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(generated from captions) To be able to share that experience
and to watch them

as a little family
at the end of the bed...

Ooh, I'm getting emotional now.


I cried all the way home afterwards.

It's gone down a bit already.

Yeah, it goes down loads.


I'll put your little hat on
and we won't notice.

Nice, long fingers.


Like Daddy!

She's a really good size.

She's perfect.

Aren't you perfect?


I can't believe it.



Hi, it's me.

You've got a... (CRIES)
You've got a granddaughter.



Are you alright, darling?

I've got to compose myself now.


It's Rose Nora Alice Hoskie.


She's beautiful.
Yeah, she's beautiful.


MAN: We both love hairdressing.

So the most intriguing thing about
this baby is what he looks like

and what his hair's
going to be like.

I think it will come out bald.

It's just the start of it.

This is still the easy bit now.

Sorry about that, but it is.

That's it, and go for it. Go on.

I'd love a boy.

What do you think we're having?

A baby.

With a girl, I just don't know
how to play Dominoes or dolls.

I just don't have a clue.

Not a nurse, you know what I mean?

It's all been planned, so it'll be
nice, smooth sailing hopefully.

Look a bit happier. Come on.

Oh, you'll do my head in.

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This program is captioned live. Back from the brink - Israeli troops move away from the border as the ceasefire holds.For it to hold, the rocket attacks must end. Blood on the streets - children among the dead as a suicide bomber strikes. A system at breaking point - warnings there are too many asylum seekers to lock up.For practical purposes, you simply can't house them all in mandatory detention. And a match made in heaven - Bosnian religious leaders unite for a common cause.

It's now almost 17 hours since a truce between Israel and Hamas came into effect and it still appears to be holding. There's worldwide relief over the ceasefire deal, ending a week of cross-border violence that's killed more than 150 people. The UN Security Council and world leaders are urging both sides to maintain the truce brokered by Egypt.

Moments ago, Pentagon held a news conference. -- Benjamin Netanyahu. He also warned that if the cease- fire is cease- fire is not honoured, Israel knew how to ed, Israel knew how to respond. Israel is refocusing its military build-up along military build-up along the border with Gaza. It for troops are leaving the area.

After end of celebrations in Gaza, and the ons in Gaza, and the world is watching and waiting to see if the latest fragile truce endures. People are not sure if it will be a lasting peace.TRANSLATION: We want a long- term calm. We do not want come now and then half the one month things get bad again.A cautious welcome from Israelis.The feeling of the complete unknown Glock or have no idea. I can only hope.

Hamas will stop all rocket attacks. The broader terms of three deals such as alarming freer access to the Gaza Strip still have to be negotiated. It is not clear to what extent does will ease the blockade. -- Israel. blockade. -- Israel. Ban Ki-moon praised both sides for stepping back from the brink and back from the brink and urged them to keep it that way. em to keep it that way.We must keep the promise. Israel and Hamas are claiming to be winners. Both are ready to react if the cease-fire is breached.

The violence on both sides continued until when the cease-fire was declared. Last night, a bus bombing in Tel Aviv threaten to derail peace talks in Cairo. 12 rockets were fired from Gaza after the cease-fire took effect. It did not cause any injury or damage. The fighting has stopped but tension and mistrust remains. Egypt will keep the peace. Its President earned widespread praise for brokering the truth.The US welcomes of the agreement for a cease-fire in Gaza. The rocket attacks must. The rocket attacks must.In the absence of a broader peace process, against the backdrop of a volatile new Middle East, there are questions about whether the conditions exist for a lasting cease-fire.

Our reporter is in Tel Aviv. He spoke to Tel Aviv. He spoke to many people. Many are doubtful the cease-fire will hold. The prospect of the cease-fire seems incomprehensible. The bomb blast ripped through the area, injuring 17 h the area, injuring 17 people. All 17 people will survive. Three remain in serious conditions. Leaders from both sides warned off Swift reprisals if the other side breaks the truth. It is a sentiment reflected on the streets of central Tel Aviv.It always fails after... A few weeks. It will start again. Maybe for a little bit. I do not know if it were lost.I hope but I do not believe.There is no solution. If we start something, we have to continue it.He is difficult to find optimism for the cease-fire process in Tel Aviv. Any breach of Tel Aviv. Any breach of the trees will lead to the agreement collapsing quickly. -- truth. Egypt's leader is quoted for reaching a cease-fire. There is trouble at home. More than 100 people have been arrested. There was three days of violent protests calling for an end to Mohammed Mursi's rule. The firebomb was visible in Tahrir Square. Inside, employees took stock at yees took stock at the damage and equipment costs after another night of violent protests.

