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Red Bee Media Australia This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. A heavily pregnant woman has described her terror after she was attacked by three men in Sydney's south-west. She was walking with her niece near Holsworthy train station when they were grabbed and robbed. She is 37 weeks pregnant. She was pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach.This was an appalling crime. It was committed by a number of cowards.Nine's Simon Bouda is following the story and he'll have full details of that attack at 5:00. The man accused of stabbing Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey to death and dumping her body in a wheelie bin has been remanded in custody. We can get the latest now. What came out of court? Stephen James Hunter's appearance in the Melbourne magistrates' court was for a brief hearing. It was over and done within about one minute. The 47-year-old faces one count of murder. He kept his eyes down for most of the hearing. He only looked up and the magistrate spoke directly to him. He will appear in court in March next year. In and out of Session hearing last night, police alleged he murdered Sarah Cafferkey on 10th November at his flat in Bacchus Marsh. They said that he allegedly stabbed the 22-year-old Bacchus Marsh woman multiple times before moving her body to an address in Point Cook the next day, where her body was found in a wheelie bin one week later. It was also revealed he had made admissions to the crime. He could not apply for bail. He was remanded in custody until the court date in March. The case has rocked the communities of Bacchus Marsh and Point Cook. There was a missing persons investigation and now a man is charged with murder. Sarah Cafferkey's mother has been reported as saying that her daughter was all but she had, she will not see her again, she will not get married and will not have anything now. She wanted to be in the movies and wanted to be a sinner and always saw the good in people. She said she had read some of the messages from Facebook with her friends are saying how much they Mr. That has given us some comfort. -- how much they missed her. A truly awful story. A major international crime syndicate has been dealt a massive blow following a multi-million dollar drug bust by the Australian Federal Police. The drugs were found hidden inside imported heavy machinery in Sydney.We're covered a total of 350 kilograms of controlled substance. -- we recovered. 230 kilograms of methamphetamine. 115 kilograms of cocaine.It's estimated the drugs are worth $237 million. Two men have been charged. A bushfire that was threatening homes in South Australia is now under control. Large plumes of smoke and ash can still be seen near Port Lincoln as firefighters continue to tackle the blaze. We can get the latest now. The fire fighters are still at the scene of the blaze. It is burned more than 1,700 hectare as of scrub. The situation has improved today. There are a number of fires burning. It is quite hazy. The fire zone is smouldering today. The flames are less fierce than yesterday. The fire came within six kilometres of homes on the north-west outskirts of Port Lincoln. This is the second bushfire to threaten Port Lincoln in two weeks. Authorities are concerned that while they may have escaped without injury this time, residents may become complacent ahead of a long and hot summer. There is still pockets of fire within a controlled area. They will continue to burn for some hours yet. Luckily it was not as close as it has been in previous years. It had the potential yesterday. We had concerns it would get into Port Lincoln.There were no forced evacuations yesterday but many residents did choose to leave their homes at the peak of the threat. Many are making their way back to their homes. Roads are opening again. Investigation crews have been at the scene today. They will try to piece together what started the enormous please. Rubble at, the man close to the centre of the AWU slush fund scandal, has arrived back in Australia. -- Ralph pilot. He has said he will give evidence in exchange for immunity from prosecution.I deeply regret and sincerely apologise for any harm or problems I have caused.Julia Gillard, who is on her way home from Cambodia, was working as a lawyer for Slater and Gordon at the time. She helped to establish the fund but has strongly denied wrongdoing. The Gillard Government's new offshore processing solution of Nauru and Manus Island is already under serious pressure, as it fails to deter the flood of asylum seeker boats. Space is fast running out. Yes. Christmas Island is filled to the brim. Space on Nauru and Manus Island is limited. They are trying to deal with the huge number of asylum-seekers arriving. The detention centre will be opened again. Other detention centres will take on more asylum-seekers. Those who arrive by boat can live in the community on bridging visas. They cannot work and will not be processed any faster than those on the Rue or Manus Island. They can still be sent off shore it places are available. -- those on it Nauru.

