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(generated from captions) winds.

A return to average rainfall, for the first time in seven years tomorrow. There is a cool change on the way tonight. It is expected to arrive around midnight with a strong wind warning along the coast. Tomorrow will be dry and cloudy, cooler than today.

Amber, thank you. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening. From big-brot
mentoring. Tonight ... Is it
big-brother policing? Point to poin speeding
cameras, used for more than speeding. The funding cuts affectin W
thousands of cancer patients. And: He
Why Anthony Mundine was at Raiders Danie
Headquarters.Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. ACT Policing has bee spe
using images from point-to-point Att
speed cameras to solve crime. The w
Attorney-General says the scope was written into law before the cameras co
were introduced, but it' s sparked righ
concerns it' s a breach of human r
rights. The statistics show they' now
re working to reduce speed. It' s came
now been revealed point to point
cameras have another role. "Polic are able to request images from an beli
speed camera in the ACT if they t
believe it will be of assistance to crim
them in investigating some other has
criminal offence." ACT Policing Hindmar
has requested images from the sin
Hindmarsh Drive cameras six times cr
since February. Relating to nearby w
crimes including robberies. "This
was always envisaged to be used on s
rare number of occasions and that' Lib
s proven to be the case." Civil Liberties Australia believes the us Human
is a breach of privacy and the style
Human Rights Act. A big brother p
style intrusion. "The right to be priva
presumed innocent, the right to g
privacy means you should be able to
go about your business without bein under
interfered with, without being Tim
under government surveillance." w
Tim Vines also claims the community wasn' t made aware of the additiona ev
role the cameras would play. What evidence and level of suspicion the a
police need to request the photos - r
a major concern as well. "If you' going
re going to change what you' re th
going to do with that information, it
then you need to say up front what
it is you' re going to do with it." introduc
"When these cameras were a
introduced, they were introduced as how
a road safety measure and that' s community."
how they were sold to the community." Simon Corbell says he jurisdicti
s wrong. "In most other cont
jurisdictions there are no rules controlling access to images and th polic
images are freely available to ag
police and indeed other government agencies."

A third of the sacked workers at hav
collapsed company Douglas Joinery Develop
have been thrown a life line. h
Developers of the Aurora Apartments dir
have employed some of the workers re
directly to finish the job. "We'
re also working with some of Dougla thei
Joinery' s sub-contractors like w
their painters and so on and we' re working with them directly as well. some
Englobo Group has also helped joine
some workers find jobs at other org
joinery companies. "I think any in
organisations that find themselves
in our position, that has the optio tr
available to them, should look at as
trying to help the workers as much as possible." An administrator wa we
appointed to Douglas Joinery last will
week. It' s unlikely the company chemothe
will be saved. The cost of from
chemotherapy services could rise subsidi
from next month, with Federal
subsidies for a vital drug, slashed labell
The Coalition and Greens have get
labelled it an outrageous move to U
get the budget back into surplus. leng
Undergoing Chemotherapy can be a dra
lengthy emotional and financially serv
draining time, So reports cancer services could be cut nationwide, o be
costs passed on to patients - has w
been met with fury. "For patients a
who are receiving up to 4 infusions financi
a week they could be seeing a hundred
financial impact of up to one Fro
hundred dollars per treatment." Governme
From December 1, the Federal D
Government will slash subsidies for
Docetaxel by up to 70 per cent unde the Pharmaceuticals Benefit Scheme ov
The drug is used to treat breast, T
ovarian, prostrate and lung cancer. cl
The move would save the Government Priv
close to 40 million dollars. " c
Private hospitals provide sixty per ove
cent of all chemotherapy, that' s
over two hundred thousand patients year. Hospitals are telling me the ser
may need to stop providing those h
services." The Federal Government Healt
has hit back at the claims. The Health Minister Tanya Plibersek say for
it' s a case of freeing up funds O
for ' new drugs' on the market. " pat
Old drugs that are coming off the wh
patent that have been around for a because
while that we can get cheaper alternative
because there are generic th
alternatives and will pay less for in
them that way we got more money to Governmen
invest in new drugs." The t
Government says pharmacists will be change.
the only ones impacted by the wil
change. There is still concern it c
will flow on to patients or private i
clinics - pushing tens of thousands "Th
in to the public health sector. peri
"There will be increased waiting what
periods for cancer treatment and regi
what it also means the rural and
regional communities are going to b t
having to travel hours potentially hospital.
to reach the nearest public comm
hospital." +w The Government has deliv
committed to review the cost of pric
delivering chemo services if the prices are too high for patients.