Protesters claiming responsibility said of a targeted Al Jazeera over biased coverage of the country's most powerful political party, the Muslim Brotherhood. The government also has not been happy with the broadcast or py with the broadcast or its coverage. This video shows security forces conducting civil raids on Al Jazeera. A journalist tries to find out why. More than 100 people have been arrested. Dozens have been injured. The protest is trying to end the rule of Mohammed Mursi.

He was put in place after Mubarak.

Who government released a statement condemning the violence. They vowed to restore security. At least 23 people died and more than 60 were injured in a suicide attack in n a suicide attack in Pakistan. Authorities sake take children were among the injured. The bomber targeted Shi'ite Muslim processions in the capital. It is the country's to accuse the sold in five months. Regional more s. Regional more some leaders arrived in the country for the Bishops. 10 football shops. 10 football fans have been injured. -- summit. e been injured. -- summit. The fans were celebrating. A Europa League game, that is.

The attackers were armed with bouts and wore helmets and balaclavas.

The Astra in defence force is ending its mission in East Timor and Henning security control in Afghanistan. The East Timor Prime Minister think the Australian

Minister think the Australian trips for the contributions. Australia's deployment across to a close. The defence chief is praising those who worked alongside the East Timorese.We have witnessed the successful conduct. We have seen the formation of a new government and celebrated the 10th anniversary of e 10th anniversary of the restoration of independence.This marks progress. Xanana Gusmao says the departure of Australian soldiers represents a new stage of responsibility for his nation.We now look to the future. Australia first future. Australia first deployed troops in East Timor in 19 night and nine when violence ight and nine when violence accompany the country's independence from Indonesia. -- 1999. They've restored order. They've restored order. The Australian Federal Police will continue to support local authorities. In Oruzgan province, Afghan National Army infantry had deemed capable of operating independently of Australian men pause.Australian forces have changed their missions from mentoring to advice at the leadership level.

Australia's role in Afghanistan would continue if Australian troops continue in Tarin Kot.

Fairfax newspapers claimed that in 1993, Julia Gillard received a key bank documents from northern property board thern property board partly with union money, stolen by her former boyfriend. Two years later, Julia Gillard denied knowledge of the mortgage when asked by her legal firm's partners. One former partner of Slater and Gordon spoke on the ABC.There is absolutely no doubt that Julia Gillard not only knew of the Slater and Gordon mortgage in 1993, but was specifically involved in taking steps to facilitate that mortgage.The Prime Minister's offers told Fairfax and the ABC she stands by the ABC she stands by previous statements on the matter. Conveyor C four of the property was handled by a Paris legal. Refugee and human rights advocates are protesting. The government has announced that asylum seekers found to be refugees will be placed on bridging visas for many years. They will be unable to work. Labor's left is not happy with the course the Government has taken. The tough approach is not working. Asylum seekers should be treated with dignity.It is rhetorical nonsense.I would like to know where it is all heading. I'm not the anyone in the party with that concern. The Refugee Council says Labor's policies are similar to those of the John Howard government. I am government. I am struggling to work out the differences.Human rights advocates us gazing. -- are scathing.It makes much more sense to allow them to get training and to work, and to understand the Australian environment and integrate into it as healthily as possible.Bridging Beazer's will be worse than temporary production han temporary production bases.I do not on people to come here and staff.The Government says it serves a purpose.There are strong disincentives for people coming to Australia.These people will get Australian citizenship with the worst possible preparation, five years on welfare, for life in Australia.The Human Rights Commission has warned the detention system is at breaking point. They are too many asylum seekers for them to be kept in detention.For practical purposes, you cannot house them u cannot house them off in military detention.The Greens say deterrence are not working.No-one is safer today it on a boat then they were three months ago.Imagine how high the figures will be without off-shore processing.It appears yesterday's announcements have not been well received. An Iranian man eceived. An Iranian man tried to hang himself after the news broke. Coming up after the break, how much would you pay for a car park?

