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(generated from captions) "'Tis it is the Shannon's
brightly glancing stream,

"brightly gleaming,
silent in the morning beam.

"Oh, the sight entrancing
thus returns from travels long,

"years of exile, years of pain,

"to see old Shannon's face again
o'er the waters glancing."

Well, I'm going to come back
and see old Shannon's face again...

(Crowd roars)

And I'm taking, as I go back to
America, all of you with me.

Thank you.

When he climbed up the steps

and entered into Air Force One
for that last time,

I think I was struck most by the fact
that he came to Ireland,

intrigued and interested
in his Irishness,

but he left Ireland
after those extraordinary days

utterly convinced of how important
his Irishness was to him.

It grew with every day
of the visit.

And while it was never going to be
a political experience,

it was always going
to be an emotional one

and a very important one.

He has been a most honoured
and most welcome guest,

probably the most honoured
and the most welcome

in the whole history
of Ireland.

And at the wish
of everyone here in Shannon,

and indeed, in the country as
a whole, as he takes his leave,

is that he should go safely
and return soon.

'Twas the close of
a particular episode

that people had been involved
in from first to last.

It imprinted itself in a way
that was absolutely magical.

And, of course, in the terrible
tragedy that was to follow,

as it was rerun,

the poignancy of that farewell
became extraordinarily strong.

RADIO: President's car is now
turning onto Elm Street,

and it will be only
a matter of minutes

before he arrives at the
Trade Mart.

I was on Stemmons Freeway earlier,

and even the freeway
was jam-packed with spectators

waiting their chance
to see the President

as he made
his way toward the Trade Mart.

It appears as though
something has happened

in the motorcade route!

Something, I repeat, has happened
in the motorcade route!

Police officers are rushing
up the hill at this time.

Stand by just a moment, please.

Something is wrong here!
Something is terribly wrong!

I'm in behind the motorcade...

The President of the United
States is dead.

I have just talked
to Father Oscar Hubert

of the Holy Trinity
Catholic Church.

He and another priest
tell me

that the pair of men
have just administered

the last rites of the Catholic
church to President Kennedy...

To this day, in this house,
they have this extraordinary memento

is all you can describe it as.

This was in the pocket of President
John F Kennedy when he was killed,

and it is a set of rosary beads

that Jacqueline Kennedy felt belonged
in the President's ancestral home.

And they remain here to this day.

And while it feels a little sad,

a little peculiar, even,
to hold them,

it also feels that it makes sense
that they're here.

It was a nice gesture.
It's appropriate.

It was towards the end of the
Kennedy visit to Ireland

that the president sat down
with some of his advisors,

Dave Powers and Kenny O'Donnell,

and they were saying "What was
your favourite bit of the trip?"

They said
"Your best bit was in your speech
to the Houses of the Oireachtas."

And he said, "No.

"My favourite bit was the Irish
cadets I saw at Arbour Hill."

And he spoke about them at
length when he got home,

when he got back to the White House,
to Jackie and so on,

to the point that when he was killed
that day in November in 1963,

within hours, Jackie was on to
the Irish government to say,

"I want to see those cadets perform
at the side of my husband's grave."

And so, on the morning
of the funeral,

after a fly-over by the military,

followed by Air Force One

making its way through the
skies in a solitary flight,

the Irish cadets performed
that manoeuvre.

(Shouting orders in Irish)

In the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the Holy Ghost, amen.

Let us pray.

Those terrible days at
the end of November of 1963.

Not so many months earlier,

I had been reading a lot of Irish
poetry in preparation for the trip.

For some reason,

I had read 'An Ode on the Death
of Owen Roe O'Neill,

and it seemed so appropriate.

"Strongest in the battle was he,

"wisest in the hall,

"Ireland won many victories sure;
Owen won them all.

"How could you leave us so
and how could you die?

"We're sheep without a shepherd
when the snow shuts out the sky."

That's exactly how I felt that day,
sitting in the White House.

I don't even want to talk
about it... Mr Tubridy.

It was too sad and awful
a day for me.

And I felt

like sheep without a shepherd
when the snow shuts out the sky.

"How could you leave us?"

JFK has inspired a generation

in a way that few presidents
have managed to do since.

That legacy remains
because, in many ways,

he is an icon forever stuck in time.