Despite fury from residents abou the planned solar farm at Royalla wor
the ACT Government has announced work will begin on a second facilit next year. The environment ministe once
is confident anger will subside once locals see the detailed plans. The Capital region has been toute of
as an untapped market. Kilometres provi
of land - that could be a major provider for renewable energy. We ve got a whole lot of potential fo electri
solar power, wind power, and years
electric vehicles. Almost two commi
years to the day, the Territory to
committed to an ambitious target - m
to cut emissions by 40% by 2020 and tw
make the Capital carbon neutral by instrume
twenty-sixty. One of the key a
instruments - is the development of T
a twenty megawatt solar facility. t
That project' s on track. We expect
the project to commence constructio approv
pending of course appropriate Septe
approval, early next year. In confirmed
September the developer was comm
confirmed, the project now faces
community backlash. I think peopl pro
once they see the details of the proposal and they realised it' s no gene
polluting it makes no noise, it generates very little traffic and i exis
makes very little change to the wi
existing environmental that people n
will see that fixed solar is a good reve
neighbour. +w The Government has b
revealed stage two will be cemented anoth
by mid next year. It could be co
another 20 megawatt facility or it faciliti
could be a number of smaller wat
facilities that add up to 20 mega its
watts in total. +w CIT is playing f
its part - today holding the ACT' s cal
first renewable energy day. It' s gro
calling on industry and community th
groups to show what can be done in show
the home to reduce emissions and
showcase the latest research. In ou o
region alone - investment in solar
of technologies is worth around fiv m
and a half billion dollars. That a
means around 1800 construction jobs and around 900 permanent jobs.

To some breaking news: The ACT
Australian of the Year has just bee social
announced: The 2013 winner is Tom
social justice campaigner, Doctor l
Tom Calma. His award recognises his the
life-long dedication to improving Australians.
the rights of indigenous Australians. Agricultural scientist Senior
Dr Jim Peacock has been named AC
Senior Australian of the Year. The g
ACT' s Young Australian of the Year f
goes to Julie McKay, a 29-year-old, Lo
focussed on campaigning for women. Fran
Local Hero is Kulture Break CEO, award
Francis Owusu, who received the tu
award for his use of dance to help a
turn lives around. All will move on awards,
as finalists for the national ev
awards, announced on Australia Day Canberra
eve. The community sector in fu
Canberra needs a major increase in funding, to meet the growing demand me
for services. At an annual general up
meeting next week, ACTCOSS will be Government
upping the pressure on the As
Government to cough up the cash. cl
As the cost of living continues to he
climb - so too does the demand for o
help. "We thought it would steady improved,
off and as the economic has fin
improved, we thought people would thei
find more stable ways of keeping T
their house, keeping their job." +w Serv
The Australian Council of Social It
Services helps those most in need.
It' s found strict guidelines aroun t
government contracts are hampering ran
their efforts. "We enter into a government
range of partnerships with ti
government that end up having very it
tight rules around them that makes done
it harder for us to get our work flexibilit
done." ACTOSS needs more decisio
flexibility - to make its own be
decisions about where money should pe
be spent, case by case. "We have d
people coming to us with a range of i
demands and needs. One little thing
is perhaps all they need today whic could top the balance and make the future.
on their own two feet in the flexib
future. But we don' t have the that
flexibility to provide them with electi
that." In the lead up to the election, the council set out a lis an
of needs and wants. Less red tape more
and administrative burdens and a
more streamlined approach.The latte up
could prove difficult - the shake ans
up of portfolios means the sector ministers.
answers to three different Andre
ministers. The main go to man - community
Andrew Barr now looks after m
community services. "Ahead of the i
meeting on Monday, the new Minister facing
is busy nutting out the issues facing the sector. ACTCOSS is hopin bas
the fifteen per cent increase in to
base line funding, discussed prior considered."
to the election, will be considered."

Next on WIN News ... A love story va
out of Tidbinbilla, And, ... a new
vaccine for horses - to protect the Vi
and humans from the deadly Hendra Virus. This program is not captioned. wait
Virus. Horse owners will have to treat
wait in line for the vaccine to Releas
treat the deadly Hendra virus. t
Released nationally today, vets say appoin
there' s already a back-log of
appointments, even though it hasn' been subsided. A jab that' s bee nearly twenty years in the making. i
It may sound like a long time but establish
it took a long time to even b
establish what the virus was. The people
bat-born virus has killed four si
people and more than eighty horses Bris
since it was first identified in CSI
Brisbane in nineteen-ninety-four. num
CSIRO figures show a spike in the yea
number of cases in Australia last th
year. The OHS is huge given that
the fatalities so far have been ove w
15% mortality rate of those people of
who have had the disease and a lot vet
of those who have been working as T
vets or veterinarians hospital.
This is a nasty and it' s endemic i Austra
bat flying populations across launc
Australia. After a restricted Quee
launch in high risk areas across v
Queensland and New South Wales, the vaccine is now available nationally a
The vaccine is in its early days stressi
and that' s why we' re really hy
stressing protective gear and good protectiv
hygiene. We don' t know how point
protective this will be at this
point. But experiments have shown i those
to be fully protective against those horses challenged. Vets mus to
be accredited to give the vaccine which
to horses over four months old, two
which is delivered in a course of co
two injections. It' s estimated to a
cost between one-hundred-and-thirty pe
and two-hundred-and-twenty dollars list
per dose. We' ve got a waiting wan
list of clients, horse owners who Thi
want their horses vaccinated. o
This is a way of breaking the virus De
of the bats to horses to people. C
Developing the vaccine has cost the d
Commonwealth and States millions of Wa
dollars. Unfortunately New South t
Wales has not yet come through with the
their $3 million so we' re hoping they can do that.

Australians work some of the world,
longest hours in the developed
world, according to a new survey. W billio
also donate about seventy-two to
billion dollars in unpaid overtime mill
to employers, which is why three st
million said they felt continually res
stressed and anxious at work. The Institute
research from the Australia T
Institute coincides with Go Home On co
Time Day. Stress work claims now ye
cost Australia nearly $10 bilion a pers
year. That' s not to mention the breakdown
personal cost, relationship
breakdowns, social isolation. Hal the
of all employees interviewed say talki
they wouldn' t feel comfortable sensitive
talking to their boss about of
sensitive issues. We spend a lot s
of time ensuring our workplaces are re
safer, worksafe accidents which is done
really important but we haven' t hea
done much when it comes to mental
health. There are more apprentice i
in the Capital, than anywhere else mak
in country. The contribution they -
make to organisations is invaluable tonight
- Gabrielle Adams has more in t
tonight' s business report. It' s he
this skill and determination, that apprent
helped Sara Burke take out an apprentice' s highest accolade. I wit
recognises talent and excellence within the vocational education and apprenti
training sector, so not only voc
apprenticeships but also you know t
vocational trainees and things like yea
that. Sara finished school five di
years ago - and wasn' t sure which prepped
direction to go. She had been
prepped for university - but change cri
her route and it wasn' t without cam
criticism. My journey I suppose for
came from you know being put down uni
for taking a trade instead of the
university path. Her success now he
is undeniable. Sara has completed salon-
her apprenticeship at La Bimbi haird
salon- and is a fully qualified i
hairdresser. It didn' t come easy - Ap
it' s a tough industry to crack. bo
Apprentices are, they start at the bottom
bottom. They start at the very wa
bottom and they have to work their wor
way up slowly and it takes a hard appre
working person. The number of ov
apprentices in the ACT has doubled businesses
over the past decade. More potentia
businesses are realising the sta
potential of developing qualified Canberr
staff - and retaining them. places
Canberra is one of those great s
places where the economy is able to ap
support small businesses. A lot of bu
apprenticeships are built on small some
businesses +w There are concerns w
some markets aren' t harnessing the
wealth of skills available to them. Traditionally most employers woul electric
think about your trade your with
electricians, your plumbers, but with over 500 different industries t
lot of employers aren' t accessing those Australian apprenticeships in those areas. Others - are reaping m
the benefits. They can definitely worthwhile,
make a business much more of
worthwhile, they' re the extra set +w
of hands that everybody hopes for. +w

