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(generated from captions) An ongoing saga. Thank you, Danny. Sebastian Vettel has fought back from his first-lap crash to win his World Championship. He finished sixth in Brazil. It was a wet and wild race, as Jenson Button won under a safety flag. 25-year-old Vettel is the youngest to win three titles. Peter, that test today - nobody will get to bed late tonight.The ice baths are full, Ken. Thank you. To finance news:

Amber is here with more weather. More hot and unsettled weather on the way. The WI
children. That' s tonight. Next on w
WIN News... The damning report into th
worksafety. The ACT - the worst in of
the country. An apology to victims s
of abuse in the defence force. And, Ya
students displaced after a fire at Yass High. That' s next.

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It was a warm and partly cloudy day, with storms sweeping through Sydney this afternoon. We had our warmest night since February last night, with 21 in the city, warming up to 27 today. The rest reached 34 degrees in the west. Storms will bring more unsettled weather to Victoria, NSW and southern Queensland. It will bring rain to most of NSW - heaviest in the south-east.

We can expect a cloudy day tomorrow, with scattered showers, and another possible late storm.

Hot, hot, hot! Amber, thank you. That is Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by

Danielle Post. Tonight ... The
sobering and damning report into th Territory' s construction industry t
Yass High closed, after fire tears through several classrooms. And: th chi
shocking affects of NAPLAN exams Danielle
children. Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. The mother of a youn i
man, killed on a construction site workpla
in July, says an inquiry into la
workplace safety is too little too alar
late. A report - highlighting an alarming disregard for safety acros recommendat
the Territory - makes 28 t
recommendations to radically reform de
the sector. It was the avoidable death of Kay Catanzariti' s son Ben
that sparked a wide spread inquiry. "It' s too late for Ben." "It earlier."
s a shame it wasn' t a bit earlier." Four months on and afte inquir
hours of investigations - the construct
inquiry into work safety on be
construction sites in Canberra has distres
been finalised. The results - "Th
distressing but not surprising. man
"This report is a sobering and in t
many respects damning assessment of l
the culture of workplace safety, or a
lack there of." +w The report found fo
an entrenched culture of disregard Constructio
for safety - an issue the abou
Construction Union is passionate adm
about. It was widely viewed as an financial
administrative burden and a
financial pain. "Each working day ind
somebody in the ACT construction result
industry has a serious injury, wo
resulting in at least one week off recomme
work." +w The inquiry made 28
recommendations - seven of which th immediatel
Government will implement ins
immediately. Including additional doi
inspectors to help weed out those addition
doing the wrong thing. "An aroun
additional twelve inspectors is around $1.5m to $2m recurrent, ever On
year in additional resourcing." introd
On the spot fines will also be
introduced. "If a building site i not fenced at the moment we have t qui
take that before courts which is t
quite a lengthy process. With an on a
the spot fine, you might expect say alon
a $2000." "This announcement alone will put a shudder through th industry
cowboys in the construction finding
industry." +w It' s hoped the chang
findings and subsequent culture inj
change will save lives and reduce comfo
injury - but that offers little "Hopefu
comfort to Kay Catanzariti. u
"Hopefully it wi upon li
upon and we can save someone elses life."

A Royal Commission into dozens of
alleged cases of rape at ADFA, rest in the hands of a newly establishe r
taskforce. It will investigate all reports of abuse on personnel in th compensa
defence force, and consider abus
compensation. Saying sorry for a
abuse spanning fifty decades. The con
action that we affect today, I am Mi
confident will mean that no future Minister for Defence has to make th o
same apology to the future victims wer
of inappropriate conduct. There fift
were more than seven hundred and
fifty plausible allegations from me and women in a report handed to th j
Government in April, some who were Ther
just 13 when abused in the navy. allegation
There was also twenty-four ni
allegations of rape at ADFA in the -w
nineteen-nineties. Now a taskforce ha
-will investigate all claims. It quest
has all taken far too long, the question I suppose could be asked i inquir
why wasn' t the Roberts-Smith
inquiry announced twelve months ago fifty-thous
+y Compensation of up to available
fifty-thousand dollars will available to victims. Witnesses can t be compelled to give evidence an scru
other allegations may need more h
scrutiny. The head of the inquiry f
has the right to ask for the powers it
for a Royal Commission if he needs it. We' ll just have to wait and se wh
what occurs. Len Roberts-Smith, cit
who is heading the taskforce, has con
cited privacy issues with victims identi
concerned about being publicly people
identified. Very many of the th
people who raised allegations with
them, had never done so before. I Dav
a statement, Defence Force Chief David Hurley said: "On behalf of th ADF, I say that I am sorry to thos o
who have suffered sexual, physical or mental abuse while serving in th stil
ADF". For some today, there was st
still something missing. When we
start talking about drawing lines i Mini
the sane is an apology from the C
Minister to the Commandant of ADFA, Ministe
Commodore Bruce Kafer who the Minister scape-goated last year.

