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This program is captioned live. What happened to Daniel. The Morcombes on the road to justice as the committal hearing begins. Health warning - lives at risk as a soaring number of parents refuse to vaccinate their kids. Lucky escape - quick thinking saves three children from a fire on the Government. Come in spinner - Australia to take the second test. But is it time for Ricky Ponting to give it up. We don't think so. From Castle Hill to Hollywood, Rebel Wilson shows us where it began. Stay by the phone, we have $25,000 to give away. The wait is over, Taylor Swift performing live today. # We are never ever, ever # Getting back together # You go talk to your friends... Good morning to you all. Welcome to Today, it is Taylor Swift Day. We are very, very excited. She is never ever getting back with that bloke, whoever he was. Later on the show the 6-time Grammy Award winner will perform in the studio.How impressive does that look.We snuck into a corner. There's a double studio going on.A double studio. She's brilliant. She deserves it. She sold 22 million albums and 50 million singles. We'll hear great songs from her from the album 'Red', and that will be later on the show. You have the best seat in the house, at home.Don't go anywhere. It's all happening here. Surprisingly Fordo is not here yet.Hang on, there he is.Last minute.You have been checking out the dressing-room. Stuff to do. Certain things that Taylor likes in her dressing-room and certain things she doesn't.You have been sending text messages drying to say Punter Ponting. I agree with you.Let's look at the weather:

News time with Deb Knight. Good morning. Four people, including three young boys fled a large fire which destroyed a home on the Gold Coast overnight. In my opinion's Jenna Hudson joins us now with the latest. This was an intense blaze. Scribe what happened.Well, good morning -- describe what happened. Well, good morning. As the sun comes up it's incredible to see the dag to this house - it's -- damage to this house - it's completely destroyed. Fire crews received multiple 000 calls. Many claimed they could see the flames from a distance. Three children, 6,8 and 13 and a 48-year-old man was in the house. The 13-year-old, the brave child, raced in there and helped to save two of his younger siblings. He was treated for smoke inhall igs at Robina hospital. The blaze was - - inhalation at Robina Hospital. The blaze was so big neighbouring houses were damaged. Forensic officers will determine this morning what caused it. It is lucky that four people escaped as the fire was very, very large.When our troops arrived, the fire was coming out just about every hole in the building. People were hearing explosions early in the fire. That's rather consistent with fibro properties. We are seeing now, after the fire has died down, that the fibro sheeting exploded out on to the street and over the front lawn.Now, police are guarding the scene. They have been guarding it overnight. They are asking any witnesses to come forward if they did see anything unusual to contact Crimestoppers. Thank you for the update. A Victorian couple has died after their boat capsized in rough seas during a family outing off Point Piper -- Port Fairy in the State's north-west. The man and woman from Warrnambool were 50 metres offshore when the engine on the small boat cut out. The couple's 43-year-old son jumped into the water and swam to shore to raise the alarm. The boat drifted before overturning. Both victims suffered cardiac arrest before being dragged from the water. The couple were wearing life jackets. It's been a tense fortnight in Canberra. Voters have been unmoved by the growing political ease. Little has changed since a

by the growing political ease.
Little has changed since a previous With Labor's vote steady. The Opposition is ahead on a two-party preferred basis. 46% of voters believes Julia Gillard makes a better Prime Minister to Tony Abbott's

better Prime Minister to Tony
Abbott's 33%. Parliament's final sitting week for 2012 is shaping up to be one of the most explosive yet. The Opposition promises to show no mercy, as it demands a full explanation from the Prime Minister about her role in setting up a union sluk fund for one-time boyfriend, -- slush fund for one- time boyfriend, Bruce Wilson.There are a range of issues about her knowledge in what turned out to be a massive fraud against the union. Ralph Blewitt, says Bruce Wilson needs to release all files related to the case to prevent a cover-up. Julia Gillard will attempt to change the discussion to schools and disability reformed, denied, and repeatedly denied wrong doing. The committal hearing for the man charged with murdering Daniel Morcombe begins in Brisbane. 43- year-old Brett Peter Cowan is accused of abducting and killing the Sunshine Coast schoolboy nine years ago, and will front court this morning. Let's cross to Alison Ariotti, who is in Brisbane. What can you tell us about the proceedings today?What I can tell you is the committal hearing has been set down for the next two weeks. There's a further two weeks set aside in February. Now, we are expecting to hear initially from forensic scientists. They'll specifically testify about DNA comparisons to do with Daniel's remains, discovered in Sunshine Coast bushland last year. As well as that, we are expecting to hear evidence from people who saw Daniel and his alleged attacker on the Namble connection road on the day he went missing in 2003. It's been a long journey for the family, Bruce and Denise and Daniel's brothers - Dean and Bradley. They are expected to be at court. They are not sure how much of the proceedings they'll be able to listen to. Whether the Chief Magistrate will ban them from court in case they'll be witnesses, should the case go to trial. They are keen to find out when they can get Daniel's remains back to them. They are waiting to lay him to rest. It's been an emotional journey, let's look at the case.Right from the start Daniel's parents, Bruce and Denise Morcombe knew something was terribly wrong.He's not that sort of boy to not contact his parents or other family members, you know, I'm referring to his brothers, who are very close.On 7 December 2003, Daniel set off for the shops to buy Christmas presents. He made it no further than the bus stop on the Namble connection road. The bus the teenager was supposed to catch broke down. When the replacement bus arrived Daniel hailed it, and it didn't stop. He radioed for another bus. When the bus arrived minutes later, Daniel was gone. The case generated more calls to crime stop erps than any other in Queensland's history -- Crimestoppers than any other in Queensland. Witnesses say they saw a man standing near Daniel. Despite a marathon investigation, year after year the nightmare continued for Daniel's family. That was until August 13, 2011, when there was a breakthrough. A 42-year-old Western Australian man was charged with murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse. A week later human bones were discovered in bushland on the Sunshine Coast. Scientific tests confirmed they belonged to Daniel. It's something like waiting for the sledgehammer to hit you. When it comes, it's a shock.We will bring him home. It will take a little while. We said we would never give up and we proved it.The Morcombes are waiting for Daniel's remains to be released so they can bury their son. His legacy, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation - established by a mother and father who want to spare other families from knowing their pain. Firefighters on Sydney's North Shore spent the night battling a large blaze burning close to homes. More than 50 crews and 11 trucks were called in to fight the fire at Wahroonga. It wasn't until later in the evening that it was brought under control. Soaring temperatures made the job more difficult for firefighters. Cooler overnight conditions helped them to stop the flames spreading to other properties. A funeral will be held for Sarah Cafferkey, allegedly stabbed to death before being dumped in a wheelie bin. Friends and families will remember the 25- year-old at a service in Bacchus Marsh. It comes almost a week to the stay before she was found. One man, Steven James Hunter was charged with her murder. Lawyers for convicted killer Keli Lane hints that the former water polo champion could apply for bail when her appeal is lodged in the NSW court. Ms Lane was convicted of murdering her new-born baby Tegan in 1996. Ms Lane maintains her innocence and claims her trial was unfairly prejudicised from the start. Baby Tegan's body has never been found. A frantic search is under way this morning for workers who are missing after a large blaze engulfed a clothing factory in pa Bangladesh. 112 people were killed when a 6-storey building went up. The fire started on the ground level before spreading to upper floors.The death toll is significant, I must say and we are now recovering the dead bodies, and hand them over to the victim's families.Anxious family gathers outside the factory, waiting for news. It's not known how many people are still missing. Hamas says Israel's relentless bombing campaign left Gaza with a damage bill of $1.2 million. Rockets rained down don both reegjoges, killing 166 ips -- down on both regions, killing 166 Israelis. 42 non-residential buildings, including the Hamas headquarters were levelled. A ceasefire as announced Thursday. Let's have a look at finance now:

