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(generated from captions) Her success in selective shopping
is empowering

and her prudent style is potentially
a smart strategy for us today.

PACO UNDERHILL: One of the realities
of the recession

that we are just coming out of

is that many of us woke up and found
that our closets were too big,

our cars were too big,
our houses were too big

and our debts were too big.

In other words, we might have desires
but not the money to pay for them.

You know, it's probably not a wise
plan if you're a school teacher

to collect Hermes bags.

Just because you have knowledge
of those brands,

it doesn't mean that
they are rightfully yours.

I believe strongly that we need
to educate our children.

We are educating them
about ecological issues,

we also need to educate them
about consumption.

What began in the 19th-century store
as a ladies' day out

has in the 20th century
been transformed

into a shopping experience

which today defines a modern society.

The department store has been
at the forefront of newvalues,

the recognition of children

and access for everyone
to a middle-class lifestyle.

But the store has also pioneered
a culture of instant gratification

and status anxiety

where throwaway goods, endless
fashion and debt are now the norm.

And we all buy intoit.

SILVIA SAGONA: Every layer
of society

now takes part
in this shopping experience -

buying things, which, by definition,
you don't need,

but which you have to have
to make you feel sufficient.

I buy, therefore I am.

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This program is captioned live. Cairo clashes - violence erupts in Tahrir Square as Egypt's president defends new powers. First fatality - Palestinian death in border clash tests fragile ceasefire. Our information that it is not Israeli aggression. Home in ruins - SBS reporter Luke Waters joins an Israeli family after the rockets. It's a very hard decision to leave your house.

Good evening and welcome to the program, I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Michael Tomalaris will join me with all the day's sports, including - striving for a big lead - Australia aiming to set South Africa a huge victory target in the second Test. We begin tonight in Egypt where President Mohamed Morsi has appeared in public for the first time since for the first time since issuing a decree that gives him absolute power were. He says a tough measures are needed to speed up the move to democracy. Thousands have democracy. Thousands have taken to the street, accusing him of acting like a dictator. Less than two matches after Egyptians deposed a dictator, many fear that they have elected another. Protesters said they did - - say that they trusted Mohamed Morsi. They say he has betrayed their trust. They took their anger out on the Office of the Muslim Brotherhood. Thereof the Muslim Brotherhood. There was also a significant show was also a significant show of strength in support of the President. He addressed a nt. He addressed a rally in Cairo.

Supporters say drastic measures are needed to eliminate the last remnants of the Mubarak regime.We have not gime.We have not completed the revelation yet. We need to take the power to the revolution, not to the Mubarak system.Other Egyptians are highly suspicious and there once again marched on Tahrir Square in defiance of re in defiance of a leader they say is ignoring the people at his animation's peril.He is the first dictator in Egypt. He has more power than He has more power than Mubarak. I am here to take the law back to the Egyptians. This is not what the revolution was about. The revolution was about stripping the as about stripping the presidents of all of these unquestioned rights.Days after emerging the hero for brokering Gaza peas, the international spotlight has turned or Mahler Dorset. The United States has stopped short of condemning him. The State Department is concerned by any move to concentrate power in the hands of one person. Opposition groups are demanding the President revokes his degree and dissolves the assembly drafting the new constitution. But that will not happen easily. These are the two points on which he has staked his presidency. The 48-hour or cease- fire between Hamas and Israel continues to hold. This was a fatal shooting of a Palestinian man. Hamas has an man. Hamas has tried to defuse the situation by efuse the situation by keeping crowds away from the crowds away from the security fence on the Gaza border. Israel has restricted Palestinian access to Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The death of a 20-year-old has put the cease- fire to the test. He was shot dead by Israeli soldiers as he approached a border fence with other Palestinians. These family says he was trying to hide a -- hang a flight on defence. His real's military says roughly 300 Palestinians tried to damage the fence in to damage the fence in several locations. It was an attempt to cross into Israel. Warning shots to Israel. Warning shots were fired. After they refused to retreat, but his real says the troops began shooting at the legs. It is the first violence since the truce came into force on Thursday, and in more than a week of cross-border fighting. Israel imposed a 300 metre wide are no ghosts zone on the Palestinian side of defence. It is not included in current terms. There has been entering to see if restrictions have been lifted. Despite the shooting got both Israel and Hamas are trying to defuse the implications. Hummus Mike has signalled that the incident is unlikely to ncident is unlikely to jeopardise the cease- fire.Our information is that it is not an Israeli aggression. Some people try to go inside. Will have to make side. Will have to make sure about the details of the event. We trust the Israelis. We understand that they are unable to swallow up this big defeat. We are investigating the case. Palestinian security is now evacuating people from the border zone. It is a rare move. It is a sign that hummus wants to uphold its side of the cease-fire. -- Hamas.

