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(generated from captions) The trough tomorrow will bring afternoon showers and storms to north-eastern NSW. Temperatures are starting to warm up around the country.

We can look forward to a warm and partly cloudy day tomorrow with sunny break, and light to moderate northerly winds.

Looking ahead - Sunday is looking sensational.

Our west can expect a hot and partly cloudy day on Sunday.

Warm conditions ahead. Thank you. That is Nine News for this Friday. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks Court
11.30. Tonight ... Author Bryce hi
Courtenay, dies with his family by
his side. Police search for a sexua Ac
predator. Three women attacked in bette
Acton. And, The union plans, to shoddy
better protect homeowners from I'
shoddy construction. Good evening, author
I' m Danielle Post. Australian author, Bryce Courtenay has has die in his Canberra home, surrounded b seventy-nine-year-ol
loved ones. The A
seventy-nine-year-old, moved to the wit
ACT, just before he was diagnosed tribu
with stomach cancer. Tonight, a care
tribute, to a remarkable writing lov
career - for a man who shared his the
love of literature, with not only wonder
the nation, but the world. A wonderful life. Part of that
wonderful life has been those peopl up
who have been kind enough to pick it
up a Bryce Courtenay book and read one.
it and enjoy it and buy the next stomach
one. Bryce Courtenay stared
stomach cancer in the face, saying fortnight
public good bye not even a world
fortnight ago. He only told the step
world he was dying in September, a
stepping out days later, to receive Univer
an honorary doctorate from the i
University of Canberra. The world plac
is a big place it' s an exciting enormously
place the things we do are am
enormously valuable if we do them,
ambition is one thing but fulfillin w
a dream is another Bryce and his wife Christine, moved to Reid a yea and a half ago. A city he describe as convenient and charming. A love Canber
expressed though his work for Canberra' s seniors. Bryce Courtena Ass
hosted the first Older Person' s Assembly. You can do anything, an yo
it has nothing to do with how old involve
you are, so we' ve got to get di
involved. The bestselling author in
died at 11.30 last night, at home, wit
in the city that "enchanted" him, h
with his family and beloved pets by mor
his side. His wife Christine this
morning, thanked family, friends an fans in a statement, for their lov a
and support "for me and his family as he wrote the final chapter of hi extraordinary life." he' s been fantastic story teller, loved by s tim
many Australians for such a long Co
time w Through his novels, Bryce personal
Courtenay shared much of his th
personal life. His first novel was in
the Power of One which was written tru
in 1989. In 1993, Bryce wrote the wa
true story April Fool' s Day which
was based on his son' s life. He wa a heamophiliac and he died from HI AIDS, which he contracted through blood transfusion. His 20 novels written over two decades, have sol around 20 million copies, inspirin sadden
millions who were shocked and enjoye
saddened by today' s news. I I'
enjoyed his writing, fantastic th
I' m sure he' ll be missed, I mean
the number of copies he' s sold, ha to be, he has to be missed From master
the Power of One, the literary career,
masterpiece that launched his final
career, to Jack of Diamonds his i
final word. Bryce Courtenay' s life Canber
is an extraordinary story, one Al
Canberra is proud to be part of. as
All I' d like to say is, as simply Than
as I possibly can, is thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Police are searching for a man 20-year-
preying on women in Acton. A a
20-year-old was attacked last night University
at the Australian National
University, the third in two months m
Police reporter Ellena Midgley has emerged
more. A pattern has clearly are
emerged and its young females who twenty
are the targets. Last night, a alo
twenty-year-old woman was walking along here, Daley Road, at twenty t beh
ten when she was approached from pi
behind. The man restrained her and at
pinned her against the wall before her.Lu
attempting to sexually assault free
her.Luckily she managed to break whe
free and call police, and that' s descriptio
when officers realised the t
description of the indecent act and i
the man matched that of an incident females.
in October. That involve two away.
females. One who managed to get images,
away. Police did release CCTV have
images, but their investigations is
haven' t led to an arrest. The man caucasian
is described as 170cm tall, la
caucasian in appearance and in his night
late teens early twenties. Last a
night he was reported to be wearing
a striped rugby jumper. Officers ar clearly concerned they won' t catc v
him before he strikes again, they' i
ve urged all residents and visitors safe
in the area to be aware of their safety and surroundings.