Well, now to the scientific breakthrough that chocoholics have been waiting for. Just in time for summer. Cab by engineers have come up with a new kind of -- Cab by engineers have come up with a new kind of Choc -- Cabry engineers have cam up with a new Choc lay that will not melt in the sun. It can withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees for three hours. Cocoa critics hit back saying the change in recipe will alt you are the famous Cadbury placer. It's important when you have a chocolate in a car. It would melt everywhere. Yes.We'll have to test that out. What's the point of it? It's to save a lot of women's handbags, when the kids give you the half eaten Freddo.And the lolly bags at parties.It's never given to dad, always mum.My kids never handed on a half-eaten anything.Only because they have eaten 47 before and are feeling sick.Here are, flat white. It's mum saying "Give it to me, I want one of those."Yes.You know what, Stevie is here with the weather. He's in the studio.I am. Good morning to you. There may not be chocolate melting, but a few hearts melting. First up on the stage, warming it up for Taylor Swift. We have 300 keen and excited fans outside to see the star of the show. Taylor Swift, who will be performing sons from her new album red shortly - -- songs from her new album 'Red', shortly. Don't go away. Now the weather:

Now the weather:We are in for a big morning this morning. The chin rar crew have done a fantastic job -- Channel Nine crew have done a fantastic job bumping in this set. A drum kit. Taylor will sing from a new album 'Red', everything is decked out in red. This is where you'll find the gaggle of backup singers. Taylor is in Australia, looking apparently for an Aussie boyfriend. Word is she likes a bad boy. If she's watching I want to know we are never ever getting back together - or are we.Are you trying to say there's history there, Stevie?I don't want to start rumours, she's Swift, I'm swift. If Taylor Swift wanted to get back together with you, I think you'd be doing it - quietly, just quietly. If you had a choice, you'd get back together with her.There'd be no misstep there, that's for sure. Hello.Now for some sport.Good morning to the wife and kid too. Wife and kid much. Next - a big win for the Central Coast in the A- League. Close to glory, the Aussies poised for victory in the second contribute test. That and more after the break.

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# If you can see # I'm the one who understands you # Been here all along # So why can't you see # You belong with me # You belong with meThe gorgeous Taylor Swift live and loud in the studio after 8:00. Who doesn't have a bloke like that living next door, hey. Young fellow.Back in the day. Good hair.Excellent hair. Good Harry hair. Welcome back to the show, let's look at the front pages around the country. Tony Abbott to expand the Coalition attack on Julia Gillard and the slush fund scanned add - pressing for reform to -- scandal, pressing for reforms. 'The Age' - antiimmunisation lobby is endangering children's lives due to the numbers much parent refusing to vaccinate their children. Sydney Dragway - children are suffering stress-related -- 'Sydney Morning Herald - chim are suffering stress- related illness as teachers drill them in relation to NAPLAN tests. Aige - maybe are not -- 'The Age' - many are not prepared for fires this summer. 'The Courier-Mail' - Campbell Newman declares his team will not fracture after Ray Hopper defected to Bob Katter's Australia Party. 'Herald Sun' - a quarter think the Baillieu Government is doing a good job. In 'The West Australian' - Colin Barnett declares that transport projects will form the centre of his election agenda. Flash moreon - 'The Northern Territory News' features a cars salesman who exposed himself at a tourist spot during an animalistic rampage on zai.It's taken a while, as -- Anzac Day. It's taken a while with it.Just got the photo developed. (LAUGHTER) Still using film.And finally in 'The Daily Telegraph' - Taylor Swift, our Taylor, mobbed by delighted fans as she touched down in Sydney. She'll be here in in studio very, very soon. We can't wait.She's competing for the No.1 spot in the Northern Territory with Barnesy's greatest hints. They just got thatCold Chisel next week. Time for spordo.The real news is happening at the -- Fordo.The real news is happening at the Adelaide Oval. Our bowlers tearing through South Africa's top order. Michael Clarke declared with a lead of 429.

Clarke declared with a lead of 429.
Nathan Lyon with two wickets having the visitor's stump ling. Lyon was the youngest spinner to clean up 50 wickets.Nate will play a big role at the other end and hopefully get a few balls out of the rough. If we build the pressure and work them over like that the six wickets will come around.Let's hope so. Peter Siddle, and fellow quick Ben Hilfenhaus will again have to step up with confirmation James Pattinson has been ruled out for the summer with a rib injury. The Central Coast wins its first ever home game against Brisbane, defeating the Roar 2-1, wrapping up round 8 of the A-League. The Mariners rushed out of the block. Scoring in four minutes the the defending champs levelled before the break. The match looked certain to end in thst draw until Thomas Roggich set the home crowd alight. Goalkeeper in no-man's-land. Thomas Roggich says "Thank you very much." Good dance moves in the crowd. It was Brisbane's first loss in seven years at the venue. In the English Premier League, Liverpool extend their unbeaten run to eight games, playing out a scoreless draw azaibs Swansea, no celebrations for -- against Swansea. No celebrations for the Chelsea boss, Ben. The Blues unable to find the back of the net. Tottenham's Jermain Defoe bagged a double against his former club. The Spurs ran away with a 3-1 win at White Hart Lane. The striker's first - the pick of the bunch.Jermain Defoe. That is quite outstanding from Jermain Defoe. The former Hammer gets his ninth of the season.Southhampton were too good for Newcastle, defeating the Magpies 1-0. Local surfer Sebastian Zeetz claims victory in the Triple Crown, winning the Hawaiian Reef Pro in Honolulu. Beautiful conditions. Aussie pair Bede Durbidge, and Tom Whitaker were eliminated in the semifinal. Sebastian Zeetz powered over the top of defending champion John Johon Florence, and Sunny Garcia to take home the $40,000 winning check. 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater was there but failed to make the finals. We have a crowd outside getting ready for

