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(generated from captions) Locked in, with three seconds
on the clock. It's in. (REPEATS QUESTION) Tony, it's on a newspaper, mate.
A newspaper. I should know - I worked there. Mate... Where do you work? You're putting 'em... Every time you open now,
for the rest of your life, when you're're
acting as a casual inserter, putting catalogues in the newspaper,
the front page - in your case, 'The Mercury', down
in Tasmania - that's the masthead. Or 'The Examiner' in Launceston. Or 'The Examiner' in Launceston,
or a newspaper, magazine... It's the name -
it's called the masthead. Anyway, bad luck there, Tony. You win $1,000, though, buddy. Thanks very much.
Stay there. Thanks, mate. Tony Fenner just won a grand! Catch you next time in
the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Tonight - the appalling thugs who attacked a pregnant woman to steal her handbag. Fire station shutdown - the Sydney suburbs hit by government cost-cutting. Julia Gillard under pressure as a key figure in the slush fund scandal flies into Australia. The giant online shopping experiment - what went wrong and why. Finding Nemo - the cat that caused a drama in this unit fire. Good evening. A heavily pregnant woman says she was terrified she'd lose her baby during a violent robbery in Sydney's south-west. The expectant mum was knocked to the ground and kicked to the stomach by three men trying to steal her handbag. With three weeks until her waiby was due, Swati -- baby was due, Swati as an Easy target.I was protecting my baby.The 35-year-old Swati, and niece Shruti just got off a train when they were attacked by three teenagers.The instinct is to hold on to the bag.One of the men wrestled with Swati, trying to steal her handbag. She was no match, and was dragged to the ground. Not satisfied his accomplice stood over her, and despite Swati's pleas, stomped on her stomach.I tried to stop them, saying "Don't stamp on my stomach. The second guy stomped on my tummy.All three ran into Harris Street reserve.This is an appalling crime, committed by a number of cowards.She was shivering, crying. To stand on her tummy.Swati was tain to hospital where she was examined and had a -- taken to hospital where she was examined and had an ultimate tra sound, she and her baby -- ultrasound, she and her baby are fine.You can hurt a pregnant woman. Simon Bouda is at the scene. What do we know?They were teenagers, one wearing a blue and orange hoodie, another wearing a green. Police are confident, they were familiar with the area. There were a bunch of school students here around the time. Police are hoping that one of the school students may have seen something crucial and are hoping they contact them.From Fairfield to Ingleburn, and Riverstone, fire stations were shut down because of budget cuts. Reporter Kevin Wilde has the exclusive story. A drastic move from the State Government.It looks like this is a pattern increasing as we head into a bushfire season. The State Government is trying to find money, firefighters are concerned they'll be boxed into strike action. Lives could be at risk.Fairfield fire station is one of the busiest, for 10 hours today it was locked up and useless. Firefighters were sent 20 kilometres away to Macquarie Fields. Why are they doing this? If you make an emergency phone call, you want them within minutes.Fairfield is one of four stations closed, including Riverstone, Regentville Rescue Squad, at Penrith, and a part-time station at Ingleburn. Bafl made a decision to cut services -- Barry O'Farrell made a decision to cut services to the fire stations. It's uncompromising of community safety.The impact is longer response times, something the State Government accepted as a price of a 1.5% cut to the services budget. Efforts by the Firefighters Union to stop the close urges through the Industrial Commission have not worked. Emergency Services Minister, Mike Gallacher refused to defend the cuts. It looks like shut fire stations is something we'll have to get used to. A key figure in the AWU slush fund scandal, involving Julia Gillard's former boyfriend returned to Australia today. Ralph Blewitt apparently willing to make a statement to police. The Opposition says the Prime Minister should follow Ralph Blewitt's lead and tell parliament everything she knows. As Julia Gillard headed home in morning after attending the East Asia Summit in Cambodia, Ralph Blewitt flew into Melbourne from Malaysia, where he's been living, to give new life to an affair that dogged the Prime Minister. The 17--year-old scandal, yving an old boyfriend, Australian Workers' Union official, Bruce Wilson, his bagman, Ralph Blewitt, and a slush fund from which more than $400,000 was misappropriated.I regret and apologise to the members. Australian Workers' Union for harm or problems I caused.Julia Gillard, a lawyer with the firm Slater & Gordon, helped to set up the slush fund.If Julia Gillard has done something wrong, will you say? No comment.Ralph Blewitt's lawyer has reached an agreement with Victorian Police for his client to make a statement. The Prime Minister denied wrongdoing and said she dumped Bruce Wilson as soon as corruption was exposed.Do you think she should have concern about what you know and can testify about? I don't know what is going on in Julia Gillard's head.The Opposition went in hard.Ralph Blewitt wants to clear his conscience and tell the police what occurred. I call on the Prime Minister to like wise make a full statement to the Australian parliament about what she knows in relation to though this matter.A mother of six who pleaded guilty over a drunken crash at Athen, south-west of Sydney, will learn her fate next year. The 36-year-old had a 2-year-old in the car and was speeding. A judge ruled she will not serve a full-time jail sentence. Numbers are mind-boggling. The latest Sydney drug bust netting 235 kilos of methamphetamine, and 115kg of cocaine, worth $235 million. The haul was found inside a street roller imported from China. Two men have been arrested in Sydney. The biggest online sale event in Australia's history has gone down as a massive flop. The Click Frenzy website couldn't cope with demand, crashing within minutes. Some retailers are trying to make up for the disaster. It was countdown to click fail, click flol, whatever you want to call it. Custody -- flop, whatever you want to call it. Customers were clicked off. Katharine was ready to buy an iPod. Saved a lot of money, didn't spend a set.She and 2 million others hit the site and it crashedIt's like getting hit by a tsunami, you have 10-15 Grand Final crowds surging to the site.Crowds were pushed to other websites, Dick Smith, Myer and Bonds, which also crashed under pressure. Would-be shoppers vented on twitter.

