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(generated from captions) long form of the game. Morne Morkel is really just focusing on the ball. Peter Siddle... There are five balls remaining. As a short one, he softens him up, there's another one gone, we need two wickets in four balls for.Let's not forget the guy at the wrong striker's end, Faf du Plessis -- non-striker's end. He came in yesterday at 3:58pm. South Africa were in all sorts of trouble. Four-45. They were just about down and out really. They had a day and a bit too bat with only six wickets in the shed and he's only in his first Test match.I wonder what the price was yesterday when he came to the wicket, somebody could have made a very good bet if they backed the draw at that point.

Macro 4 balls remaining in the Test match. Three balls. South Africa are so close to saving it. What a mighty effort. They have been gone on so many occasions on this Test match, and every time they have been on the brink they have fought back. -- in this Test match. What about this for fighting qualities, a phenomenal.We talked earlier in the Test match about the amazing finishes we have seen at Adelaide, we went back to 60/61 with Lynsey Klein, similar situation, McKay and Klein, then the amazing Adelaide with Hussey we hitting the winning runs. The draw with Fu West Indies in 6869. -- 68/69. -- with the West Indies.Australia need one right now, a wicket, but they're not going to get it and Du Plessis will take the strike and get through the second last ball of the Test match. They are saying to let it go, let it roll into the ropes. That means Morne Morkel stays on strike. For Du Plessis at one stage there was taking strike, because it was a boundary it comes back to Morne Morkel. Peter Siddle has got to take a wicket here. Australia fighting for the No. 1 ranking in Test cricket. South Africa are proving my they are there.They were screaming out, the fielders were screaming out from the slip cordon to let the ball go.Morne Morkel is back on strike. Well played, Morne Morkel. They have done it. They have done it. That will do it. South Africa will save the Test match. What an innings from Du Plessis. 376 deliveries for his 110. That's a superb effort from any batsman, let alone one on debut.Outstanding. Really mighty effort. The head Dow from the Australian skipper, Michael Clarke. He will feel that he should have done it, they should have got there the Australians, they have dominated for so long in this Test match, but they could not break at South Africa Downs. So Peter Siddle, unless there's a run-out off a no- ball... -- down.Peter Siddle might have just asked the umpire, "Do I really have to bowl this for?" There it is. It's all over. The match has been drawn. As I've said it has had everything. South Africa have fought long and hard. Peter Siddle, what heroics at the end, he finishes with 4-65. Another amazing Test match here in Adelaide. Two our NSW and Victorian viewers, you This program is captioned live. Tonight - Julia Gillard strikes out with a firey defence over the union slush fund affair. Guilty - the driver who claimed a floor mat made him hit a mum with her newborn. We speak exclusively to the CityRail worker who snapped at a fare evader. The war is over - why Coles and Woolies won't offer cash-back deals this Christmas. And a nail-biter on the final day at the Adelaide Oval. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Peter Overton. Good evening. Julia Gillard has delivered a firey defence of her role in the AWU slush fund affair, accusing the Opposition of sleaze and smear, and challenging it to produce evidence that she behaved improperly. The Prime Minister said a key allegation came down to her word against that of a self- confessed fraudster and sexist pig - former union bag man Ralph Blewitt. The Opposition telegraphed plans to hammer Julia Gillard in Parliament over the slush fund affair, so she pre-empted them with a news conference.Sleaze and smear - the Opposition has well and truly signalled that that will be central to their strategy.The Prime Minister honed in on Ralph Blewitt, the former union bag man who's accused her of falsely claiming to have witnessed his signature on the power of attorney.It's going to come down to Mr Blewitt's against mine.And then this broadside.A man who has publicly said he was involved in fraud. Mr Blewitt is a man who has sought immunity from prosecution, has published lewd and degrading comments and accompanying photographs of young women on his Facebook page, has been described as a complete imbecile and idiot, a stooge, a sexist pig, a liar, and his sister has said he's a crook and roten to the core. His word against mine. Make your mind up.Ms Gillard said her only role had been to give advice as a lawyer nearly 20 years ago about the incorporation of an entity called the AWU, workplace relations association. Her clients - her then-boyfriend Bruce Wilson and Mr Blewitt - were both officials at the AWU at the time.I did not set up a fund. I did not set up a bank account. I did not know about transactions on the accounts.She could not report the misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars, because she didn't know about it. Asked about claims that Wilson put $5,000 into her bank