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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Brett McLeod. Good afternoon. We start with some breaking news - a person has been shot in Sydney's south-west. There are reports the man was shot five times on a street in Punchbowl. Emergency crews are on the scene. We'll bring you more details on that shooting as soon as we get more information. Engineers are assessing the stability of a giant crane, after it burst into flames and sent the boom crashing down onto a building in central Sydney. It forced the evacuation of hundreds of construction workers and students at the University of Technology. Let's go live now to Nine's Lizzie Pearl for the details. Lizzie, do we know yet how this happened? Brett, that's exactly what WorkCover and fire crews are trying to work out right now and over the next couple of days. It all started around 10:00 this morning - a blaze was sparked inside a crane, which was 65m above the ground. That crane was filled with litres upon litres of diesel fuel. It burned for around 10 minutes, sending thick smoke and flames shooting into the air. Eventually, the force of that fire weakened the cables in the crane, forcing that boom to collapse down onto the construction site below. We're able to bring you these amazing pictures of this happening because so many people were here at the time, and so many of them pulled out their mobile phones and started recording. Let's take a listen to a couple of those people who watched it unfold.Oh, it sounded like - a mix between a bomb and a big car crash, then you heard sirens literally a minute later on the way, starting blocking off the roads and stuff.How big were the flames?Probably 6-8 feet high, coming up the back bit there. They didn't seem that great a fire, but it burned through the cables and dropped the jib.It all seems incredible no-one was hurt. Lizzie, there are serious union claims about that crane's safety?That's right. I've spoken to the union today. They have told me that around three weeks ago, workers walked off the job here at this site at UTS, with concerns over the safety of the crane, claiming it was leaking diesel fuel. The union says that crane simply should not have been in use today. I spoke to their union secretary today. Let's take a listen.You've had a leak of gasoline. Something has caught firement we've had the collapse of a jib that could have caused hundreds of deaths not only for the workers on the site, but the general public.As you said, Brett, no-one was injured here today. That may be down to the quick thinking of the crane driver, who, despite the fire, managed to swing that boom around so that if and when it did drop, it dropped onto the construction site away from any workers, and away from the public road here. The union says that that man may be nominated for a hero's award. The road here at Broadway has been reopened. However, one road - Wattle Street, right next to the construction site - is still closed. Brett.What a chaotic mess. Lizzie Pearl, thank you. A toddler has died after being hit by a car in a driveway on the Gold Coast. The accident happened on Hope Island, while the 18-month-old boy was playing in the garage. We'll cross live to Nine's Libby Stone for a full report a little later in our bulletin. Photos of human remains have been presented at the committal hearing of Brett Peter Cowan. He's accused of murdering Queensland boy Daniel Morcombement Nine's Ashley McDermid is at Brisbane Magistrates Court. Ash, what happened at today's hearing?Brett, today was perhaps an even more harrowing day for had Morcombes. Today we heard from Sergeant Donna Stewart, a forensic or scientific officer with the police. She examined the remains that were found at the Beerwah search site last year. Today, she used a mannequin's skeleton to show what had been found, and other photos of remains were shown in court as well. The Morcombes saw some photos yesterday, but today's ones were a lot clearer, a lot more graphic. That proved to be too much for Daniel Morcombe's mum, Denise. She actually had to leave the courtroom while this evidence was being heard. All up, police say they found 17 skeletal elements. Judging by their size and shape, Sergeant McGregor told the court they were probably of a 9-13-year- old child. Bruce Morcombe, Daniel's dad, spoke outside court this afternoon. Let's have a listen to what he had to say.Nonef ous were really expecting to see the number and volume of photos. Maybe that's just naive on our part. I think just seeing the mannequin's skeleton and the images just made it all that very much raw and real for her, as it did for all of us. Today, we also heard from a DNA specialist. She took a sample from one of these bones, and compared it to some DNA that was extracted from Daniel Morcombe's toothbrush. She compared the two, and it was a match. The court heard these remains were of Daniel Morcombe. That wasn't really a surprise to the Morcombes. They had heard that before. But it still would have been hard to hear again today, Brett.A very confronting day for that boy's parents. Ashley McDermid, thank you. Victoria has been lashed by severe weather, with 3,000 lightning strikes hitting the state. In Melbourne, a house was set on fire while a roof was struck at another property. The city's train and traffic network was also thrown into chaos, with lightning strikes damaging the computer system. We'll cross live to Nine's Vicky Jardim after 5:00 for more details. A Queensland judge has refused to grant Jayant Patel a judge-only trial for manslaughter. The former Bundaberg surgeon will now face a jury in his trial next year. He's accused of killing 75-year-old Mervyn Morris, after removing parts of his colon in 2003. A separate application to permanently stay proceedings will be heard in Brisbane's Supreme Court tomorrow. To Canberra now - the Federal Government has seized on revelations deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop met with self- confessed fraudster Ralph Blewitt. The Government says the Opposition wanted help from the disgraced former union official to try to bring down the Prime Minister. For more, let's cross to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. The Government says Julie Bishop's position is now untenable?Yeah, Brett - Labor says Julie Bishop's decision to meet with Ralph Blewitt, the self- confessed fraudster, shows that she has poor judgement. The Government's political attack dog, Madeleine Albright, jumped on the revelations. -- Anthony Albanese, jumped on the revelations. Julie Bishop says it was a chance meeting in Melbourne on Friday that lasted only around 10 minutes. She said that she asked Mr Blewitt if he had documents that could shed light on the saga. He said he didn't. Julie Bishop has been leading the Coalition's pursuit over the -- pursuit of the Prime Minister over this matter, and Mr Albanese says that Tony Abbott needs to back his deputy's actions, or dismiss her. Julie Bishop's position as Deputy Leader of the Opposition is simply untenable. Mr Abbott either has to back her in 100%, or take action and dismiss her.It would have been negligent of me to ask questions of the Prime Minister in relation to this matter had I not asked Mr Blewitt whether he had any documents that could throw light on this matter.As expected, it was another rowdy question time today. One person - Tony Abbott - was surprisingly quiet?Yeah, Brett. Over the past two days, Tony Abbott hasn't asked a single question. Again today, it was Julie Bishop who asked all the Coalition's questions, directing them all at the Prime Minister, and they were all on this AWU issue. That's prompted Labor to then attack Tony Abbott - the Prime Minister called him "gutless" and accused him of hiding behind his deputy. Have a look.Childish antics, sleaze and smear, because we are dealing with an Opposition with not one policy for the nation's future. A man who is incapable of generating a policy for the nation's future. And a man who doesn't have the guts to front this sleaze campaign himself.The Prime Minister repeatedly accused the Opposition of smearing question time today. She says she's answered all their questions in her two very long press conferences. But the Opposition says she's just employing a tactic to avoid answering those questions in the Parliament. Brett.Two sitting days to go. Kerrie Yaxley, thank you. There's a bit of excitement building in Tasmania, following the capture of a healthy female Tassie devil. The 2-year-old will be used for breeding at the Devil Ark conservation park in NSW. Keepers there are so happy about the find, she's been given a name which highlights her importance.Princess Mary's genetic royalty. She's not related to any other Tasmanian devils in the program. She's from an area where we've seen the population crash to as low as 1% to 3%.Many Tassie devils have been killed by cancer, and the species is now at risk of extink. Still ahead - a family's pain - an inquest into the death of an infant, and the babysitter accused of manslaughter. Also - a warning about an Aussie favourite - the fruit that could prove deadly for some patients. And the cast of 'The Hobbit' takes flight for a special premiere.

