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84. Do the shells of molluscs,
such as snails, contain blood vessels and nerves?

No is correct. Known for the album 'Rhinestone'
is country music singer Dolly WHO?

Parton is correct, Mia. Well done. How many months of the year
end with the three letters B-E-R?

Four. What is 58 - 35?

22. 23, it is, Tianna, there.
Just missed out. Checking scores for today. Very interesting game, this one. Rydalmere East. Bailey, Tianna, Ryan - 200 points -
have come in third. Slipped a little bit
in that last round. Mia, Arjun, James... William Carey Christian School -
Prestons, 210 ..are second. Even though they surrendered
a couple of points, Hornsby North -
Troy, Monique and So Ae are our winners to start the week. We look forward
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - Parents' grief
as a babysitter faces court accused of shaking their daughter
to death. The Morcombes attend
the committal hearing for the man accused
of murdering their son, Daniel. Julia Gillard hits back at
those union slush fund allegations. And the brave boy who saved
his brothers from a Gold Coast fire. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with John Mangos. Good afternoon. A babysitter has appeared in court, accused of shaking to death
an infant who was in her care. Ketapat Jenkins
is facing a committal hearing charged with the manslaughter
of 10-month-old Chloe Murphy in Melbourne two years ago. Laurel Irving is covering the case
and joins me now. Laurel Irving is covering the case
and joins me now. Laurel,
what happened in court this morning?

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. It was the opening day of the committal hearing for Ketapat Jenkins and she was babysitting clearly he was 10 months old when she was found with severe injuries. The prosecution told the court that Jenkins was the only person who could have caused the injuries. Coli's farmer gave evidence in court today that when they dropped Chloe off, she was happy and healthy. When they returned a few hours later after dinner and a movie, the baby was limp and struggling to breathe. He said the baby was in Jenkins's arms, that it Jenkins herself was calm but then "Why didn't she tell me the baby had asthma?" to which both parents were applied "She did not." she had emergency surgery but died two days earlier. She was found to have a fractured skull, swirling on the brain and a badly broken arm. The pathologist said her injuries were consistent with a shaken baby. 21 witnesses will be called in the case this week. Tomorrow morning, Polley's mother would give evidence as well. A harrowing case. Thanks, Laurel. In breaking news, emergency crews
are battling a bushfire that's burning close to homes
on the outskirts of Sydney. The blaze has spread across
7 hectares at South Windsor, The blaze has spread across
7 hectares at South Windsor, coming within 20m
of nearby properties. Firefighters say
they've contained the flames but fear it could reignite
as winds pick up, with residents hosing down homes
to keep sparks at bay. Good afternoon. The parents of Daniel Morcombe
have sat in court to see the man accused
of murdering their son Daniel face the first day
of his committal hearing.

The court has heard how police finally found
the 13-year-old boy's remains eight years after he vanished. Erin Edwards is in Brisbane. Good afternoon, John. The chief of forensic police
on the Sunshine Coast was the first of 51 witnesses
to give evidence. It included never-before-seen
photos of remains and clothing found at Beerwah in August
last year. Some of the remains,
including a shin bone, were found 5cm below the surface. Other clothes were found on top including a pair of shoes similar
to what Daniel Morcombe was wearing the day he vanished, a pair of Globe sneakers. They were found
on top of the surface just covered in light leaves. The Morcombes
also had a victory today. They are allowed to hear
the evidence despite likely being called as
witnesses in a Supreme Court trial. Listen to Daniel's father earlier.