account after a night at a casino, the Prime Minister said she didn't remember any such incident, had tried to check, but Commonwealth Bank records didn't go back that far. Coming after the long news conference, the Opposition's question time attack was an anticlimax.She's using the tactic of holding a press conference because she knows the consequences of misleading the Parliament are far greater than the consequences of misleading journalists.Tony Abbott left all the questioning to his deputy, Julie Bishop. It was Mr Abbott's Chief of Staff, Peter Credlin, who had charge of a thick file labelled "Gillard/AWU". The father of a woman left permanently disabled by a negligent driver says no punishment could make up for their loss. The driver, Bryce Wayland, is facing a possible jail term, after a magistrate found he didn't even think to apply the brakes when he lost control of his car. It was a few terrifying seconds, but what Bryce Wayland didn't do in that time changed not only his life, but that of Emma De Silva and her entire family.She's just had a baby, she was just renovating at St Peter's, and it's all imploded.A Monday afternoon in March last year - Bryce Wayland's Lexus mounted the footpath on the Princes Highway at St Peter's, crashing into Emma De Silva, who was walking her baby in a pram. Emma suffered catastrophic injuries. She's permanently disabled, and needs around-the- clock care.It wouldn't matter what sentence you get, you never give Emma her life back.In finding Bryce Wayland guilty of negligent driving, the magistrate agreed his accelerator had gotten stuck under the car's floor mat, like in this re-enactment. At as Bryce Wayland gained speed, he tried to free the accelerator with had his foot. When he mounted this footpath, he tried to steer away, but not once did he even think to apply the brake. The magistrate found, depending upon when the brakes were applied, this accident may have been avoided - or may have caused less damage and injury than it did. If Bryce Wayland had applied his brakes, it would have taken his car up to 38m to stop - that would have left him 32m short of where Emma De Silva was walking.Bryce, how do you feel about the guilty verdict?Excuse us. He'll be sentenced in January. A teenage girl has been sexually assaulted during schoolies celebrations at Byron Bay. The 18- year-old was approached as she walked along Belongil beach at around 9:00 last night. Her attackser believed to be a young man in his late teens. Sydney home-owners will pay, on average, an extra $30 for council rates from July next year. The pricing regulator has allowed a 3.4% increase - more than inflation, but less than this year's price rise. An unprecedented apology in Federal Parliament today to the servicemen and -women who suffered abuse and bullying at the hands of their colleagues. A judicial inquiry will now examine hundreds of allegations, and tens of millions of dollars has been earmarked to compensate the victims. A day the Federal Government hopes will be a turning point for the military.On behalf of the Government, I say sorry. You should never have experienced this abuse. Again, I say sorry.Watching the apology - former Air Force cadet Tracy Marell. Raped by a colleague 30 years ago.There's got to be some sort of change. Hopefully this is the catalyst for it.Tracy says she wants to be one of the first to tell her story to a task force, established to look into hundreds of cases of abuse in the ADF.I say that I'm sorry to those who have suffered sexual, physical or mental abuse whilst serving in the ADF. The inquiry will be headed by former West Australian judge Len Roberts-Smith, the father of Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith.I have to say, horrified at the levels of abuse which have come to light in recent years.The Defence Minister says the task force could direct a perpetrator to make a personal apology to his victim - there's also a provision of a compensation payment of up to $50,000 for every case.It will uncover past offenders, and it will hold them accountable.The abuse is so widespread, it could lead to a royal commission into two notorious episodes - 24 cases of rape at the Defence Force Academy, and reports of the abuse of young boys at HMAS 'Leeuwin' in WA in the 1960s. Sydney's morning sunshine didn't last long, with a fierce storm sweeping across Sydney this afternoon. Amber Sherlock joins me. Amber, what's causing this wild weather?Pete, these storms were a result of the very hot and humid weather we've been experiencing. It reached 27 in the city today - 34 degrees in our west, with around 70% humidity. The first storm hit Penrith just after 3:00pm. Another one popped up an hour later near Bankstown, and pushed across the Harbour, just clipping the CBD. Lightning has been the major feature of both of these storms. It has brought some strong winds, gusting up to 50km/h, and also some rain - at this stage, though, adjust couple of millimetres. We are expecting more unsettled weather tomorrow. The full forecast a little later, Peter.Amber, thank you. A CityRail worker has spoken about the moment he snapped at a teenager who was trying to catch a train without paying for a ticket. Leslie Birch was sacked over the incident, but he argues he didn't do anything wrong.

