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Christian Lealiifano, Andrew Smith, Larkh
Henry Speight and Joe Tomane. are
Larkham and head coach Jake White players,
are optimistic they' re star trac
players, minus Pat McCabe are on one
track to be fit in time for round g
one. Most of the timeline see the start
guys get back before the season
starts, I think there' s a couple o thr
guys who sort of get back two or three weeks into the competition an they'
if they' re ahead of schedule, t
they' ll get back when the start of count
the season hits. 13 weeks and counting.

Canberra United star Sally Shipard af
has taken out another major award, T
after a stella 12 months of soccer. Fo
The flamboyant midfield won Female Austra
Footballer of the Year, at the night
Australian Football Award, last cr
night. It comes months after being
crowned W-League player of the year Japa
Canberra United is currently in s
Japan, for the international women' K
s championship. Game one is against m
Kobe Leonassa. The ACT Meteors have
made on change, for their three gam series against Tasmania, in Burnie wee
Charlotte Anneveld will miss the Waetford
weekend, making way for Kate ha
Waetford, who' ll debut. Kate' s cr
had some good performances in club fo
cricket and she covers some skills fi
for us as well, she' s good in the field, she' s handy with the bat an are
bowls medium pace. The Meteors Victo
are coming off two wins against th
Victoria. The aim again is to go kno
three zip against Tassie, but you heartedly
know can' t take them light bet
heartedly because they always get t
better throughout the season so and Twen
they always steal a few games. tomorro
Twenty20 games will be played mat
tomorrow and Sunday. With one-day Dan
match on Saturday. Just finally ye
Danielle the NRL will release next Canber
year' s draw tomorrow. Reports S
Canberra will host the Dragons on a Sunday Afternoon in round three.

Sunday Afternoon in round three. Then ... This program is not captioned. da
Then ... A fine, slightly overcast
day, With the Capital reaching a to it'
of twenty-two degrees. Right now Southe
it' s nineteen outside. On the reached
Southern Tablelands, Goulburn reached twenty-one . Yass, a high o twe
twenty-four degrees. Thirteen to at
twenty-two for Queanbeyan. Fifteen Now
at Braidwood. On the South Coast, for
Nowra, eighteen degrees. The same Heads
for the Bay. Nineteen in Moruya twenty
Heads and Ulladulla. A high of Tw
twenty in Bega. Along to the Alps, mi
Twenty-one for Cooma. It dipped to rea
minus one overnight for Perisher, T
reaching a high of seventeen today. degrees.
Thredbo and Bombala nineteen It
degrees. On the Satellite picture, th
It is mostly clear in the west. On
the chart, Clusters of cloud formin i
over north-eastern New South Wales is associated with an active trough seve
They are generating potentially
severe thunderstorms. To tomorrow' part
forecast, On the South Coast, a partly cloudy day expected. Bega, t twen
hit twenty-five degrees. Ten to for
twenty-two at the Bay. Twenty-one temperature
for Ulladulla. Nowra, the twenty-fo
temperature should climb to twenty-four degrees. On the Souther B
Tablelands, Twenty-two the high in expecte
Braidwood. Five to twenty-six li
expected in Queanbeyan tomorrow. A twent
little warmer in Yass, a top of twenty-eight degrees. Goulburn, Thredbo
twenty-four . On the Snowies, eighteen
Thredbo, sixteen . Perisher, twenty-four
eighteen degrees. Four to
twenty-four at Cooma. In the Capita w
tomorrow a warm twenty-six degrees with a low of five expected tonight p
The sun will set just before eight pm. To the five day forecast, a goo twenty-eigh
weekend ahead. Saturday, thirty-
twenty-eight degrees. Sunday, Monda
thirty-two . Rain predicted for Final
Monday, and thirty-one degrees. t
Finally tonight - The RSPCA is used it
to its residents making noise, but g
it' s nothing like the tones from a sop
grammy award winner. South Korean inste
soprano, Sumi Jo, didn' t sing, instead she helped name this possum shelte
today. Dori, has been with the
shelter since he was a joey. Sumi J is an animal lover, that' s why sh performi
toured the facility. She' s th
performing at Voices in the Forest Jo'
this weekend. Today, is also Sumi that'
Jo' s birthday. Happy 50th. And ni
that' s WIN News for this Thursday yo
night. I' m Danielle Post..... See you tomorrow. Good night.

evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. A night at the pub has turned in to a nightmare for the man you're about to meet. A case of mistaken identity has left him battered and bruised by security staff who claim they were acting in self defence. - - self-defence.