Clearly, some of those photos
capture images that are disturbing
to family members and are difficult for us
to cope with. Brett Cowan, the WA father accused
of Daniel's murder, showed no emotion this morning. This hearing will go for two weeks, closing and reopening next year. After that, the Queensland
Chief Magistrate will decide if there is enough evidence to send
Mr Cowan to trial. Next month is 10 years since
Daniel's disappearance on his way to buy Christmas presents
for his family. The Prime Minister has fired up while answering questions
about her role in the Australian Workers Union
scandal at a marathon news conference. Julia Gillard says
she did nothing wrong when she set up a union slush fund
almost 20 years ago. A pre-emptive strike - the Prime Minister offering herself
up to the media for questions. In the hope that that minimises
the amount of parliamentary time that is wasted on these issues. Julia Gillard answered questions
for just under an hour about her alleged involvement
in the union slush fund scandal when she worked for
Slater & Gordon almost 20 years ago. I did nothing wrong. Ms Gillard says she didn't know about any wrongdoing
by her former boyfriend, Australian Workers Union official
Bruce Wilson. I did not have in front of me any evidence
of criminality or wrongdoing. Ms Gillard maintains
she only provided legal advice about setting up a fund to raise money for the re-election
of union officials. So low level,
I didn't even charge for it. The Prime Minister was fiery... You might be more expert
in these matters than me, but I doubt...
(MAN TALKS) Don't...don't hector me. ..and personal, attacking former union official
Ralph Blewitt who bought a house with
the allegedly stolen union money. You can work out who you believe. The person who's standing here - Prime Minister of Australia
who has done nothing wrong, or the man who says
he's guilty of fraud and is looking for an immunity. Work it out. The exhaustive press conference
didn't stop the Opposition firing even more questions
at the Prime Minister in parliament.

Why did the Prime Minister give
legal advice to Wilson and Blewitt on the incorporation
of this association when she must have known,
as a partner of Slater & Gordon, it was in contravention
of union rules. All they've got left
is filth and smear and sleaze. And there's just one week
of Parliament left.

A Sydney man is facing
up to nine months in jail for crashing into a woman
wheeling a pram. Bryce Wayland claimed he drove
onto the footpath last year when his accelerator jammed, hitting Emma De Silva
and her 3-week-old daughter. It's just an unfortunate tragedy. Mr Curran's come to the decision that he was negligent
in failing to apply the brakes and, as I said,

there just are no winners
in such a situation. Mrs De Silva suffered brain damage
after spending eight days in a coma. A 13-year-old boy
is being called a hero for helping save
his younger brothers from a fire that destroyed
their Gold Coast home. The family has lost everything but are grateful
no-one was badly hurt. 13-year-old Anderson Phan Hong
has reason to be tired today. Last night,
he helped save his younger brothers William and Justin when their house went up in flames. I was really scared. I thought I was gonna die. The fire in their weatherboard home
at Varsity Lakes was ferocious. Flames blocked the front door
and smoke filled the back as the boys tried to escape. It was so smoky,
you couldn't see anything. I couldn't breathe. So then,
I took them out of the house. I let them down...I let them get
out of the house first and then I fell down the stairs. With the help
of his mother's boyfriend, Anderson made it to safety. Both were treated
for smoke inhalation. The boys were safe
but their home was destroyed. Fibro sheeting has exploded out
onto the street and all over the front lawns so quite a dramatic,
high-intensity fire. The boy's mother was away from home
last night and was overwhelmed
when she saw them today. I'm so glad you are safe, honey. Clever boys, your boys.
He's a hero. He's a hero. The family has lost everything
and are staying with relatives. Investigators are still trying
to work out how the fire began. Defence personnel
who have suffered sexual abuse today received a historic apology
from the Federal Government. Victims will be able
to seek justice, including compensation, from a new taskforce set up
to review hundreds of allegations. For victims who suffered abuse
while serving their country, today, finally, an official apology. On behalf of the Government,
I say sorry. You should never have experienced
this abuse. You should never have experienced
this abuse. It follows an independent review that's uncovered
almost 800 serious allegations, some dating back six decades. In response,
the Government's set up a taskforce, headed by a former military judge and father
of a Victoria Cross winner. The DLA Piper review did not purport
to identify alleged perpetrators. The work of the taskforce
is likely to do so. The inquiry is expected to run
for at least 12 months. It will assess
individual complaints, recommend counselling
or conciliation, refer claims to police
and the military justice system and order compensation payouts. $50,000 maximum will, no doubt,
be for the most serious cases. It could also recommend
a royal commission into the repeated rape
and abuse of recruits at the academy and HMAS 'Leeuwin'. Defence chief David Hurley
has also said sorry. Some members of the ADF
have failed to understand Some members of the ADF
have failed to understand the responsibility
that rank imposes, that rank is a privilege and not a licence for domineering,
belittling or predatory behaviour. Defence will foot the bill for the review
and compensation scheme, expected to run
into tens of millions of dollars. After the break - the growing number of parents
refusing to immunise their children. Also, how cyclists are taking
revenge on reckless drivers.