Also, concerns people who preregistered with the site will have their email addresses used for marketing.It's not necessarily winning any friends or perhaps even repeat business for next year. While it was more fail than frenzy, what this online event demonstrated was Australia's huge appetite for retail, but only if there's a deal to be had. Target, which bolsters its server power before the sale survived.We had 250,000 visitors online between 7pm and 6:00am this morning.It's not all sale fail. Some stores extended their deals for another 24 hours. An end to the bloodshed in the Middle East could be days away after an Egyptian- brokered truce failed to bring calm. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew in for midnight talks with the Israeli government as the push for peace continues. A warning - some of these pictures are distressing. (SIREN SOUNDS) Struck by an Israeli missile, the two cameramen in this car stood no chance. The worst day of violence on both sides so far. An Israeli soldier killed by an Hamas rocket. We joined paramedics on a rescue mission. Racing to the eastern border over bumpy, dusty roads. A drone strike smashed its target. People were hit.We're here. Paramedics scrambled to the bomb site and picked up the injured on stretchers. Within 2 minutes they were back in the ambulance. This young man had shrapnel wounds to the head - unconscious, his life was slipping. What is making this difficult for the paramedics is the speed at which the ambulance is driving. Obviously theyway want to get to the hospital as fast as -- they want to get to the hospital as fast as they can. They keep going over potholes, it's hard for the guys to work. In 10 minutes they were at the hospital - the man was wheeled into an emergency room. He survived, many were not so lucky. The US Secretary of State flew in to help broker a peace deal. America's commitment to Israel's security is rock solid, and unwaivering.While the talking goes on, it's the civilians on both sides who are paying the price. Mining magnate Nathan Tinkler is increasingly under siege. Another of his private companies placed into liquidation. His thoroughbred stud, Patinack Farm Administration was wound up by a Federal Court over multimillion debts. Nathan Tinkler's Mulsanne Resources also went into liquidation this week. A young Blue Mountains woman risked her life to save her flatmate's cat. The 23-year-old ran into a burning building at Glen brook to find Nemo. They don't call cats lucky for nothing. For one ginger tom this blaze could have used up a lot of those lights. Meet Nemo the cat. Rescued from his burning home, given priority treatment by the ambos, and totally disdainful about it all. It's all about him, of course.I'm not sure why we rescued you Nemo.Nemo was inside this Glenbrook apartment with Tony's flatmate Sarah Coal when the fire started. Sarah got out and rushed in to save Nemo. Sarah suffered serious smoke inhalation.In the fire brigade we promote a get out and stay out policy.Wise words. The cat refused to leave. The fiery got him out. More special treatment, which remains totally unappreciated. We got the ambulance to bring him to the vet hospital first. Got him stablised before Sarah went to hospital herself.She was clearly affected by the fire this afternoon. Me and Nemo have become good mates. He better bloody appreciate it. Good luck with that, Sarah. We are going to breaking news. A further tragedy for the family of Kiesha Abe rahages. Her biological father Chris, has been found dead in his house in treg ear. There are no suspicious circumstances. This next story could be a dream come true for insome ni action and jetlag. Battery powered -- insome ni action, and jetlag. Battery powered lights pushing green light into the eye. It's the product of Formula 1, research, costing $275. Stay with us, the government's plan to house asylum seeker in Australia. School children in New Zealand run screaming from an erupting volcano. And wait until you see the national dress This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

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Tough talk from the Federal Government on asylum seeker has done nothing to stop the influx of boats. Now the government announced plans to expand and reopen detention centres in Australia to make more space. Today the first group of asylum seeker arrived on Manus Island, more than -- asylum seekers arrived on Manus Island, more than 200 kilometres away from Darwin.The first 19 asylum seekers arrived on Manus Island. Shortly after they were flown off Christmas Island, 82 arrived with 55 near the Cocas Island.All up, 135 boats, 7,800 asylum seekers since August 13. With Christmas Island above capacity.Recent high arrival rates placed pressure on the detention network.With Nauru and PMG not big enough, room needs to be found. Tasmania's detention centre will be opened, others around the country expanded and asylum seekers released into the community on bridging visas, but not able to work. The processing of claims begins in Nauru, there's concerns and anger over physical and mental health of those detained.There's a crisis of cruelty unfolding on Nauru.People who come illegally to the country can't expect to be treated like they are staying in a 4-star or 5-star hotel.A group of school children had to run for nair lives when a volcano on New Zealand's north island -- for their lives when a volcano on Zealand's north island awoke without warning. Mount Tongariro erupted for the second time this year, sending gas and ash into the air. No flights have been affected, but further eruptions are likely. After being panned by critics for the past five years, Miss Universe organisers put the national costume to the vote. The winning design is causing a stir, but will it impress the judges next month. From feather tops to tails, this is the national costume Australia voted for. And what Renee Ayris, our Miss Universe 2012 will wear in front of a billion people when she hits the catwalk in Anthony Losciuto.I like it. I think it will look good on the international stage. Jess Bregenhoj's creation beat others.I wouldn't get up and do it. Suicide mission.Who could forget 2009's bizarre flaming headpiece. Those horrible high-healed uggs in 2010, or last year's multicoloured Mon strosity.It's supposed to be inspired by the soaring sales of the Opera House. Fashion critics have been predicksably Sav savage, calling it a Cock due inspired catastrophe. What does everyone else think It's gorgeous.Needs designYou need skin in this industry if you want a long career. Mr Fashion Plate himself, here is Ken with sport.I'm not going there. Shane Watson fate decided and the secret to Michael Clarke's success in our exclusive captain's call. Angry reaction to the NRL's shoulder charge ban.Can we look forward to a hot summer? This program is not captioned.

Shane Watson has been ruled out of the Australian squad for tomorrow's second test. Roz Kelly is in Adelaide. And Roz, was he close to playing?Ken, Shane Watson was never a realistic chance of playing, even as a specialist batsman. Michael Clarke reveals more behind the selectors decision making in this week's exclusive Channel Nine's captain's call.It's tough leaving someone like Watto out. We have to look what is in the best interests of the team, not only for this test match, but through the summer.Ben Hilfenhaus, versus Mitchell Starc, what was the reasoning behind that.Mitchell Starc has done well. It was hard to leave him out. It was as clear caught as Mitchell Starc versus Ben Hilfenhaus. It was what we thought would be the better attack. Stereo Dave Warner, is he under pressure. I don't think so, he has to play the way he plays. The way he plays there'll be a few ups and doups, but he's a match winner, he's the - - downs. But he's a match winner, he's the X Factor.James Pattinson things that he has gotten into the heads of them and they are vulnerable now.I like your thinking, if Pato things that, he can do what he's doingment the way he bowled and our attack after day one is pleasing.They've been fired up because they say they are gunning for you.I look forward to it. It's no different from any other time. Morkel will see if he can bowl more bounces. They did it in Cape Town, Johannesberg, and a few in Brisbane. Look, I've had it my whole career, it won't affect me. Are you in the best place of your life. Seems like you can't put a foot wrong.Touch wood. Look, it's the game. When things go well you have to maximise it, make the most of it. There's the other side as well, when you look around trying to work out how to score the next runs. Away from cricket I feel great. My life is in a good place. It's age, maturity making you realise that the game is important. There's a lot more to life.Win the toss.Hopefully win the toss. Bat. Make somewhere between 500 and 600 will be nice.Roz Kelly with Michael Clarke. There's been fierce reaction from players and coaches from the NRL's decision to ban a shoulder charge. Most believe there's more important issues in the game. Never one to hold his fire, Geoff Toovey believes the latest rule change is a smokescreen. Clubs are frustrated at not getting a clear picture on bigger issues, such as the salary cap and a new boss. Banning shoulder charges is a case of being seen to do something. There's rules in the game that already cover dangerous play, so to me it's a non-issue.The league admits the hits are not common, but players are bigger, faster and stronger. The tackle is more dangerous. Some players promise to leave it in their game. Especially when they come up against former team-mates.It won't be accidental when I play Darcy Lussack next year - he's copping one, I promised it. Shoulder charge expert Sonny Bill Williams tweeted "It's league, not tiddlywinks. Williams was spotted having lunch with rugby Run away Quade Cooper, who has been linked to the NRL, which is keeping current stars on their toes. The Dragons are looking at them, he's my position, I'll have to move on. Quade Cooper is such an athlete he'll be able to play whatever he wands. The Bondi brothers having a nice dinner. Let's go to finance news:

