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This program is captioned live. This morning - no emotion - faces court. Cooler weather helps firefighters battling hundreds of fires
across South Australia. And Click Frenzy fail - the online
sale which stopped the internet.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. The man charged with murdering
Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey has shown no emotion
as he faced court in Melbourne. Steven Hunter is accused of stabbing
the 22-year-old multiple times before dumping her body
in a rubbish bin. Brendan Roberts reports.

After spending the night in custody, 47-year-old Steven Hunter appeared at Melbourne magistrates' court just a short time ago to answer the charge of murdering Sarah Cafferkey. The hearing lasted a matter of minutes but in and out of sessions hearing held last night, police allege the 47-year-old stab the 22- year-old to death inside his Bacchus Marsh home on 10th November. They allege he transported her body to a home in Point Cook and dumped it in a bin. Homicide detectives discovered the body of a week after she went missing. Steven Hunter made no application for bail and said little to the magistrate. He will reappear in March next year. The first of dozens
of Bandidos bikie gang members are facing court today after being arrested during raids
across South East Queensland. They're facing more
than 170 charges, including drug trafficking,
assault and weapons offences. Michael Scanlan has the story.

Just three of the 32 Bandidos members and their associates will face court this morning. The remaining will come before the court in the remaining days. Two men and a woman will face charges including drug trafficking and position. It follows and 11-month police operation which targeted the operations of the Bandidos, specifically their dealings with drunks. Among those arrested was the club's National Serjeant-at- Arms. In a statement the President of the Bandidos in Brisbane said the police caused extensive damage to property and next time they want entry they should try knocking. Police say yes to a's arrests are a pleasing result that will cause a bend in Brisbane's drugs supply chain. -- dent. A former official
at the Australian Workers Union has spoken on camera for the first
time about claims it was defrauded. Ralph Blewitt worked alongside
Julia Gillard's former boyfriend, who allegedly operated a slush fund. Mr Blewitt now wants to tell police
all he knows and spoke to Seven's Nick McCallum
as he arrived at Melbourne Airport.

Yes. Ralph Blewitt arrived in Melbourne
from Malaysia this morning. He claims he has intimate knowledge of alleged defrauding of hundreds
of thousands of dollars from the AWU in the 1990s

by then Victorian secretary
of the union Bruce Wilson. Wilson's then-partner
was Julia Gillard, then a lawyer who gave legal advice
in setting up a slush find which was allegedly used
in the fraud. Today Ralph Blewitt apologized
to AWU members.

I would like to say I deeply regret and apologised to the membership of the Union for Karmann problems are would have caused them. At a media conference in August the Prime Minister denied
any wrongdoing.

Do you think she should have

Do you think she should have
concerns?I'm sorry, I don't know what is going on in her head. Blewitt will meet Victoria Police
officers later this week to discuss possible immunity should he give a formal interview
about the alleged fraud. Back to you

US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton has held talks
with Israel's Prime Minister to try to help negotiate a ceasefire
in Gaza. So far there is no deal, with Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to
do anything to protect his people. Diplomats across Egypt and Israel, including UN Secretary-General
Ban Ki-moon, are desperately trying
to end the week-long bloodshed. The goal must be a durable outcome
that promotes regional stability and advances the security
and legitimate aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians alike. Away from the negotiation table,
the death toll in Gaza is rising.

Gazan has been taking a real pounding tonight. An intense barrage from the sea, land and air. The building two kilometres from our hotel came under attack by the Israelis, presumably a building used by Hamas officials. Our cameraman took these dramatic pictures. In his row of people were going into air raid shelters during the exchange of rocket and artillery fire which went on for several hours this evening. All this happening while talks were taking place in Cairo to try to bring about the truce but hopes of that happening appear to have been misplaced. The Israelis saying tonight they wanted least 24 hours of calm before they can agree to a cease-fire. I think it will be another day or so until we get what everyone is hoping for which is some sort of truce. In Gaza today, the Israeli air force has been dropping leaflets asking people to leave. Earlier we saw the bodies of five men that Hamas said were collaborators being dragged through the streets, attached to motorcycles. This morning we attended a funeral and this was the funeral for a family of four, a mother, father and two children aged two two and five. Their home was destroyed the few hours earlier. Locals said their home was next to a house that was owned by a Hamas official. Only the Israeli Defence forces will know why this particular house was targeted. The Israelis say the militants do hide in civilian areas and occasionally civilian deaths cannot be avoided. Firefighters in South Australia hope
to soon contain a bushfire which threatened homes
near Port Lincoln yesterday. Cooler conditions are helping crews
battling hundreds of blazes across the state. Many were started
by lightning strikes.

More than 200 firefighters and farmers battled the blaze side by side as massive flames ripped through the scrubland. It is a sobering thought that the flames were. Heading towards Port Lincoln.

sobering thought that the flames
were. Heading towards Port Lincoln. Several properties were evacuated. Safety for the cruise was priority. They would have protected assets where practical.Eight aircraft fought the blaze including five fixed-wing Bombers. CFS volunteers and farmers were on the ground. It has burnt through hundreds of hectares of scrubland but farmers hope it doesn't cost the highway and destroy crops.Keep it away from the houses.Many, whose homes were threatened, are great for their properties survived.Trying to make sure it is safe.Weather conditions moderated overnight allowing firefighters to get the upper hand. It is likely a lightning strike cited the bushfire but an investigation is under way to determine the exact cause. -- started the bushfire. Victoria police
are questioning a driver after a toddler was hit
by a car near Geelong. The 3-year-old boy was hit
at Clifton Springs last night. He was airlifted to Melbourne's
Royal Children's Hospital in a critical condition. he had a couple of nasty gashes on
the back that we patched up. The boy's father detained the driver
until police arrived. Police are appealing
for any witnesses to the crash

And a teenage boy
is in a serious condition after being dragged by a car
in Sydney. The 14-year-old pedestrian
was hit by the vehicle in Mosman around 10:15 last night. He was dragged for a short distance and was still trapped under
the vehicle when police arrived. Emergency services
quickly freed him and he was taken to hospital with
serious head and internal injuries. The 53-year-old driver
was also taken to hospital for mandatory drug
and alcohol tests, but isn't expected to be charged. Organisers of the Click Frenzy
online sale say their site crashed last night under a "tsunami" of online traffic. A million users were expected
over 24 hours but two million bargain hunters
tried to log on all at once. Sarah Coates has more.

It was supposed to be the sale that stopped the nation but national sales event Click Frenzy has been a catastrophic failed. The numbers we are talking about was extraordinary - they were expecting one million but they were expected over 24 hours. Organisers were amazingly overwhelmed when the numbers double with around two million shoppers loading on, sending the system into meltdown. Engineers tried to boost capacity and shoppers tried to refresh the page. (LAUGHS) Best was when Carolyn,
who said: This is a missed opportunity
for Australian retailers to actually fight back
against international online stores. We've blown it. This was so much more about the
marketing than the technology. About and hour or so in, they started trying to move to a
completely different server set-up.


Click Frenzy did apologise to the media today.Two million

media today.Two million users on the site simultaneously. It is like 20 grand final crowds at once. It struggled.The sale is on until 7pm tonight and they have engineers working to increase capacity. They have lost goodwill with shoppers and how many will go back next year, we will have to wait and see. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
is hoping for more trade with Asia. She's attended a regional summit
in Cambodia and says there are plenty
of job opportunities for Australia in the region. Seven's Mia Greves is in Phnom Penh.

Good morning. The Prime Minister
is on her way back to Australia after wrapping up a successful
two days at the East Asia Summit here in Phnom Penh. It was a chance for Julia Gillard to catch up with the newly
re-elected President Barack Obama and to push Australia's
trade credentials. It's Julia Gillard's last overseas
trip for 2012 and she took the opportunity
in last night's press conference to list off her government's
foreign achievements including Australia's work
in Afghanistan, landing the G20 summit for Brisbane, securing a position
on the UN Security Council and yesterday, signing up for a deal
on free trade in Asia. She said Australia needs to tap into
the purchasing of Asia's growing middle class and that means more Aussie jobs
will be created. And so where are these
job opportunities for us. Well, clearly in agriculture,
clearly in food processing, in tourism,
in customised manufacturing - high-end manufacturing. The Prime Minister was only
in the Cambodian capital for a very short time
but managed to cover some ground - meeting with President Obama and the leaders of China,
Japan and Thailand. Not only was trade on the agenda, the Prime Minister also launched
initiative on malaria and human trafficking. From Phnom Penh, it's back to you. Next in Seven News -
the latest on interest rates. A former Australian TV star
to be extradited from the UK. Also, comeback queen Samantha Jade
takes out the 'X Factor' crown.

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Federal Police have seized 350 kilograms of methamphetamines
and cocaine, imported from China. at a storage unit in Sydney's north after a 2.5 year investigation. The AFPs global network
and global reach is getting greater and organised crime syndicates,
as a result, should be looking
over their shoulder every day. An American and a Canadian man
have been arrested over the haul, which has an estimated street value
of up to $237 million. 'Hey Dad..!' star Robert Hughes
will be sent home to Australia to face child sexual assault
allegations. Britain's Home Secretary
has authorised his extradition from the UK. Hughes did not contest the order
and plans to defend the allegations. The 64-year-old is accused
of assaulting five children between 1985 and 1990
during his time on the show. He'd been living with his wife
in London when he was arrested in August. Hughes will be back in Australia
within the next month.

To finance now and joining me is Westpac's global
head of economics, Bill Evans. Good morning, Bill. We've heard plenty from the Reserve
Bank over the past 24 hours - what's the feeling
about interest rates?

Good morning. The

Good morning. The markets think a rate cut on December 4th is better than a 50-50 chance. We think it will happen because we like to forecast good policy. The non- mining part of the economy is gaining momentum but I think there is scope for interest rates to come down without threatening inflation. I expect they will decide to do that. Reading what we have seen from them in the last 24-hour was, there is undoubtedly a theme of waiting to see what happened. -- see what will happen. We expect that would be the right policy. How is the Christmas shopping season shaping up? Our survey indicated that 13% of people expect to spend more than last year, 35% less and the rest about the same. That was disappointing, a similar numbers to last year and the year the 4th. Those were flat years for Christmas spending. Other things are suggesting things will be better at this year, our consumer spending index jumping by 5% and people indicating they will by a major household item being up as well. While this survey is disappointing, other things indicate it will be better. If we get the interest rate cut we will be confident things will be better this year than last year. 'X Factor' winner Samantha Jade is still coming to terms
with her new life after winning the talent show
last night. The 25-year-old's new single
'What You've Done To Me' has already hit number one
on the iTunes chart, surpassing her mentor Guy Sebastian. (SINGS) # Feels like
my feet can't touch the ground # That's what you've done to me. # The Perth singer has revived
her pop career, picking up a recording contract
with Sony Music. I just honeslty couldn't believe it. I was just like,
"I won, oh, my gosh." I just didn't expect it at all. Samantha's album is expected to
be released in time for Christmas.

Next in Seven News - Australian
selectors name an unchanged XI for the second test. Also, Rafael Nadal
returns to the tennis court with his sights set
on the Australian Open.

Shane Watson's bid to play
as a batsman in the second test
against South Africa has come to come to an end with selectors naming an unchanged
XI for the Adelaide Oval. The Aussie all-rounder
is battling a calf injury and hasn't trained at 100%. No-one can go into a test match
70% fit - I don't care if you're a batsman
and a slip fielder. Fast bowler Mitchell Starc
will carry the drinks once again with Ben Hilfenhaus
retaining his position. Play gets under way tomorrow. Players and coaches have slammed
the ARL Commission's decision to outlaw the shoulder charge. The independent panel decided
the time was right to eliminate the tackle,
following a season of ugly incidents where players were left concussed.

to ensure that we eliminate risk
for the game, moving forward. The players don't agree
with the move - many believe the big hit
is a drawcard for fans. That's why people go to watch
the game, you see the old lady in the stand
yelling, "Smash him, smash him!" That's what rugby league's
come from. The commission says
the clubs were consulted, however, didn't offer much feedback. David Beckham says he's aware a number of A-League
clubs are chasing his signature. The Melbourne Heart,
Perth and Western Sydney have all expressed interest, while John Singleton is backing
a bid by the Central Coast. The 37-year-old will look
at the offers after playing his last game for
the LA Galaxy in next week's final.

Retirement is something
that I'm not thinking about yet. I still fell that I have something
left in me. I still feel like I'd like to take
on another challenge. Beckham joined the Galaxy
six years ago. Chelsea's bid to defend their
European Champions League title could come to an end
in the first round after they were beaten by Juventus
3-0 this morning. The Londoners are now third in their
group with just one game remaining. COMMENTATOR: It's a bit
of a Chelsea collapse at the moment, but you could see
another one coming. Manchester United went down
to Galatasaray 1-0. Rafael Nadal has his sights set
on playing the Australian Open after making a return
to the practice court. The former world number one
hit balls for the first time since his shock
second-round loss at Wimbledon. Nadal needed surgery
to repair knee damage and is wary of rushing back
to competition.

Hopefully the knee
will be ready soon but always we have to be careful. Nadal lost to Novak Djokovic
in the final at Melbourne Park earlier this year. Stay with me
here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking today's weather - a trough
is generating patchy light rain with a cooler change in New South
Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. This trough is also triggering
a few storms over northern South Australia
and WA. It's clear elsewhere under a high. Around the capitals - a mostly fine day
in Brisbane. 25 degrees
in Sydney. Some cloud
for Canberra. Hobart,
a possible shower. Melbourne,
22 degrees. Adelaide,
fine. Perth will be hot
with a possible storm. 34 in
Darwin today.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day.. and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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