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tomorrow' s forecast now, A partly Coas
cloudy day expected on the South Moru
Coast, Bega, twenty-two degrees. nineteen
Moruya Heads expected to top Ba
nineteen . Eleven to twenty at The O
Bay. A high of twenty-one at Nowra. Braidwood
On the Southern Tablelands, Queanbey
Braidwood, nineteen degrees. h
Queanbeyan, a low of seven before a Twenty
high of twenty-three tomorrow. Twenty-o
Twenty-five degrees in Yass. th
Twenty-one the top in Goulburn. On Fr
the Snowies, Nineteen in Bombala,. re
Freezing tonight in Thredbo before Perisher,
reaching thirteen tomorrow.
Perisher, a high of sixteen degrees t
Cooma, twenty-one . In the Capital de
tomorrow, an expected twenty-three degrees. The UV index will be eleve fo
which is extreme. To the five day forecast, A beautiful weekend on th way, twenty-nine for Saturday and o
thirty-two on Sunday. Rain expected remaini
on Monday, temperatures still WI
remaining high though. And that' s I'
WIN News for this Wednesday Night.
I' m Danielle Post.....from everyon here, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Whether we first met 11-year-old Corey, he was a danger to himself -- when we first met 11-year-old Corey, he was a danger to himself and anyone who got in his way, usually his mum, Hollie. Tonight after a long separation, Corey comes home.We're at the airport. Very nervous.The journey begins that way.

The airport goodbyes are never easy. Especially when you're 11 years old and about to face the biggest battle of your young life. Six months ago, Corey was out of control. Unable to handle him, his mother, Hollie, gave him up to the Northern Territory's Brahminy camp for wayward kids.

Today, that brand new Corey is coming home to Mum. And farewelling the teachers who have become his second family.What are you coming back as?Mental.As Corey's mother awaits his return.Excited. Nervous. Annetious.The question remains - can Hollie forgive her violent son and how will he cope in the real world?The transition from coming from us to here is a difficult stage of the program.

If I don't give him what he wants, he threatens to choke me.When Hollie first came to A Current Affair in April, her life with Corey was a living hell.I will break that camera.

This is the road we're going down. What road is that? But when Alan Brahminy saw Corey's violent rages -I hate you, OK?He knew he was the one man who could help.

Handing over your child to complete strangers is a tough-love decision no parent should ever have to make. You've done the rights thing. I know it must be hard doing that. That was hard to watch.Corey has a massive journey.

Out here, deep in the Australian outback, the broken and shattered lives of young kids like Corey - You have to make your choice.Are put back together piece by piece.I was leading myself to death or overdosing on drugs.Alan Brahminy and his team have spent the last six months working with Corey. The decision he was ready to send home made just days ago.He fell down and cried.Corey is about to face his biggest hurdle yet - settling in to life back home.I'm really nervous.Well, the day has finally arrived. Corey has astonished everyone with his remarkable progress. The final leg of his journey will see us reunite him with his anxious mum who is waiting at home. With his Brahminy mentor by his side, Corey steps off the plane and back in to the real world. Wonderful to see you. In the car ride home, Corey's anxiety is building. For Mum Hollie, it's becoming unbearable.I can't wait to see you.I can't wait to see you. Finally, the wait is over.

