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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. National strike call - Egypt's judges protest against president's new powers. East African leaders call on Congo rebels to end hostilities.Stop talk of overthrowing an elected government. She knows nothing, Julia's Gillard's former boyfriend says she had no connection to union slush fund. Confrontation in France, police evict protesters opposed to new airport. Good evening. Welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Mariana Rudan will join me with all the day's sport. Feeling the pressure, South Africa struggles for survival against Australia in the second Test in Adelaide. But first, Egypt's judges have called for a nationwide strike to protest against the decree which grants President Mohammed Morsi far reaching new powers. They have also united behind the country's former chief prosecutor, who was sacked on the day the president issued the decree which eliminates judicial oversight of all his decisions. The mass protests of the previous day may have died down, but opponents of Mohammed Morsi are determined and say they will not go away. On the steps of the High Court, protesters rallied in support of the judiciary. While 150 judges, lawyers and prosecutors gathered to condemn the move to silence the courts.

silence the courts. The prosecutor, who was sacked by Mohammed Morsi last week on the pretext that he'd failed to pursue police charged with killing Tahrir Square protesters in 2011, accused the president of fabricating evidence.

Judges and opposition political parties have united in their call for a mass rally on Tuesday. The Muslim Brotherhood immediately countered that, calling on Morsi supporters to flood the streets of Cairo on the same day. Nobel Peace prize winner and former Presidential candidate, Mohamed ElBaradei, says the protests will only end if Mohammed Morsi withdraws the decree which gives him unchallenged executive powers. There is no room for dialogue when a dictator imposes the most repressive, abhorring measures and then say, let us split the difference. We cannot split any difference there, but we are of course ready for dialogue once he rescinds that and then we can talk. Political observers say Mohammed Morsi has another problem as ordinary Egyptians face the pressures of rising prices and unemployment.Especially if you go to squatter settlements, to the countryside, people who voted for him, they have begun to feel disillusioned, they thought things will be much better.Now many are asking whether life in Egypt will get worse. Talks are under way in Africa to find an end to the conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. The fighting between rebels and the Congolese government is not new, millions of people have died in violence dating back to 1997. But what's different is that the divide between the two sides is even greater, making the goal of an agreement even more of a long shot. DRC President Joseph Kabila was among the African leaders who gathered for what was billed as an extraordinary summit to end the rebel's advance across eastern Congo. But the leader of the M23 rebels, the other half in this growing conflict, wasn't there because he wasn't invited.M23 stop expanding the war forthwith. Instead the two sides met afterward, the specifics of those talks were not made public. Since April, the M23 has grown from a small group of rebel defectors into a well-armed military force that continues to occupy communities in the DRC's east, including the city of Goma, causing tens of thousands of people to flee for their safety. But the rebels' concerns go beyond being a bigger part of the army and date back much further than April. They have also been calling for the protection of Tutsis in the region. Since 1997 we have refugees in Rwanda in camp. We ask the international community to hear about us, not to fight us because we are not asking to fight. We are not damned to die. We fight and we lose friends, we lose parents, we lose brothers.The summit of neighbouring leaders also has a list of demands for rebels.Stop all war activities and evacuate from Goma.The Congolese government has given the rebels just two days to move out of Goma. In return the government must listen to rebels