His visit to Ireland was more
than just a presidential visit

or an expression
of American power.

Kennedy himself
represented the fulfilment

of our own potential
as a nation,

but I also feel that Ireland
helped Kennedy discover

an important part of himself
and his own identity.

Because of that, Ireland and
Kennedy will always be linked.

JFK: You send us home
with the warmest memories of you

and of your country.

So I must say

that though other days
may not be so bright

as we look
towards the future,

but the brightest days
will continue to be

those in which we visited you
here in Ireland.

Captions (c) SBS Australia 2012

This program is captioned live. Gaza ceasefire holds but for how long? Reports of the first fatality since the truce came into effect. Opposition refugee policy slammed - Tony Abbott's plan to make asylum seekers work for their welfare. A storyteller until the end - the legacy of author Bryce Courtenay. Not one of his books wasn't a suc one of his books wasn't a
success. And - where'd it go? Scientists undiscover a Pacific island. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. First we go to some developing news. Gaza's ceasefire is under strain tonight after a Palestinian man was reportedly shot lestinian man was reportedly shot dead by Israeli forces near the Gaza border. It is the first fatality since the two sides agreed to a truce two days ago. SBS correspondent Luke Waters is in Sufa which is about 2.5km from Gaza's border. Luke, what's the latest? Good evening. Your time. Well, I have recently spoken to the Israeli Defence Force en to the Israeli Defence Force and they confirmed the soldiers did open fire on about 300 Palestinians fire on about 300 Palestinians aiming for their legs, knees and below. They claim the Palestinians rushed from Gaza towards a fence separating Israel from Gaza and one man actually made it through. He was rumped, they say, immediately. The Israel Defence Force condition confirm any fatalitys but there are reports of -- fatalitys but there are claims one Palestinian was killed. Israel says several warning shots were fired into the air before the exchange by the warnings were ignored and the Palestinians continued to proceed towards the fence. What does this mean for the ceasefire? Well, that's the critical question. It's important tical question. It's important to point out that this incident is just coming to light now, but it did take place late yesterday Israeli time. So, so far so rockets have been fired, and it's widely hoped that this will remain the case. That's important - - it's important also to note there was a clause in the ceasefire agreement stipulatinceasefire agreement stipulating against any escalation for minor breaches. So, hopefully the status quo will remain and this incident, while it's still unclear, will be regarded as , will be regarded as a minor breach and this will remain breach and this will remain the case. OK, SBS's Luke Waters there in Sufa. Well, as Luke said, the ceasefire is holding. Here is his wrap of the day. Standing down. Israeli troops along the Israeli troops along the border are heading home. And on the previously deserted streets of Gaza, life is beginning to return to normal. Hamas declared a public holiday to mark the end of fighting and there was a rare show of unity as rival Palestinian factions celebratedlestinian factions celebrated together.

But Israel is still preparing to do just that. If the truce doesn't hold. Here in Jerusalem the Prime Minister, Netanyahu, is also claiming victory, saying what he calls terrorist infrastructure has been destroyed. He's also reinforced that s also reinforced that Israel is prepared for a harsher response. It's a hard line that may be helping Israel'shat may be helping Israel's government as it heads towards January's election. Snie don't want to give them licence to do up to a certain level. Nothing should cross the border against us in the form of a rocket or a mortar, nothing. We really want to believe in the ceasefire but it hasn't proven itself last n't proven itself last time so we're pretty sceptical and scared. There have been tense scenes in East Jerusalem after Israeli police detained a Palestinian woman for allegedly trying ian woman for allegedly trying to stab an officer. Iz -- the Israeli army says it rounded up 55 Palestinians in the West Bank hours after the ceasefire. It says they were terror operatives. In Tel Aviv an Arab Israeli man has been arrested over the bus bombing which wounded 27 people as the truce was ple as the truce was being brokered in sigh row. While that didn't derail the process, many fear something else will. Negotiators in Cairo are hammering out details of what could be a key flashpoint - the easing of Israel's blockade of border crossings. Most have been completely closed or heavily restricted since Hamas claimed victory in the 2006 elections. Iz real says it's necessary to stop the transport of arms. The crossings were heavily bombed during the bombed during the eight days of bombing damaging a network of tunnels which residents say are used to bring in vital supplies such as food and building material. They're planning to rebuild the tunnels just in case. Tonight in Melbourne hundreds of demonstrators gathered to protest Israel ice attacks on the Gaza Strip. The crowd marched from the city's State arched from the city's State Library to Federation Square calling for Israel to leave all Palestinian territories. The Australian Government was also criticised for backing Israel. Supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi are tonight gathering for separate protests in the capital Cairo. It comes after the President issued a decree which opposition politicians say effectively gives him the power of a dictator. Mohamed Morsi was nowhere to be seen but a presidential spokesman said this decree was needed to guarantee Egypt's first democratically elected President could deliver lasting reform. For jueb tant Muslim Brotherhood supporters it's as much about sweeping away the last remnants of the Mubarak ray jee. The decree prevents any authority from overturning the President's decisions including Egypt's courts. It also prevent it is assembly drafting Egypt's new constitution from being dissolved and it orders retrials all those charged with injuring or killing protesters during last year's revolutions. Human rights groups say that's the only points they support. the only points they
support. It's the other point that is are such grave nt that is are such grave concern to us. The idea that a President not only - laws issued bay President but also decrees should be above judicial review. Middle East experts fear the move aimed at consolidating power will have the reverse effect. What you're going to see now is tremendous instability. Today's decision by President Morsi does not bode well for the institutionalisation of the political process and for social and political stability. Opposition groups and the legal profession have united in their outrage. Accusing the President of caving in to hard liners within his own party.