Doctors and scientists
have joined forces in a new campaign encouraging parents
to have their children immunised. About 30,000 children
are going without vaccinations and the number is rising. Seven's Talitha Cummins
joins me now. Hello, Talitha. This campaign is targeting parents
who think vaccines are dangerous? Yes, John, but Australia's
leading doctors say this book, 'The Science of Immunisation,' is a must-read for all parents. As you said, 30,000 Australian children
are still not vaccinated and doctors say
that not only puts them at risk but other children around them too. The AMA says it's a national issue but it's fighting
an international online campaign which is putting doubt
into the minds of parents over whether or not
they should immunise their children. That's why the nation's
doctors and researchers - including Professor Ian Frazer, who developed
the cervical cancer vaccine - put this book together - to answer all parents' questions
and try to eliminate that doubt. If it continues to drop, we are going to see diseases that
have not circulated in Australia for a long, long time. We had one death from diphtheria
in Queensland last year - a big surprise to people who thought
that disease had gone. But they say vaccines
have been highly effective in almost eradicating
smallpox and tetanus and that the most common risk
children face is redness in the arm, a sign the immunisation is working. So this booklet answers
all questions for parents. For information on how to get it,
visit our website. Thanks, Talitha.

Four people have died
as widespread flooding hits the UK. Three days of torrential rain
and gale force winds have damaged hundreds of homes. Communities in the south-west
of England, around Cornwall, have been left devastated after a month's worth of rain fell
in four days. And conditions are set to worsen, with more rain predicted
over coming days. Firefighters faced a delicate rescue
to save the driver of this truck in the US state of Oregon. He'd crashed through a railing
and was left dangling. The driver's OK but he's now facing
drink-driving charges because he was more than six times
the legal limit. The road war
between cyclists and drivers is waged in cities around Australia
and the world. Now, an increasing number
of bike riders are using technology to take revenge
on reckless motorists. For Evan Wilder, it was supposed to be
yet another bicycle commute to work at 'National Geographic' but on this day in August,
he didn't get far. Wilder went down hard after a driver screamed at him
to move over. Then...

He walked away with scrapes,
bruises, a shoulder rotator cuff injury and the driver's
licence plate number - thanks to the small video camera he always attaches to his handlebars
or helmet. And he's not alone. Lots of cyclists are now documenting
their daily encounters on the road. (HORN TOOTS) From intimidation in Colorado... (HORN BLARES) I have no idea
what this guy is doing. (HORN BLARES) I'm riding right of the white line. I'm riding right
over the white line. hit and run in California. Both of these riders were unharmed. With so many drivers and cyclists
sharing the road, there is a perception no-one
is actually obeying the rules, cyclists unwilling to stop
at stop signs with motorists often speeding or unwilling to give cyclists
the room they need. Now video cameras are offering
proof of bad behaviour. We've all had things thrown at us,
been pushed off the road. Former Olympic cyclist Bob Mionske is now a lawyer
representing cyclists. They have the same right
that you have. It's true that you can pass them -
you just have to do so safely. Back in DC,
the video came in handy. Police found the driver
who allegedly hit Evan Wilder. He's now pleaded not guilty
to charges of assault and leaving the scene
of an accident. After the break - incredible underwater pictures of a whale shark
being freed from a rope. Also, the Rolling Stones kick off
their 50-year celebration tour. And in sport, highlights from the
final day of the second test.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
from a real flood claims call. (PHONE RINGS) Hey, Graeme.
It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
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The more we use the internet, the more our current copper network
is struggling to keep up. After all, it was originally
designed for phones. Not today's internet. (EXCITING MUSIC) The National Broadband Network
is a network that can deliver our needs now
and into the future.

With technology such as optic fibre
directly to the home, the NBN will give us access to high-speed, reliable broadband and the possibilities of tomorrow.

The National Broadband Network - connecting us to a better future. The rollout is already underway. To find out more, go to

A group of divers has been praised
for their bravery after undertaking an
incredible rescue of a whale shark which had rope tangled around it. They posted this video on YouTube. The dive crew
was exploring the ocean off Mexico when they came across
the whale shark in distress. It's believed the creature had been tangled
in the thick line for some time because barnacles
were growing on it. The rope was restricting
the shark's fins and breathing but the divers succeeded
in cutting it free. Time to check
the financial markets and the ASX 200 started the week
in positive territory, up 11 points.

