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(generated from captions) It's very humid
for this time of year. Last night, most of us
hovered just below
the 20-degree mark which was around 4-6 degrees
above average. The sticky weather
made it feel

A line of storms is currently moving
through the southern tablelands and slopes and is a chance of reaching
parts Sydney overnight. Falls of 15-25mm have been recorded in eastern Victoria
and south-eastern New South Wales. The weather pattern
will remain the same over the eastern states tomorrow.

It will remain fine
for the majority of tonight with just a slight chance
of a shower or storm in the city. Another warm and humid night
is expected, with a minimum of 20. Tomorrow we'll see a shower or two and a chance of a storm
in the afternoon. The west has
the best chance of seeing storms
tonight. Only a slight chance
for the coast. Temperatures will reach
the mid 20s along the coast and into the
high 20s out west. Light to moderate
south-easterly winds will continue tonight
and throughout tomorrow. Any remaining showers and storms
will ease by Thursday with just a chance of a shower
expected across Sydney. A cooler southerly change
will bring a shower or two on Sunday and mostly fine weather
early next week. And that's Seven News
for this Tuesday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on Today Tonight, how Australian history is being lost
in the shake-up of education. That's coming up now
with Matt White.

Tonight, getting tested... Welcome to a night of history. ..and getting fired up. Make up your bloody mind,
or go back to your own country. How will you go
in our test on Australian history? Plus, peddling false hope. He's just a quack.
He's a charlatan. He's preying on people
who are very, very sick. The cruel con treating
cancer patients with fresh air. Good evening.
Thanks for your company. We begin tonight
with the Australia test, a home-grown check-up
and the question - how well do we know
the history of our own country? With changes in the school
curriculum and less emphasis on history, it seems even the recent past
is being forgotten. David Eccleston finds out.

Are you an Australian citizen? No.
Why? After 40 years,
make up your bloody mind. You wanna be an Aussie or not?
If not, go back where you came from. The generation challenge is back
with plenty of passion... ..and definitely no lack
of Aussie pride. That requires a please explain. Who is the deputy prime minister?

Johnny says Larry Emdur. (LAUGHS) It would be funnier
if it wasn't so serious. Modern history is old news
in today's school curriculum. Last week

the Australian Curriculum Assessment
and Reporting Authority announced Modern history
doesn't get a look in. I think
we don't teach modern history because the bureaucrats
are scared of the parents!

Let the Australian challenge begin.

Our history test generates plenty
of heat between the generations. The Ys,
those aged up to 30 years of age, will be guided by pop star
Johnny Ruffo. 'News Limited' journalist
and TV host Joe Hilderbrand Welcome to a night of history.

Posing the questions, who faces a serious question
of her own, shortly. How do you think you are going to do?

I think we're going to win because
those old ones are too slow and those young ones are too stupid. Questions an Australian
high-school student should know,

Alex thinks it's Ernie Dingo.
(LAUGHS) If you answered 'Eddie Mabo'
you're off to a good start. Only two people in the entire
class got it wrong. The answer is Australian
and New Zealand Army Corps. I wrote Um, what is it? A bank? (LAUGHS) I just wrote anything
to fill in the gaps. The gaps run deep, all the way back
to when European settlement began. 7 people in the class of 34
didn't know when the first fleet landed
at Sydney Cove. Who got it wrong?
You're looking at me, aren't you? Some might say, who cares,
who cares?! I think it's very important to know
we celebrated it every year and we nominate
the Australian of the Year. Happy to have the day off
but don't know the reason for it?

I'm English and in an
ambassador for Australia Day... Are you an Australian citizen?


Why? Look out, look out. The guy in the airport said
you're a disgrace. He said you're living in Australia, you're one of Australia's
best-known actors and you're still bloody English
on your passport. (LAUGHS) After 40 years
make up your bloody mind. If not, go back to your own country. (CLAPPING) OK, I'll take that.

When it comes to our flag, do you
know what those stars symbolise? Half of generation Y got it wrong. Most knew the Southern Cross, but only a handful
could name the 7-pointed star as the Commonwealth Star. Still on the flag, 1914, 1938, or 1953.