Others say history in this ancient land should serve as a warning. The one man shown Egypt has basically brought dust to Egypt bs, Hazebroucken Egyptdust to Egypt bs, Hazebroucken Egypt.Mohamed Morsi's opponents -- has, broken Egypt. Morsi's opponents have say he's. To sleep asylum seekers on Christmas Island. The tens will be used to relieve pressure on the short-term on the the short-term on the Phosphate Hill complex used for familys and unaccompanied minors. It comes as the Opposition Leader announced plan to slash Australia's humanitarian refugee intake by 6,000 places and make those that are here work for their welfare if he wins Government. Under the plan the Coalition would cut Australia's humanitarian intake to around 14,000 places, most for people waiting in refugee camps. Earlier this year Mr Abbott agreed to an increase to gain crossbench support for gain crossbench support for an amendment to asylum seeker legislation. Now he says a reduction would save $1.3 billion. This is the wrong time and the wrong signal that the Government is sending to he Government is sending to the people smugglers by increasing the refugee and humanitarian intakugee and humanitarian intake. The imgrigs minister says the increase sends the right signal. Its sends the signal that there's another way that you don't have to get on a boat to get the chance of a better life in Australia. Earlier this week Mr Bowen announced plans to release thousands of asylum seekers into the community on bridging visas with no work rights. The Opposition leader says he would make asylum seekers work ld make asylum seekers work for welfare. If it's right for young Australian cost work for the dole it's all the more porn to have people who have come uninvited to this kin pulling their weight. Hey, Tania we're talking to you.In Sydney a small group rallied outside the Health Minister's office calling on the Government to help asylum seekers on Nauru. These protesters are speak out to defend asylum seekers who say they are under assault from both sides of politics. They welcome the Coalition's plan th enable people on bridging visas to work but not under current welfare provisions. They say they should be given a proper wage to support themselves while their claims are assessed. It's clear I think that no-one can live decently and can look after themselves, shelter themselves, in the way they need to. Mr Riemer believes neither the Government tore Opposition's proposals will stop the boats. Their propest -- protest comes as Amnesty International de-- released its report on na rule calling it cruel and degrading and calling for its closure. One of Australia's best selling is and most popular authors Bryce Courtenay has died. Best known for 'The Power Of One', he had been suffering from stomach cancer. He was 79. Born in South Africa, Bryce Courtenay migrated to Australia after studying Journalism in London. His first well-known creations came through advertising, particularly small-screen icon Louie the Fly. His move into writing didn't begin until his mid- 50. His debut novel selling millions. I thought, "What do I write? I write about myself." I gave myself a year to write it and I had to write 6,000 words a years. It was that work weatherer -- ethic that created 20 Beth sellers which was due to his honest and relatable characters. honest and relatable
characters. Not one of his books wasn't a success. Riff book of his has gone to number one on the best-seller list and has usually been the number one outselling book in Australia including Geoffrey Archer and John Grisham and other big names from overseas as well. 16 years were spent alongside Penguin Publishing's Bob Sessions. He's one of those men I regularly hugged. He comes towards you with arms outFrenched, eyes twinkling. That's Bryce Courtenay and that's what I'm going to miss. Among one of court's more controversial titles was 'April Fool's Day', about his son Damon after contracting HIV AIDS. He said, "Dad, you have to tell people what it's about because people aren't understanding this thing." Earlier this year Courtenay revealed he didn't have long to live. Courtenay's illness dpbts deter him from his passion with his latest book being released. He writes in his epilogue, "It's been my privilege to write for you and to have me in your lives. Now it's my chance, may I say it's been simply wonderful." His death prompting tributes from political and other circles. He's delights Australians and people around the world with his story telling and I do want to pass my condoleences today. He has had a great impact on our lives, on our popular culture. He will be missed. Bryce Courtenay is survived by his wife, Christine, and his two sons, Adam and Brett. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Coming up - fatal Sydney shooting - why mit shot a man in an inner-city suburb.