People who have been found to be refugees will remain on bridging visas until they get a protection visa. This will still be subject to potential future if transfer to Nauru R Papua New Guinea at a date when the increased capacity becomes available.This comes as Manus Island is finally up and running. 19 asylum-seekers have arrived on Manus Island. Among that group, women and four children. The first children to be sent offshore since the Government announced the return to of shore processing in August. 100 Sri Lankan us have been sent home after their claims for asylum were rejected. In the last 24 hours, that number, and much more, have arrived. Two boat carrying 130 asylum seekers were intercepted overnight. This has prompted the opposition to see the Government has lost control of the borders. The Government is boasting that 18 people have been sent to Manus Island. What about the 30,000 plus illegal boat to rivals who have come to this great big island since this Government changed the policy that was working. The processing of change -- claims will begin next year. The Government is sticking to its policy that means asylum seekers could be up to there for five years. The Green Party and refugee groups continued to be angry and concerned about that. Still to come, what this summer has in store for us. How your humble TV could save a thousand dollars on your power bills each year. And, a major security blunder involving Prince William. This program is not captioned. They did!

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This program is not captioned. It is known as the sunshine State. Weather forecasters have painted a different picture for Queensland this summer. Michael, good afternoon. How is some were shaping up? Good afternoon. It is not looking like a sunny one at all. A 70 % chance of above-average rainfall. That comes a couple of months after a drier than average summer was predicted. A lot of people are worried. It comes after two years of widespread flooding. A similar scenario as we did have been those two years. The differences, it is not combined with learning year. -- La Nina. Flood victims are concerned. Here is what some had to say about the dam levels.Let the water out now. Don't wait until it is capacity and then there will be a lot. We have to let it out.What is the outlook for the rest of the country? It is a big country and it is a very doubt look. In NSW, we're talking about the 70 % chance of above-average rainfall. Some cooler than average temperatures. In Victoria, a different story. Average rainfall. Investor in Australia, and 80 % chance that the maximum temperature will be exceeded. -- in WA, and 80 % chance. That is attributed to above average sea temperatures in the Indian Ocean. If your television is a few years old, it might be time to think about getting a new one to save you money. New research shows the latest TVs on the market are the most energy efficient and could help slash your electricity bill. Turning on your television may be costing you a mint.It could cost up to $1,000 a year to run.A hefty price that many of us paid unnecessarily.When people hear the new televisions are so energy efficient, it would be food for thought to replace the old TV. Aussies turn on their television for around 10 hours a day on average. Having the latest technology seems to be the key to lowering your bill. Televisions cost more up front but they will save you and your family more in the long run. -- new television. Samsung were awarded for their energy-efficient rating. The cost as little as $21 a year to run. Approximately $1,400 in savings, it can pay for itself engage years. The star rating standards will be upgraded next year.The most inefficient televisions will be taken of sale. It all television is on sale must be more efficient and save consumers money.The way it is going, retailers say we will see a television energy-efficiency doubled within two Euros. Photographs showing a day in the life of Prince William have sparked a security scare in the UK. They show the Duke of Cambridge in his role as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the British Air Force. Officials at the palace hastily removed the images after realising they revealed Ministry of Defence passwords. They were soon replaced with edited photographs of Flight Lieutenant Wales. Still to come, thousands on alert as a volcano erupts in New Zealand. And beating jet lag and sleepless nights. The incredible glasses that can reset your body clock. Plus, some big news for a much-loved Thanks Amelia. Tonight - a heavily pregnant woman pushed to the ground and kicked during a violent robbery at Holsworthy. How you can help the expectant mum. A Nine exclusive - fire stations shut down from Fairfield to Ingleburn - how drastic budget cuts are affecting your suburb. The big Click flop - the online sales event turns into a disaster. How retailers are making it up to shoppers. A Glenbrook woman runs into a burning building to save a precious family member. And why Australia's Miss Universe costume is causing a stir. Join me for Nine News at six.

