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This program is captioned live. Charges laid - Sarah's accused killer to face court as police say he's admitted to her murder. Under siege - evacuations in Port Lincoln as firefighters battle through the night. Click fail - how the sale that was supposed to save the economy crashed the internet. Bid for Beckham - the A-League that's trying to get Posh and Becks to move Down Under. She's back - Susan Boyle returns with a brand new album. And stay by the phone - we've got $30,000 up for grabs in the Bonus Cash Giveaway.Wow.What a song.Forget Donny and marry, Donny and Susan.Are they on, do you think?What do you reckon! Look at the body language there.Donny is in love.I love that voice.Is she cheating on me?She did have a thing for you Fordo.There was electricity that morning.Where is she looking?She is a bit shy. That is her childhood hero, his poster was on her wall all throughout her childhood and there she is a grown woman and Donny Osmond is hugging her.She has no idea who he is. Good morning to you all, it is a big show this morning.Good morning to you, it is Wednesday 21 November. Let's see what the weather is doing right now.

right now.
Let's hop straight into it with George guard guard. Good morning, Karl and Lisa, and a very good morning to you. A 47-year-old man will appear in court today charged with the murder of missing Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey. Heavily armed police arrested Steven Hunter yesterday afternoon, swooping on a block of flats at Hawthorn in Melbourne's inner east. For the details, let's go live to Today reporter Christine Ahern. Chris, Hunter fronted an out of sessions court hearing last night. Tell us what happened?That hearing was told that Steven Hunter fatally stabbed Sarah Cafferkey multiple times on November 10 before moving - that was in back cuss Marsh before moving her body to the Point Cook address the next day, her body then located by police the next day. Police told the hearing that Hunter has made admissions to killing Sarah Cafferkey. Now, Hunter barely spoke throughout the very brief hearing. He was dressed in a police-issue white forensic jumpsuit. He was barefoot and had peroxide blond hair. He was remanded in custody. It was impressive police work. Explain what happened to yesterday? This arrest came after a nation wide man-hunt after police revealed this he was the main suspect in the murder. Police swooped on a block of flats around about midday. Neighbours talk about there being a dozen special operations members move and in undercover police dressed as trade dis. They called on hunter to give himself up, to come out with his hands up. It took only a minute before Hunter did emerge from that block of flats. He didn't resist as rest. There was no incident. It is reported that Hunter was staying with a friend, an associate in that block of flats. Now, police have issued a warning to people not to post any hateful messages on social media because of course that could affect court proceedings.Thank you, Christine Ahern in Melbourne. It's been a tense and busy night for firefighters in SA who have been battling a bushfire that's just kilometres from Port Lincoln. Nine's Sylvia Jeffreys joins us with the details. Give us an update if you could on the situation there this morning.Well, Georgie, the situation has improved overnight. The fire crews certainly still have their work cut out for them. The blaze which broke out yesterday has now burned through 1700 hectares of scrub and come within just 6 km of the city of Port Lincoln. About 30 firefighters stayed on the ground building containment lines. Another five trucks and 100 firefighters arrived here at the stages ground where we are this morning. They have come from Adelaide and they will be fresh leg on the ground this morning as the blaz continuing to burn. There have been no forced evacuations at this stage but many residents have chosen to leave their homes. They will be staying in what has been called the a safe precinct for the time being.What is the outlook for today, any reprieve in sight?We are expecting more favourable conditions here today, certainly much cooler, about 21 degrees as opposed to 36 yesterday. The fire danger level for the Eyre Peninsula has dropped from catastrophic yesterday to high today, so that is a slight relief for people in this region. Look, the winds are changing quite frequently. Authorities are still far from breathing a sigh of relief and they want residents to remain vigilant.Understandably so. Thank you. There's some breaking developments in the Middle East this morning where there are reports a truce between Israel and Hamas could be announced, within the next half hour. Live now to Nine's Peter Stefanovic in Gaza City. Pete, good morning to you. Hamas is set to announce a calming down period in the conflict. Will this bring an end to the violence?I'm not sure about that, Georgie. It is an interesting set of words they choose too because the political situation here at the moment is very unclear because on the one hand you have Hamas that says there is a dell on the table, but on the other hand you have Israel that says there is no deal, that the ball is very much still in play. You have a lot of world leader hears at the moment of course trying to work out a peace deal, not just Hamas and Israel but also Egypt, the United Nations, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is here as well trying to work on this peace deal but as far as we know it hasn't arrived. They are saying there could be this 24-hour cooling down period but no-one here really knows what that means, it just seems to be an odd set of words. This comes after more frightening clashes overnight. Tell us about them.Well, it is usually the case in the hours leading up to a ceasefire that it is the most dangerous period and over the past two or three hours it has certainly been the most intense amount of bombing that I have come across in the three days that I have been here now. More than 20 Palestinians have been killed in the past few hours. There was an Israeli soldier who was killed by a rocket on the other side of the border as well. Six Palestinians have also been killed just around the corner from where I am today. They were killed by Hamas. They were accused of being spies. Until that peace deal comes into play, while politicians still work on it, I can only assume this this violence is going to continue. Peter Stefanovic thank you very much. An extradition order has been signed for 'Hey Dad!' actor Robert Hughes, who's wanted in Australia over a string of alleged child sex offences. He's set to be extradited from London within 28 days but has two weeks to appeal the order. The 63-year-old made a brief appearance in court, last month. His barrister has said the star is keen to get back to Australia to prove his innocence. Emergency crews have battled a massive blaze at a unit complex in the NSW Blue Mountains overnight. The fire broke out in a flat on the second floor of the Glenbrook building, just before 2 o'clock this morning. One person was inside at the time, and has been taken to hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. At least four others in neighbouring units were also forced to evacuate. It took more than an hour for crews to put out the blaze. It was billed as the online sale of the year but last night bargain hunters were left frustrated after Click Frenzy's website crashed just minutes after opening for business. The 24-hour mega-sale - promising massive discounts from retailers - began at 7 o'clock but shoppers were greeted with error messages saying pages couldn't be loaded. Many retailers' websites also buckled under the wave of traffic. Click Frenzy organisers say they're sorry for the inconvenience and have promised to get to the bottom of what happened. Banks say there is better than a 50% chance home buyers will get a Christmas present from the Reserve Bank. Minutes from the RBA's November board meeting gave economists reason to believe the official cash rate will be cut to 3%.Asset values not being as high as they were, and expect takes or uncertainty about job security, those sorts of things also be will be at work. The minute's also revealed inflation and a stronger global economy kept rates on hold this month. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says major developments in trade talks are good news for Australian jobs. The trade deal between the 11 nations covers about 30% of the world's economic output. Nine reporter John O'Doherty is covering the ASEAN summit in Cambodia, and has this report. Julia Gillard has wrapped up her trip to Phnom Penh and will fly home later this morning wrapping up what has been a long and extensive year of international travel for the Prime Minister and for Julia Gillard the last item of business was promoting some of her Government's achievements on the world stage in 2012.With our NATO ISAF partners we have get things on track in Afghanistan. We have secured the hosting of the G20 for Australia, we have secured a position on the Security Council.And here at the East Asia Summit Julia Gillard met with world leaders, including with China's premier and the Prime Minister presented him with a photo of Goff Whitlam meeting Chairman Mao marking 40 years of diplomatic relations with China. She also met with Barack Obama to discuss free trade in the Asia Pacific and they have set a deadline for October next year.Clearly in agriculture, clearly in food processing, in tourism, in customised manufacturing, high-end manufacturing, in our services industry, financial services, legal services, a continuation of international education, health services.And here at the East Asia Summit as part of Australia's commitment to the region, Julia Gillard has committed $50 million to help fight people trafficking which is estimated to affect around 20 million people around the world every year. There is also $1 million on the table to help the poorest countries in our region fight Malaria. Look at let's look at the markets now.

