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(generated from captions) We reached a top of 21 after a very windy start
to the day with gale-force winds
gusting up to 85km/h at Kurnell. The cool winds
kept temperatures as much as 7
below average across the suburbs. Severe thunderstorms could strike
north-east New South Wales tonight with hail and damaging winds
possible. That trough will also trigger storms
across Queensland, where 4cm hail was reported
west of Brisbane today. Tomorrow, warmer winds will start up
across New South Wales. Around the nation - partly cloudy
in Hobart. Warm in Adelaide
and Perth.

Tonight will be fine but cloudy.
We will drop down to 15. A partly cloudy day tomorrow
and a top of 23 degrees. It will be cooler tonight
in the west with cloud lingering
along the coast tomorrow. 22 degrees
at Bondi. Richmond
and Penrith heading for a top
of 26 tomorrow. The weekend is looking good with a little bit of cloud
on Saturday. And a top of 28 on Sunday. Staying warm on Monday. Then a few showers next week.

And that's Seven News
for this Thursday.

And that's Seven News
for this Thursday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - the brave Tourettes boy
facing his fears at school after radical surgery. That's next.

After radical surgery,
he's heading back to school? Also, how money and mateship
doesn't mix when you're friends
with the millionaire car king. I stood up to him. I made the mistake of standing up
to the great man himself. Plus, inside the labs
testing brand products and generics. How do they compare? And the Aussie going Gangnam,
taking his music to Asia.

Good evening. Welcome to the show. Tonight we start with Liam's story,
the boy with Tourette syndrome. So misunderstood,
he couldn't make friends and so desperate
to lead a normal life, he underwent radical brain surgery. Bravery comes in many forms but you'd be hard pressed
to find anyone with more courage than this 15-year-old. Now comes another test
of that courage as he returns to school. Laura Sparkes has more. Definitely,
more friends, I think, will come. I definitely think
more friends will come to me. This is amazing.
I can't wait to go back into school. He's extremely brave.
We're so proud of him. Going to school
has never been something Liam Cook looked forward to before. Now, at long last, free of his debilitating
and embarrassing condition, this 15-year-old
is putting all that behind him. This is the final chapter
to his remarkable transformation. He's been through a lot,
so he deserves the best. I never realised how bad it was. This is the first time
he's walked in since his operation. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) You're isolated.
I am totally isolated. It's terrible - the looks you get,
the imitations you get. The...just the bullying you get. It's hard enough
just being a teenager, but then imagine
having to deal with this. I have two friends at the moment,
max, and that's it But he wasn't only
scarred emotionally. They're calloused.
Yeah, calloused. And very numb. The result of four years
with Tourette syndrome - a neurological disorder
he prayed would simply disappear. Instead, it got progressively worse. I'm doing this

because I'm going down the path
that no kid wants to go down. He can't go on like this, can he?
No, no, not at all.

What would it be like
not to have it? You have no idea.
It would change my life completely. finally led him here
to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for deep-brain stimulation. During the 8-hour operation, neurosurgeon
Professor Richard Bittar inserts two electrodes
into Liam's brain. They're powered by wires
running down the neck into a battery pack in Liam's chest
sitting just under the skin. Something abnormal happens
in the brain with Tourettes and this is one area of the brain
where the abnormality occurs. So, if we can get in there, if we can get some electricity
in there, if we can change the pattern
of activity that's going on, we can improve Tourettes
in most cases. We haven't seen Liam
since he was in hospital so we're just going to
pay him a visit and see how he's going
a couple of weeks on. Hello? And you can give me a cuddle
without ticcing? I know.

No hitting of the chest. It's done tremendous things. It's done things such as sleeping - I can sleep better now,
I can go to school. I'm not hitting myself
or making vocal tics. I can just do everything. I can go to the movies.
I can go anywhere I want, really. Liam, your knuckles.
I know. They're all good. No bruises.