I thought, "Enough is enough." You let somebody do it once, and they know they can get away with it, they'll do it again and again. Leslie Birch spent 15 years watching passengers like this - here, at Chatswood station, you see the 18-year-old sneak through behind another commuter. Lesley intercepts him. As he bends down, the teen knees him and is ready to fight. This time, the Penrith father retaliates.We cop abuse on a daily basis, whether it's just swearing, spat on...As they grapple with each other, Lesley twists the teenager's arm behind his back, making a citizen's arrest. A reaction that would cost him his job.They're saying that I was the aggressor in the situation. And that I acted inappropriately.It wasn't just CityRail saying it - Lesley appealed his dismissal, but lost. The transport board upheld RailCorp's view that the customer service attendant breached his job description by approaching the fair evader. Rail bosses told us they couldn't comment for legal reasons. But passenger lobby groups could, and back the sacked worker.It puts awful pressure on them. They're expected to get their job done. You must logically forfeit some rights when you get on a train without your ticket.Commuters agree.They deserve everything they get. Someone's got to pay for the public transport.Lesley is 53 with a wife and two young boys. Five months on, he's still unemployed - but...I'm not going to beg for my job back. That's not me. In the past year, Australian families have seen their grocery bills consult by the price war between Coles and Woolworths. But the discounts may not be around for much longer, with the supermarket giants showing signs of a ceasefire. It's 12 months since Coles fired the first shots in the supermarket price war - cutting the price of milk to $1 a litre. Since then, the promotions have been relentless. Eggs, lamb, beef, bread, toilet paper, bottled water, even cash vouchers.The two big supermarkets were having a go at each other and trying to aim to get a larger market share.But this Christmas, the battle is changing again - there are fewer promotions and Nine News has learned the cash-back vouchers are unlikely to be repeated.What they now realise is there's more to driving customer value than just price.An internal report obtained by Nine News shows Coles' price fell on average by 4.2% in the last 18 months. For its 1,200 down-down items, prices have been cut by 8%. Woolworths, by contrast, is aiming to be 2% cheaper than Coles across its most expensive items. So, who won the war? Though Coles' sales growth has outstripped Woolworths for the past 13 quarters straight, Woolworths is much, much bigger so, its total sales are greater. It's also fair to say that both supermarket giants have increased their share of the $110 billion-a-year supermarket business. So in this war, it seems, there were no losers. Who won?No idea. South Africa has held on for a nail-biting draw on a gripping time day of the second cricket test in Adelaide.