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A Melbourne court has today heard more details on the death of 10- month-old Chloe Murphy. The 28- year-old babysitter is accused of shaking her to death. Nine's Karen Huf has the details. The committal hearing of babysitter Ketapat Jenkins continues in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court today, with the exploration of medical issues, especially shaken-baby syndrome. The court heard it's controversial whether it exists or not, but a Royal Children's Hospital doctor said there was ample evidence that it did. Cross- examined by Jenkins' QC, he admitted he did not know what had happened to baby Chloe, and admitted he didn't know if she might have accidentally fallen on her head. The 10-month-old was beginning to pull herself up at the time that she died in 2010. She was found to have extensive subdural haemorrhage, a fractured skull, and a fractured arm. The woman who babysat her while her parents went out to see a movie has been charged with her manslaughter. Her committal continues here at the Melbourne Magistrates' Court. They've been a staple at children's parties for years, but there's now a new warning about jumping castles. Scientists in the US say there's an epidemic of injuries from the inflatables, with a child hurt every 46 minutes. A startling example of what can go very wrong - in this instance in New York, a wind gust hurled a bounce house across a field with children still inside - 13 people were hurt. A new study shows a 15fold increase in related injuries over the last two decades, now sending an average of 31 children to the emergency room each day, with broken bones, sprains, concussions. You always want to have these staked down?Make sure they are staked down securely, and never use a bouncehouse on a windy day.He requires parents to sign a contract which involves constant supervision. This is meant for bouncing, not for forips.Right. No flipping, wrestling or rough- housing.Advice to keep kids from flying, colliding, or falling victim to an increasingly common childhood hazard. The cast of the new 'The Hobbit' movie has arrived in in New Zealand ahead of tomorrow's world premiere. It walked off a specially decorated plane in Wellington. Director Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman - who plays the lead role of Bilbo Baggins - and the actors who play the dwarves all posed on the tarmac. Nine News will be live from the red carpet for the premiere tomorrow. Still ahead - a cyclist pleads guilty to the manslaughter of the mother of a former NRL player. Also - red alert - what's forced the closure of this popular beach? And a brawl over a pair of shoes - the sales turn nasty in the United States. Right now, though, here's a