It' s been a long courtship for tw rare birds at Tidbinbilla. The pai sign
of Brolgas is showing the first a
signs of love according to rangers, after being introduced to each othe six months ago. A forward female hav
and a shy guy. Personalities that marriag
have clashed in this arranged domi
marriage. She' s certainly the intera
dominant one if you watch them May,
interact she takes control. In i
May, the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve twent
introduced two-year- old Meg to a
twenty-year-old Billy. It took some female
adjusting for Canberra' s sole flirting
female Brolga, who preferred
flirting with the wildlife officers reare
The problem was she was hand h
reared. She actually thought of human
herself being a little bit more Bi
human than bird. When we first put intere
Billy in with her she was more interested in spending time with th keepers. Dates were set up with tog
strict curfew. The pair now live
together quite comfortably. Althoug the
Billy spends much of his time at it
the back of the enclosure, perhaps T
it' s his version of men' s shed. f
They sometimes dance together, they litt
feed together. She' s probably a little bit too young to be producin eggs but not too far away we hope. Brol
Dancing is key. These stunning metres
Brolgas flap their wings, jump metres in the air and trumpet durin
courtship. Through some counsellin are
and encouragement, Meg and Billy d
are making progress. They have to obvio
do this to create that bond and they
obviously over time that' s when they would obviously breed. Meg i w
a little young to produce eggs but ag
when the time comes, Billy may yet again move down the pecking order. as
Brolgas in the ACT are classified sighti
as extinct, there was only two sightings of Brolgas this century.

Former Wallabies great Joe Roff is anti-dom
getting behind the, male-led
anti-domestic violence, White Ribbo campaign. He was joined by 80 DEEW depart
staff, making the pledge. The workpla
department has signed up to a violen
workplace program to stamp out violence against women. One in thre or
females have experienced physical em
or sexual abuse - the majority are spor
employed. Greg joins us now with br
sport. Thanks Danielle - after the Mundin
break, one-on-one with Anthony
Mundine, and why he' s at Raiders H This program is not captioned. spent
Anthony ' the man' Mundine has headqa
spent the afternoon at Raiders Davi
headqaurters, meeting with coach p
David Furner. He introduced a young
player, who' s been given a month o a-grade
pre-season training with the exclusi
a-grade squad. Win News spoke footba
exclusively with Mundine about football and his next fight. He' Mundi
the man on a mission - Anthony B
Mundine with coach David Furner and the
Blake Ferguson this afternoon. In r
the Capital - mentoring a promising about
rugby player. I spoke to Dave g
about him and asked him if he could a
give him a trial as far as training
and see where he' s at mentality. + Sim
Furner said yes - and now Robbie prove
Simpson Junior gets a chance to co
prove himself. With Mundine in his bo
corner, he' s sure to take it with putt
both hands. I love, especially direc
putting young boys in the right op
direction and try and get them the ti
opportunity. It' s not the first
time Mundine has spotted talent. He win
s the man behind current Raiders f
winger Reece Robinson - who got his Bronco
first chance with the Brisbane Benn
Broncos. I put him on to Wayne he
Bennett first of all, asked him if he could give him a go, you know, h kicked on from there and he' s com g
down here to Canberra and you know one-on-
going great guns. In a rare
one-on-one interview, before a majo fight, Mundine was happy to discus Ge
the looming show down with Daniel Ten
Geale, in Sydney on January 31. of
Ten weeks today and counting a lot peopl
of people right me off a lot of people written me off and I' m goin w
to prove why I' m the best and say fashio
why I' m the man. In typical talk
fashion - Mundine is talking the talk. I' m going to wipe the floo everybo
with him, I' m going to show level,
everybody that he' s not on my physica
level, you know, mentally and buil
physically. The fight is being Austra
built as one of the biggest in ru
Australian history, and the former p
rugby league player is hell bent on reall
proving his doubters wrong. I level
really feel I' m on a different
level and I' m going to show him wh the guru is that night.

Meanwhile, David Furner has raised
concerns, about the leagues decisio next
to ban the shoulder charge from how
next season. My main concern is understa
how to police it, you know I awa
understand a penalty can be given par
away if you use a shoulder on any conce
part of the body, now, why that f
concerns me, is because I look at a fullback there trying to save a try they' re going to put their body o the line. +y Meantime, the club ha wi
welcomed back Shaun Berrigan, who Play
will play on for another year.
Players enjoy playing with him, you ga
re talking about over two hundred t
game experience player, and we need that. The ACT Comets are seven out-rig
wickets away from securing an Leagu
out-right win, in their Futures Melbou
League clash with Victoria, in massi
Melbourne. The hosts were set a went
massive target, after the Comets went into bat again. Aaron Ayre mad
81. The Comets struck late with th ball, with Victoria struggling wit r
one day to play. Canberra' s repco successfu
rally team is celebrating a seco
successful year, after finishing Ral
second overall, in the Australian Patto
Rally Championship. Driver Mick Patton and co-driver Bernie Webb ar ne
already planning to go one better anot
next year. On cloud nine after another successful season behind th a
wheel. Over the moon, completely stil
and utterly over the moon, it' s
still something that I have to pinc myself every time I think about it th
Winning the Premier League, and Team
then finishing second outright - Team Repco exceeded expectations, i the Australian Rally championship. who
We' re only one of three people cham
who completed every stage in the championship, the other two guys wo both championships, I reakon we' r in good stead. The celebrating i tea
over - there' s no rest for this b
team - planning for next season has cha
begun. Lots of changes, for the
championship next year, we' re goin to the two wheel drive formate, we Rep
re currently in discussions with at
Repco our major sponsor um looking at what car we could potentially ru challenge
in. So it' ll be a new b
challenge for us to get up to speed but we' ve shown this year, nothing t
s impossible, so we' re just going a
to get our and do everything we can r
and bring it on. The team will be ro
racing in their own backyard, when stree
round one next season, hits the here
streets of Canberra. The roads fro
here are spectacular, the support o
from the public is huge, the number mine
of people we see coming over the then,
mine shaft is enormous. Until work
then, it' s endless hours in the workshop.

