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This program is captioned live. A defiant Julia Gillard reacts.I didn't fake the moon landing. I wasn't responsibility for the assassination of JFK.Defence force abuse - the Parliament apologises for a betrayal of trust.You should never have experienced this abuse. Again, I say sorry.Egypt's President faces a showdown with the judges.

Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Yalda Hakim. For the second time in three months, the PM has defended her conduct as a lawyer 20 years ago. She again launched a blistering attack on those suggesting impropriety in relation to a union slush fund set up by her former boyfriend. She said she had taken every question on the subject and wouldn't take anymore but it hasn't gone away. Now a very angry PM has tackled it again.These things have been cycled and recycled and re-recycled over 20 years. I did nothing wrong. It's about her conduct as a partner in law firm Slater & Gordon in the early 1990s, when she gave off the books legal advice to Bruce Wilson, who was secretary of the Australian Workers Union and his off-sider, Ralph Blewitt. The advice was about setting up a union association, links to what was later called a slush fun, officially funding their re-election campaign but ultimately lining their pockets.I'm more than ready to give the PM the benefit of the doubt but we've got to hear her side of the story.She's calling that -The continuation of sleaze and smear. ation of sleaze and smear. I know there's been a lot of focus on what I should have reported to authorities at that time. Well, you can't report thingsia do not know.Bruce Wilson's backing her version. Ralph Blewitt's saying something different, suggesting she praim upperly witnessed mortgage -- improperly witnessed mortgage documents.Mr Blewitt has been described as a complete imbecile, idiot, a stooge, a sexest liar. His sister said he's a crook and rotten to the core. His word against mine - make your mind up.And the claim Ms Gillard had $5,000 paid in to her bank account, she has no recollection. Julia Gillard said she had no role beyond giving initial lead advice and when her firm raised concerns, she broke up with Bruce Wilson. She's accusing the Opposition of having nothing else to talk about. Julia Gillard's directly addressed voters who might yearn for the days of John Howard. I've got news for those Australians - there are no John Howard-style Liberals anymore.Her performance hasn't satisfied the Opposition. Why did the PM give legal advice on the incorporation of disassociation when she must have known it was in contravention of union rules?Julie Bishop asked nine more similar questions.I didn't fake the moon landing. I wasn't responsible for the assassination of JFK.The PM says she thinks Australians are sick of hearing it all but more questions are likely tomorrow. The Federal Government and the Chief of Defence have delivered a historic apology e delivered a historic apology to victims of abuse in the military. The Defence Minister has promised those who have been abused will be compensated and steps will be taken to prevent further mistreatment. It's an apology a long time coming. The Defence Minister says over the past 60 years, servicemen and women have been shamefully mistreated.To those men and women in the Australian Defence Force, or the Department of Defence who have suffered sexual or other forms of abuse, on behalf of the Government, I say sorry.Stephen Smith says the abuse has had a lasting and traumatic impact on victims.You should never have experienced this abuse. Again, I say sorry.The Chief of Defence says some personnel have engaged in predatory behaviour.On behalf of the ADF, I say I'm sorry to those who have suffered sexual, physical or mental abuse while serving in the ADF.The apology is part of the Government's response to a fld of abuse claims dating back buse claims dating back to the 1950s. An earlier review found about 750 plausible allegations. A task force headed by Len Roberts-Smith, the father of Ben Roberts-Smith, will further investigate each case.The work of the task force is going to be considerable. There is a huge amount of work to be done.It will allow victims of abuse in the military to have their stories told, to have their stories heard and often for the very first time.The task force may refer cases to the police or the military justice system and it can provide compensation up to $50,000.There will be a relatively low threshold for entitlement under the compensation scheme.The Government believes today's apology won't affect its legal liability. Now the Government has decided not troohold a Royal Commission. In-- to hold a Royal Commission. It will consider claims of abuse at HMAS 'Leeuwin' in Western Australia in the 1960s and '70s. It may recommend a Royal Commission investigate both matters. Some perpetrators may still serve in the military. Thrfrplgts are people within the system --There are people within the system who who may be associated with those events.He will in effect, he will postpone that decision and look at the two worst sources of incidents. The Defence Minister says acknowledging the past is the first step to ensure abuse isn't repeated. Overseas now. Aides close to Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi have suggested he might amend the decree granting him far-reaching executive powers after he meets with members of the Supreme Judicial Council later tonight. A compromise deal could hand back some oversight powers to the judiciary but that appears to have done little to ease tension around the country. In 2011, Egyptians stood united against authoritarian rule. Now just five months after their first democratic elections, they're turning on each other. In Damanhour, supporters and opponents of Mohammed Mursi clashed outside the Muslim Brotherhood offices. A 15- year-old boy was killed and 60 others injured. In Cairo, a meeting of the country's press syndicate descended into chaos amid calls its chief be sacked because he's a member of the ruling party. Another group of journalists joined protesters at Tahrir Square.