Please, let go of my arm.

I don't know how else you could put it, but pack animal mentality.It was horrific.Suspicious from the start of it.

Please! You're breaking my arm.It was a horrible thing to watch.It was a night out that turned in to a nightmare for Darren Pont. A terrible case of mistaken identity and a patron wrongly identified by police. Darren was charged by police for what happened next. It's up to a court to decide if he assaulted the bouncers and refused to leave the pub.Having a quiet drink. Got asked by the bouncer to- a word outside. No problems, mate. Went outside with him.It's just after 10 o'clock. Darren leaves his mates and follows his security guards outside with no idea what is about to happen next.I was very suspicious and told the boys.His mates followed the bouncers outside. Darren was surrounded by about six bouncers.The bouncers wanted him to follow them out theback of the pub but he wants to stay where the cameras can see them. They accuse him oaf being a trouble-maker who was busted of hooning thin car park. Darren tells them they've got the wrong guy but claims he's happy to go anyway. It's here the night turns very violent and two very different stories emerge. The bouncers say Darren refused to go and had to be forcibly removed. Darren claims he was the one who was brutally attacked.Put his hands up and took a couple of steps back and that's when he was grabbed by both hands and pushed to the ground.They grabbed him. They put him in an elbow lock behind his back and pushed him to the floor. Seeing their mate in trouble, John grabs his phone and starts filming. Calm down.Why won't you let me up you (Bleep). Two on one.They let him go but seconds later a golf buggy carrying more security guards arrives in the car park and it's on again. Just out of range of the cameras. But again Darren's mate keeps filming.

Please. Please. Please. Please. (Bleep). Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.Standing around him.Please.Police later charge Darren with assault and refusing to leave but it's Darren who is left with two dislocated shoulders, stretched tendons and bite marks along his side. The bouncers show their injuries and an alleged bite mark on one guard's forearm. Darren's lawyer is outraged. He claims his client has been beaten up while the bouncers have little more than a graze.It's not consistants with teeth marks. I'm not an expert but there are three distint marks. Unless he had serrated teeth on his upper gums, those marks counts have been caused by teeth.Now they're waiting for the magistrate's decision next month.He's at the pub with his mates and coaxed out of the hotel by a bouncer who had a bone to pick with him and it was all mistaken identity.It's put me off drinking. I haven't drank since that day and haven't gone out. It's put me off, off going anywhere, mate. Please. You're breaking my arm!If you have a story you'd like us to investigate, we'd like to hear from you. Send us an email or give us a call. Marrying for money or for a visa is illegal. Despite this, the fake wedding trade is booming in Australia. So we went undercover to bust it wide open.

You're watching an illegal marriage deal going down. An Australian visa scam racket in action in hour suburbs.

I'm the bridal bait. This is a potential groom. Hell bent on getting past Australian immigration by marrying me.He just wants a visa.

And this is the low-life couple behind this lucrative scam.

Kwhuet these crooks don't know is every incriminating word they say, every photo of every potential husband they show us and every visa scam accomplice they introduce us to are all being caught and recorded on camera. How are my wedding plans going? The wedding plans you're arranging for me? Tonight we'll expose them for what they really are. You call yourself a wedding planner. Your wedding plans are illegal, aren't they?I don't know about that.Where do you find these foreign men you were going to set me up with and put a stop to men trying to get Australian residency illegally. You're paying women to marry Indian men.Who told you that crap?I have it all on camera?What camera?Both parties are committing a fraud and can be punished before the law.We know nothing about their background. We don't know what their intentions are to be here in Australia.And that's where the vulnerable and desperate young Australian women come in, who agree to be brides for money.He offered me $50,000. Africa faked romance for residency. He tried to steal my identification. Lured by the offers of quick cash, she says her life is now ruined.I was really greedy at the time. And that's what I've really realised. If the local police aren't interested and Department of Immigration is too hard to get through to, where do you go and how do you expose people like this? This woman helped us set up our elaborate sting.I was the wrong person to approach. I'm not morally bankrupt. So I don't believe in allowing people into our country the illegal way.Mark and Julie Jackson are our targets.

They wanted our meetings to take place at this fast food outlet in a southern Brisbane suburb. It's somewhere public and we always sat outside but that didn't stop them talking openly about the illegal visa marriage racket. It's right here where they told me how easy it is to break the law and fake romance to get a foreigner residency.

Thinking I was a university student, they were desperate to sign me up.

I was told everything would be organised and paid for. They'd even already selected my dress from a bridle -- bridal store and my future husband would buy me a nice ring. My role was easy. All I had to do was show up at a church on the day. How quickly does all this happen? In the second meeting, they show me a photo of a man they claim wants to be a potential husband.I think the description of pimp is not too tough.Radio host says the sham marriage industry is booming. It's not just happening out of India, it's happening out of China, places north of Beijing are notorious with immigration officials.You know what you're doing is illegal?No. I already spoke to the priest. It's all in the guidelines.Wedding planner Mark Jackson, if that's even his real name, was working as a traffic controller in Brisbane when we confronted him.It's not a sham marriage.They're not in love. He claimed he and his partner get up to $20,000 for each of these marriages. How much money do you get from these marriages?Nothing from them. Not a (Bleep) thing. That can't be true. Why would you do it.Why do I do it? I don't get a cent from it.For richer or poorer, Mark Jackson's wedding planning days are over.There's nothing in it, mate I'm just telling ya -Immigration Department will be happy.Let them see them. Honestly, let them see them.What you're doing is illegal. Don't you understand that? And we have made contact with the Immigration Department and intend tew cyst them in their investigations. We'd like to have your say on that story. Head to our Facebook page or send us a tweet. The controversial boss of the Crystal Carwash Cap ai chain. He's faced allegations that his mainly foreign workers have been underpaid. Tonight we have reports authorities are closing in on the carwash king. Good to see you again. How would you describe him as a person?He's not human. He's a money hunger. He's cruel. He's dodgy.We're very glad to see these people are prosecuted. It's not a moment too soon.Have you taken the rap for someone else here? Was this your fault? How are you, mate? For years we've been chasing him. Can we have a chat. We've wanted to talk to him about allegations that workers at his Crystal Carwash outlet are being mistreated and underpaid. Why are you running, Anthony? Want to talk to you about your staff. Tonight - a major development in this story. We can exclusively reveal the Fair Work Ombudsman has launch adprosecution against the man himself, for allegedly underpaying more than 350 migrant workers at his car washes. Let's go back to when we first broke this story in September 2010. What job did you do here at the car wash?One of the guys in the red shirt, doing the shimmy, -- chamois, washing the cars.They claim they were ripped off when they worked at this Crystal Carwash.I really liked it at the beginning. But we weren't to ask any questions.The Fair Work Ombudsman launched an investigation and eventually charged the general manager of another at Kingsford in Sydney. What do you say to all those workers you ripped off? Today he was being sentenced in the Federal Magistrates Court after admitting to underpaying 62 migrant workers $99,646. Was it you who ripped them off or was someone else responsible? He told the court he's responsible but the Ombudsman now alleges that Anthony not only new car wash workers were being underpaid, but he was the mastermind involved in an elaborate scheme designed to rip off vulnerable migrant workers. The ombudsman alleges a series of companies were set up to rip off these workers. They say the real employer was Crystal Car Wash and the man responsible was Anthony. For the wages, they will decide to pay this person that much, that person that much.Sammy has made similar allegations. The 26-year- old international student from Lebanon says he worked in the Crystal Car Wash head office and claims Anthony knowingly underpaid staff and refused them some of their entitlements.If he's not happy, Anthony, if he's not happy, he will say, "No. Don't pay him." He would instruct the accountents, the bookkeepers to not pay?Yes. Certain entitlements.To the person who requested that holiday pay. Every worker doing their job should be paid the appropriate rate. There is no excuse for not paying workers what they deserve and what the law requires the employer to pay them. Mark says Crystal Car Wash should feel the full force of the law. It's got to be stamped out. These sort of employers, once they get a bad track record, they shouldn't be allowed back in to any industry. He's dodgy. He should be stopped. And the Fair Work Ombudsman says if their prosecution is successful, they'll be seeking an order for all those workers to be backpaid what they are owed. The brand new skimming dwoiss compromising ATM security in a matter of seconds. They are almost undetectable but here is how to spot them.Your card will go in there and you see the black stripe and it's a tiny reader in here. You can see it around the back. That does all the damage. It's the small invention that's causing huge problems for Australian shoppers, robbing them of hundreds of millions of dollars. This is the easiest card skimming they've ever done, with everything built in to one.They'll travel in various parts of Australia.A new international crime syndicate is here and it's been caught on camera, fitting the most advanced card skimmers this country has seen, what was previously thought to be tamper-proof machines.These people are likely to still be in Australia. I'd expect they travel here from overseas destinations. They normally come in for a couple of weeks and then fly out.Here is how the latest devices work. The duplicate card reader is placed on top of the existing one on an ATM and it's almost indwisable. As soon as your card goes in, it steals your personal information in an instants. Card number, expiry date and your name. On top of the reader is a tiny pin hole camera that films you entering your pin. All this data is stored on memory chips in the devices. Criminals are then able to come and download it all to a laptop at their leisure. These are probably the most sophisticated we've seen in some time. They're at the cutting edge of technology.You can guarantee the skimmers will be one or two steps ahead. Criminals are investing money into research and development and they're finding new technology, making it smaller and easier for them.It's a small investment for the return they yield. They get their money back very, very quickly.Brian Hayes with Queensland Police and is the man responsible for investigating these latest card skimming devices. He believes the criminals responsible would be well aware now is the time Australians have their credit cards out the most and it's the time to strike.We're embarking on the greatest retail shopping period of the year. They're targeting their ATMs.There were nearly a million instances of card skimming in Australia, robbing consumers of almost $200 million. Break that down and we're losing more than half a million a day. Statistics show the majority of that is handing it over to overseas crime syndicates.. We've had Bulgarians, Russians, Romanians, operators out of Canada.They're becoming cheaper to acquire and easier.Kol is the head of the NSW Fraud Squad and has this advice to avoid having your card skimmed. They should be covering the han that's entering the PIN number in. The camera is usually situated from above. And even if their card is skimmed, the data is useless to a criminal without the PIN.Police say the other way to ensure your personal information isn't stolen is to ask your bank for one of these chip-only cards. They're pretty much impossible to duplicate, especially compared to the old magnetic stripe system.It will continue to be an issue kwhiels we're a countries that relies -- whilst we're a country that relies on this kind of card. It will mean all those crooks out there will have less targets to hit and Australia unfortunately is one of those targets.If you think an ATM has been compromised, you should certainly contact the machine's provider and the police. After the break - we take you on a tour inside the stunning new cruise liners setting up home here. There's no other ship like this in Australia.