Tonight, what caused a crane to explode and collapse onto a building in busy Broadway - we'll have the latest live. Red alert - incredible pictures of an algae bloom that has shut down our most popular beaches. First it was electricity - now Sydney families are going to be hit with higher gas prices. A heat wave warning for Sydney - temps to hit 40 degrees, we'll tell you when. A new warning about the dangers of cholesterol- lowering drugs and grapefruit. And

we speak to the Blues paceman in line to make his Test debut. See you at 6:00pm.

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31-year-old Daniel Wood has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Sydney woman Mary Touma. The late mother of former rugby league player Joe Thomas. The 71-year-old died after hitting her head on a wall when she was pushed during an argument in Sydney's south-east. He admitted causing her death, and will be sentenced in March. Now to a new warning about the potentially deadly effects of combining grapefruit juice with certain types of medication. There are now more than 80 prescription drugs to be concerned about. Joining me with details is Peter Harvey. Pete, this doesn't look particularly deadly, but it causes problems?You're absolutely correct. You and I may have thought this was an acidic fruit that you sometimes were forced to have at breakfasttime. Basically, it's a big, round, yellow time bomb. The research has been going on for all of 20 years, and appears to be absolutely indicative of just how dangerous this thing can be. The interaction with - I think it's about 43, 44 separate drugs - can cause, at very worst, death. On the way there, it can cause kidney failure and all sorts of problems. And the drugs that it interferes with are some of the most common that we use every day - statins, or some statins that lower your clust role, other heart drugs, common types of sleeping pills, antibiotics, seizure medications, and even some anti-cancer drugs. From my understanding of it, what happens is the grapefruit juice interferes with the function of an enzyme in the body, and that can kick off this trail to trouble.The AMA has been talking about this? They have indeed, yes. Here's their president.How much grapefruit juice do you need to take? Even a glass of grapefruit juice a day seems to be enough to actually alter the metabolism of the medications that we're taking. And that lasts about 24 hours. So it is quite significant.So have they suggested that people not have grapefruit juice, or just be more cautious?Well, basically, they're saying a bit more than that - if you're taking any of these drugs that we've just read out and we'll be putting a full list on our website after the evening news tonight - don't take grapefruit juice. Oranges are fine. Lemons are fine. But steer clear of grapefruits. Why it's taken us so long to get here, to know this, is the other great puzzle, because Canadian researchers were working on it 20 years ago, and 'The Lancet', the famous 'Lancet' medical bible in London, reported on it a few years ago. At least we're catching up.Thanks for coming in today. Peter Harvey. America's sail season is in full swing, with shoppers -- sale season is in full swing, with shoppers trying to get their Hans on pre- Christmas bargains. Some of those sales have take an nasty turn, as Denham Hitchcock explains. We had Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and now Cyber Monday, and we're right in the middle of it at the moment. When you look at some of these pictures, you might well decide that it is much safer to be on your computer, because out in those shops, it is getting pretty violent across the weekend here - assaults and arrests. There's been dozens of both, right across the country. This one here, believe it or not, in calf I a- two guys - this fight was over a pair of shoes. Not exactly sure how it started, but it finished pretty nasty. Police have been, believe it or not, at shopping malls instead of crime scenes across the country. It is big business online today - $1.5 billion, people are expected to spend. Across this week, around $60 billion. It is huge. But out there in those lines, it can get pretty nasty. Have a listen to this.Push one of my kids, I will stab one of you!"If you push my kids, I will stab you," is what that fellow said. I can tell you we had to cut it short. He did not end that sentence with "My fellow shoppers." Americans are breaking records here, getting out to those sales, up about 9% - 247 million Americans are out and about, shopping. Bear in mind, the country is only 320 million all up. So people are out there chasing down those bargains. Still to come on Nine News - the latest on Sydney's burning crane collapse - how hundreds of lives were at risk. A family's close call during intense storms in Victoria - find out where the wild weather is heading, next. Also - a sea of red - what's forced the closure of one of Australia's most famous beaches? And an incbl close encounter - the father and daughter, and their amazing whale of a tale.

