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(generated from captions) Amber, from Parramatta, thank you. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm

Tonight ... Tonight ... Calls for worksaf
tough hiring criteria for new Canbe
worksafe inspectors. A spike in Ponting
Canberra' s water usage. And: agai
Ponting to lead the PM' s eleven I'
against the Windies. Good evening, Builde
I' m Danielle Post. The Master h
Builders Association wants a strict const
hiring process in place for new Governme
construction inspectors. The ACT
Government is bolstering WorkSafe
ACT - to crack down on safety acros hi
the sector. A scathing report - highlighting what many already knew cons
Canberra has the most dangerous country.
construction industry in the busine
country. "It' s not just the governm
businesses it' s not just the inclu
government, it' s everybody and w
includes individuals and we need to work on individual responsibility." inqu
In response to a comprehensive inspect
inquiry, twelve new work safe Comin
inspectors will hit work sites. th
Coming down hard on those breaking standards
the law or breaching safety
standards. "Our caution is to mak Beca
sure they are the right people. the
Because when they' re out on site looki
they know exactly what they' re Work
looking for." According to the bi
WorkSafety Commissoner - that' s a there
big ask. "It' s a tall order, i
there are a lot of trades out there ther
in the construction industry and
there is just no way we' re going t trades.
have people across all those troub
trades." WorkSafe ACT has had ye
trouble recruiting staff in recent years - it was seen as under- funde has
with a narrow focus. Mark McCabe has worked tirelessly to change tha perception - and since yesterday pe
has been approached by a number of int
people in the industry expressing interest in the new positions. "I an
ve had a lot of people come to me w
and say, with this renewed focus on we
work safe, that' s an organisation Over
we want to come and work for." tho
Over the past year, more than two c
thousand work site inspections were t
carried out. Fifty five per cent of is
those at construction sites. "We issued 200 improvement notices over
the course of the year and about 10 prohibition notices."

The bureau of meteorology has t
issued a severe weather warning for predicti
the region for this evening, hai
predicting, damaging winds, large
hailstones and heavy rainfall A ban region
of showers is moving over the region, the worst affected areas ar an
expected to be Canberra, Goulburn and Nowra. The warning for the Snow sta
Mountains has been cancelled. It S
stands for the Southern Tablelands, ahe
South Coast and the ACT. It comes s
ahead of a warning of a widespread, week
severe heatwave heading into the
weekend. Canberra' s top temperatur deg
this week, should be thirty-five t
degrees on Friday. Yass is forecast also
to climb to thirty-seven degrees late
also on Friday. We' ll have more later in tonight' s weather. In thi heat - there' s been a spike in th Canb
Territory' s water consumption. be
Canberrans are being warned not to become complacent - even if our dam are full. Water usage has gone u u
- as at last week, Canberrans were t
using an average of one hundred and Not
twenty-nine mega litres per week. en
Not uncommon in warmer months, but N
enough to reiterate this message. s
No matter how much water we' ve got posi
stored and we' re in a very good position now, Canberrans still need to be responsible about their water take
usage. The past ten years have drou
taken the ACT from the depths of two
drought - to destructive rain. In wer
two thousand and seven Canberrans rest
were placed on level three water
restrictions - stringent measures t save water. At their lowest point poin
the city' s dams were at thirty -
point eight percent capacity. Today - they' re just under ninety-seven. becaus
Be careful about water usage th
because water is a really precious neutral
thing. The climate outlook is som
neutral, which means we might get rain
some rain, we might not get some aver
rain. During winter this year, a
average daily usage was one hundred by
and one mega-litres. That' s grown use
by more than 18 per cent. If we
use less, we' ll end up paying more payi
If we use more water, we end up W
paying more and that' s a catch 22. Win for ACTEW, win win and lose los for rate payers. In Goulburn, th kilome
introduction of the eight-one proofe
kilometre pipeline has drought n
proofed the city. The pipeline is secur
necessary to our on going water water
security and it has secured our substa
water well into the future but or
substantial rains over the last 12 hundre
or 18 months took us up to one at
hundred percent we' re now sitting ve
at around 93 percent and I' m very du
very comfortable with that. Once res
dubbed Australia' s driest city - t
residents have learnt from the hard r
times. We' re not encouraging our
residents to use water but to use i i
frugally and our daily consumption ju
is a about 8.5 megalitres which is just a shade over our target.

The bickering between the
Government and the Opposition we' v le
come to expect showed no signs of forma
letting up, as the 8th Assembly s
formally resumed. The source of the as
squabbling - administrate changes, lunch
as Labor moves to have a longer frien
lunch. In front of family and new
friends and their colleagues, the ass
newest members of the legislative speec
assembly delivered their maiden l
speeches. The niceties didn' t last structur
long though - changes to the
structure of sitting days a point o throug
contention. "We need to get thing
through the machinery about how Gover
things will operate." The ACT Government moved to extend the lunc questio
break to two hours - pushing chang
question time back to 2:30. The m
change will allow members to attend pu
more functions and events - the CM launching
put the time to use today -
launching the ' like Canberra' bus. sitti
"The lunch break is not about i
sitting down and eating sandwiches, responsibi
it' s about fulfilling our oft
responsibility as members, we' re often busy during the lunch break." t
After the last election, question hour
time was brought forward half an hour - Zed Seselja says it' s worke well. He claims the move undermine additiona
the Government' s push for th
additional MLAs. "I don' t think that' s backing up their case that argu
they need more members. They' re in
arguing they can get the work done bef
in less time than it' s been done me
before." Four of the eight labor t
members are ministers, one green, - minister
the Opposition, seven shadow w
ministers, including Steve Doszpot, also
who has kept his portfolios, but communicati
also takes on information this
communication technology. During Gallagh
this morning' s session, Katy Fun
Gallagher introduced the National
Funding Pool and Administration Bil Common
- allowing the ACT to receive hosp
Commonwealth cash for our public a
hospitals. In question time she was didn'
asked about her priorities, but didn' t go into too much detail. Sh comprehensive
expects to make a more Februar
comprehensive announcement in February next year.

Canberrans should check their bank car
statements, following reports of found
card skimming. Two devices were Mawson
found on machines in Civic and ha
Mawson. Meanwhile, Property damage ac
has dropped by twenty-two per cent statist
according to the latest crime en
statistics. Burglary and break and cent
enters were also down twelve per Septemb
cent. The Government says the p
September quarter report card shows crime
progress is being made on it' s
crime reduction strategy, which aim twe
to reduce motor vehicle theft by y
twenty per cent over the next three years to below the national average me
The first national report card on sweeping
mental health has called for sweeping reforms to the way service out
are delivered by governments. It to
outlines a raft of recommendations priority.
to make mental health a top he
priority. Ten recommendations to i
help millions of Australians. One di
in five experience a mental health it
difficulty in any given year. In Mental
its first report, the National f
Mental Health Commission has called in
for mandatory standards - as exist r
in other areas of health. Among key ment
reforms, better access to timely mental health services. Just thirty
five percent of people with a menta illness seek treatment. Measures t An
increase workforce participation. And improved suicide prevention. Tw
thousand people commit suicide eac red
year. Severe mental illness also statis
reduces life expectancy. The hea
statistics regarding the physical appal
health of these Australians are than
appalling. Their health is worse i
than those in the general community r
in just about every measure. +w The secl
report also calls for the use of reduced
seclusion and restraint to be mor
reduced. Health practitioners say ho
more training is needed to support o
hospital staff faced with a violent or self harming patient.

or self harming patient. I think everyb
we need to more widely educate who
everybody in how to manage people
who are afraid or angry. Anyone i lifel
need of assistance should call lifeline.

The heat isn' t bothering these o
dolphins. Captured by our cameraman
off the coast of Narooma, the pod o q
around one hundred and twenty, was alon
quite curious. The dolphins swam min
alongside the boat for around ten minutes, showing off for the camera c
Next on WIN News ... The community An
calling out for more TAFE courses. the
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just be able to cash in on
Australia' s mining boom. A local M loo
is putting the call out to those looking for work in the industry. I t
hundreds register their interest - the plan is to encourage big player P
to come to Canberra to recruit.. Politician turned career consultant youn
My main motive is making sure young people have the jobs they wan and all Canberrans have the change to access a career they dream about A
Scott Stenner has been dreaming. construct
After eighteen years in the change
construction sector he wants a Ca
change. I had a look for work in
Canberra but I thought in the minin industry it would be a better life Months
good pay, good conditions. +y nothing
Months of looking have led to askin
nothing. With several companies asking for money to apply. I thin there'
it' s a bit of a rort because t
there' s no guarantee you' re going c
to get the job and you sort of feel there
cheated because they always say A
there' s lots of work out there. +w St
According the Australian Bureau of w
Statistics, ninety- four Canberrans L
work in the mining industry. Andrew work
Leigh wants people interested in
working in the sector to contact hi di
so he can point them in the right hundreds,
direction. If he hears from hundreds, he' ll look to organise a Governmen
information session. The bu
Government has set up a jobs board ow
but some mining companies do their
own recruitment. We quickly wen six
around our membership and we had quic
sixty people indicate, in pretty ne
quick time that they' d get on the in
next plane. The union claims one the
in five construction workers lost sa
their job in the ACT last year. It m
says the Federal Government must do pre
more to ensure mining giants give deeply
preference to locals. We are deeply concerned about the number o issued
working visas which have been i
issued in the construction industry peo
in Australia. I know a lot of indust
people who want to work in the stonewalled
industry and keep getting stonewalled.

Clubs ACT hopes there will be some Governm
last minute amendments to the c
Government' s pokies legislation. A suppo
committee has recommended it be we
supported. However, since the laws si
were tabled a year ago the twenty- chang
sixteen time-frame hasn' t been ha
changed. The timetable the clubs w
have been given to become compliant shor
with this legislation is far too sm
short and for the vast majority of coun
small to medium clubs across the f
country they simply don' t have the mee
financial resources to be able to
meet this time line. Cross-benche Craig Thompson is believed to be i discussions with the Government an Opposition to extend the complianc g
period. Unless clubs have a very t
good reason for not being compliant actu
there are fines, Government will actual
actually be applying a levy to administ
actually pay for the cost of wi
administering this scheme so clubs jus
will be getting hit in the pocket for
just to administer the scheme and
for not being compliant. There ar r
calls for Yass TAFE to expand - as shor
regional centres struggle with a Communit
shortage in skilled workers. course
Community members are outraged o
courses such as hospitality aren' t tou
offered in a town that taps in on aff
tourism. The skills shortage is So
affecting the nation, Yet some New l
South Wales regional centres - have We'
limited capacity to address it. TAF
We' ve got a local campus here of
TAFE but there' s been many calls i sele
the community to see the course curr
selection expanded. +w Yass TAFE currently offers courses in busines educa
services, engineering, general servic
education, horticulture, human r
services information technology and rural studies. Council wants to tha see
list grow. Things I' d like to cou
see on the agenda are hospitality tha
courses, tourism courses, courses com
that reflect the industry and the us
community and retail sector around
us +w The town is planning to expan its industrial estate - so it need oth
qualified drivers, mechanics and co
other industry professionals, that that
could work in the sector. Also tale
that will help us keep our young find
talented people here in Yass and There
find work placement for them. lik
There are fears, regional centres cur
like Yass will struggle to retain
current courses, let alone introduc Govern
new ones. The New South Wales poi
Government has planned to cut one educ
point seven billion dollars from education across the state. In th tryin
regions where young people are a
trying to get qualifications to get muc
a job it' s going to make it that ski
much harder for them to get those work
skills they need to get into the s
workforce. The Yass facility is a wh
satellite campus of TAFE Illawarra delive
which says it' s reviewing its region
delivery of courses around the area
region to target skills shortage the
areas.Yass Council will meet with the TAFE early next month.

The high speed rail proposal, has Gove
been chugging along without much indu
Government forward planning. The increasin
industry today highlighted, t
increasing rail freight movement by s
thirty per cent and securing a high an
speed network would ensure a safer and less congested road network for ea
the future. If only it were this ti
easy to build. This is the right r
time to be talking about high speed indust
rail in Australia but we as an
industry need to make it affordable As
The annual Australasian Railway Association conference has been tol f
nothing is stopping the Government Aus
from planning for the inevitable. apar
Australia is the only continent, apart from Antarctica, that doesn' loo
have high speed rail. A study is the
looking at potential routes along o
the East Coast. An expensive part of building a high speed rail lin i th
the land acquisition and a lot of permission
the time taken in planning
permission. The more of the existin the
corridors we can adapt the lower c
the cost will be and the quicker it att
can happen. To compliment that, exist
attention should be paid to the mo
existing network. Branching out to cur
more regional areas and enhancing o
current lines. Building a kilometre a
of railway is cheaper than building a kilometre of road. It' s the 6t an
largest rail network in the world r
and it' s growing and growing quite ne
rapidly. It is something Australia t
needs more focus on if we' re going
to sort out our congestion issues i b
the cities and moving more freight nine
between the cities. Rail moves nine- hundred-and-fifty one million tonnes of freight per year but it' solution
slow. Industry believes the ma
solution is more inland routes, so w
major cities are bypassed, bringing region
with it more opportunities for
regional producers. s Particularl in the grain networks getting grai s
to the farm gate going to regional b
silos and getting them to ports the Every
best way to do that is by rail. tak
Every freight or grain train will take 100 trucks off the road.

Greg with sport is next - And a Daniel
major coup for ACT Cricket Yes c
Danielle - With Ricky Ponting named captain of
- that' s next. Plus - Peter Kimlin cou
s determination to represent his country again. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: It's L'Exhibition - Lexus' premier retail event. With an amazing 2.9%
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This program is not captioned.
country again. A major coup has bee Minis
announced today, for the Prime Minister' s 11 clash at Manuka Oval team,
Ricky Ponting will captain the Janu
team, against the West Indies in ap
January. In what could be his last appearance in Canberra. The annua P
cricket fixture is named after the M
Prime Minister, and first bloke Tim Mathieson
¾jj/j↑ a
Mathieson has given the thumbs up - c
after Ricky Ponting was today named and
captain. He' s just a great guy h
and what a legend, such a thrill to
have him here as Captain, just be s wh
wonderful and with Gayle as well, what a great combination it' s goin hundr
to be. Chris Gayle fired one th
hundred and 46 runs, the last time Pr
the West Indies played against the
Prime Minister' s 11. No word on wh wo
else Prime Minister Julia Gillard y
would like to see run out. Um not w
yet, No, I think, it' s about three I
weeks out they' ll pick the team so in
I know they PM has a little bit of it
input. Even more of a spectacle, it' s the first game under lights a Manuka Oval. Former PM' s 11 playe P
Kade Brown believes the lights and th
Ponting, will put the game back on spectacle
the map. It' s an amazing und
spectacle even during the day but f
under lights it' s just going to be on
fantastic, there will only ever be b
one first game, so I' m sure it' ll o
be a packed house. The lights are Christ
on schedule for testing before
Christmas. The lights are on trac th
at that stage, and I' m sure that Can
they will be completed in time. the
Canberra' s sporting calendar for bi
the centenary just got a whole lot sp
bigger. We' re going to be a bit b
spoilt next year, there' s going to excitin
be a lot on around town, very from
exciting and this will follow on Austr
from the back of some wonderful Organi
Australian Day Celebrations. holds
Organisers just hoping the rain holds off.

Meanwhile, It was a remarkable
start at Manuka Oval, for day one o N
the Sheffield Shield clash between Openi
New South Wales and Queensland. Opening bowler Doug Bollinger struc morning
with the first delivery this sec
morning. appeal He then got a second LBW - Usman Kawaja gone for tro
duck. Queensland in all sorts of ba
trouble - at two for none of three t
balls. The wickets kept tumbling in Bolling
the first session. appeal the
Bollinger and Adam Zamper leading th
the charge. Rain stopped play late to
this afternoon. Queensland limping Nath
to Seven for One Hundred and 98.
Nathan Reardon and Chris Hartley pu scor
some respectability back on the Pet
scoreboard. Brumbies powerhouse Peter Kimlin wants another shot at that
the Wallabies. The Lock revealed n
that' s his individual priority for next season and will hold talks wit form
Wallabies coaching staff. Two wit
former Canberra Grammar students, pole
with short-term goals completely overco
poles a part. Peter Kimlin has to
overcome injury and wants a return That
to Wallabies duties next year.
That' s my aspiration, always wante to be there since having a taste i two thousand and nine, so it' s ah nati
everyone wasnts to play for the f
national side. +w A personal goal - giants
for one of the Brumbies gentle wont
giants, who' s thinking big. I wont know until half way through th
season to see how I' m tracking an co
hopefully have a chat to national mean
coaches at that time, bit in the Joinin
meantime just training hard. Joining the ranks is Tom Staniforth twe
just weeks after graduating year be
twelve. Learning off some of the ju
best players in the world, and you just pick up ten little things ever h
day to improve your game, training habits, just what they do on and of the field, it' s just incredible, just flat out, good fun. Despite Brumbie
being scouted out to join the teenager
Brumbies at pre- season, the a
teenager is yet to be offered deals
at local clubs. I' m not committe c
to another local club, at all, not committed to any club at the moment hi
The Brumbies say they' ll track opportun
his progress next year - and opportunity may arise. You go dow g
and have some of the best recovery going around, you just couldn' t as especially
for a better environment, especially as a young fella.

