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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - police find
hundreds of cannabis plants during a raid on a Melbourne home. Three children rescued as a fire destroys
their home on the Gold Coast. Voters unaffected
by the slush-fund scandal with the latest Newspoll showing Julia Gillard's still
the preferred Prime Minister. And teachers claim the NAPLAN tests are making students
sick with stress. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning.

Two people have been arrested after a cannabis crop
worth more than $500,000 was found growing in a home
in Melbourne's outer west. Police raided the house last night. More than 200 cannabis plants with
a street value of around $600,000 growing in a home
in Melbourne's west.

Police raided the house
at Wyndham Vale, west of Melbourne, at around 6:00 last night.

The found hundreds
of cannabis plants - many hidden behind false walls. The SES was kind enough to come down
and assist us and remove some walls for us so we could access part
of the crop in the house. The home was also accessing
electricity illegally. An electronic bypass was used in relation to the power use
for this premises. A man and a woman were arrested
at the scene. Police say they'd been living
in the house, among the crop. They'll face court this morning but officers say
they expect to make more arrests. The Varsity Lakes home
became fully engulfed in flames around 8.30 last night but crews were able
to save neighbouring properties. Quite a dramatic,
high intensity fire and a lot of heat,
even out on the footpath. A 13-year-old boy
was taken to hospital suffering minor burns
and smoke inhalation. His carer was also treated
for smoke inhalation. Voters have been unmoved
by the past two weeks of politics with the latest Newspoll showing Julia Gillard is still
the preferred prime minister. But the Coalition
would still win an election, holding 51% of the vote
compared to Labor's 49% on a two-party preferred basis. Labor's primary vote
has levelled off at 36% while the Coalition's
remains at 43%. Tony Abbott's rating
has improved slightly but Julia Gillard
remains the preferred leader. The results come as the Coalition is expected to
expand its attack on Julia Gillard over the slush-fund scandal that imposes criminal penalties on union leaders
who misuse members' cash. There are concerns NAPLAN testing is causing
schoolchildren so much stress, they're vomiting, crying and losing
sleep in the lead-up to the test. A University of Melbourne study
has raised concerns about the side-effects
of the national assessment program with 90% of teachers surveyed
saying they've witnessed stress-related
side-effects in children. They also claim weekly practice tests are detracting
from their usual lesson plans. Bruce and Denise Morcombe
are preparing to face the man
accused of killing their son, nine years ago.

Brett Peter Cowan is facing court
for a committal hearing today over the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Daniel was 13 when he was abducted
from a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast.

I don't know until I get there
and sit in the courtroom. It's not going to be easy. Daniel's disappearance in 2003 sparked a long-running campaign
from the Morcombes to raise awareness of child safety. The Italian father of four sisters involved in a bitter international
custody dispute has slammed
the Australian Government for assisting his ex-wife. Tommaso Vincenti
has told '60 Minutes' the Government helped Laura Garrett
allegedly kidnap his children in breach of Italian
and international laws. He has also denied his ex-wife's
claims he was a violent man. Laura told this to Australian people
and Australian embassy because she is looking
for compassion. The four sisters are living
with their father in Italy. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is denying his government
is in turmoil after a veteran MP quit the Liberal
National Party on the weekend. Ray Hopper announced his defection
to the Katter Party after months of speculation. There is no representation
west of the range, the people of the bush,
I fear, are being left behind and this has forced my hand. Mr Hopper was voted in
as an Independent 11 years ago and joined the Queensland National
Party a year later. Up to 50 firefighters
have worked through the night to contain a bushfire
which came close to homes in Sydney. The blaze is burning
across three hectares at Wahroonga
on Sydney's Upper North Shore. While in South Australia, a bushfire that's been burning
since Tuesday at Port Lincoln has also been brought under control. Cooler weather
and aerial back-burning helped fire crews gain
the upper hand yesterday afternoon. A major bank is being accused of bullying struggling
home loan customers to help achieve record profits. A whistleblowing ANZ employee has taken his claims
to the corporate watchdog. The bank denies the allegations. ANZ hires luxury cruise ships
for staff, pays its boss $10 million and just posted a record profit. But a bank whistleblower says
it's achieved by questionable means. Every staff member knows,
or feels, in their heart that they're doing the wrong thing. They feel wrong about it but they do it because
it's about meeting your targets, it's about doing
what management tells you. He's referred
ANZ Mortgages Collections to financial watchdog ASIC alleging unconscionable conduct and misrepresentations
to home loan customers. The bank could be fined
up to $1.1 million. Customers are being warned
they'll lose their home when they're only slightly behind. Bank policy stipulates
it waits 60 days. They're terrified.
They're upset. ANZ customer Peter fell on hard
times after being made redundant. Oh, ridiculously stressful. He was on a payment plan when ANZ mistakenly put his mortgage
repayment into the wrong account. Without warning, the account was
transferred to foreclosure lawyers. You're told that your house
is on the way to the solicitors and there's not a lot
that can be done. We've spoken to customers
with serious illnesses, with dying relatives,
mums on maternity leave. They've been threatened
with foreclosure for being as few as $1,000
in arrears. These are really serious allegations and, you know, if true, they
represent incredibly harsh conduct. ANZ rejects any suggestion
of systemic inappropriate conduct.

