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(generated from captions) 353 would be a win. They want to get through the day. As Mark Taylor said in the first half an hour, there was not many runs scored in the two-goal period yesterday. It is about survival and stonewalling. They did a good job yesterday. De Villiers in Du Plessis, told the 19. It was not the most entertaining cricket from a run-scoring point of view, but would -- but it was an intriguing play. The responsibility will start with Hilfenhaus. I would say Minegolia will get a goal early on. -- Lyon. You feel that if they do get on a roll, the Test match will finish very quickly.

Looking forward to a very good day's play here. De Villiers is one player and Du Plessis is the other. They stuck around yesterday evening and did a good job. Things are always different the following morning. More difficult. The bowlers are rested overnight. Peter Siddle is the man with the ball in his tent.It looked like it was going to be Hilfenhaus, but Peter Siddle has taken over.

Into place -- Du Plessis's debut Test match he scored well.He is looking very good. He has been very composed and has weathered several storms that the Australians have thrown at him. I'm looking forward to seal what they throw this morning. Will it be an all-out storm or will it be a patient game? Siddle's first one, fall and dead straight.

The first runs of the day.Just leaning into that one. It was a half volley. It was up there and that is the key. When you're just looking to defend and Stonewall you still have to be very quick on your feet. You have to get yourself into these positions as quickly as you can. Essentially an attacking shot is an extension of a good defensive stroke. If you can model your kids with good technique. If you flourish true, that is a attacking stroke. It is a case of them just holding back on flourishing through the line of the ball. It requires a lot of discipline to do that.

And more runs.These are differences already. Du Plessis would not have driven that ball as well and these sorts of shorts were not happening late yesterday afternoon. They batted for two hours for this partnership. 177 balls for just 36 runs. There are differences, as you both say. The two wickets here and this can be over before lunch. But those two wickets are going to be very difficult to dig out.

So the men a very straight.. That is the indication that it is going to be stumped to stump bowling. That is a good strip from Du Plessis.But to straight. Another shot he probably would not have played yesterday.But only the ball was a fresh, but the batsmen are finding the middle of the bat first up. They were not hitting it yesterday afternoon. They were just blocking would ever came their way. These variants want them playing shots. The ball is reversing there. That was into the batsman. It will be clipped away for four.

That is the positive approach in the first over. If we look at the ball when it comes out, you will see that the shiny side is standing out. When it is reversing it goes to the shiny side. It is something that the batsmen will be trying to pick up in the end of the bowlers. If you were able to get a view of the Sony show at -- Chinese side, you determine which way it is swinging.

Just short.

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Those are the batsmen who were born.

Let's have a look at the final delivery. The Mannering catching positions. It is only just short of Ed Cowan.

As we thought, Nathan Lyon will bowl from the cathedral.

I like that they have silly point in there. They have short leg, silly point, leg slip and regulation slip.It never does any harm to have a silly point in there. It could find the inside edge and go into the pad, but then it might bounce into the off side.There is the movement across. It is an interesting way to play. We were talking about that this morning. They will take the single. the other thing that is doing is leaving massive gaps behind them. Look at all the way out here. There is no-one. They are saying to Faf du Plessis to go for the drive. Lyon wanted to try that so that maybe the inside edge happens.

That was a misjudged shot there. He was playing inside the line. He was playing for spin but it did not quite turn.

That is a win for the bowler.Then the batsmen realise there are two rooms there.

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It is a good view from the commentary box. Who is this head?

That is our vantage point a peer at the Adelaide Oval. We are at the opposite end to where we were in previous years. The Bradman Stand is being rebuilt.This is as good as they can do with a temporary demountable.I did not quite like...

Just feel that bit in.We will renew. -- Crown knew.

You mentioned last over the reverse-swing and swing which is very late in at the feet of the batsmen may be and having a white one. I think Nathan Lyon has been ball into consistently and too quick.