No-one wants their child
to go through an operation and to come out
as good as what he's come out is more than what
we could ever have hoped for. It's the little things
that Liam's now celebrating. Look. I'm holding a glass cup. And you're not spilling it.
Well done. So, Liam, what's it like
to walk down the street now? It's so good not to be stared at
and not be looked at. It's a great feeling. But his greatest hurdle is going back
to his performing arts high school to face the kids
who never really understood. I don't think they realised
how bad I was. But now I'm so glad to be back. This is Liam's music class. They're so excited to see him - you've got to remember he hasn't
been here for most of the year. This is the first time
he's walked in since his operation. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) GIRL: Are you OK? Oh, my God! BOY: How are you, man? Oh, it was so good. The relief and joy
and nervousness just all went away when I saw my friends.

I was just as happy as can be. I don't think anyone knew how bad
it was until we actually saw it. No more tics?
Yeah. No more tics, I don't think. (ALL CHEER) No-one knew
because Liam was medicated. That made him
sleepy and unproductive and caused serious side effects. I'm just really happy for you. For everyone, Liam's experience
is helping change others. I've got two electrodes in my head
and it ran down through here and you can actually
feel the wires here. It's really weird. And then it goes down
to a battery pack here which is just sitting under my skin. (SINGS)
# Play that funky music loud! # From now on, Liam's future is bright
with endless possibilities. # Lay down and boogie # And play that funky music
till you die. # Tourettes is behind me,
everything is behind me. It's just a new life. And Liam has a very big heart. Tomorrow he starts volunteer work at a centre
for special-needs adults. Now to the car yard king, his mate and a battle
that ended up in the courts. When a deal went pear shaped, the millionaire wasn't prepared
to wear the cost and pursued his pensioner friend,
who couldn't afford to pay. Adam Marshall reports on a stoush that proves money and mateship
don't mix. We've had six years of hell. They've lost almost everything. And you've dragged them
through the courts. He's the car king. You've got a car empire. Do you know
what you're talking about? We just want to be left alone. And he's the pensioner
and former mate who is at risk
of losing everything he owns. How much more money do you want,
Mr von Bibra? ADVERTISEMENT: Look at these superb
1988 Nissan Vectra sedans. Warren von Bibra built a
multimillion-dollar car sales empire over 50 years. G'day. I'm 'Slasher' von Bibra. He's known for his television stunts
and squeaky-clean image. This is a movie that's gone bad. Allan Lambie
has a very different perspective. He claims he took over the running of von Bibra's
cheap second-hand car yard to help out a mate. He approached me to come run
one of his car yards in Queensland that was making a loss. He says he turned things around
in just 2.5 months.

I said, "Look, I'll do that "on the agreement that you give me
half the profit." There is no partnership involved. He says he turned things around
in just 2.5 months. The business started making money

although Allan insists
he never saw a cent of any profit. but back home, in Tasmania, his own car yard
was struggling without him. He decided to return and that's when his relationship
with his old friend, Mr von Bibra, turned sour. And I stood up to him. I made the mistake of standing up
to the great man himself and hang the phone up on him
and said to shove it. But it was pointless. Allan's business went under
and he was forced onto welfare. All he had left was his home, where he lives with his wife,
daughter and disabled granddaughter. And then it got worse. The millionaire car man
shut down the used car yard and chased Allan for the losses, launching legal action against him. We were frightened because of
the power that the man has and, since then, he's sent me bills. In a Statement of Claim
presented to the court, Von Bibra Motors was suing Allan
for $57,000, plus interest, claiming they were partners. That was Allan's share
of $30,000 in trading losses plus $84,000 in loss on stock. Allan maintains
he was just a manager with a profit-sharing agreement. All this stuff here
is all the bills, wages, everything. Von Bibra Motors,
Von Bibra Motors, Von Bibra Motors. He wouldn't let me put anything
in my name. How much money are you worth? Are you comfortable sleeping
in your mansion knowing that you've sent
this pensioner basically to the brink of bankrupt? But before it got to the judge,
the case settled. There's a confidentiality agreement
signed and that's what it is. So I'm sorry.
That's...that's as simple as that. But Allan's lawyer would say this. We feel that it's a win
for the little man. We've taken on the big guns and, uh,
the little man has a chance. While the settlement is confidential we understand
Allan hasn't had to sell his home and will be able to continue caring
for his granddaughter. I don't hold any malice against him.
I respect the man immensely. I feel sorry for him, I really do.

Rising prices
on just about everything are making more shoppers reach for
the supermarket's cheaper generic or own-brand products to save money. Their sales have jumped
by 85% in the past five years. But are you sacrificing quality
for the sake of savings? Helen Wellings
has been investigating. I was really surprised
with these results. Brand-name basic white sliced bread
is $3.29. Equivalent Coles Smart Buy and Woolworths Homebrand
white sliced loaf - $1. Own-label peanut butter at $2.10
against the big brand at $4.50 - more than double the price. But is more expensive richer,
nutritionally? We've got the Select,
we've got the cheapest generics and we have the brand name. Yes.
What do you think? You're going to look at it,
taste it, tell us about the texture and your overall opinion
of the product. Both Coles and Woolworths employ
nutritionists and dieticians but say their most valuable judges
are consumers - ordinary shoppers - who taste-test
the supermarkets' own-label products to see if they're fit
for the shelves. And if it doesn't live up
to the customer expectations, we start again. Woolworths Matt Cole says as well as texture, smell
and aftertaste, testers in their sensory kitchen are also looking
for health benefits. Customers don't want
additional salts, sugars and fats that are unnecessary. We compared a range
of supermarket own-brand basics with the premium-brand equivalents to find out how different,
or similar, they are - which ones come up trumps
in the nutritional stakes. I'd be going the Homebrand. Nutritionist Teresa Boyce
analysed the nutritional contents. First, plain white bread. $1 supermarket own brands
versus the well-known, at more than three times the price. Well, when it comes to
saturated fat, sugar and salt, there is no difference between them. White bread isn't
the best type of bread to eat so, if you are going to choose
white bread, I would definitely go for the bread that's got the highest amount
of fibre. The basic white generic at $1
and brand name at $3.29 have the same low 2.7g
per 100g of fibre. High-fibre loaves,
like the Woolworths one at $2.49, have 6g of fibre - more than double. Tomato sauces?

All tomato sauce
are very high in salt and they've very high in sugar. If you're looking at tomato sauce, the first thing I'd look at
is the sugar content. Fountain, with 28g,
is almost one-third sugar - 6 teaspoons per 100g. Coles, lowest sugar - 20g -
and almost half the price. Per 100ml, with the Fountain,
there's about 6 teaspoons of sugar and it's about one full teaspoon
more than the others. Lower-income families
spend 40% of their supermarket bill on budget choices

but cheap can be a smart choice. Jam? I'd have to say the Woolworths Homebrand
is the best of the bunch. It's got the lowest amount of sugar,
lowest amount of salt. And, at 50 cents cheaper
than the brand product, Woolworth Select has the most
generous amount of fruit - 55% - compared with Coles' 30%. Peanut butter? This time, Coles Smart Buy
comes up trumps with the most peanuts - 91% -
lowest sugar and sodium. But in Sultana Bran,
the brand name wins for nutrition. The Coles has about
10g more sugar per 100g opposed to the Kellogg's. Kellogg's costs $1 more but it is best
for lowest sugar, sodium and fat. So, the yoghurts? There's not much difference
between the two. There's about half a teaspoon
less sugar in the Ski per 100g. The difference between brands
and own labels in the rest, not much.

But most of the supermarkets'
own labels are far cheaper. These are all processed foods and, across the board,
there's not a significant difference when you're comparing the soups,
the mushrooms, or the noodles or the cheese for that matter. then you may as well go
for something that's the cheapest. As we enter the busiest time
of the year for retailers, customers are being urged
to be fully aware of what they can
and can't take back. The fact is not every purchase can boomerang its way
back to every store, even with receipts. So, what are your rights? Lynda Kinkade finds out.

There was a day you could return any
product in its original condition at any time to Myer,
no questions asked. Now the clock's ticking. You'll have just 30 days
after purchase to get a refund. Myer's general manager
of corporate affairs, Jo Lynch, defends the move. All we've done recently is clarify what is a reasonable time frame
for someone to return a product. Since 2007, you've needed a receipt. Now the policy has been tightened
even further. The bulk of our returns
were already within 30 days so it just gave our team members,
particularly, as well as our customers, clarity around that. We have a very customer friendly
returns policy at David Jones. You can shop with confidence. Competitor David Jones is sticking
with the golden-age-old policy returns at any time after purchase - as long as the product
is in its original condition and you have the receipt. Aaron Faraguna, general manager
of store operations at David Jones, is proud of their offering. We also treat our returns
as an opportunity to interact with our customers, rather than a cost to the business. There are a range of
retail return policies in Australia. Some offer returns up to 30 days. Some won't let you return something
at all if it's just because
you've changed your mind. Boomerang buys, or unwanted gifts,
most commonly occur after Christmas. Consumer Law Action Centre's
Dan Simpson says you should know your rights
as a customer. Consumers need to remember that
if a product is faulty or damaged, if it doesn't do
what it's meant to do, they have a legal right to a refund. If they just change their mind, they're not necessarily going to get
their money back. Customers shopping at Cotton On
have 14 days to make their return with a receipt. Online purchases can't be returned. Kmart give customers with receipt
28 days - same online. Target has no time restriction. IKEA will accept returns
within 90 days as long as the product
is not assembled. Just Jeans,
with 21 days of purchase. Sportsgirl, within just 14 days
of purchase. Personal items, underwear, swimwear,
perishable items or opened products typically cannot be returned. Myer has extended its 30-day
time frame for Christmas gifts bought now until December. You can return
right up until the end January. What have you bought today? guy Just some Christmas presents.

You've got 30 days to return things and if you haven't made up your mind
within that time, well, are you ever really
going to make up your mind? There's a lot of different stores and just as many different policies
on returns. You'll find all the information
on our website.

After the break, the incredible
story of Harry Harding. The Australian uni student
turned Asian heartthrob. (SINGS)

The Brisbane boy whose homemade
videos are a mega hit in China is next.

SONG: # Let's do the hop... #
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chilli-coated patty,

McDonald's new
Scorcher Peri-Peri is pretty hot. Get yours today.

If you ask me, I think the chicken that
we had tonight was even tastier. But I'm probably a bit biased because we've
grown the oil. VOICEOVER: Enjoy 10 pieces
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Welcome back. We all know how Korean performer PSY
took the world by storm with one hit song
and a catchy video. Well, an unknown Australian singer
is also doing it Gangnam style, but in reverse. Here, he's known as Harry. But in China, he's 'Hazza'
and he has millions of fans. Adam Marshall has more. # Oppan Gangnam style #

PSY may be the guy from the east
taking the west by storm. (SINGS IN MANDARIN TO THE TUNE OF
'FRIDAY' BY REBECCA BLACK) Now meet the guy
from the western suburbs taking Asia by storm. and I want to figure out
when I'm going to wake up from it. China is in the grip of Hazza mania thanks to this music clip
posted online. (SINGS)

and things like that.

In Australia,
he's just Harry Harding - a university student from Ipswich,
west of Brisbane. He's living a double life. He is. He's a rock star. But he's my son here in Aussie. Just a dag, like the rest of us. A dag whose videos have had
over 10 million hits in China and growing fast.

It's led to a recording contract
and his own TV show. It's a pleasure to have
two such talented artists here to share country music
with China. I feel like an impostor. Like, I do all these things and then I go home and I watch them
on TV or on the computer and I just think, "Was that me?" This is where it all started
for Harry - singing Chinese pop songs
at a karaoke bar in Sunnybank, Brisbane's Asian hub. (SINGS IN MANDARIN)

He was studying Mandarin
at university at the time. I thought, you know,
"Chinese class is a bit boring," just because
I'm not good at studying. But I went to karaoke
with my friends one day and I sang a song and they were like, "You should go on 'Chinese Idol'
or something like that." (SINGS)

Hen hao.

Instead, he bought a microphone
and made his own videos, uploading them to Youku - the Chinese version of YouTube. From there, his star began to rise. One of my videos that I put up got,
like, over a million hits in a week. Before he knew it, he was invited
to appear on a chat show. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too. You made it here,
all the way to China. Finally. I still haven't really acknowledged
that I'm doing what I'm doing. Now he hosts the show
and lives in Guangzhou. Only occasionally does he get home
to the family farm. Are you going to get noticed here? Probably not. I mean, I have a few times. So, what's next? Harry's just released
his first original song, 'Let Go'. (SINGS)

I'm going to go back to China
and promote my song and, you know, hopefully,
who knows that will happen?

And Hazza has been voted
most popular internet celebrity at an awards ceremony in Beijing. Still ahead, the alarming results
as we test mobile phones. Hand to mouth -
it's a mobile germ fest. They're probably dirtier
than your toilet water. The microscopic nasties
lurking as you're talking.

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the dangerous levels of bacteria
on mobile phones. The shock results
from our exclusive scientific tests. Can we test John mobile-phone and see

see how much bacteria is on it? What I bays?This could be quite dirty.Gems do not discriminate adore. If they lack a phone they will live there.I claim my phone every day. Tony Benn that for me?

After sports training,
he was getting picked on. I stuck up for him.
Worst decision of my life. Do you ever stop
talking about yourself? I tell you,
Winston knows how to party. How'd you get him to go
when I went to bed? By turning off the lights
and going upstairs. The guy is a hint-free zone. Good morning, tigers. He wants to throw me a bucks' night.
Should I be worried? I should be worried. I'm concerned about Lisa Flemming. Um, she's not answering my phone
calls or responding to my messages. I tell you what - I'll drive
by the house, check it out. Have you spoken to VJ yet? No. And I wouldn't tell you if I had. Hey, what are you doing here? Oh, g'day, John. Hop inside, Jett.

Get off the property. Mate, we were just having a chat.
And now you're leaving. If I see you hanging around Jett
or anyone else in this family, you'll regret it.

Still no word from VJ? Nup. OK, well, come on. Are you ready?


No, I do not.

OK, are you ready? Uh, do I have to go? VJ just got back to me. Oh. Is he alright? Well, can I stay and find out? Oh, mate, I really don't like the
idea of you being here by yourself. I'll be fine.
I won't open the door to anyone. (SIGHS)
OK, well, keep it locked, will you? I will. And if you go anywhere at all,
you call me and you tell me, OK? No, look at me.
Jett, I'm serious about this. I'm worried about that guy
coming back. He won't. Not after you
scared him off yesterday. Alright, OK. Tell VJ I said hi, will you? And eat something, will you?
Anything. I will. I will.

Dad? Dad?

I can have a better conversation
with this salt shaker. Oh. Sorry. Sorry, darling. Why are you being a space cadet
this morning?

I've just got a lot on my mind,
that's all. Are you thinking about Lisa? Mmm. Well, have you heard from her? (SIGHS) Uh, no, I haven't.
And she checked out of the hotel. She hasn't even been to work
for a few days. Well, she could be really busy
at another hospital. Have you tried calling her? Of course I have. I even spoke to the police. They went around to her old house
and she's not there, either. Probably doesn't mean anything. I'm just surprised she hasn't
called me. It's not like her. Well, she's probably
just really embarrassed about the whole Neil thing
and just left town for a few days. Just give her time.
I'm sure she'll call you.

Banger! (LAUGHS) I come bearing gifts. A hamper for the most
gorgeous lady in the Bay. Mwah! Aw! Thank you, Winston. And some bubbly
for the bubbly bride-to-be. It's very expensive so,
you know, don't waste it on him. Aww. How do you do?
Winston Markman, best man. Yeah, g'day.
This is my dad, Alf Stewart. Uh, I've heard a lot about you. I'm surprised you've got any grip
left after all those text messages. Oh, so you did get them? Good, good! So what do you think?
About what, mate? About everything. The travel
arrangements, the clothes. Let us not forget the bucks' night. (CHUCKLES)