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(generated from captions) We saw showers and storms start up
on the ranges this afternoon, pushing into the western suburbs. From the satellite - showers and storms
will push around 20mm of rain into the ranges tomorrow, with up to 40mm possible
for the southern ranges. The trough that is triggering
the storms will push across
most of New South Wales tomorrow with the wet weather
set to continue. Around the country:

On the water:

Staying warm and muggy tonight. A humid top of 28 tomorrow, with more showers and storms
expected. Most of the wet weather
will hit in the early afternoon before drying up to the north
later on. Rain-wise,
most of us will see 5-10mm but some could pick up 25mm
under bigger storm cells. We've got some very hot weather
ahead, especially in the western suburbs. It will stay cloudy on Wednesday then hot north-westerly winds
will push temperatures up as summer swings in.

. Summer is certainly swinging in. And that's Seven News
for this Monday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', an undercover sting
busting untrustworthy tradesman.

rounding up rogue tradesmen. OK, yep. They are moving in now. Go, go, go! Inside the sophisticated
surveillance sting tightening the screws. Plus, living in terror.

It will not protect me, not from this amount of violence, not from this amount of terror. Violence against women and how AVOs
aren't protecting everyone. And new credit card players -
can they stop the credit squeeze? Good evening. Welcome to another week
of Today Tonight. We start with the pre-Christmas
crackdown on rogue tradies.

They could be working
without licences, banned from trading
or simply not up to the job but you would never know
because they won't tell you. Tonight, reporter James Thomas
joins authorities on an undercover
surveillance operation catching them out, quoting for work
they should not be doing. It is wrong.
It is not a maybe, it is wrong. You are breaking the law, alright?

Unlicensed, unqualified,
unaccountable, often unscrupulous now under surveillance.

I think you are an absolute grub. They pray on the vulnerable
with ads in suburban papers offering cheap building work. We've been monitoring you.
We've been monitoring your ads, OK? Authorities are on the hunt. The target - unlicensed tradies. Scouring local papers, officers do background checks
on advertisers. Those without licenses
are called to a house set up with officers
acting as customers. The moment
the tradie issues a quote, officers pounce. OK, yep. They are moving in now. Go, go, go.

You are not obliged
to say or do anything. Unless you wish to do so. Whatever you do will be recorded
and may later be used in evidence. Do you understand that? Team one
will be in the surveillance van,

Team two will be Bill and George,
logoed. Steve Hopkins heads
the 5-day undercover operation by Fair Trading to catch unlicensed tradies
considered a threat to consumers. If you contract with somebody
without a license and they do dodgy work, you may never be able
to track them down and get any recourse. They are not on our database
and we're unable to assist. You have no recourse
in chasing them up to ensure the work is done
in a tradesman-like manner and you don't know
who these people really are that you are inviting in
to your home. Beverly learnt the hard way. who'd advertised in the local paper. He came in to our home

and he never came back
after he got the deposit money. Bev lost $800 and because
the tradie had no licence, Fair Trading's hands were tied. They were useless. They gave me a case number
and they phoned me up and said there is nothing they can do
to assist me as he is unlicensed. If you continue to work
in the industry unlicensed and illegally, we'll catch up with you
at some point. That point is about to arrive
for Carlos the renderer. Although, there is not much
officers can do about his manners.

Nice one. You see that? officers swoop. There is an offence
been committed here in the sense that you have quoted
for the deck and you are not supposed to do that. Mmm-hmm. Carlos cops a $250 fine
for his efforts. Did you know it was an offence? To be honest, no. On twisting the truth,
some of these guys are experts. Why did you tell a porky pie
to that guy? I didn't say any porky pies, mate. Really, before you drive off,
'Handy Andy', let's rewind the clock. What are you doing here today? Not doing, just a quote. What is the quote for? Tiling. As a licensed handyman, so long as it is no more
than $1,000. But Fair Trading suspect he may be
doing a lot more than that. What else are you doing? Tiling. Did you quote for anything else?

I have not quoted for that.Nothing else?Know.

Things were going OK for Handy Andy. That is,
until the full story surfaced via officers who'd been talking
to Andy's customers who are actually
covert Fair Trading officers. OK. $8,000 to $9,000 quote. Full bathroom renovation. The tiling,
but not to supply the tiles.

All the plumbing,
the shower screen. Tall stories are common, that what they are doing is wrong. Your lawnmower, is that right? Yeah. Mohammed was keen
to tell investigators he was only mowing lawns today. It's a difficult story to spin when you front up
without a lawnmower, and, instead of grass,
your boots are covered in concrete. $15,500 to concrete
the whole back garden. Oh, OK. Alright, listen. So, listen - you're not doing
lawnmowing, are ya? I do. Concreters are meant to be licensed. Mohammed isn't.

He knew that you needed a licence though, didn't she? If you're doing jobs for $15,000, surely you can afford a licence. It was the same story
for Martin the fencer. What are you doing here? Just looking for an address,
that's all. Really? Not many people get lost and then charge thousands
for directions. You quoting? Your quote here is for $3,500. Martin was really here
to install a fence. He is a fencer,
but his licence has expired. You've known you were doing
the wrong thing. Why do it? It cost Martin $250 in fines. It was the same for this guy. And this one, and this one. But do they care? Watch this tradie get busted
by Fair Trading. Then, as soon as the officers leave, he brazenly returns to the house
to finish quoting his illegal job. That is an absolute joke - $250. If you think about it, is just over a quarter
of what that man took from me and ran away with. It is a small price to pay when you can make $15,000
on a concreting job or several thousand
for an illegal house paint. is so happy. I'm happy, mate.

afford a licence. 'Today Tonight', Channel 7.All night, Channel 7? What do well look like? You are happy, are you? What can you do?
You have to be happy. The message may have been lost
in translation because every time I probed him on the seriousness
of trading unlicensed, he told me how happy he was. So, this is the first time
you have been happy in years? Yeah. You have a very unique
sense of humour or a great sense of irony because you are in trouble. Yeah.

What do well look like? Trouble, I don't know trouble.You just received a fine! That is not a deterrent for anyone
wanting to do the wrong thing. Most of the guys we have seen
have been getting pinged for $250.

Is that a sufficient deterrent
for a guy that is making $15,000 out of a dodgy concreting job? We hope lower-level
compliance activities will work. But then, if it doesn't, we'll be looking at a prosecution
on the next occasion. Individual fines
can reach as high as $3,000. Last financial year,, Last financial year, Fair Trading issued $1,001,652
in home building penalty notices. They received 8,586
home building-related complaints. And that's just one state. Others,
such as Victoria and Queensland, were unable to provide figures. something more has to be done. I think that they've really got to
up their act and the laws have to be
much, much stricter.

That operation is continuing and Fair Trading is eager to hear
from anyone who's had problems with a tradesman. Yesterday was White Ribbon Day, a day when we're asked to think about how to prevent violence
against women. It is an important cause - especially when you consider
how many women live in fear and take out
apprehended violence orders, or AVOs, in the hope
they will keep them safe. But as Clare Brady reports, sadly, there are times when an AVO
is no protection at all. (HEART BEATS)

All of my clothing
had been pulled out and everything had been smashed,
like, everything - pictures on walls, door handles, my computer had a big hammer mark
right through it, the keyboard was bent in half.

The bathroom had the shower screen
kicked in, taps kicked off, the toilet bowel kicked off
and the stench in my house. It's a stench
I'm never going to forget. Did you know exactly who it was? Instantly, I knew who it was.
Without a shadow of doubt. In fear for their safety, individuals, mostly women,
turn to the courts for help. Protection that comes in the form
of apprehended violence orders commonly known as AVOs. It can be a stressful process
to get a piece of paper like this. Often women
have to come face-to-face with their tormentor in court. Kate is too scared to show her face. David Christopher Smith
had been dating her mother when he decided
to unleashed his fury. He lay in wait for 14 hours
for Kate to come home. Running out of patience,
he destroyed her home. There was graffiti on the walls, photos of me had been smashed There were tarot cards left out, death and justice sitting there
for me on my dresser. The path of destruction
was just horrific. It's animalistic. He had consumed
quite a lot of beer cans because they were thrown everywhere
in my house. He had urinated inside my wardrobe. He'd pulled all of my clothes out,
all of my drawers, they were all over the floor. He'd urinated all over those. Inside my lounge room, he had had some restraints, a funnel
and a soldering iron to torture me. She's taken out at AVO but with Smith pleading guilty to three charges burglary,
criminal and stalking, he could be back on the streets
in a matter of years.

An AVO. A piece of paper. What's that going to do
to protect you? This is going to do
absolutely nothing. Sarjun Rajin
had that same piece of paper. It did her no good at all. She was in an abusive
and cruel arranged marriage and sought protection
from her husband, Avjit. On the day she applied to the court
for an AVO, the magistrate was curious
as to why she was so scared to enter a court
where her husband sat.

10 days after she was granted
her AVO, Sarjun was dead, stabbed and set alight. Her husband also killed
in the blaze.

Penalties against men who breach intervention orders will be increased. Violence against women
is rife in our community. Fiona McCormack
of Domestic Violence Victoria. We're talking about a system that is so overburdened
and under resourced, that it's almost like trying to keep
women and children safe with one arm tied behind your back. On average, a woman is murdered in Australia
every week by a current or ex-partner. Violence against women
costs the Australian economy $13.9 billion each year.

When it was happening, I didn't realise this
is what domestic violence is. Was he violent towards you?
Yes. In what way? I was sexually assaulted. I always thought
I could protect my children and I realised I didn't,
I didn't see it. This mother and her two children
lived in terror. After she had an AVO, her ex-husband got friends
to drive by her home and keep track of every move. As the law stands now, he's not in breach
of the court order but it keeps this little family
his prisoner. We live with that fear,
that intimidation and to you, perhaps a text message,
a phone message where no-one is at the other end may not frighten you but to us,
that may mean he knows where we are. What needs to be changed about AVOS
to make women feel more protected? First of all, get it right. This was meant to be indefinite. This man is always
going to be after me and I know that I have to live
with that fear now. The AVO, at best, I can hope
it means the police come quicker. Really, that's all I've got. It's not going to protect me. Not from this type of violence. Not from this amount of anger. What would you say to law-makers? Spend a day in my shoes
and it will be an eye opener. I would go to the police station
and tell them it's been breached and to them, it's not their lives,
it's my life, it's our life. It's the people
that are in my situation. There is a mood for change being driven by
the White Ribbon organisation that prevention is the best cure. For more information,
head to our website:

There are changes too
in the credit card market - new players who claim they can save you money
on Christmas purchases. Madeleine Kennard reports on the hidden charges
and over-the-top rates traditional lenders
slug customers with and how that's created
the opportunity for the new competitors to move in. The average credit card holder has spent an extra $100 a year
in interest. I think Australians have had enough.
We need to fight back. The Christmas credit card crunch... Consumers really don't understand
that they are getting ripped off. ..slugging Australian families
when it hurts the most. It's killing them and it's hurting people
right across Australia. Last year, the banks made
$1.3 billion from credit card fees and an estimated
further $6.1 billion in interest. Despite the Reserve Bank
lowering the cash rate by 1.25 percentage points, two-thirds of the credit cards
have remained unchanged. The interest rates are so high. They're 20, 22% on these cards and we know that the RBA rate
is, what, 3, 3.5%.. They're just making a fortune. Geoff Shannon from Unhappy Banking
says it's leading to a surge
in credit card rage. It's sending
a lot of people bankrupt that shouldn't really need to be
going bankrupt and I think we've had enough. The money's better in your pocket,
looking after your family than throwing it away to
credit card companies and the banks. John Symond
from mortgage broker Aussie says there are simple ways
to beat the banks. What about when we go overseas
for a holiday? Pretty hard to have a holiday
and not spend $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 and, all of a sudden, you're looking
at potentially getting slugged hundreds of dollars
that is totally unnecessary. Credit card providers are making
an extra $200 million a year by charging Aussie shoppers
a 3% overseas transaction fee on all purchases
and international spending. We'd rather just give you the value
in the lowest interest rate that we can afford to give you and give you benefits
by not slugging you with what I call hidden fees. Credit cards
can be too good to be true and often you don't usually
get something for free. So fed up
with all the money for nothing banks are getting from them, Australians
are using credit cards less. Michelle Hutchinson from RateCity
says it's forced lenders
to offer better deals. Here are three cards
that could save you hundreds if you shop online
or travel overseas. There are ways to avoid
these types of fees when you're shopping online
or overseas. Compare cards that don't charge
a foreign currency conversion fee or international transaction fees. The GE Money 28 Degrees MasterCard might have a high interest rate,
at 20.99%, but there's no annual fee
and no 3% currency conversion fee. The new Aussie Platinum Card's
interest rate is just 13.29% but charges an annual fee of $99. Again, it's free
of currency conversion fees. Consumers need to look
at the interest rate because they average consumer
has got no idea. If you find it hard
to repay the debt in the allocated
interest-free period, Michelle says it's important
to go for low-rate interest cards. There's a lot of deals
out there that can save you a lot of money, especially for
your Christmas shopping. Her picks are the Greater Building Society Visa with an interest rate of 10.25%
and an annual fee of $40 followed by the
Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank Visa with a rate of 9.99%
and an $84 annual fee. And her top pick is the Community First
Credit Union Low Rate Visa, a 9.50% interest rate
and a $40 annual fee. Consumers need to get off their butt
and do something about it and save, potentially,
hundreds of dollars and spend it on themselves
and their family. Stay with us. After the break -
kids in the kitchen. The point is to get the kids
into the kitchen. Keep it super simple, super easy,
so that they last in the kitchen. The woman behind
the '4 Ingredients' sensation and her quest to get kids cooking. That's next.

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Keeping it simple
has been the key to her success so now the woman behind
the '4 Ingredients' cookbooks is on a quest
to get more kids in the kitchen. Kim McCosker wants kids
to know cooking basics so they'll become healthier eaters. Adam Marshall has more.

are you ready to cook? ALL: Yes! OK, come on. Let's go. It's crush hour
in the 4 Ingredients kitchen but this time, it's not Kim McCosker
doing the cooking - it's the kids... What are you two champions making? BOTH: Hamburgers. I love hamburgers. OK, what are you putting into it?
What have we got in the bowl? BOTH: We've got the mince. OK, what are we adding? Bacon.
Bacon and cheese. OK, in we go
with our bacon and cheese. What did you make, Ava? I maked chocolate fruit jewels. BOTH: Well,
we're making soda pop cupcakes. They look awesome.

Their guide? The latest cookbook
in Kim's '4 Ingredients' series, '4 Ingredients Kids'. Its goal - to get fussy eaters
loving meal time without breaking
mum and dad's bank. The point
is to get the kids into the kitchen, keep it super simple, super easy,
so that they last in the kitchen. And these new recipes
seem to be working a treat. There's something
for every part of the day, from breakfast... And that's our volcanic eggs
and they're really easy to make. lunch... (PATTIES SIZZLE) ..dinner... These are going to look good
when they come out. ..and even the odd snack attack. Great work.

Mums would use it to uncomplicate our busy,
overwhelm, overworked lives. And kids can use it
to get their hands dirty, under the watchful eye of Mum,
of course. Will, how are you going, love?
Good. Got plenty of salad left?
Yep. Good stuff. Girls, double mixture, if that's OK. the more likely they are
to try the food. Kim says all the ingredients,
you can find in your own pantry. You don't have to hop a flight
to China to buy these ingredients. And there's even some tips on
how you can smuggle in those vegies. You just have to look for
Mr Vegie Smuggler or Mr VS symbol. So you have the recipe -
for example, spaghetti cupcakes. Three simple ingredients - a bit of spaghetti, eggs and cheese, but Mr VS pops up and says, "You can pop in some peas,
grate in some zucchini or parsnip "and your little cherubs,
they never is gonna know." But what the kids will know is what tastes good
once it makes it to the table. Yummy! (LAUGHTER) Good. This looks delicious.
They're big things! Kim, they love it. They do. You liking it? ALL: Yeah! I've already ated some. You've already eaten some? Was it easy? ALL: Yeah! Adam, even you could do it. Maybe next time. But that's the good news -
even parents can enjoy these meals. It's fruit milkshake. (GRUNTS) (LAUGHTER)

Still ahead, a test of knowledge. How much do we know
about our own history? Some of our generation
has become ignorant. If you want to be an Aussie or not. If not, go back where you came from. See how things fired up and find out
how you can take the test.


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The more we use the internet, the more our current copper network
is struggling to keep up. After all, it was originally
designed for phones. Not today's internet. (EXCITING MUSIC) The National Broadband Network
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as we put our knowledge
of Australian history to the test. Are you an Australian citizen?
No. Why? After 40 years,
make up your bloody mind. If not, go back where you came from! Some of our generation's
just become ignorant. You can take the same test at home. But that's it for now.
Have a great evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

Heath, you are the most
important thing in my life and I don't know how it happened,
but somehow I lost track of that. Just stop it, will you? I'm glad you've
started to deal with this.

I can't be a part of it. I had a seizure.
What?! I didn't tell you because I'm just
sick of you and everyone else having to worry about me. Hey, April, wait.
Where are you going? Look, I don't think you understand. No. I understand perfectly. After everything we've been through,
you still don't trust me. Harvey. Gary. What are you doing here? Winston flew me back from India. It's your surprise, Banger.
It's your best mate.


What the hell?
Well, you remember. You were dancing on the bar
with Kandii. Roo is...
No. It's best she doesn't find out.
She is going to kill me!

HARVEY: You do realise
we're a day early for the wedding. WINSTON: I've got a plan.
GARY: He's got a plan. Oh. Come on, Bangers. Out you get.


Your leg hurting, mate?
Everything hurts. What have you got there? It's just rose petals. Yeah. You'll love it.
Really? Yeah. You do want this to be
special, don't you? Well, look, I'm thinking
my someone special is gonna see my broken leg
and break the other one, to be honest with you. Oh, come on,
she'll find the funny side. How long did the doctors say
I have to wear this thing for? Oh, you know, the usual time. It doesn't really hurt.
It's weird. Look, we can waste time
giving you a medical report, or we can get on
with the rose petals. Guys, I think I'd better call Roo and let her know I've got
a broken leg. Oh, no, no, no. That's OK.
We'll figure out a way to hide it. Just until after the ceremony. Come on. Roo's been planning
this day for months. Do you really want to tell her
that something's gone wrong? Is that a good foundation
for married life? No. No, it's not. That's...Oh, you're right. If it's not perfect, she'll kill me. Thanks, guys. I don't know
what I'd do without you. Good, OK. Rose petals. Let's go.
We can do this.

Here we go.
Thanks, love. Isn't it gorgeous? It makes you feel happy to be alive. When you get to my age, Marilyn,
you feel that way every day. Well, you're only as old
as you feel. Where did all this
chirpiness come from? Well, as you know,
I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to organise
Roo's hens' night, but everything seems to be
falling into place very nicely. Well, love, you might
feel like you dodged a bullet, but you dropped me
right in the firing line.