You talk about what he is doing this morning. I entirely agree with that. Start -- straight away he was quicker this morning then he was yesterday where there was flight and holding the ball back a little bit from the batsman. He has probably been down the nets and bowling away and thinking if he can pick up five today and all that just adds another half a yard on to your speed. Changes were the batsmen see it the other end. I did say yesterday that I was pleased to see that he was not rushing so much.

Shane Warne was at his best around the 80km/h son Nathan is like -- bowling fairly fast, which is probably normal for a conventional off-spinner. Maybe he can tempt them into some slower deliveries. The good thing about his bowling is that he genuinely rips it off the index finger. That is what the off spinner does. The leg-spinner does it with the third finger. He has to be them not with pace through the air, but with Kyle.

One ball remaining and Siddle would love to get the early breakthrough. One might just get things going. It could finish quickly. There is a good side. That is a big face national urge. -- massage. Another warm day here. It was overcast when we got here. The Sun is now out and it is warm. This program is not captioned.

The key to use the expected maximum Minichiello or two. -- 32. There he is across his stumps again. Be employed its against Graeme Swann in England recently. They obviously felt it was a great way to take on the off spin. You try to line up a delivery a little bit more by going outside the off-stump. But they are not doing much when they get out there, are they? They are playing the ball shot like we just saw them. There is the big gap that we saw behind Ricky Ponting. They can go through that defensive shot and drive.

The square. Area is on offer. If you stay in an orthodox position, you can be storing the --

They are trying to hit back down the line, back down the pitch. Lion lion last had to alter -- Lyon has had to alter the line he bowls to the batsmen. The batsmen are looking out and seeing all of these men around them. They are in the face of the batsmen these men in close. Dk imagine you are Francois du Plessis and he is looking around. There are the fieldsmen. They are waiting for something. How did you feel, Heals, when you were batting and they were all around you and all chatting?I looked at the gaps. It probably worked on me. I would be scoring runs. I would be working into the gap behind that man. I would get to the pitch of one and work into that gap just past short leg and just to the left of mid- wicket and I would definitely be looking to push past that man into that run scoring region around cover to point. I guess the South Africans just put all of their shots away, they have banked them all and they are just defending softly.If you play aggressively you are taking this money out so you are hitting either side of him, but he is out. As soon as you play an aggressive stroke, he is too close. The more he is out of play but there is so much scoring area there. It is a balancing act. Scoring is not important to South Africa they are saying. They have just battened down the hatches to block the day out. 4/88 and sometimes even when you try to do that the runs come any way because of those gaps that Michael Clarke has left. Nathan Lyon wouldn't mind me or either of these batsmen pushing out to cover in the hope that one spins. I think that is what he has to do next. He has to get one to spin. He has to get some doubt in their minds.That is it. I haven't seen one turn too much at this stage. There is a good line from Siddle. He is concentrating on stump to stumch bowling.Early on -- stump bowling. Early on the South Africans put the smallest roller they could on the pitch and it won't have had any great effect on anything except just to settle the grass down a bit. If he had put the heaviest possible roller on, the motorised one, it might just have broken up a few little cracks out there. So it was good thinking.And it hasn't been all-out aggression by the Australians first up this morning, Day 56789 it has been patients. Siddle has gone straight and then that one, the occasional one, full and wide, searching for a mistake. Lyon very consistent - tight, economical lines and lengths. Without any discernible variation just yet. Maybe around the wicket is going to be a employ so that they can't continue to walk across their stumps. He is just changing it up slightly Siddle. Subtle changes. I think he might have tried to roll the finger bounce there for the leg cutter. He has the reverse swing happening. It is not swimming a whole lot just yet but it is moving and that is all you need sometimes. Subtle movement, doesn't have to be big movement, with the knowledge that a wicket might bring two. Kallis, will he bat next snt you would think. So he has to. -- bat next? You would think so. He has to. There it is the big incomering. I was coped with very well by Abraham de Villiers. He has this new theory he found out overnight - he is trying not to move his feet too much. Just a small movement of his feet but good balance. He found recently he had been lunging, lunging too far, plonking on to the front foot rather than saying still and watching the ball on to his bat. That is his new theory.It is a very interesting theory.It is good while it is reverse swinging.Again, that one didn't go quite This program is not captioned.