Police are worried about what the
holiday season could bring, with th road toll climbing to eleven . Thi hospi
morning an elderly man died in bei
hospital of pelvic injuries after nig
being hit by a car in Weston last twent
night. The accident occurred at twenty to seven. Officers are urgin r
drivers to be more cautious on our should
roads. Anyone with information m
should contact Crimestoppers. Three cour
men in their twenties have faced po
court after allegedly assaulting a d
policeman. An officer was forced to we
draw a firearm and a taser. Police dist
were responding to a report of a Th
disturbance between up to ten men. common
The trio were all charged with Terr
common assault and obstructing a the
Territory public official. One of
them, was charged with possessing a u
offensive weapon. The construction re
union wants to introduce licensing ACT.
regulations on all trades in the pe
ACT. The move would better protect c
people building a house from shonky Territor
construction - and bring the jurisdic
Territory in line with other wo
jurisdictions. Emerging from the tradesm
woodwork - examples of shoddy Terr
tradesmanship - right across the m
Territory. "The one that comes to i
mind very quickly is water proofing finish
in bathrooms." "Quality of particularl
finish, paintwork, render a
particularly and how well render is Developme
applied." The Sustainable Development Directorate has noticed reg
a dramatic increase in complaints lic
regarding work quality. A lack of
licensing for sub-trades is believe "W
to be leading to low standards. i
"What it is causing in the industry an
is major problems around retention safe
and recruitment of young people, safety problems and more importantl qual
for the average Canberran, poor a
quality workmanship on their houses Trenton
and schools and hospitals." Pac
Trenton O' Sullivan works for CTR c
Pacific, one of the biggest masonry pride
companies in Canberra. He takes he
pride in training staff - it means
he charges a little more and in tur get
loses out on contracts. "So by to
getting people who aren' t trained b
to do their job there' ll be a cost over
benefit up front, initially. But s
over time that cost diminishes, it' wi
s obviously lost and they' re left
with defects and workmanship that' bo
not up to standard." Across the p
board, the construction industry is to
profitable in the vicinity of four to six per cent. The cost of defect pe
however is between five and seven f
per cent. "To not do it right the yo
first time in the best case, costs a
you twice as much to fix afterwards
and sometimes as much as one hundre times as much to actually fix it." into
A review is currently underway re
into the building Act.Findings and recommendations will be delivered t the ACT Government early next year loo
"I think the government should oth
look at some of the measures that bro
other jurisdictions like NSW have req
brought in. They have a licensing requirement there. "

Next on WIN News ...Is water the
Territory' s newest export? And, .. win
Canberra catching up to the best wine makers in the country. This program is not captioned. Canberra'
wine makers in the country. water.
Canberra' s emerging export is
water. Trading the valuable resourc Bas
downstream in the Murray Darling Basin is set to be a money-maker fo pla
the ACT Government under the new sav
plan. Canberrans embraced water saving through the drought - and ar still waterwise. At the moment w That
use 35 gigalitres a year net. f
That' s significantly less than the allocated
forty point five gigaltires Darlin
allocated under the new Murray suppo
Darling Basin plan, expected to hundred
support a population of four- d
hundred-and-fifty thousand. If it own
doesn' t use that water for it' s water
own urban use, it can sell that the
water downstream to irrigators in the Murrumbidgee. The ACT is in wa
the best position when it comes to sel
water trading. ACTEW expecting to reven
sell its licences. That means Governmen
revenue coming into the ACT bas
Government as other people in the short-t
basin use those licences on a t
short-term basis. We' re one of Basin
the heads of the Murray Darling of
Basin we have a really good record water
of being a positive contributor c
waterwise. It' s been a source of wat
contention in the ACT but finally F
waterways can expect a cleanup. The eight
Federal Government contributing eighty-five million spread across
basin areas, to tackle turbidity an pollution. Lakes Burley Griffin an priority
Tuggeranong are high on the upstre
priority list along with areas upstream. Whether it' s above Lak i
Burley Griffin in the Molonglo out w
into Queanbeyan and new South Wales Creek
whether it' s along a Sullivans we
Creek these are the types of areas we need to focus our efforts.

