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(generated from captions) played well. He drives so well. I love watching him play that shot. The play is as good as anyone. It is not always easy to come in after a big partnership. Figures to me well. He put together a partnership of 231 with his captain. Australia won the ascendancy. Still in good form. 441. Two wickets to Jacques Kallis and two to Morne Morkel. What a good day for the South Africans. -- not a good day. It is time... Found this up Wales and Victoria de los -- viewers are staying with us. That is good to hear.

His clerk getting their first? It is one hit. He does clear the rope. Over colour, berries fora them. 198 for Clarke.That is a beauty. That is an off-drive. He has made good use of his feet. He eased it past the short mid-off.

Batting does not come any easier than it will right now for Michael Clarke. He's piecing together innings after innings. He is on the verge of creating history. He will be the only man in a category's still watching every ball.Waiting for the loose one. Still two balls left and is over.Waiting longer than he expected.

He is but one, one of only. Now we need a full toss. The race is still on.What about a no-ball.

This is the last ball of the 81st over.People think we are dictating the game appeared. It goes quickly. Just a single to finish the over. A quick reminder of what happened today. Australia won the toss and batted. Ed Cowan was the first man out. That seems like an age ago. One for 43 became two for 44. Then Ponting was undone by a good ball from Jacques Kallis. Slipped and fell. Then Dave Warner, after a brilliant 119 was caught. It became a thought for 210. Now we have fought for 400 and so -- forwarded and 47. Mike Hussey is on strike.

They have brought some women. Rory Kleinveldt was way too deep.Just a single. That will put Clarke on strike. A big cheer from the Adelaide crowd.

He made 300 at the SCG, 200 hearer the Adelaide Oval and 200 in the last Test match. At that stage he joined Brabham and Ponting as the only man with three scores of over 200 and the Colombia. He is one run away from his own piece of history. The fieldsmen come in to try keeping on strike. He works his. That will do it. Michael Clarke goes into the history books. Four scores of 200 or more in a Test match in 2012. Everyone is right for the on their feet. -- rightfully.

A special moment for Michael Clarke. NSW and Victoria will leave us for the news.A great response by the Adelaide people. All was one, up they go. Now Mike Hussey is under which! -- on to it. He joins his captain on triple figures. Two great moments in two deliveries. Back-to- back. These Australian batting line-up wants to be number one. It is an Australian onslaught.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - gunfire rocks three Sydney suburbs. One target - the home of a notorious businessman. How to spot the new high-tech card skimmers popping up on Sydney ATMs. Why plans to change our major road names have been put on hold. For the first time, a Taronga Zoo keeper explains how a young elephant crushed her. And the unstoppable captain Clarke's magical knock in Adelaide.

Good evening. Sydney has been rattled by three separate shooting attacks in just a matter of hours. A man was gunned down in his car at Guildford West. While shots were fired in to a home at Bella Vista. Then gun crime reached the exclusive suburb of Bellevue Hill. The target was once an advisor to Alan Bond. Shattered windows, bullet marks, the gunman's calling card. On the receiving en, controversial, colourful and now certainly rattled businessman Jim Burns.IalicA bit shaken?Shooting at you will do that.During the night, gunfire rang out in the most unlikely of neighbourhoods. Bellevue Hill, opposite exclusive Scott's College. After five shots hitting the family home. One bullet passing through a bedroom where one of his three children were sleeping. Family is OK?Family is fine.As police scoured the street, the tiny clues, the big question - where do they begin? The businessman has a chequered past. Are you spraized you were targeted? He spent three hours talking to police.All avenues will be carried out and exhausted.He has spent time in jail for supplying heroin, was convicted of bashing a bikie and trashing a solicitor's office with a baseball bat. He's a bankrupt but lately he's been calling himself an insolvency expert. He's desperate to protect his family from someone with a grudge. This was clearly a close call. Frplgt certainly. Police have called it a -- Certainly. Police have called it a cowardly attack. His wife and two of his schoolage children have not been seen at the house. Thedruma caps off a very violent night in Sydney. There were two other shootings, obviously not linked to this one in the city's west and north-west. One of them ended in bloodshed.He escaped the ambush with bullet wounds to the leg, remarkable luck police say after a gunman blasted away at the flun- year-old who just pulled up at his -- 31-year-old who just pulled up at his Guildford home.He said he didn't know who did it.The car was firebombed in merrylands. The explosions woke neighbours and left few clues.It hits home now this has happened across the road. Considering what's happened over the last 18 months, it's quite a worry.Locals say the victim shares the home with his parents and the street is usually quiet.What we do know is he does have associates with organised crime.They began chasing the car but lost it after a couple of streets. The third shooting happened here at Bella Vista. A gunman crept up and fired a single shot through the front window. Five people were home. Police done believe any of the attacks are linked.What is clear to us is there are clear motivations behind these incidents. They're targeted incidents.Up to 130 workers look set to lose their jobs in the city's west after PNP announced the closure of its plant at Chullora. The company is shutting next year due to falling demand for telephone books. New highly sophisticated skimming devices have hit Sydney ATMs. They're designed to fit over the top of tamper-proof card readers. Tiny pin hole cameras record customers entering their PIN while simultaneously taking data from the card. Where have these skimmers been found?So far the devices have been found in Bondi and North Sydney. Police say they could easily be attached to any cash machine, just like this one here at Epping.Usually we'll find the busier ATMs to be more vulnerable. Particularly ones that aren't near a bpbg or premises. -- bank or premises.Regularly check your monthly statements to see if you have missing money. If you suspect you've seen a skimming device, call your bank and contact police and be sure to cover the key pad when you're entering your PIN, so they won't get your details. An ambitious and expensive plan to change some of Sydney's most familiar street names has hit a pot hole. The project is being delayed because of safety concerns. They were meant to start getting their new homes within weeks at a cost of $20 million. The Hume Highway becomes the M31. The Southern Freeway the M1 Princes Motorway. The F3 - M1 Pacific Motorway. There was real concern the changes would cause confusion. The chief executive of the Roads and Maritime Services wrote:

$20 million wasted on new signs and maps and now the Government admits that emergency services could be impacted on getting to life- threatening situations.The Roads Minister admits there's a problem. We're going to delay day one until we are absolutely certain we've got it right. We actually delayed the release of the new signage for four months while we looked at possible concerns in that area.Exactly what the Government is doing to try and minimise road confusion isn't clear but sensibly they won't be bringing in the new signs until well after the bushfire season. The signs will be rolled out by the middle of next year. Quiet for quiet - that's how Israel is describing the ceasefire with Hamas to end more than a week of bloodshed. Our correspondent is in Gaza City. Both sides have stepped back from the brink.It's quiet at the moment and has been for about 12 hours now. Everyone in this region knows that could change any moment. The details of the deal are still quite vague but essentially it means the rockets on both sides of the border have to stop. In the hours leading up to that ceasefire deal, it involved some of the heaviest fighting yet. Terror returned to Tel Aviv. A bus bombed on the streets. Casualties, innocent people. A stark reminder of what's at stake if this new ceasefire doesn't hold.This is a rare hopeful moment in this dispute. As Hillary Clinton nudged the peace deal over the line in the final hours of -- line, in the final hours of war, this raily bombardment only intensified. This is all that's left. Across from our hotel, fierce rounds of artillery fire pummelled suspected Hamas targets. Pieces of shrapnel sprayed everywhere. The onslaught went well in to the night. There were times people wondered if a truce would ever come. Schools in Gaza turned in to refugee camps after families were evacuated from their homes. There are many schools around Gaza just like this one where FM Eales are doing the same thing. They're riding out the conflict until they can go home. Here we met a man whose daughters and their children, a family of 25 staying here together. He told us just as Israeli people have a right to live in peace, so do Palestinians. After eight days of fighting and more than 160 dead, finally something to celebrate. The question everyone is asking - how long can it last? Taronga Zoo keeper Lucy Melo has opened up about what caused the elephant to attack. She suffered near-fatal injuries. Today we've finally learnt just how close Lucy Melo came to death five weeks ago when thelfant -- the elephant turned on her. She was in training with him when his normally placid nature changed.

Lucy's heart stopped beating for five minutes as she was rushed to hospital with critical injuries. She stayed there for almost two weeks. There was an enormous outpouring of public support for the 40-year-old keeper. The well- wishers, cards, flowers, gifts from friends and family:

Lucy's new resting at home with her dog but what she really wants to do is to get back here and renew her friendships with her big pals, the elephants. As if Christmas shopping isn't hard enough, today a warning to keep a close eye on store return policies. Myer has changed its rules and it means you may be rejected if you try to return an unwanted present. Change your mind, change your goods, it's been the phantom policy for our big -- standard policy for our retailers until now. Myer has tightened its rules, giving you 30 days to refund or exchange your goods.It was unclear for our team members and customers.It doesn't change the rule that says faulty goods can be returned any time. If you change your mind, retailers' policies are all over the place. Some have no time restriction butia do need a receipt. The Iconic gives you 100 days. Myer is now 30 days.

Some small retailers still within the law don't allow any change of heart.There are no rules around change of mind.Today is 32 days before Christmas, so a person you want to give a gift to who wants to change it might not get back to the store until the New Year, 40 days away. A retailer like Myer could technically reject that return.By the time they've received the present, it's too late for them to take it back.Myer is giving a special extension just for Christmas.If they purchase anything between now and the end of December, the gift receipt or the original receipt gives them the opportunities to return until the end of January.The largest cruise liner ever to be based in Sydney has just arrived in the Harbour. These are live pictures. 'Voyager of the Seas' features a multistorey shopping arcade, several shops and restaurants and has its own ice skating rink. It will be docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal until Sunday. Stay with us - a Warwick Farm nuejage want -- News - - newsagent fights back after being robbed twice in a week. Spice Girl Mel This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC) Christmas is coming and there's no better festive dessert than pavlova topped
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Fed up with thieves targeting his shop, a Warwick Farm newsagent has fought off a robber. What you're watching is a battler pushed to the edge. And finally fighting back. The flash of a knife from the crook in the blue hoody only makes the man angrier, as he uses a chair to belt him back. How big was the knife?Like this.Three days earlier his wife's sister was the target. Watch as the man pulls out a machete. Two weeks later, both robbers are still on the run.I feel very angry about it because I work really hard to earn money. Astonishingly, they've been hit half a dozen times in eight years. They're not the only ones who are suffering. Every shopowner on this strip is on edge, worried they could be the next target. The barber next door says the constants crime is bad for business. Scaring customers away from the Hume Highway shopping strip. But he's ready to take matters in to his own hands.If they are coming to fight me, I will fight them.The benefit of mammograms is being questioned following a landmark study in the US. Researchers looked at screenings over the past 30 yours and found they've only had a small impact on death rates. Women are also being overdiagnosed with one third of tumours not requiring treatment.It looks like screening is diagnosing a whole new fraction of patients, patients who would otherwise never be sick from their disease.The official advice for Australian women is to have a mammogram every two years. Spice Girl Mel B has successfully extended an apprehended violence order against Jamie Fawcett. It doesn't include Mel B's husband anymore.. There's been no breach of the law in relation to my activities. I'm a professional photographer. Jamie Fawcett is not allowed within five metres of the singer. Time for sport now with Ken. What a day in the cricket.The hundreds and the heartbreak on a dramatic day at the Adelaide Oval. The contract that drove Quade Cooper out of rugby. We have the figures. And why this is the goal from God.After a cool day, temperatures are set to hit This program is not captioned. (CRUNCH!)

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Michael Clarke has written himself in to cricket's history books, achieving something even the world's greatest haven't been able to manage. With the help of centuries from David Warner and Mike Hussey, he's rescued Australia's innings. Clarke becoming the only person in history to make four double centuries in a calendar year. Under pressure, David Warner turned up full of aggression.

David Warner turned up full of
aggression.It takes a bit of courage.An ugly departure from Cowan, and Quiney soon followed. Edged and taken.Then this sad sight. Ponting on his hands and knees. Australia 3/55.They've knocked him over.Warner's natural flair shot him past 50 within the first hour. Luckily, Clarke was wearing his. As he again tried to clean up the mess left boy a failed top order. After doing most of the damage, South African all-rounder Kallis went lame before lunch. It was a game-changer. Warner celebrating after facing just 93 balls.An excellent 100.When he departed, the confident captain flew toward another test milestone. There it is.His 21st test 100. Already blunted, South Africa's attack lost whatever aggression they had left when Steyn limped off. Clarke making the world's best team look average.He works it. That will do it.Hussey also in the mood to punish the Proteas.He joins his captain.Live now to Roz Kelly. What a day of contrast from a captain and a former

What a day of contrast from a
captain and a former captain? Clarke is in the form of his life. Ponting could not afford that failure. He is being judged by every single innings, despite the fact he was the top performer coming in to this series. Speaking to some of the greats of the game today, you can probably hear all the cheering for Clarke walking off at the moment, but some of the greats say Ponting should be proud enough to retire before he is dropped but if he doesn't score runs, he will be lucky to survive after this series, Ken.Thank you. Reports that Quade Cooper was offered a substantial contracts by the ARU have -- contract by the ARU has angered him. What was the real deal?Well, those claims were made today. I have seen Quade Cooper's contract offer. There was a 0 upfront payment from the ARU to Quade Cooper. He did have the chance to earn $13,000 per test, as does every single Wallaby player and earn $100,000 bonus, he had to play in 60% of test matches next season as the starting Wallaby five-eighth.Breaking news in rugby league also?The shoulder charge controversy will continue. The Players Association want to meet with the NRL. The draw will be released tomorrow. The Rabbitohs will play the Roosters in the season opener. And the Bulldogs and the Storm will be Round 3. The Tigers versus the team they're calling the Tiger Sharks in round 9. This has lit up the soccer world, with Phillippe Mexes's spectacular effort drawing comparisons to Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal against England a week ago. The buss of AC Milan is already calling for Mexes to get a Sainthood.And for your pronunciations in that story too.

Thank you, Pete. After a cool day, summary weather is on the way. hou
tonight. Next on WIN News... Will th
household water bills go up, under Exerci
the Murray Darling Basin Plan? combatin
Exercise not food the key to p
combating childhood obesity. And, a t
police car, rammed in a pursuit.All the details next.

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