The Rolling Stones
have rocked London at the first of five concerts
to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Former members Bill Wyman and
Mick Taylor joined the band on stage for the first time
in more than 20 years. (SINGS): # I said,
hey, you, get off my cloud, (SINGS): # I said,
hey, you, get off of my cloud, # Hey, you, get off of my cloud # Hey, you, get off of my cloud. # They're performing
three concerts in London and two in New York. It's not cheap, though - tickets were selling
for up to $1,500 each. Sport shortly but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

In news.. In news.. A long awaited inquiry
into abuse within the Australian Defence Force has been
announced by Defence Minister Stephen Smith today. The
Australian Defence Force Association says it's about time
victims are able to seek justice. Concerns too many worksite
bosses are more focused on profit than safety..
according to the ACT malpractice inquiry released
today. It's as Work Safety Minister Simons
Corbell's promised to put on more safety inspectors to make
sure bosses abide by the rules. More than a month after
the ACT election..Liberal leader Zed Seselja's finally
revealed his 7 person shadow leader Zed Seselja's finally
revealed his 7 person shadow cabinet. He's picked up new
portfolios Cost of Living and Utilities. The ACT's best swimmers will
be forced to practice in public pools.. when the
AIS high performance training pool is closed next
July because of a leak. training pool is closed next
July because of a leak. And.. Queanbeyan's Mark
Webber says team mate Sebastian Vettel's in a
club of his own. He won his third successive F-1
championship in Brazil. third successive F-1
championship in Brazil. Webber finished sixth overall.

Good afternoon, everyone. South Africa is fighting
all the way against Australia on the final day of the fifth test
in Adelaide. Needing six wickets for victory
at the start of the day, the Aussies couldn't break through
before lunch with two l.b.w. decisions
overturned. Peter Siddle finally broke
the 68-over stand of 'Faf' Du Plessis
and AB de Villiers. COMMENTATOR: Gone! Bowled! Siddle's gone away
from the right-hander, then he's chopped one back in.

And all of a sudden,
then he's chopped one back in. But the injured Jacques Kallis
joined the battle. Du Plessis was on 94
when he was given a life before going on
to notch a brilliant century. Nathan Lyon then removed Kallis
for 46. The

The third Test starts in Perth on Friday.

Red star Quade Cooper hasn't
given up on his rugby union career despite announcing today he will make his boxing debut
on Sonny Bill Williams' undercard in Brisbane in February. My desire for rugby will never fade. It's something I very much love but it's kinda out of my hands
at the moment. Queensland officials
are trying to act as peacemakers after Cooper rejected
the Australian Rugby Union's offer. Hawthorn has returned
to pre-season training keen to erase the memories
of their grand final loss to Sydney. There are some new faces
at the Hawks, including former Blues coach
and now assistant Brett Ratten and defender Brian Lake. The Hawks are looking forward
to 2013.

It is obviously occurred now, it is behind us end we are thinking about getting back to a position where weekend make something of it.

More on the Hawks
in Melbourne's Seven News at 6:00.

Sebastian Vettel has survived
a chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix to become Formula 1's
youngest triple world champion. The 25-year-old recovered
from a first corner crash to finish sixth and beat Fernando Alonso
for the title by three points. COMMENTATOR:
And we look down now for the man. It is Sebastian Vettel for Red Bull!

Three times a world champion!

Mark Webber was fourth,
and sixth in the championship. And Rory McIlroy
has ended his year with victory at golf's $8 million
World Tour Championship in Dubai. The world number 1
finished with 5 straight birdies to overhaul Justin Rose
and win by two strokes. It's McIlroy's fifth title of 2012.

We are counting down to the Australian Open next week. More's board at six o'clock.

That's all in sport.

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Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update. Cloud continues to build
across Melbourne. There's a thundery change
on the way. In Sydney, a few showers and thunderstorms are
sweeping across the western suburbs.

It is now raining in the city centre. And in Brisbane, it's a warm
and mostly sunny afternoon. From the satellite - we have this broad area
of low pressure driving scattered showers
and thunderstorms that stretch from the Kimberley
over the south-east corner. centre. The cloud deck looks impressive. Most rain is not making

impressive. Most rain is not making
it to the ground. Most rain is expected to be confined to southern parts of Victoria as it pushes through, more redeveloping over the eastern part of NSW in the afternoon. Dryer and storms to continue through the Kimberley. They change in the southern part of WA.

That's the latest weather. More at 6:00. John. Thanks, David. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm John Mangos. Enjoy your evening.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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