grievances and integrate rebel soldiers into the Congolese Army. Even with the presence of the largest UN peacekeeping mission, the violence and what the UN calls the largest humanitarian crisis in the world here continues.Our protection monitors are reporting many incidents of violence against civilians. In Goma there have been reports of 60 assaults on civilians to our partners. Our partners are telling us eight people have been killed and houses and shops have been looted.Experts say even if this one-sided summit brokers a deal, being integrated into the army may no longer be enough for M23 rebels, who are now considering establishing their own administration and government. A key figure in the Australian Workers Union scandal has defended the Prime Minister's conduct when she was a lawyer in the 1990s. Julia Gillard's former boyfriend and union official, Bruce Wilson, has declared she had no knowledge of a slush fund that allegedly misappropriated union funds. It's the kind of headline the Prime Minister won't object to. Bruce Wilson says she knew nothing about the union fraud scandal.From what I've looked at in today's papers it's story over.Mr Wilson has broken his silence telling News Limited newspapers: They can go on a witch-hunt for as long as they like, they will find nothing. She knew absolutely, categorically nothing. The Opposition says his intervention doesn't change anything.Mr Wilson's defence of Ms Gillard is not supported by the documents.Julie Bishop says the Prime Minister's refused to answer questions about a union association she helped Bruce Wilson set up when she was a solicitor in the 1990s. It was later alleged that the association is linked to a union slush fund. Labor says there's no connection between that fund and Julia Gillard.There's still no allegation of any impropriety or illegal conduct by the Prime Minister. The most substantive allegation is maybe she didn't choose that wisely her boyfriend. The Opposition's vowed to pursue the Prime Minister as Parliament prepares for its last sitting week of the year. It's demanded she make a statement to MPs.If she has nothing to hide, if she has done nothing as she maintains, then she should have no difficulty answering the questions I put to her.The Greens say they expect Julia Gillard to answer allegations if any are put to her. The coalition's also preparing to step up the pressure on Labor over asylum seekers. It will try to reintroduce the Howard-era temporary protection visas. At the same time, Labor's Left is angry about the government's decision to place refugees on bridging visas, banning them from work.It is a race to the bottom on who can be the nastiest when it comes to these temporary visas.There's been a fresh reminder of what's at stake in this debate. An asylum seeker who survived at sea for three days has told of how 33 others drowned when their boat sank en route to Christmas Island. Tony Burke says that's why Labor's strengthened its policies.Yes, it is tough. It's very harsh, but I don't want to see a situation where we do anything that adds to the risk of people losing their lives.But they continue to make the dangerous journey. Another boat has been intercepted north-west of Cocos Islands carrying 87 suspected asylum seekers. Richard Davis joins us now from Canberra. Richard, is this scandal hurting the Prime Minister and how will it play out in Parliament this week?I think we are going to have a very bumpy ride ahead. The opposition will target the Prime Minister over the scandal. They may even move a motion of no confidence. Labour is worried some of the month that is being thrown will stick. s being thrown will stick. -- mud.It is parliament's last sitting week for the year. It appears to be shaping up as be shaping up as a busy one?It is going to be very hectic. A lot of legislation before the parliament to debate. There is ent to debate. There is legislation for the National Disability Insurance scheme. Legislation for Education reforms. There will be a vote in the Senate for the gaming laws. A very busy and interesting week ahead.Thank you. Sydney police have arrested two men after an incident at a Mosque in the city's south-east. Police say members of the congregation at the Arncliffe Mosque ejected a man after he began acting suspiciously.