I miss you so much.Look at you. How have you been?Good. How have you been?Really good.What's it like seeing your mum again, Corey? Very sad and emotional.While Corey has been away, his family has rebuilt the bedroom he tore apart in terrifying rages.That's really good, Mum. Thanks. I really appreciate it.The changes in Corey are astounding. Finally I've gut you both sitting down side by side. Corey, what have you learnt in the last six months?How to control anger management. Respect for women. Do you think it will be hard being back here at home now? What kind of pressures will you face and how will you cope with that?Mainly walk away. I don't want it on my life anymore. I realised I am a young boy.All of 11.Yep.And I understand you've come to quite like school?Yep. Jumped three grades while I was at Brahminy. What would you like to do with your future? Any ideas yet?I was looking in to being in the Army.I guess you've learnt quite a lot about the bush and things that might help a lot in the Army. No pets?No pets. Just one.What is it?A saugswater crocodile -- saltwater crocodile's tooth.This difficult transition from Brahminy to life back at home.We're quite confident you will be able to make better choices.Brahminy did change me. Before I went to Brahminy, all I really cared about was doing bad things and having a bad crowd and all of that. Now I'm just, I wanted to go do something better for my life and do better things.I'm so grateful. I'm so thankful. Brahminy saved him.He seems so much happier. We're pleased to report Hollie has said Corey has settled in well and is now a different child. We'd like to hear your thoughts on that story. Have your say on our Facebook page or via Twitter. It's been a year of the record jackpot and the home lotteries are following suit with the RSL offering a lucky winner three luxury homes.It's thult Christmas present for $5.It's coming up to that time of year again. A time when all charities need your support to help those in need. This Christmas, if you give the RSL just $5, then you could also get this in return. And not only do you win this apartment on the Gold Coast, you're also given a place in the middle of Brisbane, and then to top it off, you get your very own luxury pad overlooking Sydney. Winning all three properties for $5 is an amazing Christmas present some lucky person is going to win. There's no doubt about it. This property portfolio will set you up for life or consolidate your retirement. And tonight the experts give you their tips on how to maximise your chances of winning. More on that coming up. First, the RSL will take us through the prize home bonanza.Everyone knows the value of Sydney property. With a view like that, what could be better than winning this for Christmas.Valued well over $600,000, this Rosebery apartment has views of the city. The master bedroom also has its own luxury en suite. The Sydney property is all about location and lifestyle. Shops and restaurants nearby. You're four kilometres from the city and a short 15 minutes out to Bondi. The geld coast apartment is part of a new development, looking to cash in on infrastructure being built for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.It's a very livable design. It's two bedrooms, two bathrooms.As with all three apartments, the first 12 months worth of rates and buddy corporate fees are paid for you. Buy, keep, sell, rent, the options are all yours.How much would you get if you rented this house out? Per annum, over $30,000 in rental income. The most special part about this property is the amazing views of the bridge.Its location next to corporate offices means the rental income of over $40,000 a year. And that's not all.One of the best things about all three apartmentsis they come all fully furnished. Every from the stainless steel appliances, right the way through to the audio visual gear. The lounges and bed sheets, everything is included.If you do hold the winning ticket, you'll get a phone call that will change your life. Here is how the last winner found out.You are now $1.5 million richer.Oh, my God. I'm shaking right now. Please don't be lying to me.We thank you very much for your $50 ticket purchase. By doing so, you won another $85,000 in gold bullion.