at the markets now.
The third book by the Pope is already tipped to be an international best-seller. The Pontiff's latest book is the third and final instalment in a series about the life of Jesus Christ, with this volume focussing on Christ's childhood. The first edition will be published in nine languages and is set to sell around a million dollars, so if the Pope ever quits his day job he's got a promising career as a writer. That is a stocking filler if you ever needed one.He might need it the way things are going.And he could turn it into a trilogy like the 'Twilight'.Were there any Wolverines in the Bible?Have you read it later?No, I haven't.You are a heathen.Did you know you will be going to hell!!Where will you be?I will be there as well.It is not the Peerly Gates, they are the fiery gates.Give me a stance, under the blue light.. That is true, we may as well party on. Thank you, Georgie. You have to laugh.Let's have a look at the national fly around for you.

around for you.
It is hot in the sport at the moment too. Let's get some update. It is. The shoulder charge ban from rugby league, that will be a huge talking point but up next Damien Oliver begs forgiveness after copping a ten-month ban and Shane Watson to This program is not captioned. of that and more coming up next.
Welcome back to the show. Let's check out the front pages now.

"Under siege" - the 'Adelaide Advertiser' says Port Lincoln residents are bracing for another tense day after firefighters battled through the night to control a blaze bearing down on them. Gee, their have been working hard. The 'Herald Sun' reports Steven James Hunter was charged last night with the murder of Sarah Cafferkey, after his arrest in Melbourne's inner east yesterday. In the 'Australian', private hospitals are warning of nationwide

warning of nationwide cutbacks to chemotherapy services over a decision to slash Government funding for chemotherapy drugs. "Facing her demon" says the 'Daily Telegraph'. A smiling Maddie Pulver yesterday emerged from the court where she saw her attacker for the first time since last year's terrifying collar bomb ordeal. Paul Douglas Peters was jailed for 13 years.Strong family, aren't they? Very impressive. Amazing. "Flying high" says the 'Courier Mail'. A pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor Service allegedly passed out at the controls of a plane for 13 minutes while transporting patients, later testing positive to methamphetamine. In the 'Sydney Morning Herald' Amnesty International says conditions on Nauru are completely unacceptable and advise the Gillard Government to rethink its strategy for curbing boat arrivals. 'The Age' reports the Baillieu Government will axe an early intervention support program that helps thousands of vulnerable students at risk of suicide, self- harm, drug abuse and offending. And lastly, the 'Northern Territory News' says with power and water costs set to skyrocket, it's time to "shower with a friend".Tracy Grimshaw pioneered that years ago. That was her way of saving on water. That is right.It was a toad show campaign. And it worked for a while. We should bring it back.It coincided with the Federal Government saying we will give you a plasma TV if you have another baby. Do you remember that? So the shower, plasma, Bob is your uncle. That is how you solve it.I have no comment for once. I will give you some sport in the meantime. In a move to divide fans, the newly formed Australian Rugby League Commission has accepted a recommendation to stamp

Commission has accepted a
recommendation to stamp out the controversial shoulder charge from all levels of competition next season.What!!This is what we are talking about. The decision comes after research revealed the tackle created an unacceptable injury risk to players. It's left high-profile coaches and players fuming - calling it an over-reaction. Quade Cooper's Queensland team-mates say their sticking by the disgruntled playmaker, following his shock departure from rugby. Cooper hasn't quite left yet. He is holding a media conference in Brisbane on Monday to announce his playing future. His Reds and Qantas Wallabies halves pairing Will Genia admits it'll be a massive loss and never saw the announcement coming... There is no other 10 that I enjoy playing with and no other guy that I love having in my team more. But he is quite hard to get hold off, his phone is off and he doesn't text you back so we will just have to wait and see.Not a good sign. It's reported Cooper will follow close mate Sonny Bill Williams and take up boxing, but Blues coach Laurie Daley says the 24-year-old would be welcomed in the NRL. He is a bit like Benji in terms of when he has the ball in his hands he can make the opposition defence stop. Cooper will become the fourth player in three years to walk out on Australian Rugby following disputes with the national body. It's D-Day for Shane Watson, with a final decision on his inclusion in the Australian side for tomorrow's second test to be made later this morning. It's unlikely the vice- captain will play as a specialist batsman, as he fights to recover from a calf injury. Former test skipper Ricky Ponting says the side can't afford to have any passengers in the side - no matter how good they are.If you can't bat at 100% then you are putting pressure on other blokes as well. Someone has to run with him between the wickets and I am sure that will be in the back of his mind and certainfully the back of the mind of our physical sews and doctors that are looking after him in the next few days. Mitchell Starc is tipped to get the nod over Ben Hilfenhaus for the final spot in Australia's three- pronged pace attack.We will have that side announcement on Nine News this morning. And finally, Jockey Damien Oliver has pleaded for public forgiveness, after copping a 10-month riding ban for betting on a rival horse at Moonee Valley in 2010. Oliver pleaded guilty to placing the $10,000 winning bet, describing it as the "worst period of his life". I am deeply sorry for my actions and, um, yep. Thank you to everyone. The champion jockey says alcohol and the breakdown of his marriage were to blame for his actions. Look, I just don't think that is tough enough, kicking him out for ten months. He was betting on another horse in the race that he was racing in.I still don't understand how he got to race in the Melbourne Cup this year.No, and he will be ready in time again for the Melbourne cup next year.Sorry, you have to say that he has been apologetic but I agree with you.I don't want to heap pressure on him, he is a good bloke, but you can't have it.What sort of message does that send to other jockeys and to the industry and the outside world. Thank you, Fordo. Let's check in on the major centres.