4/88. Another maiden.
There we have it, the third Vodafone Test Series. There is a 3- day break and then we will start on November 30 through to December 4 and it will be decide who is number one in test cricket. There is still tickets available. We would love to see you there. The WACA, magnificent ground to watch test cricket and two heavyweights doing battle again.What sort of shout is that? He is almost a metre outside the line? This is where round the wicket might help. Won't be able to walk and get outside the line. There is more pressure in there now. There is even more men around the bat which means more gaps that they are not trying to hit into.Who is that? That is Hussey. He fell over trying to get right under the nose of the batsman. With all of those fieldsmen there, there is not many in the out field. Play some shots! There are test runs on offer. Just five and three quarter hours to go, fellas. That is what the Aussies will be saying. They can't keep this up. A bit of football being played, slash soccer.

Their plans are pretty obvious - they want two wickets by 100 runs. That is 12 more.Catch!!That was close. That was nearly off the glove popping out to one of those many men in there. They don't care which one it goes to. If it just pops off the glove, this is the delivery that could change things. Something this. Finally, some real grip, extra bounce. Bats men uncertainty. It is another maiden. This program is not captioned.

It is just time for South Africa bat, bat, bat. If they could save the day it would be remarkable. It is something that we know they have is fight and they will be fighting for as long as they can. It is this early phase, the first session, this partnership, getting in. Once they feel like they are in they will be very hard to dislodge like the late session yesterday.I wonder what Graeme Smith is like on a tight, tense test match day like this? He looks pretty cool so far. He is taking it all in. Bracing himself for long periods chewing the fingernails while that man, and Abraham de Villiers and Jacques Kallis try to do the job. The world number one and the contender is on the block. There is the shorter one, maybe a few bouncers.In a situation like this it doesn't do any harm for the fielding side to be a bit unorthodox. The way du Plessis is playing, I think you could bring a man in alongside him. He is not allowed to be on the pitch, but an inch away from the pitch and another one at short leg. You could call it intimidation if you like - might well be - but that is the sort of thing I would do to counter the comfort feeling he is getting out there and not hitting the ball.Yes they are very found in technique at the moment, aren't they, and it is a good strong defensive stroke, very pronounced. Good footwork in behind it early, something that that man on screen, Ricky Ponting is frustrated by. He said he was a little tentative in Brisbane in the first test match and tentative again down here in Adelaide. You can tell he has played for a while. Look at the bag by green! It has lost its glow and it has a few holes in it. The silverfish in his coffin got to the felt of the baggy green. It has been around the traps, that is for sure.

sure. It looks like the first one he has got and he is still wearing it. I don't know if he has got another one. They went through a phase, Cricket Australia by saying you might have to give us your old one if you want a new one because they didn't want to see them in auctions around the country, but that is a rarity. And Ricky Ponting - do you think that is his first?I doubt it.Doubt it? It is a long time, isn't it? It might have been his first he mightn't have worn it all the time. Although the batsmen don't bat in it very much. It is just a fields hat and occasion when the ball spinners are bowling. It certainly looks like it could be his first. I wouldn't tolerate wearing something like that. I would be getting the new money where the Coat of Arms is proud and new, or I would have that reconditioned.We will see the new one, that is what the felt looks like. It is two weeks old. There is a big, big This program is not captioned.

a big, big difference. 4/88 still.
A lot of chat going on out there. Maeth Wade is keeping people going. The wicket-keeper's role at times is to keep people turning, and Ian Healy was exactly the same. That is when the commentary started. How flat did that wicket look? That wicket looked really flat that they were not playing shots on. It looked like JontyRhodes?Yeah, it was him.Loved playing shots against warn any but was about that day. There is the territory that does not possess the fieldsman so there an easy boundary there for du Plessis. Very well played. Deep in his crease, goes through with the back defence just a little bit and races away it does. Now, round the wicket. Interesting. Not before time. Nathan Lyon is trying. He has men everywhere. In he comes, Mike Hussey coming across. Ruscy is doing what rich Ben Ben wants them to do, trying to have a presence at a very short gully.