160 Palestinians and six Israelis have lost nd six Israelis have lost their lives in the past 10 days of fighting. It is the highest toll between the two sides since the devastating 22 operation over the new year of 2009. Luke Waters returns later in the bottom with the story of an Israeli family returning to their destroyed home. Hundreds of people took to the streets of ook to the streets of Sydney for a rally in support of the Palestinians. It included some ians. It included some unwanted participants. Among the participants. Among the protesters at town hall was a town hall was a string of members from the National Anarchist Movement. Their banners and ovement. Their banners and foyers express support for the Palestinian people. Their alleged association with anti- Semitic movements sparked a harsh response.We do not want you here. Police quickly left -- leapt on a scuffle that broke out. There were no arrests or injuries. A police barrier separated the group. From there, the demonstration remained peaceful. Speakers of all faiths gathered to express their dismay. They call for more governments to withdraw support from Israel.We do not hate Jews, we hate racism and genocide. This is what we hate. Traffic came to a standstill. The death toll in Gaza past 160. There may be a cease-fire in place, but the anger is still palpable. A lot of that anger is not directed at his real, but at the Australian government. The Greens are calling for action. This really is part of the UN Security Council.Australia has voted with the US's says. That is no way to address the problems in the world.We have family is in Gaza. We do not mind Australia maintaining relations with Israel. We want ns with Israel. We want them to see our part of this sorry.Australia will commence its role of the Security Council in January. The Pakistani government has ordered the shutdown of mobile phone that works in many major cities. It is to prevent sectarian violence. Services have been locked in parts of Islamabad and Karachi as people prepared for the climax of the holy month of Muharram. More than 90% of bombs are detonated using mobile phones. In the latest attack, a the latest attack, a bomb exploded near a procession in the north-west. It killed seven people. The UN is warning of a humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than one million people are displaced since the rebel advance began in April. Humanitarian agencies say arian agencies say hospitals are being overloaded with e being overloaded with the wind at in Goma. There are many bodies on the roads. In Kinshasa, thousands of woman marched against the violence. They demanded the UN and the Government do more to protect them. You can see the urgency in their movements and faces. Tens of thousands of people fleeing parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rebels continued to catch their areas in the East. Some are running for their lives. This man walked over the rubble that was once his house. He is one of the few people who has decided to stay, despite losing everything. Advancing rebels have displaced more than 1.5 million people. Those not lucky enough to escape have been recruited to fight. That includes children. In Goma, M23 the ball squirted over their victory. These are weapons meant for government forces, which have been ineffective in slowing the advance.

Headlines in a local pay poor -- paper are pay poor -- paper are wary of the Government's action. They ask what is the next city. In the capital, thousands of women much to bring attention to the violence aimed at them and their children. at them and their children. The violence includes widespread ence includes widespread reports of rape.