Former premiership winning Swans
player Amon Buchanan has signed wit fi
the Sydney Hills Eagles. Buchanan L
finished his career at the Brisbane we
Lions. At least two Canberra clubs s
were chasing his signature for next agains
season. The 30 year old played Manu
against the Queanbeyan Tigers at Championshi
Manuka Oval, in the NEAFL rookie
Championship this year. Sydney S
rookie Eugene Kruger is also off to Colli
Sydney Hills, along with former Canb
Collingwood player Trent Stubbs. o
Canberra Velocity will have to pull throug
out all the stops, to progress Sout
through to the finals of the New As
South Wales ACT Conference, in the Kyri
Asia Pacific Tennis League. Nick
Kyrigos and Alex Bolt, will lead th i
way, against Canterbury Bankstown, in Sydney tomorrow. Both players ar Lyneh
coming off strong wins, at the sp
Lyneham Tennis Centre. And that' s g
sport Danielle. Thanks Greg. Don' t d
go away, I' ll have all the weather details next. This program is not captioned. JJ has been an important part
of our family for over a decade.

His passing came
very unexpectedly, and I can't imagine
a life without him.

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This program is not captioned.

details next. A windy day across th of
region, The Capital reached a top ov
of twenty-nine after a low of five twenty-thr
overnight. Right now it' s twenty-three degrees outside. On th de
Southern Tablelands, Twenty-seven degrees at Goulburn. Yass, a high o twe
twenty-eight . Queanbeyan topped twent
twenty-nine while Braidwood hit Nowr
twenty-six . On the South Coast, Nowra, thirty . Ulladulla and Moruy Heads, twenty-one degrees. The Bay twenty-ei
nine to twenty-six . Bega, twenty-eight . On the Snowies, Coom Peris
climbed to twenty-seven today. little
Perisher, fifteen . Thredbo, a Sate
little warmer, nineteen . To the souther
Satellite picture, Cloud over
southern and eastern New South Wale tr
is associated with a low pressure clo
trough. On the chart, You can see nort
cloud building over the state' s i
northwest under another trough, but tomorr
it is remaining dry.Turning to cl
tomorrow' s forecast now, A partly Coas
cloudy day expected on the South Moru
Coast, Bega, twenty-two degrees. nineteen
Moruya Heads expected to top Ba
nineteen . Eleven to twenty at The O
Bay. A high of twenty-one at Nowra. Braidwood
On the Southern Tablelands, Queanbey
Braidwood, nineteen degrees. h
Queanbeyan, a low of seven before a Twenty
high of twenty-three tomorrow. Twenty-o
Twenty-five degrees in Yass. th
Twenty-one the top in Goulburn. On Fr
the Snowies, Nineteen in Bombala,. re
Freezing tonight in Thredbo before Perisher,
reaching thirteen tomorrow.
Perisher, a high of sixteen degrees t
Cooma, twenty-one . In the Capital de
tomorrow, an expected twenty-three degrees. The UV index will be eleve fo
which is extreme. To the five day forecast, A beautiful weekend on th way, twenty-nine for Saturday and o
thirty-two on Sunday. Rain expected remaini
on Monday, temperatures still WI
remaining high though. And that' s I'
WIN News for this Wednesday Night.
I' m Danielle Post.....from everyon here, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Whether we first met 11-year-old Corey, he was a danger to himself -- when we first met 11-year-old Corey, he was a danger to himself and anyone who got in his way, usually his mum, Hollie. Tonight after a long separation, Corey comes home.We're at the airport. Very nervous.The journey begins that way.

The airport goodbyes are never easy. Especially when you're 11 years old and about to face the biggest battle of your young life. Six