It's only $5. You miss out on a coffee during the day. This place could be yours.All the profits from the competition go to helping our troops like Shaun. He suffered frost bite and nerve damage to his legs fighting in the Afghan mountains where the temperature dropped to minus 16. He struggles at times to stand or walk. As a consequence, he's struggling to find a job. The RSL is helping him change that.It's pretty stressful. Knowing it's never going to be the same as what it used to be. The RSL does help out a lot. It's really great to have their support.As well as helping out deserving diggers like Shaun, another bonus for this triple prize home winner is a $3,000 Flight Centre voucher. Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased on the RSL's website. Buy more than three wickets and you'll receive bonus entries. It's the RSL's big Christmas draw, but when can the winner move in.The winner can come and collect the keys and be in for Christmas Day.Is the Christmas tree included?Yes, and over $2,000 worth of presents ready for you for Christmas Day.Details of how you can purchase those tickets are on our website. Now to the latest development in the Robert Hughes case. Hughes has been granted an order of extradition to Australia from his currents home in London. The Federal Attorney- General's Department told us the former 'Hey Dad' star has been informed of the decision to send him back to Australia. Hughes was arrested in August for allegedly sexually assaulting five children between 1985 and 1990 and now has 14 days to appeal the order. At this stage, no appeal has been lodged, meaning he should be back in Australia by December 17. It's expected he will then be formally charged. Hughes's lawyer has previously said the 65-year-old intends to cooperate and defend the allegations which he vehemently denies. Now to the free voucher scam using some of our most trusted brand names to steal your personal information.It can happen to anybody.They do look real but so many of them are frauds.They're online scams.We're concerned our customers are being tricked and scammed and someone is using the Woolworths brand to do that.Fake gift voucher offers are doing the rounds via Facebook, email and online surveys. They use their logos and claim to be the real deal. They're after your personal information.It was a very genuine style process to qualify for this voucher. They asked you to like Woolworths. They asked you to make a comment about Woolworths.After seeing his friends recommend Woolworths vouchers on Facebook, Jason filled in a customer satisfaction survey with the belief he would receive a $400 voucher.It was legitimate. I didn't sense anything was untoward. It was only when I sent the details through did the page change. That's when I went, "This is absolutely wrong."Jason was directed to a website, asking for personal details like his driver's licence and even his bank account information.We certainly would not go and solicit those types of promotions and looking for personal information.Danny heads up the Woolworths's National Loss Prevention Team. It has the legitimate logo?Yes.Danny said they've had hundreds of customers approach them.If you think you may have provided your banking details, contact your financial institution immediately.That sort of information can be used to perpetrate ierbs D fraud to take out electricity accounts and other things in your name and write up debts in your name.The deputy chief of the ACCC.If you suddenly see one of these and it's unsolicited, go to the company's legitimate real website and check from them whether it's a real competition.If you smell there's a scam, walk away straight away.Our website will give you the latest information on how to avoid getting scammed. We're getting used to the pauszy of international retailers beating a path to our shores and the latest will give Freedom and IKEA some competition.You got it at Pottery Barn?Pottery Barn. I can't believe she hates Pottery Barn.It's become a household name here in the US. And it's about to hit Australia. With everything you need to make your house in to a home.I know I've shipped a lot of boxes home.Pottery Barn is on its way, from unique homewares to flash furniture and funky kitchen gadgets. What do you want people to feel when they walk in to a Pottery Barn store?We want them to feel welcome. We want to make it fun, easy, fast and affordable.Sandra is the president of Pottery Barn which will be opening its doors in Australia in March. She wants to make decorating your home a breeze. Is the idea that it's inspiring, homewares can be inspiring? Absolutely. It's inspiring and fun. Like luxury bed linen, unique glassware and an amazing array of Christmas decorations.You can time it to turn on and off any time during the day. We know Aussies love to decorate outside spaces. This will be fantastic.When you go in to our stores, hopefully you dream and think about what your home could be and thatperty you could throw.The brand has been an American staple since the 1950s. Laura believes they're a perfect fit for Australia.We think we can offer something really new and different and special to the Australian market.When Pottery Barn opens its Australian store, it will be its first company-owned store outside of North America but we're already valuable customers. Of 90 countries, Australia ranks in at number two for the company's online sales. It's not just Pottery Barn coming Down Under. Three other stores owned by the same company will open in the Bondi Junction complex. This is sold as having everything you need to become a master chef in your own home. Anyone who loves to cook, loves to entertain and loves to eat is our target audience.Anna is the creative director. She says the store is a foodie's paradise. Australians are used to a really good quality. I think it will work well.Offer agmore unique tump is a focus on innovative design and artisan furniture.I think Australians have been missing out. It's run by another Aussie export.. One of the things we work hard at is delivering great design at a great price. We're a value- orientsed brand. For the youngest in the house, there's Pottery Barn Kids. Who said children's toys had to be an eye sore.Woe think about what we build and sell here lasts. We create an environment that is all about the children. We put everything you could play with at children's level. Chairs that are their size.The brands focus on making sure it's an interactive experience, with in store book readings and cooking demonstrations. Here in San Francisco, the company's design team is always busy. 95% of the products are an exclusive creation. They're individually styled for each store's catalogue. More like a magazine than your average leaflet. But if you can't wait until March to see the stores with your own eyes, the company delivers to your door. Some of their favourites online Christmas buys - these glass ball ornaments which you can get monogramed. These personalised velvet stockings. How about a cocktail to get you in the mood? And while Sydney will be home to the first Australian Pottery Barn, don't think other States are missing out. The company is currently looking at opportunities to open more stores across the country.The response from the Aussies have been tremendous. We're so excited to come and meet everyone.Coming up - revenge of the nerd. The 'Beauty and the Geek' star sacked for appearing on TV. This program is not captioned. It's Jan's birthday. There's cake. Not now, Ryan. I'm texting
directions to a customer. But there's always time for cake! Oh, I celebrate, Ryan - each time I solve a problem
for a Telstra customer. Please take a break today.
Read a good book. Well, I've got two.
At least get some fresh air. (GROANS)


Call 1234.
Or, if you can't talk, text.

This program is not captioned.

Meteorologist Adam Marshall went on 'Beauty and the Geek' to battle for the girl of his dreams. His employer sacked him for it. That's when the fight began.I think I don't have a girlfriend because my weather work takes me to the far reaches of the country.Weather forecaster Adam Marshall's had more experience with barometers than babes.Have I ever kissed a girl? No.Adam was in training for his dream job, working at the Burrow of Meetiologist's Antarctic post, but he was pulled off the project without explanation.He went to his doctor, he was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder. Simply put, that's a normal reaction to unnormal events or irregular events. During his 3-month sick leave, Adam's sisters dobbed him in to appear on 'Beauty and the Geek' where daggy blokes appeared with gorgeous girls.I really like girls' names. They're all names of cyclones.Emma Ashton reckons it's a show with heart.Look, I've watched this show for a number of years.Adam's doctor thought a stint on a reality show might lift his temperature and his spirits. This experience meant a lot to me. Minal with some girls who perhaps I wouldn't usually mingle with.But Adam got the bullet when his bosses thought he shouldn't juggle sick leave with a stints on TV. Adam's lawyer -There's contrast between the cut and thrust of the workplace. There's a lot of pressures on it. These are trained professional people. In contrast to being in an environment which is very protected and supported, and they have psychologists on hand ready to assist the contestants.Some people would argue if you're not well enough to work, you're not well enough to cavort with beauties.I think the therapeutic benefits of attractive women are well and truly understood.The Bauro was ordered to give Adam his job -- Bureau was ordered to give Adam his job back. I don't think there's any doubt the law is directed towards employees and they get a much better hearing generally than the employer.Adam may have not won any hearts but he's back earning $75,000 a year. He didn't find love but his one true love is his work with the Bureau of Meteorology. It's still a love story at the end of the day. In a statement, the Burrow says it's discussing with Adam the details of his return to work as a weather bfrbger. After the break - our -- observer. After the brick - our undercover sting blows open a This program is not captioned. Because they light up our lives, here's something
to lighten up theirs. New My Dog Light has 20% less fat,
more quality, lean meat, and the same ultimate My Dog taste. And the best part is - they'll
never know My Dog Light is light.

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night degs a special undercover investigation -- - a special undercover investigation. Inside the marriage rack. The $5,000 fake romance to get residency. Our reporter goes undercover to marry a man she's never met.How are my wedding plans going?Watch how the illegal wedding is blown wide open.That special report tomorrow night. Thank you for your company. Goodnight. Supertext This program is not captioned. MICHAEL CATON: How much would you
pay for a Melbourne party pad? My heart is set on this 100%. A first-home buyer...
$350,000. ..goes up against a hired gun... 80.
AUCTIONEER: 80. Good bid. an auction shoot-out...
5. (SHRIEKS) ..for Tammy's tiny Melbourne flat.

And they built a big house. This is our home-theatre room. Now they're chasing a big price. Fingers crossed.
A suburb record for the area. But have they made a big mistake? So we're $50,000 short.

Hello. Welcome to Hot Property.
I'm Michael Caton. Now, wouldn't it be nice
if you bought a place and it came with a whole lot
of new friends thrown in, neighbours who'd become
your lifelong mates?

Hey, Tam.
Oh, hello. You're there. How you going?
Good. Do you think we have enough ice? We might need to get some more.
OK. I'll go get some. Tammy Cassidy lives
in a one-bedroom unit in West Brunswick in Melbourne. And while the motel-style block
may appear a little dull, things are a lot brighter
on the inside. (WOMEN CHEER) These are the neighbours -
a lively bunch and party people too. I've definitely made friendships
for life by moving here. Here you go, birthday girl.
Oh, thank you. One of the reasons
that everyone's so close is that all eight units were
renovated and came onto the market at the same time. We all pretty much
moved in together, so to speak, and since that first day,
friendships have blossomed. I hope you're not thinking, "There's
that bloody neighbour again." Old saying, I guess, that, you know, you can always pop into
your neighbour's for a cup of sugar has extended to all sorts of things. Hello. There's been beers and champagne,
shoes, handbags, lipsticks, dresses, clothes,
pretty much everything. Thanks. It really has been
like living at Melrose Place. ALL: (SING) # Happy birthday,
dear Janelle # Happy birthday to you. # We've had birthdays,
Halloween parties and we also celebrate Thanksgiving. I'd better get an invite
to all the birthdays once I'm gone. We usually start inside
and have a few drinks, and then by the end of the night, it's usually dancing
in the driveway. Depends on how many
of those we open. But all good parties
have to end sometime.

Now Tammy's decided
it's time she found a bigger place, so she's selling up and moving on. This is my favourite place -
the courtyard. I come out here often
and have drinks out here as well. But how do you market a place
that's so, uh...compact? I've actually got a bed that lifts
up that you can use for storage. The washing machine
is actually in the kitchen and people often mistake it
for the dishwasher and do try to clean up
and put the dishes in there, so that always gets
a bit of a laugh. Greg Cusack is the selling agent. So the advertisement's in place
for this Saturday? Hand it to Greg to sell, and a modest one-bedder suddenly
becomes something a little flashier. What we've got on today on show is a boutique apartment block,
designer finishes throughout. "Designer finishes throughout". Ample bench space, floor-to-ceiling
cupboards throughout, laundry facilities
inside the European area. "European area"?
Looks like a washing machine to me. And guess what?

Built-in robes fit for a king. King-size wardrobe, eh?
If you say so, Greg.

Now, if it's king-sized
you're after...

..try one of these palaces out in
the north-western Sydney suburb of Kellyville Ridge, where there's a smell of prosperity
in the air.