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Five out of five. They were all paying attention then. Final round of
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Correct. True or false? The Australian king parrot is only
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False. A famous Italian traveller
and merchant was Marco WHO? Polo.
Correct, Luke. Which is closer in distance
to Adelaide - Port Lincoln or Mount Isa? Port Lincoln.
Correct. What is 98 - 36?

Correct. What is the past tense
of the verb 'feed'?

Correct. True or false? Scientific studies indicate that octopuses have the ability
to remember.

Outside the buzzer.
Doesn't matter. True. What a fantastic game! 270 - Curl Curl North - has got them third position,
but boy, it's close.

280 - Hornsby South - second,
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This program is captioned live. More arrests over the murder
of Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey. Alan Bond's former financial advisor
targeted in a shooting. Violence erupts during
schoolies week on the Gold Coast. And a low-flying thrill
as the military puts on a show. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Mark Ferguson. Good afternoon. First to breaking news,
and police have made more arrests over the death of Victorian woman
Sarah Cafferkey. Let's go to Brendan Donohoe at St Kilda Road
police headquarters. Brendan, what can you tell us?

Mark, it is a murder that has shocked Melburnians. At about midday, two men were arrested at a house in Tarneit in Melbourne's west. Homicide detectives arrested two men and brought them back it to police headquarters on St Kilda Road. They are busy being questioned about whether there were accessories to Stephen James Hunter, he was being charged over the stabbing of murder and disappeared of Sarah cavity, the 22-year-old from Bacchus Marsh. It is alleged by police that she was stabbed in Bacchus Marsh, and the body was moved to Point Cook. The body was found in a wheelie bin. One of the men being questioned is believed to have been renting a house in Point Cook. He is obviously a person of interest when it comes to where the body ended up. Also tonight, in Point Cook, concerned residents will hold a candlelight vigil in honour of the young woman.

Thanks, Brendan. And Brendan will have
the latest developments in Melbourne's Seven News at 6:00. The home of Alan Bond's
former financial advisor has been targeted
in a drive-by shooting. At least two shots were fired
into the luxury house in one of Sydney's
most exclusive suburbs, Seven's Sean Berry has more.

Mark, a leafy street in one of Sydney's most exclusive suburbs rang out with gunshots at around midnight last night. At least three bullets hit the Bellevue Hill home behind me, or one of them crashing through a glass window. It was not until six hours later that the owners realised one of the bullets had just missed their sleeping child. Blease hit the street in numbers this morning, in reaction to what really is a rare crime in this area. -- police.

This is a cowardly,
disgusting attack on a family who were sleeping
at the time.

The house belongs to Jim Burns, a former associate of slain businessman Michael McGurk. He spent much of the day at a local police station, giving a statement to police officers. They dropped him off home here a short while ago, and he looked quite shaken.

In accordance with the requests
by the police, I've been asked not to make
any statement whatsoever whilst they've got
an ongoing investigation but thank you for your concern. And there was also shot in

And there was also shot in the lake outside his killed the West home at 10pm, and one hour later it shots were fired into a home at Bella Vista.