Amber is next with the weather. It's 28 in the west. A bi
tonight. Next on WIN News... Is it
big-brother style policing? Point t And
point cameras, being questioned. Ra
And, Anthony "The Man" Mundine, at o
Raiders headquarters, our exclusive one-on-one interview. That' s next.

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It was a partly cloudy day with fresh and gusty north-easterly winds.

A return to average rainfall, for the first time in seven years tomorrow. There is a cool change on the way tonight. It is expected to arrive around midnight with a strong wind warning along the coast. Tomorrow will be dry and cloudy, cooler than today.

Amber, thank you. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening. From big-brot
mentoring. Tonight ... Is it
big-brother policing? Point to poin speeding
cameras, used for more than speeding. The funding cuts affectin W
thousands of cancer patients. And: He
Why Anthony Mundine was at Raiders Danie
Headquarters.Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. ACT Policing has bee spe
using images from point-to-point Att
speed cameras to solve crime. The w
Attorney-General says the scope was written into law before the cameras co
were introduced, but it' s sparked righ
concerns it' s a breach of human r
rights. The statistics show they' now
re working to reduce speed. It' s came
now been revealed point to point
cameras have another role. "Polic are able to request images from an beli
speed camera in the ACT if they t
believe it will be of assistance to crim
them in investigating some other has
criminal offence." ACT Policing Hindmar
has requested images from the sin
Hindmarsh Drive cameras six times cr
since February. Relating to nearby w
crimes including robberies. "This
was always envisaged to be used on s
rare number of occasions and that' Lib
s proven to be the case." Civil Liberties Australia believes the us Human
is a breach of privacy and the style
Human Rights Act. A big brother p
style intrusion. "The right to be priva
presumed innocent, the right to g
privacy means you should be able to
go about your business without bein under
interfered with, without being Tim
under government surveillance." w
Tim Vines also claims the community wasn' t made aware of the additiona ev
role the cameras would play. What evidence and level of suspicion the a
police need to request the photos - r
a major concern as well. "If you' going
re going to change what you' re th
going to do with that information, it
then you need to say up front what
it is you' re going to do with it." introduc
"When these cameras were a
introduced, they were introduced as how
a road safety measure and that' s community."
how they were sold to the community." Simon Corbell says he jurisdicti
s wrong. "In most other cont
jurisdictions there are no rules controlling access to images and th polic
images are freely available to ag
police and indeed other government agencies."

A third of the sacked workers at hav
collapsed company Douglas Joinery Develop
have been thrown a life line. h
Developers of the Aurora Apartments dir
have employed some of the workers re
directly to finish the job. "We'
re also working with some of Dougla thei
Joinery' s sub-contractors like w
their painters and so on and we' re working with them directly as well. some
Englobo Group has also helped joine
some workers find jobs at other org
joinery companies. "I think any in
organisations that find themselves
in our position, that has the optio tr
available to them, should look at as
trying to help the workers as much as possible." An administrator wa we
appointed to Douglas Joinery last will
week. It' s unlikely the company chemothe
will be saved. The cost of from
chemotherapy services could rise subsidi
from next month, with Federal
subsidies for a vital drug, slashed labell
The Coalition and Greens have get
labelled it an outrageous move to U
get the budget back into surplus. leng
Undergoing Chemotherapy can be a dra
lengthy emotional and financially serv
draining time, So reports cancer services could be cut nationwide, o be
costs passed on to patients - has w
been met with fury. "For patients a
who are receiving up to 4 infusions financi
a week they could be seeing a hundred
financial impact of up to one Fro
hundred dollars per treatment." Governme
From December 1, the Federal D
Government will slash subsidies for
Docetaxel by up to 70 per cent unde the Pharmaceuticals Benefit Scheme ov
The drug is used to treat breast, T
ovarian, prostrate and lung cancer. cl
The move would save the Government Priv
close to 40 million dollars. " c
Private hospitals provide sixty per ove
cent of all chemotherapy, that' s
over two hundred thousand patients year. Hospitals are telling me the ser
may need to stop providing those h
services." The Federal Government Healt
has hit back at the claims. The Health Minister Tanya Plibersek say