After the break, I get the feeling it might be time for a good old hit of Hollywood gossip, Richard Reid is the man. What is happening?That feeling is correct. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - the end is near! That is right, the 'Twilight' love birds they have hit a rough patch yet again. All the details coming up. This program is not captioned. details coming up.
Welcome back to 2 show. We have a whole heap of cash to give away a little later on but right now it is gossip time. We have Richard Reid in Hollywood who is going to put a smile on our face, unlike Lindsay Lohan who is down in the dumps. Looks like she has a lot to be unhappy about.Does she ever!! The ren guide red head first there was disaster reviews for her TV movie and now she has arrived in LA to face the consequences for lying about that car wreck she had last August. That is right, Lindsay touched down at LA international airport, of course the paparazzi were en masse. She looked like she had been put through the wringer. One person said she even saw her crying. That is right, it is expected that Lindsay could have her parole revoked as soon as Friday and she might be headed back to the slammer if things don't go her way.Gee, she putting himself under a lot of pressure, does she not, Richard Reid?You think so? You are right there.Rob and Kristin, those 'Twilight' kids everyone wants to know are they together or not. What is the latest?Calm down, I will tell you. Rob and Kristen are together - for now. But my sources tell me it is probably not for long. They have just about reached the end of their 'Twilight' premiere commitments, all the publicity. Now that the movie is open it is said in the next couple of weeks Rob will quietly dump Kristin, the way she treated him - the way she cheated on him - she deserves it. Who is getting wound up now. You settle down now. Scarlett Johansson falling in love again, oh la, la. Oh, la, la is right. If it is Wednesday Scarlet must be in love again. She has decided she wants to go with a Frenchman. For the last several weeks she has been dating a French art journalist named Romain Dauriac. They met at an art gallery as you do when you Scarlett Johansson. He is not exactly a looker but she likes him just so fine.I love it when you go bilingual on us. It is a good start to the day. Thank for that, we will stand by for another bulletin in around 60 minutes time. Thank you, lads. Coming up on Today firefighters work through the night to control a massive bushfire threatens the city of Port Lincoln in SA. We will cross live there shortly.And big news on the much anticipated movie, 'The Great Gatsby', baz lure man's masterpiece, that announcement coming up later this hour. Right now top of the hour time for all the news. Sheer is Georgie. -- here is Georgie.Thank you, Karl. A 47-year-old man will appear in court this morning charged with the murder of Victorian woman, Sarah Cafferkey. Steven Hunter is accused of stabbing the 22-year-old at a flat in Bacchus Marsh, northeast of Melbourne, before dumping her body in a wheelie bin just over a week ago. Heavily armed police arrested the suspect yesterday afternoon, swooping on a block of flats in Hawthorne East. Last night, an out of sessions court hearing was told Hunter had made admissions to police about the killing. Police are urging the community to not post comments on social media, that could compromise the case. It's hoped cooler temperatures and light winds will help firefighters today as they battle a bushfire that's burning just kilometres from Port Lincoln in SA. 30 firefighters worked through the night to try and bring the fire under control. There's been no immediate threat to lives or homes and authorities say the fire is burning within control lines. But they warn the weather is unpredictable and the fire could still threaten the safety of residents. The blaze has already torn through 1,700 hectares. There are no fire bans in place for SA today, while the fire danger for the Eyre Peninsula has been dropped from catastrophic to high. Former 'Hey Dad!' star Robert Hughes has 14 days to lodge an appeal, after London agreed to extradite him to Australia. If he chooses not to appeal, Hughes will be extradited within 28 days. A spokesperson from the Home Office said the Secretary of State made his decision after considering all relevant matters - noting Hughes is wanted in Australia for alleged sexual offences against children. Sydney's claim to being Australia's gateway could be coming to an end. Melbourne Airport is planning a third runway - accommodating thousands of jets in a curfew free location. The $500 million runway is due to be completed by 2020 when passenger numbers are expected reach 40 million. Melbourne Airport's chief executive says the new construction will save time and fuel with shorter trips to the gate from the runway. Cancer sufferers have been dealt a blow, with the Federal Government slashing funding for chemotherapy drugs. Private patients could now be slugged an extra $100 per infusion after PBS funding for a key medication was slashed by 70%. The Australian Public Hospitals Association says private patients could now be forced to seek treatment in the public system. The move will save the Federal Government about $40 million a year.

million a year. Click Frenzy promised digital shoppers 24 hours of bargains - offering up to 90% off products from almost 200 retailers. But marketing may have been a little too good and the number of online shoppers crashed the website right after it opened at 7 o'clock last night. Shoppers were eventually redirected straight to the websites of the individual retailers involved in the promotion - but several of those sites also crashed. Retail giant Target managed to cope with the enormous volume of traffic and reported 70,000 within the first hour of business. Updating finance now.