To Soccer And Canberra United has in
fallen short from finishing third, ch
in the international women' s club Japan
championships. Canberra lost to four-three.
Japanese team NTV Beleza, W-Le
four-three. The squad returns to
W-League action this weekend, with Canberra
game against Sydney FC. The dr
Canberra Capitals are in danger of four,
dropping out of the WNBL' s top heade
four, if they lose their double ret
header this weekend. The Capitals
return to the court on Friday night Log
playing host to Queensland team, Logan. Before heading south 24 hour Melbour
later, to play Dandenong, in in
Melbourne. Canberra currently sits in fourth place on the ladder. It' the start of a long stretch of awa Christma
games in the lead up to the Christmas break. Weather is next .. Then ... This program is not captioned. It's Christmas time at Coles. Time for the freshest Aussie food
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(LAUGHS) ALL: Merry Christmas from Coles!

This program is not captioned.

Then ... There is still a severe region
storm warning in place for the was
region, even so the Capital today e
was hot and muggy - a top of twenty cloudy
eight degrees, right now it' s Tab
cloudy and 21 outside. Hot on the
Tablelands, twenty eight in Goulbur and Queanbeyan, one better in Yass and
twenty nine , Braidwood, showers tempe
and twenty five degrees. Cooler twen
temperatures on the South Coast, Ulla
twenty three in Nowra, twenty in t
Ulladulla, all other centres topped seve
twenty one degrees, lows between o
seventeen and eighteen . Heavy rain f
on the Snowies, Cooma topped twenty ra
four degrees, seven millimetres of nine
rain fell at Perisher, a high of Bombala
nineteen degrees, Thredbo and sa
Bombala topped twenty two . On the mi
satellite picture, a large band of emb
middle and upper level cloud with fro
embedded thunderstorms, stretches
from the northwest of the country t slow-
the southeast. On the chart, a over
slow-moving high pressure system h
over the Tasman Sea directs hot and troug
humid winds into a low pressure po
trough. Looking ahead, showers and C
possible thunderstorms on the South fo
Coast, twenty four degrees the top a
for Bombala and Nowra, twenty three t
at Moruya Heads, the Bay should top U
twenty two after a low of fifteen , thu
Ulladulla, twenty one . Scattered tomor
thunderstorms on the Tablelands Bra
tomorrow, twenty five the high in Queanbeyan
Braidwood, twenty seven in sixt
Queanbeyan, thirty in Yass after ex
sixteen overnight. The Snowies can
expect storms as well, twenty two i Cooma,
Bombala, Eighteen at Thredbo, st
Cooma, twenty five . A chance of a se
storm in Canberra tomorrow, twenty w
seven degrees, light south westerly 8pm.
winds, the sun should set around partly
8pm. To the five day forecast, s
partly cloudy on Thursday, rain and
storms returning on Friday and it' aro
looking like the rain will stick t
around for the weekend. And that' s Ni
the WIN News hour for this Tuesday ev
Night. I' m Danielle Post.....from everyone here. Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. First toon, like so many young couples -- tonight, like so many young couples, Nicole Fitzsimons headed to ptyalin for the holiday of their dreams. A maniac took Nicole's life, leaving Jamie and her family in a living hell.We had this special relationship I thought would never be broken.She was passion td every minute of the day. -- passionate every minute of the day. That's kwhi we miss her so much.It was outrageous what this idiot did that killed our daughter.The