A Victorian motorbike rider
and his pillion passenger

A teenager's dangerous stunt
on the Gold Coast has prompted fresh calls
to ban schoolies from balconies. The teen was photographed
climbing across a narrow ledge 50 metres above the ground. The photo surfaced just days after
the death of a fellow schoolie. 17-year-old Isabelle Colman died
last Thursday night when she fell
from the 26th floor of a hotel during schoolies celebrations. Police say two men arrested
for acting suspiciously at a mosque in Sydney are not religious extremists. Worshippers dragged one man
from the prayer hall at Arncliffe in Sydney's inner-west before officers took the pair
into custody. Witnesses say the men were using their mobile
phones in a suspicious manner. Police say mental health issues
may be involved and charges are unlikely. Now for your first look
at Monday's weather.

In Melbourne - a shower
or two developing.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - why interstate travellers
are the big winners this Christmas. But next on Seven Early News - concern over the drop
in immunisation levels. And 'Gangnam Style' becomes
the most watched YouTube clip of all time.

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The country's leading scientists
claim lives are being put at risk as more Australian parents refuse
to vaccinate their children. 1 in 12 Australian babies
is not fully immunised and the number of parents
who object to immunisation has leapt 600% since 1999. The worrying trend
has prompted a new campaign aimed at debunking claims made
by the anti-vaccination lobby. Professor Ian Frazer, who developed
the cervical cancer vaccine, says immunisation levels
for some diseases have fallen below those required
to prevent deadly outbreaks. One person has died and two others
have been seriously injured after they were crushed by a falling
tree during wild storms in the UK. A man was also killed when his car
crashed into a swollen river. More than 800 homes
have been flooded as heavy rain and strong winds sweep
across parts of England and Wales. Hundreds of flood alerts remain
in place across the region and more rain is expected
in coming days. More than 100 people
have been killed after a fire tore through a factory
in Bangladesh. The blaze started
in the ground floor of the 9-level clothing factory on the outskirts
of the country's capital, making it impossible
for many workers to escape. Bangladesh is the world's biggest
clothing exporter after China. Conditions in the country's
factories are notoriously bad. Egypt's stocks
have plunged almost 10% following President Mohamed Morsi's
assumption of sweeping powers that shield him from judicial law. The decision has deeply divided
the country and triggered violent protests, with many accusing the President
of hijacking the revolution. More than 500 people have
been injured in the demonstrations since Friday with more protests planned
in coming days. The video for 'Gangnam Style'
has set a new record, becoming the most watched YouTube
video of all time. The song,
by South Korean pop star Psy, has clocked up
more than 805 million views since it was uploaded
in July this year. ('GANGNAM STYLE' PLAYS) # Oppan Gangnam style. #

It's overtaken the video
for Justin Beiber's song 'Baby' which has been online since 2010. Hugh Jackman has spoken about his desire
to change Australia's adoption laws. Jackman and his wife, Deborah-Lee
Furness, have two adopted children. They're pushing
for the Federal Government Not three years from now,
not if I get elected next year, but today, because this
is the right thing to do, and it's an urgent situation. You can see Ann Sanders'
full interview with Hugh Jackman on 'The Morning Show', today. Your first finance this Early News - on Friday, Wall Street rose sharply.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the parents of murdered teenager
Daniel Morcombe prepare to face his accused killer
in court. But next on Seven Early News - Australia on track for victory
in the second test in Adelaide. And a dramatic end to the battle
for the Formula One championship in Brazil.