acting suspiciously. Police, who witnesses say were in the area because of worldwide threats against Shia Muslims by extremists, arrested the man and another man who intervened. The Shia congregation were commemorating Ashura, the anniversary of the death of Mohammad's grandson. And Shia Muslims marking Ashura were the target of a bomb blast that killed eight people in Pakistan. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack in the north-west city of Dera Ismail Khan. A trail of shrapnel and bloodstains from a 10 kilogram bomb packed with ball bearings. Hidden inside a rubbish bin, the explosives were so powerful they hurled a young boy onto a roof. Four of the dead were children taking part in the climax of the Shiite mourning month. Al- Qaeda linked Sunni militants are rife in Pakistan's north-west. They're against the public marking of the death of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson. That makes Shiites during Ashura a target. Some have received death threats. And those who choose to take part are at risk. No doubt there are concerns here, this Islamabad resident said, God willing nothing will happen. Mobile phone services were blocked in many cities, but police say yesterday's bomb was triggered by a television remote control. They are now reviewing security tactics.Every person that is entering this procession is searched and checked thrice by our force, by the volunteer scouts and by our special teams who have metal detectors. They're searching everybody.Security forces are watching from the ground and the skies. Bomb disposal experts conspicuous throughout the capital. But the Pakistani Taliban says it won't be deterred. In a statement a spokesman warned the government could make whatever arrangements it wants, but that won't stop more attacks, threatening at least 20 suicide bombers are ready and waiting. And Shia Muslims in Yemen have also been targeted in a bomb attack. Three people were killed and 13 injured as they left a Mosque in Sanaa. It's the first time Ashura has been marked publicly in Yemen for half a century. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Palestinian authorities have announced they will exhume Yasser Arafat's body this week. The inaugural Palestinian President died in 2004 in Paris. The head of an inquiry says the exhumation is necessary to establish whether Arafat had been poisoned. Many Palestinians believe he died after he was poisoned with the radioactive element polonium by Israel. Greek police have recovered almost 80 missing artefacts stolen from an antiquities museum in February. Three men were arrested attempting to sell a 3,000 year-old gold ring during a police sting. Also recovered was an oil jar dating back to 500 BC. Pope Benedict XVI has appointed six new cardinals from five different continents. The move comes amid criticism that the Vatican's top decision-making body is too Eurocentric. Just over half of the college of cardinals are from Europe. Illegal squatters camped on the future site of a regional airport in France are being forcibly removed by police. A confrontation turned into a riot as police used heavy machinery and firing tear gas to control protestors. French police in riot gear move in to face-off against squatters near the southern city of Nantes.

the southern city of Nantes. They fired tear gas to clear treetop tents, erected by protestors trying to stop plans to build a new airport on the 1,650-hectare site. Bulldozers were also used to squatters who have occupied the area for several months. Activists hurled bottles, stones and firecrackers, injuring several people. Police detained nine people, seven of whom were later released. Two were held for possession of a weapon. The Greens and other politicians have also denounced the $720 million project. But the government says it is necessary to provide a vital lifeline to the region's economy. The airport will have an initial capacity of 4 million passengers annually. It is scheduled to be operational by 2017. More than 100 people are dead after fire raced through a garment factory in the Bangladesh. Police say some of the victims died after jumping from the top of the Dhaka building to escape the flames. Police say lax safety standards, poor wiring and overcrowding cause several deadly factory fires every year. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next: The UK Council at the centre of a foster care storm, unhappy with the carers' politics. Shortly, building bonds in a new land. African dads and their kids healing old wounds. And later, coming to terms with the conflict, rebuilding lives in Gaza and Tel Aviv.

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A row's erupted in Britain over the decision of a Labour-run council to remove three children from their foster parents because it did not like their politics. The couple are members of the UK Independence Party and Rotherham Borough Council is opposed to the party's immigration policy and opposition to multiculturalism. Britain's Education Secretary has called the removal arbitrary and indefensible. Local authorities face difficult decisions on placements. This council removed three children from an eastern European background from their parents when they were told the couple were members of UKIP. They said there was no issue about the quality of care, but that UKIP's stance but that UKIP's stance on immigration had to be taken mmigration had to be taken into account.They want to end multiculturalism. These children are from EU migrant backgrounds. They do not want that going forward. I have to think about how sensitive I am being to those children.The council says it has been criticised by a judge in previous proceedings for not looking after for not looking after the children's cultural and ethnic needs. In a statement they said, we were meeting the colt will needs of these children. We were encouraging these children ere encouraging these children to speak their language. Their leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, said the decision to remove the children was appalling. There were giving those children love and stability. -- they were. They have been discriminated against by a Labour-run council on the basis that they support a party that says, we should not be part of the EU and we should control our borders. That is the most appalling prejudice.The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, described the decision as indefensible.We need to encourage more parents to come forward to adopt. If we say you cannot look f we say you cannot look after children because you are a member of a mainstream political party, that is completely wrong.The council says it will hold an investigation into the decision to see that all the broke -- correct decisions were carried out. The foster parents have looked after a dozen different children for nearly seven years, one of them in a placement for four years. A unique weekend camp has been held on Victoria's Phillip Island, aimed at giving African men the chance of better bonding with their children. Organisers found many African men had problems finding time to be with their children. It was also an opportunity for police to foster relations with the community. Kicking goals for families while kicking a ball along the beach at the African Dads and Kids Camp. A chance for busy dads to spend some quality time with their children. This memory will be printed in his mind, he will never forget it.Why do you like spending time with your dad?Because he's my dad!This is my son, my friend and brother. All my family, this one.What are some of the things you have done with your dad?He just does some things nice. He holds the board for me when I go to the beach because it's too hard.We asked him questions we didn't know like what was your favourite memories when you were my age.Having them away for the weekend means they're totally focused on their kids, laughing with their kids, learning from their kids.Organised by CatholicCare, the camp also provides police the opportunity to build relations where there might once have been fear of authority figures.When they first begin in the program they look at me quite suspiciously. What is he doing here? By the end of the program there is e program there is a sense, we are here to support. Victoria Police are here to support communities, not just police them.Life in Australia is very different for many. Programs like these a chance to educate and adjust. It is a chance for the children to make some new friends. Judging by the endless miles, it has achieved its aim. The advice for other . The advice for other fathers and kids?You should go, it is so much fun.Now to other stories in the news around Australia. A long-serving Queensland state politician has defected to Katter's Australia Party, saying he can no longer support the leadership of Premier Campbell Newman. Ray Hopper says at least four other LNP members may follow him. If that happened Katter's Australia Party could claim the official status as Queensland's Opposition. The NSW Police Marine Command has celebrated its 150th anniversary. Since 1862 the command has been responsible for water safety and rescues on Sydney Harbour. Today's celebrations featured a mock rescue. Speculation is growing about the recommendations that will be put forward this week when the Leveson Inquiry releases its first findings into Britain's press standards. Prime Minister David Cameron says he's keeping an open mind, despite a newspaper report claiming he would reject full-blown state regulation of the media. According to Britain's Mail on Sunday, David Cameron has already decided to back a tougher model of self-regulation for the press. That reportedly includes replacing the current Press Complaints Commission, all while threatening to introduce a statutory system if matters don't improve. The first results of the Leveson Inquiry into press standards are due on Thursday. Britain's massive press corps waits in nervous anticipation. In Denmark reader complaints are handled by a press council, whose members are appointed by the government. If the press gets anything wrong, they must answer to the council, whose chair is a Supreme Court judge. Their punishment is to force us to write in a prominent place in the paper, we made a mistake, we wrote this, this is the truth. We have to print exactly the wording of the verdict of the council. And we do that.But does that mean the press is being controlled by the government?I'm not employed by the government in any way. The majority don't have any specific ties to the government. The government doesn't in any way try to influence us. Denmark's newspapers say they're happy with the arrangement because it helps their credibility. But Danish MPs are still highlighting several stories that have crossed the line, containing false accusations surrounding murder and paedophilia. Denmark's system is one of several recommendations the Leveson Inquiry could make for Britain's press. Another is Ireland's, which has self- regulation. But newspapers that sign up are given preferential treatment if they're sued for libel. The system preferred by Britain's newspapers is self-regulation with legally enforceable contracts. That would stop publishers from opting out of the system, as well as the power to levy fines. Earlier this year the Independent Media Inquiry recommended a statutory watchdog regulate Australia's news and current affairs across all platforms. The findings are still being considered by the Federal Government.

Earlier this week there was a bomb on a bus in Tel Aviv which injured 29 people. It was the first such attack in e first such attack in more than six years. Today, the cease-fire with hummus is still holding. The city is back to normal. -- Hamas. There is a little tension underneath the surface. Our correspondent has more. It is difficult to believe that less than one week ago Israel was on the brink of all-out war. It is Saturday night in Tel Aviv and the bars and restaurants are back in full swing. How do vocals cope with being at the brink of war one day and then r one day and then face normal existence the next?Is not the end France. It is normal. We try to continue with our lives.This is life. This is the situation. This is where we live. That is what to do about it, one day devices, the next day you live like that.That is life in Dep -- Tel Aviv. The bars are full, optimism and fun are hand in hand. On the surface, the sentiment on Golden Beach Promenade is similar. Even in less than ideal conditions, the waves attract a crowd. Some even take to the air. Tel Aviv residents Arik Tel Aviv residents Arik Cohen says all is not what it seems. He says everyone is aware of the dark reality.You live your life but to know that something can change any day.He finds his piece in the water. Aviva and Yael now live in Paris, but turned to Tel Aviv last week. -- returned.When we heard of the war was starting, we decided to come. We want come. We want to share with our friends and family the situation.Giving some comfort has been the Iron Dome anti-missile system which intercepts rockets as they bear down on as they bear down on populated targets. Over the eight days of violence, it intercepted more than 400 missiles with a success rate of 84%.In a couple of years it will cover his real completely. Iran will not be a problem.With more modern weapons from Libya and Sudan or now making their way to Gaza, the range of accuracy in the NME's Arsenal has improved. As this building shows, this system is not infallible. Of the 60% of records that did make it through, one fell here. It is the fourth biggest city in Israel. It is wholly el. It is wholly 15 kilometres from central Tel Aviv.What is new here? This is hat is new here? This is the first time that a missal arrived in this area. We're not scared. We're very brave in his ray of.For his release, technology will help temper an old problem. Berrimah hopes ld problem. Berrimah hopes for prolonged peace. Below the prolonged peace. Below the bars, and the beaches, a deadly reality prevails.It is like you're in another world in the water. It is definitely a good escape.There is hope of a peaceful solution. On the other side of the border, schools in Gaza have reopened for the first time since the cease-fire irst time since the cease-fire was declared in the territory. While the children have turned up, the lessons I yet to start. There France, for most of these children for most of these children the race and the one thing on their minds. Many at the school with Mr airstrikes, some lost their homes. None can forget what they saw.TRANSLATION: A piece of shrapnel but what -- is my sister. By ankle's house was hit by a missile.This is what they're doing on their first day, no lessons, just fun.TRANSLATION: Psychologically they're not ready to resume their studies. They have seen all for things. The restorers of destruction and death. These things are not normal.Where it is time to draw, it is clear that the war has traumatised many of these young Palestinians.TRANSLATION: Akhtar not ATION: Akhtar not sleep all night. I was so scared they would bomb our house. The school was badly damaged when a missile hit the mosque next door. In the ue next door. In the middle of the morning, more pupils arrived. orning, more pupils arrived. They are the second shift. Like many schools, this school has ols, this school has to make ships because of overcrowding. The damage has only made that problem worse. Councillors will . Councillors will also be working with children. It is the beginning of a long process. The older ones still display The older ones still display signs of trauma from the war four years ago.Most of the children that suffered from nightmares, some had other problems like aggression and bed-wetting. Some have ed-wetting. Some have the problems with concentration and ms with concentration and attention impairment.The physical damage to the school should be repaired in a few weeks. The emotional trauma that these children carry with them will take much longer to heal. Experts say the territory needs more than itory needs more than 400 additional schools to cope with tional schools to cope with population growth. The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into claims by Hewlett-Packard arelaims by Hewlett-Packard are that it was tricked into overpaying billions of dollars for billions of dollars for a British software firm. The computer ware firm. The computer giant blames fraud by the company Autonomy for massive write-downs and financial losses. Hewlett-Packard itself has been accused of mismanagement amid an unfolding corporate star Posh that reads like the best soap opera. Hewlett-Packard, a Silicon Valley icon is Valley icon is struggling due to its slow response to the shift to mobile. In two years it has seen threes C E iOS. It is in an endless cycle of restructuring. This week, a stunned Wall Street wiped 10% off the stock. To become a force and software, Hewlett-Packard last year bought Autonomy for year bought Autonomy for more than $10 billion. Now it blames the company for an 8 billion do the right down.It is further evidence that the board of directors is not fit for purpose. It is for purpose. It is the second acquisition that has gone extremely badly.Some investment analysts had been sceptical about Autonomy Mike Lynch. He started his firm in a garage. It is now acclaimed Autonomy misled about its cash levels, unusually low given the high profits climbed. Autonomy bought up other firms to give the illusion of fast growth and book payments for services not yet delivered.If the accusations are that this happens in the six months leading up to Dick -- acquisition, they ck -- acquisition, they are looking a different business.Hewlett-Packard is also under the microscope. They have apparently failed to heed red flags.Three years before 8p -- Hewlett-Packard bought Autonomy, I had concerns.Mike Winch says Hewlett-Packard is nch says Hewlett-Packard is seeking scapegoats.Similarly there is an all-out campaign on the television everywhere. It happens to be the same day that they are putting out some of the worst results in the company's history.Many believe the company rushed into the deal and overpaid. Meg Whitman has been busy blaming her predecessor, although she was already on the board. Coming up next, Mariana Rudan with all the day's sports news. Taking their chances - Australia closing in on victory in the second Test against South Africa in Adelaide. And in the A-League, Melbourne Victory, despite being one man down, take maximum points against Western Sydney at Parramatta.

Good evening. South Africa are on the ropes, based on a three header 53 runs for the most unlikely of victories. It leads into these final day of the second

final day of the second Test at Adelaide Oval. Muckle Klerk declared with a lead of 429. -- Michael Clarke. Nathan Lyon has already claimed two scalps as the Proteas were lps as the Proteas were rocked later today. They will have to wrap up the matter that James Pattinson. He has been

been ruled out of the summer. Leading by 233 at the start of play, Mike Hussey and Michael Clarke put on a 50 run partnership to set a lead beyond 300. Michael Clarke was out for rke was out for 38. Mike Hussey continued with another half century. He added four more and fought off Morne Morkel. Matty waged fell to Morne Morkel as ell to Morne Morkel as well. -- Matthew Wade. Ben Hilfenhaus frustrated the Proteas. It was much to the delights of h to the delights of this show him captain. -- the aptain. -- the Australian captain. James Adams and showing little respect.

Clark had seen enough and the declaration came. Having done so well, Ben Hilfenhaus made the perfect start with the ball. Nathan Lyon then l. Nathan Lyon then sent Hashim Amla back to the pavilion. Michael Clarke with a juggling catch. When Peter Siddle claimed Petersen, ter Siddle claimed Petersen, the Proteas were at four/45. De Villiers Insh towards stance, focusing only on survival. The record run-chase is 315 set rd run-chase is 315 set more than 110 years ago. The Proteas much as -- must score 100 more than that. A stray need six more wickets. Nutter the A- League. It has been hot on the field. Last night

field. Last night Melbourne Heart and Newcastle produced a cracker with six goals. Melbourne Victory were too good for western Sydney. Perth and rn Sydney. Perth and Wellington true. Tempers boiled in

boiled in the sweltering

boiled in the sweltering conditions in Gosford. He said for ghosts -- the Central

The Brisbane Roar had the right. A rocket from an unlikely source took them level. A late challenge had tempers boiling over from both sides. It remained square at half- time. They were close to restoring the lead after the first half. There were rst half. There were unable to capitalise. The Central talise. The Central Coast were given an 81st minute lead. The Melbourne Victory side has been unbeaten in their last three matches. They lost a player to be controversial red card after 16 minutes. A good chance to s. A good chance to make the numerical advantage count was wasted. When the opening goal did arrive it came at the wrong end for western Sydney. Just shy of the hour, the Melbourne Victory doubled the Melbourne Victory doubled the advantage. Western Sydney had a number of chances to pull a goal back, it was to no avail. In Perth, the Perth Glory were looking to secure the spot in the top four. There was a goal after the hour. The home side had to settle for a draw. Trickery and composure in front of goal earned the of goal earned the Phoenix a point. Newly- appointed Queen's Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp watched from the stands as Manchester United came from behind to beat his new

club at Old Trafford. West Brom have moved up to third with a win at Sunderland. Everton and Arsenal had drawers. Wigan eased its concerns with a win over Reading. Manchester United had to come from behind to ensure it moved to the top of the

top of the table against QPR. No tougher place to start a news stints as a new club. The raiders came close in the first half. Jamie Mackay's header was ruled out. Joni Evans be gained the comeback after a rare Wayne Rooney corner. Another corner and it was Darren Fletcher who took it to the lead. The two substitute combined when Javier Hernandez fired home the third. West

A goal by Zoltan Gera or set them on the way. A free kick gave the home side hope. They sealed a 4-2 victory. Adam Federici was unable to prevent a second half hat-trick by Jordan Gomez. It was his opposite number that had the reddest face. Wigan went out 3-2 winners. Aston Villa climbed out of the bottom three with a draw against Arsenal. The closest away goal was Brett Holman. The Wallabies have failed to reproduce last week's sparkling effort against England. There was a lacklustre display against Italy. Nick

lacklustre display against Italy.
Nick Cummins ly. Nick Cummins was the try-scorer for the Wallabies, who were dangerously close to

the Wallabies, who were dangerously
close to blowing a big lead. Italy dished out a ferocious Florence welcome. Nathan Sharpe did not offering inch. Sitaleki Timani offering a bit more. Misery had a stranglehold on sery had a stranglehold on the Wallabies. Adam Ashley-Cooper firing back. The men in Gold blend of the most painful blow with the ball in hand. -- the men in gold lending the most painful blow. Michael Hooper was also making turnover balls count. Impressive when given a sniff. Midfield momentum was quashed by a superior Italian scrum. Nathan Sharpe's men were winning the Open collisions, producing turnover balls and ng turnover balls and points. Kurtley Beale made chances count. The 19 point lead spiralled down. Australia's second half was sloppy and scoreless. The hosts had this chance to tie the match. The Miss ensure that they would escape with a 3-point win. The Wallabies final match of the sprinter were is against Wales. With the draw for the 2015 Rugby World Cup to be made on Monday, the world rankings are looking increasingly important.

on Monday, the world rankings are
looking increasingly important. Scotland suffered their first ever defeat to Tonga. Georgia lost to Fiji. France had to come from behind to beat some hour. Ireland hammered Argentina. The All Blacks were clinical against Wales. England squandered plenty of chances against South

chances against South Africa. Chris Robshaw looked Africa. Chris Robshaw looked assured at the start. England held their own in this match. Only flawless kicking gave South Africa a lead. The rugby was hardly free-flowing. The only try owed more to luck than judgement. With time running out, England opted to kick a 3-point penalty rather than go for ray match- winning try. Robshaw took sole responsibility. It may have cost his side the match. In Cardiff, Wales were lucky break first win since 1953. A dry hops the All Blacks and we comfortable lead. A thrashing looked on the cards. Wales finally showed some spirit. Two late tries give them a glimpse of Wells capabilities. 33-10 the final score. Ireland gave a quality performance against Argentina. Scotland's dismal form continued. They slumped to where first defeat against Tonga, going down 21 points to 15. Lewis Hamilton has grabbed pole position for tomorrow morning's season ending Brazilian Grand Prix. Mark Webber

Grand Prix. Mark Webber was third quickest. Sebastian Vettel is fourth on the grid. Fernando Alonso will start from 8th spot. Fernando Alonso is Fernando Alonso is 13 points behind and must finish on the podium to have a chance of to have a chance of beating Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel could become the light

light -- the grandest ever driver to win three World Championships. Former boxing world champion Hector 'Macho' Camacho has died after being shot in the head in water Rickers. He was 50 years of age. -- and Puerto Rico. The weather is coming up. And Dallas actor Larry Hagman remembered.

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The to the weather now. Heavy rain and wind Heavy rain and wind and England has claimed another victim. A woman has died and two an has died and two others are seriously hurt after they seriously hurt after they were hit by a falling tree. Areas of the south-west are bracing for more gale-force

tree. Areas of the south-west are
bracing for more gale-force wind. A trough is -force wind. A trough is triggering potential thunderstorms in NSW, with another trough bring storms for WA. Hot northerly wind is a betting SA, NSW and Victoria, leading to warmer weather.

Looking further afield: In South East Asia:

Light falls for Hong Kong with heavier rain for Hanoi. Cloudy in Shanghai. Overcast in a Tehran.


We told you last night of the death of Larry Hagman. As an actor or he worked on and off Broadway and in television as the star of 'I Dream of Jeannie'. We will always remember -- he will always be remembered for a remarkable role as a scheming Willman in 'Dallas'. It were the biggest shows of the 1980s he was the staff. He played a man who constantly mystery to those around him.I don't have anything to apologise for. He gambled and lost. Did the double bluff Melby? You're out of your league.I want a divorce.No more so than his long- suffering wife.You're an unfit mother. The sooner we have you put away in ave you put away in a seven terrier and the better you will be. -- sat terrier -- Senate terrier.The Who Shot JR storyline making a global star. Tapes were lobal star. Tapes were delivered to the UK under heavy security. When the series was revived this year he revived his most famous role. In an interview three ole. In an interview three months ago he told me what he thought was the reason for the s the reason for the character's appeal. Everyone in the world has a joke like JR in the family. Everybody can identify with that.Audiences certainly did the late, watching four years, a character who was hated as much as the characters like the man who played him was loved. Larry Hagman was in all 14 seasons and in all 14 seasons and 357 episodes of 'Dallas'. Recapping our top stories now - unrest continues in Egypt with senior judges calling for a nationwide strike to protest President Morsi's extended powers. A second day of demonstrations has united an often fragmented opposition, which has called for a mass rally on Tuesday. Rebel group M23 are continuing their offensive in Eastern Congo, despite a regional peace summit meeting in neighbouring Uganda. Police have arrested two men after an incident at a Mosque in Sydney's southeast. Members of the congregation allege a man was acting suspiciously. And French police clash with protesters squatting in a protected swampland, designated for a new airport. That's the world this Sunday. You can get all tonight's stories online, and news around the clock, at our website and follow us on Twitter. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

and Nam Khan rivers,
On the confluence of the Mekong

as it is bountiful.
Luang Prabang is as beautiful

of around 400,000
Its small population

travelling from around the globe
swells each year with tourists

World Heritage town.
to experience this picturesque

markets called Talat Sao,
Walking to the early morning

old, traditional, colonial

have influenced Lao cuisine.
of how the French

called khao jee...
This gorgeous baguette here

..pate. (LAUGHS) That's it.
BOTH: Pate.

of course, quite long,
There's a French baguette,

in there as well.
We put a bit of green papaya

beautiful, thick, French pork pate.
But, of course, there's this

in there, with a bit of mayo.
Look at that. Lots of crunchy bits

Pork floss.
And, oh, this is awesome.

love their sticky rice.
Now, the Lao people

all the sticky rice in
This here is where they put

rattan or bamboo baskets.
It's a great business -

the early morning markets
Now, the beauty about coming to

new and unusual ingredients.
is that you discover so many

cuisine and it's called pepperwood.
This here is used very much in Lao

it's actually a vine.
It's not a tree,

whole like this,
The best thing is to buy it

into smaller pieces straightaway,

it's peppery,
The flavour of spicy,

to the tongue.
and it's quite numbing

Thailand and also Laos, of course,
Now, what I've noticed in northern

in their cuisine.
is the use of frogs

with fresh herbs and vegetables,
they chop them all up, wrap them

chargrilled or even steamed -
in the banana leaf,

lots of different frogs in there.
What's in there? Oh, we've got

it's like a defence mechanism.
Look at that -

to make it look big,
It puffs its body up

I could never get in a Australia.
Now, this is a leaf

of the Lao people.
essential in the diet

and very medicinal.
Now, it's quite bitter

a whole bunch of yanang leaves,
What you have to do is grab

and you mash it with your hands
soak it in water,

deep-green water there.
to get this gorgeous,

with bamboo shoots
The yanang leaves are cooked

it's very, very good for you.
and it's called 'iron soup' because

and chargrilling food.
Lao people love barbecuing

chargrilled chicken,
We've got chargrilled pork belly,

and whole fish as well.
whole chicken thighs, chicken wings,

cute pork and buffalo patties.
What caught my eye are these little

dill, shallots and spring onion.
They've got lemongrass in them,

and a little dipping sauce.
Great with sticky rice

bread and have a little hamburger.
Or put it inside a few pieces of

buffalo meat and pork as well.
Alright, so, we have some minced

if you like.
You can use beef at home,

I'm gonna chop up.
I've got some lemongrass

five lemongrass stalks.
You need around

the nice tender parts.
Just the white part only,

into your mortar.
..and then throw them

red shallots as well -
I've got around five

than the normal eschalots.
a lot more flavour

so I'll do this really quickly.
Looks like it's gonna rain,

into the mortar. OK.
Just roughly chop that up

pound that to a nice paste.
I've got my pestle. I'm gonna

see barbecues and chargrills
Now, all through Laos, you're gonna

and charcoal flavour
because you get aromas