They're angry at the government and the UN for failing to protect them and then to protect them and then the violence. UN peacekeepers are authorised to use force if thorised to use force if necessary. They are considering a first, using unmanned drones to monitor movements.The international community has one goal. We want to promote peace and sustainable development.Central African leaders will hold an emergency summit, focused on the site this like crisis. It is little comfort to s. It is little comfort to the tens of thousands of people here fuelled by the urgent need to escape the violence which continues to grow around them. US shoppers have flooded into stores for Black Friday. It is one of the busiest days on the nation's shopping calendar. Consumers account for 70% of the US economic activity. This year's sales are being keenly watched in a fragile economy. Never mind a lacklustre economy, the re economy, the race was on here at of Victoria's Secret in Tulsa. 11,000 rushed in as maces New York opened its doors at midnight.I found some good bargains.Black Friday is also a chance for disgruntled workers at the world's biggest retailer, Wal- Mart, to retailer, Wal- Mart, to protest about pay and benefits. It is a day that its many retailers back into the black. Many stores open on the Thanksgiving Day holiday.They are looking for items that there 20%, up to 50% off.Then there is the talents from online, tipped to account for more than 10% of holiday or more than 10% of holiday sales. Amazon and others have lost some their pricing edge as a US states now charges sales tax. Shoppers are gearing up for cyber Monday. for cyber Monday. It includes many Australia's disappointed but last week's local version.They have all the research available to them. They are using their phones to research the price and make sure it is a good price. They are looking at options.To stop customers using stores to share rooms for goods to be bought online, there was price matching with online rivals. There was even childcare. After a grey Thursday, otherwise known as Thanksgiving, there was Black Friday and lack Friday and the awaited cyber Monday. E-commerce is not even waiting for that day. Many a long -- already launching online deals. US holiday sales will grow 4% this year. It is unclear whether all of this jumping in early will boost sales or just disperse them.They are planning on using more planning on using more credit cards than they have in the past. It is a good indication of a consumer mindset. There is despite the fact that many say better bargains can be found closer to Christmas. -- and that is despite. Police say an explosion in the message is a city looked like a missile strike. The blast, a blend of a gas week, was captured by a security camera and could be filled several kilometres ould be filled several kilometres away. Three buildings were destroyed and windows were blown out in a three blog radius. Amazingly, no-one was seriously injured. European leaders meeting in Brussels have failed to strike a deal on the EU's next Budget. Summer member states wanted it to rise, others insisted on more cuts to spending. In the end, as many had predicted, Europe's leaders failed to reach an agreement on the next 7-year budget. They will try again in the day year. The differences were too great, particularly between those who were the big en those who were the big contributors and those who benefited from those who benefited from grants. David Cameron had come to Brussels looking for Brussels looking for at best, a cut, at worst a freeze.The deal mid-table was not id-table was not good enough. It was not enough for Britain, and it was not good enough for a number of countries, including Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark. These countries are net contributors to the EU. They write the cheques. We had a clear message, we will not be tough on budgets at home, just to sign up to big increases in European spending. The Prime Minister was particularly scathing towards European officials for not offering to cut the costs of salaries and perks. He said was insulting to European taxpayers. This was not a case of Britain against the rest. David Cameron had allies. The German Chancellor said, we're not after singling out individual nations.TRANSLATION: The will is there from all sides for an agreement. We need to be clear what eed to be clear what the alternatives are. We are the reach an agreement or we end up disagreeing. The second option is e second option is unattractive.One of the beasts divides was booed been the British and ooed been the British and the French, -- one of the biggest divides was between the British and between the British and different. The French were critical of a Briton for refusing to make concessions.TAS what we will not accept his if the future but if the future but it keeps increasing while others refuse to do the same. Officials insist that progress was made and that no alternators were issued. They believe a deal can be reached in India, it will be difficult. -- in the new year. The alliance between Britain and Germany led to the nickname chemical by some officials. A quick look at some of the other stories. A former leader of Colombia's Girls on the Grill group has handed himself in -- rebels

B37 the rolls said he abandoned FARC because he wanted to reunite with his family. Authorities in China's Zhejian s in China's Zhejian Province have been forced to construct a major road a round to an elderly couple's house. The pair refused to sign a demolition order because they were not satisfied with the amount of compensation offered. In India, a 17 you wrote Kohl has been shot dead by a man after she told him to stop urinating near her home in Delhi. The attack has drawn attention to drawn attention to the common and generally loathedmmon and generally loathed practice of public urination. The narrow walkway to this home, it was here that a teenage girl allegedly confronted a man urinating on the front steps. rinating on the front steps. Her family says he returned a short time later, shot the 17 new roles dead and stones the gun on her mother.TRANSLATION: He was TION: He was urinating in front of our house. My wife and daughter asked why he was doing it. He got angry and threatened them. He came back and shot came back and shot them. My daughter died on the spot, my wife is in a critical condition.The family are bewildered. They say they know who killed their daughter, they say it was their neighbour. They believe he had been drinking. It offers a little explanation for his reaction. TRANSLATION: He threatened my sister, he ned my sister, he said he would kill her. He fired would kill her. He fired three shots at my niece and one of my sister.The shooting has called attention to the common practice of to the common practice of men urinating in public. India has few public toilets, many of its walls are used as the rules. In the last month, campaigners in a western state resorted to beating drums and blowing whistles to shame people squatting and urinating in public. That campaign raised awareness, the death of a teenager is sure to grab the most attention. Nearly half of India's 1.2 billion people do not have toilets. Police in Bangkok are trying to keep about 50,000 protesters from getting too close to ng too close to the city's rail plaza. Police in riot gear fired tear-gas into the crowd, hoping to keep anti-government demonstrations from turning violent. ations from turning violent. The protesters are calling for the Thai Prime Minister to step down. More than 17,000 officers have been deployed, and the Prime Minister has given them special authority to close roads and impose curfews. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - the family of an Australian surgeon jailed in China appeals to the Australian government for help. Shortly, SBS Reporter Luke Waters meets an Israeli family returning home in the wake of the rocket attacks. The demand for traditional medicine fuelling a killing frenzy for South Africa's endangered rhinos.