In albs Andrea, lawyers who support -- Alexandria, lawyers who support Mohammed Mursi are outraged judges have called noor nationwide strike -- called e strike -- called for a nationwide strike.

Others say Mohammed Mursi is acting as if he owns the judiciary.

One of the President's political allies has called for calm, saying his sweeping new powers are only a temporary measure.A dictatorship is wrong. p is wrong. He's trying to take care of the country.An increasingly cynical public is asking whether Mohammed Mursi is just taking care of himself.

The next big test of wills comes tomorrow when rival camps have called for mass protests. Activists in tests. Activists in Syria say a government warplane has dropped a cluster bomb on a children's playground east of the capital Damascus, killing 10 children. The video which can't be verified, shows what activists say are cluster bomblets. The Chinese military has ts. The Chinese military has successfully landed a fighter jet on the nation's first seaworthy aircraft carrier. It landed on the Liaoning, the former Soviet carrier. It was bought from the Ukraine in 1998. US analysts say it could be years before it is fully operational. The committal hearing for the man accused of murdering Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe has begun in Brisbane. Police revealed what was involved in the painstaking 2-month search to find his remains. Determined to find out what happened to Daniel, Bruce and Denise Morcombe walk in to court. Not far behind them were the lawyers defending were the lawyers defending the man who's charged with abduction, murder and a string ion, murder and a string of other offences, including indecent treatment of a child.No comments at the moment. Thanks, guys.The first to give evidence was a police inspector who described how SES volunteers searched on their hands and knees, finding the shoes Daniel was wearing the day he disappeared. Two bones were also uncovered, both from Daniel's lower leg. Underwear, shorts, fabric and a belt were also found in the Glasshouse Mountains Creek. The court heard police searched 50 cubic metres of sand, lantana-infested scrub, an old tobacco drying shed, a well and fox dens.I think everyone can appreciate the rugged terrain. It is certainly not a sports field. It is very rugged.The Morcombes have been to the search site several times but today was the first time they'd seen photographs of the crime scene. raphs of the crime scene.Clearly, some of those photos capture images that are disturbing.40 witnesses will give evidence over the next two weeks. Hundreds of mourners shunned traditional black, shunned traditional black, creating a sea of colour, as they farewelled Sarah Cafferkey. Pink was the 22-year- old's favourite colour. Family and friends remembered a bubbly and energetic young woman who loved to make people laugh. A 47-year-old man has been charged with her murder. Coming up after the break - coping with the aftermath. We go inside a hospital in Gaza.

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In the seven days from the targeted killing of the Hamas military head, to the declaration of a ceasefire, more than 120 people in Gaza were killed. The number injured is thought to be about 1,000. With the ceasefire less than a week old, friends and relatives of the dead and injured are already focused on the future. Luke Waters and Jeff Kehl visited Gaza to see how communities are responding. Their report includes some graphic and distressing images. This doctor tends to a little girl in Gaza City's main hospital. He's pretty confident she will pull through, unlike many of the 1,250 patients admitted during the attack. This ward is littered with semi- conscious bombing victims. In some ways, they're the lucky ones, with a chance to recover. Maimings have been the normal here for a fortnight.A lot of cases, all in pain.He thought he would die when a rocket hit his Gaza City home. Fortunately for him and his seven children, he woke up here. Of all the suffering this doctor has seen recently, images recorded on his phone affected him most. One shows an 11-month-old boy with burns to his entire body drawing his final breath. Another, a 5-year-old girl with her brain haemorrhaging.How do you feel? I cry. I cry.It was a near miss for these shopkeepers whose businesses are across the road from a Palestinian ministry building which was levelled in an earlier assault. Amazingly, no-one was killed. This man was 20 metres away when the bombs hit. He says he heard aeroplanes, explosions, and then struggled to breathe as smoke engulfed the shopping precinct. But in Gaza City, life goes on, it has to. Some remain defiant.All this bombing, we say we are victorious. We win the battle. Why? Because we are still in our land. We didn't leave. And no force in the world can force us to leave now.But not everyone shares that view. During the eight days of violence, Israeli defence used measured terms like precise and surgical to describe their attacks. But four people died in the blast here and locals say they had no known links to Hamas. In the minutes before the explosion, she says she was baking bread with her neighbour who was wounded in the blast and taken to Egypt for specialist medical care. The dough the pair was preparing still sits amid the rubble and debris of the family home. For the most part, Gazans say they're focused on the future, hopeful the peace will one day prevail. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has announced he's retiring from politics. He called a news conference tonight to say he's quitting political life and won't run in the January elections. A former PM, Barak led the defence forces during this month's attacks against Hamas. Talks on a global agreement to cut greenhouse gases have begun in Doha tonight. It's the first time the meeting of more than 200 nations is taking place in the oil-rich Middle East. Welcome to Qatar. An economy based on oil where greenhouse gas emissions per capita are the highest in the world. There are even airconditioners here outside. It's here that world environment ministers will hammer out an agreement on reducing global emissions.The Gulf region has an unequaled world stage to showcase the contributions being made to put regional energy growth on a more sustainable path.The United Arab Emirates is leading the way, building Masdar City with a focus on sustainable energy. Qatar is investing in Greek technologies. On the agenda, extending the Kyoto protocol, the legally binding international pact on cutting emissions which is due to expire next mun. -- month.

It is right at the heart of the negotiations and Australia's support from both the Coalition and the Government for a second commitment period is very important. But with such a focus on extending Kyoto, as well as laying the groundwork for a new agreement due in 2015 s there room to find an answer to the mage -- 2015, is there room to find an answer to the change?We must acts now.The re-- act now. The reality is finding a solution may have to wait for future conferences. Let's check the finance figures. The Australian share market has finished only slightly higher. nished only slightly higher.

Coming up - the weather. It's only rock'n'roll but ther. It's only rock'n'roll but they're still liking it. A half century milestone for the British

Victoria's Country Fire Authority is warning the State could be facing its worst fire season since Black Saturday in 2009. There are heavy fuel loads in many parts of the State after a wet winter caused thick plant growth. The CFA is warning people in high-risk areas that time is running out and they should immediately plan and prepare. That's fuel. Fuel for fires to burn. That's something we haven't seen dry out for two or three years. In the last couple of years this is the most significant fire risk we've seen.The CFA says everyone in high-risk areas should have a bushfire survival plan. Let's look at the forecast here and around the world. A broad trough and low are generating very warm weather over much of Australia's interior. Weak highs are keeping much of the east coast and Tasmania dry.

Test cricket now. Australia lost their chance to go one up in the series after one up in the series after South Africa battled out the final day to secure a draw. The teams now head to Perth for the third and final test, starting Friday. The Proteas began the final day still needing 353 for the most unlikely of 53 for the most unlikely of victories but survival was the name of the game. There were 11 maidens bowled either side of one Faf du Plessis in the first hour. Michael Clarke had the debutant lbw.He's given him.But a referral showed the ball pitched millimetres outside leg stump. The decision overturned. Two overs later, Clarke thought he had his man again.A big shout. Billy Bowden said it hit the pads.Again, the referral system was put to good use. Another reprieve. The pair survived the entire first session. After lunch, . After lunch, de Villiers's resistance ended on 33. Peter Siddle with the crucial breakthrough. That only brought Jacques Kallis to the crease, who batted through the pain. Lyon dropped a hot chance from Kallis, while du Plessis was inching towards a century. In the final over before tea, Matthew Wade let slip a faint nick from du Plessis, putting Hilfenhaus and Warner in to a collision course. Du Plessis capped his first test in style. Gets 100 on debut. Full of courage and full of pride.Nathan Lyon removed Kallis for 46.There is a wicket.And suddenly the tail was exposed. Rob Quiney snaffled a hot chance to remove Dale Steyn.He's got him.An exhausted Peter Siddle in to his 31st over, then sent Rory Kleinveldt on his way.He keeps his country in He keeps his country in the game.With two wickets needed from the final over, the Proteas somehow hung on for a dramatic draw.It's all over.The series still tied heading in to the third test in Perth beginning on Friday. More than 20,000 Rolling Stone fans packed in to a London arena to celebrate the British rockers' 50th anniversary. They got satisfaction. The veterans of the stage hadants played a concert since 2007 but fans were not left wanting as the ageing rockers showed no signs of wear and tear. Just like the Rolling Stones of the '60s, only older. They were as energetic as the teenagers who took the world by storm in 1963. They just had a lot of heavy ageing. And for the first time in 20 years, Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor rejoined their former band mates on the stage. It was the first of five mega shows that the band are playing to mark their half century. They'll play another one in London and three in New York. If last night was anything to go by, tickets will be in hot demand. Most of the tickets had sold out only minutes after they went on sale, leading to a hungry online market. Many of them resold many times more than their face value. Most fans would like the tickets to be cheaper, but you can't always get what you want.Whatever it has to be. If it's facivalue, great. If it's not, a bit more. I don't care. I'm not happy to spend the money but needs must. I have got to go. They were widely seen as the rebellious alternatives to the Beatles. While the Beatles split up in 1970, the Stones are still painting it black. Their fans, once thepitomy of youthful disrespect for authority, now -- the epitome of youthful disrespect for authority, now an eclectic mix. They're of no doubt it's all rock'n'roll, but they like it.

That's the world this mane. I'll be back with you at the slightly later time of 10:35 tomorrow. Goodnight.

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