business. Updating finance now.
Time to get all the sport, here is Ben. Thanks good morning. Skipper Michael Clarke faces some tough decisions this morning when she names his starting side for tomorrow's second test in Adelaide. Mitchell Starc impressed in the nets yesterday and is likely to be picked over Ben Hilfenhaus. A decision will finally be made on the inclusion of Shane Watson in the team this morning. Veteran defender Adam McPhee has announced his retirement from the AFL. After 223 games with Essendon and Fremantle, the 30-year-old decided to call it quits. McPhee wanting to spend more time with his family - especially his two little boys.I am finding it really hard to be serious here! (LAUGHTER) He plans to take up a position with his father-in-law's defence and security marketing company. The young bloke is clearly eyeing off future roles in the media. And despite saying he has no intentions of playing in Australia. Up to five teams are chasing David Beckham to come Down Under, the Melbourne Heart among the front runners alleging offing a six figure offer for the soccer star.$1 to $3 is a big number but it is a realistic number. He has demonstrated in the past that he can pack stadiums and draw sponsors and there is a real reality that those figures can be achieved.Five teams chasing his signature at the moment. You have a feeling that money will talk on this one.Bring it on. How good would it be?That means that Victoria will be here as well, Posh, who is great for all of the retailers.That click frenzy was a complete Cher moz el.Just bring her in.She will improve the economy no doubt. It will be all be positive.I love her dresses but I don't know thaw you will ever find them 09% off anywhere.Really?No, she doesn't really do that sort of thing. Bit expensive. They are beautiful - -I am just meaning she will do the shopping here.No, she will do that but I don't think she will go on Click Frenzy.What is happening with that Click Frenzy? It was a joke. I was going to buy all of you guys the best present, all of the expensive stuff.Click Fizzy, rerbgs.We will look at that in the most clicked. Coming up, Bonus Cash Giveaway. We have $30,000 to give away. And then Susan Boyle singing with her childhood hero, Donny Osmond.And of coursetor Hugh Grant caught on camera posing with a breast feeding mum. We will have more on that story after the break.How is that awkward?It does look like a frozen smile.It could be worse, she could be looking down.We will have a look at that later but right now we are going to look at the weather with Emma Freedman.Good morning, Karl and Lisa, we are an north Stradbroke Island this morning a gorgeous part of South-East Queensland. It is called Momjerriba. Straddy is to so quick to get here only about a 20-minute ferry ride so it is great for a day trip and all throughout the morning we are going to give you some terrific holiday ideas for the summer period which is of course coming up but first we will look at the weather and see what is happening at your place today.

place today.
We will take a look at the main recall map. There is the odd shower to coastal parts of northern NSW and southern Queensland today. They are also possible through western and north-eastern SA while a front bring as few showers to western Tasmania and coastal Victoria as well. How lucky are we this morning, waking up on Cylinder Beach which is one of half a dozen beaches on north Stradbroke Island. Perfect for the family, we will show you some great activities that they might enjoy over the summer holiday, whether that be kayaking or a surfing lesson and some sand board fog you.That takes me back, ems, that is where we used to go on our uni-holidays. The cause of much mayhem.Not on the rock, no, but certainly on the beach, yeah.Yeah. Yeah, we had a few fires there. It was wonderful memories.It is probably not legal any more.No, it was probably never legal. Any way. Not that that stopped you.Coming up why the Clin Frenzy failed and why it was a massive only flop.But next the bushfires threatening Port Lincoln, we will will have the latest right after this. You are watching Today. This program is not captioned. MAN: (GERMAN ACCENT)
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with it the rest of the family.

See you soon.

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watching Today.
Welcome back to the show. The man accused of murdering Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey has been charged and police say he has admitted to the crime. Today reporter, Christine Ahern is at the Melbourne mag strayings court for us now. -- magistrates court. Steven Hunter faced court overnight, can you takes through what happened. The out of sessions court hearing heard that Steven Hunter fatally stabbed calf Calf with multiple blows on 10 November at a Baccua Man sh address. It is then said that he moved the body to a Point Cook address the next day and the body was found by police in a wheelly bin some six days later on Saturday night. He faced an out of court sessions hearing where police told that hearing that Hunter has made admissions to killing Sarah. He barely spoke during that brief hearing, other than acknowledging to the bail justice that he understood he was being charged with one count of murder and that he didn't have the medical condition. He wore a police-issued white forensic jumpsuit. He was bare foot and he also had peroxides died hair. He will appear here in the Melbourne Magistrates court later today. Chris, we can only imagine what Sarah ease family is going through at the moment. Do we know how they are doing?Yes, absolutely. They are of course grief stricken. Sarah Cafferkey is an only child and her mother was spoken out about her absolute grief at losing her daughter. She is said, "I am just thinking about my poor little girl. She is always I have ever had and now I am never going to be able to see her again. She won't get married, she won't have anything now. She wanted to be a movie tar, she wanted to be a singer. She loved helping people. She only saw good in people. She wanted to get married and have kids. The dog, of course, that was her baby. She took it everywhere." Sarah grew up in baccus Marsh. Her father moved to Queensland when she was very young. Her friends have flooded Facebook with tributes describing a bubbly, loving, caring young woman.It breaks your heart, doesn't it? Police did a fabulous job tracking this man down. Can you take us through the arrest?That is right, it was fantastic work by police. It did come after basically a nationwide man-hunt for Steven Hunter after police revealed this he was the prime suspect in calf Calf's murder. They swooped on a block of -- Sarah Cafferkey murder. They swooped on the apartments block around lunchtime. Neighbours talk about police posing as under cover traddys when the specific operations group moved in. They called out for Hunter to give himself up and come out with his hands up. It only took about a minute before he did surrender without incident.Thank you. Another beautiful young woman lost in horrific circumstances, what is going on? Firefighters in SA have battled throughout the night to contain a massive bushfire burning just kilometres from Port Lincoln. Yesterday a lot of people left their homes fearing the worst after a catastrophic danger warning was issued. Sylvia Jeffreys is in Port Lincoln and joins us now. A really tense night for residents, j just how close did the fire come?Well, Karl it has gone dangerously close to the homes on the northern western out skirts of Port Lincoln. It has come within 6km of the city. The blaze which broke out yesterday has now burned through 1700 hectares of scrub, about 30 firefighters stayed out tackling the blaze and building containment lines and last night more reinforcements arrived. Around 100 firefighters from Adelaide, they will be sent out today as fresh leg as that fire continues to burn.I note this morning as well in the weather that there has been a dramatic change in conditions. You looked a little chilly earlier on. That is obviously going to help the firefighters a little any way. Absolutely - it is cool here this morning and that is a very good sign. We are expecting more favourable conditions today. It was about 36 degrees yesterday. Today we are expecting a top of about 21 and lighter winds. In fact, there is no fire ban in place for SA today, and the fire danger level for the Eyre Peninsula has dropped from catastrophic yesterday to high today. But, look, that is not to say that fire crews are breathing a sigh of relief. It is far from that point at this stage. They still have their work cut out for them. About 120fifrs will be heading back out today. They will be deployed for another long and tough day ands are dents who chose to leave their homes will probably spend - residents who chose to leave their homes will probably spend another day awhater from homes.Coming up we will speak to the people behind Click Frenzy click and find out what went wrong last night. Thousands of people went ongoing want grab a bargain, but Click Frenzy website crashed just minutes after it began. It began at 7 o'clock and when shoppers logged on they were greeted with error messages and many retailers websites buckled under the wave of traffic. We have had hundreds of retails from you this morning telling us of your frustrating experiences and we will get an answer from Click Frenzy after 7 o'clock this morning.You can send us an email and tweet us a response to last night. All that build up, all that publicity and then they have done that. I think it is a joke.It is not good. Up next, a change of peace. Most clicked including one boy's very first taste of a sour lolly.Oh, yeah, that is funny. This program is not captioned. They did!

