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Whiskers. Correct. Rearrange the letters
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Correct. What's 74 - 53?

Correct. The wife of the president
of the United States is known as the first WHAT? Lady.
Lady is correct. Well done, Jemma. Inside. You get the points. Once again,
really close finish today. Curl Curl North - 230. Christian, Aurelie, Oliver
have come third. Good game, though. Eric, Hayley, Jemma
from Hornsby South - second today. 270. Came home hard. Marayong South -
Tyrell, Summer and Hayley are our winners today with 290. Here's the week's score. Curl Curl North have finished
the week third - 1,190. Hornsby South - 1,250,
have come second. Marayong South,
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - Bert Newton rushed to hospital
for an emergency quadruple bypass. A man shot dead by police
in a busy inner-Sydney suburb. Friends pay tribute to
best-selling author Bryce Courtenay. And thousands unite
to protect women from violence. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Sally Bowrey.

Good afternoon. We begin with some breaking news, popular television personality
Bert Newton is in a Melbourne hospital
this afternoon, where he will undergo life-saving
quadruple bypass surgery. Kate Osborn is outside
Epworth Hospital. Kate, any word on Bert's condition?

Bert Newton is sitting up in bed and he says he is feeling positive but he acknowledges his face in the fight of his life. He felt unwell and had some chest pains so went to the doctor on Wednesday and received the shocking news he is so ill, he needs a quadruple bypass and is awaiting that surgery here at the Epworth Hospital surrounded by his family. It will take place at 6am and will take 5.5 hours. Two weeks before leaving hospital and undergoing rehabilitation. Last year, he was in hospital for 11 days with pneumonia and in February this year, had to have fluid drained from his lungs in its Singapore performing in the musical We could. He also had heart surgery before. He acknowledges this is the most serious operation he has had an hopes this is a warning to other men to get themselves checked by Dr and he is in fact growing a moustache for Movember at the moment. A man has been shot dead by police in a busy inner-city suburb
in Sydney today. Officers spoke to the media about
the shooting a short time ago. Talitha,
what did police have to say?

Police have now confirmed a senior officer was shot dead and the driver of the stolen vehicle which crashed into this area behind me. They tried to stop the vehicle a little earlier and then accelerated, hit a poll and to pedestrians, it is believed an officer then opened fire before the truck hit the public. Police and ambulance officers tried to revive the driver but he could not be revived. The man has not been identified but he was driving a loan. It is believed he Elias told the truck from Sydney Council. -- it is believed he earlier stole the truck.The vehicle, shortly before the man was shot, was driven in a manner where he collided with two pedestrians. As a consequence, those people were injured and taken to hospital.You spoke to several witnesses earlier. How did they describe it? I spoke to a shopkeeper who heard a three or four gunshots and then walked out the front of his store and says he saw five officers with their guns drawn and pointed out the truck. Plenty of witnesses around. Just before lunch time.He shot two shots at the man in the truck and now the man in the truck was hit.It scared me, it really did. I am still shaking from it. Talitha Cummins
reporting from Sydney. Family, friends and fans
are mourning the death of best-selling author
Bryce Courtenay. The Order of Australia recipient
died of stomach cancer last night, He recently posted a message online to thank his readers
and say farewell.

And all I'd like to say is,
as simply as I possibly can, thank you.

The 79-year-old was best known
for his breakthrough novel 'The Power of One'. His last book,
'The Jack of Diamonds' was published a week ago,
in time for Christmas.

I'm joined now by one
of Bryce Courtenay's friends, his long-standing publisher
Bob Sessions. Bob, how will Bryce Courtenay
be remembered?

