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But what impact has it had on the area? Obviously this is an area where many people are - there are many high rises and there are many people partying in the nightclubs. There are crowds of people on the street. They are wondering what is going on at this stage. Also, residents in nearby apartment buildings are advised to close their windows and doors to avoid any further alarms going off and also drivers are advised to avoid going into that area.Alright. We will leave it there for you. Jenna on the Gold Coast. Thank you very much. Police in Sydney are waiting to interview a man who fled the scene of a shocking crash in the city's south overnight. Officers had attempted to stop the driver for a roadside breath test but the 41-year-old sped away. Moments later he lost control, crossed four lanes of traffic and crashed into a home at hursville. He ran from the scene leaving his injured 37-year- old passenger in the car. A family of five inside at the time was treated for shock but not hurt. The driver later took himself to Saint George Hospital where he has undergone blood and urine tests and surgery for a fractured knee. Lawyers for accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay hope he could be home for Christmas after launching a fresh bid for bail. Allison, why did Baden-Clay's legal team launch the new bid?His legal team say there are two groupeds for the fresh bail application. Firstly, they say the brief of evidence doesn't support all of the claims made by the prosecution during the first bail application back in June. They also say there is information in that brief of evidence which supports the defence, which they would like to discuss at a second bail application. As such, December 14th has been set down for a second bail application. During that first bail application which was heard Nine days after Gerard Baden-Clay was charged with the murder of wife Allison, had his lawyers offered up a $500,000 surety and also proved he had strong links to the community. But the judge found at the time that a possible mandatory life sentence was a powerful incentive for Gerard Baden-Clay to flee. Evidence was put forward during that hearing that Gerard Baden-Clay had serious financial difficulties and that he was in line to get a large pay-out after his wife's death. The prosecution allege that at the time of his wife's death, Gerard Baden-Clay made an application for contacted the insurance agency after his wife's body was found but before it was identified. They then say he urgently requested the death certificate and made an immediate claim with the insurance agency. The judge at the time said while there was some circumstantial evidence he felt it was strong enough to deny Gerard Baden-Clay's bail. We will find out in two weeks time whether the situation has changed,according to the judge. Thank you very much for the latest on that. Former AWU official Ralph Blewitt says it's hypocritical of the Prime Minister to claim she is the victim of smear while also referring to him as an em we soil and sexist pig. Julia Gillard set her sights on the self-confessed fraudster during a blistering attack yesterday afternoon in which she sought to quash allegations of wrongdoing over a union slush fund. Mr Bluet last night said he had given police information about Julia Gillard's role in establishing the fund and about other matters. But when asked to explain other matters Mr Blewitt had little to say.You know, there is a legal position here. I have to look to myself. I have stuck my neck out here. I don't inend to make public information I have gin to the police.Meantime Labor front benchers have rallied around the Prime Minister and said Australian no longer care about the AWU affair. I think most Australians see right through this as a tactic, right through it. They are tired of it and would much rather we talk about other things that are more important to them.The coalition says Ms Gillard still has questions to answer over the scandal. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman will today formaly apologise to victims of forced adoptions. Thousands of children were taken from their mothers during the 60s and 70s and today Mr Newman will say sorry and recognise the grief and suffering experienced by families. Around 250 mothers and chin are expected to be in parliament for ate poll gee which follows similar action in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Bruce and Denise more come will return to a Brisbane court for a second day today to hear more details about their son Daniel's last moments. Yesterday they came face to face with the man accused of murdering the 13-year-old schoolboy in 2003. 14-year-old Brett Peter Cowan sat in the dock as forensic experts recounted the search for Daniel's remains in Sunshine Coast bushland. A witness said she saw a tall man with an inviting smile enticing a boy into a blue station wagon on the day Daniel disappeared. Victims in the Defence Force will be pre to pursue damages actions against the Commonwealth as well as claim a $50,000 compensation payout from the Government. Yesterday defence minister Stephen Smith formaly apologised to victims in parliament and also announced an investigation into more than 1,000 claims of abuse in the military since the 1950s to be headed by retired judge len robbers Smith.None of the allegations have yet been tested. DLA Paper's initial work suggested as I say, say, 77able allegations. They now need to be tested and people have rights in had that process.Mr Smith says if evidence of abuse is uncovered the task force will refer the matter to the police. Surf lifesaving Australia says six members of its under 20 team have been provisionaly suspended over allegations of drug use and assault. The offences are allege odd to have taken place during world chachyon ships in Adelaide earlier this month. Three members of an overseas team are also accused of involvement in the alleged assaultsment a hearing is being set down for next month. Chilling video has been released showing the moment Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik parked a car rigged with almost one tonne of explosives outside the Prime Minister's office in Oslo. Dressed in a security guard's uniform, Breivik walks from the van before an enormous blast sends shards of glass and smoke through the complex. 8 people were killed and several others injured in the explosion. Though the Prime Minister was not in the building at the time. Breivik can also be seen leaving in a second vehicle he used to make his way to the island of utoya, where he gunned down 69 people at a youth camp. Now to finance - let's look at the markets. The Dow Jones is down 65 points. The S and P500 is also lower. The All Ordinaries closed higher yesterday.

Gold is weaker,0 and the Australian dollar is mixed against the majors.

She is one of our most celebrated personalitys. Last night, media icon Ita Buttrose was named the New South Wales Australian of the Year for her glittering career and pioneering work on social and health issues.You never in your wildest dreams imagine something like this happening. And certainly when I landed my first job as a 15- year-old copy girl on the Australian women's weekly I never envisaged I would be here today. Ita said she was grateful she chose to pursue her career right here. Yeah, she could have fled overseas but she stayed right here and has made a glittering career.A hearty congratulations.Absolutely right. We will see her later on the show. Let's see what the weather is up to. In Far North Queesnland, Cairns, mostly sunny and 32. 1 and possible morning showers for Townsville. Mackay, showers and 31. Fine for Longreach, Rockhampton, Charleville and Bundaberg. Noosa - possible early showers and 28. Brisbane, showers for you too, and 30. And 29 and fine for Toowoomba bafpltAnd right across New South Wales, the forecast is chance of a storm. So let's look at the temperatures. 33 in Grafton, 35 for Tamworth. Dubbo - a hot one, 37. 29 in Newcastle, Broken Hill, partly cloudy and 39. 34 in Wagga Wagga. Sydney, chance of a storm, 28. Wollongong, chance of a storm, 25. And 29 in Canberra. In Victoria, Mildura, morning showers and 38. A hot one. 23 and rain for Ballarat. And Melbourne also some rain around for you and 25.In Tasmania - Hobart, possible morning shower and 20. Launceston, a possible afternoon shower and 25. Swansea, possible cloud.23 and sunny for Port Lincoln. Ceduna, partly cloudy and 26. Adelaide a warm one, 30 degrees.Beautiful in Adelaide as well, is sunshine and a top of 30. Mount Gambier, morning shower and 34. Sunny in port - I did just? Yeah, I really mucked that up. Let's up. Let's go go now. We can do South Australia again. Doesn't matter.I love South Australia. Perth, late shower and 25. 24 and a chance of a storm in gerrald on to.

Gerld on to.In the Northern Territory, Ulara, a shower or gusty storm and 37. Storms also around for the Alice and Katherine.

Always good to check and make sure everyone is awake. Everyone is. That's a good thing.Good morning. Yes, everyone is awake. Up next the controversy over next year's Rugby League schedule no. Rest for the Aussies as they prepare for Friday's third test in Perth. Number 2 out of the This program is not captioned. The sensitive ones.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the program. Let's check out the front pages now. I don't recall - the Daily Telegraph reports a firey Julia Gillard was unable to categorically deny receiving $5,000 from her former boyfriend who is accused of defrauding the AWU.The Australian says the Prime Minister gave a forceful denier of wrongdoing attacking her accusers as peddlers of sleaze and smear but failed to end the Opposition's pursuit over her conduct as a lawyer in the 90s. The Prime Minister dismissed a key witness against her as a self- confessed fraud who is regarded as an em we soil.In other news the Age reports hundreds of mourners wore pink to farewell Sarah Cafferkey yesterday.Medic alert - in the 'Adelaide Advertiser' the RSL has warned soldiers will flood the public health system in the suburbs unless waiting lists are cut to see specialists.Mark Webber is travelling 13,000 kilometres to join his annual Tassie adventure, the Mark Webber challenge, which raises money for charity.What about this story? Finally the Herald Sun features Ethyl Farrell who looks - how old do you reckon? 102?She is 110 today. She is celebrating with her family saying she is still very young at heart. Gorgeous thing.I bet she is the lifeblood of the family.110.Eyou would be tired.Like South Africa's innings yesterday.Good seguay. Let's get into that right now. No time to reflect on yesterday's drawn test in Adelaide. Both sides depart for Perth today ahead of the third and final match of the series on Friday. It was a nailbiting finish with the Aussies finishing two wickets short of the victory. Debutant Faff Du Plassi the hero for the tourists with a knock of 110. A wicketless first session had the Aussies frustrated until Peter Siddle snared three late wickets. But the South Africans remained strong, batting out the draw.I thought we had a red hot crack. We did everything we could to win the test. It's unfortunate we couldn't get over the line. In saying that we certainly didn't lose the test match so we can take a lot of positives from it. And make sure that physicalaly we're as well prepared as possible.Michael Clarke taking a 14 man squad to Perth. In other news - controversial Wallabies play maker Quade Cooper has confirmed the news we brought you last week, he is putting rugby on hold to pursue a career in boxing. Speaking in Brisbane yesterday Cooper declared his time in the skod all but over, say ing he doesn't have he doesn't have an an rugby.All I have in front of me is the offer that I was gin that. Offer is one that I have already said I won't accept and I haven't accepted.Cooper will fight on the undercard of Sonny Bill Williams next year. Following that sony bill wants Qaid at the Roosters and says he will do anything to get him there.Myself,I would give him half my pay packet to lure him across.Cooper's contract ends on December 31. And Tomani will face a disciplinary hearing over a striking charge. If found guilty the forward could miss the final clash of the you'reian tour against Wales on Sunday morning in Cardiff. The side is hoping to finish on a high against the six nation champions ahead of next year's British and Irish Lions tour matches.You obviously want to play well in your last test. Not too many games in the Super Rugby before that kicks off and they start picking sides. Yeah, it is important.The Welsh will also be hungry, suffering their 6th straight loss last week. Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy has threatened to withdraw players following the release of what the NRL premiers call an unfair draw next season. The storm travel to Townsville in round 2 only to back up five days later for their grand final rematch against Canterbury at home.You know, we're really worried about the welfare of our players, we get told. But are any doctors being asked their opinions on what this does to players?Bellamy has challenged the commission to follow their AFL rivals where no Melbourne team has less than a six-day turnaround between games. There you go - dependenting on who you support some people are very happy and some unhappy.I love a footy coach. They are always interesting. Charblgs awful their own.He like as a whinge, though, Craig Bellamy. No, he is a lovely chap.Toughen up. They won the premiership last year. They should have a few obstacles thrown in their path.They are tough characters. Complex characters. Misunderstood. Excellent use of it. Let's check the weather for the major centres. It is far less complex today.

After the break, it is time for some Hollywood gossip so let's get Richard Reid lined up. What is going on, Richard.Good morning, guys. Is Justin Bieber white trash? Oh my gosh, the pop star feels the heat from his fellow Canadians as they brand him disrespectful. I will This program is not captioned. MAN: Saturday -
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Welcome back to the show. The great cash give away is back - with a bonus.That's right, Karl, you can win $5,000 every day twice a day just by picking up the phone within five rings and saying I wake up with today.If you know the special daily bonus word you will win another $5,000. If nobody wins it jackpots.