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The stories we're following
on the Early News - police have uncovered
more than 200 cannabis plants hidden behind false walls during a raid on a home
in Melbourne's outer-west. Three children and their carer
have been rescued from a ferocious fire that destroyed
their home on the Gold Coast. And there are concerns the NAPLAN tests are making
children sick with stress with teachers claiming preparation
for the national test is detracting
from their normal lesson plans.

We'll discuss that on Sunrise today. But right now, Beretts with sport. Let's discuss cricket.

Australia is six wickets away
from victory and a series lead in the second test
against South Africa in Adelaide. The Proteas will resume at 4/77
today, chasing 430 for an unlikely win. Victory will put Michael Clarke's
side in the box seat to regain test cricket's
number one ranking. James Pattinson fronted early
with scans. They revealed a rib injury
and the end of his summer while it's form
that might end the career of the former Australian captain. I know that
if I'm not getting runs there no chance at all
I might make the summer out. In the middle, Michael Clarke
pushed the Aussie lead past 300. COMMENTATOR:
It's just a powerful sweep for six! It took a Dale Steyn thunderbolt
to crack Clarke's defence. Flush on-the-knee roll. Clarke out for 38, Steyn on a high. But 'Mr Cricket' was still around
and still causing damage. Cuts! That may well do it. Well played, Michael Hussey. 54 for Hussey
before he miscued against Morkel. This should be out.
Mid-on - comfortable catch. The Proteas, out of luck. Even when they hit the stumps,
nothing happened. Making matters worse, Pattinson came up with one last
annoying contribution with the bat. Look out.

429 ahead, Clarke declared
with two wickets in hand. Ben Hilfenhaus struck straightaway. Oh, it's out. Yes, Ricky Ponting! Graeme Smith out for a duck, Ponting holding on
like there's no tomorrow. South Africa struggled to survive
as Nathan Lyon turned destroyer. Got him! What a catch.
Movement, perfect! A Cowan classic
followed by brute force from Siddle. Bowls him!

Four down with a day to play.

Sebastian Vettel is Formula One's
youngest triple world champion after sealing the title
with a sixth place finish The 25-year-old's title hopes
almost evaporated on the opening lap when he copped a shunt. He was forced to pit
and ended up among the backmarkers but worked his way back
to claim the title. RACE CALLER: And we look down now
for the man... is Sebastian Vettel
for Red Bull!

Three times the world champion.

Jensen Button won the race while
Aussie Mark Webber finished fourth. The future of disgruntled Wallaby
Quade Cooper will become clearer today. Cooper's holding a media conference
in Brisbane where he'll announce plans to fight on the undercard
of Sonny Bill Williams' next bout in February.

He's also expected to reveal whether
he plans to quit Australian rugby. The Queensland Reds remain hopeful Cooper will be at the club
next season. Central Coast Mariners have notched
their first-ever home win over A-League champions
Brisbane Roar. The fiery contest nearly erupted when Besart Berisha
appeared to head-butt Mariners captain John Hutchinson. Rising star Tom Rogic slotted home
the match-winner deep in the second half. COMMENTATOR: And it's turned
in by Tommy Rogic. Goalkeeper in no-man's land. Tomas Rogic said
thank you very much. It's Central Coast's first home win
over the Roar in 13 matches. Chelsea's ninth manager
in nine years, Rafa Benitez, made his debut in the hot seat in this morning's clash with Premier
League champions Manchester City. The Spaniard received
a hostile reception from his home fans
at Stamford Bridge with the match
finishing in a 0-0 draw. Golf's world number one Rory McIlroy
has capped off a stunning season with victory at the
World Tour Championship in Dubai. Justin Rose closed with a sizzling
course record 10-under par 62 to place the pressure on McIlroy. But the Northern Irishman
answered the challenge, finishing with five straight birdies
to win by two strokes. COMMENTATOR: That's the way
to do it! That's the way to do it.

You know I couldn't have wished
for the season to end any better. It's McIlroy's fifth title
of the year.

Nat, it is crunch time in the world of sport. A great weekend of sport. A great weekend of action. Yes, wasn't it. Thanks, next a closer look at the weather in your part of the country.

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And that's Seven Early News
for this Monday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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