He will be remembered as the phenomenon in Australian publishing. Not only did he write to 21 books and 23 years, each of them around 600 pages, I might add, but he sold a total of 20 million books all around the world. That is quite extraordinary.He had a worldwide fan base. What it did that support mean to him?It meant everything to him. Bryce wrote for his readers. Bryce was in touch with his readers as much as he possibly could be. He got 80,000 Facebook likes. He was an author who was conscious of his readership and they were who he was writing for.As you mentioned, he spoke to his readers. Is that why he was so popular?It had a lot to do with it. He divided the sorts of books that they wanted. I called him the Charles Dickens of Australian publishing because he was such a strong a storyteller, he had such powerful characters and people came away from his books thinking that they had learned something and I think all those contributed to his popularity but you're right, a large part of it was his ability to be in touch with and to touch his readers.Thank you. Police say a 17-year-old girl
who plunged to her death from a Gold Coast high-rise
during schoolies celebrations was alone moments before she fell. At least six teenagers
witnessed the tragedy and are now being offered
counselling. Amanda Abate has more.

Isabelle Colman has been described as caring and many of her friends here are devastated. Paramedics were called to the Chevron Renaissance building after 9:30pm last night but she could not be revived. Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the fall. They do not suspect foul play was involved. They say Isabelle was alone in the unit on the 26th for before she fell. Schoolie so are being offered counselling. A prayer service was held. Many scholars sticks are in shock and say they want to go home. Everybody is devastated. Most people living today.To us to really upset and crying. We do not know what to think.A tragic night for all of us and it has put a very dark cloud over what has been a very successful schoolie event. This is the fourth balcony fall on the Gold Coast in just two months. Police have considered locking balconies off during schoolie celebrations but they say it cannot be done. With thousands of more people coming here, organises a regiment to be safe and to look after each other. A teenager charged with assaulting
a heavily pregnant woman near a Sydney train station will remain in custody
until next year. The 18-year-old appeared
in Campbelltown Court today over the violent bag snatch
on Tuesday. Luke Castles is accused
of stomping on 35-year-old Swati, who is due to give birth next month. Police are still searching for
two teenage boys over the attack.

Crowds have gathered in Melbourne
this afternoon to take part
in an anti-violence rally paying special tribute
to murder victim Sarah Cafferkey. Brendan Roberts joins me now. Brendan, how many turned out
to march?

Hundreds turned out for this afternoon's march from Melbourne's town hall to Federation Square to raise awareness of violence against women but as you said, in Melbourne, added significance because of the recent tragic murder of 22-year-old Bacchus Marsh woman Sarah Cafferkey and another recent high-profile flop -- high-profile murder investigation, that of Jill Meagher, who was killed after a night out at a Brunswick bar. Her death to 30,000 people to the streets of Brunswick for a march. But the chief of police said each of these high profile cases of violence against women saw literally thousands which the public was not privy to.We cannot lose sight of the fact that these types of crimes are happening in people's homes on an all too regular basis and they don't necessarily get the same level of public awareness of public scrutiny. It's about women with broken jaws, broken ribs and broken spirits.And Sarah Cafferkey was remanded in a special vigil last night?Many turned out in Point Cook to stage a night-time vigil. Two men were brought in by Victoria Police and questioned over her murder and they were subsequently released without charge.Thank you. White Ribbon marches
have also taken place in Sydney today where hundreds of demonstrators
took to the streets, showing their commitment
to stop violence against women. The latest statistics reveal one in three Australian women
are victims of violence. Nearly 40% of those
are assaulted by someone they know.

It's really important
that blokes get out and say violence against women
is unacceptable. The Prime Minister's partner, Tim Mathieson,
was among the demonstrators. White Ribbon Day is on Sunday.

The Gillard Government has accused
Tony Abbott of playing games after he unveiled plans to reduce
Australia's refugee intake. The Opposition Leader says
he will cut numbers by 6,000 and make asylum seekers
work for their welfare.

There was a time when Tony Abbott
offered to support an increase in Australia's refugee intake but times have changed. We can't afford it -
it's as simple as that.

