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(generated from captions) 32.
Correct. Do juvenile green sea turtles
sometimes eat small crabs?

No, they do. True or false? A gigabyte is equal to
1,024 megabytes.

True. Durian - animal,
vegetable or mineral?

True, I mean... No, we needed vegetable. What is 57 + 24?

81, correct. True or false?
Male hares are called jacks.

True. Which is an English county...? Not going to get there.
Surrey horse is from Surrey. Checking scores. Curl Curl North - Aidan, Daniel,
Liam, 230 points to finish third. But not by much. Monique, Riya, Prakriti, 240. Just fell apart a little bit
in that last round. You are second today. Winners, Emily, Chris K, Chris G. Hornsby South -
winning score today, 270 points. Two days left in the week
for a semifinalist. Please join us tomorrow. Bye-bye.

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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - the first asylum seekers transferred
to Papua New Guinea. A pregnant Sydney woman attacked
by three violent thieves. The accused killer of Victorian
woman Sarah Cafferkey faces court. And shoppers fuming as a much-hyped
online sale fails dismally.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Samantha Armytage.

The Gillard government's
announced major changes to its border protection policy, to cope with the record number
of people arriving by boat. The Immigration Minister's revealed more asylum seekers will be allowed
to live in the community, and children could be locked up
offshore for five years. For more we're joined by political
reporter Alex Hart in Canberra. Good afternoon, Alex.
What exactly was announced? Afternoon, Sam.

One of the most
controversial aspects is the confirmation
that asylum seekers could spend five years
locked up offshore. That includes the 19 people -
including four children, The Immigration Minister
also announced that the mothballed detention centre
in Tasmania will reopen, and an extra 300 places would be
added to the centre in Melbourne. Plus, there'll be temporary
increases in capacity at other centres.

But that still won't be enough to cope with the current rate
of arrivals, which is why
more asylum seekers will be allowed to live in the community
on bridging visas. The key difference now is that even if
they're found to be refugees they won't get permanent visas
for around five years. On top of all that, the government has sent the first Afghan
asylum seeker home involuntarily, as well as another 100 to Sri Lanka
against their will. Here's how the minister justified
the announcement. I believe the overriding moral
and humanitarian obligation on the Australian government
is to stop people drowning at sea, and yes, that means difficult
decisions must be taken. Yes, that means
hard decisions must be announced. What's the reaction been like? Not surprisingly,
there's been outrage from refugee advocates
and the Greens, who claim Labor has
effectively adopted John Howard's temporary protection visa policy. The opposition says allowing
more people in to the community will only encourage more arrivals. Take a look. An open admission
by this government that they cannot stop the boats, they are expecting more
and more boats. Just becoming crueller
and crueller and crueller. This is not going
to change the fact that you can never be as cruel
as the circumstances from which people are running. Offshore processing alone clearly hasn't worked
as a deterrent so far. In the three months
since it was announced - almost 7,000 asylum seekers
have been intercepted, including another 140
last night, Sam. Alex Hart reporting in Canberra. A heavily pregnant woman
has been assaulted and robbed during a violent bag snatch
in Sydney's south-west. The 35-year-old was leaving
the Holsworthy Railway Station with a friend yesterday afternoon when three men approached them
from behind. One grabbed her handbag,
but she resisted and was pushed to the ground
and kicked in the stomach. The men stole
both of the women's handbags. You can't hurt a pregnant lady,
you know? You can't pull her onto the floor
and hurt her or kick her. That's what I was expecting, that
they won't do it, but it did happen. Swati has been assured
her baby is OK.

The man accused of murdering
Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey has been remanded in custody until
his next court appearance in March. Steven Hunter was arrested
in Melbourne yesterday following a massive man-hunt. Brendan Roberts has more. After spending last
night in custody, 47-year-old Steven Hunter
appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court
this morning to formally answer that one
charge of murdering Sarah Cafferkey. In an out of session court hearing
held last night, stabbed the 22-year-old
Bacchus Marsh woman to death inside his Bacchus Marsh home
on 10th November. They allege he then transported
her body to a home in Point Cook the following day. Homicide detectives discovered
Sarah's body in that house exactly one week after
she went missing. Hunter made no application for bail
in this morning's hearing. He has been remanded to reappear
in Melbourne Magistrates Court in March next year.