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enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's just been
absolutely fantastic. Not a problem at all, Graeme.
It's our pleasure. Kept us with our heads
above water. Pardon that pun too. Yeah, yeah - that's good. Determined I'm gonna
catch up with you one day and look you in the eye
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Julia Gillard says she's the target of a smear Cal pain after new questions were raised about her conduct as a lawyer in the 1990s. A former colleague of the Prime Minister says there is a discrepancy between her version of events and her version of events and a new document that's come to light. Once more the Prime Minister has had to defend her actions as a lawyer nearly 20 years ago. This whole campaign of smear actually boils down to absolutely nothing.boils down to absolutely
nothing. Julia Gillard was a solicitor with Slater & Gordon in the 1990s. She helped her then boyfriend, union official Bruce Wilson, set up an association for on, set up an association for the Australian works drbgdrbg Australian Workers Union. It was later alleged that the association was linked to a union slush fund. Thrfrpblgts has not been one substantiated allegation of wrongdoing put against me across the full 20 years and the whole campaign of smear. A document has been revealed relating to the purchase of a Melbourne home which was allegedly linked to the fund. Julia Gillard has said she wasn't aware of that mortgage until 1995. Nick Styant- Browne was a partner at Slater & Gordon. He says the Commonwealth Bank wrote to Julia Gillard about the loan in 1993. Fls no doubt Ms Gillard -- there is no doubt Ms Gillard knew of the mortgage from slateer and Gordon in March of 1993. Ms Gillard says the conveyanceing was handled by a para legal and she stands by her recolloect shun. 17 years ago I gave my best recollection of events that happened 2.5 years earlier. There was deep disquiet amongst the partnership about her conduct. Tony Abbott is pushing for Julia Gillard to go further. Denials are all very quell. But in the face of new -- all very well. But in the face of new evidence a simple denial is not enough. A key figure in the saga, former union official Blewitt, has met Victorian police. His lawyer says Mr Bluet has made three sworn statements about mat -- Mr Blewitt has made three sworn statements about the issue. It won't be the end of the story. The Opposition plans to ratchet up the pressure next week in Parliament. A man in dead after he was shot by police in the Sydney suburb of Redfern. Police say the stolen truck head two passers-by in a pedestrian mall before an officer opened fire on the driver who crashed into a pub. For a few moments this morning, a busy inner-Sydney walk way played home to a ter fiing ordeal for pedestrians and saw the police shooting of the man behind the wheel of this stolen truck. One shopkeeper told SBS she heard several minutes of commotion and two or three gunshots. Witnesses say the truck sped down the street before slamming into the police station behind me and careering into a hotel before police hoped fire. Details remain sketchy. Police wouldn't confirm claim it is truck was taken from contractors working at the other end of the mall. Two female pidyins were caught up in the drama -- pedestrians were caught up in the drama. Both were taken -- struck by the pub and taken to St Vincents. I believe their injuries are non- life-threatening. Police are backing the officer who fired the shots. Policing is a dangerous occupation and police confront those dangers everyday. They make split-second decisions but ultimately the coroner will determine the events leading up to the discharge of the firearms and if circumstances leading up to the man's death.A critical incident investigation team, including police from the homicide squad, lice from the homicide squad, will examine the case. Police have released the name of a schoolgirl who plunged to her death during schoolies week at a Gold Coast apartment block. 17- year-old Isabelle Colman fell from the 26th floor of the Chevron Renaissance tower. Police say she was on her own. The death has rocked the schoolies celebrations. Yeah, I knew her. She was the nicest girl. I just can't believe it happened. We have all, like, connected to her because we're all here for the same reason as she would have been here - just to have fun. Many skphreez have packed their bags -- schoolies have packed their bag ras are heading home. Police say they have identified two people in a video showing a French tourist being verbally abused. Neither has been arrested or charged and police haven't released details of who they are. A new highway in China's Zhejiang province has been completed except for a 5-storey house sitting right in the middle of it. The owners say they weren't offered enough compensation to relocate, and refused to leave. The house still has electricity although the kitchen is mostly demolished. The home -- homes like these are known as nail houses because they stick out, like hard to remove nails in a board. To the Australian share market, which finished flat with little overseas guidance as the Japanese and American markets were closed for public holidays. Resource stocks were mixed after the Treasurer accused the State Governments of hurting the industry by raising royalties. Telstra clouds steady. David Jones fell. It has committed to retaining ownership of its four major retails properties located in the Melbourne and Sydney CBDs. Markets in Europe are a little higher in early deals despite the germ ian chancellor saying that the EU budget summit is likely to end in failure. Next - the weather - and mapping a mystery - scientists undiscover a Pacific island.

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To football. It's been another frustrating night nor Sydney FC in the A-League to open round 8. Adelaide united drew first load but a Yairo Yow goal early in the second half gave the Sky Blues hope. However, Socceroos Dario Vidosic struck two minutes from time to give the Reds a 2-1 win keeping them in first place in the competition and in the competition and Sydney in last. Mean while, in cricket, South Africa has fought back on day two of the second test against Australia in Adelaide. Australian captain Michael Clarke was out for 230 early on. As Australia were dismissed for 550 after resuming at 5 for 482. It was then the turn of the South African skipper to shine has Graham Smith constructed an unbeaten 111 to 3-D Proteas' reply. The visitors are 2 for 217 in their first innings at stumps. Britain has been umps. Britain has been hit by severe wet weather with many homes and businesses affected by flooding. At least one man has died in floods near Bath while roads in north Wales were transformed into rivers. 300 properties have been flooded in England and Wales in the past 24 hours and more rain is forecast this weekend. Let's go to the local forecast now. A trough is triggering potentially severe storms in Queensland and NSW. A low is generating thunder in the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia. Hot northerlies are heading for South Australia and a high is keeping the south-east mostly dry. Major centres now:

mostly dry. Major centres now:
There was a time when explorers would sail the world's vast oceans discovering previously unchartered land but sly unchartered land but a group of scientists from Australia have done just the opposite. Now, most maps show a strip of landmarked as Sandy Island between the Australian mainland and the French island of New Caledonia. But, for -- the scientists have travelled out ientists have travelled out there and found only ocean. Hillary. Mount Everest, 1953. Armstrong. The moon. 1969. Steve, undiscovered a Pacific island, 2012. The mysterious Sandy Island. Lost. Our team of scientists set off on board a boat to map the ocean floor around Australia. It was the middle of the night and according to weather maps and Google maps Sandy Island should have been coming into view. We all went up on the bridge and we ar all, you know, eagerly looking out to sea. The captain was very nervous, as you might understand. He could see his navigational charts didn't have the island but his weather map did.The mists cleared. The crew held their breath. Before them, absolutely nothing. It would appear that an historic mapping error has found its way into the database that is are used to produce some maps. So, -- databases that ps. So, -- databases that are used to produce some maps A simple mistake or sit? One of the sources of the map is, ironically, the CIANUS. When we discovered this year we had lots of conspiracy theories floating around and it caused us fof a -- to have a giggle. How does it feel to be an unexplorer? I guess there was a sense sof elation when we confirmed that thrnt -- that there wasn't anything there, because we knew we've added to the global database, effectively change the world in a very small way.The end of a very small add ven -- of Antonelli adventure, with nowhere left to explore, a little piece of paradise lost. That's Channel Four's Paraic O'Brien there, correcting the maps. That is the world this Friday. Whre leave you with the famous -- we will leave