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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - Sydney gun violence. A drive-by shooting hours after
a businessman is murdered. Labor ministers demand Tony Abbott
sack his deputy Julie Bishop. A babysitter committed
to stand trial, accused of shaking an infant
to death. And on the red carpet for the world premiere
of 'The Hobbit'.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Sally Bowrey.

Good afternoon. Sydney's south-west has been rocked
by more gun violence, with shots fired into a home
at Lurnea this afternoon. Two men and their mother were inside
at the time. Sarah Coates is at the scene. Sally, a man whose house was shot at
in Hunter Street, Lurnea, this afternoon

says he's shocked and terrified. 24-year-old Zack was asleep
in the front bedroom of the small brick home spraying at least five bullets
into the house. I've walked outside
and the car's taken off, you know? It's never happened here before
and, yeah, just spewin'. His mum and brother
were also inside at the time. They weren't unharmed
but have been taken to hospital, suffering from shock. Witnesses say they saw the gunman
in a small, silver car driving along the street before shooting at the house
and speeding off. Police had cordoned off the road and are calling on anyone
who may have any information to come forward, Sally.

Meanwhile, police say the murder of
a Sydney businessman late yesterday was a planned and targeted attack. A second man is in hospital
after also being shot while the pair was renovating
the victim's Punchbowl home. Hugh Whitfeld has more. Good afternoon, Sally. Well, homicide detectives here at
police headquarters in Sydney have today pleaded for information as they try to solve
this double shooting that occurred in Punchbowl
yesterday afternoon. Two men were gunned down - 38-year-old Ali Eid
and 34-year-old Mohammed Hanouf. They were hoping to renovate
Ali's new home that he was
planning to move into soon with his wife and four children. The 38-year-old fruit shop owner
died at the scene. Mohammed Hanouf,
he suffered critical injuries and was taken to St George Hospital, where today his family
has visited his bedside. Detectives have also visited him to talk to him and try and work out
what happened yesterday and why. We know that there were at least
four other tradies at the site who may have witnessed the shooting. Police say
it was a planned and targeted attack and, at this stage, they can't link it to
any other shootings in Sydney over the last couple of weeks. At this point, we haven't been
provided with any information that would link it with
any other acts of criminality, but, as I said, it's early days. Neighbours say

they heard the gunshots go off in
quick succession yesterday afternoon and at least two men
with hoods over their faces running towards a getaway car
around the corner. That car was driven off
very quickly, and those two suspected gunmen
are still on the run. Police have set up a strike force
to investigate this. There was a huge crime scene
yesterday, and, overnight, two cars were seized
from the property. And forensic detectives
have been back there today as they try to work out a motive
for this murder, Sally.

Senior Labor ministers are demanding
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott sack his deputy Julie Bishop Let's go straight to political
reporter Alex Hart in Canberra. Good Afternoon, Alex. What did Ms Bishop do wrong? Afternoon, Sally The calls for her sacking
stem from reports about her discussions with one of
the key players in the AWU scandal. Yesterday, Julie Bishop
admitted she had met once with the union bagman Ralph Blewitt, who has been described as
a scumbag and a crook. But reports today claim
she also spoke to him a second time over the phone.

The government quickly
seized on the revelations, saying if they were true, she should step down or
be sacked for misleading the public. The deputy opposition leader
later revealed she did speak to Mr Blewitt
a second time - but didn't know it was him. It comes just a day after
she was forced to backtrack over claims
about the Prime Minister's involvement in the scandal. Let's listen in. The person
didn't identify themselves and said he was pleased that
the AWU fraud was being raised in parliament Shortly after that,
my phone dropped out, I mean, it could've been anyone. She obviously, on the evidence,
has lied to the Australian people. She must resign today or be sacked. This throwing of mud really turned
into an embarrassment yesterday. she is humiliated. But Alex, one Labor MP
went a bit too far with his attack on Julie Bishop? It was backbencher Steve Gibbons. He took to Twitter, tweeting:

He was quickly slammed
for being sexist and responded initially by swapping
the word "bimbo" for "fool". He only apologised
after the Prime Minister told him the comments were offensive. But the Opposition says
Julia Gillard should go further. The prime minister should today
call on Mr Gibbons to stand down as the deputy chair
of the committee that he chairs. The opposition says
Ms Gillard is a hypocrite for not publicly condemning
the comments, despite recently promised to call
out sexism when she sees it. Thanks, Alex. Alex Hart reporting in Canberra. A Melbourne babysitter

accused of the manslaughter
of a 10-month-old girl has been ordered to stand trial. Ketapat Jenkins
has always maintained she did not hurt baby Chloe Murphy. The child died two days after she was in
Ms Jenkins's care in December 2010. A doctor gave evidence
in a Melbourne court today, suggesting Chloe
may have been shaken. Ms Jenkins has pleaded not guilty. The case will continue next month.

More than 200 Melbourne students
will have to find a new school next year, with their campus
forced to close its doors. St Anthony's Coptic Orthodox College
has run out of money. Christie Cooper has more. Sally, parents, students and staff here at
St Antony's Coptic Orthodox College say they're just feeling lost
this afternoon after they learned last night
by emails and letters that their school
was in serious financial trouble and administrators were taking over. This is a school
of more than 200 students from prep to Year 12, and most of them
are from the Middle East and Africa. Many are refugees who say this school taught them English
and helped them settle in. Not surprisingly,
they've been left heartbroken. School officials say
it's absolutely devastating, while the administrator said
it will consider all options. It has been made clear, however,
that it's highly unlikely the school will remain open
past the end of this year. Obviously, they're are a bit shocked
and a bit sad. You know, we've got a wonderful
group of students, and they're rallying behind us. And they're still smiling, and we're going to look after them
as best we can. The school has blamed
the dire situation on a drop in enrolments, parents not paying
their school fees and less donations. But what is particularly concerning is that this is the third
independent school in Victoria to go into administration this year after Mowbray College
and Acacia College. Sally.

Around 100,000 fans have lined
a red carpet that stretches for 0.5km for the world premiere
of 'The Hobbit' in New Zealand. The cast,
including a few famous Australians, was given a welcome
they'll never forget. Talitha Cummins is in Wellington.

Everywhere you look from buildings, to this guy, the Hobbit is plastered everywhere. Many people slept overnight justice into a spot next to the 600 metre long red carpet. Neil Finn played as the cast walked the red carpet, including Martin Freeman and some top Aussie actors. These people are just so fantastic - to have come out on a nice hot day, but be standing in the sun
for hours and hours to see us, so I want to try to get to
as many people as I possibly can. It's really nice.
It's as it should be, you know? This country and this city
is just so much a part of this film and yeah, it's right
that it should start off here - this is the first place in the world
that's gonna see it, which is right and proper. All I know

is that I have to,
it's a nude scene, I'm totally naked,
and I'm not very attractive.

It is certain Middle Earth 60 years before the Lord Of the Rings had a $600 million budget. The New Zealand government contributed $90 million to that. There's a lot of pressure on us to succeed. They have put on a show. More than 100 international media have been flown in to cover the Premier. Even the Hollywood reporter's are comparing Mr something like the unease. I can tell you that I have bitten off all of my nails watching the film. You can judge it when it is released on Boxing Day. After the break - why women are getting breast
cancer treatments they may not need. Also, how a cabbie stopped
a woman's day-long crime spree. And look how he's grown.

A Perth woman has been charged
over a 9-hour crime spree that included a car-jacking
and two bank robberies. She was taken into custody after a taxidriver
made a citizen's arrest. Security pictures show the cabbie
grab the woman in a headlock and wrestle her to the ground. Police say she threatened the cabbie
with a knife and forced him to drive her around. She's also accused
of stealing a man's wallet, car-jacking a 60-year-old woman and robbing two banks.

Jailed underworld figure Tony Mokbel

New research shows
many breast cancer patients are opting for double mastectomies, even though their risk of developing
cancer in both breasts is low. Experts say peace of mind
is often a deciding factor when women consider
options for surgery. 'E! News' host Giuliana Rancic publicly battled
early-stage breast cancer late last year, announcing her treatment decision
on the 'Today Show'. I'm going to go ahead and move
forward with a double mastectomy. Doctors say

her type of breast cancer
is often treated successfully with breast-conserving surgery,
radiation and hormone therapy. But, like a growing number of women, Rancic chose
to have both breasts removed. At the end, all it came down to
was just choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder
for the rest of my life. A new study out of
the University of Michigan suggests 70% of double mastectomy patients
elect to have both breasts removed, despite facing a low risk for developing cancer
in the healthy breast. We generally estimate the risk
for a new cancer on the other side to be about 1% per year. Women who are candidates
for a double mastectomy include those with two or more
immediate family members with the disease or those who test positive
for the breast cancer genes. Relax that shoulder. Everyone else may be facing risks
from surgery that may not be necessary. The best that we can do
is try to inform the patient and try to put their risk
into numbers the best that we can and try to give them
some perspective. And perhaps achieve a balance between their physical health
and peace of mind.

Americans are lining up
for the chance to win $500 million in the country's
biggest-ever Powerball draw. as the big money
inspires even bigger dreams. Good luck.
Thank you. A staggering 100,000 tickets
are being sold every minute. The winner. With them, comes the right to dream. We're winners this time, though. All it takes is $2 to win. What would you do
with half a billion dollars? I think I would buy an island.
I'd just buy an island! I think I would probably retire,
maybe live on a yacht. Now for a dose of reality. The odds of winning
the biggest Powerball jackpot ever are 175 million to 1.

Who knows? It might be your day. Americans have more chance
of becoming an astronaut, the president, winning an Oscar or being struck by lightning
more than once. Richard Lustig has won the lotto
seven times and has even written a book
about it. His clues could also help
Aussie lotto players - buy as many tickets as you can and don't let a machine
pick your numbers. What's the secret
to picking the numbers? There is no secret. Eight Nebraska meatpackers
shared the previous biggest win of $365 million.

I've been retired
for about four days now. (LAUGHTER) Tomorrow night, others may be
joining him in retirement.

It was party time at Victoria's
Werribee Zoo this morning. Gorilla Yakini
celebrated his 13th birthday by eating treats that were hidden
inside some fake candles. After a while, he'd had enough, but returned again to make sure
he had finished all the food.

He's definitely grown a lot. These adorable photos,
taken when Yakini was a newborn, made world headlines back in 1999.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll get an update
on the koalas injured in this month's
South Australian bushfires. Also, the Duchess of Cambridge
unveils a new hair style. And in sport - controversial AFL footballer
Liam Jurrah hoping for a fresh start at Port Adelaide.


Koalas rescued
from the South Australian bushfires earlier this month are recovering well. Five survivors of the Port Lincoln
blaze are being cared for at the Torrens Island
rehabilitation centre. They arrived a fortnight ago,
badly burnt and in shock. Marley, Narla and joey Olivia
look like they're out of trouble, but they'll be staying in care
for awhile longer. Considering we've got five females
here, I think it's very important we
release them in a suitable location so that they're numbers
can thrive again. South Australia's koala numbers
are being counted to check on
how the population is doing.

Time to check
the financial markets - and the ASX 200 finished
the day lower, down 11 points. And the Aussie dollar's buying:

The Duchess of Cambridge
has shown off a new hair style while attending a museum exhibition
opening in London. Kate's famous locks have been given
a subtle overhaul with a parted fringe
and added layers. She's drawing some comparisons
to Farrah Fawcett. Kate's hair, like her fashion style, is closely followed by women
around the world. While the haircut is new, the Duchess has worn
the $2,000 green silk dress before, proving she's still happy
to recycle outfits.

Sport shortly, but, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00, and these are the stories
making headlines.