This program is not captioned.

and 4/92.
To get the runs it is all about the wickets. Petersen, Smith, Amla, Ruldolf, they are not required now. Kallis will be very hard to dislodge. He does not want to bat for some time.

Here we go, Siddle once more.

Magnificent part of test cricket. It is one thing to be ahead in a test match and to be a front runner, or to come from behind, but to actually nail the victory is difficult. One of the rare games that has got a draw as an outcome. And it can be a positive outcome for a side who has been behind for five days, and that is what South Africa are endeavouring to do, just stop Australia winning, actual winning of a match is a skill in itself that a team must become accustomed to. This is a genuine Peter Siddle effort. It is almost like the television ad and promotion of the season. Come on mate, this is now! This is right now. He stops at the top of his mark. He doesn't this time. Just wants something to hoop back in at the pads of de Villiers. Good movement there.Yeah, a strong effort as always from Peter Siddle. That is what would please Michael Clarke at any stage of the day you throw him the ball and he charges in for you. They are fighting South Africa, no doubt about I. Just back to the caps, how many did you finish up with at the end of your career, do you know?I think I had six, and I would wear them for probably two-and-a-half years each before they would lose the Coat of Arms. As soon as the Coat of Arms went into becoming the same colour as the felt or how Ricky's is at the moment, I would swap a cap. Good delivery. Very close to jamming it under the bat. What about your ritchie?I didn't wear cap in those days, we didn't wear caps or hats we wore little white hats or went bareheaded. But, you have to take into account, say with Ricky, circumstances there, the greyhounds might have got at it. Could have, too. Picked the button off the top. He loves his greyhounds. There a pull shot - where does that come from? Some aggression. I mentioned there was at one stage Cricket Australia was thinking about a trade to get a new cap. I finished with four and five and a coup of them were where the special we had a skull cup and we had a centennary test for sorts where we got another different style of cap just as a one-off. In yesteryear I think they got one for every tour and it had the date of the tour on it.Yeah, sometimes two - one to exchange and one for yourself.. It is only become important, it has only become a big thing since memorabilia has become important and there is a financial market for it and that is why there needs to be certain protections put in place for IP or intellectual properties, like the baggy greens, I have no problem with someone before 1994 selling or auctions or donating a cap to charity, but after that when the money came into the game, a lot stronger from 1997 on wards, no way. No-one is to shelve or benefit from having a baggy green in their cupboard.De Villiers is fighting. Slow ball to finish. It is good This program is not captioned.

The target is 430 and they are not interested in the runs, they just want to bat the day out. At the moment things are going OK. De Villiers and du Plessis have got through the first half an hour and they would be feeling fairly set. Just to give you an idea to take you out there, what does it feel out to be de Villiers or du Plessis with this field in place? He looks around and there is the keeper, there is the leg slip, there is Ed Cowan, they are all in there. You feel their breath! They are talking in between every delivery and you are trying to block it out as a batsman. A change in the commentary - Mark Nicholas, Mark Taylor and Bill Laurie.Thank you, Michael. Well, South African's point of view this pair is doing a great job. The only problem I see with it if you keep yourself on strike for maiden after maiden eventually you will get one. If you can rotate the strike just a little bit more it gives you a chance to ease your concentration. At the moment they will really putting pressure on themselves when you have to play out the full over consistently. They are doing a great job. 232 delivers, which is a lot, but their aim is to try to save this test match.It is a lot, Bill, when you think about it, 23 3 deliveries, this is nearly 40 overs these two have been together A couple of half chances. Nothing gone to hand yet. There is just enough there to keep the Australians concentrating. Keeping at the job. This program is not captioned.

overers. Warmish overcast day in Adelaide. Ben Hilfenhaus is coming in. I think it is time for Warner. Just to break it up and have a lose delivery, the one that might jump out of the tough I has been pretty predictable. Lyon bowled well but it is regulation stuff. They are digging N they are digging a bill hole and they are just going to push forward and push forward. There are the bowling figures.

What is happening is the South Africans are saying you have to bowl me out, I am not worried about runs. If they survive it will be a great save.It is someone of those false starts we see from Ben Hilfenhaus. This is an interesting field. I expect he is going to bowl some cutters here, maybe roll his fingers across the seam. There is a leg slip in place, that is that man there. There is also a first slip and two men catching on the drive - actually three men catching on the drive. There is a guy on the pitch at the straight mid-on, short, straight mid-on. That is the short mid-on there, that is Rob Quiney and you have the guy at short cover. I think he will bowl some cutters, try to get the bowl maybe just to hold up off the pitch a little bit. Six years ago Matthew Hoggard did that for England, they went on to lose the game, but at a 350 where tay are getting some kind of handle on the game Hoggard bowls exactly those cutters but the pitch was bearer. It didn't have the mat of grass that is holding this one together.I have to say that the curator has done a magnificent job. This is one of the greatest pitches we have seen, there has been no variable in the bounce and it hasn't broken up. The batsmen can go forward with a lot of confidence and the bowlers have had to work really hard for their wickets. There is no Warner out there, and that is why I think he should come on, maybe get some bounce as well. I don't know that the Australians will be saying that at 5:30 if the match is drawn. They might be saying they wish the fifth day had a bit more in it for the bowler.If you can't bowl them out in a day- and-a-half you are not good enough. The good bowlers get you out. They all have big wickets on a good pitch here. What I have liked about this pitch it has been the extra carry in it. The ball has carried through well in this game and I think there has been enough there for the really good bowlers. Morne Morkel has bowled well and timed and Peter Siddle has bowled well at times. There is enough there but row have to bowl well. You have to find an extra bit of effort and maybe the short one to bring Cowan into play or Ponting there. There has been excellent bounce for the spinners, that is what I have really liked about it. It is not easy to get batsmen out who are not playing any shots. They are not playing any shots whatsoever but what about a wide one, what about a bounce er? What about a full toss? It is all good length sufficient u stuff so they are in the groove. De Villiers and du Plessis are just pushing forward, they are looking so comfortable. That SONG: # When the world
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This program is not captioned.

That is better. A maiden, 4/94.
That is the run rate, it is a record. It is the slowest run rate ever!Go easy, Bill, we might pull out some old footage of you shortly. I wish you would!! There we are, in our broadcasting position but as far as concentration this pair is doing a great job. Du Plessis batted well in the first innings.I think from an Australian point of view obviously they would have loved the wicket in the first half hour but they will be telling each other just to remain patient. You obviously have to make things happen but they are bowling alright. One wicket can lead to two or three. I want to see a bit of you, Bill. They probably have some highlights of you playing some shots. That was your best shot right there. The old shuffle across the crease and Miss the ball. Bob Simpson used to them me that you never ran. There he goesGeez, you have creamed that. That has almost gone off the square!That was for the 100. They missed the bat raising!!Imagine 10 of those shots. That is riveting stuff that.I am in front of these two guys! It is all good fun. It was a black and white that worried me. Meantime, the South Africans doing a good job.The bowling sure looks slower in black and white. This program is not captioned.

Well bowled.A maiden, 4/94.
Don't forget KFC are hosting our classic catches segment. All you have to do is, we will show you a segment of catches, you have to select which one you think will be the most popular and you can call us or SMS the letter of the catch with your full name and address, that number there. Four catches we will show you in each segment. Catch A of this segment is Rob Quiney who unfortunately hasn't made a lot of runs in this series but he looks a good field. It has been a shame from the Australian point of view that they haven't got some runs out of him because he is certainly an asset in the field. She is a good mover and a good catcher. Back live. Catch B, Dale Steyn. This will be Rob Quiney on the receiving end here, a hook shot at the Gabba test match and Steyn judged it really well. It would have gone for six that ball. Fairly flat and quickly down to fine leg. Something that is the modern player has really thought about and pretty much perfected, the ability to knock it up, stepping outside the rope and stepping back in to complete the catch. It was a fantastic catch in New Zealand last summer. They billed it on YouTube as the catch of the century when two players were involved in that action.Catch C, Michael Clarke was having an excellent summer in all aspects of the game. That was a good catch. Skidder there from Nathan Lyon. Found the edge of Kallis's bat and he moved pretty well. It was late in the day on Day five of that test match. That is catch C.

And the final catch in this segment, catch D for 2003, was Glenn McGrath. Was it Michael Vaughn the batsman? Yeah, and in the middle of a golden summer here in Australia. Three 100s in the series and still sweats over this McGrath effort. He still says how was it possible n the other hand too, not even the hand he drived with. -- dived with. This program is not captioned.

he drived with. -- dived with.4/94.
Just a reminder of those numbers for our Classing Catches segment. That closes at midnight tonight so you have to get in quickly. Michael Clarke from the cathedral end taking up the attack, left arm orthodox over the wicket.

orthodox over the wicket.Nathan Lyon has bowled quite a few overers today, number of maidens. 2/22. So we are now going to see Michael Clarke.Say that again?2/22. 21 overs. 11 maidens for Nathan Lyon. It is a good move to try to find an area of the pitch where there may be uncertainty for the batsmen. Certainly the rough is that area. The real problem for Australia is the lack of reverse skin. Neither Hilfenhaus or Siddle has got its tail at all. With James Pattinson injured, so they don't have thinks strength to try to muscle something out of the pitch, Clarke will be starting to get concerned.They really are missing that third quick, aren't they? As you say, a quick with a bit of force. I was saying yesterday this would be a great time for a Merv Hughes type of spell. He used to do the huff and puff hard spell when the wicket was flat and you are trying to break a partnership. That There's nothing more, you know,
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missing James Pattinson. 4/94.
14 overs bowled this morning, ten of them have been maidens, so there the line and length have been there, there is no aggression from the batsmen. They are quite happy to wait for the lose ball. The partnership is still 49. Five maidens in a row. Around the wicket he goes. You can see here that Ben Hilfenhaus is trying to bowl one of those huff and puff spell where they get a bit nasty, try to get in the face of the batsmen, a whole lot of short stuff. There is a man at leg slip as I said, there is a back pad, a man out at deep backward square for the hook shot. We are going to see a number of small balls to try to upset the footwork of the batsman.He is going for the nasty option and it's just not him, is it? He just isn't Merv Hughes or Akram or Ian Botham or Dennis Lillee. People who just could look terrorising in their way. It is a hot day at well, so the bowlers will feel it a bit. I think it is time for a Warner. Get some spin and bounce. Anything could happen as there is plenty of runs in the bank. The target is 430. There is a ripper.You see there Abraham de Villiers is trying to maintain his concentration. At the moment Ben Hilfenhaus is bowling everything - short stuff, what is that one a little cutter wide down the leg side. Bit of a nothing ball. You wouldn't normally see Hilfenhaus bowl something like that but she trying to mix it up. At the same time Abraham de Villiers is telling himself not to get sucked into this type of bowling, just play the way he has played in the last hour or so.Yes, Hilfenhaus comes around the wicket takes LBW away which is a problem, but one of the reasons he ising do it - there are two main reasons. One is the angle for the short ball in the hope that de Villiers has to fend one off or tries to hook it. The other is that he will follow through the right handers off stump and give more help to Nathan Lyon. That is a better delivery. This program is not captioned.