Labor is committed to increasing
our humanitarian intake by 6,000, taking refugee numbers
to 20,000 a year but Mr Abbott says
that's sending the wrong message. This is the wrong time and the wrong signal
that the Government is sending to the people smugglers. He just doesn't get it. The Government says the increased intake acts
as a disincentive for asylum seekers to get on boats. It sends the signal
that there's another way, that you don't have to get on
the boat. Tony Abbott also says asylum seekers should work
for the welfare they are paid while they are awaiting
their refugee claim. If they are going to be supported
by the taxpayer, they will be expected
to work for their dole. The Opposition has re-announced
an old policy from the 2010 election. That's true, but it is in contrast
to the Government's policy which prevents asylum seekers
any work if they are on bridging visas. Tony Abbott is talking about pushing
vulnerable people into poverty and then making them pay for it. I think he's trying to out-tough
the Government's approach here. On a tough issue.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - celebrations from Gaza
but will the ceasefire last? Sydney siblings make up
after a violent cat fight. And some adorable new arrivals
for Melbourne Zoo.

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A Sydney man who ran over his sister because her cat
urinated on his computer has been placed
on a 12-month good behaviour bond. Oliver Richardson's attack
on his younger sister Hannah left her with a broken leg
and a fractured spine. But his lawyer said the siblings
had settled their differences, the pair holding hands
as they left court.

How do you feel
towards your brother? I love him.

Oliver was also fined $300
and banned from driving for a year.

As Gaza City starts to clean-up
after eight days of deadly fighting, thousands of Palestinians
have gathered to celebrate
the Israel-Hamas ceasefire. The truce continues to hold but there are fears violence
could erupt again. Adrian Brown is on the border.

This is the Beit Hanoun
crossing point from Gaza into Israel and in a sense,

this is going to be the first test
of the new truce between Israel and Hamas because under the terms of the deal
the two sides have just signed, Israel has agreed
to ease its blockade which means making it easier,
in theory, for Palestinian to go into Israel. Now, they haven't been able
to do that since 2003 which means Palestinian
who are desperate to work in Israel because unemployment is so high here have not been able to. I wish to open the border
and let the people go to work because Gaza is too small
to find a job. Half an hour from the border,
the centre of Gaza City of what, until Tuesday morning, had been the ministries of education
and health. This was
key government infrastructure and it was pulverised
in a missile attack. A couple of things occur to you when you survey the scale
of this devastation - And who is going to pay for
all the rebuilding that's needed? Elsewhere in Gaza City, Hamas has been holding
a large victory parade and rally. Its message was this - "We may have agreed to a truce
but the resistance goes on." Ordinary people here you speak to
all want this ceasefire to last but some who've seen truces
come and go in the past remain very sceptical. But at the moment,
it's looking hopeful. Success, though, will be determined by what happens in the coming days,
months and years.

Back to you.

Americans have paused
to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US and overseas. 3 million people,

including victims
of superstorm Sandy,

for the annual
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Volunteers dished out meals and handed out boxes of food
to thousands of people. People are in need and when they come here, they forget
the stress, the problems. Troops in Afghanistan
also took a break with a special dinner
and football game.

A rare and special birth is being
celebrated at Melbourne's Zoo. Not one, but two baby ringtailed
lemurs were born last week. The little twins are the first
lemurs to be welcomed at the zoo in over 20 years.

It's about a 50% that they
would have twins in a zoo, so we've been one of the lucky ones
that we've scored twins. Keepers don't know yet whether
the babies are male or female. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll get a wrap of the day
in finance. A remarkable picture
from inside the womb. And the NRL names
a banking executive as its new CEO.

We are Opel, from Germany. In our 150-year history,
we've never been to Australia. Well, one of us has - Astra. It missed Australia so much,
it just had to come back. And this time, it's bringing
with it the rest of the family.

See you soon.

Remarkable new research
has confirmed that a baby can yawn
while inside the mother's womb. Scientists say it's possible to distinguish between yawns
and simple mouth openings on ultrasound images. Trends in the behaviour could be
used to track a foetus' development with cliams
yawning helps the brain mature in the early stages of pregnancy.

Time to check
the financial markets. The ASX 200 remained steady with US markets closed
for Thanksgiving.

Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. Fears a serial pervert's on the
loose at Acton .. after a woman was grabbed and indecently
assualted while walking her dog last night. He's described as
caucasian and wore a striped rugby top. Police say there were 2
assaults in the area last month .. victims described
a similar attacker. Claims Tony Abbott doesn't
care about Canberrans' job security .. as Fraser MP
Andrew Leigh says the Opposition Leader's
confirmed he'll cut 20 thousand public servant
positions .. if elected. thousand public servant
positions .. if elected. Chief Minister Katy Gallagher
and Liberal Leader Zed Seselja pay tribute to
author Bryce Courtenay .. Seselja pay tribute to
author Bryce Courtenay .. who died at his Canberra
home last night. Police want to speak to
witnesses .. after a 95 year old man died .. after he
was hit by a car at Weston. 3 men who police say were
inolved in a violent confrontation with officers
Belconnen last night .. have been released on bail. And Wallabies coach Robbie
Deans says changes to his line up will inject fresh
momentum. Brumbies Ben Alexander and Stephen Moore
will start against Italy.

Good afternoon.

South Africa has fought back on day
two of the second test in Adelaide. Michael Clarke added 6 nervous runs
before departing on 230. COMMENTATOR: Oh, you ripper!

Well bowled, Morne Morkel. The Aussies added just 68 runs
to their overnight score. James Pattinson played a lone hand
for the lower order, smashing a quick-fire 42. Australia all out for 550
just before lunch. Clarke should have had rival skipper
Graeme Smith stumped by Matthew Wade on 46.

The openers put on 138 before Alviro Petersen was run out
by Mike Hussey for 54. Banking executive Dave Smith
has been unveiled as the new CEO of the NRL. Smith will step into the role
in February, after finishing up as boss
of Lloyds International. The appointment ends a 6-month
search for David Gallop's successor. I think I'm the luckiest guy
having the best job in Australia. I'm thrilled. ARL Commission Chairman John Grant
says Smith's the right man to lead rugby league forward. Greater Western Sydney recruit
Lachie Whitfield is unfazed by the pressure

that comes with being
the AFL's number one draft pick. Whitfield, Jono O'Rourke
and Lachie Plowman were taken by the Giants
with the top three picks. 17-year-old Whitfield wants to get
a taste of AFL action next year. I haven't really sat down and had a
think about it but I'd love to play Round 1 and I'd really just like to play
a game for the Giants next year. The Melbourne teenager travels
to Sydney on Sunday to begin his AFL career. Some welcome news for the Wallabies, with injured scrum half Will Genia
signing a new 3-year deal. Genia re-signed with the Reds
in April, but it's taken seven months to finalise the ARU component
of the deal. He hasn't given up hope of playing
alongside Quade Cooper next year. Hopefully Quade does stay
but at the end of the day we just have to see where he
wants to be and where he's happy. Veteran scrum half Brett Sheehan
will make his starting debut for the Wallabies against Italy in Florence
this weekend.

Round 8 of the A-League
kicks off tonight, with Sydney FC hosting competition
leaders Adelaide United. Western Sydney Wanderers take on
Melbourne Victory tomorrow night. Even with several upset wins
to their credit, the newcomers are developing
a reputation as giant killers.

We've shown
that players have come in and they've adapted well
to the increase in level.

The Victory are unbeaten
in their last three matches.

Plenty Moran footy and the cricket coming up at 6pm.

A check of the national forecast. Brisbane can expect
a shower or two. Partly cloudy in Sydney.

Partly cloudy for Melbourne,
but warm. Shower or two developing
in Hobart. Hot in Adelaide.

Perth, partly cloudy. Darwin can expect
a shower or storm.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Sally Bowrey.
Enjoy your evening.

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Good energy - we like it. Keep it up. Here we go! Contestant number one is... ..Carlo Esposito! Come on down!

You're the first contestant
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Yeah, well, sort of. Um...this is a new game. It's called Walk the Line. And Carlo was just asking me
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