In news.. In news.. A warning .. after more
than a dozen Canberrans have had money stolen by
fraudsters.. who're using have had money stolen by
fraudsters.. who're using skimming machines on ATM's to
steal cash and information. The FBI's released a new
mobile phone app to help find missing kids. The Australian Police
Child ID allows parents to missing kids. The Australian Police
Child ID allows parents to save information and photos of their
kids.. which can be sent to police in emergencies. A new report's found 80 kids have
died in the Territory since July 2009.. with more than half
being babies. The ACT Children Death Review Committee
says they'll use the information to come up with ways
to prevent future tragedies. the information to come up with ways
to prevent future tragedies. There's hope a new report that
outlines 48 billion dollars of light rail benefits for Canberra will
get both levels of government onside. Local partygoers'll be able
to get a safe lift home from Civic in December. The
Nightrider buses are back.. and will run to town centres like
Gungahlin .. for only 5 dollars. And.. Canberra's Tomas
Rogic hopes to get more game time. The Socceroos East
Asian Cup squad's announced

Good afternoon, everyone. Australian fast bowlers
Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus have failed to train today ahead of Friday's series decider
against South Africa. The pressure is on Ricky Ponting
to make some runs or face the axe while Shane Watson is back
in the side and will replace Rob Quiney at three
in the batting line-up. Siddle should be OK after
his gruelling work load in Adelaide.

A bit of exhaustion, a bit of a fight trying to get those last couple of wickets. That's what we do, we run out there and ball overs. Left-arm paceman Mitchell Johnson
is also in line for selection.

Kurt Tippett has nominated for
next month's pre-season AFL draft before he faces a commission hearing
on Friday into salary cap breaches. Meantime, controversial
former Melbourne forward Liam Jurrah has trained for the first time
at Port Adelaide Meantime, controversial
former Melbourne forward Liam Jurrah has trained for the first time
at Port Adelaide

He's excited show that he can still play football, and we don't doubt whether he can play the game, we just need to make sure he is physically OK. Jurrah will face court
in Alice Springs next month over assault charges.

Rugby league's players' association
will step up the fight for more money for the games stars. While club bosses met today
to discuss a salary cap rise, the players are angry that they only want to lift it
to $5 million. As far as we're concerned, that $5 million figure
has never been locked in. We still don't consider it
to be locked in. The players want the salary cap
to be at least $6 million next year.

Rugby union champion David Campese
is in hot water again, this time for questioning whether a female
'Sydney Morning Herald' journalist should write about rugby. Campese tweeted:

Former and current players slammed
Campese for the sexist remark. Wallaby David Pocock
responded on Twitter:

The last race of the V8 Supercar
series for 2012 is just days away and drivers are certainly in
a pretty relaxed frame of mind ahead of the Sydney 500. Today it was an oyster shucking
contest near the Opera House. On Friday,
they'll get down to business Coverage right here on 7.

After the break, we'll get
the forecast with David Brown who's in Melbourne with the latest on the heatwave hitting a large part
of Australia.

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Good afternoon.

David Brown with your weather update
from Williamstown, in Victoria, on a warm and clear evening.

In Brisbane it's a hot afternoon
with increasing cloud. Some thundery rain is possible
later this evening. In Sydney, it's a fine afternoon. And in Hobart, it's a mild
and mostly sunny afternoon. From the satellite - a strong change is surging
across southern WA, whipping up areas
of rain and scattered thunderstorms, and it's followed
by strong and gusty westerly wind. A severe thunderstorms warning
is current for the south-west. In the east, a few showers
and storms are affecting eastern pockets of New South Wales
and South-East Queensland. It's hotting up over the south-east
tomorrow - Forecast in Brisbane tomorrow -

Sydney, fine.

Canberra, dry.

Melbourne, sizzling. Hobart, sunny.

Adelaide 39 degrees
ahead of late thundery showers. That's the latest weather.
More at 6pm, Sally. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Sally Bowrey.
Have a great night. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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