That is the situation, the South Africans holding firm at the moment. This pair has been in for a long time. They are not going to give up a test match easily. Clarke continues. They pick up two runs. Australia need two wicts, really. They need two -- wicket, really. They need two out of de Villiers, du Plessis and Kallis. On the basis that they can adopt this process for the whole day and pull it off. After that the batsmen probably don't have the technique.Close, very close!! He has given him!! It pitched in line. Didn't offer a shot and gave the umpire had a good hard look at it. It is Clarke again. Bowden will know full well that they will review it. He would have thought very hard about this. Did it pitch outside left stump because if it did it cannot be LBW. They will check the no ball first.There is no problem there. The other thing is did it spin. Did it give the umpire enough time to see if the ball spun or not. Let's have a look. The line is looking pretty good there. Now, does this go straight on? That will be the next question or does it turn a bit - does it turn enough to miss off jump. That is the two questions. First it has to pitch inside with leg stump and the pitch is outside it won't be given out. It has to go straight on to hit the stumps and not turn.Remember that the DRS will be in favour of the umpire. I don't know about where that ball pitched. That is going to be the problem. I think it probably is going on to his middle and off stump maybe. That is the problem. There is just so little in it.Yep, middle of that ball needs to pitch inside that pitch mat. There is a little bit of the ball there but not the middle of the ball. Actually it did turn a little bit as well. So it may just have gone past off stump any way. The interesting - it has just pitched outside of that pitch map, the line of leg stump. So it has gone on OK, it is just pitched outside that leg stump line.

stump line.One of the reasons Michael Clarke will be so frustrated that has turned out against him it is kind of the red light to the batsman, du Plessis is much less likely now. However, it brings in to play du Plessis playing at those balls which might be handy. That is a good stroke. The first lose ball from Clarke. Hopefully now for Clarke the balls that pitch around leg stump on the fringe of that rough he may will more tempted to play at.

more tempted to play at.
A big of a bug bear of mine that half the ball has to be inside that pitch map. I reckon if any of the ball is inside that line, that danger zon line it should count because a pat of the ball is hitting in line. Indeed part of the ball is pitched in line of the leg stump but it is an ongoing debate with ICC!That is a good over Bunnings has everything you need for your outdoor
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You can win up to $10,000 in our Gatorade Cooler of cash. They cooler could have between $100 or $10,000 inside. All you have to do is purchase a specially marked bottle and enter online. Hilfenhaus continues. You buy a specially marked bottle of Gatorade and enter online to see if you are an instant winner the Gatorade Cooler of cash. If we go back to the first test match ever televised in Australia at the Gabba, Australia versus England, one batsmen went for 481 minutes at six runs an hour. They lost the match but that is a marathon.458 that is a day and an hour-and-a-half.It is over 7.5 hours for 68. Made Boycott, the look like a dasher.He was gutsy, when needed, a good seam bowler, a very good cricketer.

bowler, a very good cricketer.I have a feeling that Ben Hilfenhaus took du Plessis by surprise there. It seemed like it was a shorter run up. Du Plessis wasn't quite ready then. Also the umpire - actually the umpire wasn't even ready. A good time to bowl. He would be a bit nervous if you were a batsman. Not if you trap him in front it wouldn't.It wasn't the batsman who was caught out, it was actually the umpire. What are you doing? Fancy wanting to bowl now! He probably heard us talking about Trevor bailey. -- Bailey. A little period where things are just happening a bit for Australia here. Seeing rich chard Kettleman, it is a bit of a reminder how a five-day match takes it out of the um peer as well. He went on to wander, his mind might well have been on things going on out there rather than on the ball specifically. Just a few little things happening for Australia at the moment. The previous delivery seemed to bounce more than the batsman thought. Got him on the gloves and that is what Australia will be telling themselves. They are just looking for one mistake or a ball to do something a little unusual - run along the ground or bounce awkwardly on the batsman. Just keep striving for that one breakthrough. That is the over bowled - 67 gone. 4/101. ('GOOD FEELING'
BY FLO RIDA PLAYS) # Oh-oh-oh ooooohhhhh # Sometimes I get a good feeling,
yeah # Ooohhh, sometimes
I get a good feeling, yeah

# Get a feeling that I never,
never, never, never had before # I get a good feeling. #

SONG: # When the world
gets in your way... # VOICEOVER: The new KFC Twister Box with a tasty regular Twister, three delicious Wicked Wings, chips, drink and potato and gravy. It's not a mouthful,
it's an armful.

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A very good morning to everyone.