This program is not captioned. spik
Good afternoon, There' s been a t
spike in Canberra' s water usage in c
the past few months. These dolphins v
certainly aren' t camera shy - this cam
vision was captured by one of our
cameramen off the coast of Narooma. cap
And in sport, Ricky Ponting will agai
captain the Prime Minister' s 11 Ova
against the west indies at Manuka de
Oval on January 29 We' ll have the pictures,
details - and more of those in
pictures, in the best hour of news in the country from 6.

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Hollywood's awards season is fast approaching, and one new film is sure to cause a stir - it tells the story of a raid on Osama bin Laden, and reveals a young woman was the real-life unsung hero. Is that him?Could be!It was the greatest man-hunt of all time.

The stelty night-time raid by the elite ceil team 6, the secret Bin Laden compound in Pakistan - you think you know the story. But hold onto your seats - now, there is so much more. 'Zero Dark Thirty', the riveting new film by director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Bohl brings you the hunt for Osama bin Laden as it has never been seen before. Combining the meticulous detail of a first-rate investigative reporter...It was thrilling to discover what the people who were involved in this mission were really like.With the dramatic touch of Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow.It was all based on first-hand account, so it felt very vivid, vital, and immediate, which is very exciting as a film-maker.Boal discovered that, at the centre of the real- life drama was a young female CIA officer, played by Jessica Chastain. The woman they called Mya relentlessly tracked leads that went straight to Bin Laden.Bin Laden is there. And you're gonna kill him for me.When I realised, at the heart of this 10-year odyssey was this woman who had a kind of tenacity and a dedication and a courage - I was I was excited to take it on.I didn't want to use you guys with your velcro and gear. I wanted to drop a bomb.While those words were indeed real, based on interviews with the young CIA officer, some of the dialogue is dramatised. Some of the decade's difficult narratives condensed. The assault on the compound - like the rest of the film - is as accurate as possible. Using, in part, ABC News video shot at the actual scene, a full-scale version of the compound was built in Jordan, where they filmed for close to four weeks. The floor, the tile, carpet - you took that from the original ABC video?Yes, yes.They even re- created the famous Stealth helicopters that swepted over the border into Pakistan, using real Black Hawks with computer-generated graphics replicating the stealthy skin. You feel this raid, hear it - even though you think you know how it ends, there is more to this story.You're at the centre of something that's so epic, and that doesn't come along very often. I think we were both aware of the fact that we probably won't have another story like this.I can't imagine. I think it's the story of a lifetime.It may be, but for many of the real heroes of this movie, the secret work they do continues to this day. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's happening across the east coast right now. Workers are evacuated in central Sydney after a crane sets on fire and collapses onto a skyscraper in the city. An 18-month-old toddler is run over and killed on the Gold Coast during a school run. Melbourne is left in chaos after the city is lashed by storms and two homes are struck by lightning. Now to the details - it may take days for crews to dismantle one of Sydney's biggest cranes, after it caught fire and its boom crashed into a building this morning. Nine's Lizzie Pearl is at the scene in Broadway, and joins us now. Lizzie, how did this happen?That's exactly what WorkCover is investigating at the moment. As you said, that investigation could take days, if not weeks. They're on the scene now, trying to work out exactly how stable that crane is. If and when they can move it - this fire started at around 10:00 this morning. Inside a crane which was around 65m above ground. That crane was filled with very combustable diesel fuel. There was a driver inside the crane at the time. He managed to swing the crane around so that, if and when it fell, it would safely fall onto the construction zone, away from the public road, away from the workers down below. Then he managed to get out himself. Fire crews managed to get on scene fairly quickly. A firefighter actually climbed up to try and extinguish the blaze before the crane fell. He was up there as that crane fell, and thankfully managed to quickly hurry back down to safety. Those fire crews have been praised for their bravery. Let's take a listen to fire bosses who were at the scene.The fire occurred at 65m above ground level, which had a number of access issues. We're now conducting some stabilisation operations to ensure the platform is safe and won't topple over.It sounded like - a mix between a bomb and a big car crash, then you heard sirens literally a minute later, starting blocking off the roads and stuff. We're now hearing very serious union claims surrounding that crane's safety?That's right, Brett. The union claims that a couple of weeks