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Click Frenzy was meant to be the biggest online sales event in retail history in Australia. Customers are furious as it has been a flop. It sounded so promising. What went wrong? It was almost too good to be true. What went wrong is it was too popular. At 7pm, 2 million Australians simultaneously tried to access the site and the servers could not handle it. The site crashed. The traffic caused a floor on effect to some retailers to where participating. Big Smith crashed, as did Myer. -- Dick Smith. A lot of consumers were left feeling pretty ripped off. Today they had their money ready to spend on Click Frenzy and were left with blank screens that said it was not available. This was the chance for Australian retailers to prove to the local market that they could compete with overseas websites. It has been a failure for them. Let's listen to Choice Magazine. Frustrating for consumers. They are taking to the internet to complain. It was a strong marketing initiative but it may turn a lot of consumers off from this type of thing in the future. They must remedy this type of situation.I have just been on the website. It appears to be back up and running. The damage has been done. Some brands will run sales for 24 hours, just to appease consumers who feel like they have been left out. Alright. Thank you. A volcano has erupted in New Zealand, sending columns of ash two kilometres into the air. Police on the North Island are advising hikers to leave Mount Tongariro as quickly as possible. New Zealand's Civil Defence is monitoring the situation, describing the eruption as minor. It's an alarming statistic - more than 2 million Australians suffer from insomnia. But now a new invention from Adelaide which actually resets the body clock could make life a whole lot easier. They made looks strange but these classes could be a cure for jet lag and insomnia. There are developed in SA. They regulate your body clock by shining green light into your eyes, mimicking delight. Potentially useful for a number of problems. -- daylight. Overcoming jet-lag, certain types of insomnia. It is taken 25 years of research to develop the glasses and to what they are today. For the 94 % of people who suffer from jet lag, the invention could not have come up sooner. They are affordable at $274. One of our biggest short-term charges is meeting demand. -- challenges.Still to come on Nine News, robbed and kicked in the stomach - a callous attack on a pregnant woman. Major changes in the works for one of our biggest airports. And Australia's national costume - how the world will see us at this year's Miss Universe pageant. And why the Lion King musical has a big reason to celebrate.

Good afternoon, ACT Policing is cr
using speed camera images to track offence
crime - un-related to traffic c
offences. Civil liberty campaigners tra
claim the government hasn' t been te
transparent about it' s use of the a
technology. Horse owners can access virus
a vaccine for the deadly Hendra Ve
virus from today. And the Canberra away,
Velocity men' s team is one win
away, from a conference final in th Asia-Pacific Tennis League. Detail tonight. (CONTEMPORARY ADULT MUSIC PLAYS)

