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(generated from captions) True or false? The comic book character T'Challa
is also known as 'The White Lion'.

False. False. 'The Black Panther'. Do insects have hearts?

Yes. True or false? A feathertail glider once appeared on
the Australian one-cent coin.

True. What is 59 + 27?

Outside the buzzer, Hornsby North. 86 is the answer. What's the past tense
of the verb 'keep'?

'Kept' is correct, Matthew. That's inside the buzzer
and we are out of time. Wow! What an interesting finish! William Carey Christian School -
Prestons, 210 points. Haylee, Matthew, Mitchell,
today you've come third. Well done. Hornsby North. Barry, Erinn, Elise, held the lead for much of the game
right up to the end. They've come second, 260 points. Which means that
Lexie, Cameron and Jonathon - Rydalmere East,
with a score of 270 points, have pipped at the post
for the winning score. Well done, purple.
We'll see you tomorrow. Bye for now.

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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - a crane catches fire
and collapses in central Sydney. A lightning strike
blows a roof off a Melbourne home. The parents of Daniel Morcombe see
pictures of his remains for the first time. And is Prince Charles getting
impatient waiting to become King?

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with John Mangos.

Good afternoon. Emergency crews are trying
to stabilise a 65m crane that caught fire and collapsed
onto a university building site in central Sydney this morning. It caused traffic chaos
in one of the city's busiest areas. Chris Maher is at the site
in Broadway. Hi, Chris. How did this happen? John, just before 10:00 this morning the crane driver noticed fire near
the diesel container on the crane about 65m above the ground. The University of Technology Sydney
site was quickly evacuated of workers,
as was a nearby university building, but the fire reached cables
holding up the cranes jib and it collapsed
on top of the building site, forcing some workers to run
for their lives. Witnesses say the crane was on fire
for over 30 minutes before the busy Broadway
was closed to traffic. Fire crews had a major challenge
dealing with this emergency, at one stage attempting to reach
the top of the crane before being forced back
by the blaze. Things could have been
an awful lot worse. The Uni of Technology is right
behind the building - large number of students,
large number of pedestrian traffic, not to mention the vehicles. We're very lucky we haven't had
any more serious injuries. What's the union saying
about this accident? Union officials are very unhappy
with what's happened here. They claim this site was shut down
for four days recently because of workplace issues. The union alleges it raised concerns about leaking fuel and oil from
the crane involved in this accident. We asked for a strict maintenance
regime to take place immediately. It hasn't been done. We've got the end result today
when the crane has caught on fire and the gibbers collapsed, and it could have been
a major incident here. We could have had
hundreds of deaths. And how's traffic in the area now?

There was traffic chaos around this area. It was shut down for close to five hours before emergency officials decided they were happy with the stability of the crane. They reopened Broadway just before five o'clock -- three o'clock and the traffic is not too bad.

A lightning strike has blown
the roof off a family home in Melbourne during severe storms this morning. A couple and their toddler were home
when the lightning hit. Cameron Baud joins me now.
Cameron, is everyone alright? I have to say given the circumstances of the lightning strike, it is an

strike, it is an extreme good fortune that no-one was seriously injured. The toddler had been asleep in an upstairs bedroom but took a direct hit from the lightning around 9:30am. The impact was enough to tear down the brief and tear down several interior or walls. The boy has managed to escape injury is somehow. He was taken to hospital as a precaution, with his mum. She was overdue to give birth, which was a scare. Another house caught fire and took a direct hit to lightning. It suffered extensive damage before firefighters could bring it under control. Fortunately, no-one was there at the time. More than 100 houses have suffered minor flood damage during the storm today. Some of them have also suffered a -- suffered damage to falling trees. It took its toll on train and traffic services to about Melbourne. All up, more than 3,000 lightning strikes were recorded across Victoria. The weather bureau says the worst has passed.

The parents of murdered
Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe have seen images of his remains
for the first time. In the second day of a committal
hearing for his accused killer, discovered in bushland
south-west of the Sunshine Coast. Mother Denise left the courtroom as a scientific officer explained
how the remains were analysed. Brett Peter Cowan faces
a range of charges including murder, deprivation
of liberty, child stealing and interfering with a corpse.

A Sydney teenager
has described her terror when a ute crashed into her bedroom as she was about to go to sleep
last night. Police say the driver
had refused to stop for a random breath test
seconds earlier. He's now in hospital. Hugh Whitfeld has more.

Good afternoon, John. The driver of the ute is still here
at St George Hospital after having knee surgery today. I will tell you in a moment
how he ended up here. But, first,
police saw his ute driving around Hurstville
last night. They tried to pull it over
for a random breath test, but he drove away. Police say they didn't chase the car but they later found it
smashed into a family home and it crossed four lanes of traffic
on King George's Road and landed in
a 19-year-old woman's bedroom. She was preparing to get into bed
when the ute came smashing through. Here is what they told us. It was like thunder
coming through my window. Like, my eyes were closed. I was already asleep,
and then all I hear was this 'boom'! I thought it was a dream. I was going crazy just because
I could hear my sister's screams. Now, the home
is extensively damaged. It will be inspected today
by building inspectors to work out whether or not
it needs to be demolished. The family says
they will move anyway. It is the second time
it has happened to them living near that busy road. The driver of the ute,
when it smashed into the house, actually ran off. His passenger stayed
and needed treatment by paramedics, but the driver ran off. He was covered in blood but later turned up here
to St George Hospital, saying he had been in
a car accident. Police put two and two together. He's been treated here,
he's had surgery, his passenger has been released and police are waiting
to speak to the driver. John. The Government is calling for Tony Abbott to sack his deputy,
Julie Bishop, after she admitted to meeting
Ralph Blewitt, the self-declared fraudster. Julie Bishop met the former
union official last Friday over the AWU slush fund affair, and Labor says she's shown
an appalling lack of judgement.

Tony Abbott rallied his troops
for the last joint party meeting of 2012... So, my friends, we can do it.
We will do it. ..but no mention of Julia Gillard
and the AWU slush fund affair. That was again left to his deputy,
Julie Bishop. Because she and Wilson and Blewitt
wanted to hide from the AWU the fact that an unauthorised entity
was being set up to siphon funds through it
for their benefit and not for the benefit of the AWU. But the Government seized
on this admission from Julie Bishop that she and union bagman
Ralph Blewitt met in Melbourne last Friday. Yes, I have spoken to Mr Blewitt. REPORTER: How many times and when?
Once. REPORTER 2: Does he seem like
a trustworthy character to you? No. He's a self-confessed fraudster. Julie Bishop's position
as deputy leader of the Opposition is simply untenable. The Prime Minister maintains
her innocence, but that hasn't stopped
the Opposition from pursuing Julia Gillard
in question time for the second day running. And, again,
Tony Abbott remained silent, leaving it to Julie Bishop
to lead the attack. Did the Prime Minister receive
any other benefit from Town Mode or any related entity? Down at the bottom
of the mud basket now, desperately picking through, desperately scraping
at the bottom of the mud. But the Opposition Leader
wasn't spared from the Prime Minister's fury. A man who is incapable of generating
a policy for the nation's future and a man who doesn't have the guts to front this sleaze campaign,

Prince Charles has stirred up
controversy with comments many believe were hinting at hopes
of becoming King of England at last. The prince recently became
the longest heir-in-waiting in his nation's history, which could be why
he's getting a little impatient.

Prince Charles is growing old waiting to do the job
he was born for. The boy grows older -
bonnie Prince Charlie! So these comments were interpreted
as a sign of impatience after his mother just celebrated
60 years on the throne. Impatient - me?

Yes, of course I am. I'll run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it
if I'm not careful. Is Prince Charles losing patience?

Turns out
he wasn't talking about being king. He was expressing impatience
about restoring this stately home. But, at 64, he's now become the
longest-serving heir to the throne. He has spoken before
about how it may never happen. It's all in the
providence of God, isn't it, really? I don't know. I may drop dead long before then. To become king, his mum
would have to die or step down. She's showing no sign of either
as she visited British troops today. If Queen Elizabeth lives
as long as the Queen Mum, Charles won't be king until 2027 -
he'll be 79. At a time when most people
are looking to retirement, he's still waiting to start work
in the top royal job.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - a fire forces
hundreds of schoolies to flee. Also, the chilling new video showing a mass killer
unleash deadly carnage. And a police raid
on dodgy designer sports gear How the scammers target you.

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enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

Hundreds of schoolies were evacuated from nightclubs
and apartment buildings in Surfers Paradise last night because of an electrical fire. Toxic smoke filled the party strip forcing police to declare
an emergency lockdown. A schoolies night out
turned into a full-scale emergency when a circuit board exploded
inside a Surfers Paradise high-rise. Some people rushed in and said,
basically, "You need to get out of the club.
There's a fire." And we saw a girl
getting carried out. She was coughing a lot. 2,000 people were evacuated
from surrounding nightclubs and apartment buildings. It took just 4.5 minutes. We've invoked an emergency situation
and, until it's safe, we won't be able to have anyone else
return to the area. Thick smoke filled Orchid Avenue. The busy nightclub strip
was placed into lockdown. Whenever you get electrical cables
and that type of thing burning, it gives off
a particularly acrid smoke, particularly nasty to breathe. Paramedics checked
a number of people at the scene. A firefighter was taken to hospital
with smoke inhalation but there were no other
serious injuries. Given the damage
in Shooters nightclub and the fact that the ceiling
has actually fallen down in the entry, it could have been very severe
and could have been a tragic event. By 7:30 this morning
the strip was reopened. Dozens of schoolies who spent
the night in the police station were moved to an evacuation centre. The Mark hotel and Shooters
nightclub remain closed for repairs.

Chilling surveillance video
of the bomb blast that began Norwegian mass killer
Anders Breivik's rampage has been released. The video of the July 2011 attack
shows Breivik parking a white van outside the
prime ministerial offices in Oslo. Dressed in
a security guard's uniform, he quickly escapes
in a second vehicle before the fury of his
home-made device is unleashed. Eight people were killed
in the explosion. Breivik then drove to the island
of Utoeya where he shot 69 people
at a youth camp.

Police have raided
a Sydney warehouse seizing a massive amount
of fake sports gear destined for the black market. Sarah Coates was there.

Police swooped on this warehouse
in North Ryde this morning after learning there was a large
volume of counterfeit Nike goods being stored here for distribution
both online and in stores. At around 9am,
officers swept through the building, opening boxes
to reveal the fake goods, which have been seized
and taken away as evidence. We take them away, store them, we do a dip sample
of pallets and consignments, and then we will take them away and then they will be
completely examined and tested. We understand
that this morning's raid was one of the biggest
ever undertaken in New South Wales, with around 3,000 pairs of shoes and a large amount of clothing
discovered. A spokesperson from Nike says consumers are being targeted
through social media. Often times,
they will see them online advertised through Facebook
advertisements or Facebook profiles, advertising these sort of goods
at ridiculously low prices. It is a timely reminder,
coming into Christmas, that if a deal looks
too good to be true, it probably is. John.

After the break - will accused wife killer
Gerard Baden-Clay be home for Christmas? Also, the shocking statistics on children suffering
jumping castle injuries. a fleet of 80 to tackle this year's
Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

A man accused of killing his wife and dumping her body
in a Brisbane creek has launched a new bid
to be home for Christmas. Lawyers for Gerard Baden-Clay have
lodged a second bail application. The father of two
has been in custody since June. He's charged with murdering his wife
Allison in April. The 41-year-old was denied bail
on his first attempt because the judge considered him
a "real flight-risk." His new application will be heard
on December 14.

Time to check
the financial markets - Australian shares have closed
at a 2-week high. The ASX 200 has finished up
33 points. The Australian dollar is buying:

A new study's highlighted
the dangers of jumping castles following an alarming increase in the number of children
suffering injuries and ending up in hospital. US correspondent Angela Cox
has more.

Good afternoon, John. The results are pretty startling and serve as a good reminder
to parents that while they may look
fun and safe, jumping castles
can be quite dangerous. We have all seen
those very dramatic pictures of jumping castles
becoming airborne with kids still inside because they are
not tied down properly, but most accidents
are actually far less dramatic. Researchers looked at
the number of American children who were hurt playing
on inflatable houses and slides over the past 20 years. In that time, 64,000 kids
ended up in the emergency room, and there has been a dramatic spike
in the past few years. that is 1 every 45 minutes. Most of the injuries happen when they fall down
or run into each other. The kids mostly end up
with broken bones or sprains, but about 7% of children
had to be treated for concussion. Now, one of the lead researchers,
Dr Gary Smith, says it is an epidemic. Between 2008 and 2010,
there was a doubling of injuries. The curve looks like this. They should consider limiting the
use to children six years and older because we know the risks are less
for that age group. Now, he also urges parents
to make sure kids playing in a jumping castle
are about the same age. John.

Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello .. Lifeline Canberra's
backed a national report into mental health and suicide
prevention. . which calls for all levels of government to work together..
to help reduce the number of people who take their own
lives. CEO Mike Zissler says people who take their own
lives. CEO Mike Zissler says about 45 locals commit
suicide each year. Bad news for ActewAGL
customers in areas like Goulburn.. Yass and
Queanbeyan... they could have to fork out up to 81 dollars
extra a month on gas bills. The pricing watchdog says it's
because of the increase in The pricing watchdog says it's
because of the increase in gas network prices. The eighth ACT Legislative
Assembly sat for the first time today. The 3 new MLA's Yvette
Berry.. Andrew Wall and Guilia Jones gave their maiden speeches. We've been reminded to
stay hydrated and check on our elderly .. with Canberra
tipped to reach 35 degrees on Friday. It's as the weather
bureau's released a severe heatwave warning. And Raiders young guns
Jack Wighton and Mitchell Cornish will train at the Origin
Pathways Camp in Sydney this

Good afternoon. Australian captain Michael Clarke
has refused to speculate on Ricky Ponting's future before Friday's deciding third test
against South Africa. The bowling attack
is Clarke's main concern, with Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood,
Mitchell Johnson and John Hastings all in a 14-man squad. Ben Hilfenhaus and Peter Siddle
are in doubt after their exhausting efforts
in the drawn second test. If Sids is walking,
he's every chance to play in Perth. I think
it's every fast bowler's dream. Clarke wouldn't confirm Ponting is on his last chance
to extend his brilliant career. I see him scoring a triple hundred
in Perth in the first innings, that's how I see it. Matthew Hayden will have his say
on Ponting in Seven News at 6:00.

A-League players will get their
chance to impress overseas clubs when they represent the Socceroos
in the East Asian Cup. Coach Holger Osieck has given them
the opportunity, and A-League players are keen
to use the qualifiers for the Cup to show foreign clubs
just what they can do. Look, the A-League's growing
and that, but, yeah, overseas is
a different standard as well so good to experience that. The squad will be trimmed to 20
on Thursday, with the qualifying tournament
to start in Hong Kong on Saturday.

'Wild Oats X1's skipper,
Mark Richards, has vowed to make amends
for last year's loss to 'Loyal' in the Rolex Sydney-Hobart. Richards wants the trophy back after 'Loyal' beat
the 5-times winner over the line in Hobart by just three minutes. It was a great race last year and the 'Loyal' boys
got the better of us and, this year,
we're gonna be certainly fighting to make sure
that doesn't happen again. Veteran yachtie Syd Fischer
has leased the winner, with the 85-year-old hoping 'Ragamuffin Loyal' can give him
a third line honours victory.

V8 Supercars champion Jamie Whincup has a final mission
for Team Vodafone at this weekend's Sydney 500. He'll race his victory lap in the car
with a distinct chrome look. With the championship sealed,
Whincup will play wingman, trying to secure second place
for team-mate Craig Lowndes in their last race for Vodafone. It's been a fantastic era. It's something we'll look back on
in 20 years' time and think, "How cool's that?" Their 6-year reign
included 4 championships and four Bathurst victories.

We cannot wait for the Sydney 500. You will see it on Channel 7. Matthew Hayden has plenty to say at six o'clock. After the break -

Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update from the State Rose Garden
in Werribee, Victoria, where it's soggy under foot following some much-needed
rain across most of Victoria. We had some drenching frame this morning. Some 25 millimetres was recorded here at Werribee Park.

In Adelaide,
it's a different story - clear, blue sky
and a rather warm day.

As he take a look at the latest, we have the active low pressure trough that extends all the way from the Kimberley down towards eastern parts of the Victoria. It is feeling thunderstorms and showers. In the West, a change is closing in. It'll bring much-needed rain to the region tomorrow. In the east, we are expecting a few more showers to continue, and thunderstorms many three eastern NSW, the south-east corner of Queensland and eastern Victoria. But has moved on to the forecast:

That is the latest weather. From the rose garden. You can see it is a double delight. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm John Mangos. Have a great night. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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