They didn't! Yes, they did.
No, they didn't. Yes, they did. VOICEOVER:
At ahm Health Insurance, we contact our members to review whether the cover they have now is the cover they need now. Wow. They did! They did. Because we understand,
as your life keeps changing, so do your health insurance needs. At ahm Health Insurance, it's the little things we do that make a big difference. Call us today. They did?

This program is not captioned. SONG: # Let's do the hop... #
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chilli-coated patty,

McDonald's new
Scorcher Peri-Peri is pretty hot. Get yours today.

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that is funny.
Welcome back to the show. Good to have you company on this Wednesday morning. It is time for the most clicked items on the net. Getting clicks at number one -It was Click Frenzy last night, wasn't it?It was. Hundreds - well it really wasn't. - Bank of Scotland customers flocked to a malfunctioning ATM after a rumour began on Twitter that it was paying out double the amount that customers were requesting. The bank quickly responded and police officers were sent to the scene to control the roundy queues. The bank says it has no idea how to trace the payments or get the extra money back from its customers.I guess you could say the Bank of Scotland was off kilter.That is good. Good. (LAUGHTER) It wasn't that good. It was good. Not that good.Getting clicks at number two, take a look at this new video which shows a lovely moment whereen a American airman is reunited with his two dogs. Proof that pets really a man's best friend.That is cute.It is beautiful.He remembers him. Hello!! That is beautiful. Coming in at number three, the new safety song for Melbourne Metro Trains called dumb ways to die has become an unexpected viral sensation with almost 11 million hits and a spot on YouTube. Take a look. SONG:# Step by, do you hear # Poke a stick at a grizzly bear # Eat medicine that is out of date # Use your private parts as piranha bait # Take your helmet off # In outer space # Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place...#It is an unusual one. Can I give you some background to that. You know Dr Ross Walker, that is his son-in-law who plays the piano in Cat Empire. He wrote that.Just a little ditty in that -It is an unusual one.It is dark, mood eye. It is good. Check this out. You know the sour lollies, remember the last time you tasted one of them? We are going to give Brayden an an Warhead. Here you go, buddy. Open your mouth.That is irresponsible parenting!! (LAUGHTER) There is a big sister there loving that.That is funny.We told you it was really sour, didn't we? Is it good? It is not good? (LAUGHTER) I has to leave it in.There is the big sister.Now he has it. Yeah. Oh!! The wiggle.He is rolling with it. And finally at number five this one was sent to us by a viewer. It is called Trust Fail. Take a look. Oh, no.Oh!! It is a head clash. Oh!! Nobody won that one.The news is next folk. Then Susan Boyle sings with her childhood idol. It is beautiful stuff. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: The Parental Lock
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Welcome back to the show. We have some cash to give away this morning. A whole heap, it is in Karl's back pocket as we speak. That is why the smoke is rising. Right now it is time for the news. Here is Georgie. Wow, thank you very much. Police say the man accused of murdering Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey, has made admissions about the crime. 47-year-old Steven Hunter was arrested during a complex police operation in Hawthorne, in Melbourne's inner-east, yesterday afternoon. He fronted an out of sessions court hearing last night, where police alleged Hunter fatally stabbed 22-year-old Sarah Cafferkey more than a week ago, before dumping her body in a wheelie bin. Hunter barely spoke throughout the hearing. He will re-appear in a Melbourne court this morning. Residents on the outskirts of Port Lincoln, west of Adelaide, are being advised to remain on high alert as a bushfire burns just kilometres from the city. The blaze is now burning within containment lines but fast changing weather conditions could still prove dangerous. 1,700 hectares of bushland has been burnt and many families have already fled the area. Authorities say it could have been started by a lightning strike and light showers forecast for this morning are unlikely to impact the intense fire. There are reports this morning a truce could soon be announced between Israel and Hamas following days of frantic diplomatic negotiations to try to end the deadly violence. A senior Hamas spokesman says the group is due to announce a calming down in the conflict at any time. But Israel has denied a deal to end the violence has been reached. Meantime, the blood shed continues on the street with the death toll in Gaza now at more than 120.

now at more than 120.
Emergency crews have battled a massive fire at a unit complex in the New South Wales Blue Mountains overnight. The blaze broke out in a flat on the second floor of the Glenbrook building, just before 2 o'clock this morning. One person was inside at the time, and has been taken to hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. At least four others in neighbouring units were forced to evacuate. It took more than an hour for crews to put the fire out. A bodyboarder has drowned on the NSW mid north coast after getting caught in a dangerous rip at Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie. Lifeguards heard his wife calling for help at around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. They were also swept out to sea after diving in to try and save him.I mean, the members of the life saving club were not able to bring the gentleman back into Flynns Beach so we told to take him around to the neighbours beach. -- neighbouring beach. Rescuers tried to resuscitate the 29-year- old but he couldn't be saved. A new text message service enabling kids to find out the effects of illicit drugs will launch today. Coinciding with Schoolies Week, Get the Effects enables young people to text the name of a drug to the hotline and instantly receive a list of its effects, and a number for a counselling service. There are more than 1,200 names for 37 drugs, including slang terms and misspelt words. It also includes alcohol and legal prescription medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Now to finance -

ibuprofen. Now to finance -
This takes clowning around to a whole new level. Dozens of colourful larrikins have competed at the Clown Olympics in Mexico to raise money for food donations. Events included funny diving, human bowling, clown tug of war and a clown shoe relay race. And in what's sure to help put a smile on the faces of disadvantaged children, organisers expect to have enough funds to pay for about half a tonne of groceries this year. There you go. Looks like a lot of fun. Time for sport.Thank you very much. Speaking of fun, Georgie, some say they have taken the fun out of the game of rugby league in the last 24 hours. NSW skipper Paul Gallen has questions a decision to follow rugby union and outlaw the shoulder charge from all levels of competition next year. The commission accepted a recommendation that suggested that the controversial tackle created an unacceptable injury risk to players. However, players and fans are not too keen on the decision based on feedback coming in this morning. Up to five A-League clubs are in a bidding war for Becks, David Beckham, after the star quit the LA Galaxy. Perth glory apparently has made the highest cash offer. The Melbourne Heart has also thrown in a 6-figure deal to try to lure Becs Down Under. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is expected to make up to four changes ahead of their clash with Italy this weekend. Winger Drew Mitchell and front-rower Stephen Moore are set to make their returns. Scott Higginbotham rejoins the side rom suspension. And Danny Green could make his last appearance in the ring tonight when he takes on Kiwi Shane Cameron. The 39-year-old is aiming for his fourth World Title, with the pair fighting for the vacant IBO World Cruiserweight belt. Green is yet to make a decision on his future. We wish him all the best of luck for tonight. Let's have a look at some T signs. Tarsh and her son Riley recently met Peter at the training awards in Melbourne.You can't put him on the show!!Next up 4-year-old Brayley gave us this T shine, and Kirra from Lane Cove in Sydney spotted this rainbow T sign.Wow.A reflection of something off the... Yeah. That is cool that.Don't try to explain it, Ben.I like it. A double rainbow.It is good.Good stuff, thank you. Coming up on Today, Click Frenzy fail. Why the only sale has been a massive flop. Then we have $20,000 in cash to give away just after 7:30. And later dodgy accents we expose the actors who have moved overseas and lost their Aussie sound.Action woman and drama woman and it is amazing to be - we see five versions of the same character, I have never seen that before.What was that one? She is on fire at the moment, isn't she. That is one of those dodgy acKents we are talking about. There she -- accents we are talking about. We promise to give you the top ten moments of Angel on the TV because Lisa hates it so much.She is every wear at the moment. Right now it is time -- everywhere at the moment. Right now it is time for your best local forecast. Here is Emma. Good morning Karl and Lisa from beautiful faces to wake up. We have Ash, Piper and Sky, that is Jai, he is yix years old and we have Brad, Josh and one of the locals surfing legends from this area in MJ and my little friend Emma. She is 9 years old and she comes over to Stradbroke Island every couple of weekends to visit her grandparents. We thought we would give surfing a go this morning and mur I have going to give us a lesson straight after we look at the weather at your place.

Murray, off we go for our little bit on lesson.This is how we are going to get up on this wave. Back foot, up she jumps, straight up. Nice jump.Marry runs a lot of these lessons -- Murray run as lot of these learns over the summer. As you can see this morning it is pretty clear and they do have the waves turning up. The best waves for the surfs is at Main Beach which is just around the corner. That is where they hold a lot of competitions. Kids have got theing tos on, I think it is time to head into the water.Off you go. Beautiful spot, Cylinder Beach, spent hours there paddling around. Because I couldn't catch a wave with a really sore shoulder and bad neck. Great mental pictures of you, Karl. There is plenty around today with a catch up with Subo and finally we can tell you when was lur lur's latest epic hits the cinemas of the world.

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epic hits the cinemas of the world.
Good morning again. Well, our Baz Luhrmann doesn't do anything by halves and his latest project is no exception. It certainly brought a touch of Hollywood to our shores - Leonardo di Caprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire all spending a significant amount of time here and features a roll call of our finest home-grown talent. And after much speculation we can confirm. 'The Great Gatsby' will be hitting our cinemas in may next year with all the major stars here for the Australian premiere. It's an epic production, a story loved by generations, and Baz's retake on the classic shot in 3D looks amazing. May next year, it is official. Next up - Robbie Williams has a new album out of course and this is your first look at his new single which is 'Different'. SING: #Ly be different, I promise you # This time I'll be special, you know I will. # It's only # With me in your eyes # This timely be better, I want you to know # This time I will be better # With only with me in your eyes # Your eyes#Rob by is back to your best. That is a catchy song from account take the Crown '. Also with a new album out, Susan Boyle. A collection of her favourite songs from the stage. She's recorded with the Phantom himself Michael Crawford and also her idol Donny Osmond.. She told us about it via satellite a few weeks ago. Tell me about walking on stage at the flamingo singing with Donny. He is an idle of yours, is he not?He has been an idle of mine since I was 13 so it was awe inspiring to go on stage and sing with him. I thought I was going to die a death, actually. But I kept my head together. SING: # I dreamed a dream of times gone by... #Do you reflect on that standing ovation that you got on the show when we first fell in love with you when you dreamed your dream in front of the world?I don't know how I did it. Dressed the way I did it is amazing I didn't get a lot of heehaws, off the laughter.It was a great momentYou just can't really gauge it.I have to ask you the big question, the $64,000 question - have you met Mr Right yet?I haven't looked met Mr Right yet but I am still looking.Where are you looking?I am not open to offers yet.You should come down to Australia again soon. There are plenty of eligible bachelors down in this neck of the woods.(Laughs). There were stories about a movie being made of your life.There might be a movie in the next couple of years. Who would you like to be playing you? I would like Julie apAndrews to be playing me.Wipe you could play yourself.No, I can't play myself in a musical. You need someone else to play me.Are you still the same girl you have always been?I am still the same woman underneath it all.Sing sick I really don't mind at all -- SING: # I really don't mind at all.# (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) She is a quirky thing, isn't she. The musical "I dreamed a dream" in Australia from May starring Elaine C Smith. Tickets on sale Monday for that.I couldn't understand a man she said.You were flirting with her, Dickie.No, I wasn't.It was old school Dickie. I think we decided we prefer you with the mo. Do you think that she thought that you were Sean Connery. I think she was having trouble hearing me and vice versa.We need the subtitles. I got most of it.You did not!!It doesn't matter, the singing can do the speaking for her.See, you always manage to sum it up beautifully.It was a cliche but - She is a funny thing Susan Boyle. My mum loves Susan Boyle.Good on you, Dickie. Coming up, the A- League clubs battling it out to bring David Beckham and Posh to Australia.And then Click Frenzy, we will talk to the organisers after the break.And remember this song - ABBA. It stayed on our charts for ten weeks. SONG:# Mama Mia, here I go again # My, my, how can I resist you? # Mama mia, does it show again? My, my, just how much I missed you # Yes, I've been broken hearted # Blue since the day we parted # Why, why # Did I ever let you go?# Mama, mia, now I really know, my, my I could never let you go.# # I've been lonely and sad about the things that you do. # I can count all the times that I told you we were threw. # I let you go # When you slammed the door # I always know that you won't be away too long # You know that I'm not that strong # Just one look and I can hear a bell ring # One more look and I forget everything. # Woah, woah. # Mama Mia, here I This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Tanning is
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The great cash give away is back with a bonus.That's right. You can win $5,000 twice a day every day just by picking up the phone within five rings and saying, "I wake up with Today. "Ifyou know the special daily buzz word you could win another $5,000 bonus. If nobody wins it jackpots. All calls are made live on Australian eastern daylight saving time.Today's first call is for a whopping $20,000. We will be making that call after 7.30 this morning. Today's bonus word - the one you need to get the extra cash - is "summer ".Summer.Nice and simple. Keep it simple, stupid. Good morning to everybody. Good morning to you as well. Nathan Tinkler was celebrated as Australia's wealthiest man under the age of 40, said to be worth more than a billion dollars. Now he has serious cash flow problems. He created his fortune with a massive punt. He borrowed half a million dollars to buy middle mount coal in Queensland. He was 26. He sold that to makarthur coal for $24 million. He bought horses, then the Pattinack stud. The Dick Johnson Racing Team. Even the Newcastle Knights NRL team. But wealth and cash are two different things. When the value of his coalmining assets through Whitehaven Beach coal dropped things fell apart. Bills went unpaid and even reports of Newcastle Knights superannuation payments being behind. Yesterday another company was put into receivership. Yet his Whitehaven Beach coal stake is still worth $556 million. Why not sell some down? What we can't see here are two things, pride and also the debts and deals behind that holding. It's messy. He needs to let it all go with a dance like you were doing when the bonus cash give away thing was on. There you go. Go again, come on, one more.You have to love it..Maybe Nathan Tinkler could enter the great cash give away.He could use it.Gossip now.Richard Reid has been jiggling in his seat too. Let's get a mega star real estate update. Madonna is putting her pad on the market? Get out your chequebook. She is selling property big time. $23 million for her New York City condo. It's not any condo, two complete floors on the upper Westside. She bought the place in the 80s when she was married to Shaun Pemn. Then she had two kids. Oh, I will just buy another floor. $23 million a gorgeous view of central park. If those walls could talk.A beautiful place. Ann Hathaway at the top of her game. Can't wait for Les Mis. Just got married. What is next?A baby of course. She has made no seegt she is dreaming of the day when she and husband Adam will have a child. The thing is she doesn't know if she wants to raise the kid in New York or LA. She has honestly said she is afraid of the paparazzi being too invasive when you have a baby in LA. I can safely say a baby will be her next award winning project. Can't wait for that. A quicky to see us out. Another newly we had...Dicky! She loves her husband so much she wants to go to work with him, Jessica.She says her and Justin are looking for a movey to make together. They were looking at scripts and reading them on their honeymoon. The couple that works together stays together. I could see them being the next silver skron pair.Thank you for that. We will check in with you before the end of the show.Ricky Martin over there!Ricky is good. We might stick with that.The top stories here on Today : charges laid, Sarah's accused killer to face court as police say he has admitted to her murder. Under siege, evacuations in port Lin Don as - Port Lincoln as firefighters battle through the night. How the sale that was supposed to crash the economy crashed the net. She is back, Susan Boyle returns with a brand-new album. And stay by the phone, we have $30,000 up for grabs in the bonus cash give away.Good morning, welcome to the Today show. It is Wednesday, 21st of November. Good have your company this morning. Stephen James Hunter the man accused of killing Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkee is reported to have admitted the crime. He is accused of stabbing the 22-year-old at a flat before dumping her body thank wheelie bin just over a week ago. Christine, good morning. Stephen Hunter was charged and has faced court overnight. You can take us through what happened?Lisa, an out of session court hearing last night heard that Stephen Hunter fatally stabbed Sarah multiple times on 10 November. It is then alleged the next day he moved her body to an address in Point Cook. It was some six days later, the hearing was told, on Saturday night when police discovered her body in a wheelie bin. Police told the hearing that Stephen Hunter has made admissions to killing Sarah. Hunter didn't speak much during the very brief hearing other than to acknowledge to the bail justice that he understood he was being charged with one count of murder. He wore a police issue white forensic suit. He was bare footed and had peroxide dyed hair and showed no emotion.We can only imagine that Sarah's family must be going through unspeakable grief at the moment. Her mother has spoken about her lost daughter. What has she had to say?Some heartbreaking words from her another, her single mother, who has spoken out about her absolute grief at losing her only child. She has said, "I'm just thinking about my poor little girl. She is all I ever had. Now I'm never going to see her again. She won't get married. She won't have anything now. She wanted to be a movie star, wanted to be a singer, she loved helping people,only saw good in people. She wanted to get married and loved kids. The dog of course was her baby. She took itself where." Sarah's father moved to Queensland when she was young but she remained close to him as well. Her friends have flooded Facebook with tributes, speaking of a loving, bubbley caring young woman. Her mother has said leading - reading those messages has provided some comfort while she deals with her grief.The police have to be commended for making the arrest is quickly. You can tell us how it all unfolded?The arrest came yesterday after police revealed Stephen Hunter was the prime suspect. By midday she had swooped on a unit in Hawthorne. Neighbours talk about dozens of heavily armed special operations group members surrounding this unit and also talk of under cover police officers dressed as tradies springing to action when the special operations group moved in. It is reported that Stephen Hunter was staying with a friend in that block of flats. Police called out to Stephen Hunter by name to give himself up. They did that only a couple of times. It was about a minute before he did eemerpbl from that flat with his hands up. He was arrested with no resistance. He has been remanded in custody and will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court later today.Thank you for that. Meantime, everybody's thoughts and prayers are with Sarah's family.They are indeedment great work by the Victorian police. To South Australia now - a massive bushfire came within kilometres of the city of Port Lincoln last night. Firefighters worked through the night to control the blaze but yesterday many residents made the call to leave, fearing the worst. A very close call for Port Lincoln. What happened overnight?Good morning. Yes, late yesterday this fire took off and certainly caused a lot of anxiety for the community around Port Lincoln and also for many of us and firefighters. A long day and a long night lay ahead of these people. During the night the fire conditions improved. The weather conditions moderated. The winds dropped off and it enabled us to establish some effective control lines. The situation at the moment is a lot different to what it was yesterday, thank goodness. And crews are continuing to work to develop those control lines and make this fire as safe as they can. A noticeable change in the weather conditions. This morning, something in the early 20s the temperature today compared to 38-plus yesterday. What does it mean long time? Obviously we are heading into summer. How are you preparing for that eventuality when the weather will get hot again?Any a decision to this fire,late yesterday and into the evening we had over 305 grassfires, caused by lightning strikes across the state. In addition to this incident at Port Lincolnment so it was very busy for our people. A lot of activity during the night. Yes, we have a bit of work to do now. But there is a warming trend coming in over the weekend. We're taking advantage of the lull. Resting the crews where we are able to and rotating them around. We're doing the same with our staff as well. It looks like we're in for a marathon summer.It does indeed. Take the rest while you can. Let's go to Katrina who was in the community yesterday. Plenty of reinforcements. How is the community holding up?It was one of those days that people would probably rather forget, specially the couple of hours over lunchtime yesterday,pretty scary when it gets that close to town.Psychologicaly it's very difficult. But also residents have to put plans in place. When you hear it's too late to leave, that's another different set of circumstances just getting the messages out there to them.The community messaging system here is fantastic. I think around 11 o'clock yesterday all of our staff members and everyone else across the city would have had a text message from CFS saying that a bushfire was close and be prepared and put in place your action plans. So we had many staff quickly disappear to homes and schools if they wanted to pick up children. Then they returned to our council office on the foreshore on one of the safest places in town.This is the second time in a matter of weeks that the Eyre Peninsula has faced these bushfires. You must be nervous about the bushfire season specially with what emergency services are saying about the upcoming season.Two in two weeks is two too many. People around Port Lincoln and the whole Peninsula are not complacent about bushfires and prepareness. Have your plans in place. If you need any further assistance with clearing breaks and things like that, contact your local council office.It's a tough day ahead, we hope the lull can give firefighters a chance to put in breaks. Thanks for your time. Best of luck.Thanks, Karl.'Hey Dad!' actor Robert Hughes could be back in Australia within weeks to face allegations of child sex offences after an extradition order was signed in London overnight. The 63-year-old could be extradited from the UK within 28 days but has two weeks to appeal the order. His lawyer says Hughes is keen to get back to Australia to prove his innocence. Households could get an early get an early from the RBA with economists saying there is a 50% chance of a rate cut in December. Minutes from the central bank's November board meeting have given economists reason to believe the official cash rate will be cut to 3%.Not being as high as they were. And expectations or uncertainty about job security - those sorts of things will also be at work.That's also revealed inflation and a stronger global economy kept rates on hold this month. Georgie?Lisa,this have been reports this morning thank truce could soon be announced between Israel and Hamas following days of frantic diplomatic negotiations. Pete, what is the latest on a possible truce? Will it happen this morning as reported?I don't think so, Georgie. We had been told to expect an announcement this evening regarding a truce. But just in the past half hour Egypt now says that will not be the case. The truce will not go ahead this evening. But it doesn't take anybody by surprise, because neither party could come to an agreement tonight. Earlier Hamas said there was a deal on the table but Israel said there was no deal, that the ball was in play. As it stands, the peace process is still trying to be worked out at the moment. Meanwhile the violence here is continuing. Just a few moments ago, very close to where we are here there was a blast. The peace plan can't come soon enough.There was talk of a calming down period in the conflict but it seems that's not translating on the streets? It's usually the case that in the hours leadsing up to the truce it is quite often the most dangerous part. It certainly has been an increase in the amount of violence I have seen here in Gaza for the past few hours. More than 20 Palestinians have been killed here today. An Israeli soldier on the other side of the border has been killed - the first soldier to have been killed in the conflict so far. For the last few hours at least we have seen Gaza behind us getting pummelled by shells. A Navy ship in the water to my left has been firing four and five shells every few minutes. She set off huge explosions, about 400m away. The building we're in at the moment completely shook. It's the most intense firing I have seen in the past three or four days since we have been here. That is continuing. And continuing. And we don't expect that to stop any time soon, at least not until a peace deal is organised.The impasse continues. Thank you very much for the latest. We appreciate it. Karl?Nervous time and a dangerous placement it was billed as the online sale that would stop the nationment instead it crashed just minutes opening for - minutes after opening for business. The 24 hour mega sale began at 7 last night but when shoppers logged on they were greeted with error messages. This is the feedback from you this morning. Madeleine says : I tried to get online a couple of timesment I gave up. Rebekah says it took three hours to get onto the site and then the links didn't work. I will unsubscribe from emails. Meian says, "I tried for hours. I got on in the middle of the night. I was not impressed with the bargains. A wasteed time and wasted opportunity for retailers. "The website's co- founder Grant joins me now. How do you respond ;It has been a very interesting 24 hours. Yesterday was a record Schachtering day. We saw this tsunami of traffic rising and rising throughout the day. Our registrations grew by half a million just before the event. What happened come 7 was we had a couple of million users trying to query the site all at the same time. We had geared up for a million users over 24 hours. But with them hitting all at once to put serious pressure on capacity. There was outages from 7 to 10. Our engineers were working through the night to recognise night to recognise problem. They got the site back up and running from around 9. And restored full service after 10. It's running right now. Plenty of people shopping online. Tens of thousands actually this morning. We have increased significant capacity overnight to sustain the load throughout the day.You could have had better PR for this. Do you feel you let people down last night.Of course we let people down. We're disappointed we couldn't run the event the way we envisaged. With the PR machine, we weren't necessarily driving that. It showed us the concept, the idea and desire for an online shopping event of this nature is way beyond what we thought. We will regroup and continue throughout today. I'm getting reports from retailers that they are experiencing record breaking sales. We have a lot of happy customers and we encourage everyone to get back and particular a look.It's certainly a great idea. In terms of the retailers did you get any negative feedback?Not yet. There has been a lot of feedback. That's it for sure. We have learnt a lot from our first-year event. To be honest, we didn't know we would be headlines for a week. If we had known what we know now six weeks ago we would have ramped up capacity even greater. We will certainly be in good shape next time.Realisticy, shouldn't have you done that yesterday?We went as hard as we contribution Karl. But it was getting hit by a tsunami. When you have 10 to 15 grand final crowds surging on to your site at once - we did what we thought was going to be able to sustain Australian record traffic. And it just went way beyond that.So everything is sorted out now? There will be no dramas in the coming days and weeks a as we head to Christmas and post Christmas?Our sale ends at the end of today. We will be monitoring it carefully throughout the day. Our engineers are continuing to increa