A major fire at Yass High, could
see students displaced until the en t
of the week. The school was closed today - the blaze tearing though th milli
industrial arts block, causing Burn
millions of dollars in damage. Yas
Burnt to the ground. A quarter of Yass High School - turned to ashes. som
It' s always disappointing when something goes wrong in a school bu strong
a school like this one, has a strong sense of community. +w Polic rou
came across the blaze - during a b
routine patrol. The industrial arts
block was already a raging inferno. building
When we got here the whole lo
building was engulfed, there was a thi
lot of smoke so we got to work on loo
this end, the northern end and we end
look hoses around to the southern end to protect the other buildings. tw
Firefighters worked for close to two hours extinguish the blaze. W s
had 6 classrooms destroyed, there' c
s a hospitality room, textiles, the classroom
computer room and a general
classroom, metal and wood work room s
The priority now is securing the site. Water, gas and electricity ha today
been cut. School was cancelled b
today - but tomorrow, students will aroun
be relocated to different sites ret
around Yass. It' s hoped they' ll the
return to their own classrooms by pr
the end of the week. Everyone' s pretty positive about moving on. Ye it' s a tragedy but we just need t ab
rebuild and get kids feeling good
about getting back to school. +w Th fire has devastated the community eig
the second at the school in just eighteen months. It' s a shame, i schoo
really is, my daughter went to terrible
school over there. it' s happened
terrible and of course it' s se
happened there before, this is the second time it' s been lit up there t
Police are investigating whether the fire is suspicious.

A man in his thirties was taken to
the Canberra Hospital with lower le o
injuries after two trucks collided serv
on the Monaro Highway. Emergency services were called to the Isabell q
and Johnston Drive intersection at Both
quarter past eight this morning. Both southbound lanes of the highwa tool
were closed as hydraulic rescue m
tools were used to free the trapped injur
man. He also suffered abdominal injuries. The other driver, a man i C
his forties, was also taken to the f
Canberra Hospital for assessment. A four,
former Raiders player is one of vehi
four, who were killed in a three Cen
vehicle crash in New South Wales' when
Central West. Trent Morgan died, s
when a sedan swerved onto the wrong nea
side of the Great Western highway ute
near Bathurst, colliding with the thirty-
ute he was travelling in. The reserv
thirty-three- -year-old played broth
reserve grade for Canberra. His airlift
brother, who was driving, was
airlifted to hospital. Three elderl the
people in the other car, died at NAP
the scene. New research has found i
NAPLAN testing is leading to stress Report
in children as young as eight. nig
Reports of vomiting and sleepless seriou
nights have surfaced - raising th
serious questions about the use of supposed
the assessment tool. It' s supposed to provide a snap shot of ass
the education sector - a national numera
assessment of the literacy and t
numeracy skills of students. "The n
tests are very crude. They' re very with
narrow in their focus, they deal capabil
with two of the seven general reve
capabilities." A new study has distu
revealed the tests are having a som
disturbing impact on children. In physical
some cases they' re becoming to
physically ill because of pressure th
to perform. "It' s horrifying to a
think that students at such a young s
age as when NAPLAN starts are being st
subjected to such pressure." The o
study - conducted by the University eigh
of Melbourne, surveyed more than principal
eight thousand teachers and said
principals. Ninety-five per cent wo
said they felt poor NAPLAN results reports
would negatively affect media
reports about the school. Ninety-si dam
per cent felt weak results would commun
damage their reputation in the decidi
community. "No-one should be base
deciding a school is good or bad results
based on NAPLAN alone. NAPLAN ha
results simply indicate perhaps we a
have a reason to talk to the school Th
about our child' s development." te
The ACT did away with a culture of testing years ago. Even during year are
eleven and twelve - formal exams asse
are limited - instead continuous students.
assessment is used to grade
students. "The ACT has been caugh s
up in a national obsession of high whi
stakes, mass standardised testing no
which internationally has shown to not do a country any favours. " I Mi
a statement the Federal Education teachers
Minister, Peter Garrett said with
teachers and principals he spoke with found NAPLAN a "really valuabl performa
tool" to help track student to
performance. Students did not need curri
to learn beyond what was in the th
curriculum and there was no reason they should feel stressed.