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It's one of the most successful musicals of all time, showing in almost 100 countryise, including Australia. This week 'The Lion King' marks its 15th anniversary. ABC America has behind the scenes. -- has gone behind the scenes. The haunting Zulu call, and the menagerie of puppets that follow enthralled audiences the world over. (SINGING) (APPLAUSE) It's the highest grossing musical of all time. With profit-making runs in nearly 100 cities, the 'The Lion King' brand has earned more than $5 billion, more than all six Star Wars films combined. It's hard to believe at first most thought the musical would fail.I famously said "That's the worst idea I heard".Including the would-be producer, Thomas Schumacherism it's Sinai mattic. Nothing onstage. His boss was he'll bent on making it work.He said "You have to be crazy", get a great idea. I got a great idea. Julie Taymor.At the time Julie was a little known virtuoso, directing op race, but never mainstream Brode way. Julie used every trick in the beaut from 17th century stage craft, puppetry and costumes. The result was a ground-breaking fusion of high art and comedy, requiring a massive cast, precision timing and a 90- person backstaining crew. This is a double event.That's a double event. You get the human and animal. When you want the aggression nature of the lion, Scar will put his head violent.In Sao Paula we have a glimpse inside a casting session. Brazil is the 16th country to stage 'The Lion King'. After weeks of Cal bark, they strike cold. Tiago, Barbosa, a 27-year-old plucked from the slums of Rio, brings down the house with Simba's emotional number. Sirnings sinks -- (SINGS) #And as the original ceators take a curtaincall -- creators take the curtaincall, they know the pageantry and Stage craft would be meaningless if not for a simple story well told. You are watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here is what is happening across the East Coast. A heavily pregnant woman has been kicked in the stomach during a terrifying attack in Sydney's west. A third runway at Melbourne Airport cleared tore take-off - giving Victoria an economic boost. And heartless thieves, stealing food meant for the homeless in Christmas, in Queensland. Let's get more on the appalling attack on a heavily pregnant woman. The 35-year-old was kicked in the stomach during a brazen robbery in the south-west of Sydney. Simon Bouda is following this story. This must have been terrifying for the victim. How is she?I can't imagine the terror she would have felt. There were three men, one stomping on her stomach. She's due to have a baby on 13 December, three weeks from today. She's feeling better. She had an ultrasound, and it shows her baby boy - she knows it's a boy - is fine and she's OK. She's in good spirits but angry that this happened in the first place. Here is what she said earlier.How can a person do that, stamp when they have a pregnant lady. I could have a miscarriage. Something could go wrong with the baby. I was more concerned about the baby's safety. That's the primary thing for a mother, protecting the baby.This happened at Holsworthy, outside Holsworthy train station, she was walking to her car yesterday afternoon. Three men - police are looking for three men - in hoodies, an orange and blue and another in a dark Track sult. All in their late -- tracksuit. All in their late teens. One Middle Eastern appearance. Luckily Swati, and her niece Shruti were both OK. Thank you for that. Simon's full report on that story will be on Nine News in Sydney at 6:00. A 47-year-old man accused of killing Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey will have until next March to decide how to plead to the murder. Steven Hunter made a brief appearance where he was remanded in custody. It's alleged Steven Hunter stabbed the 22-year-old to death before dumping her body in a wheelie bin in a house at Point Cook. A third runway at Tullamarine Airport could be cleared for take-off bringing thousands more planes to the city. Andrew Lund joins us. That could be a huge boost for Victoria. What does the plan involve?The plan involves building a soon east-west runway, parallel to the current one, 2 kilometres of where we are at the moment. The runway the runway would be 350 metres long. The airport said it will be needed by 2020 because the two runways by then would have reached their capacity. By the end of the decade the airport is expected to handle 40 million passengers every year. If there's a third runway, it is necessary to get the aircraft in and out. Building a parallel runway means taxi times will be quick. There won't be long delays that are in Sydney.By 2020 our current two runways will have run out of capacity. The beauty of east-west runways is the terminals are in the middle. They can access either runway without crossing a live runway.Now, the new runway is likely to see more aircraft flying over some suburbs in the north. Broadmeadows, Gladstone Park. Residents are not happy. There's a meeting organised for Sunday. It doesn't look like they'll be able to stop. This runway has been on the cards for a while. Melbourne Airport making it official. It looks like a matter of time before it's built.Thank you for the update. Andrew Lund will have more on the airport plans for Melbourne viewers in Nine News at 6:00. A Brisbane charity collectsing food for a Christmas drive has been targeted by thieves, as