32 people were taken into custody yesterday, including the group's Serjeant-at-Arms. They were charged with over 170 offences. Five will be back in court in January. A fire that threatened the South Australian town
of Port Lincoln is burning within containment lines. Firefighters have made the most
of favourable conditions, but residents have been warned
to stay vigilant. More than 200 firefighters
and farmers battled the blaze side by side as massive flames ripped through
the tinder dry scrubland. It's a sobering thought that these flames
were heading toward Port Lincoln and only a south-westerly
wind change yesterday afternoon saved the city from an inferno. As a precaution,
several properties were evacuated. Through safety,
as priority yesterday because of the weather conditions
and what the fire danger index was and they would have turned around
to protect their assets, where practical. At the height of the fire,
eight aircraft fought the blaze, including five fixed-wing bombers. CFS volunteers and farmers
were on the ground. The fire's burning through
hundreds of hectares of scrubland, but local farmers hope the flames
don't cross the Flinders Highway and destroy their crops. Keep it out of the wheat and I'll keep it away
from these houses, basically. Many, whose homes were threatened, are just grateful
their properties survived. Wetting everything down and, yeah,
try and make sure it's all safe. Fortunately, weather conditions
moderated overnight allowing firefighters
to get the upper hand. While it's likely a lightning strike
started the bushfire, an investigation's under way
to determine the exact cause.

A woman is lucky to be alive after trying to save
her housemate's pet cat from a raging unit fire in the Blue Mountains,
west of Sydney. She escaped from the building
when the roof collapsed and was rushed to hospital
suffering smoke inhalation. Thankfully, firefighters were able
to find and save Nemo. Today,
he was reunited with his owner. He's a bit distressed
after a tough night but he's doing well.

The cause of the fire
is being investigated.

Organisers of Click Frenzy,
a 24-hour online shopping sale, say the website crashed last night
because of unprecedented demand. It was promising
to be a landmark internet event, but it's left consumers
and retailers fuming. Sarah Coates has more. Sam, it was supposed to be
the sale that stops the nation, but national sales event
Click Frenzy has been a catastrophic fail. The numbers we are talking about
here were extraordinary. They were expecting 1 million, but those 1 million
were expected over 24 hours. Organisers
were amazingly overwhelmed when those numbers doubled, with around 2 million
shoppers logging on, sending the system into meltdown. The site's engineers
were in a frenzy as they tried to boost capacity as shoppers made futile attempts
to refresh the page. They then took to social media
to vent their anger. The tweets were insane and people
were just disappointed and gutted. But it's not just the consumer, it's the retailers
who jumped on board as well who I feel really sorry for too. Click Frenzy did front the media
today, We are really disappointed
that we couldn't hold up, but what we saw on yesterday
was just unprecedented. Of course, the sale is still on
until 7:00 tonight, with engineers working
around the clock to boost capacity. We do know that they've already lost
a lot of goodwill with shoppers, and just how many will be back
for next year, we'll just have to wait and see. Sam.

A volcano has erupted
in New Zealand, sending thick clouds of ash
2km into the air. Mount Tongariro's eruption lasted
for about five minutes, but steam continued to pour out
for several hours. Air New Zealand flights have been
disrupted east of the volcano on the North Island. Sightseers, including dozens
of schoolchildren, were on the mountain
when it erupted, but no injuries have been reported.

After the break - is the Middle East approaching
a Gaza ceasefire? Also, the young Aussie sailor
setting off around the world on his own. And the second-chance queen
of Australian pop. # I'm gonna rocket to the sun,
I'm heartbeat on the run # Look what you've done,
you've done to me. #

VOICEOVER: KFC's new $5 Box - a Crispy Sub, Wicked Wing, Chips, Potato & Gravy and a drink. Hurry in. Last days.

To breaking news - and a man's been shot dead
in Adelaide. It happened earlier this afternoon
at a warehouse at Pooraka, in the city's north. Police have blocked off
Langford Street. Detectives say
it's not a random shooting and they're investigating
bikie links.

The UN Security Council will hold
an open debate on the Gaza conflict if a truce can't be reached
on the crisis in the next few hours. It follows hours
of closed-door meetings during escalating violence
between Hamas and Israel. Seven's Adrian Brown is in Gaza. Well, Gaza has been
taking a real pounding tonight - an intense barrage
from the sea, land and air. A building just 2km away
from our hotel came under sustained attack
by the Israelis. This is presumably a building
occupied by Hamas officials. Across the border in Israel, people were also scurrying
into air-raid shelters during this exchange
of rocket and artillery fire, which went on for several hours. The Israelis saying tonight
they want at least 24 hours of calm before they can agree
to a ceasefire, so I think it's going to be
another day or so before we get
what everyone is hoping for, which is some sort of truce. Here in Gaza today, the Israeli Air Force
has been dropping leaflets urging people to evacuate,
to leave their homes - that caused panic. This morning,
we attended a funeral - there are funerals every day
here in Gaza - and this was the funeral
for a family of four, a mother, father
and two children aged two and five. Their home was destroyed
in an Israeli missile attack a few hours earlier. Locals we spoke to said that their home was next to a house
that was owned by a Hamas official. Only the Israeli defence forces
will know why this particular house
was targeted. The Israelis say that the militants
do hide in civilian areas and, occasionally, civilian deaths
cannot be avoided. So, this should have been
a decisive day. Tomorrow the talks, it seems,
will continue in Cairo. There are some
real diplomatic heavyweights in the region right now. The UN Secretary-General,
Ban Ki Moon, as well as the
United Nations Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She will presumably
now want to meet both the Israelis
and the Palestinians separately to try and bring about this truce Back to you.

A young Tasmanian has set sail on
a brave round-the-world adventure. Tobias Fahey farewelled friends
and family in Hobart. He's aiming to become
the fastest Australian to circumnavigate the globe
non-stop, solo and unassisted. He set off on his epic journey this
afternoon in his yacht, 'Sea Quest.' Pretty hard going this morning knowing it's your last day left
on land for half a year. But, yeah-no, it's good. I've got my head straight now
so I feel really good. Just want to get going. The time he has to beat -
179 days, 21 hours and 37 minutes.

After almost giving up
on a pop career, Samantha Jade has been crowned
Australia's 'X Factor' winner. The 25-year-old
beat country crooner Jason and the group the Collective to win and no-one was more surprised
than the singer, herself. After a whirlwind morning
of media appearances... Congratulations, superstar. Thank you.

Congratulations. You were in the bottom two
a couple of weeks in a row. Yeah, three times. ..and little sleep, Samantha Jade, Australia's newest
'X Factor' winner, was coming to terms
with her sudden success. I'm shocked. I can't believe it. Really?

Yeah. Knocked back by record labels
here and overseas since her first crack
at the industry a decade ago, the petite 25-year-old from Perth had to wait a gruelling 40 seconds
on stage alongside rival Jason Owen for her dream to be reborn. The winner of 'The X Factor' 2012
is... ..Samantha Jade! I just want to say thank you so much
for believing in me and giving me another chance. Off to a good start,

her debut single has taken out
top spot on the iTunes charts, surpassing her mentor,
Guy Sebastian. You're happy for her. He's crying. Oh, my God. Small in stature
with a killer voice, the pop princess has even been
described as the next Kylie. Her album's due for release
on December 7. # I'm a rocket to the sun,
I'm a heartbeat on a run # That's what you've,
what you've done to me. # A career once over, now reignited.

After the break - why photos of Prince William
were removed from his website. Also, what Miss Universe Australia
says about her controversial costume. And in sport, D-day for Shane Watson before tomorrow's second test
in Adelaide.

Federal Police have seized 350kg
of methamphetamines and cocaine imported from China. The drugs were found hidden inside
a 20-tonne road roller at a storage unit in Sydney's north after a 2.5-year investigation. The AFP's global network
and global reach is getting greater and 56 organised crime syndicates,
as a result, should be looking
over their shoulder every day. An American and a Canadian man
have been arrested over the haul, which has an estimated street value
of up to $237 million.

Time to check finance - and the Australian share market
closed lower. The ASX 200 was down 16 points.

Behind-the-scenes photos
of Prince William working as
a helicopter search-and-rescue pilot have been released,
then quickly removed because of fears
they breached security. After proper clearance,
they were reissued on the Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge's website. They show William at the RAF Valley
in Anglesey working on his Sea King helicopter. The prince is also seen sharing
some downtime with colleagues and in his private room.

It's caused a stir in the past so this year's
Miss Universe Australia costume has been chosen by the people. Renae Ayris unveiled her dress
on 'Sunrise' this morning after a week-long competition
allowing the public to vote. There were four different designs
to choose from. I love it. I think it's really a costume and people don't really understand you have to have a costume
for the national costume so they think,
"Ooh, it's a little bit out there." Renae will wear this creation at the international beauty pageant
next month.

Sport shortly, but, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

In Prime7 news.. Claims the
government's been sneaky.. allowing police to use new point to
point speed cameras around Canberra.. as surveillance. Civil Liberties Australia's
Tim Vines has called on the government to come clean and explain
to locals how they're using the cameras. We've been urged to
prepare our homes for bush fires.. after former long time
volunteer firefighter Rick Hingee says the Territory's at a
higher risk of bushfires this Summer. It's as the
weather bureau's forecast a warmer and wetter Summer than usual. warmer and wetter Summer than usual. Good news for horse owners..
the Hendra Virus Vaccine's now available in Canberra. The
RSPCA's Michael Linke now available in Canberra. The
RSPCA's Michael Linke has urged all owners to get
their horses vaccinated.. to protect the animals and themselves. A nervous wait for these 4
locals.. with the ACT Australian A nervous wait for these 4
locals.. with the ACT Australian of the Year winner announced
in a couple of hours. And.. in local AFL.. Ainsley
says new recruit.. former Saints midfielder Nick
Heyne's AFL experience will be an asset for the team. It's
as he signed on for 2 years.

Good afternoon, everyone. We begin with breaking news - and the Adelaide Crows have taken
the extraordinary step of relinquishing
their first two picks in tomorrow's AFL national
draft as a gesture of goodwill in resolving the Kurt Tippett
salary cap scandal. It means the club's first draft
selection won't be until pick 62. The Crows will front an AFL
Commission hearing on Friday week and face huge penalties
over the Tippett salary cap saga.

Michael Clarke has hosed down talk
of a rift with Shane Watson ahead of tomorrow's second Test
against South Africa in Adelaide. The Aussie vice-captain
has been ruled out after failing to overcome
a calf injury. But Clarke maintains
the constant speculation hasn't caused tension
between the pair. Watto and I - our friendship
and our professional relationship, when it comes to captain
and vice-captain, is as close
as I can certainly ask for. Paceman Mitchell Starc
was unable to break into the side, with selectors naming
an unchanged lineup. And in Seven News at 6:00, the final word on the test
from the legendary Matt Hayden.

Rugby league's stars
and club doctors are at odds over the code's decision
to ban the shoulder charge. Players are angry and claim
they weren't properly consulted and fear the rule change
will make the game soft. Now we're exactly like rugby union,
now, aren't we? But when you're 32
and brain damaged, is it so important? I don't think so. I think we need to look after
the players and perhaps protect them
from themselves.

David Beckham has ruled out
retirement as A-League clubs ramp up
their efforts to sign the football superstar. Three clubs have tabled bids - Melbourne Heart, Perth Glory
and Central Coast Mariners. Beckham's decision will be based
on what's best for his family. I have a number of
exciting opportunities on the table, so I'll make the decision
once I've discussed it with them. Meanwhile, Chelsea's in
serious danger of becoming the first
Champions League titleholder to exit at the Group stage
after losing 3-0 to Juventus.

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal's back
on the practice court in preparation
for January's Australian Open.

After the break, we'll get
the national weather forecast with David Brown.

Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update. It's been a cool
and partly cloudy day in Hobart. In Adelaide, it's a mild
and mainly sunny afternoon. And in Brisbane, another warm
and mainly sunny afternoon. From the satellite -

a weak cool change slipped
across the south-east corner today. It's been a fine day across
New South Wales and Queensland. It will eventually clear-out to

It will eventually clear-out to see later this afternoon. It's been a fine day throughout large parts of Queensland. In the west,

afternoon showers and thunderstorms
continue near the heat trough. Tomorrow, there'll be little change
in the west.

And it's looking fine in the east, although the odd showers or storm
is likely near this low-pressure trough. In Brisbane tomorrow, becoming unsettled,
chance of a thunderstorm. Sydney cool and partly cloudy,
moderating south-easterly winds. Canberra fine, although cloudy. Hobart fine. That's the latest weather.
More at 6pm, Sam. Thanks, David.

We're having trouble reaching
David Brown right now, That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Samantha Armytage.
Have a great night. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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