ago, it alerted the company Lend Lease about safety concerns of this particular crane, claiming it was leaking diesel. Workers actually walked off the job for a number of days over those concerns. The union said this crane should never have been in use today. They'll be taking their own investigation into this crane. Let's take a listen to the union because who I spoke to this morning. You've had a leak of diesel. Something has caught fire. We've had the collapse of a jib that could have caused hundreds of deaths, not only for the workers on the site, but the general public. Workers will be away from this site for the next couple of days. They may not even get back on the job here at UTS before the end of the weekment the roads here - Broadway, as you can see, has been reopened. However, those roads will need to be closed over the next couple of days as the crane recovery process begins. Brett. Lizzie, thank you. EffLizzie Pearl will have more on that crane collapse for Sydney viewers on Nine News at 6:00pm. A tragic accident has claimed the life of an Queensland-month-old boy on the Gold Coast. The toddler was playing in a garage when he was struck by a car, the 18-month-old boy. Lizzie, can you give us more details on what happened?Brett, emergency crews were called to the home at the Hope Island estate just after 9:00 this morning. Police, paramedics and security for the gated community all rushed to the scene. It's believed a resident was returning home after taking her children to school. She's driven into the garage of her home, where it appears an 18-month-old boy was playing. He was struck by the car and, despite attempts to revive the child, he died at the scene. Police say the boy's parents - a Gold Coast family - were inside the home at the time and had been staying there for a few days. It's believed there are also another two children at the home when the stknd happened. Relatives have been at the scene today to offer their support, and the families have been given counselling.The woman who was driving the car called out to the parents of the child, who were inside the house, and they attempted to render first aid. However, the injuries were fatal. Investigations into this incident are continuing. Brett, police say that counselling will also be offered to all emergency personnel. Terrible story. Thank you for bringing us up to date. Severe weather hit Melbourne today, with thousands of lightning strikes damaging houses and causing commuter chaos. Let's go straight to 9's Vicky Jardim for the details. Vicky, Melbourne has experienced very extreme weather this morning. What more can you tell us?Brett, even though the sun is out now, the weather was very extreme this morning. Thousands of lightning strikes slammed the city. One actually hit the house just behind me. 2-year-old Gregory was sleeping in his bedroom at the time, and the ceiling just crumpled around him. His dad and heavily pregnant mum Rajed up to see if he was OK. This is what his dad had to say a little while ago.Getting ht etby lightning is not something that happens every day to you. The house demolished - it was like something out of a war scene. My pregnant wife and my child are safe and healthy, and they didn't get hurt. What other damage has that storm caused there, Vicky?Brett, there's been quite a bit of damage - a lightning strike actually set a Berwick house on fire - about 60% of the property was destroyed. Thankfully, no-one was inside at the time. The storm actually caused commuter chaos - hundreds of people were actually jammed on two buses after part of the Werribee train line was shut down. There was also traffic gridlock on many of Melbourne's major roads. This is what some very frustrated commuters had to say this morning.How was that traffic run?Not good. We've taken - we left home at 8:45, and we're just here now.I was surprised, really. Just came on the bus and saw that everybody is standing outside. Couldn't explain that. I just thought, "Oh, (BLEEP), not today."The extreme weather isn't over just yet, Brett. On Thursday, the temperature is expected to hit almost 40 degrees. Some very wild weather over this coming week.Something to look forward to. Vicky, thank you. Nine News will have the latest on the wild weather for our Melbourne viewers at 6:00. As storms lash Victoria, temperatures across NSW and Canberra are expected to soar by the end of the week, as a record heatwave moves in. It's going to be the hottest since November 2009, with highs in their 40s inland. People are being advised to have their escape plans in place, because of the high risk of bushfires. A haze can already be seen across Sydney, and Livinia Nixon will have all the weather details a little later. A senior Federal Government minister, Anthony Albanese, says Julie Bishop's position as Deputy Opposition Leader is untenable. It comes after Ms Bishop revealed she met with self-confessed fraudster Ralph Blewitt over the AWU saga. Ms Bishop says it was just a chance meeting.Yes, I've spoken to Mr Blewitt.How many times, and when? Once.Does he seem like a trustworthy character to you?No, he's a self-confessed fraudster. Meeting with a scumbag to try and bring down a Prime Minister.Ms Bishop continued the Coalition's pursuit of the Prime Minister in question time over the AWU scandal, and is expected to do so for the rest of the week. It's hoped residents will be able to return to their homes to get belongings, following the mass evacuation of the Surfers Paradise precinct last night. An electrical fire underneath a hotel near Shooters Nightclub caused more than 1,000 people to flee.Given the damage in Shooters Nightclub and the fact that the ceiling has fallen down in the entry, it could have been very severe, and a tragic event.Schoolies staying at the hotel have been relocated. Two people were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. We have more on our breaking news now - there are reports of a shooting in Sydney's south-west. Two people are believed to have gunshot wounds, and have been rushed to hospital at Punchbowl. There's also reports of a third victim. We'll bring you more details as they come in. Police say a driver who smashed his car into a family home in Sydney's west had just fled a random breath test. Nine's Matt Snelson has the story. The driver and the passenger have spent the day here at St George Hospital, being treated for their injuries. The impact last night was severe. It happened just after 10:30. Police say that they tried to pull the ute over for a random breath test on the driver, but they claim the car sped down a hill across four lanes of traffic on a busy road, before it mounted the footpath, crashed through a fence, and then slammed into the family home, where a mother, her two daughters and her son were home at the time. Most of the impact has centred around a front bedroom, where a 19-year-old woman was sleeping. The debris and the car has come to rest only a couple of metres from where she was. It really was a lucky escape. We spoke to her about it this morning, after a very sleepless night for her. Let's take a listen to what she had to say.I was screaming for my mum, just screaming, screaming for my mum. Then I found her, and then just held her, and started wailing, started screaming. That hill is massive. He must have been coming down really, really fast. It's disgusting.Her sister says that the force of the impact sounded like an explosion, and she even feared that someone had been killed in that crash. Police claim the 41- year-old driver actually fled after the accident, and he later arrived here at St George Hospital to be treated for a fractured knee. Doctors are now placing a pin in his knee, and he will undergo mandatory blood and urine tests, which are expected to come back in a couple of days. The 37-year-old passenger wasn't seriously injured in the accident, but was taken by ambulance here to Saint George Hospital, where he's being treated for cuts and bruises. Police say that their inquiries into the crash are continuing. They're asking for anyone who witnessed it and witnessed the lead-up to it to come forward and contact police. Surf-lifesaving Australia says six members of its under-20 team have been provisionally suspended. They're under investigation over allegations of drug use and assault during the World Championships in Adelaide earlier this month. Obviously this is a distressing time for a lot of people involved in, not only with the team and the team's supporters, but also the broader surf-lifesaving community. Three members of an overseas team are also accused of being involved. A hearing has been set for next month. Two Perth beaches were closed today after a sighting of a great white shark. A fisherman says he saw the beast off Scarborough. It sparked the closure of both Scarborough and trig beech, while rescue helicopters scoured the area. So far, there've been no further sightings. A tide of thick, red algae has shut Sydney's most famous beach - Bondi and Clovelly have both been closed while water experts carry out tests. Nine's Jayne Azzopardi has the latest. About 6:30 this morning, the red algae bloom started rolling into Bondi Beach, turning this iconic beach a shade of pink, and bringing with it a rather nasty, fishy odour. Lifeguards were forced to close the beach because of fears over eye and skin infections. Although that didn't stop everyone from getting in the water. IThought it was a bit of blood or something. It's a lot more fishier than normal. Usually not that bad down here.It looked a bit dirty. It wasn't very inviting. The blue butles as well - wasn't very nice.OK, but very fishy. But we are by the sea, aren't we?Environmental scientists are testing what type of algae this is, when working out whether there are any other dangers. Particularly for tourists arrive athat Bondi Beach this morning the, red-pink tinge to the waves gave them a bit of a scare..Some people have thought, especially tourists - they think we have shark attack every day down here. They thought maybe someone had lost a leg after an attack. It's all good. Just the algae drifting through.This type of algae bloom does happen at Bondi Beach every few years ao or so. Lifeguards predict the beach should be clear by later tonight. A father and daughter have had an an extraordinarily close incounter with two whales off the Queensland coast. The underwater beasts swam right up to their canoe near Fraser Island. One whale breaching and showing off for the camera.It's gonna hit us! Oh, my God, dad! It's gonna hit us!