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The family of an Australian cardia -- cardiac surgeon is calling for help from the government. His son believes more could be done while his father with the outcome of an appeal. Tommy Du is still seeking answers, almost two years after he went to collect his father at Sydney airport, and later discover he had never board the plane. It was some the plane. It was some time before he learned his father had been detained.We were not initially given a reason. It was not until a bit after that when Australian embassy personnel in Beijing, almost two weeks after, made their first visit to my father into attainment. They reported back that he was being detained on allegations and suspicions of misuse of company funds.The surgeon was jailed for embezzlement, which he denies, watching an appeal he has been in legal limbo since. He is bo since. He is suffering from a heart condition, an irregular heartbeat. He has had to be sent to the hospital twice since he has been in attainment.The family were hoping for an appeal decision around late March. It is claimed that those in the ball to the matter were at one point cautions about raising the case in the media. That has prompted questions about how Australia deals with issues that might seem h issues that might seem awkward to China, which is one of our biggest trading partners. Tommy Du is now calling on the Foreign Minister to raise his father's plight.Cases such as this will create a degree of unease for the department. My feeling is that they could have done more.The Department of Foreign Affairs says consular assistance has been provided. Our ambassador raised concerns in a letter said to Chinese authorities. -- sense too. Now two nse too. Now two other stories around Australia. Bert Newton is recovering in ton is recovering in intensive care after heart surgery. He underwent quadruple bypass erwent quadruple bypass surgery this morning. His wife and daughter visited him in a Melbourne hospital this afternoon. Descendants of Australian soldiers who served in the Boer War have taken part in a memorial service to one of reservists who died fighting for the country. The ceremony marks the beginning of events to commemorate the contribution made by reservists and other part-time soldiers. Organisers also hope the events will hop mood -- will help moves to have a Boer War memorial established in l established in Canberra. The man who played . The man who played a TV character people love to hate is dead. Larry Hagman got his d. Larry Hagman got his television start on 'I Dream of Jeannie' in the 1960s. He is best known as JR in the long running series 'Dallas'. He was 81. It is a fire funded year old archway that Garda the gateway to the site where Scotland's kings were crowned. Two years ago it was destroyed by years ago it was destroyed by a workman's man. It has been painstakingly restored by stonemasons. A stately home with a historic past. Scone Palace was once the seat of Scottish kings. The imposing entrance, with centuries of history, was almost complete the destroyed when a worker misjudged the height of his car.They should not have come up what was the original Coronation way. Sadly, they took the archway with them. ook the archway with them.The impact reduced much of the stonework to rubble. Restoring it was likened to way jigsaw. There were hundreds of stones to piece together. The end of those working was to make the art as close to the original as possible. There was a very big problem. Two of the ancient heraldic panels had been completely destroyed.Her radically it has to be 100% right. We researched as much as esearched as much as possible, carvings, any type of ornament, decoration of that period.The restoration complete, the history of SKA telescope intact once more.Menem some important in Scottish history and they have an involvement here. It is good that it has been restored.It has survived a modern- day mishap. Extra care is now

Restoration cost is in the region of six figures.

Israel's cease-fire with Hamas is now in its fourth day. It has taken that long for some Israelis to return home after fleeing during the rocket attacks. One families decision to seek safety elsewhere prove it here prove it was the right thing to do. Our reporter reports from a kibbutz near the Gaza border. This family returns to a damaged home on a kibbutz in southern Israel. The gaping hole and debris vindicating the decision to seek refuge and hostility escalated.It is a very hard decision to leave your house. It is a hard decision to take your family and get her out of here.But he dares not contemplate the alternative. Minutes after ternative. Minutes after returning his 9-year- old son souvenir the rocket which ripped through e rocket which ripped through the family home. It is hard to know if he truly comprehend the objectives of those who fired it. Since they moved here in 1984 e they moved here in 1984 the family of have had a few near-misses, several evacuations, but this was the first direct hit. The Gaza Strip is 2.5 kilometres away and this house is the first in the firing line. A few doors away this couple ponder a fragile cease-fire and a view they have grown and a view they have grown to love and resent in equal measures. They brought their family up adjacent to the Gaza Strip. Nowadays they refuse to leave, even when the rocket fire intensify us. They trust the integrity of the concrete bomb shelter.What we do is we close the metal window and this is supposed to keep a safe from the mortars. The symbolism of staying means everything.This is my house. This is where use. This is where I live. Nobody is going to drive me away.On a nearby kibitzer it has been a busy week for the Sydney born social worker. -- kibbutz. During hostilities she says their -- problems are at exacerbated. She says order and routine are ys order and routine are helpful.If the community is very organised and if the Community rganised and if the Community gives the people the response that they need, the people are much less anxious because they feel that se they feel that there are some people looking after them.The end computed it -- community support services family bill as well as. After some detailed truces, complacency is not an option.I hope it option.I hope it will hold, but I do not think it will.While it does they will start the clean-up and hope for the an-up and hope for the best. On a visit to Africa earlier this year, Prince William called for urgent international action to halt the trade in rhinoceros horns. Now, eight riders have been killed by poachers in a single attack on a reserve. The total number killed this year is 570. The demand for their valuable horse is surging. We are surging. We are ranging -- racing through the South African bush, heading towards the scene of another slaughter. This time the eight rhinoceroses have been gunned down. The owners of the reserve find the bodies one rve find the bodies one by one. Here, a mother lies close to her five-month-old daughter. Both had their horns hat off to be smuggled to Asia for use in traditional medicine.I cannot get my head around this loss. This is a national loss. Not just a loss for me.Do you fear for the future of rhinos in South Africa? Absolutely. This is a total onslaught.A lot of what we have seen it is too gruesome to show you. There is a killing frenzy going on here in South Africa. On average two rhinos are being poached every day. The fear is that this ancient species could be pushed towards extinction. No-one is sure exactly how many re exactly how many rhinoceroses are left. Perhaps 20,000. re left. Perhaps 20,000. The vast majority in South Africa. But look what they are up against. Rare footage of a killing. A criminal gain abusing South Africa's licensed hunting system to hunting system to shoot dozens of rhinos for their horns. South Africa is trying to hit back, heading out long prison sentences and in some instances removing the horns from living rhinoceroses to deter the poachers. But it is not working. The trade is too lucrative. A rhino is simply worth more dead than alive.

Asia is the world's fastest-growing region, with one of the most vibrant film industries. The best of the best have been recognised that the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Brisbane. It is a Queensland cultural initiative that is grabbing international attention.Unique on the world stage, the APSA winners and nominees he APSA winners and nominees and represent the largest and sent the largest and fastest growing film- making community in the world.A renowned Japanese the world.A renowned Japanese composer received an outstanding achievement award.I will not forget this day. Thank you very much.The academy is perfectly positioned as a vital industry network, where relationships are forged, ideas are shared and opportunities are created.This year's nominees represent 34 films from 18 countries. Brisbane's guys are shining bright with films and film-makers from all over Asians -- Asia-Pacific. They Filipino film about a midwife struggles with her own infertility took out two awards, Best actress and Best Director. The best torture film was awarded to a Turkish film. -- best film. It was a proud moment for the first-time director. A South Korean actress and won the Grand Jury Prize.I had a speech prepared at for the Best actress nomination.Each year competition gets tougher for these awards, with close to 300 entries this time. That is a 115 % increase since 2007. 115 % increase since 2007. To finance: Wall Street closed firmly in the black amid optimism that Congress would reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. Coming up: Or the day sports news. An injured the Jacques Kallis hits a half century as Australia fights for a winning lead over South Africa in the second Test in Adelaide. And stuck to the bottom - Sydney suffers its 4th A league defeat in a row. eague defeat in a row. -- A-League.

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South Africa have staged a magnificent fightback to give themselves a real chance of victory after day three of the second Test against Australia in Adelaide.

after day three of the second Test
against Australia in Adelaide. Despite the loss of James Pattinson with a side injury, the Australian bowlers did the job this morning, that South s morning, that South Africa had a sensational final session and its terms Australia had an overall lead of just 273.

The produce' first session was woeful. -- Proteus. Jaques rid of removed by Nathan Lyon. Smith fell to Siddle six minutes later. Graeme Smith questioned the call. No doubting the dismissal of AB de Villiers. Next is track, Ben Hilfenhaus. James Pattinson couldn't join in the firm. The quick left e firm. The quick left the field and headed for scans. Good news just around the corner. The tourists regrouped after lunch through the injured Jacques Kallis. With a flick of the wrists, Kallis boasted his half- century, but a sweep gone wrong ended the all rounder's innings. Faf du s innings. Faf du Plessis picked up where Kallis left off with a 50, while Lyon are 50, while Lyon are sneaking past the supporting batsmen. Siddle softened up him and -- Imran Tahir, but it was a slower ball from Hilfenhaus that brought the Proteas' innings to win. -- to an end.'s started the second did .'s started the second did with a lead of 162 and counting. Ed Cowan and David Warner soon taking the lead past 200. Billy Bowden had trouble with the standing part. Warner was the next to fall and Rob Quiney soon joined him. Quiney's second duck of the Test bringing a favourite to the crease. Ricky Ponting coming out swinging. Rory Kleinveldt doing all be taking. And next it was Dale Steyn's tone. Peter Siddle arrived as night watchman. He did not make it to stumps. Australia finishing the day ralia finishing the day five wickets down. Melbourne Heart are aiming to move into a top-six spot, with maximum points against third-placed Newcastle tonight. Last night Sydney remained at rock bottom place after another poor display against Adelaide. oor display against Adelaide. Emboldened the HARDtalk dominated with two early goals before Newcastle fought back. With the Mercury pushing over 30 degrees before over 30 degrees before kick-off, it was Richard Garcia a gave Melbourne the scorching start against Newcastle. The Jets t Newcastle. The Jets barely had time to compose themselves before Garcia then won a penalty, which he dispatched to double the dispatched to double the advantage. Melbourne was running a rabid as David Williams fired an ambitious attempt over the bar, with Emile Heskey wasted a close-range opportunity. It was Matt Nash to the diseases had to thank. -- hit the visitors had to thank. Craig could win turning that hoping to a lifeline after the restart. Two sides with contrasting fortunes clash in Sydney last night. Alessandro Del Piero trying to help the sky-blue snap a 3-game losing streak. After being denied what was a legitimate goal, Adelaide scored a deserved Open after 20 minutes. Galekovic was nutes. Galekovic was on hand to thwart a till Pierro before half-time. He was not long before Sydney to add itself on level terms. A standing ovation greeted Jason Collin are's first game in almost two years, but after dodging a bullet even the former soccer group could not prevent a p could not prevent a recurrence of Sydney's late match malaise.They did not give up and fought hard. It is just one of those things were conceding late goals and Clarke does not go your way.The win leaves Adelaide sitting pretty at the top of the table. Brazil has sacked its head coach as they seek to implement what they call new methods ahead of the 2014 World Cup. The 50 Ward replaced the former coach after the 2010 World Cup, guiding 010 World Cup, guiding Brazil to the last eight of the Cobra America last year. That defeat against Paraguay, plus Brazil's t Paraguay, plus Brazil's failure to win gold at London at the Games there but the coach under pressure. The decision comes two days after the Brazilian team that won against Argentina. In England another Premier League coach has bitten the dust. Queens Park Rangers has sacked its managers -- manager after 10 months in charge. Harry Redknapp is e. Harry Redknapp is favourite to take over at Loftus Road. QPR IV and the club yet to IV and the club yet to win a premier league game this season. The Wallabies had been forced to abies had been forced to make a late change for the Test against Italy in Florence tomorrow morning in Florence tomorrow morning Tatafu Polota Nau has withdrawn from the squad because of muscle soreness and has been replaced on the bench by James Hansen. At 33 he is quite old to learn his first start in gold, but he is thrilled to be running on against Italy. be running on against Italy.He plays hard and uncompromising. We are looking forward to seeing him have a bit more time tomorrow.It will not be an easy baptism for the scrum half. His opponents are highly rated. There are quotes coming out of the All Black camp saying that they were the hardest team they played all year. It is a pretty clear warning for us.Nathan Sharpe is expecting a very similar style of play to what the Wallabies encountered against England. A tough task up front with the threats across t with the threats across the back line.A strong forward ck line.A strong forward pack and they like to throw the ball around. We have seen a contrasting style from the previous years. The stadium in Florence usually post -- plays host to Serie A matches and with the thin afield than what they are used to the at they are used to the Wallabies are expecting to direct their attacking energy towards the midfield.It would be less space .It would be less space out wide. We were to play a direct game.While the world champions' preparations against Wales have hit a snag, with Dan Carter rolled out due to a leg injury. It is a setback the All Blacks insist is not really a setback. They are confident that the replacement player will fill the void.The next I will come in and do the job. We have to make sure it is easy for him.Sam Warburton that him.Sam Warburton that was left out of the Welsh side that was recently hammered by recently hammered by some more. Even so the All Blacks captain is confident his side can locate a way around the battle-weary Welsh.If we can find some cracks it will be good. We have to work hard for it.Wales will be helping - -- had been inside knowledge will help.One thing you have to do in international rugby is be accurate. Wales's last win over the All Blacks was er the All Blacks was almost 60 years ago. Britain's Lewis Hamilton has set the pace in the opening free practice for e practice for the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix. On a ix. On a heart -- hot day, Hamilton began his fare well GP for McLaren by outpacing defending champion Sebastian Vettel. A Vettel leads the title race by 13 points, ahead of the championship decider. He only needs to finish in the top four to h in the top four to become the youngest triple world champion in Formula One history. His team-mate, Mark Webber, was third quickest. The Vettel's only rival for the title, Fernando Alonso, is 13p on its behind. -- is 13 points behind.It is a very difficult achievement and if everything goes normally so we should finish we should finish second. If something happens, maybe we will win the championship. It is not in our hands. The pressure is much less. Ferrari has been trying out a new front wing in an attempt to do everything they can to give: So a chance of snatching the title. A quick update on the A league. It is now Melbourne Heart 3, Newcastle 3. It is all happening in Melbourne.

The weather is coming up after the break. End, they have no future. One of future. One of the legendary misfires in rock and roll.

More heavy rain and high winds Mirko expected across much of Britain over the weekend there has already been widespread flooding. To the forecast:

Cloud over WA and the NT his tee route - match-rigging isolated showers in ing isolated showers in storms.

Settled weather for New Zealand. Some thunder expected 90 -- in Nandi.

Rain for Seoul and Manila. Tokyo and Beijing sees sunshine. Rainfall Baghdad and Beirut. Jerusalem can expect thunder. alem can expect thunder. Sunny form Woombye and Delhi. -- form Woombye.

In the 1960s, four young musical hopefuls from g musical hopefuls from Liverpool stepped in to a stepped in to a record label's Office, confident that ice, confident that their demo tape would win over executives. They were told not to bother coming back. That rejection led to the Beatles going on to become, well, the Beatles. Now, that original 10 track tape is expected to fetch a pretty penny.

1962, before Ringo joined the band. The Silver Beatles recorded a demo.

No thanks, said the record executive. He said they had no future.It is one of the legendary misfires in rock and roll history. It is not like this was an absolute blind spot. I think these recordings are very uneven.Two years later, I want to order land was number one and the beat has landed at JFK to Beetle mania. The demo goes under the hammer next week. JK Rowling was denied by 12 publishers. Clark Gable was spurned by an G M because his ears were to beat. The man who rejected the Beatles did jected the Beatles did OK in the end. He signed the Rolling Stones and the Fab Four bounced back.

Bidding for the Tate will start at $29,000. In case you were wondering where Ringo is, that men, second from the left is Pete Best. He was the original drummer of the bend before Ringo replaced him. Best did not get im. Best did not get along with the rest of the group and was fired by the manager. The top stories: The Egyptian President has defended new powers that makes hint immune to judicial oversight. Dozens have taken to the streets, accusing him of acting like a dictator. -- thousands. The cease-fire between Hamas and Israel continues to hold, despite the fatal shooting of a Palestinian man. The family of an Australian heart surgeon jailed in China is calling for help from the Australian government. And Larry Hackman, the American actor who starred in Dallas has died. We would like you to meet that then boot. She is a 1-month-old deer and the smallest deer species in the world. She has a sad story to tell. When she was only one week old she was there and orphaned in the forest on the outskirts of can set in city in Chile. Mainly due to deforestation and illegal hunting. But the good news is she is settling in and enjoying her new four-star and at a nearby university. That is the world this Saturday. You can is Saturday. You can get more News Online and followers of Twitter.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -