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(generated from captions) Hmm. Tricky one, fair to say.

Too tricky at the moment
for Cliff and Tom.

Anyone in the audience
got any ideas?

Rachel's got her hand up.

Is it 'priciness', Jeff?

"Is it 'priciness'?" says Rachel.

Let's find out.

Very apt indeed, in a program

where we've talked
about Rip Off Britain.

'Priciness', the answer
to our Conundrum.

Got a new champion, then.

Tom Barnes has finished on 94.

Congratulations to him.
Cliff Barnes has finished on 56.

Sadly, Cliff,
we've got to say goodbye.

But you've got the teapot.

Hope it'll take pride
of place in one of the pubs.

Yep. Behind the bar.
Next to the vodka.

(LAUGHS) Very well played indeed.

And well played, Tom. You say
your friends had been nagging you

to come on the show.
they were right!

Er, well, I guess so, maybe, yeah.

Well done. We'll see you tomorrow.

We won't hold you
to wearing that sequin dress.


Gloria, been lovely
to see you once again.

Thank you. This is the last chance
on national TV

to tell everybody
where those piercings are.

Last chance.

I think we're almost
out of time, unfortunately.

I'll see you tomorrow!

(LAUGHS) Susie, you know we
talked about three peas in a pod?


Is there any pictorial
evidence available?

None. None.
I'm sure there must be.

No, don't tell me. No. None.

Can I give you a little saying,
just in conclusion today?

It's nothing in interpretation,
but my mum had a great saying.

She said, "In life,
you should always buy

"a really good pair
of shoes - shoes -

"and a really good bed,

"because if you're not in one,
you're in the other."

Right. OK!

Something for you to think about.
Thank you very much indeed.

Anyway, from Gloria,
our three peas in a pod,

from our bunch of grapes -
remember that?

Yes. Thanks, Jeff.

And from a man who once went
to a fancy dress contest as a bean -

a 'has-been' - and won first prize -

it's goodbye.
We'll see you tomorrow.

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This program is captioned live.No truce yet - Israel and Hamas trade fire despite talks aimed at a cease-fire. The goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability. Ugly scenes - tourists abused by passengers on a Melbourne bus for singing in French.The saddest part is how the French girl would have perceived our country. Offshore processing - amid calls for a rethink on Nauru - the first asylum seekers sent to Manus. Our humanitarian program is for people at risk of persecution. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening, I'm Janice Petersen. I'm Ricardo Goncalves.Also tonight - Israel's other war - we report on the millions of hacking efforts by the activist group 'Anonymous'.You can get an the computer network that affects this and you're hiting the home front. Later - no peace for Middle Earth. 'The Hobbit' hit with lawsuits and accusations of animal cruelty, a week away from its world premiere. A diplomatic push to end the week- long conflict in Gaza is under way, but there there's no sign yet of a breakthrough. There's been no let- up in the violence between Israel and Hamas.Two journalists in Gaza and a soldier and civilian contractor in Israel are among the dead. The most grew some scenes were in Gaza City. A masked gunman killed six people, they say, were collaborating with Israel. A warning - this story contains some disturbing images. Israel relies on informants to identify its targets in Gaza - these men ts in Gaza - these men were accused of being among them. Witnesses say crowds gathered at a major intersection in Gaza City, where the group was forced to lie down before lie down before being shot dead. Hamas Radio says they were caught with equipment to take footage of possible positions. One body was tied to the back of a motorcycle and dragged through the streets. But the carnage did not stop there. Two come ramen working for Al Aqsa Television, affiliated with Hamas, were in this car. They were returning from assignment at a nearby hospital. A third journalist working for a private radio station was killed in a separate car attack. Killing our children, our civilians, targeting everything. Today they are targeting journalists. We need the war to move.The outrage among the Gaza press corps intensified. Al Jazeera showed damage to iz Gaza offices after an attack on a nearby Government Building. Another which housed the Associated Foreign Press was hit. Izraelt said it was targeting Hamas upper level military intelligence. The military showed video of the December drukion of the house it says belong to the commander of Hamas training bases. They say the subsequent explosion was due to hidden munitions. Israel's death toll is rising after an 18-year-old soldier was killed in a rocket attack in the country's south. Several people have been injured in the Port city of Ashdod and rockets hit cities. This was the furthest strike from the Hamas with inside Israel over the last seven days. Our units are continuing to be on standby and prepared for the strikes. The Israeli trikes. The Israeli Army has issued warnings a across Gaza by dropping leaflets listing safe zones for civilians to refuge. It created a panicked rush in some areas, inincluding a school. With the conflict threatening to spill over into war, the worst may still be yet to come. On the diplomatic front, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton s due to meet Palestinian leaders later. She met with the aiz really Prime Minister as push for a truce gained momentum. But expectations of an imminent halt to hostilities were not o hostilities were not realised. More violence, still no truce. Cease-fire hopes were raised and dashed as Hillary Clinton joined urgent efforts Clinton joined urgent efforts to broker a truce, arriving in Jerusalem amid speculation an end to the fighting was near after Hamas claimed a peace deal had been done. That was denied by Israel. Mrs Clinton signalled truce talks were still ongoing. She called for a rapid de- escalation of the conflict and a lasting solution.The goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security and legitimate aspirations of Israelis mate aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians alike. If there is a possibility of achieving a long-term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we prefer that. If not, I'm sure you understand that Israel will have to take whatever action is necessary whatever action is necessary to defend itself people.Mrs Clinton heads to Ramallah and then Cairo for more talks. Earlier the Israeli leader met the UN Chief, who condemned Hamas rocket attacks but also warned against sending troops into Gaza.Israel must exercise maximum restraint. I strongly caution against a ground operation which will only result in further tragedy. Mr Secretary, no country would tolerate rocket attacks against its cities and tacks against its cities and against its civilians. There are reports Israel held off launching a ground assault to give the Egyptian- led troop talks the chance to work, while reserving its right to use force where needed. Australia is supporting the latest truce efforts.Of course, if we can see this conflict de-escalated, you would want to see that. I'm shaur that we would all share that hope. There are many who are now very active in trying to secure that outcome. Julia Gillard urged restraint and the need to avoid civilian casualties. An Arab League delegation arrived in Gaza in a show of solidarity with Palestinians.

Joining us now live from Jerusalem is Al Jazeera Correspondent, Tom Akcerman. Hamas is blaming Israel for delaying a truce agreement. Has Israel indicated what its next move will be?Well, there's been no public announcement, but it is clear that the Israelis are not happy with the Egyptian draft of the cease-fire stpaiplt which is supposed to be issued by the Egyptians. This won't be an agreement that will be signed jointly by Israel and the Palestinian groups. This will be a jefpb statement that a cease-fire has been struck, and to be followed by a 48-hour trial period, in which if actual conditions of a longer- range cease-fire would be negotiated. From what we hear here in Jerusalem, the Israelis were not satisfyed with the draft getting from the Egyptians, particularly assurances or the lack of assurances that Hamas would refrain from attacking Israeli troops along the border, that it would totally stop attacks on civilian targets inside, which continued on Wednesday. Ashkalon was hit by five rockets today, three of which were intercepted by the iron dome defence system. And other measures on the side of the, on the part of the Palestinians - they are asking for long-term assurances that the blockade of Gaza be lifted t border crossings are open and that the izraeltlys stop targeted killings of Hamas leaders. So those are tough conditions over the long-term, but the issue is whether Hillary Clinton can smooth the differences. She will go off to Cairo immediately after meeting with the Palestinian leader in Ramallah, President Mahmoud Abbas, and see whether she can actually get those assurances from the Egyptians. What is key is that the Egyptians are not brokering this agreement, they are expected to be responsible for maintaining it. And that is the question that the Israelis want answered as a condition for actually going ahead with a longer- term cease-fire. Tom, thank you.

To news here at home - Melbourne is featuring on YouTube again tonight, but this time for all the wrong reasons. French tourists have been the targetings of racial abuse on a city bus. Australians turned on the backpackers. This report contains offensive language. (BLEEP) The ugly scenes were sparked when a French backpacker started singing a song in her native tongue. Speak English or die Vile threats of physical violence followed 678. -- 78.
-- She's ugly Some fellow passengers urged on the aggressor. The man who captured it on his mobile said he was shocked. It was odd, like, it was hard to get my head around. Speaking to a few other people on the bus, it didn't make sense. It was this weird mob mentality that morphed into this thing that, yeah. I couldn't get my head around it.He was on the receiveing end of racial abuse.At one stage I told them to calm down. They set off on a racist tire raid about black people. I'm fairly black myself.As the outburst continued, a man with a program joined in the violent threats. Bleep, bleep Then, shortly after he alighted... Stop. As the French woman continued to endure more abuse. Everyone one on the bus wants to kill you, you will have to get off eventually, bitch.It's sad of how that French girl would have a tainted view of us. We're not really like that. Due to the behaviour of a small group of people, she will think of this country horribly. Australian laws could look poorly on those involved.They were very serious offences.'S assault, damage to property, serious racial vilification, and threats to kill. Detectives from eats to kill. Detectives from the Transit Crime Investigation Unit are investigating the re investigating the incy -- incy depblt and appealed to anyone who recognises people to contact police. The first group of asylum seekers have been sent to PNG's Manus Island under Labor's revamped scheme. 19 men, women and children arrived at the children arrived at the detention centre with Labor announcing more measures to combat people smugglers. Labor's offshore processing is expanding. 19 asylum seekers have been sent to Manus, and seven familys from Sri Lanka and Iran, including four nka and Iran, including four children, arrived today.People smugglers have been peddling the lie that if you come here by boat you wouldn't be processed in another country.As with Nauru, asylum seekers will be detained indefiniteleekers will be detained indefinitely.People will wait for a substantial people. It could be five years.The Opposition ridiculed the announcement.That is a tiny handful of the 2,000-plus that are 2,000-plus that are coming every month now. The Immigration Minister revealed people who arrive by boat but aren't sent by boat but aren't sent to Nauru or Manus won't receive benefit over those waiting overseas for resettlement.People have their claims processed in Australia and are found to be refugees, will remain on bridgeing visas until they are issued with a protection visa in accord with the principle. The Green say it's cruel.An appalling shift back to even worse and more extremes than John Howard tried.Another 100 Sri Lankans have been forced to return home. 426 have been set back against their will.Our humanitarian program is for people who are at risk of persecution. It's not for people seeking to undertake economic migration. Amnesty International visited Nauru and slammed the conditions asylum seekers face. ditions asylum seekers face.Everybody acknowledges the accommodation is not appropriate and that was apparent again with our meetings with the Nauruan Government officials this morning.The conditions are far from what we would want to deliver in terms of an environment for the asylum seekers. Chris Bowen says plans are being made to build permanent accommodation. The Immigration Minister says he can't predict when the flow will slow. The Opposition argues that Labor have shown it will never stop the boats. The Government is reopening a taz Tasmanian centre and -- Tasmanian centre. There are no simple answers. Another two boats have been intercepted carrying 137 asylum seekers.

Janette Francis, SBS correspondent, has made contact with detainees on Nauru.This is the closest we've come to seeing the detainees inside. It is still pretty far. They are chapbtsing at the moment, "We want freedom, we want justice, don't kill refugees". When we got here a few of them noticed us and slowly more of them started coming and now they've got banners and signs and are holding and signs and are holding their hands up in the air. Now, earlier I was on the phone to a gentleman inside this centre here, who was telling me he hasn't seen his children in seven months. He said it rained yesterday and the rained yesterday and the rain came into the tents that they were sleeping in. He said conditions are really bad. He doesn't know y bad. He doesn't know what's going to happen. The only thing he will hear is that it could take years for their claims to be processed. Skpwhr The Malaysian Opposition Leader has written to Bob Carr pleading for Australian assistance in the

Australian assistance in the
upcomingWe want them to feel welcome.

Staff admitted to being one of the ten gunmen trained and financed by the Pakistan-based group. The Church of England has voted against legislation allowing the ordinary of female Bishops. The motion, which failed by just six votes needed a two-thirds majority from three houses of the church's governinge houses of the church's governing body. There could be another three years before a vote on the measure can be held again. The eradication of the AIDS virus is now in sight, according to a United Nations report. It found the number of AIDS-related deaths had fallen to 1.7 million last year and the number of new infections was 20% lower than in 2001. The UN says the results are due to the success of wider programs and the emergence of new drugs to combat the disease. And a volcano in New Sale land erupted, leaving a large column of ash. It's the second time in four months The mountain has erupted. Authorities say it was minor, but have warned residents in the local area to stay indoors. Rebels have taken the eastern city of Goma. The UN accused Rwanda and Uganda of backing the rebels, which they deny. President Joseph Kabila urged the population to fight. Locals were cheering. The fighters drove into Goma like war heroes, not a rebel army. Six months ago it was made up of a small number of a diverse group. Since then it's proveed to be a significant force. M23 is accused of killing civilians. For those out on the streets, they welcomed the rebels. These people say they will back whoever gives them security. We feel abandoned by the government of President Kabila. We don't know what to do. The UN peacekeepers are useless. They watched the rebels take over without putting up resistance. We feel absolutely cheelted. -- cheated.The UN says its mandate is protect civilians not fight a war. It's been been unwilling to confront the M23 rebels, moving most of its staff. Peacekeepers are holding positions in and around Goma's airport. M23 seem to have got what they wanted. They are in control of many parts of the city. The issue is, where does the group go from here? It certainly is in a better position to negotiate for the government govition to negotiate for the government of the Democratic Republic of Con kpwrbgs o -- Congo. Is speexman of the group says it wants direct talks. TRANSLATION:We want to talk to the government. We want it resolved politically, not with arms.The Congolese Government won't talk to the group. There is concern about the impact of all of this on the most vulnerable civilians. We have security established, and they can return home for those that are from Goma. From those not here, they can m those not here, they can go to camps and new camps are created, where they can be lodged. Then they will need food, water, and shelter, especially. They will need medical help.We have to look at the history of this region to understand what war and displacement can what war and displacement can do to a population. Without peace, tens of thousands of people will continue to run. The US has condemned the rebel takeover of Goma, calling it a violation of sovereignty.

You're watching World News Australia. Coming up oi owe click fail - thousands frustrated by online shopping meltdown. The activists, 'Anonymous' declares cyber war on Israel. Later legal woes plague 'The Hobbit''s world Prime Minister yaer.

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There are views for Australia's first shot at a shopping frenzy are in. They are not good. Yesterday's much-hype. Yesterday's much-hyped Click Frenzy flopped when the site crashed. Experts say e crashed. Experts say the experience underscores much bigger problems for an industry struggling to reap the online rewards. Click Frenzy was billed as the sale that stops a nation, suggesting an online shopping experience like no other. A 24-hour chance at untold bargains only a click away. The problem is shortly after the frenzy began, this is what most people encountered. The site crashed and the group said it was not prepared to handle that traffic. Up to 2 million people found themselves unable to access that nation- stopping sale.It didn't get out of the blocks.That's being kind. Thousands of frustrated cyber shoppers vented through social media with comments including: "What a big let-down".

Other retailers' websites, including David Jones, crashed, suggesting an industry hungry for an event similar to the US's Cyber Monday, wasn't prepared.I think there will be lasting impacts where shoppers who may like to support Australian businesses will be shyer in future.That's not good in an industry struggling against overseas competitors. The Australian Retailers Association estimates online sales make up about 15% of all retail sales.I think we have a national attitude towards online retail that's awkward. We have online retailers to this day who expect that if you purchase something you go in and pick it up. We certainly have online retailers who confront you immediately when you access their website asking for things like postcodes. Despite the obstacles, there are retailers, including Five Senses Education, that have moved to online shopping.Every month we've been selling online. It's triple what it was the same month in the year before.It proves that people are willing oves that people are willing to spend money online, providing the experience is easy and they can get through to your website. Now to other stories. The AFP seized 350 kilos of drugs. The police estimate the street value of the cocaine and Methamphetamine at over $250 million.

The man accused of stabbing Victorian woman, abbing Victorian woman, Sarah Cafferkey, to death, and dumping her body in a wheelie bin, has been charged with her murder. Steven James Hunter showed no emotion in the brief hearing, during which he was remanded in custody until March 27th. The 47-year-old was arrested yesterday. The vaccine against the Hendra virus is commercially available. The agriculture Minister announced that horse owners can obtain it from their local vet, albeit under strict conditions. An Australian laboratory developed the medicine in a world first. The East Asia Summit has wound up in Cambodia with tensions simmering over the South China Sea. However, it did see progress on two separate free trade proposals. It caps off a huge year of diplomacy for the Prime Minister who once said foreign affairs was not her passion. They called her predecessor "Kevin 747'.If I was to give a comprehensive repogive a comprehensive report on what I've done it would take some time.This year alone she's made ten trips abroad to 13 countries. It's two years since she declared on her first trip overseas that foreign affairs was not her passion. She'd rather be reading to school children.I've managed to combine reading to school kids with international travel, because if you want to see the future of a nation, go future of a nation, go to a classroom.She won't renounce her original sentiment, even if her carbon footprint tells a different story. I'm proud to represent my nation overseas. The passion that brought me into politics is education. I would invite people not to create a false divide between these two public policy areas.Her final trip for the year to the East Asia Summit in Cambodia heralded the start of negotiations towards an Asia Pacific Free Trade Deal, which could cover half the world's population, a third of its GDP. Julia Gillard joined those leaders backing a code of conduct for activities in the disputed South China Sea, highly sensitive in East Asia. The Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister says China has a right to protect its territory.

From Julia Gillard there's a new diplomatic confidence. Much of next year will be spent closer to home. The Prime Minister's jet-seting year has been marked by significant tick and security developments, scaling down Australia's commitment in Afghanistan; securing hosting duties for the 2014G20, and winning a prized two-year seat on the UN Security Council. Julia Gillard may not yet be willing to nominate foreign affairs as a passion, but she's giving it a lot more attention than she used to.

The latest conflict in the Middle East is not just about bombs and rockets. Israel says it's being fought on three fronts - the ground, social media, and in cyberspace. It has an unseen enemy, the collective, 'anonymous'. They launched a cyber war on key Israeli websites. Israel has their iron dome to intercept rockets; it may need need a 'cyber dome". It's being called the wear fare of the future. Israeli Government, defence, finance, trade and tourism cited all among those targeted. Israel's Finance kl minister acknowledged it was facing cyber attacks on an unprecedented scale, with over 44 million attempts to attack and disrupt government websites. In some cases access was denied. In other cases hackers altered the home page, leaving their own message behind. CNN has not independently confirmed who was ently confirmed who was behind the hacking. 'Anonymous' posted a pro- Palestinian message on a website.

'Anonymous' is not a stated ally of Hamas but is using this as a form of civil obedience. Frpbl what they do is they use a form of 'hactivism', they hack in the sites to create media attention. But cyber security expert s say these are more than nuciance attacks.Attack is designed to figure out the landscape. So they're attacking millions of times a day, but every time they do, they learn something new about the network or the landscape.Most of the sites were quickly restored, but some are still down. The volume of the attempted disruption is stunning. According to Israel's Minister of Finance, there were 10 million attacks on the website of President Peres and 7 million dent Peres and 7 million on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 3 million attacks on the Prime Minister's site in the last few days. In is a wake-up call for many countries that cyber war is a new front. Millions of attacks can be carryed out by a handful of people, with far-reaching consequences.If you can get at the computer network you are hitting to home front without having to put a person on the ground. 'ap anonymous' took to Twitter. It posted a message on a website saying it does not support the use of violence but is pursuing this as a human rights cause. Israel's Chief Information Officer said it deflected millionsficer said it deflected millions of these attacks and said they are facing a war on three fronts. Physical, social media, and cyber. The online assaults are so-called denial of service attacks. They overload a website with traffic so it can't respond to legitimate use. Catalonia has its language and a population of more than 7 million. Polls show that more than half of Catalans want re than half of Catalans want independence. They want to secede because of the government's deeply unpopular austerity. They want a new state and capital in Barcelona. An election this weekend may set them on the path to breaking away. Barca - a worldwide football brand with global stars. The football club is a symbol of Catalan identityed. Oi-identity. 17 minutes into a game, remembering a date in history that they associate with independence.

independence. On Sunday Catalans will vote inen ae election which could lead to Catalonia breaking from Spain.What is happening in Scotland, seems it is the process we would lieblg like to have here. We want a democratic process. We're asking for a referendum.The vote this week dum.The vote this week is for a new parliament. Parties in favour of independence are looking for a mandate to hold a refugee renduj. So what is fueling this desire for independence now? Well, it's party the economy, austerity and the Eurozone cry sigs. -- crisis.

-- crisis. The Leader of the regional government is talking about Catalonia becoming independent.We are sick and tired of our level of dependence from the Spanish state. If there was a vote today, do you think the majority of people in Catalonia would vote for independence?Right now, I think that the majority would vote for independence.So suddenly the fourth largest economy in the Eurozone is facing the question of whether it will stay together as a single state. It is a prospect that disturbs parts of a business community. This company distributes ement for hotels and restaurants throughout Spain. It fears if Catalonia breaks away, it will damage the business. If Catalonia ge the business. If Catalonia is independent, we won't be able to sell our products to the rest of the Spanish territory. Catalonia has a distinct culture - its own language, but austerity debt and Europe's financial crisis is pushing this region to consider going it alone, sparking political upheaval in Spain. And Spain's ruling party has been accused of trying to derail the nationhood campaign. He says it's behind allegations he has funds in a Swiss bank account.

It is a beautiful part of the world. Yes, indeed.A week out from the world Premier, 'The Hobbit' is facing new controversy. The daughter of author JRR Tolkein joined forces with British companies to sue the movie producers over alleged breaches of merchandising rights. Animal rights activists are threatening protests at major launches in New Zealand, Britain and the US.

They are the Middle Eert dwellers who for decades lived in the imaginations of the author and readers. Now their images are the subject of a multimanufacture dollar lawsuit. Tolkein's daughter and Harper Collins allege Warner Brothers violated the terms of a 1969 contract which limited merchandising rights to tangible items such as toys. This, they say was the last straw. An online slot game based on the series. They are seeking almost $18 million, claiming the gaming link outraged fans, calling irreparable harm to Tolkein's legacy. Warner Brothers is not commenting, but the case could extend to the Air New Zealand promotion.The judge's order was allow the Tolkein estate to say that they can no longer do this. If Air Demu sale land had to take down the promotions, and then wanted to sue Warner Brothers, that would be the next progress. -- progression.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is planning protests at premieres, claiming 27 animals died because of mistreatment during the filming. Realistically this movie is a multimillion dollar production where not enough resources were spent making sure animals were safe. Director Peter Jackson rejects the accusations, some of which were made by staff members who had been dismissed more than a year ago.If you know this has happened and you don't tell someone about it, in a timely fashion, about it, in a timely fashion, then you are par pi to that offence. So I think that it really arpbishs the allegations. Producers say they took animal welfare seriously and more than half of all shots using animals were computer generated.