Today's first call is for $10,000. And we will be making it after 7.30 this morning. Don't forget the bonus word - this is where all of the extra money comes in. The word is : holiday. That one.Mm, holiday. With Madonna.Oh, holiday.Not too far away. Time for some gossip. Good morning,...Good morning, Dicky.Good morning Richard Reid who joins us from Tinseltown with all of the scuttlebutt going on. The Biebs has copped a bit from fellow country men.He has been dubbed the white trash Prince of Canada. Here is the back story. Here we see little Jussie meeting the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, he was getting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee award. But Canadians all over the country are taking exception that he wore his overalls, saying it was disfulful and downright trashy. He says you know, yo-yo, I came from a meet and greet. I came to meet him. The Prime Minister didn't worry, I am what I am.It's a big honour from the Prime Minister.What is wrong with country people inNothing wrong with country people. Nothing wrong with any people.I love a couch divided!I bet you have seen a few divided couchs over the years too!Oh!No doubts about it...I... I don't know what you're talking about. We're headed for a rock star splitsville.These are rumours I have shyed away from for weeks. But shood buzzing that Gwen and her husband Gavin are on the rocks and could be headed for a break-up. The latest is this picture, Gavin and the man iny hiking. Look at his hand, his hand on the man iny's backside. You know what, she could have been slipping or it could have been a misstep but there have been rumours Gwen and Gavin have been in marriage counselling. If you hear it, you heard it here first.Nicely spotted. See you in an hour.Coming up on Today - king in waiting, the new video of Prince Charles that has royal watchers gas bagging. Plus Richard has a huge announcement for all you One Direction fans. Not long to waitment all will be revealed a little later in the show.Right now it's time for the news with Georgie Gardner.Good morning. There have been chaotic scenes on the Gold Coast overnight after an electrical fire in a high rise building sharked - sparked mass evacuations in Surfers Paradise. Hoards of panicked school leavers poured onto the streets as toxic smoke blanketed the nightclub precinct. Jenna, tell us what happened.It's still an emergency situation down at the Gold Coast party strip. Hundreds of schoolies have had to stop their celebrations. They did so just after midnight when huge clouds of smoke were seen billowing from the area. Firefighters were able to narrow it down. The smoke started in - in an apartment building Top of the Mark where around 80 schoolys are saying. I'm told an electrical switchboard caught fire and that started the chaos. There are electrical experts on the scene as we speak. There were reports of people being trapped inside the lift. But police have told me they wouldn't be at risk.People rushed in and said you need to get out of the club, that there was a fire. So we walked out the front and there were people everywhere, coming screaming out of the clubs, coming out. We thought you know, there is a fire here.As you can imagine, it's very chaotic down there. Lots of people are crowded in the street, wondering what is going on. But also drivers are urged to avoid the area. It is blocked off. Along with residents, who have been told to shut their windows and doors to avoid any further alarms going off because of the smoke.Jenna Hudson on the Gold Coast, thank you. A family of five in Sydney has had a rude shock after a car slammed into the front of their hursville house overnight. Police say the driver lost control after fleing a roadside breath test. For more we go to today reporter Sylvia Jeffreys. Take us through what happened.A driver has gone to great lengths here to avoid a random breath test and it's landed him in hospital. Around 10.30 last night police tried to pullover the silver Mazda ute. The driver, a 41- year-old man, took off from police down Gallipoli Street. Police say he was seen crossing the four lanes of traffic along King George's Road before ploughing across a garden bed and straight into the house. All four members of the family were inside at the time. Remarkably, none of them were injured, although they were all treated for shock. The driver immediately following the crash ran from the scene leaving his 37-year-old passenger in the car. He wasn't on the run for long, though. He had to take himself to Saint George Hospital where he will under go surgery on his fractured knee. He is also undergoing blood and urine tests and had his mate is being treated in hospital for minor cuts and bruises. We understand that the drivers licence had already been dis qualified.Thank you very much. Senior Labor figures say Australians are sick of the AWU slush fund scandal and want the Prime Minister's accusers to focus on more important issues. Yesterday the Prime Minister held a firey and extensive news conference seeking to put to rest allegations of wrongdoing.I think we need to move on. I think most Australians would like us to be talking about issues of relevance to thaem, their families, hopes, aspirations and their future rather than these continued smear campaigns that go back some 20 years.Mr Blewitt says it's hypocritical of Ms Gillard to she it's a smear after referring to him as a sexist pig. Numbers of number plates near pubs could be scanned under tough new plans to crackdown on drink-drivers. The plan has been a success in the US. Authorities say while the technology is expensive it could help save lives. The human services minister has denied claims that Centrelink workers are telling single mothers to seek help from charities when they lose some of their welfare payments. Budget cuts that come into force from January will see single parents lose up to $223 a fortnight. The Australian newspaper says welfare organisations have received reports mums are being advised to go to charities for help over fears they will default on rental payments or be unable to pay for groceries. But minister Kim Carr denies parents are being given such advice. In New York the Dow Jones is down nearly 80 points. On commodity markets gold is weaker and so is oil.

Time to get all of the sport. Over to you.Let's do it. Thank you very much. Australia could play a brand- new four man pace attack in Perth this week with fears Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus will struggle to recover from yesterday's gruelling drawn test in Adelaide. Johnson, Starc and haze wood have been touted as selections.We are giving ourselves every option to work out what the best attack is for those conditions. Once we see them up in Perth.Special mention for Siddle, who left nothing in the tank yesterday, finishing with 4 from 65 from 33 overs. In surfing, Australia's Chelsea Williams has finished runner-up at the women's world long board championships in China. Williams dominated the early heats and semis but couldn't match Hawaiin teenager Monez. And Sonny Bill Williams has joked he will have to change his tackling technique following the ban of the controversial shoulder charge.When I was in Rugby League nine out of 10 tackles were attempted shoulder charges. They never hit the head area. I would probably like to see more bans in place before they just cut it out completely.Sony will fight for the WBA international heavyweight title on February 8 before returning to league a month later. You need a full time person on the job to keep up with what Sonny Bill and Quade Cooper are doing.They should change the rules for them. They are that snappi will, y dressed. Almost like the great Gatsby.Baz Luhrmann's move kpwri is coming out soon. They are getting in early.Who care what is they do on the field. Very big crowd at the press conference! Well done, lads. Coming up - the Melbourne guys turning a single egg into a million dollars.Impressive. Plus the Newcombe destarring Billy Connolly and Maggie Smith. It's called Quartet. The details at 6.30. And later we look at the best Bond cars of all time.It was a oh! That got applause behind the iron curtain I'm sure.Yeah! That's great stuff. That of course is the Lots driven by Roger Moore in the Spy Who Loved Me.Barbera Bark, remember her as a Bond Girl.What was her name? Pussy Galore?I think that was an earlier one.They all had dubious names.They did. Here is somebody who is definitely not dubious. Good morning, Stevie, how is the weather out thereWe have a beautiful beach day this morning, outside Southport surf lifesaving club at Main Beach on the Gold Coast where you will find the Muffin Break gang this morning. A lot of people on the Gold Coast need these. We saw hoards of schoolies on Cavil Avenue who I'm sure were getting up nice and early to do some exercise. Come and grab a muffin and say g'day. Here is what is happening with the weather around the country today.

There are your festive season muffins. Come on down and join us today. We're giving away lots of muffins. But not only muffins - we have chef's hats and child chef's aprons which seem to fit adults pretty well too. We also have the 2013 Muffin Break calendars to give away. Everything you need to know for next year, Janmuffery and Febmuffe, are y. That's the first - that didn't work well.Very creative. If you're a schoolie duck down there and see Steve have I this morning.Don't do it!Good thing.They have to eat.The poor parents.Thank you, brother. Coming up, your chance to win thousands in the bonus cash give away.But next Prince Charles reveals he is getting This program is not captioned. It's embarrassing to have to contend
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Welcome back to the Today show right across Australia. Accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay has lodged a fresh application for bail and hopes to be home in time for Christmas. Today reporter Alison Ariotti is at Brisbane's Supreme Court. What reasons have his lawyers given for this new application?In order to make a fresh application there needs to be evidence that circumstances have changed. Gerard Baden-Clay's lawyer says there are two grounds for the new application. He says firstly the brief of evidence doesn't support all of the claims made by the prosecution in the first bail application. He also says there is evidence in the brief of evidence that will actually support the defence,which wasn't detailed in the first application either. That first application was heard on June the 22 and, fine in days after gr regard Baden-Clay was charged with the murder of his wife Allison. During that hearing his lawyers put forward a $500,000 surety and also proved his strong links to the community. But the judge found a possible mandatory life sentence was a strong incentive - enough for Gerard Baden-Clay to be a possible flight risk and bail was refused. The prosecution put forward evidence at the time that Gerard Baden-Clay was at the time in serious financial difficulties before his wife's death and was set to benefit with a large pay-out after she died. They also said that Gerard Baden-Clay Googled "self- incrimination" and taking the fifth in the days before his wife's disappearance. This matter will next be heard on 14th December. It's likely a judge will make a fairly quick decision on that one. He will either still be behind bars in the Arthur Gorey correctional centre or with family for Christmas. Prince charl Charles is the longest waiting heir to the throne in British history. Now a new video featuring the Prince of Wales has stirred the pot.Impatient? Me, what a thing to suggest. Yes, of course I am. I will run out of time soon. I shall have snupfed it if I'm not careful.Royal correspondent Gavin Gray joins us from London. Gavin,fairly honest words from the Prince but did he put his foot in it?I think people are reading that he might have put his foot in it. Actually, he was talking about a house restoration he was doing. He bought Dunfreys House in east Scotland for a tasty 55 million Australian dollars and was doing it up and said he was impatient about the progress and renovation work. But are people are reading into it that he is impatient to get his hands on the throne and frankly, after 64 years he is probably.What reaction has there have been?It's taken everyone by surprise. I think he made the comments innocently. But everyone is reading into it that here is a man who has things to do. He wants to modern nice the Monarchy, explore his love of arts, architecture and history and explain it all while he is on the throne. Yet here he is with his mother in good health at age 86 and the Queen mother who lived to 101. You think he is 64 now and he might not become king until his 70s, if then. There is bound to be this element that he does fear when most of us elect to take it easy in retirement his job is just beginning.All of the polls held in the UK still say William and Kate are a more popular choice for that line of succession.Absolutely. They do almost reflect that around the world as well. There was a poll in Australia not long ago that said xalgtly the same thing. I think knows are - those are difficult for Prince Charles. I think the problem is people do want a young monarch now. The Queen will definitely not step aside and the - Prince Charles will definitely not step aside in favour of his son. But the question is what age and what state of health will he be in? It's a terrible dlem marr. Whilst he wants to get his hands on the throne the last thing he wants to do is wish his mum any ill will. It must be a terrible dilemma.Thanks for that. Glad we cleared that up. Wouldn't want to wish your mother dead! Up next, killer karaoke. Mind your ears, folks. (SINGS) # Right now he is probably slow dancing # With a beach blond tramp # Right now... This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: The ANZ FastPay app
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Welcome back to the show. Let's check out the most clicked items on the net. Coming in at numero uno it's a big happy birthday to that lady, Ethyl Farrell who turns 110 today. Her family includes 10 grandchildren, six great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren.Boy!The 'Herald Sun' reports that despite enjoying a drink and a smoke through the years, the super centenarean has remained in good health and only slowed down in recent years.If Tim Burton ever wants to know what Helena Bonham Carter... Doesn't she look like her? Remember she played the mother in the King's Speech? She looks absolutely nothing like her.But we love your likes.You know I was separated at birth, Georgie. Moving on - Queenslander Mark is a big wave surfer who has caught the attention of the military for his underwater training techniques. He says he has developed techniques for heavy ocean scenarios that will allow people to survive in situations that people could not previously survive in. He has trained as a free diver and will now assist military organisations around the world. Well done to him.Alright. Coming in at number 3 - have you ever wondered what it would be like if your friends acted more like your pets?Yes!Have a look at this. Want to get some fresh air.Alright. I will put my stuff down. What is this?I'm so sorry. I don't even deserve to be here.Your friend is weird.Yeah, but he likes you.He doesn't like anyone. It's a slow burner, think.Yeah, I get it.They have been slow burning, alright! Slow burning the Orchy bottles. This will speed it up for you. This is a great show that really should be on Channel Nine. It's from the US Direct to You, it's called killer karaoke.Make some noise for Emily Wassler..You get the idea here. You have to sing the tune while receiving a little surprise from various things in the box. Check it out.She has a good voice too.Screams.Oh!(Beep... Right now...Oh!News, sport and weather are next. You're watching Today. Coming to Nine next year,ed foro. This program is not captioned. RUN! (BEAR GROWLS)