Violence has spoiled schoolies
celebrations on the Gold Coast, with several brawls
breaking out last night. Our cameras captured
a number of fights involving teenage boys and girls. 20 schoolies were charged
with 26 offences, including public nuisance. Organisers say
they had anticipated bigger crowds following a quiet night
the previous evening. We expected that and, again,
we knew that was going to happen and the security presence
and everything is a little bit tighter tonight. Police also arrested
36 older revellers for being drunk in a public place
and for drug offences. Tens of thousands of Victorians
have been affected by a communications blackout after fire tore through
a Telstra exchange. The blaze has badly damaged
cables and equipment inside the building at Warrnambool,
in the state's south-west. Services to mobile and home phones
have been cut as well as ATMs, EFTPOS facilities
and even emergency services. It's certainly going to be
a number of days before we get full services
back in operation. Telstra says landlines
and internet services will most likely
be the last to be restored. Israel and Hamas are being urged
to maintain peace after both sides
agreed to a ceasefire. The truce put a halt
to eight deadly days of air strikes and rocket attacks. Seven's Adrian Brown is in Gaza. After a day of intense fighting, the intense diplomacy
finally won the day. At a news conference in Cairo, the US Secretary of State,
Hillary Clinton, who has been on a lightning visit
to the region, was joined by
her Egyptian counterpart, to say that both Israel and Hamas
have finally agreed to a ceasefire. And this is what she had to say. The people of this region
deserve the chance to be free from fear and violence and today's agreement
is a step in the right direction. As part of the agreement, Hamas has agreed
to stop firing rockets Israel says
it will relax the blockade of Gaza. This is a very contentious
issue here. On the streets of Gaza last night,
there was jubilation. Despite the death and destruction - there have been more than
160 deaths - 34 children, 11 women - there was a real sense that they had
pulled off a significant victory against Israel. They had proved that they could
strike at the heart of the Israeli heartland. In Tel Aviv today, there was a bombing on a bus
that injured 16 people and many thought that that was
going to derail the process to try to and reach the truce. Israel responded to that,
incidentally, with a ferocious barrage
in the afternoon. We witnessed some of that. It happened very close to our hotel, as the Israeli navy opened fire
on some suspected Hamas positions just 200m from our hotel. For the moment, the cycle
of violence has been broken. It remains to be seen
whether this truce can hold, because, in many ways,
it is just a tenuous truce. Hamas does not control
all the radical groups here in Gaza. And so it is going to be
a real test of its authority to see if it can do that. Australia has officially ended
its deployment in East Timor. marked the withdrawal
of Australian forces 13 years after
they began their mission. During that time, East Timor has achieved independence
and better security. Australia's servicemen and women
have given outstanding service working alongside the Timorese
and many other nations, helping to restore stability. The process of closing down
all bases won't be complete until April. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says Australia is under
a peaceful invasion as more asylum seekers
arrive on our shores. The latest boat interception comes
as a new rift emerges within Labor over the Gillard Government's
latest border protection policies. After three days overseas, Julia Gillard
is back in the country but leaving her ministers to defend the government's
new asylum seeker policies. We're not going to allow
people smugglers to determine Australia's
migration arrangements. We can't allow that. With Nauru and Manus Island unable to cope
with the record flow of arrivals, the government will reopen
the detention centre in Tasmania, send 300 more people
to the centre in Melbourne and allow thousands more to live in
society on limited bridging visas. You will not be getting work rights, you will not be getting
a great deal of money and you will get very limited
assistance with accommodation. Refugee advocates and some Labor MPs fear forcing them to survive
on less than $440 a fortnight will create a new underclass. This does seem to be, ah,
very, very harsh. Thousands of people
are going to be punished - the very people
that we're meant to be protecting. Not just an illogical
and an impractical policy, but cruel and inhumane. Putting them into poverty
is not an approach that I support. There's also concern within Labor about the government's plan
to lock up children offshore for five years and those issues will be raised
directly with the Prime Minister next week. The Opposition has its own concerns. If a country cannot control
who enters the country, it is, in a sense, exposed to
a form of peaceful invasion. Another boat carrying 39 people
was intercepted yesterday. There were spectacular
sights in the skies over South East Queensland
this morning as four of the country's
largest aircraft roared overhead. The military's newest planes
flew low over beaches and buildings to the delight of onlookers. As these giants made their way
across the sky... (ENGINE ROARS)

..onlookers below were poised,
cameras at the ready. At 53m in length
and a wingspan almost the same, the C-17 Globemasters
were hard to miss. Look, look up there.
There it is, look. Whoa! They can travel up to 800km/h,
but today, they went at half pace so everybody could get a good look. The four ship flypast
left from Amberley air base across central Brisbane before heading south
to the Gold Coast Very special. Pretty impressive.
Yeah, very impressive. The C-17s are the military's
newest acquisition capable of carrying helicopters,
tanks and even entire field hospitals. They've already helped out
during Japan's tsunami, the earthquake in Christchurch and Queensland's floods. But today,
they were just showing off. After the break - 'X Factor' judge Mel B
back in a Sydney court. Also, the extraordinary price paid
for this Victorian beach box. And Oscar winner Kate Winslet
given a new honour from the Queen.

The Taronga Zoo keeper
who was crushed by an elephant has now written a letter
describing how the attack happened. Lucy Melo says she sensed 2-year-old Pathi Harn
was about to challenge her when she was giving him
his daily bath. The juvenile elephant
raised his trunk and pinned Lucy
against a metal bollard. The trunk on her chest meant Lucy couldn't breathe
or tell him to stop. Lucy says the elephant, known
as 'Mr Shuffles' when he was born, was fine afterwards. She's looking forward to
getting back and working with him. The Gillard Government's unveiled
its final plan to save the Murray-Darling basin. $10 billion will be spent
over the next seven years on better infrastructure,
environmental projects and water buy backs. It's been a century in the waiting but the ink is now on the page,
the law is now in place and the Murray-Darling basin
will be restored to health. You have to actually provide
what the river needs and that's not happening
with this plan. The plan guarantees
less than 3,000 gigalitres of water for the river - well short of the 4,000 gigalitres
demanded by scientists. A paparazzo has been ordered to stay
at least 5m away from former Spice Girl Mel B for at least another five months. 'The X Factor' judge was
back in a Sydney court this morning as part of her legal battle
with the photographer. Jodie Speers was there. Mark, both sides of this battle
came here to Waverley Court this morning. Both Mel B, the former Spice Girl, and also the paparazzo,
Jamie Fawcett, who she is taking on. Although he did not stick around
for the actual proceedings. Mel B took out an AVO
against Fawcett after an incident on the Harbour
last month where she claims that he made waves
in his boat while she was kayaking. She claims that she felt threatened
and intimidated by him and he also allegedly threatened
to kill her husband, although he denies
all of these claims. The order was continued in court
this morning, meaning that Fawcett is banned
from going within 5m of Mel B and from loitering
within 50m of her. It was varied to apply
only to her now, not her and her husband. There was no word from Mel B
as she left court, but Jamie Fawcett
did have a few things to say. He told us that the case
has had some effect on the way he does his business. Yes, it obviously makes
it more difficult to do my job, but, in the circumstances,
5m is workable for me. with the current arrangement but this case will still be
back before the courts next April for a hearing. A beach box without power
or running water has sold for a record $275,000
in Victoria. The one-room holiday shack
sits on the Mornington Peninsula, 83km south of Melbourne. A mystery buyer snapped it up
before the box went to auction. To be able to own and relax
in one of these iconic buildings.

Despite the prime
beachfront position, the price tag doesn't include
the land beneath the box. The Queen has honoured
actress Kate Winslet with a prestigious award. The Oscar winner was named a Commander of the Most Excellent
Order of the British Empire for her services to drama. Her Majesty asked the 37-year-old
if she enjoyed her job. And I told her that I loved it but not as much as I loved
being a mother and she said, "Well, yes,
that is the only job" and I thought that was
really, really touching. Kate says she was both surprised
and humbled to receive the CBE. Next in Seven's 4:30 News -
a check on the day's finance. Also, the food companies
now targeting your children through smartphone apps. And a new contender
for goal of the year. COMMENTATOR:
Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Hungry Jack's and Chupa Chups
have been shamed for advertising junk food to kids
via apps on their smartphones. At the annual Parents' Jury awards
in Sydney, the burger chain and lolly brand
took out the Digital Ninja prize. Thousands of mums and dads
across the country voted on the best and worst ads
targeting their children. It influences
their food preferences, it influences the food
they pester their parents for, it influences their diet and, ultimately, that's going to
influence their health. Kellogg's was singled out
for the third year for its LCM lunchbox ads. Nutritionists say the snack should
be a treat, not an everyday staple. Time to check
the financial markets. The ASX 200 closed 44 points higher on expectations
China's manufacturing sector could be expanding.

A little known basketballer
has created world headlines for shattering the record
for the most number of points in a US college game. He scored 138 points -
that's a shot every 20 seconds. Even the game's biggest stars
are in awe. Jack Taylor's shots weren't fancy -
just frequent. In a 40-minute game, the sophomore point guard
from Division III Grinnell College scored an NCAA record - 138 points. I can't really put it in words.
I mean, I was just in the zone. Taylor took the equivalent
of one shot every 20 seconds. Compare that to
the late Wilt Chamberlain, who shot every 46 seconds when he set the NBA record
of 100 points in 1962. I hit 7 or 8 threes in a row, and that is when I knew
something special was starting. Unlike the 7ft Chamberlain, the 5ft 10 the Taylor score
mostly by pulling up jump shots, over one and sometimes three guys. There is some backlash
about ball hogging but Grinnell coaches
are defending Taylor. I'm trying to manage my team,
I am concerned about the opponent, I am not here to embarrass anybody. NBA players praised
the record-breaking performance. For the record, the Grinnell Pioneers won the game
179-104 but she'll have to forgive the folks
that remember one number, and that's 138.

Sport with Jim Wilson shortly but, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines. Hello there.

Hello .. Defence Minister Stephen
Smith has flagged the Defence Minister Stephen
Smith has flagged the possibility .. of the Australian
Defence Force coming into the scope of the Royal Commission
into child abuse. But the Australia Defence Association says
it's NOT necessary to do so. In July .. the Prime Minister
announced a report of a review into more than a thousand sexual
and physical abuse allegations from people in the ADF. ANU researchers say the
final Murray Darling Basin plan .. released today .. doesn't do
enough to flush salt out of plan .. released today .. doesn't do
enough to flush salt out of our river systems. Brumbies Chief Officer
Andrew Fagan's hit back at complaints from Griffith
locals .. they haven't done a property flood hazard study in
their plan to build a hundred and 34 residential units
at their headquarters site. A 30 year old Kambah man'll
stay behind bars till he fronts court in a fortnight ..
charged with smashing his car into a police car
after a pursuit at Bruce. And about 40 people were
evacuated at the University of Canberra this afternoon ..
after a worker ruptured a gas pipe.

Michael Clarke's stunning year
has continued

with another magnificent century on day one of the second test
against South Africa in Adelaide. Fast bowler Vernon Philander was
a late withdrawal for South Africa while Jacques Kallis suffered
a hamstring injury but not before he snared Cowan
for 10. Then Ricky Ponting,

whose struggle against
quality bowling continued, lasting just three balls. But there was no stopping Warner, who smashed his way out
of a mini form slump to a century. Clarke followed suit
as his brilliant year rolled on. COMMENTATOR:
Bradman-like performance by the Australian captain. All the highlights
on Seven News at 6:00. Socceroo Brett Holman has been named
player of the year at the Australian Football Awards. Meanwhile, Manchester City's
out of the Champions League following a 1-1 draw
with Real Madrid. AC Milan's into the knockout stage
after a stylish win over Anderlecht. COMMENTATOR:
Oh, amazing! Absolute amazing! Philippe Mexes.

And Chelsea manager
Roberto Di Matteo has been sacked just six months
after guiding the club to FA Cup
and Champions League glory.

The nerves are building for Australia's best young AFL
footballers ahead of tonight's national draft
on the Gold Coast. Kevin Sheedy's
Greater Western Sydney Giants have the top three selections. But the veteran coach
also has an eye on next month's preseason draft and wants to recruit embattled
Crows forward Kurt Tippett. You're going to be playing
with a hell of a lot of good players and it's going to be
a damn good side in four years and he'll be just peaking by then. Adelaide coach Brenton Sanderson says the Crows
can still be a powerhouse despite facing heavy draft sanctions
over the salary cap scandal.

Danny Green has defied the pain
of broken ribs to regain his
IBO Cruiserweight title. Green scored a unanimous
points victory over rugged Kiwi Shane Cameron
last night. It was more like
a wrestling match at times but nothing was going
to stop the 'Green Machine' from claiming
his fourth world title. The 39-year-old is refusing
to rule out fighting on. The Australian Swim team's
dismal performance in London has claimed its first casualty, with chief executive Kevin Neil
resigning. More changes are expected as part of the review into our
worst Olympic swimming performance in over 30 years.

It is all about leadership. It is about empowering the swimmers and the coaches to work together and unite. It is about ensuring that they all have the respect of each other.

Neil says as boss
of Swimming Australia, the buck stopped with him. A bit

A bit more AFL news. Tyson Goldsack and Dale Thomas for Collingwood, a bit of ankle surgery for them. And how good was the skipper and Dave Warner?Very enjoyable, that.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. We've settled back in. Pretty much starting to
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Oh, well, that's good to hear. That's the main thing. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's just been
absolutely fantastic. Not a problem at all, Graeme.
It's our pleasure. Kept us with our heads
above water. Pardon that pun too. Yeah, yeah - that's good. Determined I'm gonna
catch up with you one day and look you in the eye
and thank you. Yeah, that'd be good.

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Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update. Showers and thunderstorms
are affecting pockets of South-East Queensland. In Sydney, it's a cool
and mainly sunny afternoon. In Melbourne, clear blue sky
and a cool southerly breeze.

in Adelaide,
perfect cricket weather. From the satellite,
this broad area of low pressure is driving scattered showers and
thunderstorms across the interior. And we can see
a line of thunderstorm activity stretching across Queensland. A severe thunderstorm is current
of this stormy weather. Tomorrow,
conditions are expected to warm up over the south-east corner
and South Australia. It's cooling down in the southwest. In Brisbane, chance of an
afternoon shower. Canberra,
sunny. Hobart, fine.

Melbourne, sunny. A hot one in
Adelaide, and dry. The Alice is
set to sizzle.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions
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