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The French Tourist the target of a racist outburst says she and her friend were terrified they would be physically assaulted. Police will under no five two men and a woman involved in the incident. Prosecutors will appeal the acquittal of Lloyd Rayney. He was found not guilty of murdering his estranged wife. The Australian Government has relaxed skippering the way can rules for Australians and his cylinders of moving between the two countries. -- Sica animation rules.

Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia says the scheme of KiwiSaver scheme recognises the economic ties between the two countries. 50,000 New Zealand has moved to w Zealand has moved to Australia last year.

Who price of parking your car has increased across the country. It is nothing compared to Hong Kong. Playing a ng. Playing a tiny piece of real estate to leave your car could set you back more ould set you back more than $600,000. Some of 00. Some of the hardest vehicles. This city has the most expensive spaces in all of Asia. Check out this space. Someone tried to buy this space for buy this space for $640,000. The man who owns it works upstairs. He is the CEO of a property firm that owns hundreds of residential and commercial locks across Hong Kong. He has been called a tycoon of parking spaces. His favourite is his own.You can buy a better car park in another building.He has two. He says he wants to sell. If he did, he could bank on. $3 million. He takes me on a tour for more. He owns a few hundred parking spaces among hundred parking spaces among these dense urban area. About 24 spaces are here. They are valued at $250,000 each. This is on the map. Right here. We cackle at price per square foot. -- calculate. This is -- calculate. This is a defeat. -- eight feet in weeks. It comes down to $2,000. That is $2,000. That is crazy.It is crazy.

With the potential price rises and a big returns, speculators are speeding in for advantage. Hong Kong homes have been slapped with property taxes and stamp duties to deflate a p duties to deflate a housing bubble. But parking spaces are not affected. In the past a two years, the sales of car parks in Hong Kong have soared by a lot.

Sydney's Australian Museum is unveiling an n Museum is unveiling an extensive display, illustrating the ve display, illustrating the Life and Legacy of one of history's most enduring figures. To many he was a king and a hero. To others, a tyrant and a conqueror. But the legend and influence of Alexander the Great spreads far and wide.He was a brilliant strategist, so he was intellectually very bright. But he was a brawler. He was a drunk. He was a fighter. He could be quite compassionate if he felt people were working with him but he could be widely considered as cruel and despotic as well. Until now, this collection of artefacts and antiques spawning from Alexander's epic quest was only housed at the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg and other affiliates. Bringing it to Australia was a massive logistical effort, featuring an army of curators, researchers and even police escorts. But the State Hermitage Museum says Australia's multicultural landscape played a key role in its decision.The main result of the tour of Alexander the Great was the creation of cosmopolitan culture - uniting the east and the west. His dream was unity of humankind. So the exhibition is very appropriate to the history of Australia.Countries conquered by Alexander the Great are represented throughout, which in turn reflects a huge section of the Australian people. By the time he was 32, Alexander the Great had established one of the biggest empires of the ancient world. The exhibition is split into several sections, covering Alexander's background and influences all the way through to his conquests and legacy. 'Alexander The Great: 2000 years of Treasures' opens on Saturday and will remain in Sydney until April 2013. Coming up, the weather. Hit for six - Clarke and Hussey star in a remarkable day of cricket.


(WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: In a crash, wearing your seatbelt reduces
your risk of serious injury. So, however short the journey, however long you've been driving...
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A remarkable day half played in the cricket Test against South Africa.

Michael Clarke restored in the innings. He scored his second straight at double century. The first man to make four in a calendar year. Mike Hussey hit the next ball out. He brought up his century.

A trough is generating potentially severe storms.

A high pressure area is bringing dry conditions to SA.

It was not the World Cup. You can still call it a match made in heaven. Religious leaders in Bosnia set up their differences aside in a game of football to help kindergarten children. There are differences were as obvious as day and night. Catholic priests and Muslim leaders standing side-by-side. That was nothing compared to this. The priests and leaders remained divided in one game of football. The reason they were here could be found standing behind the found standing behind the goals and cheering in the stands. Children of a school in desperate need of help.

Have the skill level was high enough to make it easy to forget he was playing. The goalkeeper had some help from the respective higher powers. In the end, the Catholics were on top. On this day, there were no losers.

These little winners were too young to notice any difference. That's the . That's the news for now. From all of us here, goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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