Dad, is he gonna hit us?!He didn't. Luckily for the duo, the whales simply gave one last wave, and went on their way across the bay. Not bad. Father and daughter will be talking about their close encount orn Nine News at 6:00pm. (LAUGHS) Chuckling along enjoying that, Ken Sutcliffe, joining with us sport. That's nice for them!A bit of anxiety there, wasn't it?I could feel it in that young girl' voice! The cricket team are adding venom to the attack?They probably need to, after what happened yesterday. Michael Clarke has bolstered his arsenal for Perth. And a quick change of scenery for F1 ace Mark Webber.

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Michael Clarke has been named test cricket's number one batsman in the latest rankings. The Aussie captain may have some fresh bowlers in his arsenal for Friday's final test against South Africa. Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Johnson and John Hastings have been called up to the squad. John Hastings is exactly what Australia needs - a fit, fast bowler. But the 27-year-old has no illusions about his call-up.I just have to do my best in the nuts and see what they have to say. I think - if Sids is walking, he's probably every chance to play at Perth. I think it's every fast bowler's dream to play a test at Perth. Siddle bowled himself to a standstill trying to win the second test for Australia. Hastings expects him to show similar determination in the lead-up for Perth. He'll be a vegan with a vengeance.He's a very tough character. I know the way he looks after his body really well. I'm sure he'll give himself every opportunity to play, and have the last crack at South Africa.South Africa's last man standing was Ashley Dupre, scoring a century on de-- faf dupe lusy, scoring a century on debut.I said to myself, "Don't think too much of your hundred. Let it come to you. The team wants you to be defensive here and, be solid, and just wait for it." So I did. I'm very grateful. By contrast, Ricky Ponting is in need of a good knock. His captain hopes he won't have to drop him.I see him scoring a triple century in Perth in the first in stkpwhrsion. It would be a career-saving innings. A moment of rage could see Wallabies lock Sitaleki Timani sidelined for the Wallabies' final clash in Europe. The second-rower faces a ban for striking from Australia's heated clash against Italy. The team has one challenge remaining against Wales this weekend.We'll do everything we can to finish on a good note. But Wales also have a bit to play for. But we're not so much worried about their preparation.The Welsh aren't exactly on a high - they've lost six straight games. Mark Webber is making a quick transition from Formula 1 to adventure sports for the Mark Webber Challenge, starting tomorrow in Tasmania. The charity event attracts some serious athletes, intercluding Olympians, as well as those who just want to have a go. There's a lot of nerves on the line on the first day. That's normal. There's a lot of weighing up and egos kicking in. As the event goes on, people really pull together. It's very special for me, a real buzz for me to see that people get a lot out of the event themselves. Obviously we know we can put back in terms of the funds raised goes to a really need -- goes to really needy causes.Webber will be battling jet lag, after finishing the F1 season in Brazil just yesterday. The V8 Supercar season comes to an end at the Sydney 500 this weekend. With a new-look car to show off, Craig Lowndes is ready to hit the track.It is one of the toughest. Being a street circuit, it's always a challenge for all the drivers, trying to stay off the walls - the kerbing in that first series - the corners are quite demanding.The Ford and Holden rivalry also comes to an end - Nissan and Mercedes are joining the Supercar seizees next year. And the countdown is on for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Despite the danger, swimming legend Geoff Huegill is back again, joining the crew of 'Raggamuffin Royal'.Once you have the bug for sailing and it really gets you, I think it's in your blood.'Wild Oats' is the favourite to take line honours. 80 yachts will line up up at the start on Boxing Day. Don't mind an ocean cruise to the Whitsundays, but not so much comfort in the Sydney to Hobart.Only if they're serving drinks. Thanks, Ken. The finance and latest weather coming up. Livinia Nixon, there are storms moving over NSW right now?Yes, Brett. Those storms which hit Melbourne early this morning are tracking north over NSW. The weather bureau has issued a warning for damaging winds, large hailstones, and heavy rain for all of these areas. So, I'll have all the weather after the break.


That' s tonight Tonight on WIN News fo
Calls for strict hiring processes warnin
for new worksafe inspectors. A An
warning for a widespread heatwave. And Ricky Ponting, to lead the Pm' eleven. That' s tonight This program is not captioned. The sensitive ones.

The naughty ones.

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This program is not captioned. Good afternoon. Today, there's instability along this trough line from the Northern Territory right through to eastern Victoria, and it's causing severe thunderstorms over NSW. Tomorrow, a cold front will hit the south-west, bringing some areas of heavy rain with thunderstorms, gusty winds and cooler temperatures. But northerly winds are going to make it very hot ahead of that change. These are the areas which will be affected with temperatures up around 40 degrees - already, moom bah has had days where it's reached 45 this week. On Thursday, close to record heat is forecast - Mildura in Victoria will hit 44, as well Ivanhoe in NSW and Renmark in South Australia. On Friday, Victoria will get a cool change, but further north, the heat will continue - the bureau says it'll be the most prolonged widespread heatwave in November since 2009, which was a record-hot month, when Adelaide had its highest November temperature ever recorded of 43 degrees. Tomorrow, Adelaide is expecting a top of 35:

Livinia, thank you. Finally, let's check finance:

That's Nine's Afternoon News for this Tuesday. Our next major bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Brett McLeod. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to
Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Let's get straight into the action.
I've got $1 million to give away. Can't give it away so far
but tonight might be the night. Certainly a whole lot of money that
I want somebody to win tonight and we're going to meet our
six contestants, and here they go. To win - this man here -
concert tickets, Tony Butterley had to sit in a
bucket of fish guts for three hours. Eugh! Lyn Coulter was the first female
allowed to work behind the bar at the Royal Victorian Yacht Club. With a win, Garry Simpson
would buy a sausage dog and a holiday house in Adelaide. Really?! Hilary Priest
was near the White House and when mistaken
as Hillary Clinton, she said,
"Yes, I am Hilary." 65-year-old Ian Coulson
still loves surfing, especially when his sons are out
there in the water with him. And ignoring teachers' advice, Tawnee Donaldson is heading
for a successful career in fashion. Well done, guys. That's the way.

Wonderful group of people tonight. Let's get started straightaway.
Tony, are you ready to play? I certainly am, Eddie.
Come on down.

G'day, Tone.
How are you going? Tony Butterley is 39 years of age.
He's got his own cleaning business. That's right. A James' Home Services
window cleaning franchise. And you're from Petrie
in Queensland. PEEtrie.
Where's Petrie? About 30 minutes north of Brisbane. Ah, fantastic, mate.
Mary's your wife. Hi, Mary.
Hi. How are you going? Does he do the cleaning around the
house or does he leave that to you? No, he doesn't. He doesn't do that.
Like the plumber. He's always got the leaky tap.
Absolutely. The cleaner does nothing at home.
Fair enough too. Three kids, mate. Joshua, 18. Swede? Suede?
Suede. Mm-hm. Like the leather, yeah.
How'd you come up with Suede? We were just spitballing names. And, yeah, it came out of the blue. Turns out it's actually much
like an Arabic name for 'chief'. And had we known, we'd never have given him
the opportunity to be a chief. To be the chief. So Suede's a boy? Yeah.
Suede. And...'Nev-e-ah'? NevAEH.
Nevaeh? The word 'heaven' spelt backwards. Right. There you go. Alright. You ready to go?
I am. 15 questions, $1 million.
Let's play Hot Seat. Go.

Tony, for 100 bucks. (READS QUESTION)

We will make this one
nice and simple, Eddie. Lock in B, grandfather clock,
please. In and correct, for $100.


It would have to be one,
wouldn't it? Lock in A, one.
Lock in one. Also sung by the great John Farnham, 'One is the Loneliest Number',
for $200.


I've never heard them
called Cornelius. The only one I know
the rooster is on is Kellogg's so lock in D, Kellogg's. Lock in D, Kellogg's. He is Cornelius the Rooster,
for 300 bucks.

Been representing Kellogg's
Cornflakes for over 50 years, the green Cornelius the Rooster. $500.


Um...I wouldn't be certain on this,
Eddie. So I'm going to pass it.
Going to pass? Yes, I'm going to pass this one.
Catch you later, Tony. Thank you.
See you, mate.

Hello, Lyn Coulter. Hello, Eddie. How are you?
Welcome aboard. 52 years of age, the school principal at
the Lockington Consolidated School. You're from Rochester in the
north of Victoria, in the country. Mm-hm.
Good to have you on board. Beth is your daughter,
one of your daughters. Hi, Beth. Hi.
Good luck tonight, Beth. There's Beth, who's 18,
and Anthony's 21. That's right.
They're your kids. And Brian's your husband
of 24 years. What's the school like that
you're the headmaster of? About 135 students.
It's a primary school.