about this. This
is not how mature young men behave.

You should know from Miss Passwater.

Look, I wouldn't worry.
They're good kids.

It's just tough when one kid's
a little different.Yes.Yes.

You heard how she said that, right?

She thought Luke was the weird one.

Luke gets his head
stuck in the furniture

and Manny is the different one.

Our son is not weird. What's weird
is her kid wears aftershave

and dresses like a count.

I think we should cancel
the barbecue.

If we cancel, it'll make this
a bigger deal than it is.

It'll be good for Luke and Manny
to spend some time.

It might be good
for you and Gloria too.Why?

She's always had a problem with me.

I think I'm going to find out what
it is.That's the worst idea.

Just sweep it under the rug.
I'm not a sweeper.Trust me.

I think you two need to talk it out.

I don't have anything to say.
She has the problem, not me.

Whose side are you on?
She's my daughter. You're my wife.

Let's remember what's important here.

There's a football game on.

I hate it when my two girls
aren't getting along.

How exactly is she your girl?