Phil Willmington reports, they have been repeatedly robbed of donations over the past Fort night.This is a place that gives away food for free to the needy in the community, feeding thousands of people every week. In the last two weeks thieves have trarted the premises four times. They have been stealing food. Last night they tried to -- targeted the premises four times. They have been stealing food. Last night they tried to steal a four- wheel drive. They smashed the windscreen and recked the ignition after they couldn't take it. The people that work here cannot understand the motivation of the thieves.They are hurt themselves, they are hurting people probably like themselves that are doing it hard. That's the weirdest part about it. Four times. Like, you know, it's senseless.This couldn't have happened at a worse time. There's weeks until Christmas, and they are trying to get enough food together because in the three days leading to Christmas, they are expecting to feed up to six or 7,000 people. Now, the thieves who struck here four times in the last fortnight put a dent in the efforts to have all the food ready. People who work here, they say in the end they - the good guys - will win. The death toll continues to rise in the Middle East despite intense diplomatic efforts towards a ceasefire in Gaza. Our correspondent, Peter Stefanovic, is in Gaza City and joins me now on the phone. Good afternoon. Tell us, how close is a truce?Very difficult question to answer at the moment. We thought we were close. Probably about 12 hours ago, because Hamas said that a deal was on the table. There was supposed to be an announced last night. Suggesting a truce, something of a ceasefire. Shortly after that there was confirmation from Israel that there was no deal on the table. The ball was in play. At the moment we have world leaders in this area who are all busily trying to work things out to get both sides to the table, to agree on a peace deal. The bad news, as you might expect, it is a complicated and difficult process. The US Secretary of State is here as well, Hillary Clinton. She is talking with Israel at the moment. The US is standing by Israel. Here is a bit of what they told the press yesterday.In the end there's no substitute for security and a just and lasting peace, and the counter crisis certainly focuses us on the urgency of this broader goal.Now, if there's a possibility of achieving long-term solutions to this problem through Democratic means - we prefer that. If not, I'm sure you understand that Israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people.Peter, the negotiations continue. So, too, do the bombings and the deaths.Yes, it sure does. The last 12 hours here in Gaza city has been the most amount of shelling and rocket fire that I have seen here in the past three or four days. It was constant throughout the night. The death toll is rising. Some 20 Palestinians were killed on this side of the border. On the other side of the border an Israeli soldier was killed, an 18-year-old. He was the first killed in this conflict so far. The shelling is pretty intense. It's a new morning here, and everywhere is sort of expecting that there'll be an increase in the amount of activity later in the day, unless a ceasefire can be arranged.Let's hope that can be arranged. Thank you so much for the update. Peter Stefanovic in Gaza City. Julia Gillard will touchdown in Australia after wrapping up her trip to the East Asia Summit. The Prime Minister spent the past three days in the capital of Cambodia, attending trade talks. She also met with Barack Obama, on what will be her last international trip of the year. It's a day when fashion critics around the country are ready to pounce. The unveiling of the Miss Universe national costume. There's been shockers in of the past, including Jesinta Campbell's ug booed dress, and this colourful creation worn by Scherri-Lee Biggs last year. Today the winning costume for 2012 was revealed, and Samantha Harris caught up with the designer, and Miss Universe Australia.There was no brief for this competition. Basically I wanted to capture the spirit of Australia, and so sum it up I found we are the golden country. Everything that is prosperous and lucky and positive about Australia. Really I wanted to represent that in the colour palette. And as far as symbolism goes, I wanted to pick an Australian icon known worldwide, so I trade to recreate the sails of the Sydney Opera House. I tried to bring in as much of Australia as I could. I took on board the native Cocka tee and worked with Caitlin Lane to create the jewellery. Through the dress I picked up the gold rush. That was an inspiration. That's picked out through the cystals.There's a lot going on, how are you feeling in it Renee Ayris.I feel great, I think it will look great on the international stage.You have a long train to contend with.I love the train, I think it will look amazing behind me.What will you say to others that may be critics of the design.They have to remember it's a costume, it's not something you walk down the street in.Really, you wouldn't walk down the street.No, you have to remember it's actually a costume. Samantha Harris reporting there. It's time to get the sport news with Kenny Sutcliffe. We are set for tomorrow's test.Yes, good afternoon. Roz roar is live in Adelaide, as -- Roz Kelly is live in Adelaide, as Michael Clarke confronts rumours about a rift in the This program is not captioned.