Australia fell just two wickets short of victory. Faf du Plessis the hero for the tourists, scoring an unbeaten 110. An emotional rollercoaster for the Australians - early joy, ton thill video review.It's just pitched outside that pitch map, the line of leg stump.Next over - another high, but again technology favoured the South Africans.Doesn't even look as though there's any pad there at all.Nothing at all.Australia's bowlers, minus the injured Pattinson, were burning up on the sizzling day. A frustrated Clarke questioning the umpires in a wicketless first session. The stubborn South African partnership broken by Siddle.Gone! Bowled!Du Plessis battled on, crawling toward triple figures. A great chance slipped through Wade's fingers. He was looking defeated. Nothing going right for the Australians.Then, bang...Du Plessis's maiden test ton potentially a match-saver.Faf du Plessis gets 100 on debut!Then, some hope - Kallis out, followed by Steyn. But the stoic South Africans dug in again.It's all over. The match is drawn.This very much a great escape.

match is drawn.This very much a
great escape. We'll go live to the Adelaide Oval with Ken in sport. Stay with us. In the news ahead - a 9-year-old boy run down at a pedestrian crossing in Rooty Hill. Doctors strike out at parents who don't vaccinate their kids. And the desperate race to free a tangled whale shark.

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A young boy remains in a serious condition in hospital tonight, after being hit by a car at Rooty Hill. The 9-year-old was on a pedestrian crossing outside his school, when he was knocked down. The P-plate driver has not been charged. Immunisation is a subject that fiercely divides parents, but doctors want to see an end to the debate. A new report shows a rising number of children are going unvaccinated - a trend experts say is endangering the entire community. It's an issue no-one, least of all the medical community, thought they'd ever have to confront again, convincing parents that immunisation can save their children's lives.In the early 20th century, we didn't have vaccination, and you should visit the cemeteries of that time.Diseases that once were killers, threatening an return because 1 in 12 parents aren't immunising their children. Glenwood mum Marina Grima did, but regrets it.I believe that's responsible for my son developing autism. Doctors insist there's no evidence to connect any vaccine with autism. Willoughby mother Sarah is more than happy to give her son the jab. Don't have to worry that they'll catch something you don't want them to catch.90% of toddlers aged up to 18 months are being immunised, but experts warn that the rate drops sharply by five years old - just 89%. And that's not enough.If it continues to drop, we are going to see diseases that have not circulated in Australia for a long, long time.Measles is a special worry. Since April this year, more than 170 cases in NSW - and mostly in western and south-western Sydney. Encouragingly, the infection rate has been falling steadily since October. If more incentive is needed, many parents can claim a $726 Family Tax Benefit - once all the children are fully immunised. Some extraordinary pictures tonight from the Pacific Ocean, where a team of divers has rescued a whale shark. The giant animal was slowly being strangled by a heavy rope. Far off the coast of Mexico, this enormous whale shark was struggling, wrapped around its body and cutting into the fins, a thick rope that had been there so long, it was covered in barnacles.Just do it. I mean, I saw it - just go and do it. These divers had just entered the water when the whale shark drifted past. Their morning expedition suddenly turn under to a rescue mission. Danny Zapatis approaching the 10m monster with only his pocket knife.It wasn't difficult. To be honest, I went really hafrd when I was cutting, and I broke the rope.The rope, which had been there for months, falling away. The gentle giant wounded, but finally free.It feels so good.The odds of this unexpected meeting almost impossible to calculate - freedom for the whale shark, one hell of a story for the divers.(APPLAUSE)

A story to make you feel good. Here's Ken with sport. Good evening. Good evening. A draw that felt like a loss for Australia - so how will selectors react? We're live in Adelaide for all the fallout. Sonny Bill Williams' extraordinary offer to bring Quade Cooper to rugby league. Sebastian Vettel makes history, as the F1 season comes to a slippery end. This program is not captioned. SONG: # When I wake up
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This program is not captioned. As we reported earlier, South Africa has hung on for a remarkable draw in the second test in Adelaide. No-one gave them any chance on the final day. We're joined now by Thomas Kelly at Adelaide Oval. This result has got to be painful for the Australians, Roz Kelly? Absolutely, Ken. The Aussies came here this morning very, very confident they'd be victorious. Now there are fresh concerns for Australian selectors tonight, because after what was an incredibly hard slog for the bowlers, they are so exhausted.