Coming up - the sport and also the UK's biggest fraud. British rogue trader gets seven years in jail. Chelsea's Champions League defensive left in tatters by Juventus.

The prosecution said he was just a gamble or two away from destroying switerland's largest bank. Already notorious, but today he became a convicted criminal as well. This was the UK's biggest fraud, and it was one of the most sophisticated fraudsters in the City of London.

Last summer he was placing huge one way bets on investments, well, an excess of risk limits. He booked fake trade to make it look as if the risks were covered. At one stage more than £p billion of the bank's money was exspodzed. By July he could get out with minimal losses but he kept going, losing more than a billion in the space of a month. The back office was catching up. Listen to the Financial Controller demanding to know who his trades were with.Going to confirm which counter partys are involved and the quantum of the exposure. He never did. Instead, he sent a bombshell email, revealing what he'd done, saying:

He later said he'd been trying to protect his colleagues. He claimed they knew what he was doing and that UBS turned a bliepbld eye, as long as profits were made. But the jury decided he did abuse his position. The judge - Mr Justice Keefe - told Adoboli there is a strong streak of the gambler in him. "You were arrogant enough to think that the bank rules for traders did not apply to you". As Adaboli left for prison, UBS said it was glad proceedings were over, but Financial Regulators have potentially big fine for the banks. If largest trading loss belongs to JP Morgan s belongs to JP Morgan Chase which lost almost $6 billion through bad trades at the London office. Scary. Elsewhere, Eurozone Finance kl ministers have failed to strike a deal to deliver Greece another 31 billion euros in bailout withheld since June. After hours of talks, the ministers released a statement saying they would meet again on Monday. That takes us the Australian share market which turned negative early afternoon on the Greek debt concerns.

Joining us is Craig Foster can sport. Chelsea are struggling in the Champions League?They are. Juventus made light work of opponents this morning.

Di Mateo guided Chelsea to Champions League glory in May. No winner had been knock out in the group stage. It's a danger for Chelsea. The goalkeeper kept Juventus at bay but was caught out by a deflection eight minutes before half time.

The second half an another deflection, which put Juventus two ahead. Chelsea t Juventus two ahead. Chelsea can maybe claim they were unlucky with those goals but there was a third. Victory for the Londoners in their final group match may not be enough to see them through. Celtic began the evening a far better place. A win would have taken them into the knock-out stages, but they were behind after less than seven minutes. They did equalise. The home side's keeper made a mess of the corner. This was a goal, though, which condemned Celtic to defeat. We will have to wait until the final round of matches to find out if Celtic or Benfica join Barcelona in qualifying. No such worries for another team. Don't miss our coverage.

The race is on to sign David Beckham with Melbourne Heart bidding $1.5 million. He says he won't announce his future until his commitments with the LA Galaxy are completed. He's sure to provide a financial windfall. David Beckham is still in great demand, even at 2737. The world's most recognisable footballer is moving on after he plays his last match for LA Galaxy. One of the reasons why I'm stopping playing here is because I achieved everything I wanted as a player and outside of the game. So where to now for Becks? Retirement is out of the question, though rumours of a possible appearance in the A-League have been fruitless. It's not to say, though, he won't to come down under. Wherever he goes will be a benefit to that league and we will wait and see whether he comes to the A- League.I still feel that I have something left in me. I still feel that I'd like to take on another challenge. What that will be, I don't know. I honestly don't know. There's no doubt Beckham lifted football's profile in the United States since arriving six years ago. Any thoughts of returning to a European club are unlikely. The Central Coast Mariners have showed interest. While his days at LA Galaxy are over, some say the American lifestyleome say the American lifestyle could be the tonic to stay and switch to another club.My commitment to the MLS was a long-term one and still is a long-term one. Doesn't matter if I'm playing here or not.Beckham is expected to announce his future after the MLS final to be played on December 1. In the women's game, there was a good result for the Matildas. Australia made an emphatic start to the East Asian Cup Qualifier handing Chinese Taipei a thrashing. The tournament will be the coach's last in charge before he takes control of the United States Women's Team. Shane Watson missed out on selection for tomorrow's second test against South Africa in Adelaide. His calf injury wasn't considered up to batting and bowling. Rob Quiney retains his spot in an unchanged line-up. There's been two changes to South Africa's team.

I don't think it's had an effect on the team. I think we had really good intent to give every opportunity to back out in the park. It's unfortunate out in the park. It's unfortunate he ran out of time. Hilfenhaus ramed up efforts to ensure he kept his place in the side ahead of Mitchell Starc. Finally, the NRL's decision to outlaw the shoulder charge has met growing opposition from players and coaches alike. The league says the safety of its players is the reason behind the rule change. That's the day in sport. Thank you. Coming up - the weather and half a century of Australian surfing - sporting icons gather to get ready for a ripper of a birthday.

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With its front sport bucket seats, cockpit-like interior, paddle shifts and Skyview roof, the all-new Corolla
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A large bushfire burning in dense scrub near Port Lincoln in SA has been brought ncoln in SA has been brought under control. Authorities say the plaiz which stopped within 100m of houses is not longer threatening lives and prop property.

There's a trough over WA generating showers and storms, heaviest in the west. A high is keeping South Australia dry.

Surfing is an iconic part of Australian beach culture, but it hasn't always been that way. When it was first introduced it was spurned as rebellious youth culture.

it was first introduced it was
spurned as rebellious youth culture.

Well, Surfing Australia turns 50 next year. It's started celebrating. Who could imagine a an Australian beach without surfers. Surfers have not been so universally accepted. Surfers were considered to be outlawed, right ed to be outlawed, right from the early days. The sport was brought in around 1915. Hawaiian Olympic swimming champion, Duke is largely credited with bringing it here. In the first half of the 20th Century, it was seen as a past-time for misfits. In 1963 they banded together and formed The Board Riders Association, which is known as Surfing Australia. We would be stuck in the late 50s, early 60s, in the late 50s, early 60s, without a voice for the surfing community, with restrictions placed on surf board riding at many city beaches.These days it is part of the sporting landscape. Even the Deputy Prime Minister is a surfer. As the acting Prime Minister I'm going to declare that surfing should be compulsory for everybody under 18. (LAUGHTER) That is one of the privileges that comes with the job. As surfing is not always engrained enough on the psyche, it's on our money, with the release of a commemorative 50 cent coin and as a series of stamps coming out next year. It's a source of pride for four-time world champion Mark Richards.Except for Kelly Slater most of the world titles since 1976 have been won by Australians. We've had a stranglehold on this sport like noin other we play.And there's now a wider acceptance.We see how professional the athletes are and how much money is involved and how much more accepting and responsible athletescepting and responsible athletes are. It's a wave the surfing community hope to ride for at least another 50 years. Recapping: a diplomatic push to end the week-long conflict in Gaza is under way, but a cease-fire remains elusive. There's been no let-up in the violence between Israel and Hamas. French tourists have been the targets of racial abuse on a Melbourne bus. Australian passengers were caught on camera swearing at the backpackers at the rear. Nineteen asylum seekers have been sent to Manus after Labor's revamped offshore processing scheme. Yesterday's much-hyped Click Frenzy has ended yped Click Frenzy has ended in click fail. The discount shopping website crashed, preventing millions from participating. That is the world this Wednesday. Our next bulletin is at 10.30. Tonight you can get the stories online. You can always follow us on Twitter. Good night.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -