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Check. Spring onions. Delicious ham. Smoked over ironbark. The freshest Tassie salmon. And beautiful fresh
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Merry Christmas! SONG: # It's Christmas time
It's Christmas time... # Do you reckon Australians
will find this annoying? Saving money at Christmas... never annoying.

He's right, you know.
(LAUGHS) ALL: Merry Christmas from Coles!

This program is not captioned. crack
forecast is next. It' s finally t
cracking 30 - Summer is just around degrees
the corner. It reached thirty ove
degrees in Canberra, after twelve twenty-se
overnight. It' s still hot, Tablelan
twenty-seven outside. On the
Tablelands: Thirty-three the top fo Baridw
Goulburn. Thirty-one at Yass. thirty-two.
Baridwood nine degrees to Twenty-seve
thirty-two. Looking east: a
Twenty-seven the top for Nowra. And tw
as we make our way further south - ce
twenty-three the top for all other th
centres. On the mountains: Cooma - twenty-ni
the hottest - with a top of b
twenty-nine. Twenty-one degrees for Twenty-fou
both Perisher and Bombala.
Twenty-four at Thredbo. This is wha sky
the country looked like from the N
sky today - Cloud over northeastern New South Wales in a near-stationar sev
trough is generating potentially a
severe thunderstorms. A few showers th
are developing as high cloud moves T
through the southeast of the state.
Tomorrow, Storms are possible on th coast, Twenty-three in Bega, Moruy Ullad
Heads and the Bay, One less in wel
Ulladulla, twenty- two. Storms as i
well on the Tablelands, Twenty-four in Braidwood tomorrow, Eighteen to expec
thirty-one in Yass. Goulburn is few
expecting a top of twenty-nine. A Mountai
few showers and storms in the Thr
Mountains, Twenty-one in Bombala, sixtee
Thredbo is aiming for a top of in
sixteen Nineteen the expected high twent
in Perisher, Cooma, heading for c
twenty-five In Canberra tomorrow, A sca
cloudy day is forecast, with some a
scattered showers and the chance of
a thunderstorm. Heading for a top o S
twenty-nine degrees.Looking ahead, o
Staying hot, storms and twenty-nine Thursda
on Wednesday, thirty-three on on
Thursday, and a steamy thirty-four
on Thursday. More than four thousan people headed out on a warm summer Voic
s night - for the second annual spectacular
Voice in the Forest opera spectacular. Held in the picturesqu Korea
arboretum amphitheatre - South Korean soprano Sumi Jo headlined th impre
show. Singing +w The crowd - appla
impressed by her performance. also
applause Some local performers M
also took part, including the Royal and
Military College Band, and choirs college
and soloists from schools and
colleges across the ACT. music And that' s WIN News for ... Night I' m Danielle Post.....

evening. Goodnight.This program is captioned live. Hello, first, billionnaire Lindsay Fox is arguably this country's proudest truckie which is why he is launching a campaign to reform Australia's truck laws. Rules he labels antiquated, dangerous and responsible for more than a few deaths. Tonight Ray Martin joins Lindsay on his

deaths. Tonight Ray Martin joins
Lindsay on his crusade.I'm a fighter. Always have been. I would rather a fight...When I finished it's probably over a million dollars.We celebrated Lindsay Fox's 75th birthday earlier in the year on ACA. It was a cold Melbourne morning but Australia's greatest truckie warmed up this drafty old aircraft hangar with his larrakin wit and wisdom. You can still drive a truck?Yeah, yeah. When was the last time you drove a truck?I took a truck Adelaide last year. As I walked into the roadhouse this little guy in the corner looked at me and said things must be tough at Linfox if you've got to be driving.If you hadn't been a truck driver what would you have been?I wanted to be a lawyer but lucky I was dumb.As dumb as a fox! As you're driving along the road and you sequon you're passing another Fox" are you proud?As long as I pass him and he is not going too fast.Lindsay Fox started out with one truck, today he owns a fleet of fancy cars and 6,000 trucks. With due modesty that comes from astonishing success Fox reckons he is not the biggest but also the best in the business. Are these your newest trucks?Yeah, they are 650 horse power and have an all up weight on the road train of 145 tonne.How much does one of those cost?With the three trailers behind it about a million dollars. Each?Yes.After a lifetime a cut throat business, that's earnt him a $2 billion fortune it's truck safety, not shares that on success this old road warrior. What is your legacy?My legacy, I hope, is to create the safety on the freeways. We have to do something so that we can eliminate all of those deaths. Are these big trucks beasts? Are they dangerous?No, today a truck is as easy to drive as a car. Truck drivers fall asleep. They fall asleep primarily because they have fatigue. They have driven it for too long.There are now more than 400,000 trucks on our roads. The fact is that truckies are better drivers than most. But the fatalities amongst truck drivers far outweigh their numbers. There are five Australians killed every week as a result of truck crashes. The police say to us that if Lindsay Fox got his way the toll and terror of trucks on the road would be drastically reduced.I think some of the black - something like a black box would make our roads and industry safer.John Hartly is the boss of the New South Wales highway patrol. Are trucks more dangerous than cars? Percentage-wise, yes, they make up 70% of the road fleet but account for 20% of crashes.7% of the fleet 7% of the fleet on the roads and 20% of the crashes. They are overrepresented. Half of the crashes are run-off-road crashes. Fox wants every truck in Australia to have a locked black box just like aeroplanes that would record the driver's speed and how long he has been at the wheel. The two main causes of truck hey him in Australia. He even has his own high trekk control tower just for trucks. This guy is doing 99. He is on the northern highway at...Meekathara. Our driver Des doing a good job.So if Des was doing 110 you would know straightaway.I have the system set up with a signal.Like an alarm. If you were the king of Australia would you change the laws tomorrow I would certainly have on board black boxes. From my point of view it would mean we would have hardly any issues with regard to people smashing trucks. We would have the best safety record in Australia.So black boxes like in aeroplanes, what do they cost?1,500 dollars. That's nothing, is it?Not when you consider lives.The car drivers are scared of you. Are you scared of them?Only for their own welfare, mate. Because of the I had yotd things they do, mate and they don't realise how close they come to dying.At the local pit stop Lindsay Fox's grand idea is still a misery to most truckies.It's just a money grab from the regulaters to pifpblg us on more stuff we have done wrong.They seem to go over board a bit. They come up with you beaut ideas that don't really work. It's an invasion of your privacy, how you do the job. You have been doing it for - you don't need a book to tell you when you're tired to take a break.We all complain about big brother. Cameras are everywhere. The police are recorded on every shift. We resisted that many years. But now we have to embrace technology. That will be one thing that improves road safety. Across Australia, 90,000 truck drivers and owners are members of the TWU - the transport workers union. The nation President, Tony Sheldon s riding shotgun with Lindsay Fox in his campaign for a black box to protect truckies and every other driver.Lindsay and I don't always see eye to eye on everything. But this is an initiative that Lindsay deserved to be congratulated on. It has made it company safer and more efficient. They have a recipe that actually makes sure that they get the best value, lifesaving value out of the black boxes. There is no reason why other companies can't be required to do the same thing.But what you're describe something a no brainer. It looks like something we should have had yesterday.What strikes me, it's a no brainer we should have had this technology available quite literally yesterday. Every day we wait, we know it will cause more fatalities.While the truckise Australian strongly supports Fox's safety campaign, they target the big retail food chains and specially Coles and woolise for making the road dangers even worse.They don't want to know where the trucks are because they know they are squeezing the life out of the truck drivers and companies. They control a third of the road transport task. If they required a black box in the entire food chain they would have less people dying carting their goods. InIn statements to ACA this afternoon Coles said : we believe black box technology could help improve road safety and support such industry moves. Woolise told us they are currently working New South Wales authorities to pilot a five-stars trucking concept. Now it's up to politicss to change the antiquated laws. If it's going to save lives the black box needs to go national because just like guns trucks go interstate every day. Right now it seems state and Federal Governments are asleep at the wheel.I have never been approached by any Federal Government. Lives would be saved and people wouldn't have been in our cemeterys around this country right now if the black box had had been there.Jesus!You're the biggest loudest voice for trucks in Australia. Why can't you change it? I've tried, I've tried to get the government to look at all of these aspects of safety.So people are dying now because they won't change? That's pretty scary?It's fact a you'll.But if Lindsay Fox can't change it surely no-one can? I don't give up. I'm still banging on the politicians' doors and want them to do something about it. If it was their family that was involved in a fatality where a driver that was driving for 15 hours on the road wiped out the husband, the daughter and the two grandchildren.

husband, the daughter and the two
grandchildren.Of course it should happen. Federal transport minister Anthony Albanese told news a statement today that the Federal Government is committed to exploring all options that deliver increased road safety. We will wait and see what he means by that. True to his larrakin spirit, Lindsay has named his campaign safety for Australia, not SFA. You can find details on our website. For decades TV medico Dr James Wright has devoted himself to helping others. He did Brett tee well out of it too until his best friend stole $57 million from him. Now another

incredible development.If I get angry I get angry.What makes a man who can't stop laughing and smiling angry? Being ripped off by your best friend for $57 million.One horrible day we got a phone call and we lost the lot.What makes a man who can't stop laughing and smiling terrified? Aggressive throat cancer that could kill him him 57 what makes a man who can't stop laughing and smiling cry? The death of his beautiful wife Noreen who nursed him back to health.In Australia 120,000 people die every year. About half perish from heart attacks, blood vessel disease and strokes.None of this was in the script of the jovial GP. Life for the perpetualy perky Dr James Wright was blessed. He laughed and smiled his way into our homes, giggleed his way into a healthy real estate fortune. He flashed the pearly whites with his wife and started a charity called Mediaid. Years ago my father said look after the elderly because during the depression no-one cared about them. It was for seniors suffering fm and social hardship and they love him for it.I think he is a real good man. A philanthropist in the real sense of the word. He does a lot of good number fact in there were a Knight hood he had a ought to get one.The money pours in and we use that money and do not ask the government for anything. No money whatsoever from the Government.The charity made him lots of friends but one he wish Ed didn't make was this bloke Derreck Turner who in the US was jailed for 20 years for fraud but was released after just 87 months. Now Turner is out of the slammer and want - wants to return to Australia. If you can believe t he asked the laughing doc for a character reference to obtain his adviceia. Haha said the doc I will do it for $57 million. Or in your dreams.Who does it harm? Why be angry? He doesn't care.Life was about to take a terrible turn for Dr James Wright - diagnosed with an aggressive throat cancer and admitted to royal Prince Alfred hospital in Sydney. He is now in remission.I'm always bringing you goodies.Few people knew the real Dr James Wright. It was only last year that Brady Halls revealed the private life of the merry medic.We fly them up there. We do it because we care about elderly people because as a child of the depression I know what it's like having no dough. I know what like, mate.But then another terrible blow for Dr Wright. His beloved wife Noreen who co-founded the charity with him passed away. In her honour the charity will continue. And he, joys, - Joyve thinks the world of you. Just remember, laughter is

remember, laughter is the best medicine.Still got a great smile. If you have a story you would like us to investigate we would like to hear from you. Please send us an email or give us a call. Actor, author, heartthrob - William McInnes has many strings to his bow. But this past year has sadly forced him into a new role - that of a single dad. I sat down with William for an interview that was - anything but routine.

for an interview that was -
anything but routine.There she is, ladies and gentlemen, Tracy Grimshaw now. Rounding the bend. You can take the boy out of QueenslandYes.But you can't take the Queensland out of the boy.It will probably take the rest of my life to comes - come to terms with it. You could share a Pollywaffle with me. But they let those go. William McInnes, thanks for your time.That's alright, Tracy, nice to be here with you in the boardroom.In all of the years I have been doing interviews I have never had anyone sink two beers before we start. Have you entered the record books. Thank you very much.Let's start from the start. Let's start with the book the Laughing Clowns. Which is another salute to humble Australian life. If I might say to you, it's very comforting to read your writing. It feels comfortable. I'm wondering if it feels comfortable to you when you're writing it.All I was trying to do with the book was tell a story about a bloke, maybe a family that woke up to the fact that our time is finite and that's just the way it is. Everyone has got their time. Everyone has a use by date. It's a subject close to William's heart. Just one year ago his wife and mother of his two children, acclaimed director Sarah Watt, lost her fight against cancer.It's one of those things that when somebody you love and you think you're going to share the rest of your days with leaves early, dies early, you think that there should be a reason for that. That someone should be to blame. But it's just the way it happened. That's a thing that some people I think have a hard thing stepping - that sometimes life just does stuff to people that doesn't make any sense. But that's life. That's life. It's not always a smooth journey. It's not always something that works out.I think it's very generous of you to talk about it. I think there are a lot of people stumbling around trying to manage their own grief and trying to come to terms with the infinity of death who will be watching this now and won dearing how have you come to these sorts of understandingsments that taken a year for you to get to this point? It will probably take the rest of mir life to come to terms with it. Some people never get over T that doesn't mean they are bad people or weak people - it's just something that happens and something you have to go through. The thing that you must be realise - or we must realise as a community is you have to accept that people die.You sound like a man who has had an epiphany. That's too big a word for me. You see me on State of Origin night, it's hopeless. I'm terrible. But that's different. You have permission on those blokes.And then whenever the Wallabies play, Australia play - it's terrible. Shocking. It's pathetic really. Would you like another one?No, I don't want one. Wouldn't want to say we were inhospitable.I will have another sparkling mineral water thank you. Sars?Have you now said Sars and Pollywaffle in the one interview.I'm a man with his finger on the pulse.We will soon be seeing William on our screens again. He is starring a new series with Claudia Carvin called the Time of our Lives but his favourite role is being dad.You just want them to be good people who experience what life has to offer. Sometimes it's so hard to let go and say, well, it's up to them now. But they have to get out and accept that life can knock you down and give you a few bruises and scrapes. You have to get up and get on with it. I will be there to give them a cuddle and a pat on the back. As long as you know you're never alone. That's the thing. Getting your hands dirty. That's the style.Hello, are you right there, are you?Do - you have had your heartthrob phase. Heartthroby?You had the heartthroby phase in Sea Change when you were Max.The past catches up with you. I went for a run along the beach. I was chugging along thinking the knees aren't that bad. This guy turned around and said Sea Change was a long time ago. I went up your proverbial, mate. Go and blow T then I tried to run a bit harder and hurt my ankle. Everybody has their time. It doesn't make any difference. It's all just mucking around.What gives you more satisfaction these days, writing or acting?.I like doing something vaguely creative. That's my bag really. I'm a bit of a boofhead but it doesn't mean because you like to have a laugh and you're a bit of a clown t doesn't mean you can't think. But as long as you turn up when you're needed and you do the right thing, we will all get along well. Pollywaffles or not. What am I talking about?I think we will leave it there.I think we should have left it a long time ago. I don't think you should drink beer before... Don't put that in. You stitched me

before... Don't put that in. You
stitched me up.We didn't. He had us eating out of the palm of his hand. You should all read the book. After the break, fashion on a budget.You can definitely dress a family

This program is not captioned. MAN: (SINGS) # Anything you can be WOMAN: # I can be greater
Sooner or later... # VOICEOVER: The all-new Honda CRV. Smaller outside, bigger inside.

That's clever.

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Now, can mum, dad and two kids dress head to toe for less than $80? We challenged one family to do exactly that.

than $80? We challenged one family
to do exactly that.I'm gonna pop some tags...Clothing can be very expensive specifically if you buy brand names.You can definitely dress the family for under $80. Meet the Johnson family, mum Nicole, dad Luke, 13-year-old Brad and 11- year-old Holly. Shopping for clothe something all done by Nicole so she knows dressing the family doesn't come cheap.Just to keep it in budget, it's hard to make ends meet. It's hard.These days an outing to the movies won't give you much change from $80 but you can dress a family of four for the same amount? We have $80 here. I'm going to give that to you. I want you to dress everyone from head to toe and still have change left over. How do you think you will go?We will give it a shot.First off Target.Only got fd 5 to spend on pants.Next, Big W. These are cheap.Smokin.Let's go. And K mart. So how did they go? Brad is wearing a K mart T-shirt for $7. Target board shorts for $5.836789 dad is wearing a target T-shirt on sale for $6.83.Righto, girls, your turn. In you go. We will wait here.Holly is wearing Big W shorts. K smart T-shirt, and thongs, $6. While mum Nicole is wearing a K smart striped T-shirt, Big W jeans and K smart thongs. How do you think you went?It would be close.The total cost for all four outfits coming in at $78.10.Not only is it affordable but the quality how is fantastic. From Target from, K mart to Big W. I'm wearing Coles mix at the moment. This cost $7.Shopping concessions blogger Cathy says it's thanks to online competitors that stores are offering prices lower than ever before without compromising quality. I don't think you can tell the difference from a surf brand to a supermarket brand.

difference from a surf brand to a
supermarket brand.And for more information on that story you can head to our website. Coming up - the Aussie girl killed on holiday in Thailand. Then police try to frame her distraught boyfriend. They were obviously after one thing and one thing only. It was me money. It was to bribe This program is not captioned. Christmas time
is Coles time for great
seasonal specials. Like Cadbury Family
Block Chocolate half price
at just $2.29. That's right -
half price! # It's Christmas time # It's Christmas time... #

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night, how the holiday of a lifetime turned to tragedy in an instant. (VOICEOVER) Nicole and Jamie were planning a life together. Then a maniac ended it all. How a beautiful Aussie girl was killed on a Thailand holiday and her boyfriend framed by Thai police so the local who did it could getaway with it.I couldn't stop staring at him. So much anger.That special investigation tomorrow night only on A Current Affair. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. This program is not captioned.

Tonight on RBT... I've been doing
this job for a while. I have never heard of anyone drinking that much
and still breathing.

Why did you pull up here? I don't know.
I kind of freaked out. It's been
a bit of a bender of a weekend. Is there anything in there
that shouldn't be in there? I don't think so. (SIREN WAILS) Pull over!
(TYRES SCREECH) What are you doing, bro?! If you're going to smoke dope,
don't drive, OK? (SIREN WAILS) WOMAN: You look drunk,
sound drunk, smell drunk. MAN: You're in
some serious trouble.

Evening driver.