incredibly hard slog for the
bowlers, they are so exhausted. Michael Clarke and coach Mickey Arthur are set to have a phone hook-up very shortly with the other selecters to finalise their squad for the third test in Perth. Among the decisions - how to handle Ricky Ponting's failures this series, and also - who will replace the injured James Pattinson? It is a very tight turnaround between tests, Ken - just three days until what will be the series' decider.

just three days until what will be
the series' decider. Good on you. Thank you, Roz. The NRL premiers are seething about what they call an unfair 2013 draw. Melbourne travel to Townsville in round two, only to host a Grand Final rematch five days later. We're really worried about the welfare of our players, so we get told. Are any doctors being asked their poins on what this does to play stphrrsBellamy threatened to withdraw some players. Roosters recruit Sonny Bill Williams says he will sacrifice half his salary to bring Quade Cooper to the club next year. Cooper confirmed today that he has quit Australian rugby, and boxing is his immediate future. The first curve ball of the day was Quade Cooper's appearance at Reds training. But take it as fact his Wallaby and Reds days are over.All I have in front of me is the offer that I was given, and that offer is one that I've already said I won't accept, and I haven't accepted. There's no mistaking that Cooper has an issue with the ARU.I'd like to say that, you know, there's a - from my end, and I can speak as a free person - that there's a total communication breakdown.Cooper's next step will be making his pro boxing debut on Sonny Bill Williams' undercard on February 8. Just a month before his return to the NRL, Williams fights for a BBA heavyweight title. And after that, Sonny Bill wants Quade at the Roosters - and will do anything to get him there.I'll probably go as far to say that I would give him - myself, I'd give him half my pay packet just to lure him across.It just shows how - Sonny's personality. He's very giving, and he's very tight with the people that he loves.And Sonny also says teams are lying when they say they don't want Quade.I've been there when clubs have rung up and inquired about his services.Live to Danny Weidler at Roosters headquarters. Danny, is this a chance of happening - playing league?Ken, I think the Roosters' main concern at this stage is getting Sonny Bill Williams' contract registered with the NRL. That hasn't happened yet. Ian Shubsert looking at the right now. The Roosters also have James Maloney, a big signing for next year, and Anthony Minichiello can play fullback as well - two positions that Cooper could be considered playing are quite full at the moment. Also, I think the favourite for Quade Cooper right now would have to be European rugby. But who knows? Sonny's money could get him over here at Bondi junction. An ongoing saga. Thank you, Danny. Sebastian Vettel has fought back from his first-lap crash to win his World Championship. He finished sixth in Brazil. It was a wet and wild race, as Jenson Button won under a safety flag. 25-year-old Vettel is the youngest to win three titles. Peter, that test today - nobody will get to bed late tonight.The ice baths are full, Ken. Thank you. To finance news:

Amber is here with more weather. More hot and unsettled weather on the way. The WI
children. That' s tonight. Next on w
WIN News... The damning report into th
worksafety. The ACT - the worst in of
the country. An apology to victims s
of abuse in the defence force. And, Ya
students displaced after a fire at Yass High. That' s next.

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It was a warm and partly cloudy day, with storms sweeping through Sydney this afternoon. We had our warmest night since February last night, with 21 in the city, warming up to 27 today. The rest reached 34 degrees in the west. Storms will bring more unsettled weather to Victoria, NSW and southern Queensland. It will bring rain to most of NSW - heaviest in the south-east.

We can expect a cloudy day tomorrow, with scattered showers, and another possible late storm.

Hot, hot, hot! Amber, thank you. That is Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by

Danielle Post. Tonight ... The
sobering and damning report into th Territory' s construction industry t
Yass High closed, after fire tears through several classrooms. And: th chi
shocking affects of NAPLAN exams Danielle
children. Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. The mother of a youn i
man, killed on a construction site workpla
in July, says an inquiry into la
workplace safety is too little too