I've goes against
all of my instincts but I vaguely recall
it might be 1953. Who here thinks
it's the first world war? Only one person in both gen Y
and baby boomers got it right. Only two in generation X. The answer is 1953.

The lesson that Pauline has learnt
tonight is that I'm always right. Who wrote 'Waltzing Matilda'? Susan, what did you write? I wrote Banjo Paterson
but it was a guess. Owen, should I ask? Oh, no, don't ask. What did you write? I'm about to write Banjo Paterson. (LAUGHING)

What about Australian music? John Farnham's 'You're The Voice'
became a national anthem of sorts in the mid-80s

Can you sing the next line? Enter Whispering Jo. (SINGING)
# We're all someone's daughter, # We're all someone's son # How long can we look at each other
down the barrel of a gun?! # (LAUGHING)

History isn't just
about memorising the facts, but it is about connecting to
certain things that happened and knowing certain things
that happened. Historian and author of 'History's Children:
History Wars in the Classroom' Anna Clark helped compile
the test questions for our Australia history challenge and is not surprised modern history
doesn't get the curriculum merit

I've done quite a lot of research the curriculum end of it, why different versions of the past are supported by different
governments of different persuasions but at the same time

the irony is that, actually, in the
classroom it's not very popular.

This Prime Minister or

Anyone who sacks a worker for not
turning up today is a bum. (LAUGHS) Former prime minister
Bob Hawke's comments after the historic
America's Cup victory hurled Australia
out of the shadows of America and turned us
into a true sporting nation. So what year was it?

1983, 1985 or 1987?

Three quarters of the class
didn't know it was 1983. David Dale, author of 'The Little Book of Australia:
A Snapshot of Who We Are', isn't so worried most of the class
failed the question. He's more interested in if they know
the significance of the occasion.

Does it matter about if we know
about the America's Cup? Well, it does in the sense of
Australia creating its own identity moving from the cultural cringe
to the cultural strut. We went through that period
under Hawke where we were verging on arrogance but that kind of stuff for kids
would be great. Of the 36 questions
we asked our class, no-one got every question right but the baby boomers
performed the best - 79% of the answers correct gen X and gen Y 66% and 65%.

Questions that included:

And this one -

what political party
did Pauline Hanson front? All the answers are on our website. And, no, Johnny Ruffo,
it's not One Direction. I think some

I think some of our generation is ignorant to what has happened and it is sad to see that because I know a lot about history and I love it but it is sad to see some people do not care.

You can have your say on whether history should remain
a key component of the school curriculum on our website, where you can also take the test
yourself. Now to the clinic offering hope
to people dying from cancer and it's nothing but a sham. The man behind it
claims to be a doctor when, really,
he was such a lousy dentist, he was banned from practicing. As Georgia Main reports,
the most incredible thing is the authorities have been
chasing him for 16 years and he keeps operating.

I don't wish to comment.
Are you still practicing, though? He's just a quack, he's a charlatan. He's preying on people
who are very, very sick. If we'd had stronger laws, we could have stopped this man
years ago. Noel Rodney Campbell
doesn't have a medical degree. He calls himself a professor, but, in fact,
he's a deregistered dentist passing himself off
as a miracle cancer healer.

Anthony was a fine man. He was a real gentleman,
an officer in the navy and a real gentleman. When Kristen Every-Miller's
70-year-old husband Anthony was diagnosed
with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009, his desperation to live led him to Noel Campbell's
aptly named Hope Clinic. This chap presented himself
as a professor who worked with the Cancer Council and we really thought,
we believed it. Campbell began administering
his alternative treatments - ozone gas into Anthony's rectum
as well as through earphones and he requested
both Anthony and his wife undergo a pubic hair test
at a cost of $100. The treatment itself
was about $2,000 a week. Campbell founded the Hope Clinic
in the '90s. Back then, he was a dentist, but deregistered himself just as the Dental Board was to hear
serious allegations against him for misconduct. That's when he decided
to change careers. Are you still practicing, though?
No. Not as a dentist. Is this still the Hope Clinic?
Have you still got patients here? I think Mr Campbell's a shonk, I think he's a cheat,
I think he's a liar and I think he has no conscience. Health Commissioner Beth Wilson
conducted a 2-year investigation into Noel Campbell. We only do that very rarely
where there are multiple complaints. There were claims by him
on his website and given in person to people that his treatments
would prolong life and that he could treat
and cure cancer. All of which have been found
by the courts to be false. Noel Campbell now runs his clinic
from his home and even though the courts
have labelled his treatments "deceptive and misleading", there's nothing they can do
to stop him practicing. I feel extraordinarily powerless
to stop people like him. Over the years, he's fronted
the Dental Practice Board, the Magistrates' Court
and Supreme Court and his latest appearance was at the Victorian
Civil and Administrative Tribunal where Deputy President Ian Lulham
delivered a scathing report, finding:

He came out of the Supreme Court
when the appeal was held and he boasted,
"I'm still going to do it anyway." His website offers treatments for a long list of serious,
often terminal, conditions. After our visit,
the website was shut down. Instead, visitors are redirected
to this site selling Bio-Lyfe - a $750 immune-boosting
electrotherapy machine which supposedly treats AIDS. Bio-Lyfe is featured on Quackwatch
as a bogus device. How is it possible
that he's still practicing? Makes me feel extremely frustrated but I am hopeful
that we will be able to get the law changed in Victoria so that we can have a thing
called a negative licensing scheme that we can issue a prohibition
order saying, "Stop that behaviour "and if you don't, you go to jail." New South Wales introduced
a negative licensing scheme in 2008. So far, around 15
prohibition orders have been issued. South Australia is set to introduce
a similar scheme next year. In Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania
and Western Australia, there are no laws in place
to stop sham healers. The power to stop Noel Campbell
lies with this man - Victorian Health Minister
David Davis. Today Tonight has repeatedly
asked his office for an interview but has been told
the minister is unavailable. We should have been able to act
much sooner and a lot of people
would have not been hurt. While Kristen Every-Miller
has had a small victory, awarded $10,000 compensation
in VCAT, she says it's little comfort
that her husband wasn't able to spend his final months
in dignity. I think it exacerbated his cancers -
I really do. A few months later, he went blind,
he went completely blind. And Noel Campbell
continues to practice. Mr Campbell, why does it say
'doctor' on your sign out there? You're not even qualified, are you? If I'd thought 16 years ago
I'd still be battling it today, I don't know what I would have done,
frankly. It does seem unbelievable. I wouldn't advise anybody
to go to him 'cause he'll take your money,
he'll take any amount you've got, and you'll come away worse.

We will be following up
to see that he does.

The invitation remains open to the Victorian Health Minister to see how he can keep his clinic open.

The claws are out in another battle
involving the Edelstens, and, yet again, this one could be
headed for the courts. A resident in their Melbourne
apartment block says Brynne's contestant companion,
Juddy, attacked and bit her, but the Edelstens say
it's a pack of lies.

We've had 'Cujo'

and now according to this woman, there's Juddy.

He's the couture canine,
dripping with labels, Chanel collars and carry bags. Now this pooch has a new label. Juddy is accused of being a biter. He's a naughty boy? Yes, he's a naughty boy. He bit me! Dubbed 'Juddy Gate' it's Brynne's tiny white
Maltese Shih Tzu that's caused the nasty stir. This luxury apartment building
in Melbourne's CBD is the scene
of the latest Edelsten misadventure. It's in its lift
that Emmy, a resident, says she was bitten
by Brynne's bundle of fluff. I say, "Hello, hi, how are you?"
and hi to the dog and it jumped! Jumped where? To my thigh. After the October incident Emmy took these photos
of Juddy's bite had antibiotics
and a tetanus injection. Do you think you might have
frightened him? No, I don't. Do you think he got a fright by you?
I don't know. I've heard, when you see Brynne
you get very excited because she's a star and you pat her on the head
and Juddy on the head. No! No! The reality is, any dog can bite. We've seen this little fellow
living the high life on TV

but dog trainer Jennifer Wilcox
watched Juddy's life, she thinks it's left him
traumatised. Poor Juddy! Yeah, that's a little bit too close. He's probably never
seen a sheep before and they do smell very different
to dogs. Jennifer runs Paw Behaviour and the dog trainer even contacted
the Edelstens offering advice after noticing Juddy's antics. Understanding a dog, she believes, is the first step
in their discipline. Learn about stress in dogs and learn to identify
what the signals are so your dog can tell you
when they feel unhappy and you can get them out
of the situation. Emmy has her own dog, Gonta. She claims young Juddy
barks at him, too. What do you want from the Edelstens?
Compensation? No, just acknowledgement. If you saw Juddy in the lift
would you be scared and step back?

After the break on TT - the mathematician
helping Australian women make the most of their legs. Maths is everywhere. It is in every aspect
of your life, including fashion. The ancient formula with
a most unlikely application is next.

Kmart and the Salvation Army are celebrating 25 years of
helping families in need. By placing a gift
under the Kmart Wishing Tree you can make a difference
to someone else's Christmas. The more gifts, the more smiles
on Christmas morning.

Welcome back. It's an ancient formula
that's inspired architects and the artworks
of Leonardo Da Vinci. Now it's being used
by a modern-day mathematician for something completely different and, as Madeleine Kennard reports,
it's all about fashion.

You can use mathematics
to create great legs.

Every woman can have sexy legs.

It's an ancient formula
promising you perfect legs - mathematically, at least. Who could think
that maths could make you feel sexy? Maths is everywhere, and I think that is something
that I love to get across to people, that it is in every aspect
of your life, including fashion. It's been used in architecture
and art through the ages. The golden ratio is the key to calculating
what is most pleasing to the eye. What is the formula?
How does it work? OK, the formula is the measurement divided by 1.618,
which is the golden ratio. Once you've got the number,
what do you do? So, you measure from the tip
of the shoulder down here - and 85cm falls here - and you can see that this length
is quite flattering. Commissioned by sexy legs
specialists Venus razors, mathematician Lily Serna has teamed
up with stylist Lydia Saunders to put the theory into practice. It is, basically, an illusion
that is being created. Any woman, any shape or size, can look like they have
the perfect legs.

It's been years
since Jo Clark has worn a dress. She's hoping her golden number
of 86.5cm will help change that. So, my weight seesaws a little bit, and that makes it difficult
to buy clothes. Mum of three Emma Healy
wants to feel feminine. Her golden number is also 86.5cm,
just above the knee. I hope, um, I can use the formula to know exactly what length of skirt
to buy. And 19-year-old student
Amelia Norris hopes her golden number of 88.3cm
helps her find the right hemline. and something that I know
is gonna look good on me. When I first mentioned it
to a few people today, they were a bit scared
that it was maths. But once they understood
that it's really easy, and they have actually loved
what I have dressed them in today. Sometimes you think that showing more skin
makes your legs look longer, but, in this case,
after wearing this length, I actually think
this is a better result. And each has walked away having
learnt maths can be fashionable. It is hard to believe
I am in a dress today because I don't buy dresses
as a rule and, today, I have been able
to do that and feel happy about it. I am surprised
how great I am feeling in the skirt. I don't generally wear skirts -
I'm more of jeans kind of person - so I am really surprised to be
feeling fantastic in a skirt today. My advice to anybody out there
is actually just to get going on the formula and work out what your number is
and then shop.

Madeleine Kennard reporting. Still ahead - is there anything
that's not going Gangnam style?

The suburban festive PSY show
is next.

Where is my other sock?

Why would you talk to a machine? Our customers don't. Why wouldn't you choose
what's better?

Upgrade your life with iinet.

Before we go tonight, some Christmas cheer
with a difference. 'Gangnam Style' is lighting up
a suburban house in Perth. In this street, carols are out,

# Hey, sexy lady! # I think the song is amazing. It lends itself to people
being happy and every time I speak to someone
who has kids, they say, "My kids love that song" so I think it's a great choice
for Christmas. Not all of Kim Illman's neighbours
may agree but you can't argue
with his dedication. I did a little count this morning and there's over 41,000
individual globes. There's some 2,000 channels. As I said before, you have to
program every channel and tell it what to do at every stage during,
say, a 3-minute song. It's certainly not 'Jingle Bells' but Kim does collect donations
for charity.

That's it for now. Hope you can join us again tomorrow.
Have a great evening.

DEXTER: You have made
so many sacrifices for me... ..but I don't want you to have to
make any more. Are you breaking up with me?

It's for the best.

What about you? Do you want to go home?
I can't. Well, in that case, I think you
should stick around a bit longer. Yeah? Obviously, I want to be with Casey, but I really don't know
where I stand, especially with this desert girl
hanging around. Celia!
Hi, darling.

Oh, Morag. You must be Harvey. I always knew that
Ruth would marry a handsome man. Harvey didn't
want a fuss the second time round. He's divorced? Oh, this man hardly seems
worthy of you, Ruth. You've insulted me and Harvey
all night and I'm sick of it! Your leg's not broken. It was all a stitch up. I've had it! I've had it up to here! I should have cut you off at school,
do you know that? Harvey! You don't care about the wedding.
You don't really care about Winston. You don't care about me.
You're being ridiculous. I'm not being ridiculous!
I can't marry you.

What's the matter? What happened?

The wedding's off. What do you mean it's off?
Oh, Ruth obviously saw sense. Would you to stop it, please, Celia!
I love him. I love him very much. I just...I can't... I can't marry him. Um, you know what? I think that's my cue to head home. Bye, everyone. Roo eventually finds someone
who makes her happy and you swoop in
on your flaming broomstick and stuff it all up in one night! Oh.

Sorry about the commotion. I just want to be alone.

You know... ..I still remember the night
before I married your mother. I was like a cat on hot bricks. Well... ..this isn't pre-wedding nerves
or anything.

Love, I know the ugly sisters
in there put the wind up you, but don't worry about it. What would they know about anything? Maybe they know something I don't. I mean, I can't marry him. Well, why the hell not? Because we're opposite and because
we don't have anything in common.

I just don't want to
make a huge mistake.

Oh, Dad,
I'm so sorry to do this to you. I really am. Oh, don't worry about it, love.

She'll be right. You'll see.

I'd forgotten
how twisted our sisters can be.

Yeah, and she said she's not
coming to the wedding tomorrow. Oh, why's that? Well, she's just been doing so well, I don't think she wants to risk
having a setback. Yeah, fair enough. If anything's going to remind her
of the funeral, it's a church.

Yeah, I just wish
I didn't have to go.

So, this reluctance to go wouldn't have anything
to do with Dex, would it? Yeah, trying to sort things out
with him didn't exactly go so well. So, do you want to tell me how all this nonsense
started in the first place?

Dex was keeping secrets.
We had an argument. What kind of secrets?

Do you promise not to tell anyone? Do I look like a Stewart sister?

A couple of weeks ago,
Dex had a seizure.

Oh, my God, love. Is he alright? For now.

But the tests were inconclusive. He could be fine
or he could be a walking time bomb. Love, that's awful but...
I'm sure Sid's on top of it. If he knew. That's the secret.
Romeo was the only one he told. He has to tell his family
so they can be there for him. He isn't going to change his mind,
Irene, and you can't say anything to him,
because he'll know I betrayed him.

Yoo-hoo! Only me! Mrs Smart! Gosh!

Oh, you look fabulous. Oh, yes. I do, don't I? Trailer park life
certainly agrees with me.

Celia, my goodness! It's been forever and a day!
Welcome back! Oh!
G'day, Colleen. Good to see you. Oh, lovely to see you, Alf. Oh, I've missed you. I've missed everybody. Well, just about everybody. How are you, Morag? Now, not even your sour tongue
can spoil today. My darling niece
is walking down the aisle. Just the thought of it
gives me the carbuncles. So, where is she? Where's the bride-to-be?