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Tonight sees the arival of one of the largest luxury cruise liners ever to grace our shores. From the outside it's impressive. Wait till you see inside.

There's no other ship like this in Australia. This is the biggest, most modern, most innovative ship ever to visit Australia.It's really taking off. By 2014, there's going to be over a million Australians going on a cruise.What a beauty. The 'Voyager of the Seas' is claiming the crown of Pacific cruising with her docking in Sydney tonight. Over a thousand of the very lucky will be boarding this weekend for a holiday that's truly world class.The biggest cruise ship ever to be based in Australia. She takes about 5,000 passengers and crew. She's arriving tonight from a cruise from Perth. She's making her maiden arrival in to Sydney tonight. She will be based here for the next five months. About 35,000 people will cruise on her the next couple of months.Who really cares where she's going when the ship itself becomes the unforgettable destination? And what 'Voyager of the Seas' has on board is also the reason many have booked their passage with her. 142,000 tonnes. She has 15 decks, vast prom nad spaces and 4-storey high interior atriums that are longer than football fields. That's inside. To make it easier to get around, there are a dozen elevators. Then there's the restaurants, bars on many decks, shopping centres, three pools, casino, even an ice rink.Up on the top deck, we- a sports complex and we- a rock climbing wall. There's a basketball court. Inline skating track and a mini golf course.There's a crew of nearly 1200 catering for up to 3,100 fussy passengers in 300 separate cabins, most with ocean views. You'll never be alone unless you choose to be and in this sort of luxury, that's a pleasure. But 'Voyager of the Seas' is just the start of a super luxury liner invasion of Australia, as she enters another beauty, another will be leaving. The shipping schedules are full. It will be February which will see the peak of our season. Something like 40 ships within 29 days last year. It's big numbers and it's not going to stop.Michael is unashamedly fanatical about cruise holidays. That works in well with his job.I guess the big appeal is you unpack one and you're on holidays. They're like giant floating hotels.The spin-off for the Aussie economy is huge. Some of these large ships can spend a million dollars a day once they're in port. Not only are they buying souvenirs and shopping, but there's all the staff as well. Even those ships will have many wealthy passengers who will pay up to $2,500 a day each. It will also carry many more at a budget $100 per person per night. That's bang for your holiday buck.It's one of the biggest, fastest growing parts of the holiday market.Does look impressive. Our website has more information on those cruises. Pick pockets swiping everything from phones to purses.

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