Three bikies have had their caught
licences suspended after being on
caught speeding by Goulburn police membe
on the Federal Highway.All were motorcyc
members of the Rebels outlaw
motorcycle gang and held ACT learne spee
licences, which restricts their T
speed to eighty kilometres an hour. t
The trio, aged between nineteen and twenty-five , were caught travellin hour
at one-hundred-and-thirty ks an se
hour. Highway patrol officers also fo
seized one of their motorcycles. A rece
fourth member, a fifty-year-old, Clima
received an infringement notice concerne
Climate change activists are lea
concerned the ACT Government will red
leave investment in key pollution minute
reduction projects to the last Governmen
minute. Two years after the
Government announced its 40 per cen begin.
target - major work is yet to wi
begin. An ambitious target - now
with just eight years to achieve it w
"If we get started this year and u
we have concerted action every year y
up to 2020, we can do this in eight pla
years time." The ACT Government gas
plans to almost halve green house Canbe
gas emissions by twenty twenty. o
Canberra loves 40% is concerned one T
of the big projects to help get the p
Territory over the line - won' t be "AC
paid for until the last minute. o
"ACT Labor is talking about putting th
off investing in wind energy until la
the final minute basically. So the 2000
last three years before the year bel
2000." The Environment Minister goa
believes the key to achieving the precis
goal is planning - and that' s be
precisely what his directorate has
been doing for the past two years. earlie
"Action plan two was released deta
earlier this year, it sets out a ever
detailed suit of measures across ren
every efficiency, the purchase of trans
renewable energy, better public buil
transport, better performance of us
buildings in terms of their energy Corbell
use." +w Just this week Simon of
Corbell announced the second stage Whethe
of a major solar farm project. w
Whether or not either proposed farm
will be built is still up for debat it
- community opposition could stop "It
it from getting off the ground. pathwa
"It' s still early days in the neutral
pathway towards a more carbon
neutral city. The latest green hous ou
gas emissions inventory will come out shortly and that will be for th 2009 10 financial year period."

The ACT is making its mark on the pre
national wine scene. Australia' s w
premier wine show announced several and
winners from the Capital region - d
and experts are predicting the next This
decade will produce many more.
This room is showcasing the pinnacl hundred
of Australian wine. Thirteen bu
hundred and eighty-seven bottles - W
but there can only be one winner. riesl
We won with out 2012 Lodge Hill rie
riesling we were awarded the best
riesling of the show, the best whit of the show and the overall wine o pa
the show. +w Canberra has for the d
past week played host to the cr :me de la cr :me of wine makers, as par S
of the Dan Murphy' s National Wine Show of Australia. The coveted priz the
- the best in show. Taken out by the Clare Valley' s Jim Barry Wines My father planted the vineyard i h
1979 and the vineyard has won many lif
hold medals and trophies over its awar
lifetime but this is the highest other
award we' ve won. +w There were
other prizes - one hundred and fort f
eight gold medals, one hundred and an
fifty one silver, and four hundred Tak
and fifty four bronze handed out. Tr
Taking the much anticipated Shiraz Road
Trophy - Canberra vineyard, Eden t
Road Wines. Particularly exciting lo
that this is the sort of, we' re a so
local winery and it' s incredible, sort of the bench mark of wine show is
in Australia The Capital region itsel
is beginning to make a name for
itself as a competitive district. I -
boasts a series of young vineyards reckone
- sure to become forces to be reckoned with. We' re still a ver m
young region but we' re definitely n
making a very big impression on the sh
national stage, especially in wine shows.

Greg with sport is next - And a ne Da
coach for the NEAFL rep team. Yes Danielle - A different coach will b in charge next year - that' s next 2
Plus - The Raiders reaction to the 2013 NRL draw. This program is not captioned.
2013 NRL draw. The Raiders and Manl compe
are on track to play the first follow
competition match in China. It t
follows the release of the NRL draw happ
today. Raiders CEO Don Furner is start.
happy with it, despite a tough Man
start. s good. - - Canberra and hist
Manly are on the verge of making history next year, as the NRL plans wa
to take a game to China. The NRL want it to happen we' ve got the by after that so it' s a good chance. hom
The round 11 fixture is a Manly
home game - with officials includin th
Don Furner travelling to China by logi
the end of the month to work out logistics. Canberra begins round on Gold
with a trip to Penrith then the g
Gold Coast, before their first home Sunday
game against the Dragons, on a roun
Sunday evening. In the first ten a
rounds, the Green Machine will play at Canberra Stadium only four times approach.
They' re taking a positive winna
approach. They away games are
winnable, you know, if you win thos w
and come home, based on last year, we were winning more away games the staying
home games, until we started Raiders
staying in a hotel. +w If the fina
Raiders reproduce a surge to the mas
finals - the home games will be a massive advantage. You get throug that first half of the draw and th ho
back half of the draw you' ve got home games, it' s a great run in an Frust
that' s when you need them. +w Rai
Frustration for fans though - the
Raiders first free-to-air game is i round 19 against Souths on a Frida top
Night. you know we could be on i
top of the competition and the fact b
is Penrith and Parramatta will rate fa
better. Even more motivation for Fo
fans to get to Canberra Stadium. to
For our focus, I mean they' ve got t
to come out and watch us we' ve got to get them here so that' s good.

Australian cricket champion Craig beh
McDermott has thrown his support, being
behind more first-class cricket
being played in Canberra. The forme a
fast bowler will line up in a game h
at Manuka Oval tomorrow. The more outsid
high level cricket you can get i
outside of the other areas um, just play
inspires more younger players to turne
play the game. +y McDermott has n
turned to coaching, hosting clinics ge
nation-wide to help guide the next co
generation. I love this level of so
coaching, you know the grass roots in
sort of ten years up but certainly f
in the high performance side of it, of
for under 17' s 19' s futures sort
of type young bowlers, it' s good t them
be able to spend some time with them. To the NEAFL, And Eastlak Assistant coach Guy Cannon has bee coa
appointed the new representative giv
coach. The former player has been af
given the task to mentor the side, y
after a disappointing campaign this Easte
year. A new direction for the appoi
Eastern Conference - Guy Cannon
appointed rep coach for season 2013 Our expectations will be high, u structur
you know, we' ve got a good t
structure in place, looking forward coach
to working with all the various Coach
coaches. They include Ainslie a
Coach Chris Rourke - whose moved to suffe
an assistant role. The rep team northern
suffered a big loss to their Coa
northern counterparts on the Gold s
Coast earlier this year. Next year' Ta
s opponents on the rep calander is it
Tasmania. The Eastern Conference g
it' s a great brand, the NEAFL is a talented
great concept, with a lot of this
talented players, running around delig
this league, so you know we' re grou
delighted to be working with the twenty
group we' ll have avaliable in hav
twenty thirteen. The GWS Giants th
have taken the pick of the crop in Selection
the AFL draft last night. num
Selection one GWS Giants - player Dande
number 213189 Lachie Whitfield, juni
Dandenong Stingrays Mount Martha Victorian
junior football club. The K
Victorian catching the eye of coach s
Kevin Sheedy. He' s got some good k
speed, what I love is the very good prett
kick, which I make sure we pick
pretty good kicks, obviously and hi Whitfield
decision making as well. o
Whitfield joins last year' s number the
one draft pick Jonothan Patton at b
the Giants. I' m very honoured to gue
be the number one selection and I fe
guess the hard work after the last few years has paid off. GWS had ten.
the first three picks in the top ten.

To the Australian Baseball League, Melbourn
And the Canberra Cavalry and
Melbourne Aces are minutes away fro taking to Narrabundah Ballpark, fo series
the first game of a four game have
series, this weekend. Both teams sea
have had an even start to the new go
season. They always put a pretty k
good team together you know, we all d
know what happened last year we' re definitely looking to take two, fou Grenn
our of four this week. Brian for
Grenning will start tonight - his T
form has been off the chart. Sean bee
Toller and Dustin again, they' ve Japane
been great, might even see new Nearl
Japanese guys get out there. +y expected
Nearly two thousand fans are doubl
expected tonight. Tomorrow is a o
double header, before the last game
of the series on Sunday afternoon. Olympic sprinter Melissa Breen wil Queanbey
headline the running of the fr
Queanbeyan gift tomorrow. Athletes a
from across the nation will compete w
at the annual handicap event. Heats
will be held throughout the morning Queanbeya
before the final 4:15pm at with
Queanbeyan Park. Now to check in with the latest fishing report, wit t
WIN' s Rob Paxevanos. A bit of a int
treat this week,. As i head south into Victoria to help appraise a ne to
lake, that' s only just been open I
to fishing for the very first time. Reservoi
I cruised down to Devil Bend Pfifer
Reservoir with colleague Luben governme
Pfifer to help the Victorian t
government give you a sneak peek at becaus
this all new fishery. But just fish
because the place has never been b
fished before doesn' t mean it will quite
be a push over. We had to cover ou
quite a bit of shore line, to find floa
our fish. We utilised a range of lure
floating, suspending and sinking ma
lures to help us cover the shallow
margins and caught some superb brow ve
trout to two point two kilos. The hi
verdict is that this lake, will be som
high on a trout angles radar, for excelle
some time. especially, if the excellent stocking program, can be oce
maintained. Meanwhile, out in the flath
ocean, there' s some, excellent o
flathead fishing in 25 to 35 metres of water. Along with some reasonabl occas
king fish on the reefs and the sh
occasional . Albercourt out on the p
shelf. Well there you have it, some the
pretty cool fishing to be had, as hope
the heat of summer approaches. I d
hope you get to wet a line, on your day off. Rob Paxevanos, Win News.

Don' t go away I' ll have the weekend weather details This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Mums everywhere
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This program is not captioned.
weekend weather details next. A war and sunny day around the region, I th
climbed to a top of twenty-six in ove
the Capital, after dipping to ten bal
overnight. Right now, it' s still Taking
balmy, sitting on twenty-four. O
Taking a look at the other centres, Twenty-fi
On the Tablelands, Seven to Ya
Twenty-five in Goulburn, Warmer in Yass, twenty-seven Braidwood reache bit
a top of twenty-three degrees. A Twenty-three
bit cooler on the coast, twen
Twenty-three in Nowra, Twelve to the
twenty in Ulladulla One better in twenty-four
the Bay, twenty-one Bega, Co
twenty-four Mild on the Mountains, tw
Cooma reached twenty-five A top of to
twenty in Perisher Thredbo climbed of
to twenty-two Bomala reached a top map,C
of twenty-four On the satellite South
map,Cloud over northeastern New trou
South Wales is developing with a showe
trough of low pressure, causing the
showers and storms to develop. On throu
the chart, High cloud is moving approach
through the west ahead of an yet
approaching trough, but it is not
yet bringing any rain. Taking a loo sun
a tomorrow' s forecast,Plenty of a
sun on the coast, Bega' s expecting t
a top of twenty-eight twenty-six in twenty-ni
the Bay Nowra should get to twenty-nine after ten overnight War twenty-se
on the Tablelands, Five to
twenty-seven in Braidwood Thirty-on t
in Yass Goulburn, twenty-eight. On in
the Snowies, Eight to twenty-eight to
in Bombala, Thredbo is expecting a Per
top of eighteen after six tonight hig
Perisher, twenty Twenty-eight the Canbe
high in Cooma tomorrow. And for Canberra, Heading for a warm top of twenty-nine, after dipping to seven tonight. Winds will be light. Takin stick
a look ahead,That warm weather wee
sticking around right through the possib
weekend, thirty-two on Sunday, possible rain on Monday.

possible rain on Monday. And that' m
WIN News for this Friday Night. I' weeke
m Danielle Post.....have a good weekend.. Good night.

company, enjoy your evening. Taib take Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is captioned

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to A Current Affair. Shortly the passing of an Australian littery icon.I had a full life and an extraordinarily fortunate life? We pay tribute to Bryce Courtenay. First tonight is the peak shopping season, as it approaches, a warning that tunistic pick pockets will be on the prowl looking to fund their Christmas with your cash.Are you missing a phone? Is this yours? Oh, my gosh, it is. Thank you so much. It must have fallen out.No, this mum didn't drop her phone, it was taken.Is it like yours.Where did you get that.From your backpack.