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Welcome back to the show. Coming up - a big One Direction announcement for you.Fantastic. Right now it's news time.Good morning. Terrified school leavers have fled Gold Coast night clubs after toxic smoke blanketed the Surfers Paradise party precinct overnight. An electrical fire started in the lower levels of a unit block where more than 80 schoolies were staying. Hundreds of people were evacuated as police declared an emergency situation.Some people rushed in and said you need to get out of the club. There is a fire. So we walked out the front and there were just people everywhere coming screaming out of the club.Experts have been called in to do air sampling to make sure it's safe for people to return. Police this Sydney say a man who fled a roadside breath test before slamming into the front of a house in Sydney's south was disqualifyed from drivingment a family of five was inside the home when the ute came crashing through. They were treated for shock but were not hurt. The 41-year-old driver then ran from the scene leaving his injured passenger inside the car. He later took himself to St George hospital where he had surgery on a fractured knee. He will now under go urine and blood tests. Lawyers for accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay have larged a fresh bail application that could see the 41-year-old freed from jail in time for Christmas. The Brisbane real estate agent was charged with his wife's murder in June. Allison's body was found in a creek bed near the family home ten days after she was reported missing. His lawyers say the brief of evidence does not support the claims made by the prosecution in the initial application for bail. A judge will hear the new bail application on December 14. A committal hearing will continue today for the man accused of murdering Sunshine Coast boy Daniel Morcombe. His parents, Bruce and den niece, were inside the Brisbane court yesterday, where they heard harrowing details about the search for the 13-year-old's remains. They were also shown photos of what search and rescue teams discovered.Clearly some of the photos capture images that are disturbing to family members.43- year-old Brett Peter Cowan who was in the dock yesterday, has been chargeded with Daniel's murder. Shocking new video has emerged showing the moment convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik parked his van bomb outside a building in Norway on the day of deadly attacks. The images captured on security camera show him parking the van outside the Prime Minister's offices in Oslo. He is seen walking away from the van in a security guard uniform. Moments later there was an explosion of glass and smoke as the bomb detonates and kills 8 people. The film also shows Breivik getting into the grey van he used to drive to Utoya Island later in the day where he gunned down 69 people. Mobile phone users forking out an extra half a billion a year for breaking their monthly caps. A study shows 40% of all phone users spend outside their cap, with women more likely than men to experience bill shock. The blowouts are being blamed on an increase in web browsing and people signing up to the wrong phone and data packages. While the study recommends phone companiess will take responsibility for providing customers with a better breakdown of their billing format. In the US the Dow Jones is down 78 points. Gold and oil are weaker. The Aussie dollar is looking pretty healthy this morning. A Chinese model is taking the fashion world by storm after appearing on an internet clothing site. But there is a twist. He is actually a 72-year-old grandfather. He literally stumbled into the job when helping his granddaughter sort through some clothes for her online boutique. For a bit of fun he started trying them on. It turns out he was a catwalk natural. While he is relishing had his new-found stardom, the unlikely clothes horse has turned down multiple offers from other big name brands.Oh! There you go. Never too late to find your calling..A late bloomer. He looks a little bit like Sonny Bill Williams, don't you think?Ask Lisa.If you squint.Dapper Sonny on the right. And queer... What was his name?Qian Ping. I dare you to tellsony bill that face to face. You know that won't happen. I'm lucky to be in the same country as Sonny Bill at present. Good on ya. Have a crack.He looks like Helen Bonham Carter.Yes n Edward Scissor Hands.No, that was the other one. Australia and South Africa will depart for Perth later this afternoon ahead of the third and final test. Michael Clarke has recalled Johnson, haze wood, Hastings - with fears fellow quicks Siddle and Hilfenhaus won't recover in time after yesterday's gruelling draw in Adelaide. Roosters recruitsony Bill Williams says he will sacrifice half his salary to bring Quade Cooper to the Bondi club next year.Sony Bill joined the controversial play maker in Brisbane yesterday as Cooper confirmed he is putting rugby on hold to pursue a career in boxing. He will fight assonise's under card in February. And drew Mitchell says the side has more important things to worry about than his departure from rugby to boxing. Speaking in Cardiff, the Aussies will be hoping to end their European tour on a high note when they play their final match against Wales Sunday morning. Let's look at the Today show T-signs. That is right outside Parliament House Canberra on the forecourt. The year 6 students from Saint Joseph's Primary School staging what appears to be a sit-in protest outside Parliament House or maybe just a Today show T sign.On a warm day. Let's hope they had a slushie... Fund.Next up, Robert enjoyed making this T sign while at the beach in New South Wales. And Graham sent in this T sign, challenging Lisa Wilkinson's T sign she saw up in the sky and argued it's the greatest of all time. You're still in the top 10.That one has divine intervention. That's a double T.Are you trying to get on board now?No, but I'm impressed. There you go.There you go.Coming up - the new high-tech weapon to crack down on drunk driving.Plus your chance to win thousands in the bonus cash giveaway. Stay by the phone.And the Rolling Stones in their comeback concert. It was good. Song I said hey, you # Get off of my cloud. # Hey, you.More details in 10 minutes. The stones are back... Again.Like they ever went away. Right now it's time for your best local forecast with Stevie.

local forecast with Stevie.These boys are here travelling every morning. They are breaking in a new

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This program is not captioned. We have that One Direction announcement later today. And the Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary. Great pictures. First, Dustin Hoffman makes his debut as a director in a comedy about four retired opera singers, starring Maggie Smith and Billy Connolly and the actress best known for her starring role as S had hirley Valentine.We have a serious problem.This house could collapse. Is thisNice to see you.It's lovely to see you again.Again. After so long.After a long time. Song I (SINGS) # I remember you.When was it?89. It was a long time ago.The summer of 1989 when you were promoting S had hi are, will, ey Valentine. A lovely film.Written by pa lovely man. People think it had to be written by a woman.I always have me tea at 6 o'clock.It must have been nice when all that hard work you put in over the years paid off in one spectacular moment? Do you know what? I didn't look upon it that way. I loved it. I loved playing it. But I have had a few in my life which have change mid life.How did this one fall in into your lap?I had a call from my agent, would I read a play and accept a phone call from Dustin Hoffman? I said OK, if he must, he must.What was he like to work with? We know him from Kramer and all that stuff.He is very inspiring and he allows you great freedom. He was bold enough to say had is only the beginning. The script is the jumping off point and if it doesn't feel right say something differentment which is music to my ears because I love improvising.This is a mad house. We're in a retirement home?We're thank retirement home for old singers and musicians and we have not only the leading characters but a whole host of subsidiary characters who are all real singers and real musicians of every kind.A new gal comes to play?She is a new gal but she is an old girl - played by Dame Maggie Smith. She is the fourth member of the qaurtet. She was married to Tom Courtney's character but was unfaithful to him on the honeymoon and the marriage lasted nine hours. Until she turns up and Tom's character is devastated.This is the first time have you seen me in God knows how many years.97.Was it really that song?What is curious is we're all of an age. Some in their 70s, some in their 80s, including Dustin. It felt when we were working like a kind of old school reunion because we all had common memories. And it made for a very real atmosphere. I think that translates to the film in that you believe that we have been friends for a very long time. It's not too late.That's a lovely film. Qaurtet, it's called. It opens in cinemas Boxing Day. To the Rolling Stones. Here they are on stage at London's O2 arena. Celebrating 50 years of excellence. Oh, gee!Check them out. (SINGS) # I want to be your man # I want to be your... (SINGS) # I said hey, yeah, get off of my cloud. # Hey, you, get off of my cloud... # Two is a crowd.They have their original bass player with them. More throughout the morning. Don't forget the One Direction announcement coming up at 7p40. Yep, one hour's time we will tell you this news.They are not breaking up, are they?Have they broken up, Dicky?No, I can confirm they haven't broken up.So this is a worldwide thing? This news has not broken anywhere?It will break at 7p40 when we announce it.OK. Fpblg I will be back later.What is it? You're not allowed to speculate. It's exciting when you hold out on details like that. Alright. Thank you. After 7, why Prince Charles is getting tired of waiting for the throne.And how do you turn a single egg into a million dollars? We meet the men who have that exact answer.And the song of the day - this topped the charts, it's a stirring one, a true classic, remember the Three Tenors.

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The Great Cash Giveaway is back, folks, and it is even better, it has a bonus.That is right, you can win $5,000 twice a day every day just by picking up the phone within five rings and saying "I wake up with Today".If you know the special daily word you will win another $5,000 daily bonus and if nobody knows that it will jackpot. To register: Don't forget all the calls are made live on Australian eastern daylight saving time. Today's first call is for $10,000 and we are going to be making that call after 7:30 this morning. Don't forget the bonus word today is - appropriately enough - holiday. Right there.Why is it appropriate enough?Just because we are heading in that direction.That one direction.Here is Ross. See they can't script that stuff, can they, Ross.Just go to Ross.When the VPR comes up it will be all of that sort of stuff. Brought to you by Westpac this morning. We should have done that ourselves it would have been much quicker!! There's good news for people with mortgages in the coming year. A new report on the state of Australia's mortgage market by Deloitte suggests the market will grow by just 5% this year compared with typical growth of 10% to 15% a year in the past decade. What this means is that all of the banks and building societies and non-bank lenders will be scrabbling around in a smaller pool, so as a result they are likely to be even more desperate for your business. With that knowledge it makes some sense why so many banks have their 3-year fixed rate loans up to 0.5% lower than their variable rate loans. They're trying to lock you in - even if it takes some bait in the water to hook you. But the key message is - if you have a variable mortgage the market will be competitive. Banks will be dead keen to keep your business. There's another message from this report. Banks are collectively $600 million short in their funding requirements for mortgages - there's a gap between savings and the total number of mortgages. So they'll have to keep using international markets to fill the gap. Compared with the mortgage market of $1.3 trillion, $600 million's tiny, but that gap suggests banks will remain reluctant to fully pass on any interest rate cuts delivered by the Reserve Bank. Lisa, Karl.OK, thank you very much for that, Ross.We think. Here is some gossip now with Richard Wilkins.Thank you, Karl, let's go to Hollywood. This Halle Berry's bloke biffo saga is getting uglier by the hour. What is the latest?It has not been a good Thanksgiving holiday for Halle Berry. Of course there was that bust up when ol mart mart and her ex-, now. Child protective services, that is right, they showed up on Halle Berry's doorstep saying we want to check on the welfare of your daughter who seems to be in the middle of all of this. Meantime, Halle has an appointment in LA superior Court tomorrow to get a restraining order against her ex. She says she feels in danger, her daughter and olive yeah Martinez is in danger. It is an ugly battle. Moving on. Justin Timberlake gives his missus a very healthy wedding present.It is not only about good breath and good hygiene, it is all about quitting smoking. I didn't know Justin Timberlake was a smoker, but apparently he has been a secret smoker for the last five years. But he told his lovely bride, Jessica Beale, for you, girl, I am going to bring sexy back and I am going to put down the butts for good. Justin is actually on the patch, the nicotine patch. He is trying to quit cold Turkey with just the patch, the perfect wedding gift for hopefully a long-lasting marriage. A good decision. Lindsay Lohan is crying foul again - she is not a happy camper.No, wax, wax, wax. Who is me, I am Lindsay Lohan. She took to the Internet to say I am being bullied by the media. It is all their fault that everyone has turned against me and they have bashed my movie 'Liz & Dick' F I were to commit suicide - I am not exaggerated here "if I even committed suicide it would be the media's fault for bullying me. I have to stay strong."She needs to get help if she is talking like that, that is for sure Danni Minogue's designs selling for hot cakes and she knows who is to thank for that.Good for her and good for Kate Middleton because Danni has said ever since Kate turned up wearing one of her freaks they have flown off the rack. It has been the number one best seller and they says they can't keep up with all the orders.That is a good news story, Danni doing well and Kate wearing a beautiful dress. You are on top of it today, thank you very much. Thank you, lads, see you very soon. Here are the top stories on Today. Schoolies flee - hundreds evacuated after fire and smoke emergency on the Gold Coast. Bid for freedom - Gerard Baden-Clay wants to be home in time for Christmas. Mobile scanners - the hi-tech plan to crack down on drink drivers.Impatient me! What a thing to suggest. Future king - why Prince Charles is sick of waiting his turn. Eggscellent idea - the Aussie guys turning an egg into a million dollars. And One Direction - a massive announcement for every fan in the country. SONG:# And fall into my arms instead. # I know, I know, I don't know what it is # But I need that one thing. # You've got that one thing.#Yeah, that big One Direction announcement coming up but right now good morning to you, it is Tuesday 27 November. Great to have you company this morning. Hundreds of schoollys have been evacuated on the Gold Coast after a fire broke out in a high-rise apartment block. Police declared an emergency situation as thick smoke poured into the nightclub district forcing people out on to the street. Jenna Hudson joins us from the Gold Coast. Good morning. Can you take us through how this emergency unfolded?Good morning Georgie. It was very chaotic morning in the party precinct. Schoolies had to put their celebrations on hold just after midnight as an emergency situation was declared. Huge clouds of toxic smoke were seen billowing from the area around midnight, quickly spreading to nearby high rises. Clubs and apartments were evacuated. Firefighters say it was first difficult to determine where it was coming from but they later found it started in apartment building Top of the Mark where around 80 schoolies are staying. An electrical switchboard had caught fire in the lower levels. Some teams reported seeing firefighters kick in a door and pull out a girl, she was apparently coughing but seems to be OK. There was also concern that people were stuck in an elevator but police have confirmed that they are also safe. Some people rushed in and said you need to get out of the club, there is a fire. So we walked out the front and there was just people everywhere, coming screaming out of the clubsPeople were everywhere. All of the clubs started putting up tapes telling everyone to get back, get back.And then we think we heard the fire brigade knocking down the door and we saw a girl getting carried out, she was coughing a lot.Lisa, it is still an emergency situation down there. Electrical experts have been called in to basically test the air. They said that obviously with cable burning it is - there is toxic smoke. There is a lot of nasty debris so tay will be making sure that the air is safe for people to breathe in that area and that they can return in-to-their apartment. Do we know how far away that is, Jenna?Look, at this stage it is too early to tell. Investigators are sort of going in and out of the building. People are still out on the streets. It is very chaotic for them and I guess we will just have to wait to see. They haven't indicated yet as to how long it will take but they are urging drivers to avoid the area at this stage and urging other people in the area to shut their windows and doors.It is particularly nasty debris. We have had the scientific officer on the scene here for a couple of hours now who has been doing air sampling in the stairwells and around the direct area to make sure that it is safe for people to move around.It was very dramatic down there but I guess the main thing is that everyone is safe after this situation.Indeed, Jenna Hudson on the Gold Coast, thank you. Karl. Gerard Baden-Clay is hoping to be released from jail and home in time for Christmas after his lawyers lodged a new bail application with the Supreme Court yesterday. Baden- Clay has been behind bars at Brisbane's Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre since June when he was charged with the murder of his wife who is also the mother of his three children.Al or or joins me now. What reason has $Alison Ariotti joins me now. What reason has Baden-Clay's given for this bail applicationThey have given two reasons for the new bail application. Firstly he said that the brief of evidence doesn't support all of the claims made by the prosecution during the first bail application. He also says there is further evidence which supports the defence, or is useful for the defence which wasn't raised during that first bail application. Now, it has been five months since that first application was made on June 22. That was nine days after Gerard Baden-Clay was charged with the murder of his wife Allison. Where are we going from here? Is he likely to be successful. No doubt lawyers are pouring over it at the moment.The bail application will be heard on December 14, so just over two weeks' time. Of course in the first instance the judge denied bail. That was despite Gerard Baden-Clay lawyers offering $500,000 surety and ensuring that he had strong links to the security. Certainly at that time the judge felt that a possible mandatory live sentence was incentive enough for Gerard Baden-Clay to be a possibility flight risk and he said despite the fact that some evidence was circumstantial, he felt that it was strong enough to deny bail. The prosecution alleged at the time that Gerard Baden-Clay was in serious financial difficulty and he was set to benefit from his wife's death. They also said that he Googleed taking the fifth and self- incrimination in the days before his wife went missing. Certainly for a bail application to be, I guess to, have a different outcome, circumstances need to be proved to have changed, so that is what the lawyers will be fighting on des14. Alright, Alison Ariotti, appreciate that update. Talk to you soon. Police in Sydney are what waiting to speak to a man who fled the scene of a crash in Hurstville last night. Police say the man tried to avoid a random breath test before crashing into a home where a family of five were asleep inside. Sylvia Jeffreys is at the scene. Was anyone injured?Good morning, Georgie. Well, thankfully and quite remarkably no-one was hurt inside the home but it was a very close call. The car ploughed into the front of the house coming within inches of where a 19-year-old girl was sleeping last night. The driver of that vehicle, a 41-year-old man had earlier escaped a random breath test. Police say around about 10:30 last night they tried to pull the silver ute over but he took off and he has obviously travelled very fast down this street. There are skid marks pretty much all the way down the road. He has got to King George's Road, cszing four lanes of traffic and going into the front bedroom and porch. Just a short time ago we spoke to the girl who lived in the house and she said that the whole family is in a state of shock, particularly her younger teenage brother and sister..I went get into the car and I heard, boom, boom, boom, and the next thing I heard my sister screaming and to be honest I thought she got shot or something. Now, immediately after the crash the 41-year-old driver ran from scene, leaving his 37-year-old passenger in the car. He wasn't on the run for long, though. He took himself to St George Hospital where he will have to understood go surge I on his knee and his mate has also been taken to hospital with minor cuts and bruises. This family has now had this happen to them twice in two years. It is the second time a car has ploughed into the front of their house. They are now considering moving because Jasmine's mother is simply too worried that next time they won't be quite so lucky.We will leave it there for now, thank you very much for the latest. To Victoria now where police are planning to use a new weapon to crack down on drink drivers. High tech scanners that read number plates and alert police when a drink driver is on the road. Christine Ahern joins us now. This technology is already being used in the States. Can you explain how this would work?It is all to do with number plate scanning technology. How it works is that police cars would be fitted with 360 degrees mobile scanners. They would then go into the car parks of pubs and other licensed premises, scan all of the number plates in the area and then pass that information on to patrol cars and also booze buses. That gives police the information to target and potentially nab drink drivers as they head home. Now, this technology is already used in the US quite successfully. It is a system known as chalking. Now, these mobile scanners also give police the ability to detect unregistered and also suspended drivers. NSW actually adopted this technology back in 2010 for that purpose. But it doesn't come cheap. It does cost about $25,000 just to fit out one police car but after a horror couple of months on Victoria's roads and a very high level of drink driving in the State, Victoria police say while it is expensive it could save lives.And that holiday season just around the corner as well. Christine Ahern thanks very much for that. The first national report on mental health has shown that one in two Australian adults has suffered from mental illness at some point in their lives. Chair of the national mental health commission Professor Allan Fels joins us now. Professor, good morning to you. One in two. Were you surprised by that or is that something you thought may have been possible?I always knew it but it just under lines it is a really serious problem. It is a weakness in our health system. We are very strong on policy pronouncements, weak on delivery. That is not just health and clinical, it is across the board. They are problems of accommodation, employment, availability of services and especially the physical health of severely mentally ill. They die something like 25 years younger on average than the rest of us. Professor, I know this means an awful lot to you due to personal circumstances. When you are tackling this issue across the board, I guess the different definitions of mental health is a stumbling block to those who are funding this particular health area. Do you believe that we have dropped the ball though, and, if so, where do we place that funding?Well, I think we have made great statements but not done that much. I think a good thing is that our commission er's attached to the Prime Minister portfolio, and that puts out on her agenda, but not only her but the general and the chief minute stirs at the councils of Australian Government. They need to make it a high, continuing priority in every respect. Health but also employment and accommodation.OK. What is on your wishlist? What do we need to do, what do we need to achieve and how quickly do we need to do it? Well, no discharge from hospitals or mental health services into homelessness. More done about getting jobs for people with less severe mental illness in particular. Better access to services - up from 8% of the population to 12% especially in rural and remote and a whole lot of other things. You know what you are talking about. I know we can't go through all of those things right now but let's hope they are listening. One in two is a horrible statistic. We appreciate your time. Thanks for being with us.Thanks Karl.A new video of Prince Charles has got royal watchers talking with the Prince of Wales admitting that he is very impatient. Take a look. Impatient, me!! What a thing to suggest. Yes, of course I am. Will I run out of time soon, I shall have snuffed it if we're not careful.Snuffed it. Well Royal correspondent Gavin Grey joins us from London. He is the longest waiting heir to the thrown in British his rifplt it seems he is not keen to wait any longer.Well, indeed, Georgie. I must stress that this video is actually him talking about a stately home in Scotland that he has bought and is renovating. He bought it for an awful lot of money, roughly $65 million Australian, and she doing it up. That is what he is talking about. Of course it has got people talking about because if he is impatient and admitted he is impatient about that, then he is likely to be impatient about this. He is, after all, 64 years old. As you said since 2008 he is the longest serving heir apparent as it were for the thrown. Overtaking his great, great grand fathers, ed quart 7th.There are a few -- Edward the 7th. There are a few tricksters out there changing the meaning.There are a lot of people out there doing that. He is desperate to get his hands on the thrown, but at the same time wishing that would of course ultimately mean that his mum passes away, which he certainly will not be wanting.No.But you know at the age of 64 with his mum in good health at age 86, the Queen Mother lived to 101, he comes from a long live family and it may be that he actually doesn't take over the reigns until he is in his 70s by which time most of us are aiming to take it easy. This is a man who passionately wants to explore and bring bring things like architecture and the green to the fore. The question is will he be too tired to do it as most of us are putting our feet up?I don't think so. I think he has much stamina as his mother.A long apprenticeship but a nicely remoney ated one. Three young men from Melbourne have taking on the task of turning one egg worth 40 cents into $1 million. They are using a technique called trading up and they are doing it all for charity and the lads join us now. CJ, Joshua and Finchy, how are you, boys?Yeah, great.Good, how are you going?How did you come up with this idea first of all, it is crazy!Yeah, Chris and I were at university one night and we sort of wanted to do something for charity and obviously we wanted to do something that we would major while at uni-. We thought this was a great idea. We heard about Karl MacDonald who turned a paper clip into a house and we thought we would step it up and do it for charity.What were you doing at Uni at night?We study architect, it is where we live.Exactly. (Laughs). You have already turned it into $40,000 which is amazing. How have you done that?Yeah, so we had to choose a few trades along the way which included a car which turned out to be a bit of a bomb which was a set back. We had a trip to two to Kenya including some flights. We had a painting of Cathy Freeman and our most recent trade is the money we got for the painting we used to buy 100,000 eggs from Farm Pride, is box here,ly be coming out in the supermarkets within the next few weeks.This is no joke. You have caught the attention of Sir Richard Branson as well.Yeah, so, we got in touch with the CEO of virgin Gallac, the ic. For quite a while we wanted to get some frights to space. We are a little bit -- flights to space. We are a little bit away from there but we are thinking if we there 30,000, we can turn that into 60 and 120 and approach him again.Roll on from there. How do people get involved in all of this and where does the money go?Yep, so we have 30,000. Basically if there is anyone out there who want the money and they have something that they can offer us, get in touch. Our website is one egg one world doth Send some messages our way.Pardon the pun but this must help out with the chicks?I don't know -It has!! (LAUGHTER) Why do you have the rooster there? So this was the chook that laid the first egg.The golden egg. Obviously our trading started with the egg so it all started from there. The chook is our Mascot and we take them everywhere with us and every trade. They are a big part of the whole thing.Good on you, boys. I would love to have a beer with you when I am next down. Very good work. It looks like you are all from a scene from 'Old School'. A terrific movie. Well done, boys. Thank you. We will talk to you very soon and if we can help out let us know how we can. The lads doing a thing for a good cause. If you would like to get involved head to our website for all the details on how you can trade it up and make it happen for the boys. Let's get the weather now with Stevie. Stevie is not going to happen, is he. Looks like it is not happening. We will have look at the weather n