finals. We have a crowd outside
getting ready for TaylorAre you ducking out to see them.I saw them in the car as I drove in. They looked like emotional young girls - so I stayed away.Stevie Jacobs, have you seen them.Find an emotional young girl, you find me. I have made my way outside into the crowd. This is an exclusive waiting area in the Channel Nine car park where we have 300 guests queueing up waiting to see Taylor Swift. Some of her biggest fans here this morning. They had to write in 25 words or less why Taylor was important to them. They are very excited to be here. They'll head inside shortly to hear a few songs from the new album red. Now we'll look at the weather in the main capitals around the country:

capitals around the country:We have got young ladies from around the country, like Jemma and her mum Jenny, who came up from Ballarat. She's not sure what she wrote in her entry in 25 words or less because she entered so many times, she is not sure which one won. She's a big fan. Lots of young girls with an average age of 13 years-odd. Father of one of the girls, I'm sure.Exactly.After the break the Hollywood gossip. Richard Reid, good morningment welcome back. What is going on. -- good morning. Welcome back. What is going on. Good morning, Victoria Beckham is shopping for real estate. With Becks looking for a job, Victoria is going house hunting. I'll tell you where. Coming up. This program is not captioned. Whoo-hoo!
(CLAPS) (HUMMING) Eh! Come on, guys, it's dinner time.
Let's go. (SCOFFS) Have you even set the table? Done. Well, w-w-what
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(DING!) ALL: Done. VOICEOVER: Birds Eye SteamFresh - deliciously-steamed fish
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ALL: Done.

(SONG) # Birds Eye. #

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show, let's get express gossip with Richard Reid. Good morning, Dickie.Richard Reid looks like he's made it through Thanksgiving unscathed. The Beckhams look like they are heading out of your neck of the woods.Yes, they are, Victoria was spotted all weekend long in London, don't you know, house hunting. Apparently my real estate sources say Victoria toured at least five megamansions over the weekend, with her kids. She said - they don't want to move back to Beckingham palace, but somewhere a little smaller, but not too small, that's for sure.I'm sure they'll find something just right. Richard, thank you. You are in form, that's a good thing. See you back later.OK.Thank u Dickie. Coming up on Today - why more and more parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids and warning that they are putting lives at risk by doing soxIt's Taylor Swift Day. The pop mega star is performing in the studio.It's all ahead. It's a big day. Here is news with Deb. Looking forward to that. Good morning. Fire investigators will this morning comb through the remains of a Gold Coast home trying to work out what sparked a large fire at a vaik property overnight. For the -- at a Varsity Lakes property. For the details let's go live to Jenna Hudson. This home was destroyed, but thankfully no-one was seriously injured.Good morning, Deb. Yes, four people were home at the time, including three children aged 6,8 and 13. Thankfully they escaped unhurt. We are told that the eldest of the kids ran in to help save his two younger siblings from the flames. Now, crews arrived at 8:30 last night after receiving multiple triple zero calls, many claiming that they could see the flames from kilometres away. Neighbours told us they heard explosions and the alarm go off. It took crews three hours to contape the blaze and what is left of the house is -- contain the blaze and what is left of the house - it pretty much spared nothing.The fire was rather consistent with fibroproperties. So we are seeing now, after the fire has died down that the fibro sheeting exploded on to the street and front lawn. A dramatic, high-intensity fire, and a lot of heat on the footpath. Neighbouring homes have sustained damage. Forensic investigators will be here within a few hours to determine exactly what caused the fire. Very destructive blaze. Thank you Jenna Hudson. Almost in my opinion years since Daniel Morcombe disappeared, a man will face a committal hearing in Brisbane charged with his murder. 43-year- old Brett Peter Cowan is accused of abducting and killing the 13-year- old Sunshine Coast schoolboy in December 2003. The first week of the lengthy hearing is expected to centre on scientific evidence with forensic experts from Australia and New Zealand set to testify via video link. The hardwriting will be aadjourned after two weeks, before recommencing in February. The AWU slush fund scandal plaguing the Prime Minister is having little effect on vet voters. The Coalition holds a -- on voters. The Coalition holds a narrow lead. After a boost in

holds a narrow lead. After a boost
in the poll Labor's primary vote holds.

A 43-year-old Victorian man lost both his

A 43-year-old Victorian man lost
both his parents after a boating trip ended in tragedy off the post of Point Fairy. The family was in a small tinny. The couple aged in their 60s stayed on board while their son swam to shore to get help. The boat capsized 50 metres from the beach. Despite emergency efforts, the couple suffered cardiac arrest and died at the scene. A drop in the number of babies being fully immunised in Australia prompted a group of scientists to launch a new campaign aimed at debunking the myths. The antiimmunisation lobby is costing lives. One in 12 Australian babies are not fully imupised. A booklet will explain why it's better to claim inunity from a vaccination than a disease. There are claims Victoria is less prepared now to battle a bushfire than it was for the devastating Black Saturday fires. The head of the Country Fire Authority says they are expecting their first real fire threat since the summer of 2009. It's feared people in high risk areas are not getting the message about leaving early, with claims massive cuts to the CFA budget will hinder firefighters this season. A look at finance. In the US, the Doug jops is up 172 points. -- Dow Jones is up 172 points.

up 172 points. Let's get a look at sport.It's looking good for the Aussies in Adelaide. It will take a record-breaking performance from South Africa if they are to win the second test. Ricky Ponting has conceded he may have played his last match following

conceded he may have played his
last match following a disappointing series so far.I have not spoken to selectors about my immediate future, and they haven't spoken to me about it either. I'm sure the conversation will come in the near future. I'm a realist, I live in the real world. I know if I'm not getting run, I may not make the summer out. I won't be in England.He made a total of 20 runs this series. Let's hope he gets another crack in WA. Sebastian Vettel wins his third consecutive world title championship coming sixth at the Brazil Grand Prix this morning. It was an incident-filled race, that's for sure. The German fought back from last position after a collision. Lewis Hamilton was in front, and looking good until disaster.Lewis Hamilton comes together. Damage for Lewis Hamilton.Jenson Button took out the checkered flag ahead of Fernando Alonso. Mark Webber hung on for another fourth. The future of Quade Cooper will become clearer today when the injured Wallaby addresses the media in Brisbane. Nine News broke the news that Quade Cooper was quitting rugby. It's tipped that the playmaker will announce a Boxing Day bu as the undercard to Sonny Bill Williams, who is fighting in February. We'll await the official confirmation. It seems Quade Cooper is off trotting another sport. Not impressed?No, no...I'm not impressed...are good across a number of sports. It doesn't surprise

across a number of sports. It
doesn't surprise meUnreliable.Why can't he stay at Rugby Union and perform at his best under the most pressured conditions, and he didn't do that. I'm upset about, because we backed him.It's never good. Unless you go to the Broncos, buddy...You are off the Christmas list. OK. Let's get a check of the weather. Good morning, Steve.Good morning to you. We are getting closer by the minute to Taylor Swift performing. Hundreds of young ladies queued up at Channel Nine, including Nakita and her mum who have made up Taylor Swift T-shirts and have brought one for Karl. That will look hot on you. We like a low V-neck on you, Karl. Let's look at the weather around the country:

Alaina and Michaela made up their own T-shirts and have come up from Camden saying.We go cray for Tay. What does cray mean.Crazy.I love a brev. Can you sing a bit of a Taylor Swift song # We are never ever ever # Getting back together # You got to talk to your friends # Talk to my friends # Talk to me # Because we # Are never ever ever # Getting back together.Nice.Well done, the girls are rested up ready for Taylor Swift. We are on the countdown. Back in line.Can we get a photo please?Easy. Just be careful with that stuff.Anyone else want photos.Just be careful. Might not be Taylor Swift. But you can get the weatherman. Anyone, anyone. Just one.We'll catch up with Taylor later. The wait is finally over. # When we're on the phone # And you talk real slow # Because it's late # And your momma don't know # Our song # And when I got home # Before I said amen # This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company on this Monday morning. Parents are warned they are putting their children's lives at risk if they refuse to have them vaccinated. Figures show that 1:12 Australian babies are not fully immunised and the number of parents objecting to immunisation rose from 4,000 in 1999 to over 30,000 this year. Skype tests launched a campaign aimed at debunking the myths of vaccination, explaining why it's better to gain immunity from a vaccination than from a disease. We'll speak to Professor Ian Fraser about this after 7:00. Lettuce know your thoughts on that story. -- let us know your thoughts on that story. It's been almost nine years since Daniel Morcombe was abducted from a bus stop. Today his accused killer will face court for the committal hearing. Today Alison Ariotti is outside the court building. What is expected to happen?Today we'll get a better idea of what witnesses will be called and what order they'll be called in. The committal has been set down for two weeks. Another two weeks has been set aside in February. The first weeks will focus on DNA evidence. A number of scientists will give evidence via video link from their respective states, who analysed Daniel's remains after they were found in bushland last year. We expect to hear from people standing on the bus stop at the Nam ble connection road in 2003. It will be difficult for Bruce and Denise Morcombe, and Bradley and Dean, the brothers. They are hoping - the family is hoping that the committal hearing will put them one step closer to being given Daniel's remains back so they can finally lay him to rest. So ner still waiting to hold a funeral for -- so they are sill waiting to hold a funeral for their son. The Morcombes have been told there's a chance they'll have to leave the court for part of the hearing. Why is that?The Chief Magistrate may determine that they'll be called as witnesses down the track. Because of that they may be barred from hearing the test mopey of certain witnesses during the committal proceedings. We know the family will be in court today, and they said they will respect whatever orders they are granted. They do want to be here and see justice served.We'll talk to you in the next hour or so. A difficult day for the Morcombes.There is pressure on the government to explain its role in helping a Queensland mother bring her four children to Australia against the wishes of their Italian father. The claims were aired on 60 Minutes last night.So what did the Australian embassy say to you? What did they say they could do?They said they could assist me, and they said they would help me come back to Australia.And so began an extraordinary conspiracy to remove the children illegally from Italy, without Tomasso's knowledge. Proving that our internal documents from the embassy, and the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra, that we have obtained. What is planned by Laura is nothing less than an international child abduction. They would argue that you signed the application for their passports, that you gave permission for them to leave Italy. Yes. I remember I put my signature on the application passport because Laura convinced me is for good intention, is only holiday trip with the girl.But unknown to Tomasso, there was seemingly nothing the Australian Embassy wouldn't do to help Laura leave the country with her children - right down to getting quotes for one-way airfares, providing transport to get her to the airport, giving her money for a hotel in Rome and even changing her flight when she claimed Tomasso might turn up at the last minute. On 23 June 2010, Laura and her children flew out of Italy, literally seep off by the Australian Embassy -- seen off by the Australian Embassy staff who made it possible. The one-way flight would land Laura in a criminal case of international kidnapping. Would you have been able to do what you did without the help of the Australian Embassy? Maybe not.No.I kind of blindly followed what the embassy said. One of the only things they said to me - and I believe we were at the airport. And one of the consular operations said "The only thing I suggest is perhaps you get legal advice when you get back home." And I said "Why?", and she said "Perhaps you should just get legal advice when you get home." And I thought "What would I need that for?", and I didn't, I didn't know why I would be asking for it for. So you're suggesting they knew you were breaking the law, but you didn't know you were breaking the law.She wasn't breaking the law.I don't believe I was breaking the law because he conseptd at the time of signing the Pass -- Cobb sented at the time of signing the Pass -- consented at the time of signing the passports.The Australian Embassy helped to engineer the abduction of Tomasso's children. Bizarrely, it would be up to Australia to return the children to him. Finally after 4 October this year, after two years in this country, the four girls were seized by the Australian Federal Police, and forced on to flights to Italy. Mum, help me.Oh, my god.It was a situation that happened so fast and it was so terrifying and your kid is screaming "Mummy, help me." The reaction - how can you control something like that. I don't think that there's a worse situation for any child or mother to happen to them in their whole lives.It was tough to watch that last night on '60 Minutes', very confronting. Powerful.Ahead on the show we have $25,000 to give away.Next, a cheeky dance routine. This program is not captioned. So, have you checked to see if there's better value cover
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This program is not captioned. How about some music?

PLAYS) (SINGS) # You're the voice,
try and understand it # Make a noise and make it clear # Ohhhhh... #

Play 'You're the Voice'. ('YOU'RE THE VOICE'

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Welcome back to the show. We are nice and intimate.We have to do it like Abba and go like that.Coming in on 'Most Clicked', it's Taylor Swift Day, we are excited. We thought we would start 'Most Clicked' with adorable clips of Taylor and her cat Meredith.Oh. Are you training me? It's purring. Oh. There you are. I forgot you were sitting there.That video is just like everyone else.Almost.We were nominated for Entertainer Year, which is huge and wonderful. And the thing about the ACNs is that it's voted. This is a weird position. It's not lady like or cat-like.But it's comfortable. What happened to the cat's ears. Let's ask her.She's a cute cat. They are in braids, you put them back.Number 2, here is bad lip- reading of 'Twilight'.I need your Hair spray. (LAUGHTER) .I ran over a gummy bear.Do you want pizza?Now.We could play checkers for money.I'm not good looking.I was just kidding. Yes, I am. I got to get to the bathroom, alright. It's the soul food. Taco, and Big Red, really. It's the meat, the por poise meet.I think so. Porpoise meat.Quite clever, really. Coming in at number 3, this compilation called People Doing it Wrong. Let's take a look.Oh.Good job.

He's vacuuming.Oh, dear. Done that before.Face plant.Nice.Have a look at this one this Monday morning, this is a Chihuahua, if you wanted to see a Chihuahua doing the cha-cha, here you go.Look at it go.The owner revealed the secret to the groovy dog's moves is leave a little bit of turkey on the kitchen bench. News, sport and weather are next, it's Taylor Swift Day.Dance, dog. Dance it up. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. Plenty of cash to give away, plus Taylor Swift.It's all happening, and new it is news time.A large fire has destroyed a Gold Coast home and left two neighbouring properties damaged overnightment the blaze took hold around 8:30 at Varsity Lakes. Panicked neighbours called for help as four people inside the home, including a 6-year-old, 8- year-old and 13-year-old boy scrambled to safety.Whilst not on a main road, this could be seen for some distance.The a 48-year-old man made it to safety and was treated for smoke inhalation. A 14- year-old boy suffered minor burns. Police spent the night guarding the scene. The committal hearing for the man charged with murdering Daniel Morcombe will begin in Brisbane. 43-year-old Steven James Hunter is accused of abducting and killing the Sunshine Coast schoolboy almost nine years ago and will face court this morning. Forensic experts from Australia and New Zealand are set to testify via videoling. Bruce and Denise Morecambe may be barred from the committal hearing as they may be called as witnesses. An elderly Melbourne woman was rescued from her home after a large fire took hold in her home. We'll cross to Christine Ahern. Do fire crews have any idea how the blaze started? Firefighters are investigating the cause of blaze. They tell us what mated the fire difficult is that this elderly wom -- made the fire difficult is the elderly woman appeared to be a hoarder. It broke out just before 1:00. By the time firies arrived the balcony and bedroom was alight. They frantically searched for the 73- year-old woman, but because of the large storage items in the unit block, it made it extremely difficult for firefighters, but they eventually located her on the balcony. They stayed with her until they had the fire in the unit under control. Then they escorted her to safety. Let's listen to what firefighters had to say.With the unit here tonight is the hoarding nature, extreme hoarding nature which deems a high risk for the occupants, their ability to escape, and also for the firefighters, as we try to get in and try to locate them to bring them safely out.Now, two other units in this block suffered severe flooding as a result of this fire. Alternative residencey is being sought for them. As for the elderly lady, she was tape to hospital with smoke inhalation and is -- taken to hospital with smoke inhalation and is lucky she didn't suffer other injuries.Julia Gillard is bracing for an onslaught of questions over her role in the set up of a union slush fund in the 1990s. The Opposition vowed to grill the PM saying there are too many unanswered questions as the final sitting week begins. Cabinet members leapt to the defence of Julia Gillarding saying the issue is a non-story ever -- Julia Gillard saying the issue is a non- story after Bruce Wilson came forward. Students are missing sleep and skipping school in the months prior to NAPLAN tests. A study raises concerns with 60% of teachers surveyed admitted that students cry in the lead up to the test. NAPLAN assesses the literacy and numeracy skills of sphunts in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 -- students in years 3, 5, 7 and mine. Education Minister, Peter Garrett says the results of the survey did not reflect the feedback he received. A look at finance and in the US:

look at finance and in the US:
Furry residents at China's Chengdu Zoo have been given creature comforts to help withstand the bitter winter. The racoons have been toasting beside trik warming ovens. The monkeys -- electric warming ovens, the monkeys huddled on top of their heater. The cold- blooded reptiles, snakes and turtles cosying up to heating lamps. It gets chilly there. Needs a bit of warmth, the reptiles.Cold- blooded.Like a solarium.Nice when they are cold, they don't have to move around.You wouldn't worry about the fake tan.I love the zoo uptaits from China. Australia looks -- updates from Chiba. Australia looks one step closer to claim victory at the Adelaide obvious. The Proteas trail by 353. Six wickets are in hand. Success today means Australia goes 1-0 up, needing to win the series in Perth next week to steal the test crown back from South Africa. All the action on Nine today. Sebastian Vettel etched his name into Formula 1 history, become becoming the youngest triple champ con at a wet and incident-fill -- champion at a wet incident-filled Brazil Grand Prix. The Red Bull driving coming from last, winning by 3 points ahead of Fernando Alonso. Carly Rae Jepson took out the race, Mark Webber fourth. The Central Coast snapped a 7-year home match hoodoo against Brisbane, defeat ghts the Roar 2-1, young -- defeating the Roar 2-1. Young gun Thomas Roggich scoring.There were no celebrations for new Chelsea boss, Rafa Benetez, in his first match in charge. The Blues played out a 0-0 draw. Liverpool and Swancy split points, a double from Jermain Defoe saw Tottenham cruise past West Ham 3-1 at White Hart Lane. Let's have a look at some of our Today T signs landing in the in box. First up, 8- year-old Mia from Sydney found the T sign carved into a tree. Next up, Jenson and his pop - have a look at that.Scary pop.They are on holidays on the Gold Coast. A bit of old-school zinc. Neon.Alan sent in this T sign. You have to look carefully, this is from the top of the summit of Mount Meru in Tanzania. Wow.If you look down there, yes, there is a sign coming from below.It's a world-buy Fenn om nap.It could be a T for -- phenomena. It could be a T. A man, climbing a mountain, making an achievement, and the first thing he things is the Today show T. Coming up - campaign for parents to vaccinate their kids.Your chance to win $25,000 in the bonus cash give away. Stay by your fans.And later - from Western Sydney, Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson shows where her career began. She's a funny lady.Good actress too.Now it's time for your best local forecast, here is Stevie. Good morning, this is the 300 strong queue for Taylor Swift this morning. Winding its way through the Channel Nine car park to the far block. What does it take to be at the head of the queue. We'll talk to the No.1 ticket holder in a moment and see what is happening around the country. It's Taylor Swift Monday. This is what you can expect for your weather:

your weather: We have Ashleigh, Kara, Kia, and their friend at the front of the line. How long have you been here?Since 10pmYou slept here.Yes, we slept right here. On the sidewalk. Yes.What was it like. Uncomfortable. There were bugs in our hair, over our faces. It was gross.Why do you love Taylor Swift. She's the best.She's amazing. What did you do for food.That.OK. A nice healthy dinner down there, Karl and Lisa. These girls are keen. They've been here throughout the night. There's a gloup of six of them. One of the girls is supposed to be at work, so she won't appear on camera. We'll get them back at the head of the line. You'll start to go in in half an hour's time. That looks like a nutritional dinner for me.A number of food groups.Kettle Chicks Sea Salt. Salt, fruit, potato.Put some fire in the belly.A few people we know have slept there after the Channel Nine Christmas party.Oh.Next, we set the scene and chart of the rise and rise of Taylor Swift. # We are never ever ever # Getting back together # We are never, ever, ever # Getting back # You go talk to your friends # Talk to my friends # Talk to me # We are never ever This program is not captioned. Ow! So you think Santa will like
these red and green M&M's? I don't know. I never met the guy. (SHRIEKS) He does exist!
They do exist. Ohh!
Ugh! Uh, Santa?

This program is not captioned. (CROWD CHATTERS) WOMAN: (SINGS) # Hallelujah!

CROWD: (SINGS) # Hallelujah! # King of kings # And king of kings # And he shall reign forever
and ever # Forever and ever... # VOICEOVER: This Christmas, a little button
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Good morning again. It's the day we have been waiting for as we prepare to welcome one of the world's biggest stars into our studio. Before Taylor Swift steps on stage, let's look at the spectacular career of Ms Taylor Swift. # I hope you pick...She's the country cutey who took on the world at the age of 15, the success of her debut album launching her as a major country music star. 'Our Song' making her the youngest person to write and record a No.1 country hit. That was just the start of it. When the follow-up 'Fearless' was released. The love story with the world was in full bloom # Baby just say yesWhen it came to explaining her popularity she had all the right answers. There's a lot of talk about this crossover thing from country to pop.I like to use the word spillover. Because crossover to me seems like you are leaving one place, going to another. And I don't think that's what I'm doing. I have no intention of leaving country to go to pop. Everyone would get mad. It's more about me singing country music and pop radio stations being nice enough to play it. # You belong with me.'Fearless' was the biggest selling album of 2009. The awards followed. Taylor Swift became the youngest ever person to win the Grammy for Album of the Year.I feel like I'm standing here accepting an impossible dream right now. I thank you so much for that.She was accepting awards everywhere, occasionally under somewhat bizarre circumstances.Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.What a moment that was. Then came Speak Now, a million units sold in the first week, and time spent touring the world. (SINGING) She's also an actress, of course, 'CSI', 'Valentine's Day', 'The Lorax', but it's the music that has made her a superstar. # You are the best thing # That's ever been mineShe sung for presidents, performed with legends. # Will you ever win # Will you ever winShe's Billboard's Woman of the Year the Reigning Artist of the Year. And now Taylor is back with hour fourth album 'Red' - again a No.1 smash. We are are never, ever, ever # Getting back together.It all keeps getting bigger as Taylor travels the world, promoting the album and picking up another batch of awards. Taylor Swift has built her success on catchy songs, Mel dis that won't leave your heads, and lyrics that touch the heart and echo the emotions of her fans. In fact, it's been said the words could have been ripped from a suburban girl's diary # We are never, ever, ever # Getting back togetherWhat a catchy song that is. Taylor Swift performing here on Today very soon. It is a great morning. We are very excited. We have excited people outside who will join us in the studio soon. Don't forget Taylor's new album 'Red' is out now and they'll perform at the ARIA Awards. Tickets are available and you can watch the ARIAs on Go from 7:30PM. We are in Taylor Swift mode.Ready to go.When does she get up on stage?Shortly.In the next little bit.Not too soon.She looks good. The stage looks great.Coming up, could Ricky Ponting be playing his last test for Australia. Here at the Today show we say N-O. Michael Slater joins us for an update. Rebel Wilson takes us back to the movie cinema where her passion for acting began. After 8:00 Taylor Swift will be here, first, this is her 2009 mega hit 'You Belong With Me'. # You belong with me # This program is not captioned. Mate, have a chat to RAMS. Their home loan experts are
all locals from your community. And their standard variable rate
is lower than the big four banks. That's the naked truth. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHTER) VOICEOVER: Call 13 RAMS
or jump online.

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Don't forget, the bonus word is a great word for today with Taylor Swift coming in. It's - red. Now, here's Ross with Money Minute. Good morning to you all. Attention again being paid to boss' salaries. Some have been paid too much. Running a public company is a big responsibility. It was never a licence to join the list of the wealthest in this country. To do that you had too create a business. To be comfortable. Inappropriate bonuses have been handed out to bosses and review what they take home each year. The average CEO is earning $2.47 million, that's up 6%. Average workers wages grew 3.5%. The bosses are doing better. Red tape and why we concentrate so much on the salaries. Take BHP, the last report included 68 wages of real stuff, 25 pages for accounts and financials and 22 pages on corporate governance, and another 24 pages on how much the board and management got paid. For a company with $72 billion, and $129 billion of assets, isn't that counterproductive. I reckon you might be right about that, Ross. Let's get a hit of Hollywood gossip. Richard Reid come on it -- in.It was quite a Thanksgiving weekend for Halle Berry when she and fianca and baby dad y ex-, they all came to blows. Tomorrow they will be in court to file a restraining order. He is sporting a shiner to end all shiners, the pretty face battered and bruised. Halle Berry is not taking any chances, she wants a restraining order and to keep him away from them and little daughter. Eventually, Halle Berry is still fighting to move to Paris to escape Hollywood and the paparazzi.Owe liva Martin is a former boxer and former boyfriend of Kylie Minogue. That's a messy one.Lindsay Lohan meantime gets a helping hand from a another mubl magnet.A friend in need is great when it is Charlie Sheen. Uncle Sam wanted $10,000 or they were going to put a lean on her Hollywood home. Well, Charlie Sheen happened to hear of Lindsay Lohan's problems and mailed her a cheque for $10,000 out of the blue. He had a note saying, "Folks like us got to stick together." They met on scary movie 'Five'.There you go. A classic movie.Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart together on-screen, Richard.We're talking five works, Ben Affleck has signed on Kristen Stewart for the sexly charged thrilleder called 'Focus'. He plays a down on his luck conman and he meets Kristen Stewart. These two trouble magnets will fall in love and hit the sack. It's supposed to be way hot and the most explicit thing Kristen Stewart has ever done. And I think she might be cashing in on her, let's just say reputation, as of late.She was pretty full on on the road. Justin Beiber is happy to show the world he's in shape.He has really been hitting the gym and protein shakes. Every other day there's a new photograph. Check out those muscles and now he's showing a shirtless shirt of him in the gym. I think he's put a little muscle on. I've got to say, not so skrauny. Maybe he's trying to would you Sal leana back with his muscles.

leana back with his muscles.Here are the top stories on Today. What happened to Daniel Morcombe? On the road to justice as the committal hearing begins. Lives at risk as a soaring number of parents refuse to vaccinate their kids. Lucky escape - quick thinking saves three children from a fire on the Gold Coast. Australia set to take the second test. Is it time for Ricky Ponting to give it all up? We don't think so. From castle Hill to Hollywood, we see where it all began for Rebel Wilson. Stay by the phone - we're giving away $25,000. And the wait is over. Taylor Swift performing live on Today. # We are never ever # Getting back together # You go talk to your friendA great way to start the week, folks. Taylor Swift is here in just over an hour. Performing songs from her new album 'Red', a couple of hundred of fans about to come into the Channel Nine studio to catch a glimpse of their favourite star. We are honoured and privileged to have her on the show. That's not far away. Right now it's over to Lisa. Good morning, it's Monday 26th November. Great to have your company this morning. Leading health experts warn that the growing number of parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids are putting their lives at risk. New figures show one in 12 babies are not fully immunised. It jumps from 4271 to more than 30,000 in 2012. Joining me now is proveser Ian Frazer. Good morning, proveser. Good morning, Lisa.Now, more than 30,000 parents refusing to immunise their children. Do these numbers disturb you?Clearly, they do.

disturb you?Clearly, they do.
Children still die, it's not common in this country but it's protected against by being immunised.You were launching a campaign to debunk the myths of immunisation. Can you take us through some of them?The Academy of Science has put together a booklet. The myths that they are dangerous, overload your immune system, because we have protected everybody by vaccination we don't need to immunise our children anymore. I think the important thing is to get the facts out there - to make their own minds up.Why do you think so many parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children?Look, it's partly because we don't hear about the infectious deceases anymore. Once upon a time people were really scared and then we had vaccination and the deceases virtually disappeared. Now it's only on imniesdz children that are at risk. We have to get the message out so new mothers realise that kids are at risk.What would you say to parents watching who are current of the side-effects?Look, vaccinations are safe. And very much saver than getting the indecease they are designed to prevent. Vaccines don't kill people, the deceases do.There have been calls for parents to suffer penalties if they don't vaccinate their kids, do you think that's a good idea?Look, I think the best solution to the problem is education. If you tell people whether they are at risk or not they can make up their own minds. Penalties, we use penalties like fines for not wearing seat belts to encourage behaviours that we think are important for the community. The best way to do it, make sure people know what it's about to make their own informed decisions.That campaign is launched. Let's hope it has the desired effect. Proves Ian Frazer thank you very much for your time this morning. It's almost Nine years since Daniel Morcombe disappeared while waiting for a bus, sparking the biggest missing persons investigation in history. Today, the committal hearing begins. We expect to hear more about the DNA evidence crucial to this case.

DNA evidence crucial to this case.
Those remains have been analysed four times, once in New Zealand and three Australian tests. There had been expert testimony given from three different people involved in that process and they will come from three different areas. Now, we know that the defence will be challenging that DNA evidence. They haven't ordered their own tests yet. They want to wait and see the outcome of this committal process. In the myths of all of this are the family waiting for Daniel's remains to be released to bury their son. They can't do that until all of the DNA testing has been finalised. Look back at the case. Right from the start, Daniel's parents knew something was terriblely wrong. He's not the sort of boy to not contact his parents or other family members, you know, I'm referring to his brothers who are very close.On December 7, 2003 Daniel set off for the shops to buy Christmas presents. But he made it no further than this bus stop. The bus the teenager was supposed to catch had broken down and was behind schedule. When a replacement bus arrived Daniel hailed it but the driver didn't stop. He instead radioed for another bus to pick Daniel up. When that bus arrived minutes later Daniel was gone. The case generated more calls to Crime Stoppers than any other in Queensland's history. Witnesses came forward saying they saw a man standing near Daniel at the bus stop. Despite a marathon investigation, year after year, the nightmare continued for Daniel's family. That was until August 13, 2011 when there was at last a breakthrough. A 42-year-old West Australia man was charged with deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse. A week later, human bones were discovered at bushland on the Central Coast. Scientific tests confirmed they belonged to Daniel.It's something like waiting for the sledgehammer to hit you. When it comes, it's still a shock.We will bring him home. It will take a little while. We said we'd never give up. We proved it.The family are still waiting for Daniel's remains to be released to bury their son. His legacy, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation established by a mother and father who want to spare other families from knowing their pain. The family will be here at court today. There is the chance that they will be asked to leave the courtroom and not hear some proceedings if the judge determines they could be witnesses should the matter go to trial. The committal hearing has been set down for two weeks now. There's a further two weeks that have been set aside in February. Of course, this will determine if the accused goes to trial. There's still a fairway to play out. Certain will he, the family are placed that they are one step closer to getting justice for Daniel. Three children are lucky to be alive after escaping from large house fire on the Gold Coast overnight.Deb, looking at the dapbl this morning it's incredible nobody was injured. A man and children managed to escape as flames ripped through their home. We we're told in a remarkable story a 13-year-old brother ran in to save his younger brothers. Remarkablely too he only sustained minor smoke inhalation. The 48- year-old man was taken to hospital with some inhalation. It all started at 8:30 last night, emergency crews were inundated with calls. Neighbours have told us that they heard mini ebgtsplogss and alarms going off. The fire was so large it took crews three-hours to contain.People were hearing explosions early in the fire, that's consistent with fire broke properties. We're seeing now after the fire has died down that the sheeting has exploded out onto the street and onto the front lawn. Quite a dramatic high intensity fire and a lot of heat.I was speaking with a neighbour earlier and she said she took the two young boys back to her place. They are absolutely traumatised. They were asking her what are they going to do about their school bags and where will they sleep. It's obviously very devastating. Police have been guarding the scene. We're just waiting for forensic officers to arrive to investigate exactly what caused the blaze. Australia had a great day in Adelaide yesterday, setting up what could be a second test victory over South Africa today if everything goes to plan at least. Let's go to Michael Slater, Channel Nine's commentater. All of the pressure is on the South Africans this morning. Certainly, six wickets and they go to number one in the world. Michael Clarke has to take his troops to the whacka. I don't think we'll see anything than an Australian win. I'm predicting between lunch and tea. I don't know what you think. Time, please.Mate, if you are going lunch and tea I'll go on the safe side of just after tea. Mate, what about James Pattinson? Finally ruled out for the rest of the summer?Yeah, it's a real shame. Something to do with a rib. He's gone for the test match portion. He may be back for the one days. Given the situation at the Adelaide Oval he would have been perfect to help out. And he probably would have been the big wicket taker. These youngsters breaking down, is it a workload situation, the fact that they are nursed too much and not putting in the work. It's very confusing. But just a shame not to see him around, he's a fantastic young player. He is trying to get fit and back as soon as he can.Are you saying that the young blokes are soft?They all need to toughen up, mate.A quick one before I let you go. Ricky Ponting. Under pressure, does he deserve another crack?He deserves to play. What I would do if they are thinking about ending his career, taking the choice away from him. Let him finish at Hobart. It will be the first test against Sri Lanka, he then is the most capped Australian test player of all time. We love him. He knows he has to score runs. He hasn't. He has been tentative. He admitted that yesterday. He's a bit cranky with himself actually because he has been tentative. I think we're going to hear something in the next test or two. That's just the feeling I get. So we better enjoy rick point point -- Ricky Ponting as long as we can, I don't think he will be playing at the end of the summer. Hobart for me, let him announce retirement and we'll cheer him on.A Carrum Downs family is going to buy a new home after winning $50,000 in Monday's Great Cash Giveaway. As Christine Ahern discovered, the cash call didn't exactly go to plan. (MUSIC PLAYS) I'm programmed in the morning to pick up the phone. When I did the call I was in a position where I couldn't hear properly.? Can you hear us?But you couldn't hear because of bad phone reception. She had been enjoying a morning coffee at her favourite cafe in Carrum Downs when the phone rang and then the run was on to find a better signal.I know it's you guys but I just can't hear you. Just hold on. I'll just get in my car. Stay with me. I'm in my car. I can hear you now. You've won $5,000.$45,000, with the bonus. That's $50,000 you won.I love Ringo. And I knew the word and I quickly volunteered that as well. I didn't need to be asked. She ran back into the cafe where there was congratulations all around. But she didn't stop for a celebration coffee, instead she headed straight to work.We're always so busy, you can't afford not to be focused even for one minute. What does $50,000 mean to you?An awful lot. This year has been a very tough year. We lost my mother-in-law early on in the year and she's a wonderful woman. And I think in a way she's looking down helping us.She wants to put the money towards a new family home. Her son has other ideas?I'm going to spend it on Lego.How much Lego do you think you can buy?Over 100 boxes.A lot of people think I it could never happen to them. It could.Her son knows that with his ninth birthday next week he is in Lego haven?What are you going to build? Monster fighter stuff. Big sets, castles, everything.That's awesome. With that much Lego you could build a new house for mum.That Cheap.

Stay tuned for our call after 8:30. Rebel Wilson has gone a long way in just a few years. She's currently the toast of Hollywood thanks to 'Bridesmaids'. She's back home to promote 'Pitch Perfect' and I caught up with her yesterday where it all began in West Australia. This really is where your movie career started?Yeah. Because I used to work here and even when I did my very first movie, I was still working here. And so people would come out of the movie and see me sweeping up the popcorn and ask wasn't I just in the movie. I'd say that I'm not rich.What's your name?Fat Amy.Could you ever have imagine that had one day you'd be on all of these screens here?It's so random. I used to watch all of the movies, even though I was supposed to be stocking up the candy bar I'd often be in the cinemas watching all of the movies and in dream land. And now it's so surreal.You read my diary? At first I did not know that it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book. I guess 'Bridesmaids' was the breakthrough, wasn't it?That was my first movie role in America. What a good one to get. Yeah, I just happened to luck- out and get into the biggest comedy of last year, 'Bridesmaids'. It was crazy. I had to go in there and prove that I was funny.Our goal is to get to the finals?. A bikini car wash is out of the question.I'm superior good.I guess your experience of years as a stand-up pays off?Definitely in 'Pitch Perfect' that's what they use me for a lot.You get all of the funny lines in this movie?I sit at the back of the scene and say something at the end and it gets in the scene. I have a feeling we should kiss.I sometimes have a feeling that I could do crystal methylamphetamine and then I think I should not. Brothers and sisters and grandparents. They are seeing it with me so they get in for free. Of course I've got a lot of free loaders in my family.If it all goes bad, you can always come back here. Maybe they'll still employ me because I was excellent at making the popcorn. I used to taste it all of the time to make sure it was the best popcorn for the people.You guys are going to get slapped so hard your man boobs will go concave. She is a nice lady and 'Pitch Perfect' is a funny film.She's so likeable.Don't you go far away from Taylor Swift. Good morning, Stevie.We are outside the studio at Channel Nine with some very excited people. Taylor Swift and the fans have arrived. We'll be getting the fan news the studio very shortly. Let's take a quick look around the country. Stay tuned to the TV. Taylor Swift coming up soon.

# We are never ever # Getting back together #On the show we've $25,000 to give away. Next one cheeky dog's dancing routine.

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Welcome back to the program. We are very excited that Taylor Swift is going to be in the studio. We are getting very excited. This is her and her cat. Check it out on Most Clicked..Look what happens when you stop petting her.Are you training me? Oh, what's that over there? There you are. I forgot you were sitting there.So like we got nominated for entertainer of the year, which is huge and wonderful. And the thing about the ACMs is that it's fan-voted. This is a weird position. I'm just going to tell you. It's not lady-like, it's not even cat-like. Almost human. Coming in at number two is a compilation of people doing it wrong. Take a look.

It serves him right for showing off. This is a dog doing the Cha-Cha. What's the go here?It's all about the tail. You have to have the fluffyness. Look at him go. The owner revealed that the secret is to leave a bit of food preferablely the food on the bench.It's Thanksgiving in that part of the world. News is next and then after 8:00 you'll never see anything like this again. Ever. In your life.Live on Today - Taylor Swift. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. I hope you are enjoying us this morning. Taylor Swift not too far away.It's half past the hour and time for the latest news with Deb. Daniel Morcombe's parents are about to come face-to-face with his murdererer today. Brett Peter Cowan is charged with abduc