Australia will take an unchanged 11 into tomorrow's second test against South Africa. Roz Kelly is in Adelaide. No Shane Watson for the Aussies, that's not a real surprise, is it.No, not at all. As expected he failed to convince selectors of his fitness. Although he tried to make himself available as a specialist batsman, Michael Clarke said he's too valuable as an all- rounder to risk losing. Shane Watson will stay with the Australian team and work with their medics in Adelaide. He'll fly with them straight to Perth for the next test in five days time. He was a few days off proving his fitness. Michael Clarke was quick to hose down talk of a rift being part of the decisionWe have a great relationship, firstly. I know there's talk of that being a little different. Watto and I - our friendship and professional relationship, when it comes to captain and vice-captain is as close as I can certainly ask for. Roz, a bit of a surprise in the bowling Department as well. Mitchell Starc heavily tipped to make the team, but he has missed out.Mitchell Starc was putting a lot of pressure on Ben Hilfenhaus for the final spot in the attack, joining Peter Siddle. James Pattinson, and Nathan Lyon. Selectors chose to show faith in Ben Hilfenhaus. He struggled in Brisbane, but like last summer he came good quite late to be the summer's leading wicket staker. Like Shane Watson, Mitchell Starc will stay with the Aussies and head to Perth. This is Nathan Lyon's second test on home soil. Michael Clarke is happy with the attack they stayed with.I think we have a good combination, a good mixture of aggression, but also bowlers that can bowl long spells, and dry running up if required out there on the wicket. Which generally in Adelaide there's periods where you have to bowl quite tight.Now, just two changes to the South African side. One, of course, was forced. Faf du Plessis makes his debut in the place of JP Duminy, and they have brought in a spinner as expected, because they played four quicks in Brisbane. Preparations are finalised on the field, the national anthem is being rehearsed. It will be a good test, here on Nine. Roz Kelly there in Ale. A massive surprise from the -- in Adelaide. A massive surprise from the Adelaide Football Club on eve of the AFL draft. Clint Stanaway is on the Gold Coast. What happened - other than a good suntan?Well, the Crows salary cap dramas have been really well documented over the past few weeks. The AFL Commission ordered them to appear in front of them next week over alleged third party payments to Kurt Tippett. This afternoon a big shock with the club relinquishing the first two draft picks. It's by no means an admission of giment. It's been described as a common -- of gilt. It's been described as a commonsense initiative. There was a move today, when the coaches were around. It will not dampen the excitement of youngsters who gathered here. It's schoolies week, they are out in force. There's excitable school levers in the shape of the finest AFL footballers in this land. Let's take a listen. Look, it's exciting, actually. I have had three months leading up to this. I sort of got over the nerves. I'm excited to come tomorrow night and find out what I'll be doing for the next two years.Every club will provide an awesome opportunity. Whatever club you are lucky to go to, you work as hard as possible. It's my dream for my whole life. Definitely I don't have a preference.Ollie Wines, and Jimmy Toumpas are expected to go inside the AFL's top 10. Where, it's anyone's guess. Club recruiters are keeping their cards close to their chest. It will all become clearer when the AFL draft gets under way. Clint Stanaway there on the Gold Coast. The rugby league world is divided after the NRL outlawed the shoulder charge ahead of next season. Here is a selection of how players and coaches feel about the rule change.If it's for the safety of the players, it's good. At the same time it's a bit soft.I'd hate to see it get to the point where - like Rugby Union, where we can't tackle them hard.It's for the safety of us, we can't complain about that.No case in a game coaches for shoulder charges. They are such a hit and miss thing. It's a non-issue.We want to rub out the risk element. I'm a fan of old- fashioned souleder charge, it's a spectacle.It's not good when shoulder charges causes Kopp cushion or contacts with the head, like I saw with Dean Young. That was not good. When it's one on one with the player, and the player considered defensive play coming, if the player chooses a shoulder charge I don't have a problem. People higher nup the medical world sort of put their foot down. You have to respect their decision, don't you.Indeed, the Wallabies remain silent on the exit of Quade Cooper, preferring to focus on the spring tour clash with Italy. Robbie Deans is expected to make as many as four changes to the side that beat England.I think we took a lot of improvement areas out of the England test. That's a good starting point to move forward - just getting those things right. The Wallabies will name their team Friday morning. David Beckham is refusing to confirm a move to the A-League despite interest from the Melbourne Heart, Perth Glory, and Central Coast Mariners. He leaves LA Galaxy next month and is not looking to retire just yet.We have a few exciting options on the table. You know, like I said, we haven't decided yet.Meantime Beckham's former club, Manchester United suffered its first lose in the European Champions League, going down to Turkish side Galatasaray, 1-0. Chelsea is on the verge of becoming the first defending champions to be knocked out of the group stages after a 3-0 lose to Juventus. How woo feel about Posh and Becks coming to Australia. He'll be a great asset to the nation, I'm sure.What about Posh. Still ahead - we will have the finance for you and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon, and it's cooler in Adelaide.Yes. It's 16 degrees lower than yesterday after this change swept through. Melbourne and Hobart are cooler. There's snow forecast for parts of Tassie. The change will reach Sydney around midnight tonight. All the weather after the Polic
questions. Tonight on WIN News: cameras,
Police use of point to point back-log
cameras, raises questions. A ag
back-log of requests for a vaccine exc
against a deadly virus, And a WIN R
exclusive: Anthony Mundine stops by tonight
Raiders Headquarters. That' s tonight. MAN: Saturday -
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Good afternoon, well, a cool change is crossing south-eastern

is crossing south-eastern Australia, South Australia has 30,000 lightning strikes yesterday, but hardly any rain. The most was 3mm near Mala. Sydney with a top of 25. Melbourne had a warm night. A change arrived at 6:30, cooling things down. Tomorrow - a trough over the east, causing showers for a few places. A trough in the west will deepen and kick off showers and thunderstorms. Rain is expected in these areas, heavier through the interior of 'World News Australia'. Adelaide for the start of the cricket -- interior of WA. Adelaide for the start of the cricket will be 33. Sydney with a cool change. There's a gale warning for the coast, and it will become cloudy. There'll be a few spots of light rain. Tomorrow dry, cloudy. Cooler than today. Brisbane looking unstable enough for a thunderstorm, which could cause damaging wind gusts, flash flooding and hail - not as severe as the weekend.

Having a quick look at finance now:

That is Nine's Afternoon News. Our next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Here we go. 15 questions,
$1 million - that's what we've got. Six contestants. It should be easy, but
we can't give away that $1 million. Not yet -
but tonight could well be the night. Let's get straight into the show
and meet our contestants tonight. And they are - Sarah Patterson
achieved a world first singing a cappella
while roller dancing to 'Xanadu'. Wow. Tony Fenner
had some explaining to do when a coworker caught him
putting on make-up in the toilets. At age three, Natasha Popetrov re-enacted
a scene from her favourite movie and cut all her hair off - oops! Let's hope
there are no questions tonight with numbers in 'em
for Chris Demos - he thinks '9'
is a backwards 'P'. On a hot date, Maria Cahill ripped
off her pants - they caught fire! Wow! While in Vegas, David Pearce was invited to private
aerobics session with Jane Fonda. There you go.

Alright, everybody, let's go. Sarah! Sarah Patterson, let's play!

Hello, Sarah Patterson.
Hi, Eddie. How are you?
I'm very well, thank you. You're 30. You're a music teacher
at Wesley College in Melbourne. We've had a couple of the teachers
from Wesley College on here. I heard about Flick being on. Who was that? She was the drama
teacher, was she? How'd she go? Um, I actually didn't see it myself, but I think she passed and then
didn't come back around again. OK, so you've learned, have you? Yeah.
You've learned from the teacher? Alright. Now, tell me about your a cappella,
and all the stuff you're doing. Well, I sing with a girls'
a cappella group called Ginger and Tonic. And it's a quartet. And we sing our own arrangements
of pop songs, and recently
we just launched our first album. Good stuff. I like this other thing -
you've got a Sunday Adventure Club, where you do a new challenge
all the time, do you? What, every Sunday or once a month?
Once a month. A friend and I decide on something
we haven't done before, or somewhere we haven't been before,
and we give it a shot. Good stuff. What's the best thing
you've done so far? Um...
What's something you've done? Couple of things?
A couple of things. We've done a horseback tour,
a winery tour by horseback, and some whitewater kayaking. So it's been scary,
but it's been great fun as well. Might have had a couple of wines when you came up with the idea of
going winery touring on horseback. Yeah, I actually... ..I was actually surprised that
people think horse riding is fun. I found it terrifying
and it ended in tears, actually. (LAUGHS) Alright, well,
we won't go into it, Sarah. Hey, come on - 15 questions,
$1 million. Ready to play?
Yes. Let's play Hot Seat! Go!

Good luck, Sarah.
Your sister Alice is up the back. Good on you, Alice.
Hello. All the best.
Yep. Fingers crossed.
Fingers crossed, yes. It's all fingers, arms, legs, toes,
everything - it's all going. For $100.


Oh, my God.

Yes, this is my worst nightmare - that I wouldn't know
the very first question. No, your worst nightmare
is to get it wrong. Exactly,
so that's why I'm gonna pass. You can pass. See ya, Sarah.
Thanks! Good on you. Bye!
(GIGGLES) Thank you.

G'day, Tone.
How you going? Good, mate. Tony Fenner is 51 years of age
from Launceston in Tasmania. Good to see you. And he says here that
his occupation is finance broker and casual inserter. A part-time job inserting
catalogues into the local newspaper. Thank you! And a finance broker. Judy Fenner is your wonderful wife. Who you refer to as
the 'Leader of the Opposition'. Yep.
(LAUGHS) How do you like that, Jude? Someone's gotta lead it.
Good on you. OK,
let's get this one out of the way. Uh-huh. (REPEATS QUESTION)

I'll go C, 'Gun'.
'Gun' is locked in. 'The Golden Gun' - correct for $100.



I'll go A, precipitation.
Locked in. Correct for $200.



Uh, I love the horses,
so B, Melbourne Cup. Melbourne Cup -
the first Tuesday in November. The Emirates Melbourne Cup
correct for $300.



Um...I'm thinking D, glove. Lock in D?
Lock in D. In. Correct for $500.

Yeah. An armoured glove.
He'd throw it down. He threw it down, whoever picked it
up, that's who he had a fight with.

Glad we're in modern times.
That's it. Fair enough. $1,000, first safe level.