Next on WIN News ...The battle for .
more childcare places at Yass. And, bench
... The ACT Opposition' s front bench shake-up. This program is not captioned. Christmas time
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bench shake-up. It' s been five fi
weeks coming. Today the Opposition w
finally unveiled its shadow cabinet W
with some newly created portfolios. is
With two fresh faces - Zed Seselja s
isn' t ruling out a future ministry
shakeup if his members perform well It was a case of everybody gets team
prize. Zed Seselja announcing a with
team of seven to go head to head thin
with Katy Gallagher' s five. I well.
think we stack up exceptionally Liberal
well. +w In a big loss to the V
Liberal party, long-standing member mi
Vicki Dunne has stepped out of the role.
ministry to take up the Speaker reshuffl
role. That' s led to a major Op
reshuffle. As a former lawyer, the Attorn
Opposition leader will take on corr
Attorney-General with police and portf
corrections. Along with two new Utili
portfolios - Cost of Living and char
Utilities. Whether it' s rates a
charges, whether it' s electricity, D
all of those costs are piling up.
Deputy Brendan Smyth will stay on a and
Treasurer with Business, Tourism pic
and the Arts. While Jeremy Hanson disabili
picks up community services, healt
disability services and retains health. We see the problems in ou surge
emergency department, elective to
surgery, with staff morale we need to keep the pressure up to hold thi C
Government to account. +y Alistair
Coe keeps the TAMS portfolio but ha Min
been promoted to Shadow Planning pu
Minister. There is a natural fit putting infrastructure and transpor n
into planning. The Liberals' two portf
new members have taken on small ind
portfolios. Andrew Wall youth and fema
indigenous affairs.. As the lone wa
female in cabinet - Guilia Jones - portfolio.
was allocated the women' s w
portfolio. I know a lot about the ha
work life balance and the blend we Obvio
have to do as working mums. so
Obviously I' m the youngest member hon
so the Assembly and it' s a badge s
honour I wear happily. +w The pair' closely
s performance will be watched unch
closely. While Zed boasted of an m
unchanged shadow cabinet last term,
movements are a possibility over th g
next four years. We will look to lon
give them more responsibility the longer they' ve been here.

An estimated twenty-thousand peopl festiva
attended the Foreshore music festival. Just six were taken to th t
watch house. Police found drugs on out.
two people. A number were kicked standb
out. St Johns Ambulance was on to
standby, giving medical assistance heat
to festival-goers in Saturday' s z
heat. Police enforced a non-alcohol zone around Commonwealth Park. Thre Pol
firearms were seized by Goulburn Fiv
Police during Operation Herculean thirty
Five at the weekend. More than High
thirty police set up on the Hume searc
Highway. Thirty-two people were de
searched - police made eleven drug issued
detections. Five cautions were
issued - one person was charged wit Va
supplying a prohibited drug. Yass provi
Valley Council has committed to wi
providing support to organisations facilities.
wishing to open childcare famil
facilities. There are dozens of the
families waiting for places - and
there are not enough centres to mee crisi
demand. A national childcare cen
crisis - that' s hitting regional facilities
centres hard. All of our facilities are at capacity with lon t
waiting lists which shows you what the need is but also the quality of Yass.
the care we' re getting here in fas
Yass. Yass Valley is one of the Wa
fastest growing areas in New South Wales. The growth in population - i In
putting extra strain on services. mu
Including childcare. Like pretty the
much the whole of New South Wales additional
there is huge pressure for th
additional childcare spaces I know becau
there is enormous pressure here +w
because it' s a fast growing area. i
+w The are four childcare providers capa
in Yass - and all of them are at one-hundr
capacity.There' s currently
one-hundred-and-forty-three student sevent
enrolled at Goodstart. Around top
seventy are on a waiting list. On s
top of that, the centre' s manager, t
says she can have anywhere from one wee
to five enquires for places, each a
week. The community is lobbying for
additional childcare services. It tha
s another facility like this one that parents are asking to be put i cen
the town. Out of the 4 childcare the
centres that are in Yass, this is operatin
the only one that has longer in
operating hours. It' s open from 7 Advo
in the morning until 6 at night.
Advocates for another centre say it wo
s the only option for parents who d
work longer hours. Our families hav
desperately need this so they can to
have a choice in when they go back t
to work on their terms. Mothers are opt
talking to me saying we need more have
options. Council is happy to part
have discussions with interested conversati
parties and trying to have
conversations with people who may b fac
interested in opening additional no
facilities Goodstart says it has no plans to create another centre i the town.

Treasurer Andrew Barr has ahea
foreshadowed three tough budgets retu
ahead as the Government looks to sect
return to surplus. The community fundi
sector has asked for a boost in u
funding of fifteen per cent to keep w
up with demand, but won' t have its gettin
wish granted. No one will be
getting a 15% boost to their fundin budge
in any area at all in the next to
budget in fact what we' re looking Coun
to do is find savings. The ACT gen
Council of Social Services annual are
general meeting was told services Christma
are stretched. Coming into m
Christmas we' re expecting more and com
more people as they see the bills sect
come in turning to the community abl
sector for support. If we' re not wil
able to provide that support that our
will have a significant impact on
our community as a whole. +y Member hundred-and-thi
share in around one- in
hundred-and-thirty million dollars o
in ACT Government funding. Hundreds jo
of Santas - ditched their sleighs, Lake
jogging, the 5 kilometres around they
Lake Burley Griffin. Of course - The
they' re not the real Saint Nick. c
The 800 were dressed as Claus for a V
cause yesterday - raising money for disa
Variety, which helps kids with a gl
disability. The Santa Fun Run is a reco
global event. Portugal holds the participa
record of fourteen thousand next
participants. Greg with sport is t
next ...And a must-win scenario for -
the Canberra Velocity. Yes Danielle
- The men' s and women' s teams hel their final training session at th Bra
AIS today - That' s Next. Plus - suppor
Brad Haddin returns home - his support for a former team-mate, who s under the pump. This program is not captioned. The sensitive ones.

The naughty ones.

The athletes.

The greedy ones.

The excitable ones.

The little ones.

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This program is not captioned.
s under the pump. Former Australia Ricky
wicket-keeper Brad Haddin says o
Ricky Ponting should leave the game on his terms. The Queanbeyan produc tom
will line up for New South Wales Sheffie
tomorrow, in day one of their Oval
Sheffield Shield clash at Manuka home-com
Oval against Queensland. A home-coming of sorts for Brad Haddi and New South Wales Blues team mat Daw
and former ACT Comets star David b
Dawson. I' m pretty excited to be back amongst family and friends and
back in the region to play a game o c
cricket. It' s great for me to of
come back down to the area, I sort grea
of started my career and it' s a great thrill for myself. The Blue team
play host to Queensland - their including
team is full of stars too - Hau
including Usman Kawaja and Nathan po
Hauritz. We' re here to get some points that' s our main job over th been
next four days, Queensland have cricket
been playing some pretty good
cricket, obviously defending champs watch
Australian selectors will be b
watching. The microscope under pace knockin
bowler Josh Hazlewood, who' s knocking on the door of a call up. Hopefully there' s a result in thi h
wicket over the next four days and Haddin
hopefully be on top of that. not
Haddin' s focus is on the Blues - cam
not Australia - but if the chance the
came up for a return - If I get know
the opportunity to play again, I n
know I' ll be ready but my focus is abou
not about that any more, mins is Wal
about winning games for New South bel
Wales. +y The former vice-captain Pon
believes under-fire veteran Ricky l
Ponting should stay on a little bit Ponting
longer. I still think Ricky stat
Ponting is our best batsman, the R
statistics show that, and guys like to
Ricky deserve to go when they want
to go, he' s been a great servant t arg
Australian cricket and it can be behi
argued our second best cricketer forme
behind Don Bradman. Meantime, former Comets player Nathan Lyon ha spinn
become the youngest Australian wicket
spinner to take 50 first class wickets.

Canberra Velocity star play Nick for
Kyrigos has declared himself fit, Sydne
for tomorrow' s must-win tie in fr
Sydney. The teenager has recovered i
from a hip-flexer injury, during an reall
intense period of training. s a crucia
really good atmosphere - - A
crucial tie and a crucial inclusion an
Nick Kyrgios has overcome injury, Velocity
and will line up in Canberra co
Velocity' s must win scenario. I s
couldn' t play the last tie, due to bothe
some injuries and concerns been
bothering me, for about a month now an
I' m excited, back in the line up trainin
and just came out here today, p
training session, I' m hitting them spea
pretty well. The teenager will Sydn
spearhead Canberra' s assault on La
Sydney, tomorrow night. Coach Todd Larkham says the men' s team will b tha
right to go. They' re all fit, that' s good, they' re fit and well f
they' re ready to go, they' re all
fired up and really well prepared. national
Up for grabs, a spot in the Te
national final of the Asia-Pacific done,
Tennis League. We got the job determi
done, we got their but we' re determined to kind of go further, w want to win the men' s and women' we really want to win these ties. The men' s and women' s cleaned up ag
in their own backyard a fortnight is
ago. Larkham believes the pressure r
is on their Sydney opponents. We' w
re probably underdogs, four players wo
who are all top one hundred in the tea
world, they' ve got a very strong p
team. +y The National final will be Aust
played in Melbourne - during the expe
Australian Open. A lot of good around
experience for all the players
around Australia too, you know, com g
down and support your state, it' s watch
good for all the people to come ki
watch, to keep, maybe inspire some rea
kids to get them to play, it' s a really good atmosphere.

The Queanbeyan gift has gone north Emma
of the border, with Queenslander honours,
Emma Rynee taking first line took
honours, at the annual event. It s
took thirteen-and-a-half seconds to pr
secure the ten thousand dollars in it'
prize-money. Rynee, Rynee wins, ngr
it' s going to Queensland. Co t
ngratulations girls that was a very I
tough race, well done and I' m sure i
I' ll be supporting New South Wales r
in the future. In the men' s main
race, Sydney-sider Dean Scarff won fin
thriller, in the heart- stopping finale, at Queanbeyan Park. To th Australian Baseball League, And th Canberra Cavalry and Melbourne Ace Narr
have recorded a split series at Narrabundah Ballpark. Canberra had wins
chance to secure a hat-trick of Aft
wins, but fell short yesterday. Nig
After a five-three loss on Friday S
Night.Canberra came out swinging on Marcus
Saturday afternoon. M and M of Marcus and Murphy went bang. Crow calm
noise +w Coach Collins remained fumble
calm - while Melbourne had the i
fumbles. Fans showed them how to do t
it. Cheers The Japanese imports capital
took to the mound, looking to Melb
capitalise one their 8-nil lead. thi
Melbourne got within three in the apply
third. Their pitchers couldn' t receivi
apply the pressure - Canberra
receiving a helping hand to get the to first base. Others needed a fir C
grip. Bat flys crowd noise The W
Cavalry hanging on to win ten-nine. five
While game three went there way, go
five-three. So good, so good, so
good. The final game of the serie Two
went down to the wire yesterday. af
Two-one in favour of the home side domi
after the first, Before the Aces lea
dominated the third, taking their Bring
lead to five, after the fourth. life.
Bring Melbourne' s game back to Knecht
life. Michael Wells and Marcus vis
Knecht couldn' t connect - as the series
visitors got home 8-7. A split wh
series worth a dance for Canberra, who host Adelaide from Friday.

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This program is not captioned.