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You're watching the Today show right around this great country of ours. Thanks four your time this morning. Despite plenty of promises and tough talk, the Government's previved Pacific Solution has failed to stem the tide of boat people arriving on our shores. Thousands of asylum seekers will be released into the community because facilities in Nauru and Papua New Guinea are already full or near full. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy joins me now. Stephen, good morning to you.Good to be with you, Karl.Three headlines greeting you this morning - the SMH says the limbo solution is free, but not to work. The 'Daily Telegraph' says "asylum open door policy" and the 'Oz' says the solution is swamped. The model and your policy is now broken. Let's be clear. We're implementing the committee report on a no- disadvantage rule. We've already deported - we deported 100 people to Sri Lanka yesterday. We've beported -But hundreds have arrived.We're actively deporting them. We've started transfers to Manus Island and we've now stated and announced that if you come here and you're to be processed, there will be no advantage by coming here. So you will not be getting work rights. You lot not be getting a great deal of money and you will get very limited assistance with accommodation -The problem is - The message is very clear. But we'll always said we need the Malaysia solution as well which Tony Abbott will not vote for. So we've got a package. We're now implementing the report, which has bipartisan support. But we've also said we need to do more and Tony Abbott is blocking us.Well, 8,000 in the last three months alone. These facilities are fast filling up. You're talking about Nauru and Manus Island as well but they'll be at capacity in a short space of time. What are you going to do with these people? There is no solution that is stopping the people coming. No, there isn't.You sent 100 out yesterday but 100 arrived.We'll continue to deport those coming here who are not legitimate refugees. We're deporting them. 100 yesterday -But the same number if not more are arriving.We need the Malaysia solution as well. We've always said this. It's Tony Abbott that won't vote for T it's Tony Abbott that's refused to cooperate. We're continuing to ensure that we take people to Nauru. Take people to Manus I'll. We've now said there will be no work rights, limited accommodation and limited financial assistance for those that are here and they won't get to jump the queue.Can you understand why - just on that part of this new program - the people will be given $440 a fortnight, placed in the community - that some people in the community have a real problem with that.I can understand. Government wants to stem the flow. We want to break the people-smuggling model but we haven't got all the tools at the moment and the reason we haven't got all of the tools we need is because Tony Abbott has blocked in Parliament some of the necessary tools.On one hand, you're going to have people saying, "Hang on a second, $440 every fortnight is a lot of money for these people to be place understood the community when the checks and balances haven't been done." The other side will say this is inhumane and how long will people be in the community before they're process the. How long will that be? We've said - the no-disadvantage test is just because you get on a boat and come here, you don't get an advantage from it -But you've got -They would have been processed -You've got to know someone sitting over there, waiting in line to come to this country, seeing someone who came by boat being placed in the community, they're saying, "I want to go and do that and go to Australia. I'll be given $440 every fortnight to be part of the community." They're not going to into a detention centre. They're not going it be placed anywhere else. They're going into the community and given $440 a week - a fortnight.There is a suite of measures. They don't get work rights. There are 440 is not considered by anybody in this country, I think, a significantly, you know, generous amount of money. And they get to be potentially taken to Manus Island or Nauru at the discretion of the Government. So this is not -How long do they stay in the community for before they're processed?The question here is wanting to send a message. There is to be no disadvantage - But how long?As long as it would have taken them to be processed - Five years?As long as it would have taken them to be processed overseas and found somewhere. So you don't get an advantage by jumping on the boat and coming here. That's the message. We also need other tools to try and deal with this and Tony Abbott blocks them. The other side of the coin here is that Nauru and also Manus Island are being called inhumane and so no matter what way you look at this issue, you're stuffed, aren't you? No, look, we'll continue to have consistent policy. We'll continue to try and send the message that the people-smuggling operations need to be broken -We keep talking about this. We keep talking and the boats keep coming. It's not working. You must concede it's not working. Sure you might have other things you want to do that aren't happening for you but the policy as it stands right now is not working -We're deporting people -But they're still arriving.We'll take them back.But the message is not working. 8,000 in three months. The message is not working.400 have gone back since August 134 -But more than that arrived. We're going to talk our way around in circles. Let's move on quickly. Form he AWU official Ralph Blewitt has returned, and how, to Australia and apologised for his role in misappropriating money from a secret slush fund. Here's what he had to say yesterday. REPORTER: Does Julia Gillard still have questions to answer?Yes.What are those questions?No comment.Is your recollection clear about the Prime Minister's involvement?Yes. So Bill Shorten last night said the account was unauthorised and inappropriate and out of bounds when Julia set it up. You'd agree with that.Ralph Blewitt says he's party to this fraud. I mean the police tried to investigate this in 1995 and Ralph Blewitt would say nothing. So this was a fund that they, um, were involved with. They were running it. And now 15 years later, Ralph Blewitt's decided he wants to - he's not a witness to what went on. He's a participant. But the PM was involved in setting it up. This is an account that was unauthorised and inappropriate and out of bounds but she was involved in setting it up.She was a lawyer to her clients. She was a lawyer to - there's no argument about that. She said she set it up.So a lawyer, a lawyer, a lawyer sets up an account that was unauthorised, inappropriate and out of bounds - the words of Bill Shorten - how does that work?This was a fund that was set up to be a re-election fund for Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt -But as a lawyer -The fact that they then or - you know - But it's inappropriate and uet of pounds.Setting up an account at the request of your client is what your job was. She's giving legal advice on how to do it.It was bad legal advice because it was wrong. Into. The purpose that the fund was put to - Ralph Blewitt, a signatory to it, is responsible for. Unless Ralph Blewitt is going to claim the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister was using the money, then we've got a very serious credibility check. This blek has put up his hand in today's paper and said, "I am party to this fraud."You don't think she has a credibility issue -She was a lawyer who was working for her clients. She's made this very clear and she set the fund up. She was not responsible for how the money was used and one of the blokes who was has put up his hand to say he's sorry and he's come to give a statement to the police. This is a circus. We've got a bloke who is party to the fraud and he's the main accuser. This is a circus. Always good to see you fire up.